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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - December 18, 1882, Postville, Iowa The District Post published every monday Post Wiiilie Alla Makee co., Iowa. K d i i o r and. I proprietor terms $1.50 a. Year for six months 30 cents for it Hryc months strictly in Advance. Loral Nutice 10 cents per line first insertion 6 cents for each subsequent insertion of Samo Noli co. Of Thrall Notie Rcpt standing until ordered out. Cou Ecio h Neifide monthly. Advertising Kates made known on application. B., c. Ii. & k. R. A Milwaukee division. Pain win . It la i a a. 7.7. Accommodation arrives. Leaver. Pm. 2. Is i a m tajiks i Kraky a est. Postville mails. Alt Kive daily except sunday. From nut fat. " Vest at. South at. " Korth Ortu Lyonl it. Mails i Jose. Of Lonu Vest at. " Ernt at. " sol Nib it. Zurdi Waukon at. time. Scw.l-wci10y mull to Al Dadci leaves Tuc Munya l my hat Urt lays at 7.n i p. M. I a K.4.1 it m. Pill. a m City officers. M. .1. Booby. Win. Haines. I. F. I Nylon. A a. S. It obits. . -. Mayor marshal i Al. Oct who d Boado Calior to bran us our Duwatha to or. By our a cd with a hand on the head to a feel in Trio in soft fun you nth the breaths to drive to Imp door i in a vehicle stately Oil stretching a hand for Tho fee on the of div to he Lle our Doai Lih Tor a very com Lauly an very Contin Telly Lave air to die. The Inin thresh in tiyln1-it is Bucini n pity the War ship the ground Lealh hot a Rcd a a this s such a a vate Cra Thuv to emf Chi an pretty-1s there no Cross Ould woman could go in Hor it adv so 1 twitch us to kindly we think u an Honor to Hirn Heinelt Fier own i Ekaut ways. 1 loved her the i Lutc i net my Eyen in her an what will i do when Nheb dead if you plane1 hate stir Fine Doc Thor to policht to be crying int Mixi cd to a he Rau to bin a Uniac and Book Jim. Not lick lie into he the Dar Junt anti Drift is i ix1, if Vijh Al recover a How Tiu Are he would i know a h a Jim huh the Best in the City Tut god m above All even Doe thus who knows i am but a poor Little Sirvint said Kitty jut even a Sirvint Cau Pray i suppose 1" s i Down on her Kenn in a whirl of emotion with Angier and Urlet in a terrible Swiss her Irish in utter Devotion j n Faith Liat but few to their praying can bring. The poor Litty Fly rant her tears flowing Over implored with a Force that my verse can not live Willi the of a Saint and the glow of a Lover that a spite of the doctor the mistress might live. The Manti sat close by his Darlinia despair in ill stupefied sorrow i it holding Hor hand he prayed to be sure but no Hope has his prayer in in fact he was dazed and could scarce understand. Her delicate lips had a painful contraction her Hera Itlie eyes seemed sunken and glazed he knew in jigs heart there could be no reaction he just suit Aud i a Hor in fact he was dazed a pallor chs ghastly the eyelashes quiver life a primers to the face in a sudden Suri also grim death retrograde with a sad Little shiver she smiles at the master her soul in her Yosl a wonderful Hope is it Hope is it terror leaps up in his heart while he watches his wife is it life before death is it fancy s Sweet error or is it or can it be verily life of Send for the doctor death hangs on each minute they wait for his Fiat is that of a god who hugely remarks that Thero is something in it granting leases of life with an autocrat n nod toy rings through the House that was Slont in sadness the master believes that he Neer Felt impair and Kitty the servant laugh out mid her gladness to think that they no to or. Them knew of her prayer. Fic Ornie cried poor in lie Avo we not required to overcome our own selfishness she looked bewildered. Certainly assented Corrie but selfishness is one thing a proper r0-Ernrd for one s self Mother Bon t Shn Spearo Rivy Solf Lovo in not so vile a sin As self Noel Cotig Yew an sword miss Walter but think. Hero am i the Bulent of a Lar of family. Papa is not Well Oft. I have saved enough Money by teaching and sowing to take to through Swarthmore College lint if i stay at Homo and continue to sow and use my Money on my Brothers and Sisters they can All be educated whereas if i went As i intended they might have to ii is in a certain iss be. Do right no what others two ways. Lillio rival Only inquired Cornio Avn they your children " Are you responsible to god for their existence could you Ever have anything until you earned it now then let to Tell pc i they no not one bit better than you Are. Your bout is just precious As any one s. Yott. Are responsible for yourself not for any one else. No one else can work out Youv own development Sov you no Ono else Call insure your salvation. I toll you our individuality is a Burden which we ourselves must Bear and which we cannot lightly shift Oil. Those children have the same parents As vol had to support them while they Little they have jus the. Siukue Chance of earning Money and educating them j selves As veil had. Hoe your own Row j first and to sure of your own Corn before you top to Hoo for other miss Cary s earnestness had flushed her face and exhausted her breath. But i Ean to Sollish Cornie feebly answered Lillie. Do you think it wrong to commit suicide abruptly As cod Cornelia. Of most assuredly Avelt do you think destroying one Tho world s Good opinion sense pitiful re Prohens yourself and never Nevin think of you. Tho whole world is of Tori continued mias Cary like you am the eldest of a Largo family in moderate circumstances. I have been Over the same ground As you that is Why i am so sure but i have made up my mind to go to Vassar is i have All Iilo if hoped to. Perhaps people will talk about us both and if you give up your project say that you Aro Noble and x am Sollish. But wait till Tho Ond of Tho chapter then see Cornelia took her departure leaving Lillian in a state of inf use bewilderment lint after a swi Quick Battle with herself she dec Ideal to reject Hor j i advice and Hung out a dress j maker s sign. J trails going West. No. 1, Boncer departs. 9.12 am 0, time freight " .12.05 " 11, freight4.25 Pra " 13, " "3.65 a m16 " " " 17, a ""10, " ail " " .7.w " ,7, f Vili Ison agent 1 v m.u1g.u1f.t i. Harvey. May i come in Lillie merrily called Cornelia Cary. "1 tapped half a dozen times but you never Lillie started closed her Book and advanced to meet her Friend who St of out Lido her half opened door. It was a Dainty Little Retreat Lillie Walter s own room. Like a fairy Bower verily All in pure while and baby Blue. Come in of course Cornie Sho exclaimed greeting the other pretty girl with a kiss. Two Rosebud Maidens they wore with their creamy skins Pink lips and hair of the Shade of a h of opened Sulphur Roso. No one had Ever been Able to decide whether their eyes were Black or b lie. Their resemblance to each other was accounted for by the fact that they were Distant cousins. Their relationship however did not prevent them from being Tho Best of friends. There continued Lillie sit Down in that Lovely chair which i have just finished upholstering myself do you see what it is Why cried Cornelia it can t to possible i not your papa s old Camp chair covered with , made from j Otler Blue Cashmere Waist embroil red with daisies in crewel it certainly is declared Lillio. And do you know what Tho White blocks Aro ? Why the pieces loft from miss Foster s and you really did make that cloak after All queried Cornie. Well i must say for an Amateur dressmaker you Aro quite a Success. But i Hope this venture will be your Lillie looked grave. No Cornie she quietly answered i m afraid but you go to Swarthmore next month you i Don t know returned Lillie that is i believe i must give that Why what do you mean Cornio looked at Lillie in Surprise. I thought you had fully resolved upon so i had was lillies had response but i have almost changed my Lillie s eyes wandered until they reached Tho Book which she had dropped hastily upon her bed. Cornie followed her glance and then took up the volume. What s this she asked. Aro you not too big to spend your time Over the children s sunday school libraries " Willio brought it Home said Lillio absently setting her lips hard together. Now Lillie Cornio s tone was very vigorous will you the 1 me what s rot into you has this Book anything to do with it thar Book faltered Lillie is about a boy who wanted to go to College but because he was the eldest of a Large f Unity a " Well what crisply demanded Cornelia. Lie made up his mind went on Lillie that it was his duty to give it no and work for Tho others and give them a and like a fool he did it tartly finished her Cousin. Lie did responded but not like a fool Comie like the blessed fiddlesticks exclaimed miss Gary. Did the master sell his Birthright for a mess of Pottage ? i Don t believe such a sacrifice was Ever required of Well calmly asserted Lillie i believe it is of nothing of the kind remonstrated Cornie. Plague take such stories 1 i believe they do More harm than Good. That old yarn of sacrificing one s self for the Sake of others is worn threadbare. Noh unnatural sacrifices Are never appreciated and always work wrong in the life the Only Way in which to do such a i i thing continued Cornio what of deliberately destroying one s mental Powers no s prospects of happiness and usefulness ? you would willingly do Arf yourself of the merest Chance that the others will turn out better than you Lillio was silent. Have Yon and moral right to to it persisted Cornie. Hat will you say Blifil Vatu Cimic to stand before the lord and can Oil give him your Ono Talent folded in a , when von Able to present at least nigh h Ive been live tents i will Tell ,." declared Lillio firmly that t buried my Talent in order that i might Bettev do Llly duty to others yes tartly enunciated Cornelia. Lord i was a female tis Uiti i did evil that Good might Cornel " miss Walter started. "1 did not think of i hat she murmured Well Ynn d belter think of that advised Norire if you Don t i la Tell von How it will be. Your Sisters will dress better than you on your earnings and look Down on you. They la marry before you and do better that is provided you marry at no. Your Brothers will despise you for not Many boys Call stand being Pecunia Rily helped by it woman when they Jig lit just As Well work. No if fitter now ii Nii a you do they la Only find fault because you Don t do More. At last when you re old and ugly and worn out and poor you la have to beg your living among them All the Best Way you can. Finally like Ono of mrs. Livermore s superfluous women you la be. Pushed Back on Tho shelf that is unless like some Good Oid mind aunties you end your Days As a child s nurse in a Homo of which you ought to have been ii mistress. " Doit say Yon Don t want to be selfish. Suppose you make others to suppose you do so much for them that they take it As a matter of course. Don t you see that you will strengthen Tho be lushness in them and so do them harm instead of Good ? if. Is All very Well to talk of being unselfish but the fact remains that we cannot get away from ourselves. We must hear our own punishments Why not our own rewards hush Lillie i i am not done yet. Look at nature All around you. Don t the Squirrel Tho ant and the boo provide enough for themselves before they have any to spare ? it is instinct implanted by the creator. We have the same Iusti not but we think it an outcropping of our total depravity and try to conquer it. The consequence is we do nobody any Good and ourselves nothing but evil. To cud in mental and moral suicide. Lot me Tell you what a doctor told me. Do you know where the coronary artery is it nourishes the heart and is Tho first one Given off by the circulatory system. The heart has to Supply the whole body but it feeds itself first and with the Best and purest blood. Why ? because it has a great Deal of work to do and needs strength. How could it accomplish anything if it supplied itself last and with the feeble St most impure blood will you have your body better eared for than your soul i toll you this illustrates a most important truth. Yet men sometimes and women often set themselves up to be Wiser than their maker. As if he ordained that happiness and Comfort should always be wrong misery and distress right the hardest task is far More Likely to be found out of the line of duty than in it. I did t expect to preach so Long a Sermon. But i mean it every word. Now Lillie take my advice. G j to col Lego do exactly As you intended. Be Strong yourself first then it will be time enough for you to think of aiding the for a few minutes Lillie said nothing. At last she ventured. But i would like to be really in the estimation of others added Cornelia. My dear that s another form of selfishness in which you did not know you were indulging. To covet for a while All went Well. Work i came so fast Money rolled in so prompt j by that she Hud no time to think. Her three sissors Anielia Cora and Laurii j were one after another taken from Tho j , which had been stood enough for Hor and entered at a fashion j Able Institute. In the simplicity of her heart Lillie imagined that they would appreciate their advantages and show some corresponding degree of thankfulness. Alas dross dress dress was their Eon Stuit cry. It took All their sister s spare dollars and oddball hours to Ela Liora e their stylish costumes Bui Titek a i eldest Broth should prepare for till1 University. Lie should ire hive a private Tutor even if she had to do without that s Al skin coat for which she had hoped so Long. The coat was Matei Ilii ,"., tie Tutor engaged but .r.iei-. Would shirk his lessons. "1 Don t see Why you can t let a Feller alone he gruffly i claimed when remonstrated with. The time for examination Drew near but one Lino Day tack was missing. Next they heard that he Hud shipped before the Mash the Tutor to Vav of had seen Lillio Only to Admire her. If to had been touched with her Devotion to her family she had also with his patience toward tack. But when to asked her to leave this of toll and share his lot which however Humble should always be beautified with love Sho said Whilo her lips turned White i can to Tho children need this was Lillio s Only offer. She never entered any society in which she would Inlet gentlemen la Fai Nii years passed Oil folic had grown so neglectful of her own appearance that she never owned a suitable dress in which to show herself. The girls grew older and took their places in Tho same circles As their school friends. Next a Diu Lead a Beau. Next Lillie i think you might Tako that Iii Grid sign flown we Don t want everybody to know that our sister is Only a dressmaker parties succeeded and then a wedding. Lovely fair Liko dresses of Swiss and Satin followed be another All stitched by the faithful lingers of the r.tsle-l1 w Hoe form was growing stooped and whose hair was turning Gray. And when Addie became the wife of a wealthy judge s son. Lillie went to Church in a Black silk whose seams showed while and a Bonnet three seasons behind the times. And Somo people wondered who that dowdy old Mai dish looking woman was who sat with Tho 1 it favored servant or he Niblo dependent. In nil these years of Industry Lillio had 1 do by about $500. Upon this Sho thought she could place some Reliance when old age came. But her father s House was heavily mortgaged. She  handed out her savings Aud never made any More. If i were to die to i Morrow she bitterly thought i Haven t a Dollar to Bury me 1" j Weil Lillio s Story Ienco Forth does i riot vary much ller Sisters All married wealthy her younger Brothers thanks \ to Hor Energy became Well established j in business. He parents Eirew old and feeble and she alone supported them. When they died she contributed just As 1 much toward their burial As those who could buy and sell the pro needs of the House divided amounted. To Little. Alter awhile Jack came Back j Rich in ships and merchandise having succeeded Best of them All and without j Hor help when she was past work she led a tolerated existence for a few years from one House to another until finally at her own request her broilers and Sisters clubbed together and made up a sum sufficient to procure her admission to Tho old ladies Homo where they frequently forgot to visit Hor. What of Cornelia dry All this time Well she went to Vassar As she had intended. They missed her at Home and were sometimes pinched without her but it did to Hurt them any she had been pinched too. They lived and got along very Well until she graduated with Honor. And then weren t they proud of our Cornie Avion she came Home at last and spent a few weeks with them they appreciated her presence and All from father Down to i Iby Eddie were glad to do something for her. Sho had t cheapened herself As they knew her value. Next she received an appointment As professor of mathematics in a Western College at a salary of $1,500 a year and her Board. Then when Sho was Able she remembered her family at Home and sent them freely More in Ono year than poor Lillio could earn in three. Because to respected herself they respected her and themselves and every one of her Brothers and Sisters studied Dili entry and turned out Well. Or. was soon relieved from Tho pressure of All his debts and had the satisfaction of owning his Homo before to died. And next after three years of successful Noble labor Cornelia married a state senator and became a devoted Model wife and Mother. She had a Beautiful Ideal Home and exerted a Brand elevating influence in social educational and Church circles. Constantly increasing her loveliness and Uke Nln St. She grew younger instead of older until it could he truthfully said of her that her lust years were her Best. Ono Day Cornelia visited Lier old time Friend at the Home. Little was said by either As they sat Side by Side clasping each other s hands their eyes filled with Leslil. You Seo i was right whispered Cornie in a choking voice no one Ever thought of calling to selfish. I Only lived out my own life Day by Day As the. Way seemed to open before me. And my Brothers and Sisters arc guiltless of the sin of ingratitude. I did my duty and they did Lillie Lillie called Cora it is half past six. Tea s Lillie sprang to her foot and glanced at the Little Dock on her mantel piece. She had thrown herself across Tho foot of hoi bed and slept just Ono hour the revulsion of feeling almost made her faint. She Sank upon her Knees and exulting by cried thank god i am saved i Are you coming Lillie asked Coro outside.  lbs answered Lii lid following Hor sister. Whore s Willie Willie Mil right Down the Street and Tell Cornio i m going to Why she knows it Don t she in the boy win Lei my. No matter returned Lillie excitedly. Go Tell her Shell understand what i of House decoration. Do not overload your Roo iils with ornament. A superabundance of even the choicest ornaments will weary the Eye and Ortrude unpleasantly upon the notice. telex a in carpets should defer to general effect so that their slight Relief of color will not strike the Eye at once but rather gently remind it of their existence. A Jong Large drawing room would look Well with Emitil Ivilue Woolen and Silken draperies Woodwork creamy White or for Choice two tones of Olive Green Chimney piece to match or perhaps ebonized with ornaments of Kast Ern Chinti in fireplaces and for laying hearths Servo a useful As Well As an ornamental purpose for the polished surface of the tiles reflects a considerable amount of heat into the room and makes a cheerful glow which both looks and feels warm. I aint lip ii Woodwork in rooms should always to of pure Aud simple Solors and flatted Tho Ordinary Grain. Ing to imitate different kinds of Wood being Mere dissimulation and As such to be entirely reprobate the More cleverly it in Doug Tho Moi of absolute the untruth i instead of curtains which Tho mod pm. Form of Bedstead renders Incon  Grous and impossible screens on either Side of the Bod Are a much prettier Ond More healthy substitute. Screens in a Suro privacy Thoy keep out the Light if i necessary and Are a great improvement to Iho looks of any room. Dijai Kiriy As the Means of modifying Tho stiff and cold appearance of the in \ trance Hall is not made As much of As it might be. Whenever it can poem i played either As a Portiero Over a door i or across an archway As Well As for hangings for Tho staircase windows it j will if made of suitable material and 1 harmonizing in color with the Walls and j Woodwork warm and lighten the Hall and give it a much More Homelike and hospitable aspect. It is of the first importance to have the furniture and fittings of a bedroom simply constructed and not too heavy to be easily removed for House cleansing. The carpet should never cover Tho whole of the floor hut Only Laid Down in the Center of the room and fastened with ear pct pins so that it can be easily taken up and shaken. The rest of the floor May be stained and varnished and kept frequently rubbed with beeswax and turpentine. Is All purchases of furniture insist upon honest material Little glue and Good sound workmanship even if a sparsely decorated apartment to the temporary result. The lasting Powers of these properties will High interest and save Money for other future Wise speculations. Be proof against padding let cushions be Independent make sure that Comfort reigns within the arms of an easy chair and that to sit at Easo ii Ion an Ordinary chair is not ludicrously impossible. Goon color for floors can to gained by paint but being on the surface it quickly wears away.  stain is much better for it sinks into and becomes part of Tho Wood and when polished with beeswax and turpentine is a protector and disinfectant. If a floor is very unsatisfactory have the boards planed Down one Quarter of an Inch and covered All Over with narrow Oaken or Well seasoned Pine planks of that thickness and three or four inches in Width fitted with extremes nicety. Much ingenuity might to displayed to Tho advantage of cornices for Small rooms which Are often lofty out of All proportion. Hero it would be found an improvement to let the major part of the Cornice to upon the Wall Only intruding slightly upon Tho ceiling area which would look Tho larger for non interruption. A simple Border of Ivy Oak or other shapely leaves simply suggested in plaster would suit Many rooms better than Tho usually too assertive mass of badly proportioned linear holdings. Or. Hawks appear. Or. Haw san eloquent and popular new York divine onco asked the vestry Man of his Church to increase his salary because of his increased family expenses. Don t trouble yourself said the vestry Man the lord has said he will care for Tho Young Ravens when they i know that said Tho Clergyman but nothing is said about Young . The London lancet advocates stockings made like gloves to prevent soft come. Tub shyl0ck9 at Woisik again. There is pending before the supremo court of Tho United states a made tip Case which is designed in Tho event of a favourable decision to prepare Tho Way for the ultimate retire Merit cancellation and destruction of the Greenback. The Case is based upon Tho following succession of events the Issue of Legal tender both not to exceed $100,000,000 was sustained by the a Prenie court on Tho ground of a National when the act for Tho resumption of specie Fay \ ments was passed in 1st " a provision was incorporated extending to the National Banks the privilege of issuing any amount of new notes after complying with Tho requirements of Tho Law and directing the Secretary of the Treasury to retail o arid cancel greenbacks in proportion of 80 Pel cent of the in Erouise ref National Bank notes until the aggregate of Legal tenders should be reduced to $300,000,001. Subs Ipi evilly in 1878, this provision of Tho Law was repealed in order that the Legal tender fund should not to contracted and the policy of the National Treasury was determined by Tho following provision from and Notor Tho passage of this net it shall not be lawful for the Secretary of Tho Treasury or other officer under him to cancel of retire any More of the United states Legat Tonder notes. And when any of said notes May to redeemed or to received into Tho Treasury under any Law from any source whatever and shall belong to Tho United states they shall not lie retired cancelled or destroyed but they shall be reissued and paid out again Aud kept in circulation. Provided that nothing herein shall prohibit Tho cancellation and destruction of mutilated notes and the Sissil of other notes of like denomination in their Stead As now provided by Law. All acts and parts of acts in conflict herewith Are hereby the ease now before the supreme court is based upon the refusal of a citizen of Ono Stato to accept in payment of a debt duo a citizen of another state greenbacks which were reissued from the Treasury under authority of the net of 1878, quoted above on the ground that this act is unconstitutional. Nov that the fall elections Aro Over the new York tip clamors for an Early decision in ids ease and urges i hat the supreme court shall set aside the act of 1878 As unconstitutional require the cancellation of greenbacks to the limit fixed by the Law of 18715 $300,-000,000and bus put in Active motion the scheme for the ultimate Extin Clio of the Legal Lender fund. The argument employed to show that the act of 1878 is unconstitutional is extremely feeble. Tho constitutionality of Tho original Issue of Legal tender notes has been settled beyond All controversy. The Issue was limited in amount but not in Timile. The extinction of the to Gal tenders thus constitutionally issued is left to the discretion of Congress. In a tentative measure Congress resolved that under certain conditions Tho Legal tenders in excess of 300,000,000 should be retired and cancelled. Bending the execution of this congressional mandate Congress doomed it Wise and expedient to arrest the operation of Tho contraction policy which had been previously adopted. Congress had As much right to act in the one Case is it had in the other. Its discretion in the matter is not restricted by any provision of Tho Constitution. Of Tho entire amount of Legal tenders originally issued and not since retired and cancelled by direction of Congress every note May be legally reissued until Congress shall specifically provide for the termination of Tho Legal Lender function. Upon any other theory every Issue of a Legal tender note from Tho United states Tro usury would have been illegal except the original Issue Only and Tho Legal tender fund would have been wiped out Long before the end of Tho War. Tho agitation started by the Tim in will probably be taken up by other Eastern journals in the interest of the moneyed class of new York and new England. The scheme of this class is Well known to Tho country. Their purpose is to reduce the. Legal tender resources of the american people to an insufficient Supply of Gold alone. Thoy would Roll Silver of its debt paying property and destroy Tho Legal Condor notes issued by the government. This course would enhance Tho value of every Noto of hand every mortgage and every certificate of indebtedness they hold. For Money they loaned on a basis of Legal tender fund comprising the full Supply of Gold Silver and $100,000,000 of paper Money they would demand repayment on the basis of Gold alone. They would exact Barco and dear Money in return for Money they loaned when it was cheap and plenty. They Are not satisfied to get Back what they loaned in better shape than when they parted with it and in addition to the High interest they Drew during a Long term of years but they want still More. They want Gold not at its present value As determined in part by the Legal tender Supply of Silver and greenbacks but at a fictitious value to be fixed by its Scarcity and by an exclusive debt paying property. It is a scheme which would yield these people hundreds perhaps thousands of millions of dollars if Thoy could carry it out it is a Schemo for robbing the country of whatever profit there May to in it. But it will i i quire some More potent Agency than Wall Street now Papor organs to work out this system of plunder und Congress will need to be further removed from Tho people than it has Ever been before to surrender to Tho Tribune. Doings of Congress. Both houses of Congress went into session without formality on monday dec. 4, no opening of Unity in late years Ems Bein attended Kiiji Leas interest or excitement it uie i Tiitu tic info ii Kmic m hut would tic found t Ore Miliny Odin try Day in the Middle of i semis Fuji. F pro Teal Pavish Cut de tire Rte Wiite to order Siml of Tutor the introduction it a few Lite la n nit inv Imizo Rumic the no Tram message of president Arthur received and read then or. Row a of Orrin Anno Wineer tie Dearll of Iii i and Nrec i in to Resolution of re ret we Eli was it Errold to whereupon us a Token of re Sheet to Tho 1 the to ate and Jim a d for tie Day. Speaker called the Jlong to Ord r at 11 o Eloe of. Holt Emiil d Tho presence of Niri Libei i. Tube report of the Tarity cafin uni Sion Ami Totcy. In the Liming or. Willis offered a Resolution for an inquiry into Tho assessment of government employed fur political Pur ski h. Sir. Cit Tiwell offered a Resolution which was adopted authorizing a clause in the Bill reducing letter postage to v i nth. A. Bill was pushed to refund to Tho tit Ito of Georgia $ a vhf a a expended by the state for the common defense in 1777. A Bill to authorize the Extension of the Chesapeake and Ohio i Ond Over military lands at foot resp Monroe was referred. Or. Kaskon and Kutheis made n. report against the abolition of Tho tobacco tax on the ground of uncertainty is to Tho amount of Money required for pensions. The president sent to the Senate in executive re virion quite it Hatch of appointments including the following George Waring jr., of Llode Island to he a member of the National Hoard of health Henry ii. Morgan of Louisiana to be Secretary of the legation of the United a Tate to Mexico. Vac Rauda of to receiver of Public moneys at Niobrara j James a Luthc of Indiana to be of Tho land office Indian agents William o comical of Olio at Umu Tullu Noncy Oregon d. M. Arl Kona at the Navajo Agency new Mexico John Clarnc of Michigan it Tho co Amfin a lev Ai ency Arizona a. H. Jackson of Nebraska at Pima Agency Arizona Alrig. In. John Pope to be major general col. It. Mackenzie of the fourth cavalry to be brigadier a in end maj. Willium a. Hue scr any Monsler to be lieutenant colonel and Diu ii paymaster general m in George it. Elliott of the corps of engineers to be lieutenant colonel of in pincers Commodore Earl knt bid to he chief of the Jiu Reau of equipment and re Orui air a department of the Navy also a Largo number of army promotions. Poven members presented petitions in tie Senate on the 7th lust., for an increase of pensions to our armed Aud on a urged soldiers. The Bill was discus cd and amended or. Reck called up his Resolution it reference to political assessments during the late Campaign and or. Hah offered a substitute calling Tor an investigation into levies upon liquor dealers by tie democratic congressional committee. I he House passed a joint Resolute in to print 2 i if i copies of the commission s report passed the Indian appropriation Bill which sets at do Saih shh killed the Bill authorizing the building of a Home for indigent sailors and soldiers at Erie pa., and adjourned Tho president nominated to the Fentie in executive of in Iau Edmund i. Calhoun to be rear Admiral in Tho Navy together with a Long list of minor postmasters. By viral petition a were presented in Iho Senate at its session on Tho 8th. Inst., salting action on Tho tobacco tax and urging Tho passage of a Bill to increase Tho pensions of soldiers who have suffered the loss of an Arm or a Leua Bill was passed to establish title to the site of the military Post at Elpaso. Thero was pro look id debate on Tho Resolution a a to political assessments and on Tho bankruptcy Bill. An attempt to strike from the Bill All provision for involuntary bankruptcy was Defeated but or. Morgan secured an amending int to include option trading in St is Grant in to in ants of bankruptcy. On motion of or. Morrill the internal reveire Bill with its pending amendments was recommitted to the committee on finance. 5ti Tho House. Or. Surrows reported the Consu a up Propri Tio which of s aside $1, fls.5. I. In Coirin if be of the whole the Bill for Tho re if of to Oilie ers and men of the Monitor which fought the Merrimac was Defeated. Or. Ringham reported a Bill to reduce letter postage to 2 cents. A Montreal Yoning Man attempted to kit Al Tho pretty Diu Fliter of it Corner grocer. Sim Dippell Lierly Lii Toland up to the wrist in a gallon of molasses and passed it rapidly across the ardent Lover s ambrosial Beard. This is what might be called Sweet revenge vaccination is henceforth to be com a Kory in China. One Cuitee for popular opposition to it is that it is the practice there to vaccinate children on the tip of the nose. A Reward of half a Tael which the government has offered for every child vaccinated has not been sufi event to persuade parents in easy circumstances to disfigure their children in this Way and a Law has therefore been promulgated punishing the failure to vaccinate by Fine and in the history of Bowdoin College prof. A. S. Packard says to remembers Hawthorne As lie looked in the recitation room with the same shy gentle bearing Black drooping full inquisitive Eye and Low Murieal voice that he Ever had and Longfellow sitting two scats behind Hawthorne a fair haired youth Blooming with health and Early Promise
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