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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Mar 7 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - March 7, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post nmt1ui, Ala Lamake co., Iowa Tsewu few la re in i for the Toimi Suim 10 pm uns Fiatt in Fiina s Niimi unt inn of Eai Naomo District Ajaj. A. Postville Allamay jew county Iowa March 7, 1884. No 20. The District Post. Our principles. We advocate and will rapport a defend the right of the Many against privileges forum few. Corporation the creation of us tote Hal be controlled by the state labor and capital allies Sot bar n to la Prog Reaa of legislation in our capitals suite or National that Modem Polit 1 8 is the greatest Obsta Cle 10 the Arain Irton it needed legislation. Everywhere partisan ship thrust its disgusting visage in the face of needed Reform and frightens Hack the timid tha in a Jidi Aid and narrow minded that otherwise would per Oral the duties they owe thet constituents. The Dehaus ohm on the Tafito and the plei Iro Neu a Nokia in 1., engr miss and on the prohibition and school Book Bills of Iowa be ill Zitur Are Ezar Ayleti of such tin. Healthy influences. The Neeti in ily nity of the1 Alliance is More and Mere Appie built. Fitters must or Gayhea and act a annul hot As Hep Lill eans or democrats or Graen Bakerii simply but. As Independent american citizen ready to Virfita with any party that impedes the Progress of healthy legislation. Tda Lunate of the pleuropneumonia Bill in Congress has been Wade the occasion of a it canvass. Here is Anither Evi Donti of the demoralising influence of Purt Deanship to nue Traige and defeat everything that opines to the front for the general Benefit of the people a uhf a int gee portion of our a Pace this week in giving our readers the speech of senator plumb of Kansas on the Bill enabling the National Banks to Issue currency to the full amount of the face value of tha Bonds deposited the object of the Bill is i d induce the Banks to Issue More currency and thus to Stirio extent counteract the contraction of currency which seems imminent. Or plumb offered an amendment to the Bill which provides that whenever he National Bank withdraws any portion or nil of its circa Lalion thai the government should Issue an equal amount of Treasury notes or yes Sirios of a rapidly growing country that now threatens the a lion. The Bill which has now passed the Senate toll inject into the Ohan hels of Trade from f35,000,000 to f 4fio0p,p00 at once. The effect will be in lattural and spasmodic and promote a sudden speculative spirit to give place to a reaction As an Den and unhealthy As the inflation. The discussion developed a growing 8entiu edit in Ivor of the Kreeb Back theory. Fifteen senators voted for the plumb amendment and thirty five against it Twenty air but voting. Or. Plumb s am Tim est embodied the Prit Ici i is of a Entac Kuismi subscribers the Pfalle Cabin will this week flirt Eive the i to kit Post instead of the Cabin. A consolidation of the Post with the National adv Caie. Of Independence Iowa has been effected with Puli cation Uff Leei at a Postville and Independence. As soon As can be Rohri plated the consolidated papers Wil be issued As the National nov Coati. This will be a Large handsome eight column Folio an it will contain an Alliance department in every Imus. Snub Riberd to the Prairie Cabin Wilt receive the advocate to till out their unexpired terms of subscription. To is the intention to make the advocate everything that Oun be desired As an Alii Tuoc Organ tie consolidation already has a of regulation of 1,500, con eau Nelly there need be no fears of failure. Our Prairie Cabin friends can readily perceive that the Experiment of printing a Alliance Organ is no longer a doubtful such East new presses and a Bright clean paper Are As certain in the near future As anything of human calculation Oak be. Now we wish to have our Alliance friends go to work every Man in his own neighbourhood and canvass for the National advocate. A Bureau of organization will soon be established so that any banners wishing to organize Oak have a speaker and organising officer upon application touch applications can. Be made at once to the office at Postville. The National adv Tafte will be furnished to new subscribers Pittil May 1st at si.35 and icily pay 25 cells commission per copy to any person sending is three or More names which Sam May to deducted irom to s amount and the Balasco forwarded to the office at Post i to the adv oath will be font columns larger than the Cabin Tor Post and the regular subscription Price 111 be $1.50 per annul. New subscribers will save t Weh to five cent by sending in their before the 1st of May. We cannot discover any improvement in the manners of congressmen during the Republican management of the inst Twenty one years the same brutal disregard of the rights and courtesies due every member is shown to those who happen to represent an insignificant minority. The Green sticker in Cui Gresi receives the same treatment in kind from the Randall a Henderson and St Ruble s of today As the abolitionist of thirty years ago did from the Brooke i Keitt s and Tob be s of those Day the some in kind but meatier and More Dewar Day in degree. We Are led to triese reflections by rending the debate on the p1 Lauro pneumonia it Bill in the con Gretel Oliai record in which congressman Weller took an important Prtrt on the Bill 8. 1155 to provide for the Issue of circulating no is to i nation to banking Aesop nations. Or. I plumb said my. Piibstttrjit.1 i have an amendment pending on this Bill which i shall offer at the proper time but. I presume that what i shold h the to any about that Amend ment Ami Alida the general in Opo bit Ion of the Bill might As Well be lid now us at any Lime in View of the wide be the has taken. I in reminded by something that was said yesterday of what was said Here about three yearn ego when at the demand As i think of the National Banks of the United states or a Good Many of them at All events the then president of the United states vetoed a Bill substantially for the reason that it fixed the rate of interest on the proposed Bonds a Little lower than the Banks then thought they were willing to carry. Now we Are a buried by the senator from Rhode Island or. Aldrich and by Manv other persons of equal Siuth Ray that Bonds which will draw 2 percent interest will be entirely acceptable at the Banks and instead of their demanding f ivors of be is Stio i at our h kinds i think on tie whole their relation is somewhat changed. They Are willing to take Al most anything they can now Geti when i say that i do hot mean to be understood As saying that All National Are so desirous of remaining in the business with the privileges which the Law organizing them confers that Thev would be willing to accept any conditions we. Might impose but a Lime number of them Are. And i think conspicuously those bunks which were the most urgent and the loudest in getting up the clamor which induced the president to veto the Bill to which i have referred. I us willing to say now that i am glad that Bill was vetoed. Like a Good Many other people both president and Banks builder better than they knew. That veto made it tolerably certain that we shall never have any new Issue of Bonds of Tho United states that is to say no new United states Bonds certainly none unless some emergency not now forseen shall occur. If that Bill Hud been passed As Radical As it was then deemed it would have been in Fise As a matter of legislation an a Wisdom not then to be observed but one which now would have been very apparent indeed. It was passed from proper motives and vetoed on inefficient grounds. To Ose who advocated the b ii and those who procured its be o have now changed places. I regard the sentiment of the people of the United states against the continuance of the Public debt for any longer period thah is made absolutely necessary by the terms of the Bonds As fixed and irrevocable. So far is i am concerned 1 have no desire and no intention certainly to Appeal from that decision or Endeavor in any Way to modify it. I believe it. Is not Only the fixed sentiment of the people hut i believe it is based in the highest Wisdom that every material interest of fifty millions of people practically conspires for an Early extinction of the National debt. The Money that is locked no in the Bonds of the United states it needed to be put Bank into the industries of the country setting in motion the wheels of Commerce and giving employment to labor. The Bonds Are the most largely held among the capitalists and Bauks of the Northern sen Beard states the former seat of Dur shipping Inte ests. When this Vioney is released from its holding As dead capital in the shape of Boti is i have great Faith that some portion of it at least will directly or indirectly a find its Way into ship Yards and become the Niehs of a partial re for its productive investment want to see the National debt disappear because is disappearance would be practically u solvent of m Tonyi important questions. We cannot consider As we ought to Day the Tariff Roex Ion without at once of these most useful and proper unctions of modern banking. But the Banks cannot Long continue to furnish currency owing to the rapid disappearance of the National debt and the volume of the Ourremey must necessarily be shifting and unstable and liable at any time to serious y fail to answer the purpose for which it was created. Inf. To the steady reduction of the National debt has already brought us to the consideration and very gravely too As to what we shall do to prevent that con traction of currency which n few j years ago was not deemed possible be no confronted a i h the Necessia y but which is now impending. The for Prividi g a i a to a a sum of Mon a. Various propositions before the in tally in borne Wiy for the pay ii irate the subject of this discus ment. Of the interest and no Ines pm Ision. Are designed merely if f May of the Public debt. Therefore we i use n homely phrase to toggle the system. Closing Sale Earth dec i Isider that either a abstract question or As a practical question in itself but its consideration is always by this one of which 1 have spoken in the next Yii Iee it will liable us to Settle this question of National currency a embarrassed by the existence of a National debt. If we had no National debt now we should not he discussing these Bills we should not by concerned about to amount of Bonds find the effect of the desire of the Banks to realize n Premium of the Dir Renov of the country. It is the one thing to Day which stands in the w y of some definite rational and permanent settlement of the question of the currency. The senator from Rhode Island or. Aldrich said yesterday that the debate had exhibited a great unanimity of sentiment in favor of the nation my Hanks the inquiry on All a Iid being As he put it How can we Best maintain that system. Think the debate has d some other things which the senator from Rhode Island can not be obvious of and one of the in is that there is the utmost Contrariety of opinion As to what scheme if any can be devised to accomplish the object in View. There is absolutely no concurrence on that Point. I us myself willing to Koas Fari any one in commending the National banking system for All that is Good in it. It was a Wise Nystedt in its inception. It performed it a time of great peril to the country the most useful function not Only in supplying a Market for a Large amount of government Bonds then slow of Sale but also in supplying currency which took the place of the state Bank currency which had then disappeared or was disappear ing and took the place of it at the time when the country perhaps was not ready for More Radical measures and when possibly More Radical measures such As for instance the Extension of the Greenback currency in any considerable amount would not have met with favor and perhaps would have invited disaster to has done More it has Given the a Dumitry a useful system of Banks for discount and Deposit purposes or. President the relative and vantages to this country of the cur rence which the National Hanks have issued and of their functions As furnishing a Safe Deposit for the Money of the people and a solid foundation for the business of the country to rest upon Are As wide apart in comparison the Mere issuing of the currency has not been attended with Sny great profit to tie Banks and it has not been the most useful of the functions which the Banks have performed Banks of discount and Deposit Are vitally necessary to the business of the country. The More Safe they Are the better for the entire country. The greatest Benefit which could be conferred upon the a Dumitry in a financial Way Willd be the Dis covery of a system of banking in which deposits were always secure this cannot of course be done but we can approximate it hearer by Wise legislation. The National banking system1 has come the nearest to this of any system yet devised and its Safe keeping of brer a thousand Mil Libb dollars of deposits and the performance of the functions of discount and Exchange have been d far nine value to the function it we now offer out entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered in Postville. Thesty goods will be As follows men s gloves and mittens Carde Gatt jackets flannel shirts ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a dots and shoes. All of the above goods and Many Thein to numerous to mention will be sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections be fore the Best Are gone. Stiltz & Welzein Matt. Beu ohm a heavy a shelf Harbt Are Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery Copper Ware. Also builder s hardware of All kind make a specially of Job Wor a and warrant Satie Letiati. It will pay you to Call at the old reliable hardware Storff examine our Stock and get prices before Piroha Sittg 6teewher# Matt Beucher.  Postville. Iowa. Up the me Inre of my Friend from n a Jersey or. Mepherson which is reported from the Coli tin tee on a Nause and which is therefore the Best the can do is not pretended to be anything More than a measure of temporary Relief. Here is my Friend from Vermont or. Morril equally eminent and equally a Friend of the National Banks who has devised another plan essentially different and in fact Bis own Bill provides a slide it scale for the redaction of the currency which to Are now seeking to prevent by legislation. In other words he anticipates and provides for a red action. While the professed purport of the Endeavor we Are making is to prevent reduce lion. So of the of the senator from Ohio or. Sherman and so of All these propositions. Every guember proposing a measure is absolutely certain that his is the Best that All others Are wrong and not calculated to meet the ease and vet for none of them is it claimed that anything More than a breathing Speil will be Tho result of its adoption. Or. President when doctors of such Eminence disagree what Are Lay n like myself to do i found on my table this morning and i presume there is on the table of every other senator an emphatic protest irom the president of the mercantile nation Bank of the cite of new York against All these Bayless Douglass & co., i Rop t Postville drug store. Has performed with reference to r i the currency and it is worthy to be Vivai at least of american shipping1 continued and made more1 Safe now languishing for this among and permanent for the performance plans. He says that All of them Are insufficient that All of them Are bad that no single one of them will offer an remedy water for Tho evil that is now sought to be guarded against. In the beginning i Felt like supporting and thought i probably should support the Bill of the senator from new Jersey. Then moved by the considerations so eloquently addressed to the body by the senator from Vermont and the senator from Thode Island t Felt like fleeing to the remedy they present. I am How confronted with the statement of the president of one of the and one of the strongest National Banks in the City of new York that none of them will be of any Avail whatever and i must a Onfer a that on careful consideration 1 quite agree with him. This Bank president states the Case from the Bank standpoint against the pending propositions As follows the morning papers quote the discussion in the Senate yesterday 13tb of the Mcpherson Bill together with the Sugges Sitison of a amendment offered by the Hon. Senator re Herinch prom the standpoint of a National Hank officer i beg most respectfully to protect to against the adoption of the measure with or without the amendment proposed a 1 understand it the aim of the Bill is to prevent a contraction of the Ourremey. With that for its object i beg Riddit respectfully to predict for the Bill if enacted the most lamentable failure. In Evi Derice of this belief l beg to say that notwithstanding the fact that the 4 per cent bands with their Twenty Throe and one half years of life re Taihi Haj if purchased at the aver age Price ruling ill the past twelve Rit Atttlia to 8 against a Purchase of the seven and Ono half year per cents to the average Price of the same period. Would have yielded a Fet Haftl to a iia Tohal Batik on Oiron in tide of about 8 per e edit. Per an hum hire yet Ali general ave Raidhi fcb do Alius in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes colors. Brashay miscellaneous and school books stationary cards albums toys i musical instruments tobacco and cigars nuts and Candie. The finest Stock of Wall paper in the West pm Nln pm carefully compounded. Bros Saf Jwj Pes Willei Leoti t. B. Easton. Saulsb u office parlor & bedroom furniture parlor sets bedroom sets Oham Hon by tit picture frames moulding coffin of Bakefe wad Robov undertaking a specially repairing neatly first door to tit cd Tho poet office. Petrille Iowa Anches Tei pouring Frantz a Hultti prop Manchester Iowa custom or Exchange work. The beet grades of Floii kept on hand and warranty As beware eerie the �bos5 bl8�&mulnt de. Sheety proprietor. Meals Tirri inked at All hours on Short notice and in fret Elase style. A full line of groceries and confectionery the finest Stock of tobacco a ii Cigar in the Market Oti t forget that. Fresh Beor wine add cider gome in and see me. Job s. Met. A Jam my in Utah Ott & Mcadam to Iii at Toves und i in Ware w4�t of Rry a full Stock of heavy Aree which a Eicr at she so lowest living rates. I Jive troja Satili Mott. Madam peetriq., i subscribe for the Post
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