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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Postville Post (Newspaper) - February 1, 1884, Postville, Iowa The it strict Post. Postni Litas Iowa. S. Hitchcock editor Aud manager. T. K. Delamore corresponding editor. T1h3 in Tocks. The Irro crr 1 cd a dimming girl As Lovely is Thi Day he wondered if she d marry Liim. And to Uhl let on she and Straightway to Liev Bonne he went her Lovely Liue to see exclaiming a. 1 nor cd and Happy Ever alter were. Is to part in american railways he left to Tho society for providing More. Bishops and his ledgers Daybook memoranda and papers generally he bequeathed to me. As Tho Chambers required furnishing Host no time in commencing my professional duties. 1 looked through Tho books for a suitable House to begin upon and found Tho following attractive entry Toni flow Square to. 10-. House medium. Occupant John Paul Bachelor. Occupation de Ner of kudos. Ape a to. Why Siena Mcculia Ritu a very Leomo .00-Centric drinks can Rodical snores. Servants two housemaids one Cook. Sex All female. Particulars of Sei bimts l ratty housemaid called Lewess. Open to . Goes out for her at a p. Snores. I july housemaid culled Llella t Resti Lei Iun. T in to attentions snores. Kyle Ray took primitive methodist. Oven to attentions snores. Katenhus Oil in s lock on Street door Chain and 1 ohs. Liars to All Jasenn it windows tip Roach lion third room a Lonel floor which is shuttered and barred but the Bur Lias no Wutoh ted Eun he raised with tub of Knite. Valuable contents of House present lion Pluto from Jar Nicl us Esthe is. Cold repeater. Miil Roudy envelope. Two Dir Ond Riu trs. Complete edition of " " 11 n 1 1 to present Lime. Ass vols., bound Limp Call. General or. Davis Heeps see end f Noi front Ervans on third i o.n". Davis goes to tied tit a n o tale on . Swarms with beetles otherwise House Tor purpose. This seemed to me to lie a capital House to try single a guided. At v.1 o clock that very night i pocketed two crowbars a Bunch of Skeleton keys a Center bit a dark lantern a Box of silent matches sonic Putty a life preserver and a knife Ami set Oil at once for Thurlow Square. I remember that it snowed heavily. There was at. Least a foot of Snow on the ground and there was More to come. Boor Stoneleigh s particulars were exact in every detail. I got into the third room on the ground floor without Tho least Kiili culty and made my Way into Tho dining room. There was the presentation plate sure enough about 800 ounces As i reckoned. I collected this and tied it tip so that i could carry it without attracting attention. Just As i finished i heard a slight cough behind me. I turned and saw a dear old Silver haired gentleman in a dressing gown standing in the doorway. The venerable gentleman covered me with a revolver. My first impulse was to Rush at and brain him with my life preserver. Don t move said he or you re a Lead a rather silly remark to the effect that if i did move it would rather Provo that i was a live Man occurred to me but i dismissed it at once As unsuited to the business character of the interview. You re a burglar said he. I have that Honor said i making for my pistol pocket. Don t move said to i have often wished to have the pleasure of encountering a burglar in order to be Able to test a favorite theory of mine As to How persons of that class should be dealt with. But you in san t i replied that i should be Happy to assist him if i could do so consistently with a due regard to my own safety. Promise me said i that you will allow me to leave the House unmolested when your Experiment is at an end if you will obey me promptly you shall be at perfect Liberty to leave the you will neither give me into custody nor take any stops to pursue me on my Honor As a designer of Dados said lie. Good said i. stand up said to and stretch out your arms at right angles to your suppose i Don to said i. Ill Send a Bullet through your left ear said he. But permit Aie to observe said i. Bang. A Ball Cut Oil the lobe of my left ear. The ear smarted and i should have liked to attend to it but under the circumstance s i thought it better to comply with the whimsical old gentleman s wishes. Very Good said he. Now do As 1 Tell you promptly and without a moment s hesitation or i Cut Oft the Lobo of your right ear. Throw to that but a would you said he Cocking the revolver. Tho Click decided me. Besides the old gentleman s eccentricity amused me and i was curious to see How far it would carry him. So i tossed my life preserver to him. To caught it neatly. Now take off your coat and throw it to i took Oft my coat and threw it to him diagonally across Tho room. Now the i threw the Waistcoat to him. Boots said lie. They Are shoes said i in some trepidation lest he should take offence when no offence was really intended. Shoes then said he. I threw my shoes to him. Trousers said he. Come come i say exclaimed i. Bang the Lobo of the other ear came off. With All his eccentricity the old gentleman was a Man of his word. To had the trousers uni with them my revolver which happened to be in my right hand pocket. Now the rest of your i threw him the rest of my drapery. He tied up my clothes in the Tablecloth and telling me that he would t detain me any longer made for the door with the bundle under his Arm. Stop said i. What is to become of me really i hardly know said he. You promised me my Liberty said i. Certainly said he. Don t let me trespass any further on your time. You will find the Street door open or if from Force of habit you prefer the window you will have no difficulty in Clearing the area but i can t go like this won t you give me something to put on no said he both Iii at All Good the quaint old Man left the room with my bundle. I went after him but i found that he had locked an inner door that led up stairs. The position was really a difficult one to Deal with. I could t possibly go into the Street As i was and if i remained i should certainly be Given into custody in the morning. For some time i looked in vain for something to cover myself with. The hats and great Coats were no doubt in the inner Hall at All events they were not accessible under the Cir Cums Knees. There was a carpet the floor but it was fitted to the recesses of the room and moreover a heavy sideboard stood on it. However there were twelve chairs in the room and it was with no Little pleasure that i found that on the Back of each was an anti macassar. Twelve anti macassar would go a great Way towards covering me and that was something. 1 did my Best Wilt the anti macassar but on reflection i came to Tho conclusion that they would not very much. Tho certainly covered me but a gentleman walking through South Kensington at i a. In. Dressed in nothing whatever by t with the Snow two feet deep on Tho ground would be sure to attract attention. I might pretend j. Was doing it for a Wager but who would believe to .1 grew very cold. 1 looked out of the window and presently i saw the bulls Eye of a policeman who was wearily plodding through the Snow. T Felt that my Only course was to surrender to him. Policeman said i from tie window one anything wrong sir said he. I have been o a knitting a burglary in this House and i shall feel deeply obliged to Yon if you will k idly take me into nonsense sir said he you d better go to there is nothing i should like better but i live in Lincoln s inn and i have nothing on 1 it ant macassar i am almost Frozen. Pray Lake me into the Street door s open said he. Yes said i. Come 1 he came in. 1 explained in Circum glances to hip and with great difficulty i convinced him thai 1 was in Earnest. The Good fellow put his own or at coat Over to and Lent me his Oahu handed tvs. In ten minutes i was thawing myself in Walton Street police station. In ten Days i was convicted at. The old Bailey. In ten years i returned from enal servitude. I found that poor or. Davis had gone to Bis Long Homo in Brompton cemetery. For Many years j. Never passed his House without a shudder at the terrible i ours i spent in it As his guest. I Havo often tried to forget the incident i have been relating and for a Long time i tried in vain. Perseverance however met with its rewind. I continued to try. Gradually one Betti in after another slipped from my recollection and one lonely evening last May i found to my intense Delight that i had absolutely forgotten All about it. I. A. Rilliar. Lise t v big words he goes on his own Hook has been rendered More elegantly in deference Toj and in accordance with the spirit of the times in this manner to progresses on his own personal curve and a Barber in London advertises that his customers be shaved without incision or laceration for the microscopic sum of one half one might Havo heard a pin fall is a proverbial expression of silence but it has been Elij Sod by the French phrase you might have heard the unfolding of a lady s Cambric pocket handkerchief and As it is somewhat vulgar to say Pilch darkness it has been so improved As to read bituminous another polite Way of expressing Tho fact that a Man is naturally Lazy is to say that he is considerably tired and Nomina your to son is Tho poetical Way of asking what will you drink on one occasion we Are told a doctor of divinity rung the change on he that hath ears to hear let him he that is accessible to auricular vibration said the doctor let him not close the. Gates of his then again to have that old fashioned saying the More the merrier delightfully translated in this Way mul Tudi Nons assemblages Are the most provocative of Cachin Nastory it is even reported that not very Long ago a Clergyman spoke of seeing a Young lady with the Pearl drops of affection hanging and glistening on her he meant that she was crying. Certain critics too occasionally launch out in a similar metaphorical style. Concerning a Young and aspiring orator one wrote he broke Tho ice felicitous by and was immediately drowned with applause. " Quito recently a literary Man of some celebrity in a letter describing the Early fall of Snow in Switzerland did not say Tho storm abated but the flakes dwindled to Iloco Uli and instead of vulgarly putting it that they melted a Spotful of Snow to obtain water to said that lire Wood was expended in rendering its own heat latent in the indispensable equally As Good was that which relates to a certain eminent professor who observed that very wonderful things were discovered nowadays. He had found out lately that nystagmus or oscillation of the eyeballs is an epileptic affection of the Ceredo Lluhi Oculomotor Ial centers and to added Don t forget in future what sort of a thing a nystagmus you have mentioned several times during the evening observed one of the audience to a lecturer the word Peri phrases would you kindly inform me its precise meaning certainly Saiti he. It is simply a Circullo Futory and Pleona Stic Circle of oratorical Sono Rosity circumscribing an atom of ideality lost in verbal As this explanation was received in solemn silence we Trust it was deemed a satisfactory one. It is however recorded that the gifted orator was not called upon again to explain for the rest of the journal. Entombed Hillve. Terrible explosion of tire Damp in a Coal mine at crested Luitte Colo. Precession of the equinoxes. A the piano of the Earth s orbit crosses the Equator at an Angle of about degrees the. Attractive Force of Tho Sun Moon and planets constantly exerted upon the Earth has a tendency to tilt the pole away from the Sun and to draw the Equator toward it. As a consequence the Sun crosses Tho Equator each time a Litlo farther West than the Point where it crossed the last time preceding and where it would Havo crossed Oil its return if there were no disturbing Force. Originally it was said that the equinoctial Point or place of crossing went 1 or Ward to meet the Sun and hence this phenomenon was called the precession of the equinoxes. But from the fact that the equinoctial Point really Falls backwards on the celestial Equator toward the West each time about 50 seconds of a degree it is now very frequently termed the recession of the equinoxes. In consequence of this recession the seasons begin a Little earlier each year and it is estimated that in 12,800 years they will be reversed our summer occurring when the Sun is in the Constellation that to now traverses in Winter time. It requires about 25,000 years for the Sun to Complete one circuit of precession of the equinoxes. Fifty seven men at work in one of the pit s chanbers buried alive. dispatch from Gunnison col.3 a terrible explosion by which Over sixty Persona Wero almost certainly killed occurred in Tho Anthracite Coul mine at crested Uuttu a Muu wining Villi Fri about thirty Miles from hero. The explosion blockaded Tho Entrance of the mine entirely wrecked Tho i Ifrene Lious which St dirt 1 10 i get from the Mouth of Tho mine and buried alive Lifty seven miners besides killing six More. The news was Lolagi no had this City at once and two special trains with hundreds of Strong men and nil the doctors started for Tho scene of the disaster. The cause of Tho explosion cannot belief 1-uitely Learned but so fur us can be discovered was eur used by the ignition of lire dump which Hud Given Grout trouble in times past and against which tie Coloruno Coal und Iron company that worked the mine had striven unceasingly. The explosion occurred either in chamber 1 or i just half an hour after Tho Day Force of sixty seven men had gone to work. Ten men were working in Tho air Sec chamber. Three of these escaped unhurt. John Angus who was in a passageway just outside the chamber was badly burned but will recover. The other six and the Lifty Tuvou men who were at work in Chambers j and in Are thought to have perished. Tho explosion was of such Force As to completely barricade the main Entrance. The appliances for supplying air located lieu were badly wrecked and the roof of the Tramway blown off. Tho men working on the Anthracite Mesa the night Force of the Colorado Coul and Iron company s mines und Citi generally worked hard nil Day to Rescue the men although it is thought none Eun possibly escape alive. The town Hall has been prepared for Tho reception of the dead As soon As possible the fun a repaired and put to Woric pumping air into the Inatio. The men then set to work removing Tho obstructions so As to reach the Chambers and get the bodies out As soon us possible. At this hour everything is in such confusion that it in impossible to give details. Crowds of women Cluster ii bout the Entrance to the mine praying wringing their hands and crying piteously presenting a scene the most heartrending. It is said that at. The time of the explosion ten kegs of Black powder were in the Chambers and two where the men were working and where the explosion is supposed to have taken place. The mine has Long been considered dangerous by those acquainted with it. While one of Tho Best producing mines in the country its operation has been attended with More or less apprehension and veal danger. It s a Tilro Damp mine said superintendent Cameron and seems constantly to generate the most deadly gases in the Coal or under it. These gases pour out of seams in Tho Walls of the tunnels and shafts. Fresh air is forced in along the Shaft by machinery at the rate of no less than room cubic feet every minute. This is quite Sulla Cint to fully Supply the wants of the miners and keep the air perfectly pure unless something happens to Cut off or interfere with the Supply. To. Have always sent a mine viewer through every chamber each morning before any of tic men were allowed to go in. He must have returned this morning before the workmen started in and everything must Havo been All right when he passed through the John Mcneil Tho state mine inspector says he has no doubt that every Man in the mine at the time of the explosion was instantly killed. Crested Butte is a Small mining town Twenty eight Miles North of Gunnison on Tho Denvor and Hio Grande Railroad. It is Headquarters for Colorado Anthracite Coal interests being on the extreme Southeastern or Eastern Edge of the Only Anthracite deposits in Colorado Tho Colorado Coal and Iron company who own the mine where the disaster occurred Are the principal operators of the Coul mines in this Region. Tin s company is closely Allied to the Denver and Ito Grande Tui Road company j battling with death. Thrilling stories of Shipwreck and suf Fering the House of i jokes. The essence of every by gone pain is indeed not so much memory As it is the i of Cliecy which it holds within itself of a possible future like it. George Eliot. Every senator to have a cleric. Wish Annton dispatch Tho american hons or lords As the Senato is culled since the cd Tiongo Tribune it editorial on Tho subject appeared is making Ion ? strides in the assertion of its privileges. A Resolution was adopted to Day which Grives each senator a clerk to be paid out of the Public purse. This is a privilege which no member of the British House of lords enjoys. It is True that the senators cannot malic Tho addition of so daily to their own salaries but they will each have n private pc Cranky. There is let to doubt Tho House will vote Tho necessary additional appropriation each year to the Sunato s contingent fund. Tho House in Overy Case of contest for years has succumbed although there has frequently been danger that an appropriation Bill would fail because Tho Senato would not yield. The total additional Cost will to about s35,0u0 annually. Tho change from s1,uu0 la Muhilly to so per Day during the session will not Nikko any material diff Ronco in Tho aggregate. One Ell get of Tho Resolution will doubtless be to make the scramble for chairmanships less Active. 1 to senator who can have a clerk at gov orment expense wholly to himself May think that he is hotter served than to accept a chairmanship whore it is possible that his clerk May have some Public duty to perform. Myers and hakb0ks. Vent they have Cost Tho government since 178. Tho Secretary of War has sent to Congress a detailed statement of Tho expenditures of Tho government on account of Tho improve Monts on Rivers and harbours from March 4, 17811, to Juno a 1s82. Following is Tho recapitulation by states Alabama 495g,h2ncv� York arkansans il5,0 0 it. Carolina California. La j i,428johio. 1,527,140 Oregon. 8,ot3, i in pen Sylvanio. Connecticut. Delaware Florida. Georgia. Idaho. Illinois. Indiana. Iowa. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Mas Achus to Michigan. Minnesota. Missouri. Mississippi. N Hampshire new Jersey. So i53 3,304,0 14 10,0001 2,3 i2, i in 780,l o engulfed thin. Every woman and child on Board " died at that moment those in the rigging and upon the House had Only time to clutch tighter i their supports when the fall of water was upon them. There was no Opportunity to assist Tho women and children to the rigging where they would have been for a time Safe and it is Well there was not time for death would have been just us sine though perhaps More slow and More agonizing. About sixty souls remained on Board after this Glrst stroke of death. The Fate of More than half of these was still More terrible. Half a dozen succeeded after great struggles in launching a boat and when they got a Fey feet away from the ship their Bent Cap Sleod and they ton Wero drowned Bosforo Tho eyes of those remaining in Tho rigging. With the shipwrecked men it became a test of endurance. Soon after Daybreak the smoke stack was carried Awaa few were clinging to Tho stays and most of these we re swept Olf. Then the House broke up und the few thereon succeeded in reaching the rigging they being in All sorts of to Silous. Two wore supported on a Louse swinging rope Between the masts. They dangled j Trio to in the wind for hours with the rope supporting them under the armpits. The \ Palo swung them Hack and Forth like clothes on a line while Tho Spray of every wave breaking Over Tho ship drenched them. They wore soon benumbed and probably died As they Hung Tho stiffening of Tho Muscles in the cold holding them. One of them was swept away about 9 o clock and the other disappeared about 11. Men Clung one above another to the Cross Trees. Those close together could exch Ngo a few words occasionally and Ead hopeless words they became As the hours wore on and no help appeared. Those who putting their legs through the Cross Trees and partially sat upon Tho rope wore soon benumbed below Tho hips and lost All control of their limbs. John l. Cook of Portland me., who with c Apt. Wright left the. Wreck last says that among Tho confused mass who Wero struggling and screaming when Tho ship first struck Tho reef to noticed a. Middle aged Man and his wife. Their conduct was in marked contrast with that of Tho other passengers. The panic which had seized Tho others was not shared by Thorn but their blanched faces told that Lioy realized Tho peril which surrounded them. The Only movement of inns Clos or nerves was that proud cock by Tho chilling atmosphere. They stood close together clasping each o their a hands As if about to contemplate Sui Eddo together and thus fulfil Tho marital Vona of standing by each other in Tho varying tide of life s fortunes and misfortunes. As the wreck careened with Tho Gale from Ono Side to the other and while the play and Waves drenched them at every moment the husband turned and imprinted a kiss upon the companion of his life and while thus embraced a heavy sea broke Over the wreck and both wore washed away and not seen afterwards. Or. Cook remembers particularly two men one a Seaman and Tow other a passenger who held on in the rigging for live or six hours Bosforo they surrendered to the elements. Up to the last in onion they wore conscious and As they relaxed their hold from Tho ropes and went Down their last words were of Homes. One Man who had held out against Tho Stormy elements was killed by Tho falling smokestack just Asho was about to be rescued and by the same vont a couple of Tho Crew wore so disabled that they Only survived the tempest a few moments longer. Second assistant Engineer Henry Collins Statos to was Alsop in his of stateroom when awakened by Tho Shock of Thio vessel s striking. To hastily dressed and hurriedly ran on Dock. Passengers from the main Saloon who Wero crowding on Dock Wero washed overboard As fast As Thoy Emo up Tho companion Way. I went to Tho Engineer s room and saw no one Thoro then returned to Trio Dock and Sooing the sea breaking Cloar Over the ship i Mado for Tho Mizzen rigging where i watched everything and waited for a Chandoo to escape. I saw passengers drop out of the rigging Frozen stiff. All the women Wero completely helpless. Tho shrieks of the men in Tho rigging Wero awful. I prayed that i might die and he relieved of my terrible agony. Some men cursed Aud swore but Tho majority prayed for death. All Tho sufferings of a like Timo Wero crowded into those few terrible hours in the not Ono woman on Tho ill fated Teamor was saved 1 the survivors saw one boat containing Eoven women upset. The sea soon demolished Tho boat. It was fearful the Way Tho women Wero swept away. Some rushed on deck with their husbands and a the full Force of Tho storm broke upon them realizing that All was lost they threw their arms around their hns Bandis necks and Bado them Good by. A few moments later Thoy wore swept overboard. A Mother with a child hold tight in her arms web Borno away by Tho Waves almost Bosforo reaching Tho Dock. Not one woman reached Tho Riff gang. Tho majority were washed overboard by Tho Waves. A number wore probably smothered in their berths. In Tho Lap of one woman was found a pair of baby s shoes. Nearly All of Tho bodies had on info Prosor ers and Wero floating on Tholt Hacks. The faces of Flo victims were badly Cut und disfigured. Two Hoys Are among the survivors goo go w. And Herbert w. Farnsworth is and 17 years of age of Townsend mass. Tho passenger list of the lost Steamer corrected foots up eighty one Cabin and Steerage. There Wero forty five officers seamen and waiters. Tho total death list is ninety seven. Tho passengers Watro in Tho main consumptive on their any to a warmer climate. Tho wealthy Iasigi family Tho a Randy the heals and a number of other representatives of new England Stock Are among Tho lost. A passengers summoned from sleep to face their death in the raging sea. Of one Hundred and Twenty Fly persons on Board All but Twenty four Joso their lives. Iowa legislature. Tire steamship City of Columbus bound from Boston to Savannah with fifty Nino first class and Twenty two Steerage passengers and a Crow of forty five struck a Rock and sunk off Tho coast of Martha s Vineyard mass. Ono Hundred and four lives wore lost. Only Twenty two Persona wore saved. Tho ill fated vessel struck on Tho outside of doll s Bridge buoy at 3 30 in Tho morning the wind it Tho Tine blowing a Gale. Tho vessel immediately ill Lod and keeled Over the water breaking in and flooding Tho port bldg Saloon. All Tho passengers excepting a few women and children Emo on Dock nearly All wearing life preservers. All Tho boats were cleared away but Wero immediately swamped. A majority of Tho passengers Wero washed overboard and drowned. Seven left Tho Rossol on a life raft and about forty More took to the rigging. At 10 30 a. In. The Jay cad Lifeboat put off and took seven persons. Another Lifeboat put off Between 1u and 1 o clock. The Revenue Cutter Dexter came along about 12 30 p. M., and sent off two boats Twenty Ono persons Ono of whom is dead Wero placed aboard Tho Dexter and after All persons had been taken from Tho vessel the Dexter proceeded to new Bedford. Three persons died after going aboard Tho Revenue Cutter. The total number saved was Twenty three. Five dead bodies were recovered and 119 souls Are unaccounted for. Capt. Wright Tho commander of the lost Steamer says he passed Cross tip lightship at 12 o clock and continued by East and West with a Strong Brzozo West by Southwest. After passing no ska Tho course being West Southwest to says "1 stepped into my room to warm myself As it was very cold. Everything was working Well. After being Bolow a Short time 1 heard the second mate who was in Tho Pilot House with the mate sing out to the Quarter nine Ter to port Helm. I jumped out of my room thinking to had come across some vessel bound Down Tho sound. I then cried out hard Aport not knowing but it was a vessel and in the Moonlight i saw the buoy on Devil s Bridgon on the port about two Points Forward of Tho beam and about 300 Yards Distant. Tho vessel immediately struck. I ordered the engine re versed and she backed about twice her length. The Steamer immediately stopped and i ordered Tho Jib hoisted and endeavoured to head her to the North but she filled Forward and listed Over to port to that her planks Wero about four feet under water. I went aft and told the passengers to keep Cool and get life preservers. I next told the officers on the Dock to get the boats ready. Tho Steamer bottled Down aft and righted. It was blowing very hard and a heavy sea was running. We launched Oji Tho port bldg no. 0 boat which immediately capsized. Tho sea was breaking Over the Steamer s deck and her Stern be Yff entirely under the water to were forced to go upon the top House. Staid there awhile but Etc wore finally obliged to Tako to Tho rigging. The mate second mate Tho chief Engineer and fourth Engineer took to a raft. I think Tho Steamer struck on a Lone Rock. Tho Captain is positive he truck outside Tho buoy and in backing drifted Ollie ers of the Cutter Dexter furnished Tho following statement about 12 30 o clock to sighted a vessel Shoro on a reef near Gay head. Tho wind was blowing a Gale and a terrible sea was running. As to approached we saw Tho vessel was a Steamer and that Tho Waves wore breaking Over her. We anchored on her starboard Quarter two or three Hundred Yards away. Tho Cutter s boat was at onco lowered and manned with Flo men in charge of Lieut. Ithodas who brought off seven men. A re turn trip was made and Ono Man brought to the vessel. Lieut. Kennedy was then dispatched in the gig with four men and took a Olf four or five men. Meanwhile Tho Lifeboat transferred several men to Tho Cutter and at length Tho rigging was cleared of survivors. The vessel Sank in about four fathoms of water and the railing of her Bow was the Only portion of her Hull visible we found men in fore Aud main tops and rigging. It was impossible to Row Over to be rigging Ras the boats would Havo been pounded to pieces. Tho men in the rigging were forced it jump into the Soa and we caught them As they arose to the surface and pulled them intr Tho boats. Some of Tho men could not swim but nearly every one in Tho rigging was a vol. A Mageno Mcgarry jumped from Tho rigging i Lieut. Rhodes jumped for him but Tho boat was lifted fifteen feet on Tho Crest of a wave and it wan necessary to go to the starboard to avoid being crushed. Mcgarry was not seen afterwards. At nearly Tho same instant Mckanry s brother was pulled into Tho boat. Capt. Wright was among the last to leave Tho ship. Two Rae Wero Frozen so stiff that Thoy wore unable to a Elln Quish their hold on the rigging. They were at length the Only persons remaining on Tho Steamer of copt Tho Captain. A out. Rhodes asked him to jump but to shouted save those men first they Are Frozen was Tho lieutenant s answer. The Captain then jumped and. A although he could not swim a stroke he was rescued by Lieut. Kennedy. Lieut. Rhodes performed a heroic act which elicits Hearty commendation. Two men Hung in the rigging unable to move from exhaustion. The officer deform ipod to save them at the peril of his life. Returning to Tho Cutter to a Bod capt. Gabrielsen to give him a Man to steer that to might swim to Trio wreck and Rescue Tho unfortunate men. Tho Captain granted Tho request and Lieut. Rhodes was placed on Tho boat. But on wearing the Teamor it was found it would be Folly to attempt to go alongside. Lieut. Rhodes refused to abandon the attempt and Sang out to the men in the life boat to Tako him to the wreck. Lieut. Rhodes boarded Tho life boat and tying a rope about him waited until within about thirty feet of the vessel when to sprang into the sea. Rhodes had nearly reached Tho wreck when to was struck by a piece of Timber and Sank. To was pulled aboard Tho boat and taken to the Cutter. His leg found to be Cut but after changing his clothing As Tho Soa was smoother to determined to make a last attempt. To again Sot out for Tho wreck and this time Tho men wore to ached. Ono was hanging by Tho feet and arms through Tho rat line head Down. Lieut. Rhodes put a Bow Lino about him when to murmured Tor god s Sake Don t touch Tho Man who was found to homr. Richardson was placed in a boat but died before reaching the Cutter about $4q0 was found in a Wallet in his pocket. Tho second Man Tho last person removed f Ron Tho wreck was in Tho Rawlins in the weather rigging and although breathing when placed in Tho boat also expired Bosforo reaching Tho Cutter. All Tho rescued give Tho highest Praise to Tho officers of Tho Revenue Cutter Tho bravery manifested in saving them from Tho wreck. Tho City of Columbus was Ono of the finest vessels on Tho coast. She was valued at $300,000, and insured for $250,000. In. Barnum Hais decided to give his White elephant the name of Tom thumb. Bills Wero introduced in the Senato Jau 22, to provide for paying the Valuo of animals killed by dogs and for the appointment of a state a Ditomo Ogist. Senator Clark introduced a Bill appropriating Money for the feeble minded institution at Lonwood. Senator Hall introduced a Bill to bring Tho supremo court to Des Moines. Senator Ilii Teminson introduced a Bill to prevent certain parties from remarrying after divorce. Senator Larr Aboo introduced a Bill in to Feronia to Cyclone and Tornado matters. Senator Donan introduced a Bill amending the Law in reference to intoxicating liquors. This provides Tor repealing Tho Beer ale and wino clause of Tho present code. Two civil rights Bills were introduced in Tho Senate also two Bills to locate additional Normal schools at Sioux City and Clinton. A joint memorial to Congress asking that body to accelerate a Bill now pending to remove Tho Cloud from the title to Tho Des Moines River lands and a similar paper urging the suppression of Pleura Pincu Ynonia wore introduced by of gov. Carpenter. A Resolution was adopted creating standing committees on mines and mining and on private corporations. A pet item was presented from Tho episcopal diocese of the state asking for More stringent divorce Laws. Six Hundred citizens of Harrison county petitioned against the Pardon of l. W. Wyrick on life sen Tonco for murder. Or. Smith introduced a Bill to appropriate 291.45 to defray the expenses of Tho inauguration. The rules Wero suspended and Tho Bill passed. Or. Carson introduced a Bill to Grant additional Power to cities and towns for Tho improvement of streets Aud alleys and to provide a system of paving the same. A i Oral school House was presented to Lieut. Gov. Manning in recognition of his Campaign saying a school House on Ivory Hilltop and no Saloon in the the Senato balloted for United states senator with the following result William b. Allison 38 Benton j. Hall 10 l. G. Kunne 1-senator Hall voting for Khmer. Glass Republican t was absent on account of sickness. In Tho House or. Dabney Greenbacker proposed an amendment tothe Constitution prohibiting the manufacture or Sale for Export or for use except for mechanical medicinal sacramental and scientific purposes of any alcoholic malt or vinous liquors. This amendment is similar to that declared invalid by Tho supreme court except that it strikes at Tho Export Trade and therefore at Tho distillers. The Resolution was referred to the committee on constitutional amendments when that committee should to appointed. Or. Kerr offered a Resolution to the effect that the further correction of the veto of Mahaska county by Tho joint convention was inexpedient. No action was taken however. Or. Stewart of Power Lek county offered a Resolution asking that a committee of five be appointed for the purpose of investigating Tho charges made by newspapers against Tho character of senator w. B. Allison. After some discussion led by or. Carpenter Tho Resolution was tabled by 50 to 42. The principal objection to the Resolution was that the House had no jurisdiction. Or. Lucas of Johnson voted against Tho Resolution because to did not desire to Tako advantage of the absence of the Republican members. Other democrats did the same. Or. Carpenter introduced a joint treasure asking Congress to take immediate Steps to secure a settlement of land titles in the Northwest. A number of Bills Wero introduced two of which were for the establishment of state Normal schools in Sioux City and Clinton. Or. Clayton of was elected speaker pro torn by an almost unanimous vote. In Tho House the ballot for United state senator resulted w. B. Allison 52 b. J. Hall Democrat 38 Clark Greenbacker 10. Four democrats Hoge land of Monroe Johnson of Montgomery Widner of Adams and Wright of Wayne voted with the Green backers for Clark. The session of the legislature on Jan 23 was Brief Dull Aud unimportant. In Tho Senato the Forenoon was occupied with Tho introduction of Bills forty four wore into Ducco probably the largest number at any one session in the history of Tho Senato. Tho most important relates to intoxicating liquors. It provides that in towns or wards of less than two thousand population Only one permit for mechanical and medicinal purposes shall be granted and Only one permit far Ivory additional five thousand. It provides strict regulations in obtaining permits and heavy penalties for their violation and also contains limitations to the profits on liquors prohibits drinking clubs and makes carriers liable for transporting liquors to persons not authorized to Soli. Bills wore also introduced to allow members postage for letters documents Etc. To pre von t unjust discrimination la freight rates As to shipping Points to require railway companies to erect passenger depots at All Crossings of other roads to Requiro cities and towns to make annual appropriations and limit expenditures to punish ignorant medical practitioners to prevent Tho Uso of Froe Railroad passes by Public officials to give additional Powers to cities and town for the construction of Sowers and provide payment therefor to Amend the insurance Laws to regulate the Sale and Transfer of Grain in elevators. A joint Resolution was adopted to Memora Lizo Congress in favor of the Hennepin canal. A Resolution was passed ejecting from the state House building buy person engaged in Selling Sweet elder but Little was accomplished in Tho Way of legislation by Tho House. Tho afternoon was consumed by the joint convention which formally declared w. B. Allison elected As United Statos senator for a third term. Tho Republican nominees for wardens Printer Binder otc., wore Thon elected after which 4 vigorous attempt was Mado to introduce a Resolution to Correct the error of 1,000 Votos on governor hut the opposition Wero Quick to claim that Tho convention on this Day at least could not entertain matters not specifically provided by Tho Laws and after some sparring Tho Quost Lon was dropped and Tho convention adjourned. The principal event in Tho legislature on Jan. 24, was the announcement of committees in Tho House gov. Carpenter is assigned to Tho leadership of the majority at the head of the ways and Means. Weaver of Hardin a new member is placed at Tho head of the judiciary. Clayton of Ottaw Ottamie leads agricultural Benson of Franklin railroads Tuttle of Polk appropriations Hall of Clark schools me Call of Story roads and highways Korr of Grundy constitutional amendments and Smyth of Linn suppression of intemperance. The minority is Well provided with representation except upon Tho two last named committees upon which they Are Given but Throe representatives Whilo Tho Green backers Uro provided with four. In the Senato Larr Aboo is retained As chairman of Tho ways and Means a place to has held for ten years. Sutton holds the appropriations Heminway the judiciary Donnan constitutional amendments Clark suppression of intemperance Logan agriculture Rothert railroads and Smith insurance. Bills were introduced in Tho Senato to require private Banks or Bankers to Mako quarterly Bla Moonts to the auditor of state to pre vont Railroad officers or agents from issuing free passes or free tickets to suppress the circulation and vending of Obs Ono literature to tax Telephone companies and to provide their assessment to prevent gambling by mean of of latitious contracts for the buying or Selling of Grain or other produce. In Tho House Tho Hennepin canal memorial to Congress was passed with but Ono opposing vote. Bills wore introduced to Provido a uniform system of school text books to to published by the state and supplied at Cost to make Telegraph companies liable for damages caused by a delay in sending messages and several Bills of a local character. Boldly defying the Laws. The Union Pacific Ite fuses to pay Money into the sinking fund. Washington dispatch Tho attention of congressman Anderson of Kansas Hab been called to Tho fact that Tho Union Pac Flo Railroad has never paid a cent in Cash to the sinking fund As required under Tho Thurman not which provides that not a dividend shall be paid upon the Stock of Tho Road until Tho claim of Tho sinking fund is satisfied. Over a year ago the Secretary of Tho Interior directed suits to be brought against Tho Road to compel it to pay what was duo. Soon after Sidney Dixon called upon Tho a torn of general and had a Long interview with him. It is not known what took place at this interview but no suit was Ever brought. A Little Over a week ago the Union Paoillo brought suit in Tho court of claims to recover Over 81,000,000 alleged to be duo to it for transportation. Tho government setup a Cross Bill showing that Tho Road was indebted to it for Tho sinking fund of Tho Thurman not Over $8,000,000. This is Mattor which congressman Anderson intends to look into to see it there is not some Way to compel Tho Union Pao Lilc to disgorge what is now Long overdue. A lot Dom lady has bequeathed $500,000 to the Pope. Eccentric men. It seems to to a growing fault of the present age of the world that men have exhibited too Little Pride in True radicalism of character. There Are very few genuine men left to stand up Between the past and the present in the full glory of their manhood. These few surviving examples of the Olden heroism you will hear spoken of As eccentric the phrase has a deeper meaning than is commonly a attacked to it. In this age of fashionable Man mimicry one can Bear no truer Honor than to deserve the name of being eccentric when founded upon vital underlying forces. If to be a unique bold rugged undaunted Man unswerving in duty honest though the heavens fall never thinking a base thought or doing a base deed be eccentric then is eccentricity the highest and noblest Type of manhood. According to a Vienna medical journal the wife of Prince Bismarck takes a Patent Medicine made of dried magpies wings. A Nowith disk Var Man named Shannon predicts the millennium will come in 1888, ;