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Postville Post Newspaper Archives May 2 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - May 2, 1884, Postville, Iowa The disk heat published eve by Friday j , co., Iowa. G. 8. Feltl Hook editor and Mem Obi in Blishok by the ois tact Post Piti Trao a compant. A. I. Cook president. Plank d. Ozark Secretary. Terms-$1 my n a ends 75 cents for six pm Utho -10 cent for to Iron months a Trooy Advance. Ijo Ohi notices 10 Pat Lino first insertion g to Tuuli sub sen sent Iii ortion of same notice labor and capital allies not enemies. Yol. 2. Postville Alla Makee county Iowa May 2, -18847 no 28. The District Post Ouk principles. We advocate and will support and defend the rights of the Many against privileges for the Fow. Corporations the oration of state Shal be controlled by tha Klatte labor and capital allies not en., Emob equal rights to All. National anti monopoly convention. A convention of the anti monopolists of the United Sinton in called to moot in Ghi a a 0, at noon on wednesday Miry m,18s1, Lor the purpose of nominating a presidential ticket. The quota of representation will be four delegates and four Uduc Tautoa from each Dietrict four from Ench Terri i Ory and four from the District of column Lii. H. F. Sii ively John f. Henri soc y. Chairman. Brit a House Chicago 111. National anti monopoly convention. Tho anti monopolists of the fourth District of Iown will meet in muss convention at priv Isle town at 12 o clock m., of May 18, 188-1 to elect twin delegates and two alternates to the National anti monopoly convention that meets in Chicago May a 1884, to nominate candidates Tor president and vice president of the United hta tog. All anti monopolists invited. C. Lov be chairman anti monopoly Cong. Com. Flail for the National Greenback convention the National convention of the National Greenback labor party to nominate candidates for president and vice president of the United states to be a Tod for at the coming presidential election will be held in the City of Indianapolis ind., on wednesday the 28th of May 1884. Each state is entitled to four delegates and four alternates at Large ooh congressional District to two delegates and two alternates each territory to two Del Estes and two alternates and the District of Columbia to two delegates and two alternates. Therefore All who Are in Cio Cord with the views set Forth in Tho platform of said party in 1880, Are respectfully Ron noted to meet in convention in the several states territories and districts on or before May 1,1881, and select delegates am alternates to said convention. Signed Jesse eau Peu chairman. The business Outlook. District convention. All members of the nation Greenback Patty of the fourth con Groh Nonal District of Iowa Are hereby invited to moot in mass Eon vet lion at Postville in said District o tuesday May 13, at 2 o clock n. M for the purpose of electing two do thoughts presented in the add rest yet there arc some important one that suggest themselves to us or infection with Tho subject wide a lie Spoa kor did not Radako prom sent. True it is important tliatlovei1 Farmer should understand his Busi noes which consists first in raising mid secondly in marketing his pro ducts. Now from the whole Tenor of i Grattan a address we should me that the question of raising crops All that Tutu alb Tho Farmer. This certainly narrowing Down tin Farmer s sphere to a very Ireum scribed limit. From the Active world of thought and culture the fart no would thug become isolated at onto in another place the lecturer tsp Ywit is a bad sign where everyone Hocks to the right fliers i the cause Why Tho Young Are at. Traded away Iron Tho country to go to the City. It i8 because of the Superior advantages pro in ted by Tho pity in intellectual and social culture. Tie who would uni Row the Farmer u up More of thought aggravates Tho difficulty of which h complains. To who would make the country a attractive As the City should show How to disseminate through the country the culture and thought of the City. Again the intelligent Farmer we would magnify his calling to thai it will compote with other callings or the Best intellect of Tho world will find his pathway leading us i avoidable into Tho track of Tho pro Ebosi Riib which or. Grattan would seek to eschew. To a certain tax tent every american is an Amateur priest politician and Phy Nicin and no Farmer can ignore Tho Knowledg pertaining to these professions and l a successful in Hie business. It is As important to Market produce iuccei6�fully As to raise it and Tho question of markets and the influence that control them Lead straight to politic. The question of the rights and wrongs of labor and the principles of Justice so essential to Success in any department of business Lead at once into the Clergyman s Domain and the question of health without which All labor and Wisdom will be f no Avail May Lead to a discussion f the relative merits of the djffercri1, schools of Medicine. Of All occupations and professions that of the Farmer requires the Road est intellect the profoundest knowledge the truest if not the lightest culture. In addition to this to needs a perfect physical Frame whose firm and powerful Muscles Are competent to execute his will whether it is to Mucor Tho tender Plant to nurse a sick wife or child to Wield the a in the Majestic Forest or Deal death blows in the hour o attack and peril. Perfect manhood physical mental and moral is Tho great Denio Ratnam in a Armor and it Sno Niti to us thut anything that will help the Farmer in his efforts to attain his exalted idea will he in place in a Tannors club in Wilinore comity or any other count in the i veld. Washington letter. Washington april 2 5.--at last the Tariff reformers succeeded in getting Tho Morrison Bill before Tho House. After soveral fruitless attempts to pacify Randall and his followers the Tariff reformers resolved to Call up the Bill without first making a Compromise with the Dot no Ite publicans from Pennsylvania. Tuesday april 15th, was Tho Day selected when Morrison of Illinois moved to take up Tho Bill i. H. 5si j to introduce import duties and War to riot taxes Easton of conn., Democrat and Kelley of penn., Republican objected to the consideration of Tho Bill. There was great excitement. Members rushed Toland fro. To h sides were confident of Success. Kelley of 1 ., demanded Tho yeas and nays on Tho question. Shall the commit toe proceed to consider the Bill which has been objected to slowly and distinctly the members Respondeck As the clerk of the House called their names. Deadly silence reigned in Tho galleries several Hundred pencils wore in Mol Ion Mark ing Down the yeas and nays. Of was a close Call. After Tho role was called and some Twenty pairs announced. Speaker Carlisle slated to vote la the House 140 yeas of Lils nays one vote changed would have made a tie. Jon grass Man Aveller voted Yea. The Marble front housed diamin studded chaps of Tho Oast were beaten and loud applause greeted the announcement of the Victory achieved by Tho i aril reformers. A Good Deal of time will be consumed discussion of the Bill Iid at least Twenty speeches will to made on each Bido of the question the Best speeches so far delivered have been made by messes. Morrison of Illinois and Mills of Texas in favor of and or. Kolley of penn., in opposition to Tho Bill. The arguments presented by the champions of the measure have greatly increased the Hopes of the Reform Side of the House. It is now conceded that a Tariff Bill will pass the House this session by n Small majority. After the Tariff Bill has been disposed of judge Leagan of Texas will Call up his inter state Commerce Bill on the 9th inst. Judge Leagan made an unsuccessful attempt to Call up his Bill and Tho vote stood 102 for and 120 against consideration and 100 not voting. Or. Weller True to his pledges worked and voted for the immediate consideration of this important Bill. Some of Tho friends of the Bill were absent and the railroads had their full forces on hand and others voted against the consideration of Tho Bill so As to be Able to pass Bills they introduced first. Strong efforts will be made by the friends of the people to pass this session the often Defeated inter state Commerce Bill. The Bill waa presented by judge Beagan years ago but there were never enough votes to pass it. Jay Gould Vanderbilt Stanford Mitchell and company had always succeeded in electing a majority of to members of Congress. Gen. Bon Butler Tho people s Choice for the presidency paid a visit the other Day to his old camping ground the House of representatives As soon As he entered the Hall he was surrounded by his numerous friends and admirers and escorted to a front seat on Tho democratic Side where to was fairly besieged for his autograph until he got tired of it and in judge Reagan s company retired to the adjoining room. As they passed along Tho main aisle arms looked 1 said to myself there is my Choice for president and vice president these two men can get away with any Stalwart or half Breed Republican the administration machine can or will nominate. For president americas greatest statesman the defender of the rights of the Industrial Classow i the hero of now Orleans and the Best constitutional lawyer of Tho Ilni Tod states Ben. F. Butler of Massachusetts. For Vico president the graduate of Tho common school who during the Spring and summer of his life worked on the farm in the Day time and studied Law and economic questions after doing his chores at night who was honoured by to people of Texas by whom to was elected first As a member of the state legislature then As District judge and n member of Tho seventh Congress a Man who ass made the transportation question n life Iii ii and who is now the recognised of those opposed to Railroad monopoly on Tho. 11 air of the House judge John ii. Leagan of Texas. A few Days ago Congre Sinf a Volid Sueco ded must admirably in inking i he Scalp Oli the Olowu of the Huu Iio or. Lie turd of Colorado to Day dining the discussion of the Villi to and Nisi Plain a department of labor statistics congressman White of Kentucky Republican made Tho foolish attempt to tackle or. Weller of Iowa who is now wearing two scalps in his Bolt Bel Ford s and White s. The. Monopolists in Congress hate or. Weller with a hatred that know no Bounds. Thoy hat Good reason to do so As the Farmer congressman from Iowa will not leave his seat to allow them to smuggle a Bill in the interests of corporations through Tho House by a suspension of the rules or the regular order of business. Twice or. Filer has been Al to eked and twice he has taken the scalps off fits antagonists the adv of the monopoly have come to the conclusion that the presence of or. Weller is ii t calamity to Tut exe Reiso of their vested rights in plundering the people. After a protracted discussion and very much wrangling the Lull to establish an maintain a department of labor statistics ill it. 13-10 passed almost unanimously. Should he right Man be placed at the lieu i of this department Jin it oud will result for the wage working the country. Tim Julit Iri ims in Washington Are Laisi. Ngay Fod in booming i heir re Hplu. Nie d Lor president. Ai thu and Blaine Are the favourites among to to Publ aus. Sam Hus the a to porn of the High pro to lion hard Money National Bank de Tuocai and he will come info the National oon Venison with the f Erin Sylvania delegation and the delegations of other Eastern states. During the last Fow Days Butler Stock has had a Boom and 1 should should not be surprised if Tho ticket in opposition to the Republican machine candidate would to Butler and g. A. It. The Speed of a Duck. It May to interesting to the Reader to know the Speed at which Many ducks ily Down wind Mallard from 15 to 50 Miles a hour. Black Duck from 45 to 50 Miles an an hour. Pintail from 50 to 00 Miles an hour. Widgeon from 5 to 70 Miles an hour. Wood Duck from 55 to 00 Misa an hour. Ked Hoad from so to 00 Miles an hour. Blue Ringtail from 80 to 100 Miles an hour. Green Ringtail from 80 to 100 Miles an hour. Broadbell from 85 to 110 Miles an hour. Canvass Back from 85 to 120 Miles an hour. Wild geese from 80 to 00 Miles a hour. For the above table i am indebted to or. D. Cross an old Duck shooter and a careful student of Tho habits of water fowl. I have not the slightest hesitancy in believing him right for the experience of others with whom i have shot ducks coupled with my own More than corroborates the assertions. When i have held ahead of a string of Blue Bills say at least ton feet and killed the fourth or fifth Duck in the string i have been strongly impressed that the Speed they were flying was like the traditional git used lightning remembering that the charge of shot left my gun no. 1 shot say with an initial velocity of 1,800 to 2,000 feet per second. It will be Soeu that Long experience Aud Good judgement is necessary to know where to hold Tho gun in order to become a Good Duck chronicle. For Diar fibia and liver complaint you have a wanted guarantee on every bottle of Sti Iloh s vitalize it never fails to Weir the reduced our prices on everything that we keep. This has been done since april 1st, at which time we adopted the system of pay ing Cash for All produce and soiling All Good a thirty we can sell Low goods ten por cent. Cheaper than you can buy them elsewhere and it stands to reason that we can do so in the first place we can Sava 5 per cent on Cash dis0outs and 5 per cent expenses All of which we give our customers the Benefit. 0v_-,---01--of come everybody and get our Cash prices. We will be glad to show you through our Stock if you do not wish to buy All we we ask is that you give us a trial. We Are yours respectfully m0tt & mad a Dealer sin hardware stoves & Tinwai to also Harry a full Lino of heavy and shelf wares which we will very close to wholesale prices. Mott & Madam Postville Iowa. A full line of confectionary. Finest Stock tobacco 5ostvillet fresh Beer wine de. Sheeh1 prop. Postville Iowa. Dealer in & shelf hardware. Coal and Wood stoves tinware Ift cutlery. Also carry a full line of cop Portare and Carpenter s hardware of All kinds make Job Ork a specially and warrant satisfaction. It will pay you to Call and examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. Stville drug store Doug lass & co props. And dealers in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes colors brushes miscellaneous and school books stationary cards albums toys and musical Lustre fonts. Tobacco and cigars nuts and Candida.  a Complete Stock of Wall paper Brick Block. Postville Iowa. In Alec sure Tiv so million bottles old in 10 years. A certain cure Tor  dyspepsia All diseases of the kidneys liver stomach blood skin and bowel3. Can produce thousands of letters proving Lis in Kalivo Powers. As old and Long. Tried remedy. Labo Katov 77 Amity Sti meet Niew some City. For Sale by All druggists. A a the King of Corn filters. The most desperate corns bunions wants &o., speedily Carat Price 2o cents. An unfailing remedy for hot swollen nud tender fat chilblains a a. Price 33 outs Cora ease Muf g co., 236, 5th. Ave. Place it. Y. for Sale by agents Pruggi ats and shoe dealers. Send in your Job work to the District Post Job rooms where it will be neatly and promptly routed. 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