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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Jun 6 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - June 6, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post mob Kushed Vbry Friday postvit.l�, Alla Makee co., Iowa. M. B. Hitchoock editor and manager published Tho Dis Thiot Pom Pink tiny Oom fast. A. B. Look pref ident. Frank d. Ozark secretory. Terms-$1.60 n year 75 Poentis for tix Mouths 40 cents for Throo Morita Arri otly Advance. Local notices 10 per Lino first insertion Al for Racli in Tao font insertion of a to notice labor and capital allies not enemies. Yol. 2. Tost Tille Alla Makee county Iowa june 6, 1884. No 33. The District Post our principles. To advocate and will support and defend the rights of the Many a against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of the state Shal controlled the state labor and capital allies not enemies. Equal rights to All state Farmers Alliance. The Bunto convention of Tho formers Ai Liangco of Minnesota to consider measures arising under principles that bind us together will to hold in Mankato tuesday june 10,1884. Basis of Rotrosen tuntion will to two delegates from each subordinate Alliance. Representation is extended to All brangers Farmers onions and All Farmers is Sofia icons As Well As individual Farmers where no organization exists. That we May to Able to hand Down to our posterity unimpaired that inestimable Boom of a free gov eminent Tho people and for the to now ask you to leave your plow and Tho buy in tips of this pressing season of the 7 ear and meet in convention at Mankato. Geo. W. Is ii Agub pres. Geo. W. Haian Sec y. National anti monopoly congressional convention 4th District of Iowa Thero will a Delegate convention of the National anti monopoly party of the fourth congressional District of Iowa at Postville Iowa on the Lgth Day of july 1884, at 18 m., of that Day for the purpose of putting in nomination n candidate for All anti monopolists of said District to support at the ensuing election. Tho ratio of representation will to one Delegate from each county and one for each two Hundred votes cast for l. H. Weller for Vongross in 1882, and one for each fraction Over fifty thus giving to each county the following representation in said convention votes. Delegates. Allamakee.1807. 1 chickasaw.18b0. 8 Clayton .2161.12 fayette.21g8.12 floyd.10707 howard.1020g Mitchell. 783. 5 winnesheik.11593. Anti monopolists maintain As a fundamental principle that Tho people Are Sovereign and that All legislation should represent Tho majority will and Best interests of the people constr tonally expressed that All facial legislation tending to and resulting in building up Nind consolidated or Prato monopolies is not Only destructive to our form of government but positive aides in creating a government in which Money is Kino and ii Asjok its slave. T to invite the Active co operation of men from nil parties who desire the unlimited coinage of both Gold and Silver of Tho present weight and fineness of nil who desire that a por monent government Legal tender paper Money shall substituted for the circulating notes or Bills of the National Banks thereby preventing contraction or inflation of All who desire Tho payment of our bonded debt and the application of the surplus revenues to that purpose instead of hoarding them to perpetuate a National debt m a Publio to he Banks and bondholders of the East of All who would see an equitable system of tax tin and a reduction of expenditures of nil who would build up a people devoted to Liberty fraternity and Justice is opposed to Section no strife of All who believe that railroads and telegraphs Are Publio institutions and like All other corporate monopolies should through legislation under control and regulation of Law for the Publio welfare of All who believe that All Corpora to monopolies which have corrupted Tho Public service through intimidation at Tho polls or Purchase of representatives after their election thus endangering the perpetuity of our institutions should Havo their corporate existence annulled that corporations have combined to establish Dominion Over Money transportation intelligence invention land and labor Are detriment ii to Public welfare and should Mit in Dei just control of Law sons to make Thom the servants instead of permitting them to remain the musters of Tho people of nil who oppose ranking our Tariff Lawn the medium of protecting monopoly interests while labor competes with the pauper labor of Tho world of All who would hold Tho Public Domain for the Uso and occupancy of american citizens in limited quantities As against All foreign or corporate ownership control we i it confers that we arc at a loss to know the meaning of calling our congressional convention at the Early and unseasonable Dale which has been fixed and with others can Only believe that it was Dono through influences antagonistic to democratic Success. Whether or not a convention will to held in this county we Havo not Learned but we do know that the general sentiment of our voters is for Tho re nomination of Hon. L. Ii. Wollor and such being the Case a delegation favourable to Liim will doubtless to sent from Alla Makee to Deborah on june 10. Clayton county is also solid for Liim and from what we learn Tho democrats of lilo entire District Are almost unanimous for Hin. They argue everywhere Weller caucuses with us in Congress voted for Carlisle has stood and voted with democrats for All party measures and Tariff Reform. What More could any demo1-Oral do Liy All usage and precedent he is entitled to a second we have spoken plainly on this matter Boi Oro and will now Only reiterate that the journal is for the Man who can beat the Republican nominee and Weller seems to to the Only available and unobjectionable candidate As yet Alla Makee journal o. B. His Hio Xii w. B. Mead j. F. Babcook w. R. Eno w. H. New Meux d. F. Moab Tbs con. Com. The two articles of Bon Butler s on Metal Money and greenbacks found in another column ought to satisfy the most sceptical As to Ben s position on the currency question. A Geo. W. Haigh Secretary of the Minnesota state Farmers Alliance nuo Noeb that Hon. L Donnelly of Decota county Minnesota will address the Farmers at the Mankato meeting. Let there a general turn out As it will a treat. Tvs president s son Allan Arthur was engaged to miss Crowley daughter of sex congressman Dick Crowley of lock port n. Y., a year ago. But to broke the engagement which so mortified Tho Young lady that she never recovered fell ill consumption setting in and finally did on last sunday Gen. Weaver and col. Jesse Harper Are waging an aggressive Greenback Campaign in Indiana against the National Banks. As the democracy 7 will labor in a Harmon ions Effort with the Fiat Isle this year the contest a jul whether Tho National banking system shall go or stay. This will a Plain Issue and will have to to . In Tho last Twenty Yoars the government has paid for iut Crest on the Public debt Tho enormous film of 2,089,000,000, a sum which would defray All the expenses of Tho gov. Ornament excepting interest on the Public debt for nearly ninety nine years to come at Tho present rate of expenditure and for nearly thirty five years if expenses could to limited to what they were in 1860.-n. Justice. Or. Weller is very a Gallant. To makes his wife the scape Goat for the odium to incurred his course in the Peelle English election Case. We very often hear of a person going out to see a Man but Seldom if Over to Seo his wife. Hawkeye. That s so. Congressman Kabson for instance was not accused of going out to Seo his wife is Weller was it was another fellow s wife. Dubuque Herald. Eminently fitting. The Soleo Tion of John Tyler As temporary chairman of Tho National Greenback convention at Indianapolis was a deserved compliment to Tho son of the Only president of the United states that Ever officially recommended a financial policy for Tho government embracing in us toners Al scope Tho fundamental principles of Tho Greenback party. Had thu exchequer Bil which was presented to Congress through Tho recommendation of president Tyler received that favourable consideration which its merits deserved Tho business interests of Tho country would have Boon placed upon a More solid and permanent foundation and the schemes of Tho shylock usurers and panic Breeding speculators would have had no Field in which to carry on their nefarious operations. Had Tyler s exchequer measure Ocomo Tho fixed financial policy of the nation with such essential modified Lions and changes As. Wisdom and circumstances would have been Dio rated its provisions would Havo been amply to have met the monetary Mergo icy which the Rob Ollion inaugurated and Tho nation would not now staggering under a burdensome interest bearing debt nor cursed with a Bond holding autocracy but the Money Power of Europe and America combined then As now to prevent any legislation looking to the emancipation of labor and bust Hobs from Tho Thra Dom imposed shylock tyrants and hence his Wise and statuary measure was throttled financial abortionists and the avaricious Money Power entombed it with reforms that Havo struggled for existence. After nearly fifty years of financial wrong and oppression resulting from Tho defeat of Tyler s exchequer scheme it seems peculiarly appropriate that the worthy son of this statesmanlike sire should called to preside Over the deliberations of an important National convention convened for the authoring measures in Harmony with those advocated his illustrious father before the British fiscal system had become the table Hod financial policy of this government. Benjamin f. Butler. It is with Tho greatest pleasure that we this week place at Tho head of our editorial columns the Nemo of Gen. Benjamin f. Butler of Massachusetts As candidate for president and the name of Gen. A. M. Wast of Mississippi As candidate for vice president. Gen. Butler is our first and Only Ohio of for president. 1. Because he is a Man of proved executive ability. The annals of american history do not record his equal in that particular As his mar velour successes in systematizing and regulating the government of Tho City of new Orleans when the head Center of rebellion abundantly demonstrates. 2. Because he is a Man of just and generous instincts. His heart beats in unison with the Humble though himself a millionaire of Largo i proportions. The weak Tho needy the oppressed Havo Over found in Ben Butler a True Friend and Able Helper As the factory girls of Lowell the soldiers fighting for a restored Union the homeless Emigrant and Tho friendless pauper All testify. 3. Because to possesses that Broad and comprehensive mind which grasps As intuition the f a Damon Tal principles of True statesmanship tints eminently fitting him for a loader in Tho Way of National Progress. The above leading traits in the general make up and Char act or of Benjamin f. Butler Are so largely and harmoniously developed that should he to elected president we May Export his administration to Excel in Beneficence and True glory any that Havo preceded it. In fact he Soems to a born governor and to possess thobe Manly attributes which have Evor earned for their fortunate possessor the appellation of great and which but one or two in a Century take the world Over Ever attain. A Patriot a hero a philanthropist it is in Honor to the nation that to should named As a candidate for president. Happy indeed will our people to if for once they can turn from the prejudices and animosities of Twenty years and elect Benjamin f. Butler As a people s president. A sii Noton letter Washington d. A May 80, 84. One of the Stalwart sheets of the Republican party the Chicago inter Ocean prints Tho following in its is Ito of May Loti calamity Wellmet s mischief there has been a Bill before Tho House for some time to appropriate a fund $10,000 for their entertainment meaning the siamese embassy but under the rules one objection is sufficient to prevent its consideration and calamity Weller of Jowa Lias taken it upon himself to make that objection. " no appeals no inducements will persuade him to let Tho Bill go Good for Wollor then again to is called calamity Weller because in his speeches he invariably predicts that a great calamity will overtake the government if his theories of government Are not Tho same Day the news fire slide Over the wires that senator Sabin of Minnesota the present chairman of the National Republican committee had failed with liabilities amounting to $1,750,000. This failure of the head of the Republican party had been preceded the break aug of one of their pet institutions the Marine National Bank of new York City and the failure of the would like to to president for life a. 8. Grant who lost nearly it million dollars in speculating with other Peoples Money. Immediately after these failures had occurred the Ory went up from the Dens on Wall Street Stop the panic prevent contraction of currency pass the Mcpherson and the Dingley Bill help the Banks Roth the Senate in the House tile agents of Liat monster known As the National banking system argued that to prevent a contraction of the currency and a general panic Congress must allow the National Banks to inflate their credit. Tho same arguments Trtat. Have Beon Majjie currency reformers during the past ten years Are now taken up the advocates of the Banks on the floor of Congress namely a contraction in the volume of Money will lower prices and pro Duce a panic. A proper inflating of the currency a proportion to the Iffe Rease of population and business will prevent1 a fall in the prices and consequently prevent a panic the difference Between currency reformers and National Bank advocates has come Down to this the former demands that the general government shall use its constitutional Power to Issue All Money and make the same a Legal tender for All debts Public and private and regulate the volume of Money for the general welfare of the whole the latter demands that the government shall have Power to make Gold and Silver some Sny Only Gold Legal tender for the payment of debts and allow the National Banks to Issue All the paper currency of Tho country and say How much or How Little the people of the United states shall have to transact the business of the All political parties now agree that a contraction of the volume of Money always produces a congressman Weller and All who know anything of fun Uncial Economy said so years ago. There will a panic if no provision is made to prevent n relative contraction of the volume of Money says Dingley of Maine in Tho House and Mcpherson of new Jersey in the Senate. That s True says congressman Weller and every other currency reformer. Allow Tho National Banks Lji-10,-000,000 More on their Bonds increase their credit so they May Aid the paralysed business inter ests of the country says Tho advocate of Tho National Bank. Pay the bonded debt Issue Treasury notes Savo Tho interest on the Bonds Issue sufficient Money Treasury notes to Supply the demands of the country make every kind of Money equal before the Law a Legal tender for All debts Public and private issued directly the government a provided Tho Constitution of the a says congressman Weller and every other anti monopolist and Lover of Liberty in and outside of Congress. And because the Noble representative from Tho fourth Iowa District stands labors for nay tights for the interests of what these High toned gentlemen term Tho common people because he objects to every steal and class legislation in the interests of Rich monopolists and soulless corporations because he is Tho True servant of the people every hireling of the Confederate monopolies is striving to belittle misrepresent slander and defeat him. Several times they have attacked him but every time to did get oven and More than even with his antagonist. On thursday last another attack was made the manipulators and misrepresent Ativo on the Republican Side of the House. This time they aimed at the Honor and Good name of Iowa s fearless Champion of Tho Peoples rights 1 say they aimed at his Honor like a conspirator or Assassin Aims at the life of his victim. But their daggers their insinuations did not harm As intended the Farmer representative vindicated himself amid Tho thundering applause of an overwhelming majority of the members of the House of representatives. Right and Honor combined with Manly courage May assailed but never can crushed. The congressional record of this Day Page 41 87 and 3948, contains the vindication of Hon. L. H. Weller Tho greatest calamity to Republican g. A. R. With the King s Imago As Tho Standard which to measure Tho property and Industry of Tho new Republic. It was a grevious fault and previously have their children flu stored it. Great Wiso and Good men we Marvel that they saw so much but Thoy saw not All because of their eng rafting upon our institutions this Ono element of kingly Power we their descendants mid our but iness and our property nay almost our existence As a nation have been placed at the mercy of the moneyed Powers of the Faith. And most important vote for no Man on any party ticket unless you Are absolutely certain they Are Friendly to your interests and the interest of Tho people taken As a whole. Gen. Butlein on Money. Metal in an acl drops to the now York Road of Trade oct. 14th, 1875, Gen. Butler said coined Gold and Silver a Ever been the handmaid of despotism the prop of monarchical Powey. The supporter of throne t of up Holder of Mobilities Othef Priesthood the engine which the privileges and pretensions of aristocrats hate always Boen sustained in trampling Down the rights devouring Tho substance and absorbing the unrequited labors of Tho masses. Through All time the precession of coined hag Given Power to the few to enslave the labor of the Many for the Benefit of princes and Nobles and its use has Beon the badge of servitude of nil people to borne King or tyrant. To deny this at Ono Lime was treason. When Tho chief priest would Fain Kiryo Tat Cen hold of the words of curl lord that so they might deliver him into the Power and authority of the governor they asked is it lawful for is to give tribute unto Ciesar or no but he received their and said Why term it me. Show me a Penny. Whose image and inscription hath in they answered Caesar and he said unto them Render therefore unto Cresar the things that Are Cresar a and unto god the things that Are god and they marvelled Ai his answer. Our Patriot fathers founded a government for themselves on this eliminated from its framework Emory attribute of monarchy and aristocracy the divine right of Kings patents of nobility the succession of primogeniture the Law of entail the fealty of one Man to another every of the devices of King Craft and opposition with which the people Are governed a class All save one they retained whether for Good or eve the precious a arajs stamp a in a speech in the House of representatives. Fob. 26, 1878, Gen. Butler said therefore or. Speaker i am ready to say with the preacher Ecclesiastes a 10 to that Lov eth Silver shall not satisfied with to want Tho Greenback for our currency and mean to have it. Of that currency i said on this floor nine years ago and repeat now with All the Confidence gained experience "1 stand hero therefore for i convertible paper Money the Greenback which has fought our Buttles and saved our country which has been held us As a just equivalent for the blood of our soldiers the lives of our sons the widowhood of our daughters and Tho orphanage of their children. I stand Here for a currency which the business transactions of forty million people Are safely and successfully done which founded on the Faith the wealth and property of the nation is at once the exemplar and engine of in a Industry and Power that Money which saved the country in War and which has Given it Prosperity and happiness in peace. To it four million men owe their Emancia Tion from slavery to it labor is in ebbed for Elevation from that Thrall of degradation in which it has been enveloped for Agos. I stand for that Money Thor Eforo which is far Tho hotter agent and instrument of Exchange of an enlightened and free people than Gold and Silver Tho Money alike of the Barbar Ian and the rut i do not desire that the Greenback currency should made to serve the country As it has done vilified insulted depreciated the act of the government itself being refused not Only to to received for All debts duo Tho government not even paid for All demands duo from Tho government. The Amon can system of finance which will obtain in the near future and 1 Hopo at once which i desire is first. A Dollar that shall have at All times a certain fixed and stable value below which it cannot go. Second. I demand that the Dollar shall he issued Tho government alone0 in Tho exercise of its High prerogative and constitutional Power and that that Power shall not delegated to any corporation or individual any More than Charles Tho second ought to Havo delegated his prerogative of stamping Gold Coin for the Benefit of his Paramour As a monopoly. Third. I want the Dollar stamped upon some convenient and Ohop material of Tho least possible intrinsic value so that neither its Wear nor its destruction will any ions to the government issuing it. Fourth. I also desire the Dollar to bom do of such material for the purpose that it shall never exported or desirable to carry out of the country. Framing an american system of finance i do not propose to adapt it to the wants of any other nation for Sale. A valuable farm for Sale consisting of 120 acres situated on the North Edge of looking Glass Prai Rie Filmore county Minn. The farm is under a Good state of cultivation with new and substantial farm buildings splendid Well of water with wind Mill attached 150, bearing Apple Trees and Small . There is a Fine Grove of Timber on Tho place. The farm is located near a Railroad station steam feed Mill Borgum factory Post office and school House. Its location makes it a desirable place. For further information and terms Call on or address g. W. Sprague Prosper Minn. Shiloh cube will immediately relieve Orono whooping cough Broo Bliia. A nasal inject of free with each Bottlo of Shiloh non Rah remedy Price so roller skating rink. H. B. Taylor of Mitobe. Opon to the Publio regularly on wedge indy and Stu Rdv evenings. In turny afternoon a from 2 to 4 30 o Olock for indies Only. Monday evenings for gentlemen. All evening sessions from 7 sj0 to 10 o clock. Notice to shippers. The b., c. R. & n. By. Will run refrigerator cars during the season As follows leave Postville every Lues a Day and Friday at 6 o Clook a For information inquire of James Perry at. For i Starsia and Liverton plaint you Vivron printed guarantor on every Bottlo of Sli Loli s vitalize. It never fails to tire. Postville mails. Arrive daily except Sindaye east.9 12 a. U. Woit. 5.-90 w. Tic south.1 16 r. M. a. I Minneapolis time. Somi woe Kly mail to blk dec leaves Toms Days and nut Days it 7 00 a. M. Of lion hours from 7s3 a. M. To 8 r. M. Money order office. A. R. Few Lott a. M a l of ils ahead Zehavo reduced our prices on everything that we keep. This has been done since april 1st, at which time we adopted the system of paying Cash for All produce and Selling All goods strictly for Gash to can sell Ion goods ten per cent. Cheaper than you can buy them elsewhere and it stands to reason that we can do so in the first place to can Savo 5 per cent. Cash discounts and 5 per sent expenses All of which we give our customers the Benefit. O1--- o1--- of come everybody and get our Cash prices. We will glad to show you through our Stock if you do not wish to buy. All we to ask is that you give us a trial. We Are yours respectfully so Tultz & Welzel. Meals furnished at All hours on Short notice and served in first class style. Full line of confectionary. A Che finest Stock of cigars & tobacco in Postville. 4 a Mehs convention. Next tuesday Juno 10th, the members of the Farmers Alliance and banners in general of the state of Minnesota Are expected to meet in convention at Mankato. It is True Tho convention odours in Tho Busy head on but not in the busiest time of the season. If Farmers expect to Correct the galling and tyrannical abuses of the legalized corporations they must leave the plow and Tho Busy scenes of farm life and not Only meet together but act together with a determination that knows no halting until Complete Victory is won. There is no use of trying to Dodge the Issue or shirking a responsible duty longer. You can not get Justice except through the ballot Box. It is of Goat importance to i make your meetings attractive but at the same time you must assert your Steamer nature. Trying to get your rights respected except through the ballot Box is but boy s play and does not Ocomo men Whoso occupation is the very foundation on which All institutions rest. Long have you outre led Over party issues and bartered away your Birthright for a mess of potage a Little vain political glory. Meet in convention As a Classy consider Well your rights As americans Combine together and last fresh Beer wine Anc cider always on tap. De. Sheet in prop. Postville Iowa. R3 Matt bed her --de4xeb in heavy & shelf hardware. Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery. Also carry a full line of Copper Ware and Carpenter h hardware of nil kinds. Mako Job work a special to and warrant satisfaction. It wih pay you to Call and examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. Postville drug store Bayless Douglass & co., props and dealers in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes Coors brushes miscellaneous and school Book stationary card album toys and musical instruments tobacco and cigars nuts and candies. A Complete Stock of Wall paper Brick Block Portville Iowa. M0t-t & Mcada Dealers in hardware stoves Tinwai i a Ell we also Harry a full line of heavy and shelf wares which we will very close to w wholesale prices. Mott Madam porivill., Iowa
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