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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Mar 21 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - March 21, 1884, Postville, Iowa The i Settlor Post 1-uiii.iaueu evilly Friday , Aua Makby co., Iowa. My he hltuhoo0k7rto7imdlmiuiftbo"c t Ublia Hod by to District Vokt Phi Tinh Tjo mris. 13. Look l r u1 e i ii go dude Weller and Soult hat awful blasphemy upon h lips i i times gives up the Glinka in the Gran Republican renin Rei non Lii times wiil probably Shine As u country postmaster with a five Dollar salary. Third District. David Brenner Henderson of do que was born at old Deer Scotland March 14, 1840 wan brought to Illinois 184g and to Iowa in 1849 was educated in common schools and at the upper Iowa University studied Law with Bissel & Shiras of Dull que and was admitted in the fall of 18g5 was reared Oil a farm until Twenty one years of ago enlisted in the Union army in september 1861. As a private in company 0, twelfth regiment Iowa infantry volunteers and was elected and commissioned first lieutenant of thai company serving with it until discharged owing to the loss of his leg March 36,1863 in May 1863 was appointed commissioner of the Board of enrolment of the third District of Iowa serving As such until june 1864, when a re entered the army As colonel of he forty sixth regiment Iowa infantry volunteers and served therein until the close of the War was col eel or of internal Revenue for the third di6triot of Iowa from november 1865 until june 1809, when he resigned and became a member of the Law Xirui of Shiras Van Ditz be & Henderson was assistant United states District attorney for the Northern division of the District of Iowa about two Yoars resigning in 1871 is now a member of the Law firm of Henderson Hurd & Daniels urd was elected to the forty eighth Congress As a Republican receiving 12,907 votes against 11,g04 votes for Durham Democrat and 1,012 votes for Fob Tor Greenbacker. Fourth District. L. H. Weller of Nashua was Boru iat Bridgewater Connecticut August 24, 1833 received a common school und academic education also a course. Flt state Normal school new Britian Connecticut and literary Institute Suffield Connecticut was Boi n and roared a Democrat of the Jefferson and Jackson school however voted for Fremont Lincoln twine Grant once Greely Tilden and Weaver wont West in 1859, and located in Chickasaw country Iowa where he tilled the boil in the Day time and studied Law polities and theology at night was admitted to politics at once to the state courts in 1868 to the United states courts later and finally to tie Church filled various township and county official places prior to 1867 was that year an Independent candidate for the states legislature against Hon. J. Q. Tis tall the Republican nominee but both Vire Defeated by a Railroad candidate by Rug out three Days before elec tabs was an Independent candidate Fer his state Senate against Hon. John e. Burk Republican nominee in 181 9, and was Defeated at Tho polls was an Independent candidate for Tho state Senate in 1877 against Hon a. , the kept divan nominee who was elected by a Small majority was the nominee of the nationals in the fourth congressional District of Iowa in 1878, when Tho Republican candidate Hon. N. C. Dewing was elected and was elected to Tho forty eighth Congress As a National receiving 11.473 votes against 10,762 votes for Thomas Updegr ail Republican. Alliance column. The Little protectionist s catechism. A disgusted Democrat the Chicago times on Randall and the presidency. The Ilan divil Fiu Tion a historic stench. The attitude of Randall admits of no misunderstanding. It. Is the Atti title of a Leader who knows bin following and knowing it is not afraid to assume All the consequences of its leadership. Fifty is Tho stated number of members of the Bourbon Label that will follow Randall but of course Tho whole administration Side of the House will constitute itself tin effective auxiliary of to Randall Phalanx. Even the anti Protection members of that Side will support Randall sacrificing their convictions of the Public necessity to the Gravili cation of an undying hate of that pestilent survival of Antiquity the party of the putrid reminiscence. There is Hen Only one alternative. Either Tho Randal lians will come out of the Battle with Victory or the Oarl Isleane will avoid to combat by retiring submissively to the Tail end of the Randall procession. Will the regenerator of Tho ancient cadaver do that they have done it before More than once. Nothing has transpired to indicate that they Are More virtuous honest and Bravo now than they were on former occasions when after Thun Dering prodigiously in the Index they retired to Trot Doc Lely along behind the ancient party Hearse unless their awful cursing and swearing is an indication of a now increment of Pluck some of them Between outbursts of Mesqui Yedalian profanity declare that the Issue is already made the die cast the Rubicon crossed etc., and the Parrot and Monkey performance inevitable. Though they sorrowfully confess that Tho Randall faction will to the Victory they find or pretend to find Consolation in the thought that it will Clear the political skies. The democratic party will die As the old whig party died because it is a House divided against in that Case however it will Clear not Only the political sky but the political atmosphere removing from it the bad Small that has been emitted during a Quarter of a Century by the decaying carcass of the party of tradition. For Tho country no happier or More important event could happen. During a period of Twenty four years Tho existence of that unburied carcass Lias been to this land the greatest of All nuisances. The country has held its nose to avoid the Meph Itic odor yet has not been Able to avoid it. Every fourth year the keepers of the put relying Thimig have dressed it in Pew disguise paraded it through the land and asked Tho country to give to its exhibitors the offices. The country has turned from it in disgust and give the offices again and again to a Syndicate notoriously untrustworthy As t he least of the two evils. Thus the malodorous body from the Bourbon graveyard has served As a sure Means of keeping in Power a combination of unworthy demagogues that would have been dismissed fifteen or Twenty years Ugo if the Only Choice had not appeared to tween them and Tho historic stench. The historic stench made Grant president in 18g8, and again in 1872. That historic stench made possible in 1870, the installation of the Candi Date that got Tho last instead of Tho candidate that got Tho most presidential votes. That historic stench made Garfield president in 1880 unless the decayed carcass from Wuich that historic stench proceeds shall be soon put under ground it will again in 1884, elect a presidential candidate of the opposite Label. The notion of some of its keepers that the bad smelling carcass can to disinfected and brought to life and made presentable by the injection of a political idea is erroneous. Men do not put new wine in old bottles lest they break and the wine be spilled the plan of putting new political life into an old party carcass from which All political ideas went out a Quarter of. A Century ago is not a less hazardous difficult and foolish undertaking. The better Way is to cast away the old bottle and Bury the bad smelling carcass out of sight from Tho million. Q. What is thy name ago and occupation a. My name is infant Industry my age is one Hundred and fifty yours occupation subsidy beggar i q who gave thee this name i a. I Gav a it to myself when i had grown old. Q. Roje Arso the articles of thy belief. A. I believe in taking euro of number one. I believe in High taxes on other people in High prices for myself and Low wages for my workmen. Q. What is the chief end of Man a. To Purchase Pennsylvania Pic Iron and pay tribute to it forever. Q. What is the sum of 1 he commandments thou Shalt love thyself and Hato thy neighbor q. Who is thy neighbor a. The canadians on Tho North the mexicans on Tho South the eng list Irish French and germans on the East. Q. What is thy duty to thy neigh Bur a. My duty to my neighbor is to sell everything to him and to buy nothing from him to give him no employment and punish everyone win does to keep his wages Low to Hiu Der Bun from making an honest living to grudge his Prosperity to rejoice in his adversity and in general to do him All the injury that Lios in my Power. Q. What is thy duty to fellow Cit Izen a. My duty to my Rich fellow Citi zen is to increase his riches at any body s expense except my own my duty towards my poor fellow citizen is to take Tho Little from him that he hath and give it to him that hath More. Q. My Good child know that thou Art not Able to do these things thyself for before by what Means Wilt thou gain help unto those most excellent works. A. By Means of indirect taxation and of specially of a protective Tariff. Q. What is indirect taxation a. A Bouffi event system under which poor men pay Rich men s taxes. Q. What is direct taxation ? a. An abominable system under which i Meh inon pay their own taxes. Q. What is Uro Totive Tariff a. A specially blessed form of indirect taxation under which poor men not Only pay nearly All the Rich men s taxes to the government but also pay three times As much More directly to Tho Rich men themselves. Wherefore herein i do rejoice Yea and will rejoice. Q. How Wilt thou do thy duty to thy neighbor a by a protective Tariff i will out Iny neighbor s goods com Pel him to prod race less and to Clis Shargo his workmen and thus drive Mili i humbly Hope into Star a Tiou. H How Wilt thou serve thy follow ? a. By a protective Tariff i will make my fellow citizens pay higher prices for things which they use Ami thus tax them in proportion to their iving expenses. And not upon their income or wealth. The Man whose income is $500a year will pay Twenty times As Large a share of Bis savings Man whose income is $50,000. And the Man who owns millions in this country but lives in Europe and spends his Money there will not pay one Penny s tax to the United states. Thus will i make the Rich Richer and the poor poorer q. Thou has Well spoken my Good child yet canst thou not do More f or thy fellow citizen f a. By a protective Tariff i will put three fourths of these taxes into the pockets of a few Rich men. Who own Iron furnaces steel Mills Cotton and Woolen Mills and the like thus taking hundreds of millions from Tho poor and giving them to Tho Rich. Q. How Wilt thou maintain a protective Tariff a. By the votes of the american Farmers manufactures and mechan1 is. Q. How Wilt thou gain Tho votes of Western Farmers a. By telling them that the Tariff is th9 Only source of their Prosperity. Q. How Wilt thou gain the votes of mechanics and workingmen a. By telling thera that Tariff in creases their wages and that with out prot Motibai hollow eyed what would Couch in the Homes of american q. How Wilt thou gain the., votes of american Sailoi-6? a. There Are none. I have pro Teeth d them out of existence. Q. My Clover child Aro those tales True a. Not a word of them. Tho Eastern Farmers raise All the Grain needed by the Eastern states and the West finds its Only Market in Europe. The Tariff increases the Cost of Janu fact Rev materials far More than the Selling Price of their goods. If there were no Tariff Home manufacturers would to relieved from this Burden and would double in five years. No mechanics would then a thrown out of work uni nearly i to Asnins would be employed among us. Tho demand for workmen would Rise their wages Twenty per cent nine Terillis of the Homo manufacturers would Prosper More than Ever before they would Export largely of their products Commerce shipping would revive mid Farmers would have Amin markets both at Home and abroad. Q. But How Dost thou justify thyself in tolling such tales if Thoy Are not True a. Tho end Justi Lieth the moans. Populus Depipi Vult which mean eth  the people love to be swindled and i love to swindle them. Q. What is the end which in bit Fleth Tho Means a. The maintenance of Protection for my Benefit. Without Protection my Bessemer Stool Mills could not have a profit of 15.k ,000 a year while paying Only $5,000,000 in wages owners of Timber could not make fortunes by charging fur the privilege of cutting Down our forests Rich men would have to pay taxes instead of collecting them Farmers and mechanics would rapidly gain the larger share of Tho National wealth should have to work for a living instead of begging for subsidies and worst of All while americans would train thousands of millions by refusing me Protection it is possible that our fellow christians i in Europe might gain one twentieth part of that sum. Which heaven forbid catechist amen plumb s speech to copy this week from Tho congressional directory Tho full Pedigree and history of the members of Tho third and fourth congressional districts of Iowa. To can see but Little difference in the amount Quality or style of Tho productions. Henderson was born a Scotchman wellor a Yankee and raised a Democrat. This former studied Law with Bissol & Shiras of Dubuque Tho latter tilled the soil in the Day Ticino and studied Law politics and theology ill night thus following the example of Greeley and Franklin. What Republican editors can find in Waller s history to print columns of satire upon we Are unable to answer. To Aro pleased to observe that the fiendish efforts of the Republican press to destroy a than who is serving his constituents ably and honestly a producing a reaction in his favor. Keep it up. Gentlemen and it will save wellor a Heap of Campaign expense should Hobo chosen As a candidate for re election. A card from it. D. Kevaun farm Musk on. Clay county Minn Secretary of Alliance no. 14.0, says i have been requested by our Farmer s Alliance no. 140, to ask for Sample copies of your paper. Our logo numbers fifty members. We Are increasing similar reports come from various sources which is very encouraging. Of All classes Tho Farmers seem to be the last to organize and act in Unity but thanks to a few journals published in Tho interest of the Farmer and do bouncing the encroachments of the have been induced to to think and by thinking they Are beginning to not. But follow Farmers yours is a hard and Long struggle and Only by intelligence and United and Superior numbers you can Hope to win in Tho end. Closing paragraphs of or. Plumb s speech in Congress on amendment the right men Aro organizing a Farmer s club at Preston. Animated by a desire to Advance the Inte Iesta of agriculture in its varied departments Thoy invite Tho of operation of All Farmers in the county of Fil More. It will afford Opportunity for comparison of results and constant interchange of opinion upon methods. There is no excuse for the agriculturists taking a Back boat. They should rank All other professions. Theirs in Tho most exalted culling and should be made honorable by the knowledge and Phi severence of those engaged in it. Sustain Tho Farmer s Republican. We would ask the friends of the Alliance to Send in Short articles on the Progress of the Alliance or on anything in treating to Farmers or their a Milia providing Lor the Ysmie of Tiv snary no Tea to Lake c place of blink notes when withdrawn from circulation. 1 regard Tho Idt Ion then in it now stands a Netlie sir Iii Ige of the currency luring the Pitlo of months of ten or twelve million Del Lars with the certainly Thill As the a 3 per cot. Iii Iii Are redeemed the n i Inka go will and thai it h going to be Enorio wily ueeelera1-Ed-As i said i regard the situation irom that standpoint As critical. I do not want to see Congress adjourn without doing something to make curtain that that condition of things will not continue. Baton the other hand i do not see that Vithor one of these measures offers any certainty of a postponement Evon of that Dun Gormon condition of Chi pigs. I think we ought to provide for something to take Tho place of such National Hank circulation us May pm Hiir Reid from time to Tiina. Having done that and thus averted the Langor. We can proceed leis rally to make provision for tie Tutu re. We Uro now without preen dual to guide our action. Tho people name i View wit h l he great Appi cbensi1 he enl Aelion of the Greenback i i ran la Tii  n being earned out by tin Rou airy department and not Wii Landing the Strong Effort that Wui Ina be against it Congress by an Over whelming Vole put. A mop to tin a Oil auction and Nat that Hei Ealter the Greenback circulation should re main permanent Ami lived in audio Iii and there it bus stood Ever since. The people mean to t lie maintain cur Reney in Itrat Prouxl volume at Lonski Nii i do not mean that by their Aei its value shall in any Way be unpaired. They mean that it shall he a Legal tender he Wuen individual that it shall have the highest possible Money fund Ion and they will maintain it against Congress and against courts if necessary. Now Congress did that. It was a Wise prudent far seeing judicious action it has been endorsed everywhere and there is no voice heard now anywhere at least from any potential Quarter booking to reverse that action. What i would propose is that to should do the same thing with Tho volume of the National bunk note circulation but we can not do that in Tho same Way to could with i he Greenback circulation because he government does not control it As to do the Greenback circulation the Bank May retire from Tho business they May close up with their Bonds and their circulation und we Ivo no control Over i heir action we can not prevent them from do ing that. What woe in do is this we can provide that for every Dollar of their circulation that shall be an equal amount of reas Ury notes shall he issued and thus maintain the present volume of the currency. This is just us Wise Jusi a conservative Junt As wholesome just As much within Tho Purview of proper legislation As it was for Congress to in it that the Greenback circulation should not be diminished in amount. It w mid not be necessary that the new notch should be a Legal ten Der. That question night to waived. If Tho government takes them for All dues coming to it including a Titis upon imports if Thoy Nho Tild to made receivable Between National Banks which is perfectly competent for co Grebb to do and be receivable by Tho National Banks from individuals dealing with them there would not be any trouble about their being kept at Par and answering Tho useful purpose As Tho Legal tender notes answer and just As useful As the notes of the National Banks. I know that there has been t whispered feeling that ooh Gress ought not to got into this business further1, Bat what doubts i had on that subject have been modified by the action of this ,f1rianc� committee of Coonfi Iusi is Abdi theage we now o2cr our entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered m Postville. These goods will be As follows mesh s gloves and mittens Cardegan jackets flannel nits ladies and mens underwear ill ies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job Lotof All of the above goods and Many others to numerous to mention will be sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections before the Best Are gone. Respectfully your 3 shot Ltd & Welzel Matt. Beuchler dealer in heavy a shelf hardware Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery also builder s hardware of All Kin Mako a specially of Job c a i warrant Watib faction. It will pay you to Call at the old reliable hardware store i i exp amino our Stock and got Vrinos before purchasing Matt Bex Scheh pos Mcville Iowa. Post i 11e drug store. Bayless Douglass & co., prop s. And Dale is in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes colors. Brushes Kisool Laneous and school books stationary cards albums toys m 4 l�1uor if Ai a Nuth and oldies Tith Stock of Wall Pabb in the West Foj Nio Kuia Difebo options carefully comp undo. Brok Block Poa Viila Iowa t. B. Easton Deakin in office parlor & bedroom furniture.? parlok9kt8 bedroom sets of Ambjor sets picture frames moulding of Faiuu Kasketa and Rob undertaking a specially. Impairing neatly done. First door North to to Tho Postoff Iee. Postville Iowa Erantz Shuitz prop., Manchester Iowa. Will do custom or Exchange work , la8 of floor a hand warranted As represent. The Boss Hes Tageant de. Sheehy proprietor. Meals furnished at All hours on Short notice and in first class Secyl. A full line of groceries and confectionery the finest Stock of tobacco and cigars in the Market Don t forget that. Fresh Beer wine and cider. Come in and see me. John 8. Mott. Mott & Mcadam. Bra Leltus is hardware Toves und in Are we carry a full St cwt of heavy and shelf ares Whigob we a few at the lowest living rates. Give Uaia Gall. Mow we a i a a Ujj. Suberg a for the ipos
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