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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Jan 18 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - January 18, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post Pujji Bobd eve cry Prida Post Vii a y i Lamake cq., iow4. Mrs mid in Ungor t. B. Okla Merb Cut responding editor. Published the debt Mot von i Sistino Ooms in. A. T. Cook president. Kanji j. Of ask Geofery. a year 75 cents pc a in Pio thei 4 Onte for the Fly months her hotly to adv ape. To notice 10 per line first inner Toni i for Pali �nb�6qnej t Joe ration of Samo notice labor and. Capital allies is Tot ene Inie. Vol. 8. Postv1lle, Alla Makee cof qty Iowa january 18, 1884. No. 13. To advocate and will support and defend the rights of the Many h s against privileges for t 8 Low. Corporations the creation of the. State Skal controlled the stain labor and capital allies pot in. Emits equal rights to All. Are these things so we ire much obliged to Bro Burdick for Tho very neat but certainly undeserving compliment he gives us in his but Issue. In his search for the truth our neighbor pays Little regard for outside adornment but strikes vigorously at the Centor and lays Bare Tho naked question at Onoe. We like t Jat Way of doing business our readers like it and in Tho limited Spute of a newspaper article no other course in practicable. In discussing Rural life 1 Tho profits of farming Bro b., thinks he has discovered the object of our Side of the discussion to he to cause Farmers to become dissatisfied with the conduct of the government and of old y u never made a greater a Nistank brother. Our object is to get a Truo causes and let every Man draw  Bis own conclusions. If those causes when known produce Diss Tisae Tion with existing parties the doubtless the proper time has arrived far a change. The Green backers lie says an nearly All Farmers made Greenback Era the hard times precipitated the failure of wheat and the Sophis tries of such eminent Finan Cherb and unselfish patriots at l. H wellor and t. E. to i gratified however to know thai Jimoh delusions Are fast passing away that Farmer Fiare asking them selves the question Are these things to and Fidd if they Are not prosperous the cause can traced to their own doors and thus led to throw their fallacies overboard and Roll up their sleeves and go to work " Here is a picture indeed brother Farmers is that your picture does it represent you Are you such simpletons As to led like Little children the merest fancies of somebody s brain ? favo the Farmers of America just begun to think Are they just ginning to work then he says they give a Wido berth to these poetical reformers get a Little bloodied Stock manure their Fields preach less politics practice More common Bonee and business principles and before they know it they Are on the Road to Prosperity. Well our blood boils at such a Carric Aturo of the Farmer and yet we Are amused at the Man who in Tho simplicity of his prejudice can draft such a sketch and bold it up before his neighbors and friends and Gushin Gly exclaim that s Vou i our neighbor says the Greenback ors were made so hard times. Admitted Ever since Tho world existed truth and Progress have been born of suffering. But were the hard times caused the failure of wheat of no. We know something about that. We saw a Good crop of wheat diminish in Price from 1.75 per Bushel to 75 cents in two months As a Conse Quence of Secretary Mecula Tough s contraction policy and again Good crops of wheat have been raised since tha organization of the Greenback party. Is the Farmer More than anybody else the victim of sophistry ? the contrary is True. The Farmer lives nearest to nature his intuitions Are Tho most accurate his judgement the most practical. Would our neighbor have the Farmer Stop preaching politics a there he has disclosed Tho animus of the politician to shut the Mouths of Farmers to deceive them with Sophis tries to persuade them to withdraw their attention from politics As too abstruse and difficult for their comprehension this is what the modern politician would most like to do and because the Farmer will think and will act independently and fearlessly the politician secretly curses him and charges Liim with practising his own the politicians vice. To whom do we owe our existence As a nation and our form of government. To the Farmers of the revolution we were a nation of Farmers then and it was a Farmers government that was then established. It is enough for us to know of a politician or of a party that they would discourage the Farmer from preaching and now As to the Green backers Are they the fools that the general Tenor of our brother s article would indicate no Means. The discussions of the Groe backers have aroused the nation s mind and intellect Protu this almost fatal Lethey into which it settled after t in War. They have compelled thought and investigation and the Best iinds if respect Ivy of party Are now rapidly accepting their theories. As a class Green backers Are industrious Thrifty and business like in their habits. The wealthiest Farmers and the most progressive and successful business men of our acquaintance which extends Over a dozen counties and to some extent through the state Are Green backers. It is True that among Bankers capitalists Railroad men an. Re oho exhibited the stoical Side of the Indian but then yielding to the White and of course the political half replied Tho wild ones but Yon Are not wild Are you Why am t you i my Little Man i must say that Yon Are asking too Many cast j ing a reproachful glance at Tho woman. If you Don t hush i la whip you. Do you hear me taking Liis hat from the floor and putting it Oil his head. to remained Quint for a few moments but dropping his hut on the floor reached Down and picked it up and said if you was a wild Indian you d ent to with a knife when i stoop Down would t you the Cherokee look far out Over the lands of his fathers but made no re ply if i waster hit you you d Hurt me anyhow would t you " no the red Man replied. Why would t you another word out of you and i la whip you. Nover mind i la Tell your father said the woman it was impossible for him to keep quiet and after a while to asked have yen got any boys yes Are they Indian boys  their Mother is a White As White As my maw just another word out of you and i la Box you dul Gouff Mother on Many an occasion for after Tho Aho to t silence on his part he asked did you Ever boo any scalps yes. I think did Thoy have blood on pm no they Wora dry replied the Cherokee plainly showing Flint his political a and toss in answering quoi tons had risen above his Indian a theism. Do they Pool Thorn like apples when they dry uhf Hubli your the Indian nature was endeavouring of assert it h0lf. If you ask another question i la whip you you Little Rascal said the woman. Aro you going to hush " Vos Suin he twisted himself around scratched the Couch door with a Nail that he mysteriously produced and asked would Yon Rathor to an Indian than n White Man hold on demanded the Cherokee calling to the Driver. Let me ride it s going to vain i think colonel Tho Driver responded makes no Dif Leuco and he got out and climbed on top of the coach. J then thought my time had come but to was after better game on red Man of the Forest a he Bis Affinity. In screwed himself around for awhile and then leaning from Tho coach window to called t say does indians Seal niggers whoa Siirid Tho Cherokee Dot me get want to get Back inside the Driver asked. No i m going of walk. Drive on and if i Don t overtake Yon All Light. Do if i would t rather a witness in the United states we now offer our entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered in Postville. These goods will As follows men s gloves and mittens Cardegan jackets flannel shirts ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job lot of the rain tree. Some travellers in South Amorin in traversing re avid and desolate tract of country were struck with a strange contrast. On one hand there was a Barren desert on the other a Rich and luxuriant vegetation this remarkable contrast was due to the presence of the Inmai Caspi or Tho Kaiu tree. This tree often grows to the height of sixty foot with to diameter of three feet it its base and Job Teshea the Power of strongly attracting and absorbing and condensing the atmosphere. Water is always to seen dripping from its trunk and branches in such quantities As to con Vert the surrounding country into a veritable Marsh. This tree also grows in the Canary in lands and other tropical climates where it seems like a godsend to Tho poor people who must no most perish from thirst during the dry season were it not for this curious water sup-1 ply. And what seems most remark j Able of All is that during Tho hot season when Tho streams and lakes Aro most or quite dried up the tree a most Active and sends Forth abundant supplies of water. All of the above goods and Many others to numerous to mention will sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections before the Best Are gone respectfully yours Shultz & Welzel. Matt. Beucher Dukai or i heavy a shelf hardware. Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery Goppy rare. Also builder s hardware of All King make a specially of lob work and warrant satisfaction. It will pay you to fall at the old reliable hardware store diff Kami ii our Stock and get prices before purchasing  a Matt Beu Ciiab pos Mcville Iowa. Postville Druer store. Bayless Douglass & co., prop s. Arm dealers in science simplified. Dio to via r monthly. If you prick a tree it keeps very still no cry and no wincing. But Yon Irick a dog it yelps and jumps. The tree has no nerves Tho dog has nerves. This explains Why the tree keeps to still Aud Why the dog makes so much fuss. A nerve is a White thread running Between two different parts of the body. Its business is to Curry a message. You Pinch the end of. A dog s Tail. There Are White threads running from the find of the dog s Tail to his brain. The message sent Over these is the following  to to Tup. Skull there is an awful pinching Here. Ali enrol when Tho message reaches the brain and is considered there the brain sends Back the following message top Konopi ail Esq. Jerk away from the Piteh Quick. S coi Imaki in in chief Headquarters the Tail is jerked away and everything is a vely again. It is not the same White thread which convoys the pinching message Aud brings Back the. Jerking message. They look alike but they Are not alike. The one that carries the message from Tho end of the Tail to Tho brain is called a Nervo of feeling and the White thread which brings Back the message from Tho brain to the Tail commanding it to Jerk is called a nerve of motion. Judge Tourgee says the new statue of Washington in new York is a great Success and adds for the first time in my life i begin to believe that Washington actually lived. All other representations of the first pres said Tho woman Blush-1 ident make him look As if to were they Are this Day quivering w Ith ing. He had evidently tested his in saying let Tea Pray inter Ochua. Drugs medicines paints oils varnishes colors. Brushes miscellaneous and school books stationary cards Alburas toys Anc musical instruments tobacco and cigars nuts and candies. The finest Stock of Wall paper in the Avest physicians carefully Shtok look to Arrilu Iowa. T. B. Easton dealer in office parlor & bedroom furniture., parlor sets bedroom sets cd Ambau sets picture Frau pm mouldings coffins caskets and robes., undertaking a specially. Repairing neatly done. First door North of the Posto fico. Pop Tville Iowa. Ancl Xester flouring ills Frautz Shultz prop., Manchester Iowa. Hill no custom or Exclia Ige work. The Best crude of flour kept on hand and warranted As represented. The Boss bes Tautant de. Sheehy proprietor. Meals furnished at All hours on Short notice and in first class style. A full line of groceries and confectionery the finest Stock of Toboco and cigars in the Market Don t forget that. Fresh Beer wine and order come in and see me. John s. Mow. Mott taxis Moladah. & Mcadam. Cuales is hardware a stoves and inward we carry a full Stock of heavy and shelf area which we far at that lowest living rates. Give us a Call. Mott
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