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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Feb 29 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - February 29, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post i full silk Veuy 1ay co., Iowa. by the dam tit i Ost a hinting Ojo any. A. B. Cook president. Frank d. Clark Secretary. ii Jurj 75 cents for pit months 40 Ovate for Throe months Atri Olly a drano local no Sioea 10 per Lino first Ineer Tiou 6 i oath Sabee Maent insertion of Rama notice the dist Biot Post. Labor and capital allies not enemies. Vol. 2. county Iowa february 29, 1884. No 19. Our principles. We advocate and will support we defend Tia rights of the Many against privileges far Tho few. Corporation Tho creation of tit Slute Elial be font rolled by Tho state Lubor and capital allies not enemies equal rights to ail after the Sermon. Our Raou Balor friends Are continually a in Iii so Inadoli about the enormous profits and spirit evinced by the gathering and predict that another election will show that the Farmers Aro abandoning the old parties who have done live association. Thin transaction indexes the of he head Center of the Register ring. The name Clarkson champions everything revalue from a Rioual banking that Home nothing Tor them in the punt and Haku a la Boot in popular for the Hond at Miudo people who know nothing that Thoy will elect men who will about it lira led to believe these profits Aro work unceasingly regardless of poli Rio Bitant. Tj0bi for mar buros calculated to Aid Why bless you Bro. Burdick you. The Farmer from the crashing weight ire late. The Greenback Era got of Hia unbearable through with that question Long ago proved it and settled it. That old we Salku s Bill antediluvian Granny the do quo tit nos has misled you on the issues i r a t. ,. For the Relief of the it is True that there is no business that1 yields As Good a Lotita As National bunking we talked recently with a Man of Means a lawyer an owner of pity property a practical Farmer and professional Money Lender. He said and in Franklin buy expedition to the Artie regions. The to Imit i and Eien Ion of Good hereafter. At 3 o clock p. In. We left men to office and Pnra in Dange r. For Durant where As usual we arrived our to i Heitov in i Economy nil pro some a to Nom 2ate Craod this time offi i bet la is to do whereas in consequence of a ser a Ioa of unwise attempts to explore the it yields me Tho Best income of any. Uninhabitable and unproductive reinvestment i hive Gigions toward the North pole Tho extensive owner of Bank Stock  live of a j number of soldiers and a National Bank director inform of us in 1879 that the Bank wit i which he was connected had never paid less than 12 per cent dividends after paying All expo sos and setting aside reserves and liar. A is for the year just past that ten years previous when the bunk yearly dividends were 25 per cent. That was for a decade of disaster when every Farmer and most Burin ass men found them Olvea growing poorer and poorer every year. It was then More than now that Greenback Era proclaimed against their extortionate profits. Though in if still lot i ail Bui he in profits and always will so Long As they Are continued the difference is not now so striking. The most noticeable Avils now a payout in the National banking system Are the incompetency of the system to furnish currency adequate to the growing wants and business of the country consequent up of the opening up of new territory and Tho growing wealth of the settled portions and Tho advantage thus Given to a class a ring a Combina Tion to control the entire business of the nation for speculative purposes. The National banking system makes it possible for capitalists Ami heavy dealers to Conjoint to boar the Price of any or All kinds of produce and then to Corner the same. Without the Aid of the National Banks such operations would be greatly crippled in their Powers for evil and the tap Root of All monopolies Cut off. It is stated that Sam. Randall took on own calamity Waller no Between his fingers figuratively renking a few Days Ayo join a the a Lou Eion of a question and squeezed him so hard that it made Weller Tho touching took of the whole House. Calamity however settled Down behind his Phoek and did t appear to mind the matter Mutoli. Perhaps or. Weller did not know that Sam. Randall was loaded when is began fooling around him. Calamity should try to be too familiar with weapons of Sammy s Down oort. Congressman Weller arose but once since Hia assault on Randal and consequent ool lapse. I want to introduce a Bill but web Ila Noad with ones of regular the fourth District is now without a member in news. Paragraphs like the above pre found in abundance in the sore eyed poodle press of the fourth District but we have observed with satisfaction that the respectable portion of the Republican Presa have got through harping on or. Wallers incapacity and to have also observed that the better class of democratic papers Are very commend tory of or. Weiler regarding his tilt with Randall. The fact is none but big-1  ted idiots would put such stuff in print As the clippings with which we introduce this paragraph. Or. Weller has acquitted himself honorable. The amendment to the rules which he proposed was just Tho thing needed to head off and shut out corrupt legislation. Like an honest Clear headed and courageous Farmer he unearthed the mischievous thing which Randall and his Tricky pals had so nicely serrated to Gull grangers with. Of course Randall was As mad As any mount Bank to have his bobs trick publicly exposed of course with the Brazen Assurance of his class he would simulate contempt and soon but withstanding we lot stripped him of his garments of of pretended superiority and stood him up before Tho people a disrobed miscreant. All Honor we say to or. Weller. If the majority of the members of oon Greas were As honest be Clear headed As fearless and As watchful of the in Forest of their constituents As or Weller the people of the United states would soon enter upon an Era of Prosperity and happiness Superior to any they have yet experienced sailors of the states and other persons Aro in Immis Sut peril and whereas the United states govern ment has at various times attempted at. The expense of several millions of dollars to Rescue persons similarly imperilled and such attempts have resulted in Thosa Eriline of a great number of lives and Imp riling a greater Upnmoor of person the in were designed to Rescue and the Bias persons engaged in certain private pursuits Are bettor fitted by training and habit to undertake such enterprises of Rescue than the soldiers and sailors of the United states army and Navy May be the of fore. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives of the United states of America in Congress assembled that the president of the United states be and is hereby Autch Riz de to offer a Reward of one Hundred thousand dollars to the owner Mas Ter and Crew of any vessel or ship that will at any time during the yen eighteen Hundred and eighty four Rescue and restore to any port in the United states lieutenant a. W. Greely and his party composing what is known As Tho lady Franklin Bay expedition to the Arctic regions or the survivors thereof at the Tim. Of such Rescue. Sec. 2. That upon the Rescue and restoration 6i said persons As provided in Section one of this act the Treasur or of the United states shall pay Tho sum of one Hundred thousand Dollar out of any Money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated to Tho owner master and Crew so rescuing in such portions to each respectively a shall have been agreed upon in state ment in writing tiled in the office of the Secretary of the Treasury Previ Ous to undertaking such Rescue. Sec. 8. That All payments under the provisions of this act shall la made in Standard Silver dollars at the United states Treasury depart Mont. Sake of popularity and bettys every to grit ii y Hin Averice. I1h organize i tie winners Alliance to head Oft the firn ii hand disrupt a popular movement he j championed Tho Kanners Prole live association and now lib. Is its most trusted agent Tor $500 he prohibition in the interests of the lieu distil Kuy and now with singular futility the prohibitionists confide Tho entire no of their Muse to him lie Ilion Lefi every movement of the i it Iliean parly and politically his very rival while the puny like a patient in slow consumption teels its energies gradually wasting and Enuh bin needing year bringing it nearer and nearer dissolution. Surely the Pernio of Iowa without distinction of party or sri to should unite to shake off the Clarkson Iii Eubien that is poisoning every source of health Anil Progress in t o Economy of the s note. Comp o All Poi Ion rings Mao Iuie c Hijii dottes. Ii i Jii dual privilege to Cor or Itoi a and frown upon the Effort h of Al Glasa a of profession min in i dinging i Xor it in it Renmin i of h a i ski Ai Inmeei he Large to lib try so i l be Alio a i for Tup discussion o All a i Tiki if i i i. In in it Fin i Noil of Ilo , Nieb can p Sib y tiie real Fanne a. I los Allie ecu b to of k for Inov Envor Ihle agricultural Pigi la. Inn Nisi to t q i Able t Ixa i ii. It ii r Gish in it ii or rate of i it Resa. A or Al Inni Irti to of he it is More in 0u i r he Trixi wants i f a i pm. And e-1ally u Uit rat o Oil h Clention in the Lull of leg Filati n m Coon i. Liow to org i ize i Mil. No. A o i live a o r i ii filter give g agreed a and lib  tiie names of a six or morn Chart a Iii lies o in ii tier Iii i cd Liuio toe 0 t a tar. L a. , Sec. Of Sla a a do t , Toie Liti Kan. By a freight train being off the track near Winona. To were very favourably impressed with Durant and Tho surroundings hero had the Best Bod and table we have found Sinoto leaving Iowa and if you Over visit this Beautiful Little town Stop at Tho West Hobo you will will find every Leeomo successful As it probably a Voi Ilij in a Short time the Market for liquors would consequently be d Isle oyed in All he Stales and the ii i o distil nay would have to go my of business. If there is any Good in a government it should to Manifest in seasons of sudden and unexpected Ca utilities. It would soem to to our of Tho first and plainest duties of government to provide for Tho vie Tiras of tire flood Tornado earthquake Fumino pestilence oct and this provision should be Amplo to Supply every need and meet every  Mergo Noy that May possibly arise. For this purpose an Accident uti rear a Dould be established stale and no ional with ability to act and Power i use funds when Vor needed. I nay be very humane and Chris Fiat like for cities and nations to bestow charities upon each other in times if dire calamity but such help is a Vaya behind hand insufficient am Laulo to to misdirected and misapplied. Far hotter that the funds of government to spent in maintaining an Active and folic sent Accident in Roii capable of meeting Tho demands of any casually at onco Ablo to cd into action at an hour s notice Force enough to stay disaster where Oan be stayed and provide Relief whore Relief is needed than in maintaining useless armies and navies and dress Parade militia. What handsomer thing Oan a member of Congress do than present a Bill for the establishment of such a Bureau what More proper thing can the Puoplo do than to petition Congress for the adoption of Ruoh a measure it is now expected that Tho Sioux a i sur vation in Dakota will be open d to Iho homesteader and pc Omlor his Spring. It is a Largo and desirable tract. Who would t to an Indian. The a special correspondent to Pioneer Prosa feb. 22, says the loaders of the Farmers move meat at Moo Rhoal announce that hot la to pleased with the attendance. C. F. Clarkson editor of Tho Dos Moines Register received 500 for printing a libellous editorial concern aug a. L. Carpenter the farm ers1 protective association Barb wire manufacturer of Dos Moines yet the same Register has assumed Tho most conspicuous Plado As special Champion of the Farmers Proteno the Farmer s Alliance the following Are the Aims on o s Ami purposes of the Bovo or initiation first to enable the Farmers to Ettor by United efforts Pontet Iii selves hostile leg isl i Ion fur her i Croin a ii cats of Ilio Gri a re Road combi nations and in Deivory to place the Railroad lib under the i control of Mie United is a is go Vernon it a the nest practicable Way of ending the and rings within inns that Are robbing the prod ers Ami shippers of the Conn re in he Iii i jets of a few men. Second to Seoi ire n More equitable assess input of taxes Rufii that each property owner will be compelled to pay according to the projection that Ilia properly ice ires. Third t work for the Elevation of a Uriel Tare by tue Merit no. Moral Aud so improvements of its , which can be Best effected by frequent meetings free discussions cultivating and Del eloping their Best Talent for business. By and trial adopt a More rations Al system of tillage one guided by Tho exercise of More Bruin and thereby command a return commensurate with the Copral brain a my muscle employed in its production. The Ailia co will seek by plans and joint Arran Gemmiti to obtain higher prices for All the Farmer s productions and cheaper prices for All As on Anim e of others products. To encourage and practice the Cash system in buying and ii lying thereby saving heavy sex menses Luc tired in losses by agencies officers and interest. To of Pone special and Birbb legislation and rebuke misguided a Gisa Tion of tie Pant to Endeavor to boo Ute Canton miss., feb. 22.1884.-i am sorry i have not b enable to write Yon often but there Hus been so much to see Aud hear and to have been constantly on the go whenever the weather and roads would permit and one cannot look write and talk very Well at Tho same time. After the convention at Jackson tenn., closed we went North and East to Nashville then South to Columbia and West to take in it. Pleasant Sunini Nerlon Lawrenceburg oct but the roads were so bad that we could not travel it All off the Pike. We had been on the go for seven Days and in that Lime Only saw Tho Sun for a part of one Day. When to left Homo it was snowing and so continued until we reached Central Illinois then it was Mist and sleet. Soon after crossing the Ohio River it to rain in Earnest and How it poured soon afer our arrival at Jackson. The people told us that it nud rained everyday but one for eleven Days so you can judge of Tho condition i he roads were in. Porno of the ardent determined northerners started out to see Tho country in West of town on foot but soon returned a Lailo or two was sufficient for Thorn. Est of Columbia flier is Tine farming country and lauds Aro High there is also some Fine farming country South and Oast of Columbia and bet leu Columbia and Nashville. Tributary to Franklin and Thompson Are line lands not held so High As about Columbia after closing on trip we will Endeavor to get in one letter so As to be convenient for reference in regard to lands and other matters of interest to the Northern people. To have met Many prominent citizens of the South Aud have a Large number of names and addresses in our note books. To have been received every where with cordial hospitality and have mixed freely with All classes getting passable information As o lands crops Church Aud school Privi legos taxation Call of which Aro cheerfully furnished. At Nashville we saw much to interest and instruct us. From Tho top of the state House the View is very Fine taking in a Largo extent of country. The Columbia River like All the Southern Rivers was out of its ban Ltd and it was said that about 300. Buildings Wero surrounded by water. Returning from Middle tonne see when in the Platteau Between the Cumber land Aud ten Nossow Rivers a furious rain set in and continued until we reached Mckenzie. We then turned South West to Milan. For awhile the Sun shone out Bright and Cloar. About 3 o clock p. M. On Tho 20th the wind began to blow from the Northwest and after a heavy Shower of rain it suddenly turned quite cold and we had quite a Snow storm. From Milan we tinted South. Our first atop was at Holly Springs where we arrived about four hours late it is a Nice town located we Are told on Tho highest land in the state Between Cairo and new Orleans. It was our Good Fortune to meet Gen West who by the Way is not a stranger in Iowa having Boon on Llie stump in the Causa of Greenback ism. He showed is around Tho City and Over his magnificent Garden and fruit Orchard Green House and we spent an enjoyable time in the general s studio and were sorry when the time came to leave for the depot we met othei1 kind friends at Holly Springs or High to will refer to room you will tie Well served. In company with two gent Lomon whom we will mention hereafter we visited a fruit farm near town where Thoy were putting out various plants. Cabbages tomatoes and onions wore no some two or three inches fruit frees in Blossom Aud Tho Dowers in the Garden wore very inviting wit i their fragrance Aud brilliance. Spent a few pleasant moments with the editor of Tho Durant news and left the office Only when Tho train was at the depot. Bidding Adieu to kind friends we were soon under headway arriving at Canton at Sundown took a rumble last night and Mot some pleasant Inte Wigent gentlemen and Aro under obligations to or. Kelly and n. J. Mosby Tho latter having a farm soar town of about 1,500 acres. Took quite a walk this morning about town Aud being tired to pen you these few lines while Friend Ballon is at the depot seeing How soon we will leave for Jackson the capital of Tho Stute. J. E. Collett. Men s gloves and mittens Cardegan jackets flannel shirts ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job lot of Felling a it Edwood. It was we d up on the Side of a Mountain in Tho midst of a magnificent scenery. Tho tree was 25u feet High and twelve feet in diameter. I climbed to the top and found thu men arranging the bed on which the True was to fall. Tho Boss stood you Tho trop sight ii Down the Mountain Side and directed Tho rolling Ustiy of a Boulder or the placing of a mass of Large limbs to Savo the body of the tree Faborn being broken. Suppose the tree should take a notion to fall in Soma other Trees replied the Boss fall where they Are told to fall. They have no kinks of their own about do you moan to say that you can make that immense tree fall exactly into that Saddle of limbs certainly to the Millionth part of a hair Tho Bud on which Tho tree was to fall being completed Tho Boss went up above on Tho Mountain Nide where to could sight Tho tree and Tho bed and cried out Aro you ready to Aye Nyo now Michigan five cuts near the bark. Hold on Michigan now Missouri chop till i Tail you to Stop. Hold on Missouri i now Ohio with your Long handle near the Center. There hold Ohio now let Minnesota come in with Hia Long handle. Gold Minnesota for fifteen minutes this wont on when the magnificent monster which had stood there while ten generations of the ancestors had Moul dered in their Graves began to Bend. I stood where i could detect the motion. After there had been a distinct movement the Boss cried out Michigan Sharp close by you the monster wont Down with an awful power., it struck precisely in the bed prepared Fot it. It was r Long time before the tremendous crush died Awny in Tho strange Mountain Lewis. Ail of the above goods and Many others t & numerous to mention will be sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections before the Best Are gone. Respectfully yours 3htjltz & Welzell Matt. Beuchle a Dzalbs in heavy Shelp hardware Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery also builder s hardware of All Kinaj Aatifa nation. Hopper Ware. Make a specially of Job a t c a i i Wirra at it will pay you to Call at the old syllable hardware stores a examine our Stock and get prices before purchasing Ola whoa Matt Beucher Postille Iowa. Postville drugstore. Bayless Douglass & co., props. And dealers in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes colors. Brushes miscellaneous and school books stationary cords albums toys a musical instruments tobacco and cigars nuts and candies. The Fin just Stock of Wall paper in this West physicians prescriptions Cru fully compounded. Brok Block Postville Iowa. Of Mercial Barber shop under commercial House n. A. Mcnaul artist. Hair cutting a specially Choice cigars. Alla Makee county pay mar s Mutual Aid lightning wind and Tornado insurance go. A Ornis we april 8,18fi 2.h James f. D. A Iau Secretary. Dibe toes Herman Soglow Volney Iowa. A. J. Lamp Boll a " " John Gilbert Myron " j. Boebe Waukau " it shh. Kobs Villo j59?"fdi apply to the a above. Or for full particulars inquire of the so Erotas i be i jul i m Postville t b. Easton Deal Bois office parlor & bedroom furniture parlor sets bedroom sets Gham Ziph Beth picture frames mouldings coffins caskets and Kontoes undertaking a specially. Repairing neatly done. First door North of the Postof Lico. Postville Iowa. Erantz Sli Ultz prop., Manchester Iowa. Will do custom or Exchange work. The Best grades of flour kept on hand and warranted As represented. Tiik Bess restaurant i. Sheehy proprietor. Moals furnished at All hours on Short notice and in first class style. Al full line of groceries and confectionery. The finest Stock of tobacco and cigars in Tho Market Don t forget thus. Fresh Beer wine and cider. Gome in and see me. Jouk s. Mutt. Mott James Madaii. Mcadam. Of Balkh in hardware Toves an i pow we Curry a full Stock of heavy and shelf Aree which a lowest living p give us a Call. My subscribe 1
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