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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - March 14, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post Punili Seii eve if in Bidav at i , co., Iowa m. 8. Miv Mook filitor and manager published by the Dis Thiot Post inn mum i Octant. A. B. Cook fro aident. Frank d. Lirk Secretary. Terms-$1.50 a rent 75 sonts for Nix wont is 40 cents for three Ino Utun strictly lid Vanoe. Local notices 10 per line first info tied 5 Tor each Bil non sent insertion of name to time this Post. Labor and capital allies not enemies. Vol. 2. Fost Tlle Alla Makee county Iowa March 14, 1884. No 21 our principles. To advocate and will support and Dufond the rights of the Many against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of the state Shalbo font rolled by the scats labor and capital allies not in eni Ioe equal eights to All Hull is. Well,eb." in his pretended search after truth the editor of the review opens up a correspondence with Secretary j. A. T. Hull and obtains a Letier from that functionary which he parades in his leading editorial i fit week an a versus to the statements of Hon l. H. Weller. Our readers will of serve it they have or. Vnellor "$100 Reward article at hand upon comparison that there is no "versing1 in it. The Hon Ruhle Secretary contradicts nothing of importance or. Sati let nays flir. Hull politely offered him a pass and he Woiler politely Aoee ted it. The particular form or wording of the polite Liras is interchanged by the two gentlemen May not be Clear ii the mind of either it is Certai Tih uni up Irinne the main fact thai Hull offered Weller n. Paf aces. Upon them rests the respond Kib Iliyof enforcing Tho Law. Upon their Toyei a and Pluck hangs the test. Will the e Republican Politi a utahs and office holders honestly Lont it merits we await tie result curious la and calmly As did the old lady when her husband fought with the Bear. A Bill Lias passed Batih branches of the legislature giving Mutual companies Tho right to insure against tornadoes cyclones and wind storms the Iowa Mutual Tornado Etc. Eom Vouly re Chetly organized have so amended their articles acc include the satire states be report among the company s officers Are the Best business men in the country. The treasurer gives bends in the Sura of 10,000 Fox the Safe keeping of the limited funds that will coma into his hands. Active. Anil reliable agents will scion be put in Tho Field who ure required to give Bonds in the sum of three Hundred dollars. Co operation is the True Basin of insurance. The company bus met with a Hearty approval by Mutual Fife insurance com patios and a Large stun Iii risks is already pledged. For full particulars and by Laws apply to 3. B. To Minari inc rotary West Union Iowa. Lows Tribune in selecting fruit Job or any other be careful to Cho ofte those with smooth healthy looking bar Lii he have entirely she cd their loaves and have plenty of a Juii fibrous roots Trees on which leaves for Iii after Frost sets in sited bit Csc to tie bran Ciiab in the Spring Mij lie regarded As not Wittiv Urivi in Amine Way lacking Alliance column. Yucatan. Minnesota March 3rd, 1884. \ i will presume a Little on you Good nature and request you to put s Lish the following which Are the names of Tho a who have paid in  i ice for the Cabin and 20 cents capita us per Constitution Lor state and National alliances. T. I. Carrier for Cubin $1 2f j. I. " " " 1 2 1 we. " " " 1 it in Niihau ". " 1 21 Laid for state and National Allia cof t. N. Carrier 20 conts j. I. " 20 cent p. 15 " 20 cent i. 1. " 2c emus win. " 20 cent Fei reuse Munighan 2u cent 3. I. Cal Bihl Seo y or. Root River ally Moe no. 21. Anti monopoly in Minn. The following resolutions were Bias we at the recent convention Ai Moorhead Minnesota. Whereas it is Patent to All intelligent people that there Are Gross and unbearable oils and abuses connected with the elevator and Grain warehouse systems of the state of Minnesota. We Spe Ify charge and indict them As follows that they defraud the Farmer in the grading of his wheat that they defraud Hird it weights taken for cleaning his wheat that they defraud him in amounts charged for shrinkage and waste that the charges for storage and handling Are in Many cases excessive and unjust that tin. Elevator and warehouse systems arc so operated and manipulated As to make them Mono Oiveri arid special its driving away and debarring from their doors All iridis Vicital and private buyers and till competitive enterprises and whereas it is evident that Many Railroad corporations in the slate Maka to unjust and injurious discrimination in favor of the elevator and warehouse Bioko poltes As a Artst the Farmer and producer and private Enterprise. We specify charge and indict them As follows that they Mytke unjust and injurious in favor of the corporate monopolies in that they allow rebates and drawbacks to said monopolies while they Are reels of to the Farmers and private shippers. That Ohe Debar the Fanner of his rights As a Citi Zeri in to fusing him ours on track in which to ship i i rain. That Bev Are unjust and oppressive to the Farmer in that they refuse him Tho privilege of erecting Small elevators Aud shipping warehouses at Points of their lines where elevators already exist. That the freight charges to farm ors and individual shippers ate exorbitant and oppressive beyond Rea son on Many railroads in the state. That they Are hand in hand with the elevator. And warehouse rings and monopolies to Debar and shut out the Farmer and producer a free open and untrammelled Market. And whereas those evils and abuses As set Forth in the above pre ambles Are too onerous unjust and oppressive to lie longer Endt red therefore resolved that we do most earnestly protest against and condemn said evils and abuses. That we will not cease from our Efro its and labors until we obtain full and Complete Justice. Until the Farmer and to e citizen however Humble and lowly his station shall enjoy his full and completo rights. Until no citizen is debarred of any right or privilege enjoyed by any other citizen class or corporation. Resolved that it is the sense of thib convention that their Only Hope of redress is through legislation. That to secure such legislation a shall restore the rights of the Farmer and citizen and to Check Tho encroachments of Railroad elevator and warehouse rings and monopolies it is necessary to secure harmonious and United action throughout the entire state. Resolved that in order to secure such United action we Deom it advis Able to Issue the following Call. That we respectfully commend to the banners of each county in the state of Minnesota that they Call county conventions and elect or appoint three or More delegates to Teot in St. Paul on the 18th, 19th and 20th Days of March 1884. That each Dei Gatea Shal. Compose a Farmers state convention the objects of which so Ucli be to consult together upon the Best Means far a ecu i u g United action in to e coming fall elections. Ite solved that we invite Tho sympathy und co operation of All citizens of whatsoever calling or profession who would maintain personal Liberty and the rights of the citizen As against rings and monopolies Railroad elevator and warehouse extortion and discrimination. Flom the Capitol Washington d. A March 5,1884. Congress has settled Down to Busi less. The Republican manipulators and Sam Randall have succeeded m so framing the rules of the House As to to Able to assist their friends the monopolists. Sam Randall of Penn. Is As mad As a Hornet at congressman Weller for having exposed i in As the Champion of corporations he Randall let the cat out of the bag the Atli r Day Whon or. Wellor courteously asked him if he had made up his mind How he should vote on the Hennepin Nana Bill by saying that in none of your do business to which Weller replied a thank you sii i for your prompt and reply. I shall to Bol Ford of Colorado bosom Friend who Litis distinguished himself As the Champion Clown of the hons has shown himself also to he a a he Friend of lobbyists who arc Swul Iii tag around he Capitol As bees do around Tho Hivo in the shape of sex congressmen. . B voted against Tho proposed Amend input to Tho rules by or. exacting the word of honour of each sex member that he is not an agent of anyone interested in Tho passage or defeat of any Bill be fore the House before the privilege a if Tho floor can be Exton Dod to him or. To. In expected to go into the lobbying business As so ii As the next Congress meets. The Pleura no Monin Bill passed Tho House after a Long Aud animated discussion. Our representative or. A Ollor took a prominent part in the discussion of the Bill his very Able Spoerli full of information of which or. Apr Trigor of Illinois said if j could add anything to what he or. Veller has Siirid which would be Val Auble 1 would do so but i know i can not. I quite agree with him in the stator not to made was one of the chief causes bringing about the. Striking out of some of Tho most objectionable parts of Tho the representative of Tho Industrial classes of the fourth Iowa District proved Lii Gisolf ecu Al to the emergency closely watching and defend ing the interests of Tho Farmers and Stock raisers As against the Stock ring that sought to control the cattle Trade of the wont by the of the Bill. Tho naval appropriation Bill is now before the House for discussion. One of Tho most important Bills yet. Introduced into this Congress will come up for discussion in the House in a few Days Senate Bill 1155, to provide for the Issue of circulating notes to National banking associations. The Bill provides for an Extension of privileges to Amorita to most dangerous monopoly the National should the Bill to come a Law and most Likely it will it having passed the House of lords by a vote of 43 yes to 12 nays the Hanks Cah draw from the controller j of the currency 100 per cent of the a face value of the Bonds deposited As Security for circulation. Hero is a Clear gift of $35,000,000 to the King of monopolies the National Bank. Tie millionaires in Tho Senate All voted for it Twenty Orie republicans Twenty democrats and two readjust ters. The House committee on banking and currency reported the Bill favourably Tae vote in Tho committee being nine for and four against. A Largo number of democrats will oppose the Bill but the advocates of the National Banks claim that it will pass by a Large majority. . Weller is receiving an enormous amount of tetters congratulating him of Bis efforts to place the Soldier on an equal footing with the Bondholder the Hennepin canal Bill is sex pc t de to pass the House even should Sam Landall of Pennsylvania vote against it. Yours g. A. R the following letter was kindly furnished Lis by Bro. Burdick at or. Corlett s request last week but was too late for publication tit Tel Ai we have subscribers riot Reading the review we publish it this week. la feb. 27, 1884.-we got tinder Way from Over the River for Jennings at 1 o clock p. Nr., arriving Here at $ 3q o clock p. M. Passed through some of Iko finest country that we Ever saw a in a siae of Tho poorest. Soori after leaving new Orleans to came to a a Ray Large cab Bage Fields and at labour Che 52 Miles from now Orleans the Corn sugar Cane Oats Etc. Were up. At Bayou Sala 05 Miles from n. O., Fine Rice and Cane plantations. At Franklin 100 Miles from new or leans is Boi Jio very Fino country. Beach Trees blossoming freely. At bold win 105 Miles from new Orleans somewhat neglected some Tine lands to ure told can be had Here but to Wero not Able to got the prices. Near Raceland Between labour Che and now Orleans there is a. Line looking Bottom Laud which 1 think would come under the classification that of the Best tilled in the state. These lands lie East and West of Raceland. During the afternoon to saw hundreds of plows and harrows at work on Fine plantations nearly All handled by negroes. Very Plantation looked like a villages there being Twenty to Twenty live houses for the hands surrounding each of the planter s mansions. Night overtook us at Vermilli Onsville 144 Miles fit m now Orleans. At this Point the Morgan system of railroads branches to the left we going Over Tho Oates Lon Harris tire and san Antonio system a Little North of West. Both roads Are in Tine running order and scarcely any curves. At the depot we met or. Carey. We Are stopping at or. Many years. Now after Paite it waiting and constant planting the wed is beginning to show growth the kindergarten system borrowed from the. Germans and which has been quite generally introduced int our cities was tie entering wedge the Kitchen gardens wore another. The private classes Ai Long this wealth for Wood carving for modelling in Clay for hammering brass and for Many other handicrafts inclining More to Tho Fino arts perhaps than to the More homely trades formed other wedges to make Way for the re guru teaching of the Root tar trades in our Public schools Widich is now As we read the signs of Tho Timos to become Tho greatest both to thai Rishi in generation to Tho continuance of our re publican ideas in adding dignity to labor in inculcating the True ideas f work Aud usefulness and True education to both and Young. For Many years the Kitchon gardens were Only for children of those who could afford to pay tuition but soon our Noble hearted women of Tho land How that this system of education was especially needed for the poor by the children Whoso parents had neither Tho time Lior mind to develop the infant faculties. Charitable Kinder recons were established in our larger cities and have for several years been one of Tho most fashionable As Well As useful charities. Now very generally Tho system in part or in whole has been introduced into the primary rooms of our graded schools. In Philadelphia in new Haven and in i ther Eastern cities after the kindergarten in the higher grades the use of tools is taught. Object teaching is but another phase of this Ilow system that the child is to Lourn through the senses by actual Experiment or experience instead of through the one Channel of Momory. Mankato March 4.-Hon. Franklin u. Wait died tit his residence in this City to Day aged seventy one. He had been confined to his House about ten Day but serious doubts As to the result wove not until sunday. The immediate cause of death was blood Poison Iii Aud he was Union Chou during the Twenty four hours proceeding his taking off. Judge Walt was one of the most respected citizens of tits state. To served Oil the Bench As ii bin it judge from Jau diary 1&v6, to october 1874, whet he i i Sigil de to accost lire democratic u nomination for Congress. To w in elected to the legislature and took the front rank in that body. Both As a citizen and a Jurist to was highly esteemed. Globe. The Cresco Plain dealer Eom Mont nor on the other things says. Having known him Ai Jamestown n. Y. From our boyhood Days and having known his intense democratic doctrines when democrats were making War upon a single Nui ional Bank As an institution of danger to a Republic we Loi ind him just where a Man of principle and convictions should be found when two thousand instead of one we i Csc accursed institutions had sprung up in our Coniti Van Amis a ii tie Backer and taking a Ladilla part in Ilni anti icons poly convention at Chicago in la y last where to met him. Cd heated in the democracy of Jefferson in could not be flu it As the Demoe Ruey of to Day the federalism of Hamilton. Those people what think Tho currency question is settled will find in wan All a delusion. There is an irrepressible conflict Between people s Nui Hoy on the one hand and the Money of the corporations and Money gamblers on the other. They have just passed the Bill in the Senate for an additional Issue of Bank the same Bill has been favourably reported by the House financial committee. They do not Stop there. Monday last a Resolution was Simul Taniou sly introduced in both houses to so Amend the Constitution that Congress will not have the Power to make any hit my Gold and Silver Legal tender for debts. Garland of or Kaulius Altio Iii a joint Resolution in the Hoilett to Amend limiting the Issue of Treasury notes or greenbacks to $s50, .100,000 and preventing tie Issue of others except on a two thirds vote of Ooth houses. The Bullion its Are not satisfied with the rulings of Tho supreme court and Are Del ruined that he people s Money must go. Should Congress Sec fit to adopt the measures it will bring lie f Frantz Shuitz prop., Manchester Iowa will 1 0--- custom of work. The Best grades of flour kept on hand and warranted m represented. The Boss Besta Irant de. Sheehy proprietor. A a a furnished at All hours of Short Polico and in Glrst class Tyla. A full line of groceries and confectionery. The finest Stock of tobacco and cigars in the Market Don t forgot that. Fresh Beer wine and cider. Come in and see me. Jons s. Mott. A. Arnol i James Ifo spam Mott & cab Olmi okalkh8 in a Dwarin stoves undo inward oct i by a full Stock of heavy and shelf ares which we offer at the lowest living rates Mott & Mcadam Postville. In. 1 give Call. For the Post
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