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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Feb 22 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - February 22, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post Ejbl Whid by Katy Tubat Joclin. Hafg Papock editor Ned Jan Nagpur nil Zahed by the debt act Post of Kittiko a Outt. A. B. Jook president. Be Ajak d. Park ser eur to a year 75 Oen Tii for Nix Raos tha 40 a me n a time the labor an4 capital allies not enemies. The District Post. Vol. % pm still Alla Makee county in want butt by re last thursday representative Weller proposed an amendment to House Eitle xxi by the addition of boo. 7. It is the custom of the Haj ice to present numerous Bills a Gragat ing Many hundreds perhaps thous ands. The rules of the Raj no provide that every Bill introduced shall be printed and placed on file open to the inspection of every member also that very Bill when reported from a committee shall be accompanied with a report and immediately transmitted by mail to every member of the House notwithstanding All this it in simply impossible for any member to keep the run of All Tho a Bills in Bra mind and to ready at any moment to act Intelli of them. Frequently a crot arrangement Are made among a few members in the interest of a Meas i to bring up a Bill s " reported for passage unexpectedly to a Large por Tion of the House. Advantage thus taken of member s absence or inattention or they Are suddenly brought to vote upon a measure with out being Prenn red. The cunning and adroit under this arrangement Koure the passage of Bills not in the interests of the people. It is a cover and ambush from a who Chi often the liberties of the people Are assailed and destroyed. It is the secret wire where by a few old liners control largely the legislation of the House a gag placed in the Mouth of every honest Man fresh from the people t prevent him from doing harm to introduce Ingui nity or doing Good for his constituents. My Weller in worthy of the highest commendation for his fearless efforts to secure the adoption of a Plain just common sense Rule. He evidently caused quite a squirming in the Viper Den the Bill and the discussion thereon in another column. Tjho no 18. Wendell Phillips was born in bos Ion nov. 29, 1811, and list d there All life. His father John Phillips was the first mayor of Boston and of course sent him to Harvard whence he graduated in 1831. He was admitted to practice jaw in 1834, but As neither his taste nor necessities required him to remain in the profession he Hoon left it and for Many years devoted his main energies to the anti slavery cause with which he was prominently identified from the time of the murder of Lovejoy which aroused jigs first eloquent speech in Faneuil Hail in 1837, to the close of the War and the enfranchisement of the Blaloc Man. To waa pen unflinching out a poker abolitionist. In the height of the anti slavery movement when its advocates were often treated with obloquy and brutality Hia eloquent voice commanded attention and re Apoc from Many who went Only to coff and jeer. His oratory was Peculiar to himself. To had the Art of blending history Tati tin anecdotes denunciations and argument in the most captivating Way so from the time he began to speak to the close the interest never flagged. He spiced his addresses with pointed and bitter personalities and never lived of excoriating the slave holders and their friends and Many was the telling blow which he dealt to the Al lies of the South among Northern Church and social and business institutions. Hia polished spam climb were Prepa de with Faro memorized and delivered in a free easy going and conversational style that was at once original and charming. His appearance As n speaker became a Bine to for a Large audience. As he stood before an audience in Soru Puloma and tasteful dress with easy Grace and Bright intellectual face he was a Good picture of a gentleman of the old school. He lived forty years on the old Homestead in Essex Street Boa Tod was finally compelled to leave it by the opening of a new Street in 1882. It was Here that he used to re Celivo old John Brown of Saaw Ottomie and his fugitive slaves and Many a Chip of the old House has been taken away by relic Hunters. Here he nursed tenderly for years his invalid wife to whom he gave life Long Devotion. After removing from Essex Street he lived in common Street. Some of or. Phillip s bitterest speech of were made luring the War. From the first he saw that the War was the Opportunity for the slave and he kept urging the North to More Active measures he was impartial with or Lincoln and in one of his speeches in Cooper Institute declared that or. Lincoln was an old he made thrilling pee ones in favor of arming educating and a franchising the Blacks and was always predicting that they would seize the Opportunity to free the sacrifice of their masters. He was a warm id Odate of the emancipation Procla Ito a of Bath Fremont gtd Lincoln and the fruition of his Hopes was found in the adoption of the fifteenth amendment. My. Phillips found time All his life for urging other reforms also. He was always an advocate for Temperance and for the enfranchise ment of women and he was & Rorai nent speaker on those topics at the close of the War. Or. Phillips came prominently to the front As an adv Oate of the principles of Tho Green Back labor party. He got 20,000 votes As a labor and Temperance candidate for governor of Massachusetts in 187 0 and became celebrated for Lis marked utterances on the labor question As had characterized his anti slavery speeches. When the lecture system in this country was most in favor and other amusement for Small 1 cities and towns were not so common As now or. Phillips was in great de Mand an a lecturer. Among his most celebrated lectures Weye those on the lost eulogies of Theodore Parker and John Brown and Tousaint l overture the lost arts was a charming literary production full of curious data going to show that Tho ancients were in Many respects ahead of the mod eras in works of Art. He even traced the ancient history of Many Modem jokes. He varied the lecture from time to time and delivered it hundreds of Tiu Aeb in various parts of the North. On the chinese question mr., Phil lips differed from some of the abolition orators and favored Tho restriction of chinese immigration As a Means of essential Protection of american workmen. He said they who seek to flood us artificially with barbarous labor Are dragging Down the american Home to the level of the horseless Street herds of China. If the workingmen have not combined to prevent this it is time they should when Rich men conspire poor men should Combine. Or. Phillips was medium height compactly built erect and of Graceful Carriage. Hia eyes were Blue. He usually wore Short Side whiskers the Grag Kulb. Weller stirs up the snakes. From record amendment to Hule xxi by addition of action 7. Sun. 7. That no Bill before the House Nail a brought up for Teal action until a copy of Ruou Bill with a copy of the Oom Mitlee b report there i 1ms been put on Tho Lelec of each member on the Day of Vrzich final action a or. Weller i desire the attention especially of the new members on this floor to this proposed Rule. I believe myself in old fashioned sound statesmanlike Jodi ermonian and jacksonian democracy. I believe in that kind of democracy whore wilful harm to one is the concern of All. It Beems to me that Thih proposed Rule will obviate some of the difficulties to which now members Are especially liable to be subject. For instance Only to Day u Bill was called up in this House for consideration. Did not have time to look Over the files and ascertain the number and character of till the Bills that have Een presented. Very frequent Bills arc called up for consideration the purport of which members of the House generally Are wholly unacquainted with. It seams to me that a Rule of this ind will obviate that difficulty and not permit any member to go Home to Hia constituency and when the object matter of a Bill anti d upon by Congress is brought to his attention and complaint is made of his vote on it by Bis constituency allow him to say he did not know the contents of the Bill that to was ignorant of what it contained and therefore he voted a advisedly for it. To have a great Many prominent just autos of the necessity for the Rule which i have proposed. At the time when Silver was de monetized some of the members of this Houe from the state of Iowa went Home to their constituencies and said to Tho people who complained of their action in de monetizing Silver that they did not know tire scope of the Bill wore ignorant of it purport that it was read simply by its title and they voted a advisedly for it and  regretted their action. In some instances they were excused and in some notable Iii Tanc be they were not excused by the people j desire that whenever a Bill shall be called up for action in this House a copy of that Bill shall to Laid on the desk of each member accompanied by a report of the committee thereon so that each member cannot plead ignorance of the provisions of the Bill. The Bill de monetizing Silver wrought a Complete overturn in sentiment in. Our state regarding Tho reliability or painstaking care of some of Tho members from that state on this floor. This very morning i had to go As it were with the Speed of thought to the clerk s desk in order to ascertain the number of a Bill which had been called up for consideration yer courteously the clerk hunted Over Tho tiles in his Possession and gave me the number of the Bill. I Bent for oth principles. We advocate and will Epport and defend the rights of the Many against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of to state Hal to controlled by the state labor and capital Allien not semies equal rights to ail vide that every Bill Whon reported j we to right Well acquaint of. Pros Back from a committee a Lull be act entry another Man who looked like a companies with a report which shall merchant came in and was Mir prised be printed and immediately Frausto see one of the old armours melted by mail to individual j Vivell Well Well said the new members of the House. The gentle a Man i m glad to see you maybe Man from own As Well As every other you can help me out of a Litlo Ero Momber a Hud it in his Power to a morning trouble. I Waif to pay a read Over such reports upon every Runn a Little Bill on train before i gel Bill reported at the earliest Pranica off at Mendota and i Haven t Money ble moment and before any action enough. If you will lot to have Tho Bill and Whon i had secured it i on the Bill could to taken $100 on my Check i la to very much dispatched a Page to the document-1 Weller i would like to inquire room for a copy of the report of the again of Tho gentleman from Ponn j certainly i m glad to do and committee. He returned with Tho in Ivl Vania whether it is not True to at out Azuc the Farmer s Pucka Typo a formation that no report was there to members of a former Congress did but Vlasi to had Only $40 in Small goo Lis will t c Ftp f allows i be found. Plead the a reuse of ignorance . Bills and a Beautiful Crisp $500 Bill. I it seems to Roe that this is a very their votes on the Bill de monetizing j you Are perfectly Welcome to the Roa Couable request a request that Silver  $40 if that la help Yon out or the ?c00 certainty ought to be granted for the Randy i Havo nothing to do if you can got it Benefit of new members. We have with the ignorance of any Man. In perhaps your Friend Here can officers and Obj or already engaged say Tho rules of the House i Ivy no in up us Tho $-10 will hardly an and prepared for this work and no i excuse ser said the merchant and than extra outlay will be needed to Accom-1 Eller is it not beyond the Abili i he apologized for making so much trouble. Well softly said Tho other Farin or who had until now been quietly looking on i can t change a $500 plish the purpose of my proposed to of any member of House to men Druen of rules. I am aware read All those reports and to Astor Chat men who have grown Gray in j Tain which Bill in to Torao up the Norvice of their country in this Randall-1 will yield a minute and we now offer our entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered in Postville. These. I men s gloves and mittens Cardegan jackets flannel 8hirts,ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job lot of distinguished body Havo become so a half to the gentleman to that he Bill but i can give Yon another one min liar with the methods of pro cod ure Here that they Are Seldom at a loss. But i know that frequently mutters Are brought up which i have had no reasonable Opportunity to carefully consider but upon which i am to cast my vote. I do not propose to undertake to carry in my mind the subject matter of each Bill so that when mention in made of it i Oan immediately determine just what i Oug it to do in casting my Vole for or against it. There being already thousands of them introduced i want to save the Little ability i have for the other work of this House which is More needful. One of the troubles it seers to me which now members of this House continual y la pvt with is that on the Pur of Tho moment matters of Groat a Portano Are brought up which they have had no reasonable Opportunity to consider carefully but on j which they Are called to cast their tinal votes. I submit this proposition in Tho of my constituency. They Maud that every vote i cast of this floor shall be cast advisedly shall to cast Afler mature thou it and deliberation. They demand that i cast no Rote in reference to which i am compelled to present to them the excuse that under the rules of this House with is eur Imus pressure of business i was prevented from know ing what i was doing. I find , that there is a Calendar hav ing some Bills on its pages indicating that Thoy Are to come up for action but this Calendar folding up Oue is the Only one i have received during this entire session of Congress. I know that May measures have been passed Here of which i had to reasonable Opportunity to determine by knowledge thereof what i should properly do by vote or otherwise. For instance a Case came up in regard to a National Bank in the state of Texas. Now or. Speaker i am opposed to that infernal undemocratic Bank system. Do not want to be caught Here casting a vote for it in any particular and then to called upon to plead to my constituents that i was ignorant in Tho premises of my action. Thus i raised the objection this morning to the speaker of this body i Mals a parliamentary inquiry but the sneaker informed me that i had not struck the right Lino. There is another reason in favor of my proposition i am not much More familiar with the rules of this House than Tho distinguished gentleman from Pennsylvania sex governor curtain who informed us the other Day that he knew nothing about them and hoped he never should and i am Labouring under the same difficulty As that gentleman. I believe that the House ought to Accord us thib amendment. Speaker Tho time of the gentleman from Iowa or. Weler has expired. B Randall or. Speaker in my judg Mont Thero is no earthly excuse for any member of this House to plead ignorance of Itiat goes on Here. Weller i would like to know from the gentleman from Pennsylvania whether Many members of the House in a former Congi Ose did not plead the excuse of ignorance in reference to their votes on the Bill de monetizing Silver. Randall i Bay that was  matter Between themselves and their constituents the rules of the House had nothing to do with it. Horr will the gentleman from Pennsylvania allow me a moment Randall directly. Now the rules of this House provide that every Bill introduced Here shall be printed and placed upon a tile where every mom Lior Cah Rales to Triy put his inquiries All tog other j for it und i think it came out of Tho and then \ Caa answer him. Weller-1 desire then again to Abathe Gont Lom a whether it Vienot beyond the ability of any member on this floor to take the thousands of Bills and the accompanying report As they the Bills Are filed in the document room and reports Are mailed to him by Tho Printer read them Over carefully place Thom the reports with the Bills to which they apply bring Thom Here and then ascertain which Bills Aro to come up and which not and when one of them May be brought up for final action. Uandull-1 cannot toll Tho gentleman which Bill Are to come up or which Are to Tho Home can do that. But i will Tell him my practice and it illustrate Weller i have not had my minute and a half. Pardon me. Sir. Laughter i would like to Imi Uii a lie Thor it ban not been understood throughout Tho country that Thih Lourte has been working under the a a Law Rule to the injury of the people and in the interests of the monopolies of Tho country which Are Satiu the life Bloo Douton the people App Nuro on Tho Republican wide i wish to nay to the gentleman furthermore that in Iowa and i am glad of it the Republican bide of the i Iohp was charged in the Luai con Rena As being a party of the Tang Law by Tom and there wan a Complete overturning Thore thank Godl Lan Fth Toro Thodos Moorati Side 1 do not want this Side of the Housetop it their foot in Tho sumo kind of n trap for i want to Havo you wining St if we the National party cannot win applause Thor fore i Appeal to Tho democratic Side of tha House to give us a Rule by which we Oan not to put in the portion of pleading ignorance in the matter of our votes. Speaker Tho ten minutes allowed for debate on this Resolution Aro exhausted. Randall i would like to have half a minute. Anderson All right take it. Randall to am glad the gentleman from Iown has had the Opportunity Tofu tafe his position on Tho subject to which he has alluded and thay Are presented to the consideration of Tho country but i wish to state to him an Opportunity Haa been presented to him at All times Aioli a i Tako advantage of that in to look to the heading of every report which comes to me through Tho mail to that i May know whether it relates to such b subject a interests my constituents. It is the same sort of Diligence i commend to Tho Gentilman from Iowa which has enabled me hero during my Long term never to Havo East a vote in favor of any monopoly of any sort or kind. Appl Nso Weller i of not Here and now charge the Lii Tinonis Jod from Pennsylvania with boil 3 very distinguished in Tho Liuo of Oast if has vote for monopolies but 1 dosi�7 it has Ueall Over the country that he is a special a Avocato of Thom Flaughter and applause of the Republican Side Landall i have lived Long enough to Havo lived Down that of me. I applause on Tho democratic bide. Spoa Koi the clerk will now read the next amandine dment proposed to the rules by the gentleman from Alabama or. Fiarino Batch and was printed on Tho same and turning to the other old Farmer he said if your partner had t come just As he did Mino would Havo been hero in a minute. I be been Goetting ready to work on that game Ever since to left at Mendota four very much disgusted conf Douce Mon stepped off Tho train and stood around in Tho cold waiting for a train returning to Chicago. Four of a kind. From Tho Troy Tol Grimi. A rustic looking Man sat in Tho smoking car of an Omaha train hint tuesday night Whon another Rural looking person Camo in. Is this seat taken a asked the new Comer. No sir sit Down sit right Down said the other making room next to him soon the two old Farmers were in conversation. Where Are you from 1" i live near Buda. Where do you Hail from i m a Protty Noar neighbor of yours i live near Kew Auoe farming yes. Aro you Yos farming and been to town with Stock yes brought up u Hundred head of steers i brought and so the conversation ran on until just before tha train reached Meu duta and. Tha two old. Farmers a misunderstanding. Texas sittings. I thought i to id take a run no and Seo if you did t want to buy a sewing machine said the agent to Farmer Grimes.  i Don t know As i do replied Tho former i be got most of my a Prius sowing but won t you need it for rowing in Tho summer look hero Young Feller to Don t How in Tho summer. To cuts an gathers and me be you la to tolling to not that your nine hire will Hull in the crap an put it in Tho Bam. Don t Como around hero with any of your big Don t be ruffled Ray dear sir i think you do not understand me. I mean it machine to Bow cloth not hum you do do you then you d bettor go talk to the Wim Raon. It s a Good thing you did t moan Tho other kind for if you d kept on toll ing to about your wonderful machine for Puntin and ret Ipi you d got me a Rippin and Tonkin till i d basted you All of the above goods and Many others to numerous to mention will be sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections before the Best Are gone 1.1 a Potje s. Shulz & Welzel Matt. Beucher is Abb in he by c shelf Habda Abe Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery Hopper Ware. Also builder s hardware of All Kunj make a specially of Job w Vanl warrant satisfaction. It will pay you to fall at the old reliable hardware store or Exalaine our Stock and get prices before purchasing Al Ewh a re Juii Matt Buechek r  Postville Iowa Postville Ducr store Bayless Douglass & co., prop s and do alums in a bold bad mini tutored the Odi Tor w room u ii u base Bull club in Lim liquid and asked for the bo.s�. I m your Man Kaiu Tho editor twinting about Utica i by in bin chair. Well i m Here to hoc about what you Bud in about to hint week and have an explanation or a fight All ngut i la explain Boot Udo it there in anything. I win do hoi Tor than another it its lec Plum. What s wrong Why you said i whipped my wife Ivory Day in Tho Woik and it Ain t hut did t you whip Lici of 1 did but did t i do it Only Throe Iii us a week and 1 Don t intend to have my reputation ruined by Dillons Nolion in lilo Newa Pupuis a and you Cim be your blood of it. A Man s family la something sacred to him and when invade Tho dome tic Circle As you have done Convoy a wrong impression of me. I m going to Settle with homebody in ii milks it Lively. You change that notice now to read three times a week or you la have a poll of Kio Knesh and shaking his club to departed leaving the editor to make the . The earnings for the Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul railway for the month of january Agirre ated 81,487,000 again ii $l,350,ou0 for the siting Mouth in 1884, an increase of $108o00. Tho earnings for the fourth a Cek in the month were , and for the corresponding week Utt year $385,000 a gain of 0. Walt h. Butler has entered suit against the Gazette editor for libel during Tho last Campaign claiming $.5,0cu damage. Drugs medicines paints oils varnishes colors brushes Alisal Lanous and school books stationary cards albums toys an 3 musical instrument tobacco and cigars nuts and candies the finest Stock of Wall Papek in the West 1 carefully compounded. Brok Block pop trill Iowa. T. B. Easton office parlor & bedroom furniture i Aklo sets bedroom sets of Hambsh syst by Frankot moulding coffins. Ca Akots and Robes. a bps Salty repairing neatly done. First door North of Tho Pust Moa Postille Iowa Manchester flouring jill3, Frantz Shultz prop., Manchester Iowa. Wim to Chis com or Exclia Tiore work. The hcs to Griglok of flour Kopton Hunt and in represented. The Boss restaurant de. Sheehy proprietor. Meals furnished at All hours of Short notice and in first Tolaas tyls. A full Hue of groceries and confectionery. The finest. A Tock of tobacco and Cigar in the Market Don t forget that. Fresh Beer wine and cider. Gome in and see me. Jobs s. Mow. Mott amiss mafia it & Mcadam. In Ulkus in hardware stoves and tinware we carry u full Stock of heavy and 8h61fa�.8, High ire to it fee lowest living rates. Mott a Madam Postville la. 1 it give u3,a Call. Subscribe for the Post
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