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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - January 11, 1884, Postville, Iowa News condensed. Concise record of the week doings of Congress. Post the District Post. Mil. Cock Eli presented a memorial ii Ilij Senate Deo. 21, from Trio merchants marm net m Ora and business men of St. Louis oppose no ,. Tho repeal of Trio upor Tzau Law of is wit ice Etc permits Winokan Nekeia to product Low wind v 1 in. Tar without put tie Senate Cun. Vitova 1,1 labor and a pita la lies not Lune Mies. Lor tic purpose of making Vinour without Mia Mont of the a noted states Tux. T Postville Alla Makee county Iowa january 11, 1884. No. 12 our principles. To advocate and will support and defend the rights of the Many against privileges for Tho few. Corporations Tho creation of the Stato Shal be controlled by the state labor and capital allies not in Raios. Equal rights to All. If a democratic Hal or anybody else shall be Able to Point out a Man who can reasonably Hope to Bliter. Tetha 800 democratic and Greenback majority he is the Man we Are Toady to tie . It is interesting indeed to witness a Binner in trouble Call on the Power he has most offended to help him out. When the lie View Calls thus piteously for democratic hid it May be considered a evidence of the dire condition of the Republican party and As indicating tin approaching change of heart in the review. Mil. Thompson s remedy. I Polo Toshu step towards Ituen back1sm. Tho Republican press continue to exercise their Skunk Biko proclivities in attempting to cover congressman Weller with odium. Failing of Thor Means Uliey interview him and print a manufactured Lingo of stuff misrepresenting his opinions and maligning his Good Benso. It is going Tiu rounds that or. Weller is mad disappointed that to speaker Carlisle for a piano in the committee of banking and currency Tho facts Are or. A Fuller never communicated with or. Carlisle verbally or otherwise about his place on com Iii aus to expected nothing but to be treated civilly acid being so treated is not disposed to complain. Bang what s that on new year s Ravorn Tho first gun of the presidential Campaign of 1884, booms Forth striking terror to All the old folios in the land that Jolly old Warrior gov Bon lays off his gubernatorial Robes and like " he Man of destiny boor ninja preliminaries mounts his War Dorse summons his aids Waves his sword and shouts his Battle cry of to father Columbia s paper Corner a Sion extra to second million comes to us with a magnificent Cut of Gen b. F. Butler accompanied with a a sketch of his life by d r to. A. Bland ii celebrated Greenback writer. This biography fill s five pages of a column Quarto and is a very concise history of the life and Public Servi Ces of the most remarkable Livieim american citizen. Tho Public will Tiar from the Eal laut general much unit Oieu during Tho coming year or John Thompson Tom vice a Reri dont Rotthe utilise National Sank id this oily read to Short paper before. Tho flanker s association at their meeting in in which he. Proposed a Roi Ivy for uti aficial panics. Tin Clonin Kotur of the reined appears in the toll Otiis preamble and Resolution tier our tit v. Ami the of Proir thug fur in Ines Tail. D or extra Innelle of cur run Iier. Whiteii will Rieuf mid Force of 1-Urtiiciiil revue Ploua and piste i b la nehi Interi Mph Lata Buji Paul dually and Dinoi Arttra Ltd la Kii Guial and urn Reim i Jih inc i Hwy in Thitu country arc Enli Cly wanting in any of lao i fore. B it Kes Olyen Tuut till convention Nii the lev a a Ity of action to provide for tie Protection of tie Val and Coniku Twidty Lucri using monetary inter Uhls of the Ltd country in lint a of Uii Ancial it Vul Iun Iii he us recur Peri toll Cilly in All conium a. Keao ived Itiat con Greih should Ernet a Law Iovu Toup tie seer Eurof the Treu Ziy. Us Lik Mclim Lii Iii a officer with full per o receive any United states Bouldu not exceeding ii amount $100 01 0.0 to Issue Llie for Aurtency notch filial in amount to Hie Par value of tin Bodum accrued Luler fat on in Baize. I lit. Urett on the Bonds v Hole Oudt Pou to Cutie to the Treasury. L to posit or to be allowed to redeem Bond at any lint Wirlin omit notice Undt to deposited to lie Hil inject in n Call for redemption upon sixty tiny Ujiie from Tho Secre lady. And to be forfeited to tin til awry upon failure to rep Natl to Matuh Call. J Lle Secretary in the i air w of lilt at Tho ii to Del a sated. To act by and with the advice and con in of the i Retti Ihms of 111 United state i and nude a Titch lurch a re Tri Cioa to Etc Wisdom of con or Etc May provide to guard at faint Itu quip re i exercise. It evolved. That the Lizec Tetuo Council of Iii a social Roll Are hereby i que a d to adopt it hum deem Best i be needful Nic inure for properly Lay i Tullid Mailer before i lie Lii but and we Iii Odfie Only Ili Buie s h a Lilian Oil Kihm a Jin ij8 Fillod u ii Ioney Iii ski l i Liliie have liabilities which inmost amino Liati by meet nil Lii tue Uliey have Ritli i ii Iti a8-ot� or not hum ii Hunt by the Iii one try re oui Eefje wit i Tirc a to tuft the St list Gilitiuk tie Titi Vui Siil cry is for Nion. And Yot the Money in Nett i Nartik Uini t he hunks for their owns Fely Titer Tolian ii , to their ii Tomei s. Men lose Conkli my Chii other Ulione. Who have mime Hoard it rather than take the Hazard of losing a it. Prices fall and the whole Liu Iii us Cormui inlay in in Noli Liidi Vidinic in trying to take Are himself Only inc reiches tie commotion thus Uii ngh Proi teed at in i Normous ii i to r to private Fortune until the Ninh strikes Bottom. The policy of the hunk of England Whei such it mini appears which Lias successful. Is to Ibsine an exit Imo Siut of Hank notes and thus to till a the vacuum canned Liy the impair Keiit individual and local Hank credits and i this Way break the lore of the panic tin secure a Nick return to con Lii Lence. Thu drive i. Hut file a men an thing Willi which they can pay debt Anil miss is precisely what they want Jar Thoi Nihon s proposition is to Sec tue tin inline i Hilt by Cuuthi Rii i Iii the secretin of the treat Suzy to i amino Wiiri ency suttion Iti Lor government bunds to an amount not exceeding . To Ide tto As expressed in Hitri second Besoiu tinn a Willil be a Novelty la this country hid yet it by no moans follows that it is bad . V. Independent. We Call the attention of our read we want the stigma of disgrace that is now attached to this District removed and Are willing to Aid in accomplishing this end in any Way that is honorable. Review. The Inos disgraceful stigma that has come to our notice from Tai fourth District is tha fiendish Effort put Forth by most Ollie re publican press of the break Down destroy the per Bonal reputation and influence of the Man whom the majority of the voters of the District have to Leeter to represent them in Congress when a Man Baa been fairly chosen to Inch responsibilities it is not ohly an insult to the majority it is treason to the entire population of the District to to hedge up bin path and plot against his Usefull Nens it is cowardly and disgraceful to the last degree As Well a a insulting and treasonable to follow or. Wei Lar with such nauseating Slang inn blackguard ism a has been poured Forth like emissions of a Devil fial against him since the Day it he tame Manifest that he was the people s Choice. In the few Day that Bare transpired since that body convened he has introduced More Bills for the practical Benefit mud Relief of Bis constituents than have Ever emanated Tom All his Republican predecessors his Bill for the admission of free lumber and free wire and for Ortii ing the pay of the soldiers of the civil War to a Gold Standard would do More for the general Prosperity of the people of this state a nil All the states than anything else that a ver originated with any rep Bli can representative or senator from Northern Iowa since it web a state in spite of All tha discouragement thrown in his Way or. Weller has Lade an excellent beginning and is Likely to leave a record of which his party and state May Well be proud of 1mb. Teller s position of Banks. Tho. Terald has unintentionally done t. H. Weller of the fourth District the injustice copying a interview which Pur ported to make him say he was Equi vocally opposed to All Banks of discount and this to writes ii wholly floor rect i am ill favor of batiks of discount and Uniti Iangbein unequivocally opposed to Bank of Issue of Curr Aloyi a a a it of Wefald ers to the closing paragraphs Abov tie idea proposed is the i Linda Tieti Tal idea of Greenb autism. It is pre wisely the idea that called the Green Back parly into exist use. Ali the nation Lay prostrate and pain Lyzun in a currency famine Ali Greenback parly arose and demanded first that government Bonds called in and Treasury notes issues in Tsitir Siead. How is it Oliai Ali Chicago the Chicago i ii Ibex am Numerof o her recent National Bank Organ Are now advocating tie Dingli Noti principles it the Green backers will the simplicity and umut Iiams those who have discovered a Nen truth 1 is it ignorance,.is it stupidity or is it some meaner motive to prevents such journals from Givin the Giue backers to credit which they ale entitled w Soutier than we had hoped to principles for h hich we have contented for the last toil years Are suddenly receiving the attention and us port Uliey deserve. Linso who liar borne the heat and Burden of the Battle May behold their former Oppis tie tils Slep in at the close of in contest and reap the Reward of Thecil labors yet even this does not obliterate the Joy that the. Patriot experiences Liun he witnesses Trull triumphant. Al Lubos and this Pacific pm b it 0 and. From Tia Iowa . An aul hectic history of the com Liin Tiou formed to obtain the \ m Sage of the uni Nedeil Pacific Hail Roin act of 1805, the connection if m Allison and other members of con Gress with that combis Gatior the in Lei efts awarded or. Allison in the Civ Spany organised to build to Sioux City and Pacific Railroad am the profitable i Hareuter of the enter prise Are fully set out in the recur of a suit instituted and tried ii the supreme court of the City am county of new York in 1809, entitled Charles a Lam Bard against John i. Blair Oakes Ames win b. Allison the Sioux City and i Cibij Railroad company and others the record in this ease disclose that the plaintiff Lumbard and others who engaged in lobbying the amended Pacific Railroad act of 1884, through Congress had for t t i to Europe in 1866. Pining his lib Nee the capital tie Viii my was hugely increased Lypo ii his return alter live or six months ibs Unce he claimed a pro rata of Une ninth of Elliis increase Teutul Erting the assessments upon it his claim being denied by his associates lie n ought suit to. Establish it. The title of the suit was As stated above. Or. Allison became a party Delend in and appeared by counsel. Upon Ial of Jim cause the court found Lor lie plaintiff l Imti Ard and awarded Hin Ali Ongel in 2,777 shares add lion to Stock in lieu of which a judgment is ,.in has. Favor Aga Iusi Aid Blair a and Ames and against tid company ii for the sum of two Liidi de and Twenty two Eliot Island Oise hut Idi de and lil to dollars. Jar. Allison s Jiuu i Els in the enter was the same its lain Jard s one Linth. By his legislative vote and ill i uce or. Allison to tin of the Enterprise. He Ihei. Idea in Ihu organization of tin a Nii Pany and because one of the tint original corp orators. He served in Vici Praia Tilini. And As a member of he exec live Cou Nimee of the Board it directors. There was scarcely l Meu Tibig of the. Board of directors com the first Organ a Ilion toll oui Pauy until the of tin Niilus no Lii East of t of. Wit.-, we to fenced Oki under Xool it provi Nii it Liis is a magnificent tract Al Neil if tie finest , Irr Iii or Stock farm Ali i tolling Lime to lie 1.1 Oil j i ii. City a Oiin. Giuili liners Flea r the Center i Liisi Tii Lif a a Omni Oil ins Olivell in Iti ii Beverii Reevis fruits Anil Marjre la it fird j a Oil loints will Small Creek Ilo Witoff Ulcar alld Lisle Pond. Will lie sold of a Fra Gaho impure personally or Liy Leff Tif it uie ado cat a flies in text j Den Cei t. B. Easton a Kalis in office parlor & bedroom furniture parlor sets bedroom sets chamber sets picture frames mouldings Collins caskets and Lotf Cir a undo taking a specially. Repairing neatly Dona. First door North of the pos Tofke. Postville Iowa. Matt. Beit Che a dealer is original notice. to a petition is or i. J. S r tiled Liy Mirja. Tout in i Fotioo of the operations. They were All heavily and steamers May be seen almost con California an Angle of too Tsily do d Mirit cirt of Ella Tunker comity. Iowa interested h the Cedar Lapida and tinally going up of coining Down Greas must la made and away we go Eini Mina of y Noi he Lith tried and fifty Dol alis Souri River company and in the those highways of traffic. Oakland is Over desert Plain and Fertile Valley. To Tim pm Psi Iowa contracting ind construction b City of Beauty and wealth Aud still lat Roii Tremy Mutos for Din noisy inuit it. To Juu by a mid court a Oommen Piug the itt d Day company and a co dare oof with or Mustard and Wilt Odds grow in no Tori alas for human sex quotations. Iba 0t May Sa-4. will no elite Obj against Allison John i Blair and Oakes dance Aud Tu-3 Julo cd Tatry bar Weir waiters seem to to off july and Tho to a and la a not Eru a Airov in the Ftp company went Over ing on the Bay was a wild Stock rang Cooks out of season but Tow Man who j t Ini a ii to . I syrup. S3 Bottass sold in 10 year s. A certain cure Tor dyspepsia ail diseases of the kidneys liver Sto Mach blood skin and bowels. Of tit add too Trio proving its curative Powers am Asi loll t1uxo Bemeda Tabica rat ii Amity Street nem Ioka City. For Sale by All druggists. I to Merj the kiting of Corn killers. The most desperate a i Sudj a Corni a visions wubth&o8mnidil,. Price2a cents. Foo Leas a. Unfailing re Tiedy for f lot of wore Rio and i oiii1erfeet chilb1airis,do. Price 25 Centa go
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