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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - January 25, 1884, Postville, Iowa Tiik t i strict i out. I Lili Sullko Emkhy Killday l , Ilc co., Iowa lbs. Hito coi k. Editor Pmj i Iii i i. K. Delair Tolk cont Pond in Lidit Tir by Tho dirt Sci 1 ust i int Iii . A. I. H k. Fri Skuiat. Frank d. j Ost. Of ii principles. To advocate and will support Uwi defend the rights of to Many a. Against privileges for Tho few. Corporations Tho creation of Jiff state shul to controlled by test of. Labor and Cit Pittil allies not enemies. Equal eights to All. . To Admire to. Hit Liek s Happe facility i a x Iii is i i weak Points id a can. Especially of the vane lit is defending. Speaking of if. Weber s soldiers Bill for niacin or up Tyllo Dell d Ell v la tvs Oil Iii i Vul to and old value fit Tho Niue in in which to soldiers were Pai i. The lie View save Asni Soldier i Vit asked Ore pocked Miili g a the kill i hid us nil Hii iness Iran a Lions hid in accommodate them scores to tin of l of a nine sufi i ilk. Losers i in Popli will not Iida round the Pel theory of lie honorable in. Mcbrin Uro. He Sjirk in e sin. Unit no sol Iier Evcic Holt to of fax i la i any thiner of ill kind we know Ili ii Guiou and a Uil of Soh Liers in o  Minior him for Tuluii ver using. We have n Oei Ved i Iii -. I Ito s ilium s i is a i loss i p Itroia Zigu i Tii Lioi More it i car by ii in coh Iii Fli claim id Hough to thought Ivi were doing Ilio tit-1.11i11tr i Ali Iso. A All Lii sin a i transactions lot i Inu i of ill a l e i ill ill Adams of who had n Penchon of Bills and pot in ions that n Over Romeo veil Rebeo Lenl attention and yet those Hills and petitions spurned and spin in and Laid on Tho table kicked under it in reality undermined nid made ready Tor destruction the foulest and Mojsl strongly system of iniquity of Hio darn Ages american slavery. Of 1 to equalize the Dill Ere Icv in values Bols Voon the in buoy paid to Tho soldiers during the War and the bondholders after the War. In other words Weller proposes to Jive each Soldier his share of the differ Nico be Twain the Motley he received in j reon backs Anil its equiv leu in fold at s per Emit interest from Date added. Wellor is our Man for any tiling he use. The suits ins til Ltd l y to la a f of a Kapi 1" Missouri Itri Vur ail Roa to eos Sipany for the Init Jetse of Dis possessing Terluin settlers Louth its line of to Muir lands on the a found that said inn is were Ino Luda within the Nail of said Railroad company has Buon de a idol Liy fire United Staloch mip remo cd dirt in 1 it or of the Selt teis thus Altir Minir it former decision of the in Irenie a dirt of Iowa in the a Vitito oases i to decision Iti it most zip Iti Ime la tie As Tho fuels show that the Railroad you inn a delayed Tho location of their Road mid Ilioiu of their selections for three years after Uig rent Fras made the kit tiers in Tho mean time Tau Taihi Tho Hinds per Lextine their to to Merolo and receiving patents from the . There were ton Ost cases Tel meted by this decision iut there Are four Hundred other eases Pendine in the courts of this state involving Tho same questions which will be virtually settled by it. Theiso Are the sumo cases that Tho Doir Tago Are waiter Southl to Niue political capital out of in Tho lust com paid a nil through which to attempt us to Bli Tekon Tho Oharu Oters of senators u Tuon mid idul Letin thus Tho Dominik Ofish of the two Freud Greenback leaders is proven without Ite Vinovi. 1 yes Tsheko Aru the cities and it is through the e Machi Nali Ona ols a Loro. A Vasoti of Trad alas Oit that Thone i porn Phi for five by e n Hur Rasi Oaks to Issue 500,000,000 of or. Vellor i Troil iced the of Low big Bill for the Relief of Tho Soh Tifi it 1111 sailors who served in the army nid Navy of the United states in Fht late War for Tho suppression of tie rebellion and to Sentore them to t a dial rights in Money payments will the holders of government Bonds and for other purposes. Ynhu Hijab i to soldiers and sailors who served Iii the army and Navy a i the t oiled lilies jul Hue War for tie suppression of the rebellion were front the necessity of the Cattoni pulled by Lin to receive Tor their services a class Anil kind of Money currency either necessarily or purposely depreciated and greatly Interior in value As d Olsi Eer Sailor . Teni Kislev a finician or Laliots or regularly in said into Tho set vice of the United slates during the War for the suppression of the rebellion or to his or their representatives or heirs at Law in Case of Doii this Tio ii As Bis or 1 heir claim shall to examined and audited by the second auditor of Tho Treasury the sum Fiji and Dii him or them the amount thereof to to us Erlain Edas i i lows Tho second auditor shall ascertain the Amo and kind of Money or currency paid to each of said person s it each Date of pay Maul during his term of service Andrj shall the United mimics Gold mid Silver Money value of said payments it. The time thereof by re Eufe to the quotation s of such Gold and Silver Money As c Birdp it real with such other Money or currency in which tue of said poisons were paid and at the City of new York it 1 hat Date and each of said persons or in Case of Ileal ii 01 Legal in j capacity to his or their represent Livo heirs shall be allowed and paid the difference in value at Date of each said payments so Delerm Imd the Money or currency i which each said persons i Voivod j and Tho Standard Gyhl and Silver Money of i he United is ales in which i he or Thev should have been paid together Willi interest 1 hereon at six per cell Imi per 11111111111, compounded annually. I10111 i he Dale of Naid Pav in Iii up to the Date 1 f the a Iii in of the sum so found due him or their by the i of of Thi acl. Sec. 2. That to enable the government to meet the payments required by this act the Secretary of the u slates i Lea nary Union or so much thereof As Nav lie in Vessini the denominations of one two three five ten Twenty and Liiv Dol hrs in radio of a us follow seven ones six two five. Hrees four lives a lire inn two twenties my one fifty each of Proi. Eri shape print color devices in script Lous and i prescription similar to the present l need Slat a Orcas diary note of called Greet Hin a 1 except that each Liall be lawful 1110 by and a Legal tender Lor All obligations solvable ill Money within the jurisdiction of the United Kiaie govern limit save the Public Bibl. And shall be redeemable at Tho plea ill s of the government within Iliin 1 lire cars in Siai lard Silver h u Lai r of the present weight and fineness at the Ira Ury of the unit states of after thirty three years in the pleasure of the Holder at said Irea Siiro but if redeemed within Aid Lime to be reissued and Kin c Uei Lalion in manner As now provided by Law for other United stale notes. Or a. V hint the said five i11.111 Ltd million dollars of Treasur. Notes for so much there of As May be ceded by the said Secretary shall be issued first for the Purchase. Ill Trade dollars arid Silver Bullion mat May be offered at the mints 1 he Ute ted slates of suitable Charae Lei Imd Fini loss of coinage Piir Peri s a set out in the i Vised Latules of he Unildo slates edition of eighteen Hundred and seventy eight Mac thirty Sevon thereof at a Price Lilure Lor Only payable in said notes at face value nol exceeding the average. by said Treasury department paid thereat f it similar Silver Metal during the year previous to january Tirol eighteen Hundred and eighty oui i but shall commence on the i ourth Day of july eighteen inn a 1 Eil and eighty Lour and con Iii. Lor four Calendar in Otlis thereafter. At the end of which time the Troia Wilry Price so paid for said Trade do1 Lars Silver Bullion and said Silva Inetal thereat shall he increased one for Ceu Luin and thus Eon i 11 no Fin the second four Calendar months Ami so on until Iho a Vito of Kiichi s tic me. Ill suitable i of Nio icy coinage. Purposes shall have liable to paid to the said Tress i a the for Gold Bullion for Money coinage purposes then the Monc. Co Osage of Silver Metal shall lie or he same h,.sis and to run to till a Gold. So. 4. That nil he Silver Nicla so purchased mid delivered Loai Mill 1 s shall As soon As Lime he he coined into Silver dollars Offton Hundred and twelve and Ono Lial Grams weight Troy nine tenths Fine Ani. All of said dollars so coined shall he set apart As a special fund first for the payment of All sums of Money found duo by the terms of this act to any person or persons therein which payments shall he made to him or them at the Cost and charges of the government 10 Iran port said payment from Sai i special fund to some reliable express Ollice near the place of residence of lire person sought 10 be paid if such place and office to known to said Secretary of the Trout Ury and there site Jet to tin proper r of said otherwise remain i the Treasury subject to Tho order of haul Payee. Site. 5. That the profits arising from the Purchase of sad Trade dollars Silver Bullion and Silver Metal a and Tho coinage thereof into said Standard dollars As provided in this hot shall be set Ftp Al i As a special in us to pay the Cost of iraqi spot la Tion of payment attn toned 111 file fourth Section of this act and the remainder thereof there us Nir to to covered Inlo the United slates i reus . To appropriation a y the Congress. The Stittle Alli Midjo turned meeting of the state Farmers Alliance from the state fair grounds met in the United states jury rooms to Ini a up in Dinoss. It wus not i blended to be a general meeting but a meeting of Tho executive committee App oiled at the previous meeting to formulate adopt it new Constitution. Just Why the old one did not fill the require merits we in unable to say. Lilt from i he rom irks of president Kennedy of Ida county. Pc judged the other was too Radical. He remarked that Tho Alliance must \ o Iho Means of elevating the Lai user socially moral. And intellect unaly and that the various other 111 Ilus tries from the Peanut to Iho rail Road interest had associations and syndicates. This is too True. The professions till our legislative Hall and All because of Tho social neglect of the f Lanier s training the Farmer is tie brai Niest but some lawyer with about enough brain to make 11 first class Loh scr with a Chance for social culture was a Good fellow and won the race. Ting the Farmer by tin very nature of his existence to impel Hini to be of a Broad mind and Clear comprehension. That they must ill the Halls of Congress and the legislature in proportion to their number Flint they cannot Hope for 1 hat unless i hey become United and elevate themselves socially the Alliance clubs debates picnics and gatherings is j 11 is the place for t Hill. The Constitution advocates the control of railroads by Congress. Of Vii i a a 11, in Akpe county attended the Alliance Rico ii a and to a arc Nuudi Beau ski Vijh Teri. Some folks is just too smart to live said the old Man As he puffed hard at his old Clay pips and wiped a tear from the end of his nose. Anybody been trying to swindle you " Vaal if looks that Way. A new yorker came Down and bought a fir of unit to me Ami he had t been there a week before he proposed a a on what on milk and butter. He proposed to put in fifteen head of cat tin against fifteen of mine hire file milking done and Divide even on Tho Sale of that looks so it dons and i was ready to go into it elem dirty old woman hinted that i d better go Over and hoc Hie Well a Mil there was it teen head just Sho said but bless my stars if lie had t counted in a Bull two old Stags and a Feer to offset four of my a cows which average fourteen snarls of milk apiece a duty. I be read a Heap about pools but his is the highest t Ever come o having one bite ,"-Western Lural. A 11.1 . To i following Bonu Tiftik poem by j. Vav. Staul thu ins Ifranco Poi of Kim Vond Wii read it the recent in Mumi of us Ziminy j. Jar t Iowa Volun Toi in at Iii Hurlit hours Ulii i All still the " .irnyhiu-.kv1 had n to Tinliung Drill. Arrows my i is they form tul 111 Lino in Tutu Dies Hiroki across my spine. The Colour then the , in lie hero him l. A Chiv be he Matda. So on to ii y went Antni he id to toe. Then about they Faroe and Back they d to and when they us had yet in Lino from rib to lib across my ski Iii. The colonel voice you Plain could hour Liy the Rich of company s to the rear Sun s he my boys now i la to lumped you re the finest in the land Lizul of inf on the enemy s cached. We rogue in him and Nive their Willet the Thi of leu too. Tennyson. Once More Tho Thomas cat taint nil things Rod ,hp.rin\ " in t. Jet " to Maria in tin1 Back Yard Miod. It Lut Boot jacks have their wills Tom dlr Lead. Fiou Kville Roun Vercial. State . Cedar rapids claims 18,000 population. The next annual meeting of the stale horticultural association will be held ill at Laid in Cass county. William p. Wolf speaker of the House was born in Ohio is 1111 Al Lorney was Captain of company i ii lib infantry and was severely wounded near Memphis jul y 21. Iofi i. Tho farms in Iowa number , of which i la. 177 Are occupied by the owners in Are rented for Money and ,7.r b Are rented on shares 122 of these farms Are under three and 1 Here Are Iii to of Over 1,000 acres. Telegraph. Tun Iowa county news is the title of a neat Little seven column Folio just received published by Linson a Hrinke choir at Millersburg Iowa the former named person recently editor of the free press and the bit Tor one of Iowa s Best compositors. 11 resident of the City. We wish them Success in the new Field of Independent journalism into which they have now press. A. Method of and Means for Taukiu in mole ditches has Boon patented by ,\1. H. Fusion of Wilton Junction Iowa. This invention covers a ditch ing machine of novel construction with a plow and Cutler for forming 1 ire. Ditch proper and the Dement Lin ing cavity and with a feed Hopper 01 tube for a continuous Supply of Cement for lining the ditch the Cement being applied As the machine move along. We now Oiler our entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered in Postil Llyl. Thesis Goodwill be As to flows men s gloves and mittens Cardegan jackets flannel shirts ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job lot of All of the above goods and Many others to numerous to mention will be sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections before the Best Are gone. In i of p i0otk i Fly Youlls Shiltz & Welzel Matt. Euchee in heavy Al shelf hardware Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery Coppe Revare. Also builder s hardware of All kinds make a specially of Joli to i i Ani warrant Satin faction. It will ii you to Call at the old reliable hardware store j5" Xai Imine our Slock and get prices before pure Kaaring elsewhere. Matt Beuchelt Postville Iowa Postville Drue store. Bayless Douglass & co., prop am in Low i uth r and lha in a As six Iati Oti. The eighteenth annual mating of Iho Iowa litter and cheese association will be Huld a i. Strawberry Point. Folie Ltd Iowa. 011 thursday february 1. 2l, and 21, 1881. No Dairyman or progressive Farmer 0 111 All Ord to hot attend his mooting. The Best Talent on Dairy subjects will be pc sent. Tho papers and discus i .1 , is 4. Whitwill la a Iti isl you Noil Jill t ii it lentil Cal thu truth. ii is the play it i Eli ilium Omak a. Kostiv Ulitin Lily. Drugs maj icings paints oils varnishes colors. Brushes. Miscellaneous and . Ool a Hooks stationary cards albums toys and musical instruments tobacco and cigars. Nuts and candies. it nest Stock of Wall paper in the West 1 Iii i Iii ii i i i. Lilt i k jilt Wjk Postville town. T. B. Easton office parlor & bedroom furniture a it Shvars had Jiosi sets cha1ii3fu sets j it Dan i i inti a Smudin it. Collins. Caskets and hobos in ten nun. A so t Salty. Re hiring neatly done. First door North of the . L Ostillo Iowa. Ester flouring Fra nth ski ult prop., Manchester Iowa. -wlt.l. 1.0--- i Islonia of is Claun c work. The lies i Virions of flour Kepi on hand and warranted As to presumed. The Boss bes Tageant de. i. Of -.-1  in Tilow Lin Shiloh b \ Illier it a Mii a Curt 11 n in-1 n in 1 111 in Iii subscribe for the Post
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