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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Mar 28 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - March 28, 1884, Postville, Iowa This f Ivani Post Pauli Kiiko full Day at j Oatville Al Lamakos co., Iowa. and Man Inge a i Pablit Hod by the dih Biot Host up hinting to Taipan. A. B. Cook president. Phase d. Ozark 8oorottiry. Tellmft-$1.g0 a Jon 75 Oenn for eix Tif Knuths 40 sonts for three month strictly Adra Noo. Local no Tinea 10 Par line first insertion 5 for Eok sub Seq sent insertion of same notice labor and capital allies not enemies. The District Potor. Vol. 2. Of Stville. Alla Makee county Iowa March 28, 1884. No 23. Our principled wifi advocate and will support unto defend the rights of the Many against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of Tbs state Hal be controlled by Tho of Cater. Labor and capital allies not in emits equal rights to a Greenback Era Are already making arrangements for one of the largest political conventions Ever held in the United states to be held attn Diana Plis May 28th, to nominate candidates for president and vice president. Tho largest Hall in Indianapolis has been engaged and the indications Are that not less than 5,000 people will to present. It will be the liveliest dead party Ever seen in this country. Put on your War paint fellow a ree backers and get ready for the great Sentinel. Washino Toh d. A March 22.-the discussion on the Morrison Tariff Bill has again been postponed. Up to this time Randall is master of the a situation he is trying hard to prevent action Ori the Biland with a Large portion of Tho Eastern democracy at his Back he May be Able to kill the Bill or succeed in effecting such a Compromise so his clients the Iron ring and factory lords of Pennsylvania can continue to squeeze out of the Farmers and mechanics no third of their earnings. The committee on appropriations in Tho Iao use Nan knocked a Good sized Bole. In the United states Treasury by so curing the passage of a Bill appropriating an unlimited amount for the purpose of buying and equipping three ships to Rescue the survivor a of the lady Franklin Bay expedition the undertaking is expected to Cost from two to three millions of dollars. Congressman Eller and senator Dawes of mass., both introduced practicable measures preventing undue expend time of Money. Or Weller s Bill offered $100,000 to the owner master or Craw of any vessel or ship in such portions to a Ach respectively As shall have been agreed upon in a statement in writ ing filed in the office of the Secretary of the Treasury previous to the under taking of such Rescue has been favourably commented upon by experienced sea captains who would have tried to earn the Reward without adopting the go As you please gait of the Navy department. But what can be expected of the Corrie it and vote in machine in league with Hun Gry contractors always ready to com Ajit legalized robbery had or. Weller s Bill been passed by this Timea plucky Captain assisted by a Brave Crew would have been on the Way to the Arctic sea trying to Rescue the no doubt half starved Crew of the lady Franklin Bay expo edition. But there would not have b in millions in it. Some time ago during the discussion of animal Industry Bill or. Weller Wab prevented from quite taking the hide off of two per cent Henderson Iris time having expired just about iwo Maiuu Tab too Boon. But yester Jay the terror of the Washington department clerks attacked a Man in his mean condemn Able manner who map pee d to have time to take the bide off of Dubuque s Iive. Gen. Brown of India Ina was iliac tossing the merits of the Bill for the Relief of maj. Jen. Pm. W. Cow i when Henderson in the style of k police court lawyer insulted the Indiana member who remembering that Ejier had previously taken off half of Henderson s hide proceeded in the most gentlemanly manner to take off the other half. Henderson Tiow regards Gen. Brown and or. Weller As great Washington is now full of lobby Jtb urging the passage or defeat of Bills before Congress Button holing congressmen when and wherever they find a favourable Opportunity. They represent every Grade and Shade of a monopoly Bank Railroad Standard Oil Barb wire lumber Coal Iron in face All the great monopolies have their agent Here. I heard a member of Congress say i "1 am opposed to prohibition but i am willing to treat these lobbyists like bismark does the american the Bill for the Relief of the poor National Bankers will not come up for discuss Ion for some time the Deci Ion of the supreme court in reference to the Legal tender Case having turned the honest Money Side of the House upside Down. By the Way Hab the editor of the Decorah Republican and statesman Bardick of Postville expressed Ati opinion As to Tho constitutionality of the bup Rome court after rendering a decision setting Forth that the mom Bei a of the National party Are sane or have they _ spent All their time in interviewing Secretary of state Hull a. Movement is on foot to establish a a Bijj Arment on forestry to encourage planting of Trees of All kinds col ii it statistics give advice and appropriate some of tie burp Lub Revenue in if soft asks b Treasury & it b. Alliance column. Farmers convention. The state convention of Farmers at St. Paul. Minn., closed their labors last week after a three Days session. Forty one counties were represented by 135 regularly appointed delegates. There were present other fsr mors than those that were delegates who were allowed a voice in the convention swelling the number to about 200. Prof. Whitney of Michigan addressed the convention and among other things the four great sources of Faw material Supply the mines produce $231,000,000, the fisheries 43,000,000, the lumber interests $233,000,000, and the farming interest $2,213,000,000. This demonstrates conclusively the magnitude and importance of the agricultural element As compared with the other important sources of he further said the freight last year was earned at $1.29 per ton per Milf and the Cost was a trifle Over 0.g of a cent leaving a very Large profit to the he then concludes after such a showing ought not Tho Farmers have something to say and ought they not to organize for the Protection of their own interests it was meet and proper in these Days that the Farmer should be cultivated instead of the farms. The productive industries of the country must pay off the National debt As the Farmers pay Turee fourths of the taxes Thi talk of sending Bem body to look after the interests of the Farmers would not Dot if the Farmers want their rights respected they must personally look after those matters which directly affect them. Sixty live per cent of the voters Are Farmers and yet they Don t exercise their authority in political matters he urged the Farmers to organize attend the Pri Laries and elections and real ize the importance of even oho vote. The convention returned thanks to prof. Whitney by a rising the following resolutions Werr adopted and the following committee of Twenty five elected from the various congressional districts resolved. That the red River Valley comprises a Cereal Domain unsurpassed in Alid intelligence integrity and frugality of it population that by the combining of Railroad corporations with the Minneapolis Miller s association and elevator monopolies burdensome and invidious discrimination have been imposed on Tho Many to an extent which seriously threatens their future Prosperity and happiness. Resolved that we hereby avow our adhesion to the following principles and declare that Tho organization of Farmers and business men of this country is necessary to uphold them Viz first we believe and advocate it to be the duty of american citizenship to uphold and defend the rights of the Many against the usurped privileges of Tho few. Second that corporations Arp creatures of legislature and should be controlled by the state. Third that the right usurped by railroads to establish minimum capacity and kind of equipment of Elo gators is contrary to Public policy calculated to destroy Independent Competition in the Grain Market and should be abolished by the state. Fourth an open Market for the products of Oil soil Liberal Rattis for transportation based upon the Cost and risk of deliverance with a fair profit. Fifth the enactment of Laws proscribing heavy damages and severe penalties for the violation of the Laws governing common carriers sixth More Laws govern a ing the crime of bribery and heavy penalties for Tho granting of free passes. Seventh that agricultural India try is the source of All wealth of the National government.  eighth that the Corri petition of prison and convict labor is antagonistic to Good government and should be abolished. Ninth that the convention hereby recognizes All associations of Farmers and Bubi Ziess men of the Northwest now existing As ass deviations having a common purpose and advises concert of action in All interests pertaining to the industries and purposes to to accomplished for the Prosperity of the future of our country and be it resolved that we earnestly Call upon our fellow citizens of the North West to nominate and elect men As their representatives known to be truly uncorrupted and incorruptible by the pernicious influences of men Opol ipg. Resolved that believing in the principles and measures heroin before set Forth to be in the interest of Public welfare Tho future of our new Northwest and Publio safety to in Voke Aud submit our counsel to the guidance of the supreme ruler of the universe. Congressional District Committer. First a p spi ague Prosper Fil More county chairman John Frank Lelroy mor Vrr county Secretary u g Johnson Albert Loa Freeborn county g Vav Harrington Plainview county we. Carrier Chi k Hammer Houston county. Second a c Howard Luke Cristal Biro Earth county cd Iii Man Charles for Brandt n Wulin co ten coup y is i tintary Leonard a ditch cd Iio Murray county j a Latimore Winnebago City fair built county l Murphy Waseca Waseca county. Third go Day Glencoe my. Lend county chairman ii k gluteal farm Tigon Dakota county Secretary John Kohr Montevido. Chippewa county u. Tanner Cannon Kalis Goodhue county a w. Tiffany Norwood Carver county. Fourth a a Bull Edina Mills Hennepin county chairman n Small Anoka , Secretary m a Solstrom coca to Wright county Stephen he soit Isanti co Hugh Campbell Marino Mills Washington county. Fifth a m Burdick Glyndon Clay county chairman Carr Brigton Phelps Morris Stevens county Secretary e n Xvi cum Lake Park a acc county e n Davis. Davis Kittson county John p Monroe Deer Creek Otter Tail county. Finance comr hittite a n Davis in Aldrich Daniel Murphy. Successes and no frictions and mrs. Engborth s table was most temptingly and tastefully arranged. Then followed a Short season of dancing by Tho younger some of us joined who Are no longer Young and at eleven o clock our Good night s Ware said pronouncing the Alliance As now conducted a decided Success Rand extending to the Squire and his estimable lady i Hearty voice of thanks for their Effrom to make it so. The next meeting is to be held at w. L. Bradshaw son the first saturday of april at four o clock p. M. We publish below a sketch of Tho occasion of the meeting of Maple Bush Alliance at the residence of j. S. Englerth Esq. It is a clipping from the Mankato review kindly furnished us by Minnesota s esteemed Alliance worker. Secretary g. W. Haigh. This was one of those Happy occasions where duty and pleasure were nicely blended. Go thou and do a pleasant Tio Cul i occasion. Mankato township March 4, 1884. The last monthly a rioting of Maple Bush Alliance Mankato township Wah held at the residence of j. S. Englerth Tivoli. There were present 75 members of the alliances their families and the adjoining neighbors. The method adopted third Winter of holding our meetings at Tho houses of members instead of at the school House and of bringing our families to join with us is becoming justly popular. These monthly meetings will thus lie to the families a pleasant epoch breaking the Monotony and isolation of farm life furnishing topics for thought and improvement besides educating the Young Mem Bers to be coi Iid intelligent and determined opponents of the growing and usurping monopolies. It is prop Ose d to Bon Timie these Moet Tigs Evetie through the Busy Aud bad Road Spring season and. To add this new feature that of examining and criticising through appointed committees each growing crop and farm operation the written reports of the committees to be part or the preserved records of tie. Meetings thus furnishing the very Best Lent to a More thorough system of farm improvements at the same time not neglecting or forgetting the More important principles for which we Are in Dud together.,. The meeting at the Squires Yves a decided Success. Toje Large and Well arranged Hubb and ample barn a Commodari Riib for the assembled horses added greatly to the Comfort of All. The speeches and essays were listened to with marked attention and approval and new names Werb added to our membership. The Crown Wirig event of tie evening was the pleasant social Good feeling manifested by All and the musical entertainment deserves special mention. The supper was most royally pro pared and amply Justice done to the great bubbly furnished and suggested to us first that tha Squire is not entirely i mind by the grinding monopolies that lie so eloquent tic scribe. Second the table was spread so largely from the products of the farm and were of such marked variety As to stamp the Squire As a Farmer who is no wheat specialist but plants his land to Hobs varied crops of Grain fruit vegetable and annual products that aft Sirte to bring Comfort s and Wasington letter. Wann str March 15.-Thi discussion of the supreme court it ref Fronco to the Constitution ullity o Tho Treasury note Greenback this driven Tho adv Leatos of the Money Power into a tight Corner. They admit under the provisions of the Constitution Congress has the right to make Treasury notes a Logal Condor. It admits that the National party has Pla Tod its principles on the most solid foundation our they admit that Tho Cranks Are right. God bless the scoundrels for having admitted for once that Tho american people enjoy the prerogative to make a Treasury note a Logal tender for the payment of debts and Mark in time of peace As Well As the National Bank advocates in Congress have surrendered their position the last Wall of the fortification behind which they planted themselves has fallen. They now cry lot us Amend the read read to Sovereign people be Suhs of Tho Horo Sof 76 be soldiers of the late War for the preservation of the Constitution. Read and Ponder Over the monstrous proposition of the agents of our modern Iiri stoc racy. Here is senatoi4 Bayard tin Sam Radall of the Hoube of lords says whereas by the ninth article in addition to an amendment of the Constitution it is provided that an enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not to construed to Dony or disparage others retained by the people and by the tenth article in amendment of the Constitution it is provided that the Powers riot Dole gated to the United states by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to Tho states Are reserved to the states respectfully or to Tho people therefore resolved that the committee on the judiciary be and they Are hereby instructed to report As soon As practicable As to the expediency of Amend ing the Constitution As to More fully accomplish the object and purpose of the forgoing provisions secure to the s titles respectfully or to the people the Powers reserved As aforesaid and More effectually to preserve Tho fed eral principle and nature of the government by maintaining Dino limitations upon its Powers and to that end provide that Congress shall not have Power to Miako anything but Gold and Silver com a tender for Tho payment of debts nor pass any Law imparting the obligation of now the next is by Benator Garland article Xvi. That portion of Trio Public debt represented by notes issued under the authority of Law with Tho Quality of lawful Money and As a Logal tender for the payment of debts shall never exceed the sum of $350,000,000, unless the Bill or Bills providing for such shall Receiva the concurrence of two thirds of each House of Congress and the votes of. All such Bills shall be recorded by yeas and nays on the journal of each now to the House of represents a Tives. Potter of new York proposes the following a Monde it to the Constitution article Xvi. The legislative Powers granted to Congress by the Constitution shall not to construed to include the poorer to pass any Law making anything but Gold and Siver Coin a tender in payment of debts except after a declaration of War when tie Public safety May the last one by Hewitt of new York is Short Rind is Reet add to Section 10, article 1, tie following words i the Congress shall not have poof of to make anything but Gold and Silver Coin a Legal tender in payment of debts Gold and Silver the o u in Fegal tender1 Iri payment of debts 1 what next Why de monetize Silver arid Laakie every do Lai of indebtedness payable Iri Gelci to every mortgage real estate of Cli attle can be demanded payed in Gold by the creditor class. Then to will have arrived at that station in our National life when the wealth producers of this fair land will either be the slaves of capital without a nuance to escape or receiving As their Only Comfort the bread of poverty they will to driven of desperation and seek to obtain the wine of violence. Are Tho american people equal to the emergency t will Thoy prevent in avoidable results by striking Down the cause with the sword of America s freemen Tho ballot next fall the people will have to answer these questions. G. A. R. State. District court will open at Indian Ila the 3lst, there Are five Posto Fiscos in Iotti of Tho first class. Cedar rapids has organized a Phil harmonic society. There Tiro 4l4 convicts in the it. Madison Penitentiary. A Largo Brick manufactory is to he established at Sheldon. Hog cholera is a Aid to be raging in parts of Harrison county. Twenty four girls graduated in i he High school at Washington a Liport time since. The a n. W. Railroad offers in transport Corn free Between any of is stations in Iowa until june 1. A by n Branch of the y. M. C. A. Was organized in Waterloo in january and now Thero Are Over silly members. The doctor thought so too. A boy about twelve years of age called at a doctor s office on sunday afternoon and asked him to visit Tho House in a professional Way As bin Mother had been severely injured the doctor found Tho woman lying on a lounge with a Black Eye smash of nose and several contusions on the head and a generally used up appearance. Where did you fall he asked. Nowhere she answered. Did you get run Over no look to no a a if you had been struck and yes i Havo husband 1 suppose?1 yes Well he ought to be sent to state prison for a year continued the doctor As he found a How Bruise. Tho woman remained silent but after a moment the boy spoke up now Man that s dead mean to let him go on and abuse Pap that Way Here doctor Como in Here to opened Tho door of a bed room and the physician found a Man with a Cut on his jaw two More on his Scalp a lacerated oar acid both eyes close up. Isow then said the boy As he gave Tho quilts in pull would t it be better to Send Mam up for eight months and give Pap four Tho doctor agreed with free press. Postal card we had red in Sci eral exchanges of the terrible lashing Given to Hon. L. H. Weller by Tho Gallant col. Henderson in the ii ouzo of representative of the Way to was chased up and mopped around by Felt Ord of Colorado and Mii Akered at by Othor eminent boors and Baboons and finally driven in Tho ground and sat upon like a Coroner s jury by protein speaker Sunset Cox but when we came to read a full report of the proceedings it looked from where we sat Sis though the old rooster had got away with Tho whole outfit Sunset fire Fly Moonshine and All. His bomb is still erect and he will Yot attend the political funeral of follows who think they Are equal partners with Providence. Some Republican papers Are making invidious comments to Causs the family of t. E. Delamore Green Backer have Boen removed to the poor House. There is nothing in All this worthy of comment unless it to the extreme ratty of the Case. We Are creditably inform a that this is the first Greer Backer s family Ever found at that popular place of fes Orti Roub Licarish Hanage to monopolize All position s supported by Public tax and when the  offices Kre partitioned out Alifi Bitla co retire to Tho poor House Ellifi explains How it is that Par Peri always vote the Republican Ticefe we now Oier our entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered in Postville. These goods will be As follows men s gloves and mittens Cardegan jackets flannel shirts ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job lot of All of the above goods and Many others t mho toted beamed. Iii Ftp kit tit to Aurira St but Kew to inc Orrt. For Sale by All druggists. A a or the King of Corn killers. The most desperate corns bunions wants ao., . Price 2ff oets. _ Art unfailing remedy for Toj Tarj Wilease manuf g co., 286,5th ave place a jul x fir Salt in a fonts dirt Dytrt. And Sov Jde a
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