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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - October 5, 1882, Postville, Iowa Labor and capital allies not i enemies Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa thursday oct. 5, 1882. The District Post. Published every thursday at Postville Alla Makee you qty Iowa. M. C. Mead Ector and pop Bistok. Terms -$1r 0 ppr year 1.00 for fix a months fit cents for. Lir cd months strictly in Advance notices 10 Emit per Lino first Insor lion 5 cents for each subsequent i Riei Tiou i same notice. Cah notice kept standing until Ord Rod jul. Collections ads monthly. Advertising rates Macje Kuo in on Panl. It Ion. Pity directory. The Postville Bank. Pq3tvslle.  Iowa. Hall Roberts w s. Robert president. Cashier. Railroad time table. C m. & St. P. R. R. Trains going East. Jjo. 2. Insp enter arrives 1u. Stock sex. A 12. Pic ight  14.  i. " 1h. "  20.a 3qp. M. 4 2i" " " 00 " " 11 25 a. . It .5 "  2 to p. M. Ftp " " 7 05 . Trains going West. So. 1. Fassi Ngor depart., d.12 . I. Time or t. " .12 0s " "  11. Freight " 4 251. N. " i a a. U. " i.". " " " 17. " " 1 15" " " 11. " " 1 10 . " 21. " " 7 i " j. P. . Agent. I. R & n. R. R. Milwaukee division. S. S. Power attorney at Law collecting agent k notary up stain in the Urick Block , jowl. J. K. It Iii is to sorial artist and proprietor of. The key pity Barber shop i\.wtvii,, Al w \. Us Katie Duff. Mew 0a Cross. Misses Duff & Cross fashionable dressmakers. Postville Iowa. Curling mid fittin a done neatly mid of reasonable terms. Be keep the latest Emylu and go Ratilee Satis faction. A solicit your patronage. Rooms one door North of Ward & t passenger arrives. " loaves. 1 2ii p. M. 2 15 " " accommodation " f r. M. Loaves0 a a. M. J amiss Perky Actium. E arrive daily except sundays from East at0 12 . " West i s0 p. M.  Frimith "1 00 "   North wat Ikon .,.c -10 " " mails close going West at 45 a. M. East a 00 r. M. " South ".1 m0 " " " North Yva Ukon "8 00 a. U. Minneapolis time. Semi weekly mail to Elzador leaves tuesdays and Satin Days at 7 00 p. M. 1 office hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8 00 p. M. Money order office. A. E. Phe Soott postmaster. City officers. . Beedy we Haines b. F. Taylor w. S. Roberts mayor marshal recorder treasurer councilmen. R. N. Douglass j. S. Mott 11. A. T. Mayor. Tomali f. S. Burling t. B. Easton Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51. A. 0. U. W. Meets every saturday evening in their new Lodge room in the Brick. Block. All members of the order in Good ban dog Are cordially invited to visit us. 111.1 1 James Perry m. W. Ii. E. Babcook Sec. Postville Lodge no. 26g. 1.0. . To ii Lar Mestick Ery monday evening. Visiting Brothers cordially invited to to 1,re in t a Meyer a g. Ii. S. Ltd Bias Sec. Brothel Loye no. 204 a. F. & a. M. Feel at their Hull Corner of Lawler and Green streets on tuesday evening on or before the poll Moon in each month. Members of the draft in Good standing Are Movit t0yiatus. . Powers . Ellison ,.Sec. Church. Directory. -. a. E. Wat Nat pastor. Nior Ning at Liaf a past Tun. Sab pith of Tor Horn my. Service. Prayer meeting every wednesday evening at the Church. a p. Loomis pastor. every Sabbath Igor Niue at half past a ten Ever Sabbath evening at half past Saveu. Prayer meeting every wednesday even ing. Sabbath school after morning Gerico. Kightlinger Bro s. Bal of ill do Stone or Brick work. Make to specially of masonry and plastering. Also practical Well diggers. Our terms Are reasonable. Address us at Clermont Iowa. Flouring Mills Manchester Iowa. Usaj Fez Schultz pro will do custom work or in. The Best grades of flour kit constantly on land and warranted As represented. Give 5ie a trial. Franz Schultz Manchester Alla Makee co., Iowa a Complete Stock. Are carrying on a Large and Fine line of uxry goods. Hats Caps boots slides tiling motions crockery Etc., Etc. Also a Complete Stock dress goods Plain & fancy. Remember friends our Stock is kept Complete in All d apartments. And we extend a cordial invitation to All to examine it. A Elton & Mcewen. Anti monopoly. Iowa state Tribune. A new years ago the people of this stat ii Well As those of other West pm states had their just India nation aroused by the extortion of Railroad Coin Tinios and the insolence of their managers and officers and that indignation and foe Ling was in a very practical manner. They went to the of a with it and the re Milt was that the lower House of the general Assembly was equally Divi Lod Bat Eoo the. Republicans and the distinctive anti monopoly party and it was weeks before that body conk to organized by the election of a speaker. The Republican managers a the handwriting on the Wall and to conciliate an exasperated people enough republicans joined with the anti monopolists to carry through oth houses a Law ii in a the rates to to charged by railroads or the tra of freight and passengers to Railroad companies talked largely about vested rights Etc., and the illegality of the Law and finally appealed to the supreme court of the United , asking that the Law be declared unconstitutional and Berei big null and void. But in thi Hoy failed. The supremo court up held the legality and constitutionally of the Law and the right of the people through their state Legislatures to regulate and control besi Railroad corporations. Then another tack was taken. Tin Railroad companies became suddenly very conciliatory. They expressed h great desire to Deal justly with the people and begged for mercy at their Ian is. The result was that final majority of Tho legislature was in Lucid to repeal the Law establishing rates and in its Stead create thi present system of a Railroad commission. The Railroad companies managed this very shrewdly. This commission really has but Little Power is was designed and is More of t. Sham than a reality. To make it of less account it has been made a Sofi resting place for be publican politicians or Aid for aspiring governors. The Railroad companies Are virtually left without real Cheek save the fear of the Wrath of the a people and the possible enactment of stringent regulating Laws hereafter Xland of late Railroad managers have commenced in Iowa re adopting their old time tyranny oppression and insolence and if this is continued there is nothing More certain than that there will be another uprising of the people and that the Railroad companies will be forced to reap another bad Harvest of their own sowing. Already the mutterings have commenced and the storm will speedily follow if these railroads magnates Are not More careful and just in their dealings Voith the people. There Are other monopolies oppressing and robbing the people whose Day of judgment let us Hope will not be postponed for Many years or months or Days. To need not specially name them now As Ivory intelligent Rouder knows of and has unfortunately Felt them. The people May be slow to Wrath but when fully aroused their Wrath is Strong and powerful. As these matters Are now working it will not be Long before the revival of the cry of anti monopoly in Iowa and if taken up by an aroused and indignant people it will a weep before it any party or class of men who dare oppose it. The storm of u few Days ago by comparison would be but a gentle Prairie Breeze to the whirlwind which May before Many Days sweep Over the land. When ii does come the monopolists will have no one to blame but themselves for the wrecks it May leave in its path. And when it does come the people can console themselves with the knowledge that a purer and More wholesome political atmosphere will follow. Dictator Gould. It in hardly an exaggeration to say that or Jay Gould owns Tho entire state of Missouri. Within the last Tsvor years he has purchased or obtained entire control of the St. Louis Ion Mountain and Southern Railroad with a capital of �20,000,000 Tho St Louis. Wabash and Pacific capital 42,000,-000 Tho Missouri Pacific capital .530,-000,000 Tho St. Louis and san Francisco capital $-12,000,000 Tho Missouri Kansas and Texas 12,000,000, and the Hannibal and St. Joseph Worth 33.3,800,000. Besides this to owns the St. Louis Bridge the Reat Tunnel the Bridges at St. Charles St. J Oseph mid Kansas pity and various other property including Coal Fields the Barge line and Iron and steel Mills. Altogether to owns or controls  la i rxv00o Worth of Pronto try in that Date. The Varod and combined evils of such a monopoly of ownership can hardly be adequately estimated.  not Only Doos Tho absence if Competition deprive the people of All Benefit of reduced transportation rates and not Only is the whole carrying Trade of a state in the hands of one absolute master but the political Power which so much wealth must Noco scarily give contains in itself a frightful danger. Any Man who owns so 20,000,000 Worth of prop a try in Missouri can adjust thai state s legislation to suit himself any Man who Lias absolute control Iver All the railroads of any state uis a Power Over its Public affairs it Little different from that of a Monarch or a King. It is the part of i demagogue to arouse Public alarm when no due occasion for it exists but if there is not a real and fearful danger menacing the liberties of americans through corporate encroachments Thon All Tho signs of the lines and All the lessons of human per hence have been read in vain. Davenport Gazette. The daily press has ceased to be a ii ans of reliable information to the a Niblic. Its principle employment is go keep Tho people in ignorance. Instances might to multiplied to establish this fact. The daily press de Pond upon Tho associate press for rows. They get such news As the monopoly Bosses please to Send out no More. Twenty thousand working men paraded in now York a week Igo demanding the rights of labor. The Western papers  mentioned the event in a single paragraph. A censorship of the press in behalf of so Ecial interests exists All Over this country that is As arbitrary and untruthful As the censorship of War news from i Egypt. It is amazing to what extent Public opinion is guided and influenced by the lying daily papers. In this connection we note that Tho great out cry about the River and Harbor steal As called is loudest in the Chicago and new York dailies which Are notoriously under the control of railroads. That appropriation applies about nine millions to the improvement of Tho Mississippi and its tributaries. The out cry is manifestly Mude in Tho interest of Chicago few York and the railroads. It has misled thousands of Good and honest men All Over the country. Tho Nti ked truth is that this uproar is a hideous howl from the cities and railroads Shieh want to Force the Trade of the West Over the Northern lines through Northern cities instead of allowing it to find cheap transportation Down Tho s Plain dealer. Considerable clamor was raised after the indictment of sex senator Dorsey for the Star route frauds by Many Republican newspapers who demanded that he should be disc ipod from the Secretary ship of Tho National Republican committee they were pacified by Tho committo which insisted that it would not be fair to condemn him before he was found guilty. Now that to will have another trial the same papers Are calling attention to the fact that to has been found  guilty by Universal Public sentiment and that Tho Honor of the party demands his removal. They need not trouble themselves any More about that. He will not to dismissed. He is eminently fitted for the position and Tho fact that to has defrauded Tho government is but an additional recommendation in the opinion of. The Bones and chiefs of his party. They will gladly Rotain him in ii position where his abilities Are so Gazette. Re to Plain dealer. A Nashua Iowa sept. 21 1882. A. R. Mead chairman congressional committee 4th District. Respected sir i notice by your paper of 21st iust., that Hon. Thos. Updo Grair declines by silence of i chairman to entertain Tho people of this Ith District with a joint Dis. Mission of Tho prominent issues of interest to Tho merchants banners mechanics and working men by himself and myself. I regret this for it seems to to that it would be proper that the people Havo the Best Opportunity to determine whether or. Not he can by Plain practical argue intent convince the hearers that his past legislative acts have Benj or. Prospective will to for Tho interests of the people of this District. With Good Luck i shall finish my threshing and other ii mediate Farrris work this week so that by oct. 1st,-Liall to ready to go Forth As your Wisdom determines to speak of the Faith within me that Tho producers of wealth the Industrial classes should by right divine and will in the very near future Roach out the Strong of their own Power and protect themselves against the en1 Croach ments of Money capital and Tho outrages of corporate consolidated monopolies. If to Aro wrong in our antagonism to Railroad Telegraph Patent right National Bank and other Kindred monopolies Tho Public ought to to advisor so by joint discussions where we each can present our views pub Lic Tilly and each demand of the other Thon and there proof for the position taken by the speaker. Having full Confidence in your judgment and discretion in the foregoing matters i am very truly. L. H. Weller. By Tho new Law the druggists of Iowa Are required to give the county auditor on the last Friday of each month a full statement of their sales of alcoholic liquors. The statement is to include Tho Quantity sold the name of the person buying and for what purpose the Purchase has Boon made. Greenback Headquarters. Iowa stale Tribune. A Headquarters for the Greenback party have been secured on fifth Street near the Post office. The of Haviv Man of the state committee will this week open Headquarters in the above room. A Center table will be provided and covered with Greenback papers for All to read who May desire. Documents will be furnished for Freo distribution and All Are invited to Call no matter where they come from. All communications to the state chair Man or to a. R. Sorrit chairman of this congressional District should to addressed to Headquarters National party Des Moin a and All Groen Lack papers published in Iowa Are requested to Send a copy to these Headquarters to be placed on Tho Center table. Other papers please copy Des Moines seams to be an excellent place to stay away from just How a burglary or Petty theft is reported from there nearly every Day Iri addition to the other and More daring crimes committed there lately

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