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Postville Post Newspaper Archives May 16 1884, Page 3

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - May 16, 1884, Postville, Iowa News condensed concise record of the week. Doings of Congress. Off Chi wus no u i or the Senate on Trio Sci inst. The House after prolonged debate Pabst to the we Amena Hig the chinese imm Birru Hon act by a veto of to in. Or Iton lev a cued that the Nic isme received unanimous Iri in the v Leslie states and territories or. Lice showed that i chinese merchant in Jaii Francisco Travo to the garlic he Hospital fund and or. Lii uld retaliated by a remark that the chinese sold tinier Tor the vilest purposes. Or. Pitt that the Presont Law had nearly stopped Iii nitration Tronni China and that our Thor Radical legislation is not necessary. My. Van Wick of Nebraska introduced it Bill in Tho Senate on the inst., to restrict aliens and foreign corporations in the ownership of Public lands and or. J Lumb offered a measure to forbid aliens Iii Niriam title to real estate in any territory or the District of Columbia. A favourable report was a nude on the House Bill granting a pension to the widow of Gen. Judson Kilpatick. There was an interesting discussion of the shipping Bill. The House of representatives adopted a Resolution scaling o Ferrus de Momiu Sis a member from Virginia in place of l Lii item a Juster and lie was sworn in. Mills were introduced to exclude the Public lands of Arkansas from the. Operation of the tows relating to Mineral lands and Tol sue patents for lands to an Pacific Road which shall Complete its track within thirty Days. Objection was made by or. Wollor 10 the consideration of a joint Resolution appropriating $10,000 to defray the expenses of the siamese embassy. Several memorials were presented in Tho Senate on the ctr inst in favor of eur spending the coinage of the Silver Dollar. A Bill for a free Bride a Robe the Potomac was Tia cd. Or. Vance made an argument in support of Tho free ship Bill. Or. Vest made a i Accra blk report on a Bill to erect a Public building at Detroit limiting the Cost of the into to �0i ,0 a. Shortly after the Blouse met. Thy Tariff Bill was take us for the last Day s debate. Or Gibson , of Louisiana led off with a speech in Savov of Tho measure alter which or. Randall demo Pennsylvania took the floor in opposition to the Bill. He held that in lie. Nice adjustment of business nil Lars there was nothing so conducive to Success As stability. Judging from the intemperate a Kunt a of the friends of i he Bill those engaged in Industrial pursuits were robbers and outlaws As a matter of fact they were nothing of Tho sort. Thev were entitled to the Protection of the Law. He then wont on to Arrne it Fanst the policy of unsettling business interests by constant tinkering with the Tariff. Or. Blackburn dem of Kentucky advocated Tho Bill. He said the time was not far Distant when the people would repudiate the political Bop Oerly of the protectionists. I Rote Fuu for the Sake of Protection was the Battlo cry of the republicans. He asked the democrats to make taxation for Revenue their.-. The advocates of the principles contained in the ill were read for the tray armed m a cause which they knew to be just lie protested against the current idea that the advocates of the Bill desired o exile from the party any democrats who Mii Dit differ from them. He had -10 Power of expulsion. It rested with each Man to Detent be his purty affiliation. Let my who would is Nice Down his party show by Bis record ii 011 u Hose Huid Tho blood was to to found. In Eon chios Kilie loped that enough enlightenment Mildd Ruon to brought to Tho House to repudiate Ilie bigot in which disgraced politics in he shape of Protection. Or. Kasson , of Iowa closed Tho debate in opposition to the Bill lie declared that it was impossible to administer it and it would require a fisc civil cite Kimii to answer the questions which would a asked before any goods could he imported. Jalc then proceeded to it Tail the Bench thy country had derived from Protection. Or. Lorr suit Idem of Illinois Tho author of Tite Bill made the closing debate in its favor. To made a rapid review of the objections to the measure. He then that the democratic members from Iowa. Wisconsin Michigan and California had been elected on the Tariff platform and feared that if Tho Bill should be Defeated Thev would be succeeded by Page and Burrows and a Olon and my dear turning to Randall or. Morrison said Vou have tie Power to strike out Len enacting clause of the Bill. H you Havo that Power you have the Power to Amend this Bill and make if what it should or. Converse Damon Ohio moved to strike out the enacting clause of the Bill. This was Tho align no for a Volley of hisses and groans from the democratic Side this demonstration being met by rounds of applause from the republicans. The motion prevailed by a vote of 150 yeas to 155 nays. When the result was announced the victorious combination gave round after round of cheers. For a Ono democrats and Lis republicans voted a Rains Tho Bill up i republicans and la democrats in favor of it. Of the 41 demo Traic votes in Lavor of killing the Hill Pennsylvania gave 12, Kew York to Ohio 1", California a new Jersey 3, and Maryland Louisiana Illinois Virginia West Virginia and conned Lent i each. The names Are As follows Arnol Doyle Budd Connolly Converse Cut tin Duncan Eaton Khz Iota Kime Trout Pencil Fiedler fed his Finerty Joann Goddes Jas cock Hopkins Hunt Hutchins Jordan la Fevre Mcadoo Midler Murray Mutchler Paine ration Post Randall Soney Snyder Spriggs storm a a. Sumner. Tally in Carmyne a. J. Warner win Isle Wil Kins g. D. Wia.-. Tin four Republican Tariff reformers Are no son Strait Wakefield and White All from Minnesota. The shipping bid was again debuted in Tho Senate on to 7th test. An amendment by senator Vest was adopted in a modified form. As adopted it provides that Titre shall be no tonnage duties on United states vessels or on the vessels of nations which do not impose duties on the ships of this country. The subsidy Section of the Bill was attacked by senators Reck and Maxcy. The latter Eaid that tree ships and Tanil Reform would to the great political issues of the future to be decided by Tho tribunal of the people. Or. Edmunds introduced n Bill to place the name of u. S. Grant on the retired list of the army adding that everybody understood the reason. Or. Blair presented a measure for the adjustment of accounts of lib overs and mechanics under the i Trot hour Law. Or. 1311j addressed Tho Senate in favor of the forfeiture of lands granted to the new Orleans Daton run ire and Vicksburg Railroad company. The House of representatives refused to Enner in the Senate amendments to Tho Bill. Lor tie Relief of Fitz John Potter which out Oil and allowances from Tho Date of dismissal and a conference commit Lowas ordered. When Tho shipping Hill came up in the donate on the 8th inst., or. Mcpherson s amendment cutting off compensation for return trips of mail vessels was rejected or. Vest s Amend mend Cut for shipping commissioners was agreed to and motion to strike out the Section Lor foreign mail was lost. The House Bill was then taken up amended As above and passed without debate. Or. Logan refused to nerve on a Leonle Renic committee on the Fitz John Porter Bill and messes. Fie Well Haw lev and Cockrell were appointed. Or. Mitchell made a favourable report on the Lull granting pensions to soldiers of the mexican War with an amendment that Only dependent persons can in boy its benefits. Or. Dawes secured the passage of a Resolution of inquiry As to whether any Steps had been take to prosecute a Cowboy named. Kiili Crino for shooting an Indian named la ack Wolf. Tie hous of representatives passed the Bill to appropriate $l,,t00 to the world s Industrial exposition at new Orleans the amount to be returned from Tho Gate receipts. A communication from the Secretary or the Interior contained an estimate of for additional clerical help in the pension Bureau. Eastern Trio Marino National hunk of new York closed its doors lust Wook owing to inability to moot its debt of in the cleaving Honeo in Tho morning a. The Shuso of Tho failure is of Ltd to be the Ivule unto investments of the president or. .1. Fish. Grant and his runt Aro badly Hurt by Tho t Ullmo. Tho firm of Grunt & word in Whigob both urn Cove Rod collapsed on account of the i Ushiro. An interview or in now York caught Gen. Grant in his just lol orc the Fui Luro of his Linn and Muu Irod his views on various subjects. Tho of Pios Lilene thinks Tho in ipod 6lutc8 will Havo a Lopuh Diou of 100,000, it Tho end of Tho Century that Tho Southern states May thou Tako Tho Load in manufactures that Tho development of Moteo will be As rapid As that of California and that now York will noon become the financial Confer of the world. Western. Chni los Ford Assn skin a cd Losso Plainos about iwo yours ago shot himself to rough Tho Hoval at his Homo near Luo Minond to. To had to Ilford from consumption for a time. Ramoh Mai Zwoll of Havris Revillo mo., killed his in ichor to Law John loft oru with u shot gun us to sat on u Bod undressing. Tho Villm to Wito Hud u sup Dou As to Tho Murdo ror s us Ontaiy and r House Tuoi i at night with Tom Khz Fng Ini orm Alioti or Tom Good. Ham Patterson 11 no a from Hod Zuur Fulu to mo., and Hillrod by n ii of it nri10-Orf met i Vatu Iii uni his turn Fjor Julius circular ipod scandalous reports about nearly All of Tho women in the neighbourhood which greatly exasperated Tho men and some Twenty or More reputable citizens look Tho mat Tor in their own hands with the above result. A dreadful wreak occurred on the St. Louis division of Tho Wabash Railroad ten Miles from Decatur 111. The two rear coaches and a Sleeper were thrown from Tho track and forty people injured two fatally. Chicago detectives recently Learned that Joe Clough the loader of a gang of burglars would arrive in that City by a Lako Shore train in a huge trunk. The baggage came promptly on time and was consigned to a brother of Tho Crook. The officers followed it to its destination whore they broke Tho look and took out their Man. The Vanderbilt party made Tho trip from Detroit to Cincinnati in Flo and one half hours tie distance being 03 Miles. Barbed wire manufacturers in session at St. Louis decided to Advance Tho Price of wire a Quarter of a cent. Fifty ninth annual meet Ling at new York. The donations and legacies for the year Woro s10- ,860, and Tho expenditures $3 s ,082. Suty three missionaries distributed 133,403 volumes. Tito Steamer City of Portland plying Between Portland me., and St. John n. B., struck of a ledge off Rockland me., and is a total Wrock. The passengers and officers kept Cool and no lives were lost a Sloop and a Steamer taking them All on Board. Foreign. Southern. The grand jury of Topiah county Mississippi has Indi Tod 15. 13. Wheeler for the murder of s. P., or print Matthews in that county last election Day. Matthews it will be remembered was the leading Republican in Topiah county and the affair acquired National importance through the Senate investigating committee. The grand jury making the indictment was composed entirely of democrats including Ono democratic negro. At Winston n. 0., a took Henry Swalm who murdered a woman from jail and hanged him Washington. At the meeting of the Springer committee the other Day a letter was read from sex senator Kellogg a6king that an investigation concerning his alleged connection with Tho Star route frauds should be begun. Tho committee did not evince any disposition to accommodate Kellogg but Springer was appointed a committee of Ono to Confer with him in regard to Tho matter. A or several Days past says a Washington Telegram an artist has been employed at Tho Capitol repairing Tho damage to the various statues and works of Art done by relic Hunters. On Ono status a Finger Hud to be supplied on another a toe and Somo irreverent Vandal oven stole a piece of the Marblo which represents the father of his country. Tho Senate finance committee has agreed to Mako an advise report on the Trade Dollar Bill. A Strong Effort will be made by the Southern democrats this session to secure the repeal of the tax on tobacco and fruit spirits and brandies. It is thought or. Kas. Son s Bill to abolish Tho tax on tobacco May become a Law before adjournment. Papers found on Tho body of an insurgent officer at Badajos Spain Revoal Tho existence of a deep Woll plotted and Exten Dvo conspiracy against Tho Spanish monarchy. Officers of the Spanish army in All of Spain s dependencies arc implicated in Thuc plot and a Low Days ago 11 sub lieutenant of artillery two eos beauts and five privates were arrested in Tho Interior of Cuba for complicity in the conspiracy. Tho Rove rations in any Caso Havo caused a profound sensation in Spain and much uneasiness in Alfonso s Palace. The Paris municipal elections resulted in a signal Victory for the devolution fits and the Paris press takes a gloomy View of the future of the Republic. An army experience. Political. At the Montana Republican convention held at Bozo Mau Mantle and Sanders were chosen delegates to Chicago with learning and Knowles As alternates. Sandors ii for Blaine and Mantle for Edmunds. Tho alternates Are for Arthur and Edmunds Spect icly. Gen. Chalmers will be the Republican candidate for Congress in Tho second Mississippi District next fall. The new Mexico Republican convention elected h. A. Lac Iliyn and eur Guo Homero Del gatos to Chicago. There were no instructions but they Are believed to favor Arthur with Logan As second Chico. Strong resolutions endorsing Arthur s administration wore adopted. The Kentucky democratic convention endorsed speaker Carlisle As a democratic presidential candidate. Tho Massachusetts prohibition state convention was held at Boston Tho Reelou. Tons declaring for Tho suppression of Tho liquor traffic by constitutional and statutory measures. Gen. Grant favors a constitutional amendment making the presidential term seven years and Tho occupant ineligible to re election. The Green backers of the twelfth District of Missouri renominated w. S. Has Seltino for Congress and elected a. W. St. John and e. L. Bentley delegates to the National convention. Fire record. A fire on the Corner of Atwater and Griswold streets Detroit burned Tho building of the steam Supply company and other structures valued at 8100,000. Tho Steamer b. S. Ford valued at $175,000, was burned at her wharf at Charlestown my. Forest fires in new York Pennsylvania now Jersey and Maryland wiped out hundreds of thousands of acres of valuable Timber and extinguished several villages entailing an estimated loss of St.000,000. Thirty one buildings at Gainesville fla., were reduced to ashes causing a loss of $140,000. Other lire losses of Tho week were As follows losses. Remington intl., business 25,000 East Saginaw Mich., Shingle and saw Mill. Hawkinsville g-a., at ores. Van Wert Ohio stave Mill. Englewood 111., hotel. New York City dry goods store. Peoria 111., distillery. Brookin Ridge minn., stores and shops. Montreal warehouse. Presque Isle me., Twenty four buildings 330,000 Kansas Olty mo., stable. 10,000 Berlin Ohio flouring Mill. 35,000 Baltimore Oyster Canning House. 40,000 Waco Texas Waro Honeo and contents. 00,000 Cincinnati planing Mill. 50,000 Wausau wis., machine shop and flour Mill. 00,000 Williamsport pa., Mill. 20.000 Prairie City Iowa stores and shops. Marquette Mich., hotel. Morrison Iowa Posto fico and Othor buildings. Shell Hock Iowa dry Roods store. Troy n. Y., live buildings. Williamstown n. Y., business property. Wichita. Kansas Church. Portland Maine drug store. Edgewood pa., private dwelling later news items. The liabilities of Tho firm of Grant it Ward of now York arc Optima Tod at 88,000,000. Ward and Gen. Grant and his two sons Fred and Jesse Havo All made assignments of their property for Tho Benom of their creditors and Tioy have been enjoined against disposing of choir assets. It is one of the heaviest As Well As Ono of the worst failures in Tho history of Wall Street and was brought about by reckless Saccu lation by Ward. The household enacts of Ward were in Brooklyn and his wife and family were compelled to depart for his Muther in Law a House. Or. George Jones of the new York to airs who was a Ianuly instrumental in got Tang up the testimonial fund for Ccu. Grant Oino time ago says that $250,000 of that is absolutely Safe. Con. Grant has hitherto been paid s15.h0, Tho interest on Tho fund the 1st of May of each year. Hereafter to will be paid quart cry. Or. Jones says it is Tho intention of the trustees that tie fund shall not to divorced from Tho purpose for which it was subscribed. Daniel g. Tucker a prominent citizen of Lockport n. Y., for thirty years a Deputy Federal marshal hanged himself because of intense Sutler ing from asthma. Reports of tie wheat crop from various parts of Michigan indicate that in Tho Northern counties if will be 87 per cent of an average and in Tho Southern tier about t per cent. Clover is rather backward and will average 0 1 per cent. Apples will to about Tho same while peaches will scarcely exceed half of a full crop. Ito ports from various parts of Dakota and Minnesota regarding the condition of the Spring wheat crop Are very encouraging. There is an increased acreage and from pros ont appearances there will be an abundant Harvest. The oat crop is also looking very Well. Tho Illinois department of agriculture finds the prospects not encouraging for Over 81 per cent of an average yield of Winter wheat. Tho crop Outlook in Iowa is of a most cheering character. Tie Arctic Steamer Alert which was presented to tie United states by Tho British government for use in Tho Greely expedition has sailed from new York for the Frozen North. Ten persons were seriously and about forty slightly injured by Tho falling of the grand stand at tie base Ball Parkin Chillicothe Ohio during the Progress of a Gamo. A sanguine inventor has secured per Mission to Lay a Sevon Teon Inch pneumatic tube along the canal from Chicago to la Salle Illinois for Tho transmission of Grain and a mall packages by compressed air at Lam rate of a mile a minute. M. Potevin recently Secretary of the French consulate at new York on his return voyage across the Atlantic expressed sympathy with Tho German people and insulted an american gentleman. Iio excuses himself on the ground that to wag full and is especially contrite on account of his behaviour toward americans Miles Patty a negro in jail at Eliza bal town ky., for out raging a Young lady was taken out by n and hanged. The Indian improper nation Bill was debated in the Senate on the 9th inst. Tho committee having the measure in charge recommended an addition of $157,41 1 to the amount recommended by Tho House which favored an appropriation of $5,40tj,98i. Or. Dawes explained that the increase was mainly in the interest of increased educational facilities for the indians. Tho greater part of tie debate Wuh directed to an item for Tom increase Ottlie appropriation for the education of the Alaska indians. Or. Dolph introduced a Bill for the construction of a Harbor of a Futro it port Orford on the Pacific coast. 1 he House of key passed a Bill giving the widow of Gen. Frank p. Blair for his services in Ore,-ini7ing troops and in Orcas Wiur her pension to fro per month. A remonstrance from the Louisville Board of Trade against the enactment of a bankruptcy Law was . Some hours were consumed in debate on War claims from Henderson tcnn., growing out of a Levy on Dif Doyal citizen to for depredations committed by Confederate eol leis. Both houses adjourned to the 12th. Hon an old Veteran a soaped annihilation mid lived to impart a warning to others. National Tribune of Washington a pleasing occurrence which has just come to our notice in connection with the now York Stuto meeting of Tho grand army of the Republic is so unusual in Many respects that we venture to reproduce it for the Benefit of our . Alfred Pensom of new York Wiio lacing in the lobby of Tho armory previous to one of the meetings suddenly slopped and scanned Tho face of a gentle cum who was in Earnest conversation with Ono of Tho grand army officers. It seemed to him that to had seen that face before partially obscured by Tho smoke of Battle and yet his Bright and pleasant count Nanco could not to Tho same Pale and death like visage which he so dimly remembered. But Tho recollection like ban Juo s ghost would not Down at command and haunted him Tho entire Day. On the Day following he again saw i to same countenance find ventured to speak to its owner. Tho instant the two veterans heard each other s voices that instant they re cognized and called each other by name. Their faces and forms had thai ipod but their voices were the same. The Man whom capt. Pensom had recognized was w. K. Sunc of St. Johns Mich., a Veteran of the Twenty third new York Light artillery and both members of Burus de s famous expedition to North Carolina. After the Lam greetings w Ero Over capt. Lton som Siil it hardly seems possible Sago to see you in this condition for i thought you must have Boon dead Long ago Yea i do not lox it a for if i am not mistaken when to lust 1 was occupying a Couch in Tho Hospital a victim of yellow Lack in its worst 1 remember. The War scorns to Havo caused Moro misery Sinco its close than Whon t was in Progress replied Tho Captain. I Inco Voltl comrades l ions Fay of it k it Emedy of Ilont Lour i most cordially commend to All persons suffering from kidney disorders pain in Back Stone or gravel. Aly wife also regards it As especially excellent for women. Or. Kennedy has performed Many surgical operations for Stone when h1/,c prevented removal through the natural Elini inels and to has never lost a Case 1 St pot Izilar me Licine Allen s in Balsam 1 11kj1euv that will curb consumption coughs colds asthma croup All diseases of the Throat lungs and pulmonary organs. The lunch Balsam hns cured we Iii other Remedius Ami Havo l Alcil to Oil a euro. True lunch Balsam contains no opium in any form. ,. Lydia e. Pinkham s. Vegetable compound is a Rosove cute Ron All those painful complaints and weaknesses so common to our bests female Pov Latios. Forleo $1 la liquid Pill or Ozen Goferm. Ita purpose a sol Clu for Tho legitimate Healing of Dos rate and the Relief of in ten and that it roofs nil it Ali Nisto do thousands of ladies can studly testify. It will euro entirely All or Arlen troubles inflammation Anil ulceration falling and displacements and weakness to Tho of lire. #4� it rain oops faint Nett de Strohsall a Vii Ujj for St insulin to arid relieves weakness of the . It cures ill Ifil Liitt stun reaches nervous l Ros Tratham general debility sleep i St most l of ii Esslin and Hull fraction. That Foel Lugof by Arlin Down Pfluf Lii pain Ami Bael Caelho is Avn is Eurard by its use Bond stamp to Lynn mass., for pamphlet. Tors of inquiry confidentially Anniv card i or Micat , to a lunch Balsam is strictly Imrch and harmless to the most do Lionato lie son the lung Balsam is recommended by physicians. Ministers and nurses the lunch Balsam for Crown a a say of Ami Buto Kemezy. Mothers try it. The lunch Balsam a hold to used it Tho first jul a id Testa ions of a cold or cough. The lunch Balsam a an expectorant has no equal. . Call for at in s mint Hilsum and Tako 110 other. -63fujrectlou3 accompany each bottle. N. Alarms co. Limited Cincinnati 0. O i i to 011 i. A outsold by All Medicine no Matt kit How close a Lionso once Rony to the Man who Withers Moiny on the beaten hours always by for fit. American Art i Hotoku Nalib engravings Etc., can to exquisitely coloured with liquid Art Colore in Udo from Diamond dyes. Kuil directions for this Beautiful Art work with a handsome coloured Cabinet photo tent to any address for 10 cents. Wems co., her Langton it. How Many neck ties had Job Iio had Throe miserable comforters and Tioy Woro All worsted. L telegraphy or Shor a Roll Iii Miv. Situations in address Valentine buck., la nil and Typo. Silted. Jini Osville is. $65 a Montier find ii Diu ii for1 live Young men or ladies in each county. Address p. A. Leu Kaalt & co., Chicago 111. Agents wanted for the Best and la fest soil Hir pictorial books no a Cor Emit. nation a of. Beum Nina co., Chicago 111. Ii Iok Vul acres of Puiul in Alabama. Fakm1m ii irl Houtla land Ami Ala. Add lands in Cesta ii the c Mirml Ala. co., srm i is it. Ii. Auer. He y. To dealers. Samples Propri sen tins a to of i unhurt trim a ninth. C1ias. M. Sletvik a j Broadway new York. Gossamer garments free to any Iva Durrof Osif. Plum wlm will Jwj Pilo Sling on i l iry to Iii Liti m of a t Huin Iii re lids to Mill two thu him a Juliis on Simier Tubu r watch ii roof Tiiu Iii Iilah us Sample a you rut Ali shout ii jul let uru Willi Al it. To nay Rosie Ost ii a to. Kun Liliko o., Musi. Class. 40,000 25,000 2u.000 10,000 400,000 10,000 10,000 30,000 in tend la ill of so by l of o was Tillion 100,000 25,001 20,000 34,000 75,000 15,000 00,000 30,000 in idly a Pond n. Y., thirty houses. 25,000 miscellaneous. Eeckout deaths sex gov. Marcus l. Word or now Jersey Thomas Golf a Mill i Nniro distiller of Cincinnati and Aurora jul. Or. Villard Parker an eminent Bur icon of new York Gen. Emerson of Dolce my Oisin out new York merchant Sanford ii. Hunt editor of Tho Newark n. A advertiser prof. O. M. Conover expo Tor of Tho Wisconsin supreme court sex gov. Henry m. Matthews of West Virginia George of Aldwell n prominent Sim Francisco lawyer sir Michael Arthur la new m. P., head of Tho famous English Rhrou Init firm Asa Ayers of Michigan City hid., n Veteran of the War of 1813 Gen. William Poynter of Philadelphia Baron a Elan of Loudon Bon of Tho famous crimean Gen Oral Caliolio of Tho Dlo Ceso of roving ton by. Tho steamship tilapia arrived at Quebec having on Board Twenty Flo of Tho Crew of Tho Stoma help state of Florida. Tho hitter collided with a hark in mid Ocean and event re Fht Down. Out of 107 Eoula Only forty four Woro saved. The bark also went Down with twelve Bonis Tho Anwyn trap spa Ety i end a Tel the Market. New York. Beeves. A flour extra. Wheat no. 2 Chicago. To no. 2 had. L-�8 cock no. 2.j j outs White. A Poitz mess. la Chicago. Beeves Choice to prime steers. C.50 fair to Good. 5.50 common to medium. Floun vinoy Vii Vii Winter ii Good to Choice Spring. Wheat no. 2 ripping. No. 2 Winter. Colln no. 2. Oats no. 2. Kye no. A. Pauley no. 2. Mutter Cli Loo Craft Lucitt. Fine Dairy. Poi toes a Cael blows. 15 Jas fresh. Point mess. Lali Milwaukee wheat no. 2. Con no. 2. Oats no. 2. Battley no. 2. Point mess. Ha1wst. Low a wheat no. 2ltdd. Oiin mixed. Oats no. 2. Jive. I Ohk Meas. wheat no. 2 end. Colin. Oats mixed. Poisik mess. Lakutoled6. " wheat no. 2kcd. Coen no. 2. Oath no. Buti Tot. Flour. Wheat no. 1 w hit. Cozik mixed. Oats no. 2 White. A a ind Napolis. Wheat no. 2 lted.,  Coitn-mixed.,. 0aib-Mtxud-Eaw-Iibbktv. Catt Best. Fair. Common. ,.,. Bheep.,. @ 7.25 pm g.00 @ 0.75 & 1.00  i & .00 .45 .u8fec .00 & 7.00 r 0.00 i 6.60 i 0,2j a a 5.75 & 5,25 3.m 1.05 a .55 a letter of the poet Kunts. In one of his letters to his sister to says expressing a momentary High feeling of there is nothing like Riuo weather and health and books and a contented mind and diligent habits of Reading and thinking and an Amulet against the enemies and please heaven a Little Claret wine out of a Collar a mile deep with a few or i Good Many Ratafia cakes a Rocky Basin to Bathe in and to enunciates much else tapering off into a series of rollicking whims and ending with about thirty six Linos of Doggerel rhyme. But Keats always had a Breezy Way of rattling Oil his wishes and feelings in his correspondence of which to will give but Ono More Sample it is from one of Trio letters to his sister written from Wiir Chester. He says i should like now to promenade round your Garden Sapple tasting Pear Tusting Plum judging Apricot nil Ibling peach scrunching nectarine sucking and Melon curving. I Havo also a great feeling for antiquated cherries full of sugar cracks and a White currant tree kept for company. I Admire lolling on a Lawn by a water Lilied Pond to eat White currants and see Gold wish and go to the fair in Tho evening if i m Good there is not Hope for that one is sure to get in Somo mess before the Benton in the Tim tit. Louis Iio Pont Depatch says that mrs. Phoebe 1ice, 1208 Madison Street a sister of Hon. H. Clay Sexton chief St. Louis fire department had been a sufferer from rheumatism for seven years the Muscles of her hands and limbs were contracted nil she used crutches. a single application of St. Jacobs Oil she was Bene Lileck instantaneously and finally completely Cecil. 6.00 6.75 5,50 4.511 1.03 .53 .33 .62 .72 .21 .18 .38 .13 17.25 m17.60 .03 s .05 .53 & .55 .37 .57 .38 & .40 10.50 220.50 1.03 & .02 & ,64 .33 @ .35 4,25 c t 6.25 3,75 @ 4.60 3,50 3 4.00 6.50 @ 0.00 3.30 c 4,6q a it Nim Pablo tribute. Sidney ouch undo of Pittsburgh tn., writes i have Geod or. We. Hull s unlearn for the lung Many years with the most Era Lii wins results. Tho Rajjo Vonjj influence of Hall s Balsam is wonderful. The pain and rack of Tho body incidental to a tight cough Eoo ii disappear by the use of a spoonful according to directions. My wife frequently sends for Hall s Ila Sam instead of a physician and health is speedily re stored by its 11 Best in the world. Cep got Trio be Iduino. Sold everywhere. A a atm claim too much for Samaritan Nervine,1, Baysa Koptic. Iio a can Ono Medicine to a specific for Epi a Cir Aye _ alcoholism it inc ugh ii nihilism., nervous Iii Lynoss and Allty Oiler complaints to churn it n specific Bim ply because the virus of All diseases arises from the blood. Its Nervine resolvent alterative and laxative the conditions herein referred to. It s known world wide inn arrears of am i is Haugh s scoured Lor Binm fwd Lott tuft Ami it leu in a a Natol ii jux err Liiv. Kit vice l i Hions fur Mexico in cd Loti Iii pm picks Biko of. Lir Iii Iii into. in Wiist it of Niibu h 1110 to of nov. To Clainie my Neva Ianul ii Tii to Iii. Send lat in cams to Uhul 11. Linlh4im Njma in no a for , to. Wits kst., a Iilo Ixl l Uriel or. As n blood purifier Tho Coli Pound oxygen treatment of drs. Starkey & 1 a ii i10ii i Rudd ht., i hiln., Iwuh no e Ual. To in taken by i valation und Ives a larger Supply of in to tie hm.4 Tolian is contained in common a and to Rii idly purifies the blood and the. Whole Myslem. Us action in Yei Tilc and agreeable and in Perot to Harmony with natural Laws. Write for a on comr onid in. H will be pent from. A Bough to Ltd it s kind of Routh to to troubled with a Fec ton of the Scalp in t it said a sympathetic Pittsburg her. " Yor was Trio. Laconic reply Dandruff but Carbol lne will smooth tout. My. D Is Hatton of new Loudon onn., who was Laid up All Winter with sciatic rheumatism was so bad that he could not walk and he suffered Tho most Exergue Milinn pain. Ii heard of Athol photos and persuaded himself to try it. He took it according to direct Tio up and in Twenty four hours was fre from p tin. Trice ?1 k r Bottlo. If your druggist Haen t it Send to Attilo photos co., 11 i Wail Street nov. I Foi m speak it was almost impossible to by Eatho through my nostrils. I sink Ely s Cream Palm a Short Timo i was entirely relieved. My head Lias not been to Clear nor voice so Stony in years. 1 recon in Rel thin admirable remedy to All ally inter with cuter Ali or colds in Tho head.-,t. O. J Ich Knuth shoo merchant Elizabeth n. J. Print fio Els Hal i y it miniets acid composes Trio patient not by Tho introduction of Ophir Sand drastic cathar fcb hut by Tho restoration of activity to the Eton cd and mar Voitz system whereby Tho brain a relieved i of morbid fun ifs a Winch Aro created by Tho cant by above referred to. To Clivi ramen. Lawyer literary men merchants Hunters ladies and Ull those whose cd i scutary employment cause nervous prostration irregularities of tie blood a Toikach bowels or kidneys Ortho Reimiro a genre tonic appetizer or a Macutak Neu Vimb is Iti variable. Thousands proclaim it Trio most wonderful Kinvig Orant that Ever sustained Tho Einung system. Fl.50. So lab Ylli i Vikt fistful 14 fur Una circulars Esnil stamp. I 1 s2e 23, c. A. Pcs Iohd 15ed co Plopa b by. Job Mph to. Lord Hal Bafo Hiiro. Nervous chronic Mkrttc a a Obj address or. E.�. F0ote, Isom 788, to. T by. Koh do Pei Kia dope Sion of spirits and Pon Cral Debi Fly in their various forms also As a Previ native against lever and Ayue and Ether intermittent fevers the " Ferro of in Bifaya made by Caswell i Lizard c co., of new Vork and Eold by n 1 i Dru Isis is the Best tonic and Lor tit menu recovering from fever or other sell Cikesh it Lias no Crual. A nut of of bikers and singers Uso Pobo s curo for hoarse can and weak Lun is. Or. Sunford s liver indigo ratio is the Best and oldest general family medic no in America. Files. In a file twelve inches Long the first six inches from the Point does the most of Trio world. To a machine Cut file the Teeth of this part tvo Shorter and in practice will not bite a Well As they will further up. This is be Tumo of Tho shape of Tho files in Many instances making it impossible for Tho machine to work on All parts with the same Cellec Tivo nebs. Out of a dozen or More machine Cut Hies you will not find More than Onn that is perfect looking and very few Machino but files will bite As Well As the hand Cut article for this reason their Teeth break out Lesti easily because they won t bite. Piro b Cuvo for consumption is not Only pleasant to take but it is sure to cure. 15c. 25o. Lioi itch on coughs troches 15o liquid,50c. Wells my Apple Livor pills 10c. And 25o. Hough on Kut Clours out Lints . Mother Swan s worm syrup tasteless. Instant Tellof. 15o. It kidney and urinary curo. $1. Rough on Corna for coma Warta bunions. T6o. Jtj Idali Klonower a Tirol impotence. Hough on Toothache a Jiichi a film Hough on dentist tooth powder 15c. A source i a. Weak Nervo i a arouse of chronic misery slight Noi Piti a r them to nobly the Moat trivial c uses Rod Nee acute mental do rom fort the a a tallest exec twin lit prevents Sloop an flavor destroys the npietit3. That Kiuper Hillvie Nervine and tech ii Oft to tar h stomach Liitt is chaff a i All to Iii. If promotes do a Selion and blood nutrition id a proportionate share of to i Jor imparted by it to tie entire lib sic in Structure a by the nerves. J"uik., Usi Ivine a o the Nerven diminishes As they Muti in veg air. Find As a consequence of tills a Ore i Tranquility Licop and appetite f prove. =1 cps Iii Arlor Laily when ii cited wit i con flip Tion and i i soul Iii Toi a fruitful cause of j.e\ou-nc3-f. Ami tie i if is i a Liili remove the i Necos stat Sci. it Reinla Slutt and inv Ger it be , Tho Aba put Iii Piee of the latter a a Var Mivi  at file and urinary i to Wilde Are it ii obviated by Teliin t Oinna chaos Typ a to Iii due. " a h of Oto pro at i Dis Nunt Witolf fun Imeri Hinl to i note Tower fill in cure and Welcome in every la nor. I minis c poc. It porn atm Hui it till 111 Minoa Imd totally of ii dirt is Lon it i Tim Iii Fiody Krokun record of livergure1 l a m favor i e be indy is to Idle us and hotly a i a in. I a Ling it in i Liitt in Ull a Navy caused Lay Iii Puri y in Tom Miloud. Tic i a Ivel Ney. Iii Eldoi nil a a we Kneat i Jianos we icon All a mar in Ili nllkllf01 h �1umll l lb-Iul-3 it bus it i fur Many a Cuil Mil us it Buff liver and kidney remedy 3 compounded from Tho Well known b curative hops malt Kuehu Man Drako. Dandelion Sarsaparilla Cas Eara Sarada Etc. Comb Meil with an agree Abl aromatic i they cure dyspepsia. & act Pou Tho liver and kidneys l req Tolate the bowels they curo rheumatism and All Uri f nary troubles. They invigorate nourish strength Lien and quiet the nervous l As a tonic they have no equal. Tuko Nono but hops and malt Mittura. For Sale by All dealers. J hops and malt bitters co. Detroit Mich. I i out of warm pm Nils. Ray Iichi Ifim Ina from any Dis Una a try no nth a. I i in ii ii ibos Pipii Lionnil if so. A a  Vei Neily a Taka Lifs a Orsund Nurul Inifi Minvil ii a i Trio bin Tomeu that a aver Ltd be indy will to Fot Biso by nil or Ralto to 111. Ifor Balozy �1i Kennedy Loti admit n. I Crick , Jilich Natisin neuralgia sciatica plot wifi Taitch Butch a Trio Sidn Mac Macho swollen joint heart Dieato Boro Moselus pain in Trio client and All pains and Tiehes either local or deep Suud arc isl anti Rollo cd and speedily cured by the Well Kii own he a waster. Compounded a it id of Tho in i hops Gums the 0o.it Pali kill fluff , a main ror Owai plaster Ever made. Hop plasters Aro Kohl by All Orusa Maud country Torua. 25 cents or uvula St 00.1 mailed on receipt of Prico. Hop plaster co., l rope lectors and manufacturers Boston a. Plaster rheumatism,0neuralgia, sciatica Lum Liao backache Dacha Toothache. Ͽ�orotl.r�.u.s�.nino�,�prmn�.brui.e�. . Or Liln. Port by Tel. 1mi of Mikil i10dilv im1n8 and Iti ies. Direction in 11 a Mii Guanci. I Lle a. co. Lull Lheure shape novltic"h-0 a -8 .,-10 with Iwuh. A look ,1. S1noik k co., Syracuse. A. Ill Otic a a a How to Sie Suhk in nip j. E. To i co., uru Cotou Musi. Patents my consumption. Bavo a for Tho Saburo Dos Usu by a quo Thoun ends or cases of Trio worst kind and of ions cured. Indeed to Vetroni is my fait a in it Mcacy that i will end two b01tlk3 j Ike to Rotor with it the Tiskon this tar Blu Turer. Alvo express and p. O. Acid rom. " j or t. At lilo Cuil 181 Rourl tit. Now Tor an open secret. Tho fact is Well understood that Tho mexican mus Tang liniment is by Fin the Best external known for Man or boast. The reason Why becomes an open secret when to explain that " Mustang " penetrates skin flesh and muscle to Tho very Bone removing All disease and soreness. No other liniment does this hence none other is so largely used or does such worlds of Good. To cof ted Tongue bad breath four thou Meh and Livchi a Locaso Cut i by Hawley h stomp Cal and rills Ista Dyke b ilk Ltd Liz la -. Of Fortl of Bild Boltl. U Tel 1 a i we to pn1. Fair Forsht a a. Tvs it . V. Sam Itri of aft no . The oldest Medicine in the world is probably or. Is inc Thompson s ele braced Eye Wate this article in 11 carefully prepared physician s pre hire Tiou Puiul Lias been in constant use 1 or Noui by a of Century and ii Otu Itlie tackling thu Many other preparations that Havo lieu a Iii duct he into Trio Market Trio m o of this article is constantly increasing i Tite directions no will never Hill. 1v0 purties a girly invite the attention of to its merits. John l. Thompson hons a co., Troy n. i cure fits when i any curo i inn Nenn Uio roly to atop them lot Ntoni Uund icon Ivo Tho id return of fold a mean it calf to. I Havo Nindo Tho do Botao or fits hpil.kf3y or falling sickness a lilo Longe tudy. remedy to euro Tho worst a iwo. Because Oil Itira Nava fallow la no Roii Aon for nut now Nicar Luff a euro. Eos us onco for a Tom also mid a from bottle or Ray Somody. Oiva exp Rusa and i Oft Oll co. It Couta you not Bank for a trial Mil i will curo you. Add Rob l r. Ii. O. Koot. 183 i Oarl St. Now Ork. 30 Days trial v or. Electro Voltaic Belt and Oiler a Luttio Ali to sent on Days Trull to Hen Only Young or , who Are Puffer in irom Keu Vous Dpi Lite. Lost vitality wasting of Agni uses and nil those a i Nauth resulting from All sus p a of Nikii causes. Speedy Relief end my plot o restoration to health Vitou nil Jam Ion Gaii anted. Ii ii l it ouch for Imus Tzaeu pamphlet free. Address Voltaic Belt 0a, Marshall Mich cures where All else fails. . Tastes Oihi sold by Dis Sirfus. no. So is. W1ien Whiting to 4 a Ruiu ls.,c i ii Juuso say Yuu Niew Leif a Tii t a a Pis ,
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