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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Dec 25 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - December 25, 1882, Postville, Iowa Published every monday i , Alla Makee ?0., Iowa. 3vt. O. Ivete Vid a editor and prop Rictor. The District Post or principles. Terms $1.00 for six months a i cents for Throe months strictly in Advance. I Loral notices in cents per line first insertion Notro 0"c Luiet Lett i Lac Ortlon of same. P/s8 -,11 some ii Koi standing until ordered out. Collections made Moi Tilv. Advertising unto made known on application. Labor and capital allies not enemies. Volume 1. Postville Alla Makee county Oava monday. Decem Bell 25, 1882. Number 19. B., c. R. & n. 11. A Milwaukee division. Passenger arrives. Accommodation arrives. Leave. J. I i " or p m my ii m pm july .v.v.il. Postville mails. Anu Uva daily except sunday. From kist at. " West at. Wilt i it. North Wuu Kun at. A i i in ". Tiiu ". Ii i in mails i loss. Gamu West in. Kwint it. " South Jit. North Mayji usim in. M nnk.\rfn, Tomk. Somi a truly Mio i Len incr Len us to outlays and saturdays it 1 p. In. Opict liners from 7.hdi. In. To soup. M. Mousy order Tolice. A. 1l Puk Scott. L Asti mister. Conni Stivas. By Susan cloudge. Tow do Lecomp t is birthday them i he Little full Chi it is lout i to t of Many to Tum wore to in a noised Ami fed 1 Ami Micro Wpm no ply fun in tin inn they quid i into tin manner Tori Christ must to i to Lodge with the Cut me and not with men. J Lri my the asst they Init iced lir or Liny Lioy they slumbered wondering not and out in 1 lie mid Niche Eold and Blue i h do ilium is slept and the of dweeb such too til til Angels soil Mic t Lebright Star my unified tin wine men t in spot. But Only he Wise men Knelt and praised and inv uie Shell tils Eim. To see and Tii of Tho world eared not it All end the Christ in s Dull and Are an re and a Marci a that such i Dull Hinl Shlitt Sli Ould be How do we 1 p 1 ii birthday now a Rini the and we raise the Strain a a my up cur had everywhere and Laid the tapers twinkle fair and least my t Rolie and then Woko Hack u Tho same old lives a rain. Are we so Bette. Then than Thev who failed the new born Christ to fee to to Niu a helpless Basie Law lie shines i Savior Tel Orion. Our lord Una 1 Leml Imp All yet to Are half asleep this Christmas Clay. City officers. M. J. Teeb mayor win. Haine marshal 1\. I1. i w. A. Tobert treasurer i f\cr,. 11. N. , ,1. S. Molt k. A. T. My a a a a c. Oinah t. S. I i line t. U. I Aston. Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51, a 0, u. W. Meets every saturday evening in their new Lodziro loom in the thick Block. All morn Bers of uie order in standing Are cordially in Vitri to visit us. Jamks j Kory m. W. In k. Hai Jock Sec. Postville Lodge no. 266 i. 0. Of 0. F. Items Lar meet in every monday con Iii. Visiting Urot liars cordially invited to l e present. J. Mute n. O. Ii. Luita Sec. Brotherly love no. 204, . & a. M. Meet at their Hall Corner of Lawler and Green streets on tuesday evening on or before the 1 Uli a Oon in each month. Members of the draft in Good Sti dim Are invited to visit us. S. S. Powers a. M. on ii see. Church directory. . Ii. K. Warner Rostor. Preaching every Sabbath Mornini at half past 10. Yaban a school non it Ladely after morning service. ". Ray r in every wednesday even ing at the Church. . F. Loomis pastor. Senders every Sabbath Cru Imp at half past 10, every Sah Jii the a Zunini at half past 7. Prayer Mee int every wednesday evening. Sabbath school alter nor Niino service. City directory. Tee Postilli Bank Postville Iowa. Ham Ipoh kits i la silent. W. S. Llod kits . S. S. Powers attorney at Law collecting a ont Ami notary Public. Office up stairs in tie Uriel Block i Oslo ill Iowa j. K. Phillips to sorial artist and hopi Ileto 01 the key City Barber shop Postville Iowa. Miss Katie Duff. Miss Oka Cross. Misses Duff & Cross fashionable dressmakers 1 Ohl Vullo to Lull. Cuttino and fitting done neatly and on reasonable terms. We keep the latest styles and guarantee satisfaction. Wis solicit your patronage. &trooin8 one door North of Ward & Meyer s. Railroad time table. A m. & St. P. R. R. Trains going East. No. 2, passenger arrives., " 10, Stock exp., ". " 32, freight ". " 1-1, " " " id " ". " in " ". " v0, " ". " a " ". Trains going West. No. 1, Passenier departs., time freight " " 11, fro Liht " " 13, " a " ". " 17, " ". " 11" ". " 11, " 4.25 " 0.00 " 9.2.r a m 3.45 " 2.10 p m. 0.45 " 7.05 am. 9.12ara .12.05 ". 1.25 p m. 3.55 a m. 9.55 ". 1.45 ". 1.10 p m. 7.10 " to. F. Wilson agent a commonplace Christmas Story by Robert j. Hurt to. It was not a very cheerful apartment in which Wilson in a Lirt or opened his eyes christinas morning. His real Nonio was Wilson Mew Hortet l it his business name was nobody knew wily ovoid body called him Soublis but nobody also knew Why lie was originally called Wilson my Why Toi neither so that made it even. On this Christmas morning he was exactly almost 11 years old. I Don t remember just How almost lint it was almost As the tourists Sny not too almost but 311st almost enough. He was not Rich i so i was t. He wore on this Sharp biting Christmas morning Tho same clothes he bought last june. He bought them at a rag warehouse when the warehouse Man was not looking. Wilson was not a boy who was particular about settling his Bills and society accordingly put him in the cold and silent Jug two or the be limes for this Little eccentricity. It lie had been older and Wiser and Richer he might have gone through life paying10 cents where he owed 100, and wont on building Moro houses and Lii dying new furniture and been respected and esteemed. But he was too Oor and did to know enough for that. So lie did All his mercantile Busin is in the old fashioned Way and got very utile credit for it on one occasion he got ton Days but that was the first time and ii did 1 t count. He re olved that it should never happen so again. And it never did. The next time it was Twenty Days and he never afterwards fell below that High Standard. Wilson was bom at an Early period of his life of poor but honest parents. They weren t very honest but they were most awfully poor so that made a Good average. Wilson did t remember much about them. His Mother went away with a circus and never had Timo to come Back and his father raised the deserted boy on the bottle. Occasionally As the child grew older he raised him on the toe of his Boot. Wilson never went to school but once and then it was to the Reform school and he ran away two Days before his time was out. He never went to sunday school and if he Ever knew any Good thing he had forgotten it Long ago. And if there was anything bad that he did t know he was going to learn it before he wont to bed if he had to sit up All night. A hopeful a very hopeful subject for a Christmas gift Wilson was. When he rolled out of his miserable bed Christmas morning to did t look for anything in his stocking. In fact he did t look for his stocking because he had none. Not a solitary stocking no More than if he had worn Peg logs. In fact the log legged est Man that Ever stamped around the streets with a Curbstone orchestra of the circular pattern never ignored stockings More completely than this Thrift less boy. Nor did he look for his father. He had a father one father. And that was just one More than he had stockings. Most men with two feet have at least one More stocking than they Havo fathers but Wilson Mcwhorter was an exception to this Rule. He did not look for his father because lie know that his father did not require to be looked after. He was too Well looked after already that was the trouble with him. He was in the work House which is so called be Canso nobody stays there and goes there except Poope who cannot and will not work. And Wilson me Why tar s father belonged to that Hurch. To was a member in Good standing and full Fellowship. As he left the wretched tenement which was Bis Home there was nothing at Rac Ive about this boy. His face was As freckled As his clothes were ragged and his Mouth was As much too Largo As Bis Eves were too Small. The Only expression that shone out of his eyes was cunning the cunning of Tho Wolf rather than the Fox cunning that was mingled with ferocity. Lie hated society and Law for society and Law had never paid inv attention to Liin except to cuff him to kick him to starve him into rags and ugliness i and then avoid Linin for being ragged and ugly to starve him into theft and then lock him up in prison for stealing. At this very moment to wanted something to eat. His supper he had lifted with More manual dexterity than moral rectitude from an Apple stall and lunch counter. His breakfast was yet an unsolved problem. If you could have read Tho boy s mind Yogi would have seen him thinking i must nag a a Christian Man of Liberal education and Broad culture would steal a handkerchief. Wilson Mcwhorter being an ignorant darkened child of poverty would simply nag a to get his hand in As he wont along he stole two newspapers from doorsteps hooked a tin Petil that had been set out for the Milkman broke a win i Dow kicked a dog and slapped a boy j and took his comforter from around his neck. I just about Tho same time or if it was t exactly the same time it was a i time so nearly like it that Yon to Nln 1 i have told one from the othe that Wil son Mew Liflet left his wretched Den v old or. Bartholomew loft his Beautiful i Lime to go Down to his Otyce. It was Christmas Day but old or. Bartholomew did t care for that. Like Wilson j Mcwhorter to wanted his breakfast i but his appetite was much larger than the lad s. He wanted to eat a farm out in Iowa. And he was going Down this office to get his breakfast. He was going to lend an Iowa Farmer 0 on a $ i,000 farm and charge him s-10 for lending it to him and �80 a year for i keeping it Lent and then at the end of five years he would take the farm and rent it to the Farmer for All that could be raised on it. But he had a tender spot in his heart. It was t Large enough to Disi Ingro his 1 heart. It. Was about the size of the up per half of a Semi Colon but such As it was he was proud of it. He was a widower and he had Only one relative in tin world a sister who married a poor Man against his wishes or. Bartholomew s wishes that is Ami went away years ago. Or. Bartholomew was thinking of this sister As he walked along. His face wore a troubled look and somehow his prospective breakfast of the Iowa farm did t taste Good to him. He tried to drive this sister out of his thoughts but she would come Back. Fifteen years Itsjo nhe married a Man or. Bartholomew hated because j he was so poor he had t anything to j borrow a Dollar on. Fifteen years ago i or. Bartholomew Rich proud selfish 1 had clouded his Only Sites s wedding Day with his haughty anger. He re i Mem ered her pleading face. Where was she now Bhe had a son she had j once written him and she had named 1 it for him. Her husband he had heard j was dissipated and it was t Likely they j had prospered lie tried to drive the in \ thoughts away but they steadily. Haunted him. Poor Eleanor he thought. I then he made up his mind that to would make this a merry Christmas for j somebody. 11 o would make the Day i Bright and full of Sunshine and a Lapel Noss for the first poor wretch to met. 1 he Woitel for a few Bright hours at least lift Tho Burden of poverty off i some burdened heart he would let the j sunlight of his wealth Stream into some poverty darkened life. Lit tie did his hard Stem wealthy m i of the \ i High i l web that late was weaving for ii m in the troubled Channel of his Valuo. Hanii i opined i wishes. It in t often that Fate docs weave a web in a troubled Channel because a troubled Chanuel in t just exactly Tho Dace to stand a loom in but when she i does you want to stand from under. Unless Yon Are web fooled. Or. Wilson w. Bartholomew did not hear the Stealthy tread of Wilson me a Ali Vrtar As the lad came sneaking along beside him. To was too deeply i engrossed in his project for devouring the Iowa farm for making somebody Happy and in thinking about his Sisler to notice anything else. Presently he paused in front of a store window to Loo at a Chromo of a Young lady in a bathing suit whose stockings were so Short that she had to Wear a lace Collar to Days is they had done regularly every year for the past thirteen years. And the brother in Law would drink his wine and get drunk in the dining room and the children would Romp ill his Parlours and tear through his conservatory and Light in his Iju iut Library and his sister would go through Tho House and find fault with things and make the servants Dissat i Iii d and try to discharge Tho i housekeeper and sigh and groan be-1 cause things weren t managed As they were when she was at Home. And once More the old troubled look came into his face As it usually came when he got to thinking about and dreading the regular annual irruption of his brother in Law s family. Then he picked up a business letter and Learned that another broker three doors further Down the Street bad loaned the Iowa Farmer $800 on the $,000 farm. By George 1 or. Bartholomew groaned this starts out Well a cub of a Trani a picks my pocket that thief of a grasper robs me of my customer and Here Bill Wormley and his brats arc coming to turn my House into a week of bedlam on the 10-o clock Trail and when his clerk half opened Tho door of his Privalo office to say merry Christmas the enraged broker fired an office Stool at him and broke Vijh Worth of embossed Glass. And the old troubled look in his Faco kept on getting trembler and Trout lieder until train time. Hits of Wisdom. Supply the deficit. While Enjo ing this matured.-Ailillxon-. To Sobacke is the Mother of Devotion Tui Chr. Tut Tia lure of bad news infects Tho tin first and worst of All faults is to cheat one s self. presented for a rebate equal to any reduction that Mav be made in the tax. In the line of representatives or. I a c reported a Resolution culling on the Secretary of War Lor info Riua Ioa whether the funds set Asid a by the River and Harbor Bill were appropriated for works ii to of interest to Commerce or navigation and if so. Reju Lynw that spa  Lii actions lie furnished. Anex Citlau debate towed in which Mcbane and Robeson up i petted Itie Resolution and Cor. And kit my m Posl ii it. Hut it adopted. Or. La i son re i Orveil a Bill to improve tile civil set Iee. A Bill Waipa sed to Recill the title to t lie military St it Al i is i. Jar. Jacc Oid Illel Udu Ood a Bill to retaliate in a state conquer a  or. Sinter introduced a Bill in the Senate j on tint 11th inst., to forfeit the unearned lands of the Oregon Central 2-Oatl. In. Ferry j presented a measure to increase the pension of soldiers Ami sailors who loss in non or leu i the service. Air. Van Wyck offered u i a Ojiri Liioi of inquiry Whei Hor a Railroad is sons Ruoi Eil a erns tie Niobrara military loser Thiu without authority from on tie. The i bankrupt by Bill pro pared by Itutti to Bow Oil and Reeoiu-1 mended Loveli Piatty by a Tern hoards of Trade Ami handlers of of Mineree. A Jis Suivai Hitold Tor a Tatis known Ashe a Tufty j which was championed by tote Western i Ami Southern senator the vote stood to an and the substitute was sent to tie Joti Delia re inn Iitto for revision. A motion to Lake up or. ,.its civil service Hill was carried hut t hit Senate dismissed Anil Tell etude a Selenie to release the Memphis and utile Zoek Road from its to carry troops if to and mails fit a reduced rate. The Senate Eoo minued the nominations of ceo. Pope Ami cel. Mackenzie to be a Lajoi Cen Orul unit Urie Adier to neral by. In the House or. Springer Intro Duwood a joint Resolution providing in Lor an ainu Deneut to t he Constitution which ?.hull Celend lint terms of the pro Olen and vice president to six years and Render to lieu Ruoli Gilileo Lor re election. It Atso Timosa three i years term for congressmen and provides i that Liea Riipi i they or tint con of truss elected in november previous shall j meet on out wednesday of january. Or towns Lienzi of Illinois introduced a Resolution Rock tint the Oll Orts of certain railway in Luau ers to prevent the cons fro a Fien of Competine lines in tote Northwest and dire Din if the uni Nittoso on Commerce to report a Lull to prohibit and punish such combination. Or. Waito introduced a i Bill to step the coinage of Silver dollars until the Stock is Rcd col loj i i i Etc i am. Or. I Iii overed a measure to authorize he j state of Louisiana to establish Ijuin Leantine stations. Or. Dilu Ell presented an to j abolish internal Revenue taxes and allow a rebate on whisky and tobacco and another to reduce the specie int Lio Treasury to 51." la . A Hill was pissed to authorize i Brevet conic missions for distinguished conduct ill Lilia ii campaigns. A inc Norial of tote Chicago of Trade in layer of the Lowell bankrupt of Bill was submitted in the Senate on the Itell inst. On motion or. Hoar lie postmaster Fiete l Al and Secretary of Tho Treasury were Piei Ted to t a som it report made on be so Liui Tell of till Federal Olli res in n a a v a kills were unreduced la Saint a pen to Tot Willow of Dep. Let Ere to pay certain Indian War Bonds of Colorado and to j a Luibil of slicers and employees of Iho t need is ales l Venn
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