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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - November 9, 1882, Postville, Iowa In Bor and Caphil allies not enemies vol. 1. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa thursday nov. 9, 1882. No. 13. The District Post. Published every thursday at . Alla Makee county Iowa. Tee Postville Bank. Postville. Iowa. M. G. Mead pm Ron and Peop Wiktop. T. E. editor. To .r.m.-. .v.1.ivj. Per a w for fix ii Oliv certs Iii the j months strip Luj 1 1 Ai Batica. Local Butiro i 10 per Lino first user lion r ecu in foe each Rob okie it in cation of same notice. All notices i t t Tanto up until Ortler cil made monthly. Am. Eviae made known on Calicat Ion. Hall Roberts president. W 8. Roberts cashier. City directory. Railroad time table. C. M. & St. P. A r. Trains going East. To. 2. Pcs sender arrive.". ",0 p. M.  10. Stock Kex " 1 2.1 " " " 12. Freight  0 00 " " " 14. " " Hiti a. W. " in " " " is. " Mil r. M.  2.  " fill   " l l. " " 7 0."ia.m. No. J. " j1. " 15 " 1.\ " 1 a 2i. Trains going West passenger depart. Tii Nelu t. Freight i. V. 0 12 a m. .12 0s a  l 2."p r. A. Or. 1 a " " 1 1 in " " a. 1 10 p. Or. "  Al Jlon . To c. E. & n. E. R. Milwaukee division. Passenger arrives1 25 r. M. Leaves. 2 1 "  accommodation arrives  a p. M. Be in Sci if a. K Jam Shirky a ont Postville mails. A Reive daily except sundays .R.M.Bast Ata. West  5 ,0 v.  South "1 00 a North h Nikon a or " close going West in a. " past .1 00 p. " Sou i " Korth Waukon Hujo a. M. Minneapolis time. Semi weekly mail to Auler leaves tuesdays a id Kate Idaus at 7 i v. . La lick hours form 7 00 a. k00 p. M. Money Oriter office. A. K. Pim sour a Stu master. City officers. N. J. Woody mayor win. Haines marshal b. I. Taylor Llo Corder w. S. Roberts treasurer. Councilmen. 11. N. Douglass j. S. Mott k. A. T. Meyer c. Tomak p. S. Burling t. B. Easton s. S. Powers attorney at Lav collect to agent & no Tot i . Ocine up stairs in 1 to Brick Block. Postville " in Reva. I. K. Pijill1ph, ton Norfal Artista air Jivu Lor of to j key City bulb or Shoji , . The Public be damned Farmers look. Here Shore your rain buyers Pool is exposed to full View a hqm8te3 combination of Kaile oads Bankers and miss Katie Dun. Mils Cremims i i t k Cross. Fashionable dressmakers. Postville Iowa. Cutting nine fitting Dune neatly Mill on reasonable terms. It e keep the hat St r Lyle Mill guarantee satisfaction. We solicit yoiu1 so in Caps i k 0 Vii & is lob ready made ,1 crockery Etc Etc. Also a Complete Stock dress goods Plain & fancy. Remember friends Wiir Stock is kept Complete ill All departments. And we extend a cordial invitation Iball to exam Iio it. Skelton & Mcewen. Look -itiik.eo? Ion a Xii if j von h Ilco or in j than Peov s since it Eai in to Tho know Hli e of Trio in aft ill t there was a Riidu buyer s Pool. As if was Jav Psi n a it was of s u Liri ii dimensions to make pc Jura in the crop of Barley. It. Could in to seen if Tho b re y Croo Conte Aii 1 so of to i Ronco Fisch  results i Ody a rain buyers. This is Only an artful do a to Atti a alien Tiu .R.M.the two Ai.1 Classi s of thieves while All the odium of the conspiracy was Shoi Ihl 1 All on Kat Cluiss of in u Only who a the had no ii to of incredible villainy which Lay , the of Toliu of what is called Tho grab Pool the conspiracy includes All of Tho railroads in Ninny was a for in Chimayo. Ail the Bankers Nati Nal and private and last of All the Grain buyers. The plan is to shut up All the Money in the Bank vaults and on no consideration to loan it except to those connected directly or indirectly with the Pool for buying Grain or hogs. No merchant cat obtain accommodations. If merchants or other depositors Havo deposited Money in Tho Banks they cannot draw it until March 18s or after. If there is Likely to be squealing on Tho part of Tho depositors the Pool Oiler to pay some As High As 121 per cent for Tho use of their Money to keep it out of circulation. Tho Grain buyers Are under penalties varying from 500 to $5,000 for paying More than that established by Tho Pool. That is 25 cents a Bushel for Corn and live cents for hogs. Idealizing that no such an infernal conspiracy can exist without rousing Tho Farmers and cat sing them to talk freely this Pool employs con stantly spies. They have one or More in Overy locality according to its importance Whoso Solo business is to watch Tho finners and whenever they see a band of them congregated to happen among them. It is his business in this Way to keep this infernal conspiracy posted at its Headquarters. This is the size of the most Infa Nous modern conspiracy to Rob the producing interests. Farmers organize organize there Are just two questions to consider there tire just two courses for you to choose .R.M.and Only two. You Are if in debt compelled to sell your Corn which you have for months past been led co suppose would be Worth not less than 50 cents per Bushel for 25 cents a Bushel and your Hong for 5 cents a Pound or organize and determine at All hazards to burst that ring of Railroad banking and Grain buying devils. Vanderbilt says Tho Public be will Tho Public consent to to damned or will they set their Seal of damnation on Yand Obilt. His hues and his infernal buyers Aud Bankers that is the question. To have ouly to add that the statements above were obtained .R.M.a pert i Fly reliable source. Koh Foeuy on a Vituj. Sealin about carving there is a it now the it in our Best circles within a Short time the old custom of Maling Host demolish the Kiln dried poultry id dinner will become a d inc and that a servant at a Side Board on a Small salary will take a hand saw Andt can of Nitro Ami shatter the remains Ihu. Divic the Host a Chance to i ii with his in Toad of so in Iii a them with dressing and casting gloom and i Ivy Over the company. J this is it move for which i have Ion Coli ended. It place the Loii Iniel labor of ii dinner where it Belonus and r la ves a Man who so mid i e his vhf .1 a Ai e Ilion 1 i the eni Erlain his friends id the i Ibl you if to find the joints and those who do not like the inside of the Melon can have the outside now my great trouble with fowls is that one Day i have Nebraska Chicken and the next trip i have to assassinate a mormon Shanghai Pullet Wilh High express Ive hip Bones and amalgam pal Tot. This makes me nervous because they Are so dissimilar and their joints Are in different places. The mormon Hen is round shouldered and her Collar Bone is More on Tho Bias than Tho no Braska fowl. This gives a totally Dii verent expression o her features Iii death and As i Havo said destroys the symmetry of Tho carve. I began my education in this line by carving butter in hot weather and radically led up to Quail on Toast. In carving the Quail first mortgage your Homo and get it. The Quail should be cooked before carving but not. Till the chronometer balance and other organs have been removed Jaco your Quail on the Toast in a sitting position then passing Tho dissecting knife Down Between the shoulder Blaes bisect the polonaise. Another in Thod is to Tako the Quail by the Hind log and eat it asking the guests to do the same. Thiafi Breaks up the silliness that is Apt to prevail at a formal dinner party and while each one. Has his or her nose Iii erased in Quail Good feeling can not fail to show itself Bill Nye. V a Iiene o not e poet your i Rand to Tak. Lis v. At kill i he fowl in your Ore ence in order to show you that in was All on 1 he Square and it is not customary to require the proprietor of the House to Peel the potatoes at i lilo for his guests to prove that there is no put up Job about it. Therefore i claim thai the lament i d lieu May to thoroughly shattered it a Side table by an athlete at four dollars a week and still Good Faith toward the chests to maintained if any one be doubtful or suspicious etiquette will permit him to is and by fide of Tho hireling Carver Ami Vitilie 6 the inquest. Still it would he better Fuu for him to sit at Tho table and if Tho parts Given him Are not satisfactory to Cau put them in his overshoes pro Tern and casually throw them out of the Back door while Tho other guests Are listening to fico s i Rayer in Tho parlor. Under the new Deal the Host will enjoy the dinner much More than he used to with his thumb Cut off and a quart of dressing in his Lap. No Man feels perfectly at Home if he has to wrap up his Cut Finger in a rag and Thon scoop a handful of dressing out of his Vest pocket and return it to who Platter i of men Are Cool enough to do this laughing heartily All Tho time and telling some mirth provoking anecdote meanwhile. It is also annoying to Havo Twenty guests ask for Tho dark meat please when there a Only three animals cooked and neither one of them had a. Particle of dark meat about her person. Lately i have adopted Tho plan of segregating the fowl by main strength using Tho fingers when necessary and then wiping them in an of hand manner on the table cloth. Then i ask the servant to bring in that dark Hen we ordered so that we might have an abundance of dark meat. If Tho ser vant says there is none i smile and Tell the guests that Tho Brunette Chicken by sovino oversight  As been eaten in the Kitchen and i shall have to give them such relics As May be at hand. This simplifies the matter and places to in a far More agreeable place relative to the company. My great Success however in carving is mainly confined to Tho a Tei Melon. The Watermelon does not confuse me. I always know where Noi Ison so. It is Noi Forth clone to ask will you love me when i m Mold " a yes said the Farmer barbed wire fences Are expensive but the hired Man does t Stop to rest every Iii no to has to climb a Philadelphia mule has killed a mad dog but it is still it Mailer of doubt whet Lur a mule or a mad dog is Tho safest thing to have around. You can buy a real mexican Manill i Hammock for $1.75. And then you can fall out of it and drive your Backbone Clear through your Chin for nothing. An Exchange puts a solemn truth in a novel Way when it says that a some men Wear their Best trousers out at Tho Knees in Winder getting religious and the seat of their pants out in the summer backsliding. A gentleman stepped on a Colli dealer s platform Scales and asked Lobo weighed. The dealer 3aid Why certainly and called to Tho Man inside to Tako Tho weight. Tho Man thought it was Coal he was weighing and shouted Back the weight six httn7 Drod pounds. Are you the judge of reprobates said mrs Partington As Slie walked into the office of a judge of probate. Tarn a judge of probate was Tho that s it i expect quoth the old lady. You see my father died detested and he left several Little infidels and i want to be choir a smart Young Man asked a gentleman .R.M.Cape cod what s the difference Between you and a Clam thinking Tho Capo codger would say he did t know and then the Young Man would pity him for not being Able to Seo any difference Between himself and a Clam but the thing did t work. Tho codger took the Young Man and swept a. Path across the Street with him and then after crowding him into an empty fish barrel and yanking him orig again said a Clam would t to playing with you in this Way. That a the difference Between me and a Clam Tho Young Man had no More questions to ask

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