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Postville Post Newspaper Archives May 16 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - May 16, 1884, Postville, Iowa T$3 disk us Post Paul Quhid Kabrt Friday at Yarri a op., Iowa Ujj 8. Gad Man Fig i put blushed i ted plus Biot l"08t Bai Haiku Tom Tiirik a a b. Of old f resident. Bakk d. Park Secretary. Tebb flip a ear 76oent� far six months 10 heat for free Monthei Sarto try or Evanoo. " " local Notisee 10 ppr line first insertion j g for out Itu Vertio of Siman Tice labor an4 coital Aries not enemies. You 2. Td5tmdbt3lia Iowa May 16 �884 my 30. The do strict p081f gob priv wifi soft advocate and will Epport Anc defend the Righte of the Many a. Against privilege for the few. Cow rating the creation of the cd tote. Shal Beqo fetal la by the state Tabor a papi Taj lifts not Efremidi a real Righte pc a Call for to lip Nional Greenback cry fint Ilij. The National of the National Greenback Labur party to up it Date candidates for president and Vioa president of the United states to be voted for at to 9 Poming Katf presidential election will g of in the City of fld Jim a Flivia in 3-� gift wednesday the it Tith of May 188. Each state Jan entitled to four delegates and for alternates at Large Encl oppressions a Jirrie to two delegates and two eaps territory to two delegates and two alternate and the the Josf stupendous business failure of the Century except perhaps that of Jay of Porte in 1872, is the fail Uro of Grant Ward co., of Low York last week. Gen. Grant s name Heads the firm and Grant s sons Fred and Buck Are members hot Ward and a partner named is the Active members of the firm the business transactions of the i use were of the most and swindling character. Gen. Grant Patriot of Columbia of two Pip Gateb and w8s use j a l Tinct of a St Al Pigeon two alternate. Therefore Ftp we a Are in or Baic to to a hips by Accord with the views sat Forth in the plat. Rat o a form of wid party in isso Arft a la no the Hrin Imp a Rapter and requested to net Al up invention in their prestige of has Parno. The Farina several states territories and Dietr Jota in or Bank of new a re Job also included before a 1,1884, and select delegates and in the t by ipg loaned the firm iss a Sohair. It Jim w of funds or half its entire , contrary to Law the National party Are not fight. Which Only Ormita a National Hank eng the Constitution they Are fight to Joan 185,000 to any one Manor Jung for it Nevsky body no matter How Rioh or poor needs. Al the kindness Heman get from has be seen whether As hat been predated in will reorganize the College out of existence. State Levi Dpi. Clarkson is a remorse Laan Vampire that seeks to fasten to everything that has blood in it. His influence will be found fatal to every interest to which he attaches Hiya Elf. He sucked prohibition until it stood up by Only one maj i Ity he has smoked the Boub Loai party of Iowa till it is doubtful if it will Ever raise to its feet again. I pm. Now that a has settled on the agric natural College its jays of psf fullness few though they i Vafi a pin Are numbered. Or re collect of but one institution that has even thrive in Ojar son a p Tab poor and that is the big distillery at Pes Moines. They Twain grow agape the first Ivy. The " honest Money league crawled into its nolo since the Legal Lender decision a. Besotes thinks Blaine is roomed to illustrate How he can get to a thing without putting hands on i hear much of tha sayings and goings of Public men the average congressman is guilty of tha sayings by a Large majority. The owing Dollar should not exceed the paying Dollar i when the former becomes largely in excess of latter then panics come. Mem often Clusin to be uni in their Privi Peples tit top often it is stud born determination to a of blinded by their prejudices we Pill paksi Lantiat booms Are nearly a thick As autumn leaves but the beat of a summer s Sua will Wither and scatter them to the for winds. Nationals Are alive All Over the Union. A big army of them will soon net in Indianapolis to put out their charter of Liberty anew and select a Standard bearer. When the Bondholder found the Ordor marked Down in his Bond Worth several times As much As he loaned the government no wonder that he was for gqp4 honest Money the people found it very Jwal Money although it was a soft thing to the Rooney Lender. Firra. Cut a. Grant was sent to we j h. Vanderbilt Only i Day or two be-1 fore the failure to personally solicit a loan of f 150,000. The amount was Given at once. The Grunt boys Are hopelessly bankrupt. The general looses Only the amount he had invested. A Trust fund of $230,000 raised by subscription a few years ago Etil remains on which the general draws six per cent or $ .5,q0o per of Laura a Bill will new be pre sorted and probably pass Congress pulping him on the retired list of army officers with a Liberal pepsin that will furnish the Genera spending Money the rest of his Days. Top transactions a sad and distr Appfel comment on the business ways of speculators and of top leading Public Nien who hts v e been entrusted with the direction of National affairs since in e close of the War. The Public can now begin to see Why Graut ism in politics bus such in Kueppe Yor the in half apr Yupp of a a a pantry. Like rules like people1 is an old motto. Ben Butler s mistake in this Bonsted land of Liberty everybody is equal before the Law it everybody has $10,000, and Oan find four other persons with equal fortunes who Are willing to engage in a National banking unt apprise other Rise the privilege of drawing interest on what one owes is denied. My. We Libr did a very handsome thing last week when an attempt was made to Gat in Aninias introduce a Bill providing for an appropriation of $10,000 to give a re seption to the siamese embassy of course the reception would have been an occasion Foi a Jum Boreo and a High drunk. Or. Weller refused to give consent and the honorable m. A. And the siamese embassy were obliged to furnish their own whisky or go dry Hon. L. H Weller of this Dis  to be always at his Post a a i i fully for the Best inter i big constituents at Home i  v it. Should be the Peop ii i.  to is ional District Send i to Jive to Congress to repro m it. I and not a part or in i air. Is As it should be. We v Row contracted bigot no a no nil is so Small that it can p / in if did with a powerful Micro or it one who has the Good of i Oia District at heart and we to give his Best energies t i Pinote human happiness and a " i society such we think is the i a a ent incumbent of the fourth co. Union. Under the above heading the Sentinel criticizes gov. Butler to the extent of Over a column. The following paragraph is really the most significant in the whole business we shall never forget that Ben Butler voted Gaic to the Public or edit not the most infamous of All infamous acts fiver passed by 1a corrupt Congress and that on to count of his opposition to the financial schemes of the Republican party lie was retired to private life. Nor shall we forget that he championed at his own expense the test Case in who i the Riu preme court just decided in favor of the Greenback. Nor shall we forget th1 w8 Phi hip note ranges he has a Erwn Taftt he has a pm Parr Rompre Hension of Greenback Pron Peples than even three fourths of the men who have been sent to Congress As Green Bokern. Nor we forget that he has espoused the canse of Inu pers while governor of the state and that the poor people of Massachusetts All it Gard him As a Friend. Well to a common sort of a Man it naturally seems that so Many Good things ought to Over balance a pretty big mistake As to the mistake referred to it is Ana of opinion simply and not of principle we have no de sire to look for any More perfect re Cord. We Are ready to risk old Ben even if be hns made a mistake it will be a pretty difficult thing Bro. Morton to find a candidate who has never made a mistake. The Man feels More charitably inclined toward Weller than Noma of his Brethren for the reason that the almighty made an Aas of Biro to is not to blame if god bad used up All his ass making Materia on Weller republicans would have Leas occasion to hide their eases in Shaine than they now have. True thu ass proclivities in republicans however prominent Are generally lost sight of in the Rascal and to Duld a hard to Tell which pre nominated in the recent vote of the tie Ven Iowa republicans on the Bill for ted doing the tax their constituents Fufa compelled to pay to Eastern Man " during co. Reorganize nor Board the the indications Are that or. Clarkson got the upper hand in the organization of the Board of trustees of the Utate agricultural College. D. A Mott of Franklin county was elected chairman of the Board by a vote of Soven to for for Joseph Dysart of Tama Dysart was placed on the Board for the reason that he was in sympathy with the course of the old Board in making certain changes in the faculty. Or. Clarkson is made chair Man of the important committees on faculty and of Norse of study and on Library. H is also a member of the executive and finance committees. The old members of the Board and especially the aggressive ones Are relegated to Buck seats. Grattan is second on the committee on horticulture last on the building committee first on College farm and agriculture and last on rules str kor is first on the committee on workshop and Lasc on the Library committee. He appears no where else. These Are All harmless places and it is Little less than an insult to place the old members on the Board in such unimportant positions. Dysart the new anti Clarkson member is Given this place on the executive committee first on College lands Tabt on horticulture second on College farm sad second on rules. It is very Plain that the Clarkson faction has triumphed. What the Elf not will be on the institution cannot act rarely predicted. It is not calculated to further the interests of the Collego. Or. Clarkson forced himself upon the Board against the protest of a Large number of the thoughtful Inea of both parties in different parts of the state. He did it to accomplish a selfish purpose. It was largely to avenge the removal of president Welch who was Booi ally and otherwise intimate with the editor of the Register. To use Snow an official position to too Oil Plith personal ends is not calculated to inure to the Benefit of the College. Or. Clarkson Baving succeeded in organizing the boaidt4ms satisfaction it now remains to eleventh its adherence to a sound financial policy which estates the immediate suspension of the coinage of tha Standard Silver Dollar the retirement of the Trade Dollar and the inflexible adjustment of fhe currency to the single Standard of gulp the above Resolution fro i the new York state be publican platform of 1884 has the unmistakable ring of pure Metal. It Means it Means slavery it Means War it is a Gauntlet thrown to the free labourers of America and Means that lie old old contest Between Freedom and slavery must be renewed that the pal my does Nof prop Asp to skirmish any longer hut is preparing tur an immediate attack ant charge in Forup along the whole line. But who wept where s the enemy murmurs some Good Pat Rod half awake Sou the Energy is he Gold up War. It is that Power which in All Ages and countries has ruled Jabor and extorted from it half its earnings at Tho least As a tribute on Exchange. The nations of the world have bowed n Humble submission to this image of Gold but because Gold has always been King is no sign he shall not be dethroned. Our fathers dethroned the George and led All the nations to step toward Liberty. It dethroned african slavery and another step was taken. It must de throne Gold at last final step that will Intro due this nation arid the world to the fruition of True Liberty and open the Way for the completo Triumph of the Prince of Pence. But the Republican party of the state of new York raise the Ory loud live Kino Gold a and every other Republican state and for ought we know every democratic state will Echo the slogan. What struggles will develop As the contest proceeds no Man can Tell whether the elements of society will agn be thrown into chaos whether patios shall take up arms to enforce the Sway of King Gold or whether through the admirable machinery of our government the change shall comp quietly like the unfolding of a Flower. It a Post comb the Rock of its Advent depends on top determination and Force with which its coming is resisted by the armies of King Gold Bank politics in Des Moines schools. Iowa Tribune. The Register in its Effort to keep the people ignorant even dominates Over our Public schools and persecutes woman teachers if they have the audacity to explain to their scholars the great political facts of our Day. In a recent Issue it said. Complaint is being made by some prompt nent citizens that one of the teachers in the Public schools of Unis Moines is going outside of her legitimate work to teach and try to impress upon her pupils her own political views. We do not Oare which party she is upholding for it makes no differ once As to that so Long As teachers Are not paid to teach party politics. It is reported that the same teacher said to her school not Long since that the United states is the most corrupt government on the face of the Earth we do believe in teaching loyalty to the country and if these reports Are True we have no doubt but that the Board of directors irrespective of party would censure it. This lying sneaking item refers to one of our Best teachers in the High school lady whose scholars Are nearly grown men and women. She never taught disloyalty. She never said the United states is the most corrupt government of the face of the Earth or anything like it however True it May be. Her offence consisted in explaining to her pupils at the request of one of them the recent Legal tender decision of the supreme court. For this the Register hates her and is lying about her and trying to drive her out. The Banks must be desperate when their Organ pounces upon a lady school teacher for explaining the most important decision of the. A supreme court especially As her , were entirely non partisan. Awake of from the Iowa. Tribune the following amendment to Tolje Constitution of the. S. Is in the palp apr of the hour of reported by the judiciary cram Jatog Tye legislative Power granted Congress by the Cona tits tin shall not be sons Trade to i Nolde the Power to pass any Law making anything but Gold and Silver Coin tender in payment of debts except after the Dee Lara Tion of War or in Ose of rebellion or Junias in Whon the Publio safety May demand it. There in no fooling about this shyly pm is determined. To Ere is Only one Way to defeat him. He can not get this amendment to Jinqu a the House we of i req Urpo a two thirds a qty if the Green backers will promptly do their duty. What is that duty kit Yery Roan circulate a Remon a trance among his neighbors get their signatures and then Send it to your congressman. When Fly a Mph the petition he will not dare to Voto for shylock do hot put off to big important matter. We have printed on thai epo Ond Page Tho heading for such remonstrance. If you cannot do this let every Reader sit Down and write a pos Ficaj to his m. O. Protesting against Snow an amendment of Power the postal into Thorn like autumn leaves. Do both. Action ail along the line and Victory is ours we Hope our exchanges will sound the note of alarm and urge similar action monopoly legislation Low. That Pup readers May understand the secret Workings of Tho monopolies with the dominant party and the magnitude of the task the people have on hand to secure just Legisla Tion we copy from the Marshalltown times Republican the following comments on the work of the last legislature. One thing seems Evi Dent nothing can de done that will be of any Avail until Tho people regardless of party act unitedly and presi stantly for the accomplishment of their Purpo Pisi his but simple Justice to aay that for bib subservience to Railroad in Teresta Butth parties alike Are responsible As in other status top rail roads in Iowa know no Polit tics. In Eude adoring to defeat legislation for the people a few leading Deino rats wrought Side by Side and hand in hand with leading republicans. It is a spa r to say that if a measure that had Good in it could even get through the committee with a favourable report or even unfavourable report or even unfavourable it stood a fair Hanoe for passage. The members generally in both Bouses were All right nor should sweeping censure be visited upon the Railroad committees. There were on some of those committees sore of the very debt men in the state and some of the very truest to the people. The rail roads Are always shrewd in this that they look after the majority of the Railroad committees. That is Justice and truth in the lobby judge Trimble of the a b. A q., and one of the shining lights of Iowa democracy was Arm in Arm with judge Hubbard of the North Western who is As prominent in the Republican party. Their aides were equally divided Between the two parties on the floor of the Senate bother a Republican was not a Whit More agile in a springing to the assistance of the lobby than was Johnson Democrat. In the House democratic loader was an Able As blatant to Benson Republican and chairman of the Railroad committee and All Down along the Lino of the Simon pure corporation advocates no political distinction was made. On these questions party lines wore never drawn or thought of. And the Bee is right when it says that a majority of the members of both houses were in favor of the legislation asked for by the people Aud promised in Tho platforms of All the parties. They could be depended upon if a measure Ever passed the Gauntlet of the committee. It was in the committee that the lobby was Strong and did its effective work. We might cite several illustrations. Take the Oil test Bill which was opposed by the Standard Oil monopoly and which if enforced will Cost that corporation several thousand dollars by compelling it to furnish pure Oil in the place of the miserable stuff that has been forced on the Public for years. The Bill was gallantly fought through the Senate committee by the state Board of health and was prot poly passed when it last came before that body. Then it went to the House was smothered in its proper committee and finally passed to the to net in eur p is of the sifting committee. A the influence that could be brought to Bear on Thap committee Pound not secure a report the Mayning of Tho last Day of the session Maine around and All was in pontus fun. In tha face of All these difficulties the friends of the Bill got a motion through to take Imp the measure but the original Bill could not be found. Some one said it was in the sifting committee s room. That room Wuh of de and not a could be j found who had a key to it. To rep was passing swiftly and the Hall dozen a parches almost discouraged Whan they ran across a committee clerk Aud made him open the a apr. The Bill was finally found not among the hundreds on file but by Accident in Tje year of a drawer a line and by itself. They carried to Back to the House it was hurriedly read and Rashod without opposition and with a Hurrah. So with other measures notably the Railroad commission Bill. A measure could to opposed obstructed and smothered in the seclusion of com mites that was almost certain of soc lbs when Given the publicity of open debate and a Public record. The methods and resources of the lobby in defeating legislation were brilliantly variable and Ufa limited Young or. Fillmore of Clay went to mpg. Moines determined to do the bar be could toward assisting Reform he introduced in the House Tho Bill up polling the railroads to incorporate and was for awhile Zeal Ous and energetic advocate of it. But the lobby finally surrounded Rind muzzled him they went up to his own county where two new lines of Road Werp to tie built and bore that if the Bill passed they would not throw a Buovo Lenl of dirt. Remonstrances and petitions poured in on Filmore from his leading constituents and he was flanked out Generalow he subsided and with him his Bill. Representative head introduced a Bill to compell the Road to Fence i heir lines but tin lobby persuaded him that he was of the material that congressmen Are made and he had no time to press his Bill and its Little life passed out. Watched to a peace Ful close by the Railroad committee. So it went through the session and a few Points were jotted Down Here and there that May yet make an in to resting chapter of Story not All boo w la the time rally around the Flag boys rail Pace Aga Jpn the Tampa Jan of 18,84 has already opened. Among democrats and Republic paps it has opened in the private offices and private Parlours where salutes Are made up As to we shall have the. Spa Jas Anc tie . Among Green backers it has opened in Public discussions in the Sehoy Bouses and in the Pamp meet nos. Among the Der Ofra and re duh Citny the Campaign has opened among thei leaders with to Green hackers it has opened among people. In few is the t Ine 10 work. Now is the Lime to sow the seed now is the Puii to spread the ight. Now is the Tiro to held meetings behave reduced our Price on Avery thing to Hajj we Kaen. Thia a i done is Ico a Iril 1st, at which time we adopt 1 the system of pay ing Cash far Al a no dec. And Selling Khz goods sthi0ty Washington a list Teri editor District Post. Washington May 12- Tariff Law Tariff protective Tariff High Tariff High protective Tariff Letiff for Revenue Only Tariff for Revenue with the intention to protect Tariff to protect with the intention to collect Revenue hns been the All absorbing topics of discussion in the House of republicans for Tho last ten Days. A Large number of speeches for and against the Morrison Bill have n9w been made most of the big guns especially those on the Republican Side have to Tho great enjoyment of the compositors at Uncle Sams printing House decorated their speeches with whole Page of statistics. Your Cor respondent inquired of an officeholder who had served his great and glorious government for monthly payments not less than Twenty years Why it was that the advocates of a High protective policy will never make a speech on Tariff without inserting Long winded self contradicting tables of Static tits Why air if a fellow knows to is lying he must prove Tho correctness of his position by figures figures never lie you know answered my companion As we walked along Boss Shepard s pave ment on Capitol Hill. 1 wanted to contradict his philosophy but the poor fellow was hungry his wife was waiting and he climbed on to the platform of a Street car exclaiming never mind sir i am right sir Good by one of the most logical and argument Ive among the very Able speeches in favor of Tariff Reform was delivered by Hon. Goorge l. Yaple of Michigan who Defeated the great orator and agent of monopoly Julius Ceasar Burrows after a Mouth Campaign in an overwhelming Republican District. Or. Yaple is a sound Green Backer elected on a Greenback and democratic Union ticket and is one of the Young members of the Yonng members of the House just 33 years old full of life and vigor and Well worthy of the Best Foeman steel. I am informed that the people of the fourth Iowa District will have the Opportunity of Reading his very Able speech on the Morrison Bill As soon As the Bame a printed in pamphlet Tomb of. A. A. A the school Honses and in the proves. Now a the time to scatter broadcast Greenback newspapers and Greenback documents. New is the time to organize for. Work in the coming Campaign of is the time for the sincere Hong say Earnest faithful workers Taco More put to or Shoult lers to he , Ohio adv. Tato a new York Type is other has get 3,040 eras in one this is not of Rineh of a feat. A Pius urge typesetter who is poor bit honest and has been engaged to a girl fog a it it years. ? with theism Era 5,040 hours not. Pinciu tji n per cent. Cheaper than Jou can buy them elsewhere had it stands to reason that we can do 80 in the first place we can save 5 per oct. Cash qts outs. And 6 per cent. Expenses All of which we give our Cost others the Benefit.  ill Ltd to a a a com everybody and Gat our Cash prices. We will be show you the Hugq our Stock if you do not Wigh to by. We ask is that you give us a trial we Are yours respectfully Shultz & Welzel. A full line of confectionary. Roe finest Stock of cigars ,.u r011 a Oahu de at All hours on t�?l4 Short notice and served in to co first class style. Fresh Beer wine and cider always on taped. Suemily prop. Postville Iowa itt Beucher Keileb in heavy & shelf hardware. Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery. Also carry a full line of cop Portare and Carpenter s hardware of Alv kinds make Job work a special to and warrant satisfaction. It will. Pay you to Call and examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. Postville drug store Bayless Douglass & co props. And dealers in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes Coors brushes miscellaneous and school books stationary cards albums toys and. Musical instruments tobacco and cigars nats and candies. A Complete Stock of Wall paper Brick Block Postville Iowa. Mott & Mcada m. Dealers in hardware stoves & Tinwai e we ibo Flaury a full line of heavy and shelf Ware which we will sell very close to w wholesale prices. Mott. Madam to Btu Melq Wjt i
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