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Postville Post Newspaper Archives May 30 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - May 30, 1884, Postville, Iowa Jiuu ubed every Friday foot Vixie Alla Makee co., Iowa. M. B. Hitch look editor and manager published the Dib Biot pout pm Tutino Oktavy. A. B. Look president. d. Oak a 8ecr�tery. Terms-$1.60 a year 76 cents for six Mouths 10 cents for three months strictly Advance. Local notices 10 per line first insertion 5 for Daoheu Buel Conj insertion of audio notice District Ost. Labor and capital allies not enemies. Vol. 27 Postville Alla Makee county Iowa May 30, 1884/ no 32. The District Post Otje principles. We advocate and will support Ami defend the. Rights of the Many at against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of Tuff state Shal controlled the state labor and capital allies not enemies equal rights to All state Farmers Alliance the state convention of the Farmers Alliance of Minnesota to consider measures arising under principles that bind us together will held in Mankato tuesday june 10,1884. Babis of representation will two delegates from each subordinate Alliance. Representation is extended to All i angers Farmers unions and All Farmers As Socia ions As Well As individual Farmers where no organization exists. That we May Able to hand Down to our posterity unimpaired that inestimable Boom of a free gov eminent1 the people and for the we now ask you to leave your plow and the Busy duties of this pressing season of the year and meet in convention at Mankato. Geo w. Spin use pres. Geo. W,th5ob, Seo it National anti monopoly congressional convention 4th District of Iowa. There will a Delegate convention of the National anti monopoly party of the fourth congressional District of Iowa at Postville Iowa on the 15th Day of july 1884, at 12 m., of that Day for the purpose of putting in nomination a candidate for All anti monopolists of said District to support at the eneu tag election. The ratio of representation will to one Delegate from each county and one for each two Hundred votes cast for l. H. Vyeller for Dongress in 1882, and one for each fraction Over fifty thus giving to each county Tho following representation in said convention votes. Delegates. Allamakee.,.1807. 7 chickasaw.180.s. 8 Clayton .2101.12 payette.21c8.12 floyd.-. .1070. 7 howard.1020.g Mitchell. 793.& winnesheik.10 3. I anti monopolists maintain As a Funda a total principle that the people Are Sovereign and that All legislation should represent the majority will and Best interests of the people constr tinally expressed that All special legislation tending to and resulting in building up and fostering consolidated corporate monopolies is not Only destructive to our form of government but positive aides in creating a government in which Koney is icing and ii Aljon its slave. We invite the Active co operation of men from All parties who desire the unlimited tonnage of both Gold and Silver of Tho present weight and fineness of All who desire that a permanent government Legal Vendor paper Money shall substituted for the circulating notes or Bills of the National Banks thereby preventing contraction or inflation of All who desire the payment of our bonded debt and the application of the surplus revenues to that purpose instead of hoarding them to perpetuate a National debt As a Publio Blessing to the Banks and bondholders of Tho East of All who would see an equitable system of taxation and a reduction of expenditures of All who would build up a people devoted to Liberty fraternity and Justice As opposed to sectional strife of All who believe that railroads and telegraphs Are Public institutions and like All other corporate monopolies should through legislation under control and regulation of Law for Tho Publio welfare of All who brio to that All corporate monopolies which have corrupted the Public service through intimidation at the polls or Purchase of representatives after their election thus endangering the perpetuity of Bur institutions should have their corporate existence annulled that corporations have combined to establish Dominion Over Money transportation intelligence invention land and labor Are detrimental to Publio welfare and should to put under just control of Law so As to make them the servants instead of permitting them to remain the masters of the peo ble of All who oppose making our Tariff Laws the medium of protecting monopoly interests while labor Oor petes with the Pauj a labor of the world of All who would hold the Publio Domain for the use and Orocu Panoy of american citizens in limited quantities As against All foreign or corporate ownership control. Ence and control Are denounced As dishonest and . Senator Sabin of Minnesota was sont to Tho u. S. Senate because of his supposed wealth and subsequently made chairman of the re publican National committee on account of said supposed weath and administrative Aud financial ability. And Here at the very threshold of the Campaign his great manufacturing company fails and makes an assignment and Tho financial senator is charged with having heavily bled the states not for Tho Benefit of the party but for Tho Benefit of self and company. Wanted a wealthy chairman for the Republican National Union. Calamity and the Green backers in Congress Are again vindicated. The Mcpherson Bill that tabbed Tho Senate last Winter and awaits the action of the House and provides that National Banks May is sue currency to the full face value of their Bonds and the Dingsley Bill giving the United states treasurer Power to Purchase government Bonds at a Premium with greenbacks deposited the National Banks instead of being used to cancel Bonds already due at their face value and which but for or. Weller s objection would Ere this have been a Law have both been found to speculative measures not conducive to the general welfare. The recent explosions in Wall Street have uncovered some of the secret plans of the financiers Aud the result is that the manipulators of those two Little games Are Likely to come to grief in the final failure of their Bills. There is no doubt but what Butler would elected if nominated the Green backers alone for he would receive votes from the masses of All parties his election would certain and he should receive the nomination of All three parties. But the question is which of the three parties would properly Recovo credit for election. If All three name in for a share of the credit then we would regarded As fusion its and the Green backers would lose their identity to a great extent Chicago Sentinel. The Only important question in this Case which is worthy the Atten Tion of a True Patriot whether Green Backer or whatever he May de is will the election of Butler for the Best interests of the nation. If thai is Clear the relative amount of credit which each party would obtain is of the very least importance. If Green backers will support the Man who is most Likely to accomplish results in carrying out their principles they need have no fears of losing their identity. _ _ g. E. Humid e. N. Clark w. R. Mead 3, f. Babcook w. R. Eno w. H. Newbie but d. F. Moca thy con. Com. The Dubuque times commenting in Ben Butler s statement that the United states hag a year s crop of Grain on hand and is within three to months of another crop says Butler s ignorance would disgrace Montana Indian. This is a Verv cheap Way for the times to exhibit its own stupidity. Every Well informed Man knows that the heat drop of 1883 has been held almost untouched until tit his a Iho it time and it is also True As to learn that a Large proportion f the Corn in the real Corn Belt is yet there it will Lake a smarter lad than Tho times to get away with old Ben s statistics. The More perfect the Independence of individuals the greater their Power to assist each other in Case of Una Orbee c r sudden trouble. It is the same Voth nations yet we have Long been fat Erica a financial policy that made us More a More dependent upon the influence and control of foreign Money or markets Tomich Are liable at any time to create More or less disturbance and derange Bur business relations yet ibis system is declared its de i elders la fee a Orient and All at pts for establishment of one that wit fre8 us Frota Lii foreign info on of tha most significant pointers not Only As to candidates but As to tha future policy of the Republican party is contained in the late Busi Ness men s endorsement of president Arthur in new York City. Over six Hundred names of business houses including Many of the most noted were attached to the Call. This indicates Arthur s standing with new York City and that new York City under president Arthur expects to retain her supremacy As a controlling Factor in the management of the financial affairs of the nation. New York s ambition is to the distributing Money Center of this nation her capitalists aim to hold in their hands tht3 medium of Trade and Commerce and All business. It is new York and not Washington that will govern this country in the near future if Arthur succeeds and it is to new York that every City and Hamlet and every Man woman and child from Maine to the Gulf and from the Gulf to Alaska will forced to pay tribute is this policy the most conducive to the general welfare and Prosperity of the nation t the insight into new York methods of finance lately made Public in Wall Street is not calculated to fascinate the average Ameri Oan citizen nor add to the general popularity of new York s presiden tial candidate pure Gold and one of Alloy. England and France have ten parts of Fine Gold and one Alloy. Do you think that England would fool enough to Exchange with us there never was an Exchange that Way. The Par of Exchange is about 108. There is a difference in the value of the coins and then there Are commissions insurance and transportation across the country. No International transaction takes place in Money for our Gold goes into Tho English melting pot because it is of less value. All the Gold that comes across except that in the pockets of the emigrants goes into our melting pots because it is too Fine. Some newspaper men know this and some Don to and those who Don t know should not attempt to instruct people As it takes them too Long to Tell what Thoy Don t . Ben Butler. Alliance column. Farmers in politics. Soe that old Man with Bont Back Aud hollow Chest out at the elbows walking fast working like a slave. He is not old in years but worn out. He Learned when a boy that Tho Way to wealth was through killing work. He stops for nothing. It is Nevor too cold or Stormy for is he Rich of no and never will has he a family yes and makes them All work As he does with no luxuries nothing Why in t he Rich with Economy and labor because he works for other men All the time. Tho cunning fellow that works their brains but not their hands Munago to keep him mortgaged for All he s Worth so he s the Meriest usury can t you show the thing to him of no show him nothing. He dare not think for himself. I tried to get him to read a Greenback paper but he d die first. I tried to get him out to t g Renback mooting but he Only called crazy for interest in him. Hell die in the poor House yet and the men that have robbed him All of his life wont even attend his funeral nor have prayers for him in the Church. To lives like a slave and will die like one. That s the final of old party philosophy. Iowa Tribu Het regarding the Gold Dollar. They say the Gold Dollar must made equal with the Gold Dollar of the world some journalists know better and some Don t. Some Are knaves and some fools. I Bay to you in the presence of financial authorities knowing the responsibility which i take that there Fetter was a Gold Dollar Elf equal value All Over the world never Nevell never a and i Don t mean to play on words there never Vas a Gold Coin Here the equivalent of Gold Coin in any other country ctr Dollar contains nine parts of Frank confession of a London journal. Bond holders and other swindlers at the Bottol of All egyptian Troub Les. England used As a cat s Paw them. The English in Egypt. The real truth in regard to our interference in Egypt is that we went there for the Bond Holder that we remained there for the Bond holders Aud that every Effort is being made to Force us to remain for the Bond holders. We Havn no european mandate we Are fulfilling no civilizing Mission and As i country to we should to losers Athor than gainers were Egypt made Over to us to Morrow As a fret gift. Ii Robe is not sorry to Soe us weaken ourselves and docs not object to our drawing the chestnuts out of the fire for others. The egyptians dislike us because we Are westerns and christians while they Are Eastern and Mahometano. We Are in precisely the same fix As was Austria in Lombardy. If we establish any form of representative government that is in reality and not a Liam the first Uso made of it will to Bow in out of the country bag and baggage. A certain numb Ber of wealthy and powerful persons who have already made millions Oul of the egyptian flesh pots wish to make a Fow millions More. Uni find at eighty is their cry. For this we have spent nearly five millions of our Money for this to Are called u 5on to undertake compromising responsibilities and to act As task masters Over the fellas. Yes unified at eighty this is in Plain words our civilizing Mission. All the rest is shuffling and suite huge trickery and clap trap. It is to the credit of Tho prime minister that he is Ono of the few who a receive this. Hut he and trapped. London Lruth. Another objector says Are you then willing that the government should control our Money affairs Well i had much rather the govern ment immediately responsible to the people should have control of the Money affairs of Tho country than they should controlled two thousand Banks and wild cat Bankers who Are responsible to no one but of Gen. Butler before n. Y. Board of Trade oct. 14, 1876. A drat fuse cries we frightened Republican his Cheeks White with terror it will destroy the Greenback party breeders Gazette. We do not big Proso it possible to form a great Farmer s political party in which Farmer s will act and vote together entirely Independent of the Ordinary political parties of the country and we do not knot Thiu this would to desirable even if it wore possible. But there should to sub an organization among Thorn As will control and secure the Active support of the political parties and Tho politicians in All matters relating to their interests. But Farmer s interests Aro not considered and Farmer s wishes and opinions not consulted and their necessities neither understood or inquired into simply because Farmers do not Assort themselves. A Little ring of political intrigues with centers at Tho various county seats and ramifications extending to the different precincts office holders and their personal add crafts Saloon keepers and their following people who live on crumbs dropped Horo and there who subsist largely Chance and rarely Honor these Aro the ones who control Tho primaries who fix up the delegations and in Point of fact make nominations. Aud it is their Petty schemes and ambitions that fill the ears and engage Tho attention of the candid acts they have made and the Mon whom they have called from obscurity to fill the offices. And when the tickets Aro made up and the candidates labelled the Farmers go to the polls and elect them. No questions ure asked As to whether candidates have a knowledge As to the want of Tho agricultural Community no thought is Given As to whether they have any sympathy with the farming popula1 Tion no discrimination is exercised with a View of supporting such As from intelligence information experience or sympathy Are Likely to prove most useful to the agriculture interests nothing of the sort of the contrary the democratic asks for the democratic ticket and Tho publican Farmer asks for the Republican Tirkot both go into Tho Box and that is the end of it. Experience has shown that the Farmer gets none of his chestnuts raked out o i he fire and Fetich operation. So Long As Tho nominations Are con trolled Tho hangers on around the towns and Cross Road and Tho bar nomination is sufficient to secure unquestioned Tho Farmer s vote so Long will Farmer s interests not considered. But if it were goner ally understood that after the nominations were All made the farm ers would look Over both tickets and vote very generally for such Candi dates As Aro believed or known to represent agricultural interests the tickets would made up very differently if when a convention met to Farmer delegates Wen to get to Geilier and Stippert Only such Candi dates As wore Friendly to the Agri cultural interests the action of both parties would in a great measure to controlled. If Farmer s clubs Wero to appoint committees equally divided in politics to consider the qualifications of candidates for office and to recommend which should supported Basing their action he tirely upon considerations As to which would most useful to the farming interest there would to More Oare exercised both parties to select candidates who would com mend themselves to Tho support of Farmers. In this Way and in other ways both parties ban made to understand that the Farmer vote is to consulted at All times that some assurances Are required to secure it and that Honover its wishes and interests Are ignored it is lost. There Aro very few districts outside the Large cities in which the agricultural population does not hold the balance of Power if it chose to exercise it. Ii any great number of banners in any District wore to Cut Loose from political parties and assume an Independent attitude vote ing steadily for the Best representatives of their interests on Al tickets they would compel a recognition of the agricultural interests Euch an has never been accorded. When candidates for office Are made to feel that the Farmers vote will not come to Tho i is k matter of course consequent upon party but inst lie secured through a willingness and ability to serve Tho farming interest they i \ make themselves acquainted with Tho Farmers goods and lose no Opportunity to Advance Tho interests of such an important and Independent class of voters. If Farmers will Only remember themselves politicians will cot forget them if they will Assort themselves no political Partt will ignore Thorn. Tho following joint resolutions pre it sed or. Weller Are intended to alleviate Tho present financial Strin gency which a aggravated for speculative objects. Tho Dingley Bill claimed Tho same but in reality was Only for Tho purpose of keeping up the Premium on the Bonds. Forty six members voted for or. Woller s Resolution and 121 against joint resolutions. To it resolved the Senate and House of representatives of the United states of America in con Gross that the Secretary of the Treasury Aud is hereby authorized out of any lawful Money deposited National Banks for the purpose of retiring their circulation under Tho provision of Section 4 of the act of july 20, 1874, and of sections 5222 and 5230 of the revised statutes of Tho United states and of Section 0 of the act of july 12, 1882,to Purchase at not exceeding the Pur value thereof under such regulations Asho May prescribe not inconsistent therewith any Bonds of tin United states now outstanding the Bonds so purchased to to held in Trust and used As Security for the payment tot1 the circulating notes of the Banks which have or May Deposit lawful Money for such redemption or payment provided however Whei Ever the circulating notes of National banking associations for the retire ment of which lawful Money has Boon deposited Are presented to the Treasury for redemption the Secretary of the Treasury shall use any available moneys in the Treasury for Tho redemption thereof and to that extent the Bonds so held Hhall cancelled and destroyed together with Tho interest thereon. And further provided All of the interest accruing on said Bonds or any of them shall cancelled As it matures and further provided Latall of said Bonds Aud interest thereon shall tile Secretary of. The Treasury canc oled and destroyed whenever it shall appear to him that the outstanding notes of said banking associations Aro destroyed or lost the intent being that the government shall re doom lawful Money payment All such notes so provided for and also to cancel All of said Bondu and interests thereon accruing for Sale. A valuable farm for Sale consisting of 120 acres situated on the North Edge of looking Glass Prairie Filmore county Minn. The farm is under a Good state of cultivation with new and substantial farm buildings splendid Well of water with wind Mill attached 150j bearing Apple Trees and Small . There is a Fine Grove of Timber on the place. The farm is located near a Railroad station steam feed Mill ror Tim factory Post office and school House. Its location makes it a desirable place. For further information and terms Call on or address g. W. Spraque Prosper Minn. For Diar Epsia and live complaint Yoa have a printed Irda Rantee on every bottle of Shiloh a Vitalizer. It never fail to enc. Shiloh s of re Wilt immediately relieve crop whooping Tough & bronchitis a nasal inject of free with Eracli bottle of Shiloh s Catarrh remedy Priore 50 Why will you cough when Shilo a cure will give immediate Relief Loo 60o & $1 Abe Yon made miserable ind Igess Tion constipation dizziness loss of appetite yellow Akin Shiloh s Vitalizer is Atra Roburd sold Bayless Douglass & co. Postville mails. A hive daily except sundays bant.0 12 a. M. West. Fly p. M. South.1 111 1. M. North.6 30 a. M. Minni Turolis time. Semi weekly mail to blk Der loaves tuesdays Aud saturdays at 7 00 a. M. Ollie hours from 7 0 a. M. To s v. M. Money order offi Cio. A. R. Pm soot p. M roller skating rink h. B. Taylor. Haopai Stoit. Open to the Publio regularly on wednesday and saturday evenings. Saturday afternoons from 2 to t30 o look for ladies Only. Monday evenings for gentlemen. All opening sessions from 7 30 to 10 o Solooki notice to shippers. The b., c. R. & n. By. Will run ref Rig orator cars during the season a3 follows leave Postville every tues Day and Friday at 6 o clock a. information inquire of Jamea Perry at. Whereas it is currently reported and believed that great financial and business distress exists at now York and other sections of the country and whereas it is assumed that this financial and business distress is due to a marked Scarcity of Money to promptly meet current matured obligations and whereas there Are Many millions of Money now in the Treasury of tie United state unappropriated but subject to the order of this Congress and whereas the Law of March 18,18g9 contained the following provision to wit but none of said interest bearing obligations not already due shall to paid before maturity unless at such time United states notes shall convertible into Coin at Tho option of the Holder or unless at such time Bonds of the United states bearing a lower rate of interest than the Bonds to redeemed can sold at Par in Coin " and whereas it ii now and Long time ago been alleged that United states notes Wero convertible into such Coin at the pleasure of the bolder and also that Bonds of the United states bearing show you through Ofili sto0e, if you do not wish to buy. All a we ask is that you give us a to Ian we Are yours respectfully Shultz & Welzel a full line of confectionary Mimi a the finest Stock of cigars & tobacco in Postville meals furnish etl at All hours on Short notice and served in first class style fresh Beer wine an Loider always on taped. Sile Elly or Del. Postville Iowa bed her de Lek in heavy & shelf hardware. Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery. Also carry a full line of Cupp exware and Carpenter s hardware of ail kinds. Make Job work a specially and warrant satisfaction. It will pay you to Call and examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. Postville tag store Bayless Douglass & co., props and dealers in a drugs medicines Ain to oils varnishes mors brushes.1 miscellany Prisand school books stationary cards albums Toya and musical instruments Toba Oad acid cigars nats and candies. A Complete Stock of Wall paper Brick Block pos Tville Iowa. Motif k Mcada dealers in Ard Wafe stoves & Tinwai e i we also carry a full line of heavy arid shelf wares which a will Well very close to w dbl Sale prices. Ilott k Vio Adam pm Stville
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