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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - February 15, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post Wuhu Haku Vicky Tiu Day at i Ottille Vuxta Markk to., Iowa. M b. Bitch look. Mitor Jed Malinger c Dublin Hod by the Din Ritico Post a Kintino v my it. A. B. Look president. A thank d. Clark Secretary. .te11mb-?1.b0 a year 75 Oenn for Pix months 40 cents for thru moist lib strictly 9 adv Nuce. Local notices 10 per Lino first insertion Al fur in Tertrou of same notice labor and capital allies not enemies. Vol. 2. Postville Alla Makee county Iowa february 15, 1884. No. 17. Tin i to Rich Post. Our principles. To adv Este und Wilt support and doled tits rights of the Muny against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation Oftle of state Shal be controlled by the state labor and capital allies Zotea emits equal rights to All. State senator Graven of Dubuque is expected to contest col. Hendersons claims its Republican candidate Lor Congress from Tho third District. Thompson me cosh of Burlington claims to have invented a i Nahinu by which Barb wire can be Tado at. Nizio halt the Cost of any process now in use. If this is trim it Means a Fortune for Means i rather than any Benefit for banners Romo lucidity has Lauly Uia or for or. Weaver i he i its i Milf Mii Vav of it t lie Ireon quirk Ilc Himori it . We Don know Valiere or. Weaver u hut Lyle Nolle seems in be stun. Ii in is Kin or i Leer now. It will or. In blvd stray it fun to hews Tail it r Mere Llian us to i try. I propose to Wake them no a litle. I have bad one discussion on be Tariff with the same Man. I shall discuss the railroads Tho cur Eney and other said William Tell to i native Rnniiii-1 Ains after escaping from Tho h ser i m with you once again a friends f hold to you my bands of show they still Are free so we. Ii Lac of or. Foster the Granite .11011 Iii o n Niv Hampshire will  Tot ions remain ignorant of to sex stance of the Greenback parly. In reply to our question Why not treat the gun Holder to Tho same that was Given to the Bro. Burdick remarks. This is a Small question but it opens a Field far too Broad for our space this Wank the question is not Only Short but simple. Multitude of words Darken counsel end generally used to Pervert judgment. The following is our solution through Tho manipulations of legislation the Bond holders in vestment has been depreciated 200 per cent without Tho risk to life or health by Tho name Means in addition to the risk of life and health the a gun holders Money investment was Down Oia Tod o o per. Cont. Further having tilled their term of service a. Gun holders they have As plow bold Era devoted Twenty years of toil to make Good the appreciation Denand d by the Bond holders and have additionally paid yearly taxes on the profits of their labor to defray Tho expenses of the government that should be for the Becht of ally that the bondholders May go untaxed. This is the Plain unvarnished statement of the fact in the Case and requires no comment a argument. The contrast Between the conditions of Bond bolder und gun Holder is to great As Between Light and darkness As Between lord my slave. There is not a Man Woin in or child of average intellect in the land but can Soo the discrepancy at a glance and volumes of line drawn Sophis tries cannot dissipate the 11a-Ifrant injustice of the who1? transaction. Simple Justice in this enso demands that the party who has Boon Over paid shall Divide his profits with die party that has been underpaid flow to approximate the nearest to such a settlement is it question which should engage the at tent on of a people and of statesman leg Isla Loi b in Congress. More graciously than he. Than Why not extend it until it enfolds in its healthful influences every sincere honest Man. To have formed the acquaintance of several living in this Vicinity in is of them Are known to to intelligent Reading thinking men successful in business and Largo property owners. Tho same is True in the counties of Clayton Delaware Dubuque. Fayette Bremer Bilic Kliwak and Buchanan. Among the Farmers Are found the most wealthy Wili estates in Many instances ranging in value from $5 ,-000 . Among manufactures and dealers May be mentioned those whose transactions run far into Tho Hundred thousands and into Tho millions. Why cannot musings men not Only editors but merchants and manufactures and professionals in their Intercourse with the world suppress Tho offensive Nesb of partisan and sectarian prejudice. A Lew Hare acquired the Happy Arl on such the Sun of Prosperity will Stroly Shine. Bro. Burkick left the cares and per plot its of the editorial Sanctum last monday for a trip to Tho sunny South. Bro. Ii a always carries a Good Supply of Suu Shino with him anyhow and we shall expect upon his reappearance to find him More genial than Ever. 1 Overma Steyng Issue. The assertion that Green hackers s8 a role Are not bankrupt is too thin to need notice. Look at it in this country it has Only thrived at till thong the Bluff y and sterile Banks 01 the yellow and the Iowa Rivers where Prosperity is almost unkown. Review. We Don t know Many of the Green backers of this comity and we Ara no acquainted on the sterile Banks of co yellow and Iowa Rivers but whatever Tho fact it is not in Good taste and in Raluy places it would not be healthy in a general Way for an udi a Tor thus publicly to insult the Citi on of his own county even if they do differ from him in politics. We must confess that by o. Burdick has a courage that we do hot possess to do not dare to insult an honest Man simply because in differs from us or in poor. But such things Are common. A prominent merchant of this place Tiger singly remarked to tvs recently that Tho Greenb ackors As a class Don t Amy Many goods and this notwithstanding some of his Best Cue homers Are Green Bokera. Bro. Bur St earnet thought of the most profound editors f wait Coors 1 and statesmen of the nation. In not. For n moment think tint because the Small Irv poli in Atis Lingo Insy waved it Down. That it his Disasi Cai de. Any person who has Reao the current polities of tile season knows or ought to know tint then is no a a Hiick rec Niue so Munci coi a ideation or film ted to be of Uch vital import Noco As tin g eeb Iek , Trio sonic. If it to Iii be that they Are Dis cussing i Een Packiam Ami Sny so in As Many words but they onh i Xii bit their i Ufi Potance or Dis Liou a Siy in so doing. What is or end Velci a ? Pun and simple it is tha t 7u known but one change in the Posi 1011 of the Greenback party a their distinctive principle he Constitution of the Cun Iii a i Bis is it when the in try was lir organized pc ii Iod thai Iliria icy Hirou ii be Biliter convertible rout Bonds to end renew and bad. To i Bonis at. The of Ion of tie Holder. I la 1h scheme was abandoned by the  arty generally and an absolute i Gal tender currency Avoca of. Ensti fid. And Vul have kno i no Han e Simiu e. Bro. Bun Liek says the Stib Jea if future currency is agitating tin country considerably but not from the Greenback g mining the advocates of a government currency instead of 11 haul currency this fail and Winter have been the Chicago Tribune and lie Chicago times these papers have printed several lengthy and can fully written editorials upon lie subject. The Veteran banker Thompson of Bank note reporter notoriety very forcibly advocates a he pm me before a banking convention in Chicago and the new York Independent commented favourably thereon. Congo o Sinan Buckne Rof Missouri Lias introduced a Bill in Congress or is preparing to do so looking to the same purpose null it is said that he has a Large following in Congress. Our Friend says tin s is not Frrtz the Greenback standpoint. Some of those rec of Iii Efti in timid Honvo been for an absolute Legal tender currency this is in on Aeki Mii nothing More nor less soon a Are for leaving out the Legal tinier Quality even this v Only he nearer to pure Green Bick Isra than the no further Extension of slavery Republican Plit Fonn of 1860 was to pure abolitionism and of. The former included the later. It Tho government Issue the currency even if it is not leg in fender the most powerful and dangerous Mon in by that threatens Shepro Sicri a of he people will then be broken up and we m y Well Trust to and the go id sense of the people for the rest. The. First step taken All that will be needed will be sure to . And flit is the living Issue of today mid it is of in re importance to the people latin All other Tho ques i m of currency is a question of National life and tie 1 til. Had the greenbacks never been issued our nation .1 existence would have terminated Jong years ago. Give to up cilia ing Corpora Titus the control of the nations life fountains i s currency for Twenty Yea is longer and t lit Sun of this Republic will again set in blood history of the Farmers Alliance. It is now about to Lve years since the first move was made by the farm Era of new York to protect themselves through organization against the discrimination of railroads and other carrying companies. On investigation it was found that is Cost More to have a common milk can and contents carried sixty Miles from Orange county into the City than was charged to carry a barrel of Petroleum of four times Tho weight and bulk Over 201 Miles and besides certain Points and localities wove discriminated against while others were favored. Now he complaints of Orange and dutchess county banners met an Echo in almost every county in the state. Meetings were called All Over the state and an Alliance of the Farmers entered into Independent of party to secure legis lation in their behalf. Tickets were Putin the Field stud in to Lidalee of All efforts tins politicians could make a working majority of the Farmei elected and held the railroads in control. The first railroads started in that state were regulated in their charges by their Charters the same As Turnpike roads and though Vanderbill has spent millions in the Effort to have the tolls on the new York con trial changed the passenger Faro Stilt remains As originally established 2 conts per mile. If that paid so largely in the Early Days of railroads 1 cent per mile would to ample at the pros ent Day oven the average Streetcar fare is often As Low As one half cent. To much for new York. Now let us turn our attention to Iowa. In 1872 the Grange was in full activity in this stale. I Don t believe that there was a single county that had not from one to a dozen Granges run Wirig. But there w s one vulnerable Point about the Grange the patrons were strictly a of habited from introducing politics into the Grange room Flint was nil right As far As party politics were Donee feed. But when it came to a question of general politics such As legitimate taxation control of transport Littion companies and oth or monopolies court Reform Etc., Etc. That had no room Lico to Parry poli is some of the still partisans Felt l Vns a reflection on their party and tin by of politics politics was raised and Foi the Sake of peace and liar the subject was dropped. But the pressure be "111111 so Strong it was thought Best to Start a Nev party after Tho rumple set us by now Storl t. On consultation with s m Smith better known As Herman Smith at that Tunc the lending spirit in the Illinois Farmers club organization we decided to Start a new to Dpi civil movement by the. Farmers and invite workingmen Anil Wago labourers to join with us to protect our a selves from being plundered by the corporation thieves. The meeting was in the court House in this place Muscatine find to called ourselves Tho Auti Mono Foo by party. The mov Mont spread like a Prairie lire and that fall we carnal Over sixty of the counties in the state. The leaders of the dominant party were Thunder struck they supposed it was Only a few Hay so ii grangers playing Ai politics and that party fealty was too Strong for them to interfere with existing parties. But when the results of the election were known it startled their. Then they supposed that the old Farmers to ild make fools of themselves when they Dame to enact Laws. That was the legislation that passed Itiat is generally known As the Grange Laws limiting transportation companies in their charges for hires of Pasao Nger freight charges Etc that has saved the Fri ineral of the state millions of dollars but Tho of list Bernons sin that the unti monopolist committed was the smelling committees that unearthed to much party Rassa Lity tit fhe least of which was the expense of forty treasurers As defaulters. In Fri Deli times they were called thieves but under the present rulings we must be tender of their feelings. There was one scape Goat a demo j crat that had to be sacrificed for the j sons of the Otlmor thirty nine who were duly placed on the Stool of repentance and after due time received Back into full Fellowship with strict injunctions to keep their Little fail Ings better concealed for the future. The politicians determined that Hie Grange should to squelched out Anil All their ensigns of ridicule were brought to Bear on the patrons till Grange after Gra go closed their doors and in Iury of the counties in the state that were strongest in the movement have been without a living Grange for some years. It made Little difference As far As either of the political parties Are concerned they were both alike hostile to patrons. It is True that in fhe Start of the anti monopoly parly the democrats Fried to Honey Fugle them so As to switch them into the Ovin cratic. Party but when thy found that there a no Prospect of that they no ume the bitter enemies of i lie Honfi Immo polies. The republicans tried to repeal the statutes control aug Riti Loru charges and fares but they Irea Dod the Farmers so they buttered them up with Starling Railroad commissioners who act As doctors and administer sugar coated pills of very Small dimensions. In gives a few party Pel Nice snug berths and serves to amuse the credulous Farmer like a Ball of worsted Sti yes to must a Kitten. But the Farmers had Learned their Power through organization and the Eum Getie ones determined on to new move and. As the Grange had played out. Ami Many objected to the High fees secrecy regalia and pass words it was thought Best to Start the Farmers similar to that of new York. Some three or four years ago a few lending tanners began working up the Alliaud o movement in this state. But the politicians were not to to caught napping this time so a few editors of Republican papers bad a meeting in fhe parlor of the Des Moines Register the leading repro bean Organ in the state and then and Here organized a Farmers Alliance Mil had the Cheek to Send one of thir number As a Delegate to the National Alliance convention held at Chicago. But As Quick As the from Kansas Missouri and be Raska Learned the. Particulars they sat Down on loin and refused to re Cognize him As a Delegate. This was .1 bad beginning for the Alliance in Iowa Ami the Farmers held aloof whilst the parly press Ridi tule a the movement. But there is 1 Strong desire among the banners for a More thorough organization. Taxation is increasing monopolies Iro extending their franchises the very Dement that should be taxed the highest Dodges taxation not Octh a our courts Al e thrown into skinning establishments where the Poitr Are flayed As Long As there is hide enough left to pay the operators and he Job is done so Thoi Oug Bly that he hides won t even pay for tanning. Now fellow Farmers what Are Yon going to do about it remain passive and degenerate into the same condition As the poor peasants of Ireland Tome Zubor it took centuries to rivet 1 heir Shackels. Interest with you is the same As the rent charge with diem. Their land is ail owned by Absentee landlords. Our magnificent Domain is fast passing into the same hands. The Drain of wealth from ibis free Laud to foreign capitalists is enormous. Railroad stocks bunk stocks corporation Bonds of All descriptions Cortili ates of Stock Nidorf i ice Etc., we All owned by foreign Tali fits and paying untaxed while you Are burdened with taxes to keep Virts running to protect the right if those that Don Tenn tribute one cent themselves of. Now comforting it is to tile citizen when be pays his taxes to contemplate the Protection and patriotism Hown to foreign capitalists and land ords that condescend to cover our arms with Cut Throat mortgages and Frao Bing up our Public lands. But i Trust close this Long article. But before i close let me ask you vat Are you going to do about it. Mow is the time to organize and act. The legislators Are in session and did die Farmers Combine together As the new York banners did they might demand Reform and it would 00 accorded to them. Form alliances in every township in tie state Dis Luihn the 1/iofct important measures Tii so have Good Evnest men to lecture at the various meetings support none but Good reliable officers that Are. Run in your interest. Boycott All other. Rely on yourselves Pul your shoulder to the wheel and get out of that party mire Hole As Quick As the lord will let you and remember he has promised to help those who help themselves. Vours for the Alliance. Saluki Sik skit. South Amel Lloa letter. Of .\.-7,\, dec. O that so. Dak i Uknuis your letter of september i Ali in reply to my froth s. A. Rua Clief like the i Ith tie having lain sometime in quarantine at Monte video. 11, had been Moi than four weeks since any of us Lni-1 received i line from the. A s. And we began to fear dome Accident Hail befall n the mails. It was a triad und the that t Day when they did arrive brought so much pleasures observed it As a Day of Tiia Ksiuk . The following thins d of Belem the Day Stich served but As we bit neither roast Turkey ii tar a temp of Iii Pic to t e than Lay was. Von of Ful for we thought it not unfitting to Render thanks for our hitlers which though not easts of the Harvest were " pasts of reason and gave quite As much satisfaction As a bountifully Laden table. It is two weeks since those letters arrived and now we must possess our souls in patience until another quarantine is raised. We Are Only too thankful that we Are not passengers 011 those vessels which arc thus delayed. Diphtheria 1 believe is the cause of the present quarantine. I sit Limp glad i a is to if in from Yitoi. The papers Yon sent were received in the same mail and read Wilh much interest. Lutil Yon find yourselves so rangers in a strange Laud you will never know How Evel v bit of news coming from the v. S. Is appreciated. A so Jieh. I wish Yon Cohl had in upon no to i a it. Is humbly the hottest Day of the s Sou thus far. The heavy a Milc i a haters at the who Down Are closed to keep out the intense heat Laving Only utile cracks to admit Sulli Lieut Light to enable us to write. We. Have doffed every article of clothing licit is not positively necessary to our self respect Ami still we Are panting for breath. Ii. Is said that Parana is the hottest place in the a Public at All events we do not care to spend the summer in a holler  me. And now As this burning heal is upon us we Are obliged to go to the hotel for our meals or to Allex eel our morning Cultee which is still served to us in our House. We do this to accommodate our land lord who kinds Dilli Zulty in obtaining necessary servants. For ladies to eat in a hotel dining room is contrary to the custom of the country but North americans can do whatever they choose perhaps not always without being criticised out certainly without being instilled. A i the end of this Mouth we expect to one our House and go to Hoard with a Spanish widow lady. We Are very loth to leave nut Liminie. But we feel that the Spanish language a quires i. We have not patience to practice the lit 1 be Spanish that we have already acquired among ourselves and then we feel the necessity of living Wilh some one Aith whom we shall be obliged to talk. Al . Miss Morrow and miss Choate received Inch appoint inputs last. Week. I hey go to Ito Sarin one of the Ion hot places in the Lic Public so far As Panglish society is concerned. In is a place to about Twenty live lilo Pisand , several Hundred of whom Are King Lisle. Or. Wood the m. K minister of the place is a North american has culled upon us two or three times and last week preached us a Sermon in Oil House ilm first we have heard Sint e leaving Buenos a res. The schools of Rosario have been presided Over by those harsh women natives who perhaps you re member were once in Mendoza and were dismissed. They Are net Good teachers but being cousins of the i Minite Rof instruction have been allowed to hold their positions Nijail now when Hoy Al e again divan Issod and misses Murro valid Choals Piliu their places. They leave for to Sarin to Morrow. It will make a big Hole in our family they being the first ones to leave. This leaves Only three of our party yet to lie disposed of. Senior Torres told us the other Day we. Would Prii Wally he sent Loi Ether Bill i Sheie he did vol know uni cites a City t to or three Hui Ircia nth a up the Parana her and near i he Border of Paraguay has been spoken of. Only in he Laller of a of expenses arc we disappointed in anything id this country and we Hope they will be liar her Tiller leaving Parana the removal of the provincial capital 10 this place has Given a new impetus to business add prices of e Verdyth us have increased two or three fold to la no doubt remember the aug its lady i wrote von about who used to live in India last evening the ten North american to Euclic now in were invited to her Home. We dressed in our Best and were elegantly . Tea. Store cake lip a sauce 1 add candied frils were served. Her a noise is Large and elegantly furnished she herself is a character. Altogether we passed a very pleasant evening. Sfax of to it it is. Monday dec. Lola. To Dity is a big Day Tor the Parana schools. Gen. Sarimento is in the City a Tiesi of Senor Torres and this morning a number of the Best classes were put on exhibition for by Behelio. He is sex president of this reply Hie. Did i not write you anti it whetting him in Buenos pyrex. He is now Algodt my years old and quite infirm is president of the in piety for prevention. Of cruelty to animals and has just visited rns Arin to prohibit the cumin of a p for Bull lighting lie is a old Man and done much for his country particularly in the matter of education. We North americans sent him a note of greeting which be acknowledged in Bis speech before the school in a very handsome Man net. I diff of Liged to finish Ftp in haste r iffy h fief will Law Tiver till next we now of Ter our entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered in Postville. These goods will be As follows men s gloves and a Kittens of Arteg an jackets flannel slip its ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job lot of All of the above goods and Many others t # numerous to mention will be sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections before the Best Are gone. In spec tip ully Yoth s a & Welzel Matt. Beucher the albeit in heavy a shelf hardware., Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery Copper Ware. Also builder s hardware of All kind make a specially of Job w an 1 warrant Antis faction. It will pay you to Call at the old reliable hardware store is Ken Mono out Stock and get prices before purchasing Matt Beucher pos Mcville Iowa. Post i 11 e Drugof store. Bayless Douglass & co., prop Sanu Luu Lehs in drugs Modi Oines paints oils varnishes colors. Brushes and school books stationary cards albums Toya no musical instruments tobacco and cigars nuts and candies. The k Fini it Stock of Wall paper in the West i lib Vici Siua c Cru fishy compounded. Brick by ook Poa Tihe Iowa. It. B. Easton office parlor & bedroom furniture parlor skis bedroom sets of Ambo a sets picture frames.
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