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Postville Post Newspaper Archives May 23 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - May 23, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post 1 thu sized eve re Friday at Ros Vilm All a maker co., Iowa. M. S. Hitch look editor and manager in mashed by the dist not Post pm Vikung Oom Faith. A. A Cook president. Frank d. , Seora try. Terms-1.60 a year 75 fonts for fix months 40 cents for three months Trio try Advance. Local notices 10 por Lino first insertion i Tor each subset deut insertion of same notice Ost. Labor and capital allies not enemies. Vol. 2. Postille Alla Makee county Iowa May 23, f884. No 31. The District Post our principles. We advocate and will support and defend the rights of the Many a against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of Tho state Shal be controlled by the state labor and capital allies not enemies. Equal rights to ail Call for the National Greenback convention the National convention of the National Greenback labor party to nominate candidates for president and vice president of the United states to be voted for at the coming lag presidential election will be Bald in Tho City of Indianapolis Inch on wednesday the 28th of May 1881. Each state is entitled to four delegates and four alternates it Large each congressional District to two delegates and two alternates each territory to two delegates and two alternates and the District of Columbia to two delegates and two alternates. Therefore All who Are in Accord with the views set Forth in the platform of said party in 1880, Are respectfully requested to meet in convention in their Beveral states territories and districts on or before a 1.1884, and select delegates and alternates to said convention. Siy Nodl Jesse Harper chairman. Rated re ugh worse legislation than this. If calamity has discovered a certain cure for Pleura in Tomonia he is a Public times. National anti monopoly congressional convention 4th District of Iowa there will be a Delegate convention of Tho National anti monopoly party of the fourth congressional District of Iowa at Postville Towa on the 12th Day of june 1884, at is nr., of that Day for the purpose of putting in nomination a candidate for All anti monopolists of said District to support at the ensuing election. The ratio of representation will to one Delegate from each county and one for each two Hundred votes cast for l. H. Weller for Congress in 1882, and one for each fraction Over fifty thus giving to Euch county the f of lowing representation in said convention votes delegates. Allamakee.i.1307. 7 chickasaw.135g. 8 Clayton .2161.12. Fayette.21 18.12 floyd.1070. 7 howard.1020. 0 mitchell.,. 793. 6 . Al anti monopolists maintain As a fundamental principle that the people Are Sovereign and that All legislation should represent the majority will and Best interests of the people constr tonally expressed that All special legislation tending to and resulting in building up and fostering consolidated corporate monopolies is not drily destructive to our form of government but positive aides in creating a government in which hone s is Kino and Lahore its slave. We invite the Active of operation of men from All parties who desire the unlimited a coinage of both Gold and Silver of Tho present weight and fineness of All who desire that a permanent government Legal tender paper Money shall be substituted for the circulating notes or Bills of the National Banks thereby preventing contraction or inflation of All who desire the payment of our bonded debt and Tho application of the sur Blua revenues to that purpose instead of hoarding them to perpetuate a National debt us a Public Blessing to the Banks and bondholders of the East of All who would see an equitable system of taxation and a reduction of expenditures of All who would build up a people devoted to Liberty fraternity Imd Justice As opposed to sectional strife of till who believe that railroads and telegraphs Are Public institutions and like All other corporate monopolies should through legislation to under control an regulation of Law a for the Publio welfare of All who of Lieve that All corporate monopolies which have corrupted the Public service through Yit Imi ratio a at the polls or by Purchase of representatives after their election thus Endang Goring the perpetuity of our institutions should have their corporate Oxia tence annulled that corporations have combined to establish Dominion Over Money transportation intelligence Inver Itin Huld and labor Tiro detrimental to Publio welfare and should be Pat under just control of Law Roasio make them the servants instead of permit Ling them to remain the masters of the people of All who oppose making our Tariff Laws Tho medium of protecting monopoly interests while labor competes with the Pau tier labor of the world of All who would bold the Public Domain for the use and occur i Ancy of american citizens in limited Quail cities As against All foreign or corporate ownership control. Despite the thunders of the Mcgregor times against Wellei the indications now Are that Tho re will again be an arrangement whereby Tho democrats Green backers and Don to care a skip republicans can give vent to their feelings at Tho same shrine. The Only Way that the republicans can got rid of welter now is to nominate him the Way the woman did by marrying Tho Man who was restoring her with attentions. It looks As though Tho democrats Aud Roeu backers would nominate him and let the republicans Load their ambulance Wagon with Larrabee if the oracles and gods to card. G. B. Hennio e. N. I Saint w. R. Musad j. , w. R. Eno w. H. Newbey d. F. Mccarthy condom. Too much Money Over production is the cause of Tho recent financial disturbances. So Bay the lying monopoly organs. It this in to then let every Good Christian Pray for Hail storms cyclones drouth hog cholera Etc. All the nation How needs is famine and pestilence to make it prosperous and Happy the Chicago Organ of the w. C. T. U., has made the discovery that the Iowa rep Choice for president Blaine is not sound on All Ini por Tant prohibition question. It says or. Blaine offers wine at his table and deems total abstinence a mild form of Don t falter dear prohibitionists we must Stippert him whisky or no Northern or the papers Are laughing at calamity Weller s Bill requiring the commissioner of agriculture to bunt he some Well defined Casos of pleuropneumonia upon which to test the remedy of one certain citizen of Pletan Iorii in Fulton county Ohio who can administer a remedy for the his Easo even unto the last stage Hber feb but Congress has Perpe or. Thomas l. Nichol figured very largely for a Small Man in Tho presidential Campaign of 1880 he figured also As Tho confidential agent of Gen. Garfield and delivered the celebrated Dorsey letter so often a pitted. To honoured Des Moines it one time with his presence and Mode several so called speeches advocating hard Money and retiring from politics he devoted his Genius to finance. He formed a Syndicate composed of gov. Foster and speaker Keifer of Ohio senator Miller of new York and others to develop certain Coal lands in Missouri. The Syndicate advanced Nichol $300,000. Result the Syndicate is out some $155,000, Aud or. Thomas l. Nichol is in Europe not starving. Another practical lesson in hard Money and Nichols has the hard Money and the other Fellows have the honesty if they can find it. State Leader. This Thomas l. Nichol was in 1880 the president of Tho National Bank association and the author of a circular to the National Banks instructing Thorn not to loan fund or rant favors to any Man known to be a Grae Backer. He also wrote a tract entitled honest Iowa s watchdog. Can party that gave us Grant and would if possible Confer on us again another edition of the same questionable Boon. Tho news evidently is eager for an Opportunity to advertise its approval of the most scandalous congressional practices and gives a gratuitous slap in the face to those who desire such practices slopped. Or. Weller will feel under obligations to the news and to such journals As May feel disposed to give this act of his prominence by their criticisms. Luman h. Weller a democratic Greenbacker who represents Tho 4th Iowa District in the House of representatives is known to his colleagues As calamity Weller a sobriquet which is evidently As appropriate us it is Well earned. What or. Weller s real business is at Home is difficult to ascertain from the congressional directory As in it he says of himself that he tilled the soil in the daytime and studied Law politics and theology at night was admitted to politics at once to the states courts in 18g8, and finally to Church but whether to the pulpit or anxious seat he does not say. Evidently or. Weller is a descendent from Tho immortal Sami Vel who As the companion of or. Pickwick has been made famous by or. Dickens. Weller would be a great Man if he wore not such an insufferably Small one and he fails to fulfil his assumed Mission As watchdog of the Treasury because of his Small size and tender years. But when a measure comes up like that for appropriating a few dollars from the National Treasury for Tho entertainment of the siamese embassy now in Washington or. Weller rises grandly to Tho occasion. It matters not to him that this visitation May pave the Way for valuable commercial treaties with Siam nor does the question of National decency or hospitality enter into his calculations. Neither does he care if every other member of both houses of Congress favor the appropriation. He is like the juror who said he had agreed but the other eleven fools would not coma to him. As the Resolution conies up out of its regular order it cannot be offered without Tho unanimous consent of the members of the House to All import unities to Witt draw his objection Weller rises like Tho Washington Monument and de clares he will Nover consent to taking Money from the Treasury for entertaining a lot of worthless it is not strange that such a pig headed monstrosity As calamity Weller should not know Tho difference Between a siamese Prince and Tho Almond eyed chinaman who washes his shirt. But is has already done enough it is hoped to satisfy the voters of the 4th Iowa District that they had better Havo no representative in Congress than such a churl. Chicago daily news. We can assure the news that Hon. Luhman h. Weller s action in this Case is completely satisfactory to Tho voters of the fourth District and of Tho state of Iowa at Large and we doubt not to the people of the United states generally. Everybody has come to know at this time that Bitch entertainments mean nothing but a Hijii drunk and that National do ency is promoted by the newness rather than the frequency of such jamborees. It is not Many months since the disgusting details of an entertainment of similar character was chronicled in almost every newspaper in the land and in every Case unqualified Day condemned. Our readers will Bear in mind that the news belongs to that of Lefcion of the re pub walk in the Light. The absolute hopelessness of getting information or instruction from any of our leading journals upon a really important subject such for instance As Tho late panic in Wall Street is Well elucidated by a couple of recent editorials in the St. Paul Pioneer press under Date of May 15, in an oracular article on the causes of the panic appears Tho following startling revelation there is too much Money in Tho country. We retain Tho currency of the War period and any attempt at reduction of its volume has been Mot with determined resistance. To have added to it at every Opportunity and for six years have been inflating sit Tho rate of Over 2, 100,000 por month forcing this additional upon a reluctant people by the Issue of Silver too much who Doos not recognize the familiar taunt of the capitalist in those years when every Industry was prostrated and the cries of ruined millions went up to the throne of god while the nation strengthened it credit too much Money hell stands aghast at such impudence while the spectacle of closed Banks and silent workshops and sullen mobs and the cries of fam Ishing women and children should palsy Tho hand that can pc ii such a lie 1 but or. Pioneer press under Date of May 17, forgot it Wisdom of to Days old in its Reir arks on or. Oul Lom s Bill to prevent speculation by rational Bank officials and explain How it is that those institutions arc drawn into such practices. Tho press says in substance it is because Congress passed a Bill a year ago forbidding Over certification of brokers checks which Over certification was the Only remedy at hand for a Scarcity of Money because there was not actual Money enough in existence to do the business of Wall beet a single thus Tho a monopoly press which includes All Tho Largo Dalies Republican and democratic alike blow hot or cold sing High or Low speak lies or truth All at the bidding of the traitorous National Bank confederacy. But truth is simple and Joist ice need not be Blind and Tho people need not be deceived if Thoy have Tho manhood to stand erect and walk out into Liberty and Light of common sense. It has annexed to it this implied condition that the Holder must not demand the specie any faster than the maker gets it. Tho government should Issue that paper because it is for its own use and because Ilso let whoever will Issue it Tho government must Supply the Means for taking it up. If the Banks Issue it they will simply loan it to Tho government upon its Promise to pay that amount in a Given period with interest. The government should Issue that paper because its promises Are safest and surest to hold. It is the Only party liable for their payment and it is Tho Only party Able to pay. What we Call the Treasury note is equivalent to a note signed by every individual in the United states and by All their posterity. It has All the advantages Overall other securities Tho Holder always knowing How much of the paper is extant which is rarely known of a paper issued by an individual or company it has the largest estate pledged to its resumption its obligation defies All Stathatos of limitations and survives the death of generations. A Butler Boomer. Government paper the Best currency. Twenty years ago senator Howe late postmaster general deceased was especially explicit he said we must rely mainly upon a paper stir Rency and it is equally certain that paper whoever issues it meat to irredeemable. All paper currencies have been and will Ever be irredeemable. It is a pleasant fiction to Call them redeemable it is an agreeable fancy to think them so. I would not expose that fiction Only that Tho great emergency which is upon us seems to Render it More than usually proper that Tho nation should begin to speak truth to itself to have done with Shams and to Deal with realities. Tho fact is that no paper Ever was or Ever will be redeemed in specie. No Man Ever did or Over will loan his note for $10 if he is com polled to keep a Gold Eagle to redeem it with for Tho simple reason that it is cheaper to loan the Coin and no Man who Loans two $10 notes and has but one Gold Eagle can pay specie on demand Foi both of them. No Bank would loan its notes instead of its Coin but for Tho privilege it enjoys of loaning More paper than it has Coin and no Bank which issues its notes in excess of its Coin can on demand redeem its notes in specie. Every attempt that was Over made hero or elsewhere to convert a paper circulation into a metallic it Trency proves this so every Bank note therefore in circulation although it purports to be an unconditional undertaking to pay the Stim mentioned on its Facia in specie on demand yet one Lovra Democrat who is enthusiastic for the Tewksberry hero from the state Leader. Tynek , May 12, i Tako this Opportunity of expressing my views also the views of a Good Many country democrats in regard to the nominee of the democratic party for president. I find Thorn almost unanimous for Benjamin j \ Butler for the first place on the ticket with any suitable Man for Tho second. The position Tho democratic party now occupies is critical in the extreme. Since Tho defeat of the Tariff Bill her chances for Victory Are not so flattering As Thoy Wero. In my opinion old Bon is the Only Man who can carry us to Victory in november. With him to can carry Iowa Maine Massachusetts Pennsylvania and Ohio besides All that we would anyhow. If we Lave him we will get the entire sup port of Tho Greenback anti Niou ocly and National labor parties besides thousand of Labouring men in the Republican party. They All lout for Ben the Friend of the oppressed labourer which is True beyond a doubt. It is now morally certain that Tho Greenback anti Renou Opol and National labor parties will All nominate him. If Thoy do the democrats must Tako him for if they do not defeat is As certain As it has Boon heretofore in Iowa. To cannot afford to so carelessly pass Over this As to entirely ignore the acts. To sacrifice nothing. To is a True Democrat of Tyllo Western Typo. We must nominate men who Havo by their Public actions shown themselves enemies of monopoly and the friends of the people. To must nominate men who try their Public acts a vhf shown that Thoy will carry out Tho will of Tho people in spite of All that monopoly can do. Wild in Ben Butler to Havo a Man who embodies All these principles. It is True Samuel j. Tilden also represents such views but with Butler we ctn carry Ohio ugly states to elect him for thousands of democrats arc awaiting a Chance to Deposit a vote for Noble Bon and Thoy will vote for him. I will for Ono and i can find Many others in Thi a county who will do Tho same consequently it is fair to presume that it is the Samo everywhere at least it is wherever i Havo brim in Scott Muscatine Johnson Iowa Poweshiek Jasper Polk Dallas Bootie and Story counties t find Tho Labouring democrats enthusiastic for Butler. Now in Tho face of All this i think it Well for our notional convention to Ponder Leng before they select any other. Yon a for butter s Success. W. W. Keller. Alliance column. Wise son i want you to learn a Trade son a Trade what Trade anything. Become a machinist a Carpenter a Blacksmith a Brick Layor anything but learn a Why you have not lost your Money Havo you a no my Money is secure Aud you will Nover Lack for wealth. But i want you to learn a Trade work at it every Day and be sure to go to and from your labor in your working mercy on me. Bit a limit for it will keep some fool of a woman All airs selfishness and vanity from marrying you ". To the banners Alliance of tie state of Minnesota you Aro requested to assemble in state Alliance in Tho City of Man Kato on tuesday june 10, iss of each subordinate Tallinn co bomb entitled to two delegates for the consideration of measures arising under principles hat bind us together. During Tho Post few years years Tho few who control and operate corporate monopolies Havo not Only amassed Largo fortunes by nil lawful and oppressive Ini Posod upon Tho tanning Community but have through bribery and other unjust moans secured legislation in their interests detrimental to the leading Uki Usu he of Tho country and of such appalling character if not checked As to undermine Tho fundamental principles of Tho government. It is needless to enumerate in detail those burdens they Are thoroughly understood by Yon All. It is a Well established principle in our government that lie people r Riglis and duties demand that they Shohl Institute measures looking to the abolishment of burdens Ciao obnoxious and class favouring Laws and Institute now Moat ires and Laws for their foundation such principles a shall be most Likely to promote their safety and happiness. To believe that the railroads and transportation corporations were bartered by the state and nation Law to to for the people service profit and happiness and arc in All res Peou common carriers and As such should to managed for the Good of the people not As Gigantic monopolies enriching the few from Tho Harrl earnings of Tho Many to believe that Tho agricultural interests of the Western and Southern so Hess forming As Thoy do the vast of the country and giving employment to the greater part of our people being More than six tent Lih of Tho pm ing population should receive proportionately Large nil Tiro of the of Sci ing Caro of the government. In the state of Minnesota legislation in favor of Ono gigabit in monopoly was the loading measure of Tho late session while needed legit Littion for the robot of Tho agriculturist at Largo petitioned for by the people and recon funded by Tho toy Chi or was Purpo Noly and unjustly neglected. Woas Farmers have soon tent is of the voting population of this state and Havo within our solves the Power to redress those wrongs and Are the culpable party if those grievances Aro not corrected. The Earnest and practical work accomplished by the Farmers convention hold in St. Paul this Spring being composed of delegates from All sections of Tho state fully demonstrates the does interest taken by the Farmers in this mov Mont. To carry on this work to More fully perfect our organization and hotter inform the people of on objects and Aims will to the loading work of the coming state Alliance Aud to this end to extend an i Vila Tion Sci representation of All Granges Farmers unions and All other organizations of Farmers As Well Ftp h i to tidal Farmers whore no organizations exist to meet with us and join in our deliberations. In Tho onside Rinion of theaopres ent principles we now ask you to leave your plow and Tho Busy duties of this pressing season of the year and meet in convention at Mnuk Ato trusting that Wisdom Aud judgment May give guidance to your deliberations so that not Only present Good May result but that to May be Able to hand Down to our posterity unimpaired that inestimable Boom of a free government by the people and for Tho Geo. W. Is Iraq us pres. Geo. V. y. Agol Tho trouble is too much fresh heir by a darned sight. You May go to Thunder and i la go and get something for my blood and to pulled up his Collar and started off to avoid fresh Independent. Only a private. Do with me what Yon please i m an ox-confederat9 Soldier and a stranger in a strange a Well colonel said his Honor a Tho charge against you is not a very grave our. Sleeping in the streets a Boli Evo is the s extent of its i m not a colonel what shouted the Justice springing to his feet it cannot be that i Board aright you certainly Don t mean to say you Are not a col Ono " 1 i do replied the accused decidedly. "1 was Only a private in the army and i Gnoss i am net Ucli More than a tramp my Friend replied his Honor it a choking voice go Forth. You Are a free Mug. You Are the first South Erner i have Ever met who was not a colonel and the Only private i honestly believe that was in the Confederate arty. 1 am glad to have seen what constituted the rank and file of what was a glorious piece of fighting York journal. A a. _ t roller skating rink h. B. Taylor proprietor. Oporto Tho Public regularly on wednesday and set Nadav evenings. Saturday afternoons from 2 to i 30o Olock Tor ladies Only. Monday Ove ninjas for gentlemen. Alt evening sessions from 7 30 to 10 o clock for dyspepsia and live Reo plaint Lycra hire n printed guarantee on every bottle of of Sli Iloh s Vitalizer. In never Faila to Enre. Shiloh s ouse will immediately Irel Ruvii croup whooping Tough a Brono hitch behave real cod our prices on everything that we keep. This been Dono Ciuco april 1st, at which time we adopted the system of paying Cash for All produce and Silling All goods 8tri0ty we can sell Xuwu goods ten per cent. Cheaper than Yon can buy them elsewhere and it stands to reason that we can do so in the first place we can save 5 per cent. Cash Dis outs and 5 per cent expenses All of which we give our customers the Benefit. 0k---
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