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Postville Post (Newspaper) - December 11, 1882, Postville, Iowa The District Post. -. Loco a Nie pants gains. Ujj Fow to suco�8s u candidates Merit to in a m. C. Mead editor. Thor.rfoinls7flfar  if. Is Alvon Cost 0" to be lit Republican leaders Aro Bow Koo. Georgo w. Jonos a i the abolishment of Tho a it to of for candidate for Polo nor of Texas Iff. Art a a orb a Jos Scaturo Thierb iir.0rty anti a monopolist i who a Woro elected in opposition to Tho regular republicans. Tho Postrup card Bayh hero Ynve if in n thimble. All Trio Republican party Waulk in Unity of purpose Wusi Armony of action which in minds an Exchange of Trio Kansom tourist who on being told by a native that All Kansas lacked was water and Good society replied that that was All the trouble Tubero is in at the Dis Trio court in Waukon. In judge Cooky s charge to the grand jury on the amendment question in said that the amendment hid born decided null and Ruid,.ou account o irregularities in. Its passage by a District judge in the state and the mat Ler would soon come before Trio supreme court the grand jury bad Bonior treat it is though it bad Lievois passed and was not a portion of the Law of the journal the Chicago daily news vory pertinently Aske if a Road can carry a barrel of flour that weighs 1% pounds from Chicago to Minneapolis at a profit for 25 cents Why can lot it transport n Man of Tho Samo weigh at a profit for co cents to a Lia Dlos himself and the hour does not to Man pays extra for a car to fide in and the flour does not the Man does not need to to insured and the flour Doos. Why charge Tho Luau $25 and the flour As Many out ii the Elkader Rogister says at the close of to 47th Congress the Ficeti ate will ii five no presiding Oaler. Senator Davi time will lit sve Vair cd and with it his presidency of the body to new Bouse will to Tiu or sea izod and without a speaker and ? d Tho contingency of a vacation in the presidential office Thoro would be no one constitutionally qualified to occupy the Exoa Tivo chair. Doubtless Ftfe Aidonis Arthur will co Sciove it to be Bis duty to fall an extra sri Sion of the now Congress in March a this reason alone if no other. Lao a a ljubuqii6 Fler Ulch Hon. L. It. Weber congressman might Ivy. But t is enough to convince the people that there is still in exist Enos Meh a party As lie National Greenback labor i arly Ti-,".t it. Is not dead. Tinct is its jimmies will not let it die Trio enemies of the government forced into life and their acts Ever since a Uve furnished the food on Wihib it has lived and on which it now thrives. Their acts have lion tile need of he party hence its rapid and vigor Ous growth. Thigh it Arld to Oil company is one \ t Bornost insolent monopolies that \ a i cursed tile United states. They a have monopolized whole counties t f be people s land and by special privileges control the outlet of one of our i latest industries. When Litsy undertake anything they generally accomplish it by fair Means or foul. Their latest Victory Over the people Bas been to have their monopoly exempted from payment of nearly 3,000,000 of taxes in Pennsylvania. The state treasurer and auditor general of Pennsylvania assessed them to this anon it but the Oil men appealed from one court to another and now the opinion of the supreme court favors the in a sort it to Oki As if the Standard Oil company need not go to Law at All. It carries everything with a High hand and its own word is Law. Titis unbridled Power of corporations is one of the greatest dangers menacing the welfare of the people. 1 it the monopolists than be stripped erf All or i least a Good part of their privileges by United 8cti6n at tie polls. Until this a Tom has been taken the Cor-pc��io6� will Rule. They cannot Beffi Stubl a baffled in any Otbo a Way. A correspondent to to Chicago in Tirol in spanking of he demo its says in my judgment i they follow the Lead of their Ous predecessors Jefferson Jackson and Lincoln. Hoy May have it Goon Nso of life. If Jackson the a by the eternal tha National Lii inks must go if with Jellerson the restore to the nation the Power of issuing All Money and with Liuch elevate labor to the control Oil in. It ducts they May survive and in Reivo the Coati device of tue people but if they ape their predecessors under to the monopolists the rope is i u existence that will strangle their Cut and thai Pelt Vron t pay Foi skin Tung Javi ii snip of Mcgregor no the railroads seem to realize the their Only Hope of maintaining their almost coir photo Mono Ioly of the Ner Chandise and produce business of the West lion in Kil lug off the Mississippi River compete lion. They have been for Man years in driving All the lumber into posts Buck into the i u j Ien so us to have lumber Huu Iii. Completely at their mercy. In Man. Ner towns notably at Mcgregor the railroads have sided All River pro i be shipping and but Little Werchau list finds its Way to the Mississippi. Sur they Are aiming to drive the larger cities of the River into ext ii Sive rail shipments. The latest in stances of this kind occurred at dual be the Illinois Central a recently advanced the rates on Grai three Coats a Bushel from All Point West of Dubuque to Chicago and absolute refusal to Lay Grutlin Over or unload. The reason Given for the outrage upon the Grain buyers of the Lvov City is that shippers in Cuba que Bavo been in the habit of taking advantage of the former rates to be Grain into Dubuque and then ship it to the Diamond to or other lines. L View of the of tit that the 1. A .c Cany the Grain to Chicago the com Pauy concluded that they would take Steps to prevent being discriminate against. This is ostensible Reaboi. But the real cause lies deeper. It r Well known to All who study tin transportation question that tin cheapness of delivery depends upon the Jimo unt of return freight so thu. If Diamond to cannot get Grain to carry on his line of River steamers from Dubuque he must Neches Sarij charge Mure for All other freight carried to Dubuque b Boreing the steam boat to travel empty on the return trip compels them to charge i Milch higher rate for All merchandise carried by them. The Railroad company compels Trio producer to pay u higher Rato of freight by 6 on Bushel and prevents its being shipped to in Iowa Market in order a compel the merchant and consumer to pay a higher Rato of freight on Ali merchandise received. Every Mer chant i Dubuque must pay the pen Alty for this move of Trio Railroad to kill River shipping. Every 1 receive i of merchandise must pay a much higher rate for All freight received by the River transportation com Panitt because they Aro debarred from haul ing Bur produce to Market by tin Railroad monopoly. Mcgregor which does not ship a Bushel of produce by the vast Wittor Way running at her feet bus hardly any Benefit from the Wator Competition. For Many years the railroads have been engaged killing off the River shipping. In part they Bavo succeeded by fairly competing for the traffic. But generally they Bavo destroyed the business of the River Jit fes by destroying legitimate Competition suet As is to basis of All other com orc this new Schetne which robs both ways making both producer and consumer pay u High Tariff is of Wei Chi the of Cople will resist Anc which tto Ftfe people a Ftp Tolo Raio. Complimented or the moderation the 1 have exhibited in to Day of their Success. The Wisest of them candidly admit that the result of to lab election is attributable Rathor to tin votes of republicans who Tiro Dis gushed with the domineering of their loaders than to the ballots of democrats and notwithstanding its present apparent Success All know thai the democratic fairly is and has Long been hopelessly divided on Many very important issues. The returns from thu Jolls testify with unerring accuracy that the Republican party is also now in a similar broken and disordered condition. It in not Likely that this disintegration of the two great parties will to arrested. The fact is both of them Are pulverized. They Aro internally broken up As thu whig Anil demo ratio parties were j Rev Iotis to in ise of the Republican party and tin election of president Lincoln. A Uio material for Trio erection of a now formation must be obtained Iron parties previously existing such Des Sica Tion is a necessary preliminary its Success. It is admitted that the financial re Orni advocated by the Irish work is a great change almost a Motintian o i revolution. In fact it is tie Aeo Dod addendum to the great wort of Tho revolutionary War. That so Jared for us political Liberty Aud Al. I he efforts of the nationals Aro Sam in intended to secure for our their financial fio Edom. The Success if the cause in the future is certain Ait it rests with our people to Salow Long they Aro willing to Stiller under our resold Barbaric Mono system or How Long that Succes Diall be postponed. In the mean time we Are glad to record Grea Fains ill Tho late election m ill quarters find to note the Giaui est. Disintegration of the so Callec. Republican party by fair the mos formidable of our opponents and Hough momentarily successful b he testimony of its War Ritly leaders Lio democratic party is in a Simiu disjointed Condl Tiomi. Previous to the incoming of tin deluge. We Are told that the Fountain if Tho great deep were broken up of let us to Nike that the breaking a if the fountains of the great Potica seeps is a Good Omen presaging flu coming of n Feitt financial change did the near Advent to Power of la. Vati Omil Greenback labor part a which has so Long advocated Irish world. L a loss of mat port. Own Home Tual. The hog crop is quit a Hort a his year1, and tbsp Scarcity torn induces Many to ship Lighte Nini Nln than they would do Obei Vise. I ref is also Short which inc neatly increase Tho demand for am of ump Tiou of pork. In Boito o Heso fact the Price of hogs a topped since oct. 1st two i Eiith pc Pound or nearly Ono Quarter. Tit decline of two cents hits been i Miseo is usual by a combination of neural. A very to Kep and Butcher in ten country for Tho special purpose of of snug the Price until they can by. In Tho hogs when it will to Boome p As High As possible again. Thi has been played on Tho Fann is regularly for Suyei us years. Thi lomb Inatius is not satisfied with but us live hogs at about eight cml Selling them when do osted Foj about fourteen Entz Pound Ney Thant two cents More and pn., eed to take it. The number of hog nicked in the states of Indiana lib mis. Iowa Missouri Wisconsin am. Nebraska is about 5,000,000 and their average weight about 250 pounds to two cents a Pound which Thi combination has squeezed from tin Farmers amounts to 5.00 per hog on in Itoi nge and or 5,000,000 hogs the. Axis j5, ,000. This 5 00000i is Only for Tho six. States above Uil mid. How Long must this thing go on Lefore ii rulers will Combine to pro act themselves would it not i veil Uli def those circumstance s Foi armours to escape a part of this in killing and curing the a own pork the a Flo Nair come Fitti. Of. Hurrier issues i Gilt of a me tint o Tho National a Trio Groen Biol party. To Are ii of copt of Tho following circular letter together with the comp Junying Oili Cial Call meet Tig of Tho National committee t i Ake place at i. Louis Decoin Ber 20, t882 natio Al party Danville 111., november 23,1882. Do Aii sir we have Calico the National committee together As circular herewith will blow . We a edit be that question s 6f the most vital importance must be set Ted in the struggle of 1884 to believe that dangers to the re Public More fearful than any yet encountered now threaten it one o. Abie is in forc6, by the Money Power the supreme pc Urt under such influence As by ought Forth the dred a Scot Cas Elo by false caching to Tho Mon urus belief that a National debt is a i Dional Blessing. To Jer oct this idea in Tho interest if Tho Bank Syndicate Moab tires will in adopted to Slop Tho payment of to National debt. Aud to further Aid this Crimo against Chili Saliin Iho cons Littion of the United states will to tramped out. And mighty Railroad find Jedi Hor corporations allowed to Rule with despotic Sway. We believe it to to essential to our life As a free Puoplo that a party shall come into Power which shall have for its object 1. To destroy sectional a frito. H. To pay promptly the Public bonded debt. To reduce the taxes and expenditures. 4. To establish Tho unlimited Coin Igo of Gold and Silver. 5. To substitute government Legal Ender paper for Bank is such. 5. To overthrow corruption at Theolla and in representative bodies. 7. To secure a free ballot and a fair omit. A to control by Law and bring Iho subjection to the interests of the people All corporations Aid Wuo Opo Oes which have corrupted Tho Public ervice and by combination and of ortion Bavo established absolute do million Over Money Over , Over invention and Over land rid labor. Submitting Tho foregoing a8 n Bass of action if affirm Thorn pleas oin with us in a conference to form Date a plan for their speedy accomplishment. J. I laity kill chairman x. G. A. L. P. Cam. Foil Tuk Meil Ino. Had Quad i Kus National party. . 111., nov. 23, 3882-Deal bit the Groat political break a which has just taken place opens tin Vay for the Anarch of Reform the Dio Tild be embraced at once. Issuer involving Tho very life of free institutions Are pressing for solution before in our history. Therefore for the purpose of conference consult ill Ion etc., As to tiniest Mode of pushing our principles to the front that Puoplo May grass hem i ask Tho committee to race be at Tho Laclede hotel St. Louis fu., Doc. 20, at Llou. And i will invite a number of prominent reformers business men Choli irs etc., if they Aii irm Cert in set Forth in the circular s it them to meet with us in Confer a uce Jeshke i Lute Kkt chairman n. G. B. L. P. 3lackshith shop. Stafford s old stand he fires in the shop Are kept up b. Leo. Stafford & t. Shortreed who defy Competition a when Quality of work and i Rimpf Ira considered. Make a specially a horse shoeing plow Woi a machine repairing. Ii work tuna Willii a Phon Khz and hip Tvelt 1ive us a Call at the 0l0 8tahq. L Lilun Treut Montville Iovu. M. Euchee. Offers to the ladies of this Vicinity the finest line of dealer Ift heavy & shelf hardware s3 Psi a so Fitl Tutaj barbed wire keep on band n a Ridge Stock o f 3uilder s hardware of All kinds we Koep a careful and experienced Vork Iupati and do All kinds of Job work and warrant satisfaction. Fall and Bra tee our Stdek opposite tits Bank Postville Low. , 111 10 Foo ice Are a ways on Tho Lookout of i he Chi Mcbrin Tofu Kruase their Ourn use Whu to not improve their opportunities Oai Ain in i Overty. We Oifer a rent Chance u make Money. To want i Iii men worn a boys und i Rob to work for us in their own ocal Tieh. Any aide our it the Worl proper a from Tho Liral. The bit Neils will him ten times or Diu a Fri wages. Kin Prwivo jut Rit furnished Frei. Nov one who in Aee Nils to make Money rapidly. Yoa Ciyi Noto your whole Tiff to Tho work u f Only j our spare Momenta. Full information Ana Ull that is needed neat free a def a a St Shoh to co. Fort tur a Man Ever offered by him. Elu amt diagonals. And , neatly trimmed with Plush and . The ladies will do Wall to examine. Fine clothing. The undersigned when on his visit East this summer found a line of men s & Bov s clothing made from the celebrated Sawyer s Woolen without an Oqual for Quality in the United states. Thetis goods were Mado up for me by merchant tailors foil Fine Trade and with pleasure i offer them to my customers knowing they Are made up better than our custom tailors make them. Please Bear the above in mind when in need of an ext1sa nicj3 suit. F. W. Roberts. Theodore Valerius i proprietor of the new meat Market Postville Iowa keeps constantly on hand everything in his line such an beef Volik and mfg took. Dried and corned beef hams shoulders poultry Bologna sausage. Fresh fish in their Tutmon. I keep a first lakh shop and guarantee rat no re Tiu come Llna Nee inv. Kightlinger Bros. Contractors pm Bue Debs a ill do Stone or Brick work. Make a special to of i ma80nry and plastering. Ilso practical Well diggers. Our terms Are reasonable. And iras us at Clermont Iowa. F5t"the prior of the following Organ Tise been Iid Annceil to $12s Sinue insert inv thit Kloct retype. 27 stops so cots reads to 27i6 Ofaf Tif stir Organ Toai Tisa 97 sl�2 to 10 Heta 2�e�a, a a Rion ohly Coq or Ornow. B a Liliy Emik j i pos. Of Flournay order or Reg Rcd 1.4 tti1, a d the no in. t3sy anon Clit. Or to Nelmi to Nour a. 0iil,ie0il to Satalof Tifi fryc. i l upon Baj Jiel a , a a a a rpt i Volt nth Sist 8���uk. It a bulb at 1w7 s a Ixta to a t of a. Lis. The. i. Rutin la i. A i " i a min Iii ii a r # re w i find Litt. Al " 111 thu re null it St Faro nil Ulm nil who Llis in a i l nil Hli Illif  u Iii i a. T i o la ii fit i irtllr.4-i incr Liat f Tfir r ii Tref Jet l up at it a How Senrt Ninfi Litile sum i or my for lha tort lips Rwy Ltd Al Hitt of latin 3m to tour and Imposino big in 1t Titia i Hubli .�14 i 1 it i or j pm Hil  St Mim Tab a hot lit my a m a 111 a it a to ,. And to to a can the us Iii t4\aj Furiati if lift. To int of Truxal Kun a a a us Tim Iraj Mir a my a Al bit puff Imarn ?,-b4 to i a Raj t,.ii rats a la a m u a Iii Fil hot a vol f re . Ii 14 a la Jvn my Iii .-f.rntti.1 a umm , a 4i��m-4 of Rte Klif a4 mrs thu a to Are tit a i hit. To tar a a i b thai Kex a fit re to Law. A. I Ria a Rawa tax i. I a do i Knaani , . I wart he i to a. 1 j. Item Kiwi 11 Sauan re or if us a a i. By Hail. M 1 it Leal. A Ryton. A to Iil-1i. Huiai a a a. A. A to  of to. R.�, Lilii Vij a a a. A a a a a i my Tali my i  v  a in  a Hufh mmtm4. M4 the h a to in. I us to Forf. to met up Harris remedy How of t t , Jyi vhf fat reliable self cure. a of a Waail a a t t. I Rit to i., t i i to. Riris i i Vrrme. Ift Luisiii to it i i Faro Mif. Hornli in Pic a. r or i,.mi ill in ii Scollins caskets and Robes. Fulder facing a speciality. Ati Kin Crft of repairing promptly attended to. Be ask on f dentin to u Ivy is r Call a nil Eion Lizine our Jionda and Iiri Oen before Par a Casinir Al Fechero. Flirt floor North of t pfc l ii Tonica. Postville Iowa Acu a to a a a to witir5 c it Medicine. To a i la in Asci Iii of Crim men. To in t Iii a Oij Volar to Sii Mii Tel in Lorn re Lull rat till. Hunk Mil tvo lil Yii i la cd package. Sati Araci Boh eed crr Jay. Ask your grocer or j. Monroe s Golda Edil Bodin Sale Tatus or 13at-.iiigf powder and consult your Best interests b j giving Ift attrial Yoi will never regret i Indian Lood. A Rump cures All diseases of the Stocia ii to hirer bowels kidneys skin and blood millions testify to its Effie any Iii Healing the above named disease and pro 74/ ounce it to be the bbl a Medy known to Mal. Tiok mask guaranteed to cure Daft Peoria Lacr Story 77 w. 3dst, new York City druggists sett it it i Ai. .cxi-l.l. . J ,.Lii.v by of of a a cd my of h Tevero Oak a of Vathay of i Nta Diuk. I it to Tho a Flici i. Ikano i a i of. Ͽ�mi-m-mim.1.,i., mum us a lug my Al of pm a to oxide of. Tiru Vian twi jew Morusin i Thlu Scible form. I be. Jue buium Zyss of Appe lust option a Owera to i . A i consider it Exoe Jont remedy for the debilitated vital forces. Bev a. Ͽ�it7bbs writes a.fteb-,a of the Iron tonic i Taie plea arfred in stature taut i have born greatly benefited by its use. Miniot fers and Pitt lie speakers will find it Thiau in Iho no urdu. Tiia Over the la St r leis we and Boit it till rail Tel cats by Way of thu ��3t Anit Oliviea and through the Belli Iii Muni Cli Arunno Mcenary it Huth lib it  Matiun houses Islieb std Ning cd Raitio Bali Uei in cd ii the by. Feul bail Way i. of Thi Lin it Riv and Dpi re ram Union do pot in Chipi Iyo wilwauk6�, it i aul Munea Pohli and Council Bluffs . Prounh tickets re for Mil a vory whore i of shout tie United states Ait a Una Ducj Aid every ticket Bye it in a ubi Iliad with our i in and time Toien for free distribution 1.6 abbr Lilli a Carven leh Umbra i Mitiu Fri Gen. I. And l. At t. J i Akk of h. He it oud �n.1rji Jupt. Air i Wieb. P. At 3urimgtoni Cedar rapids & Northern r a the direct Lii Onoro Ako a Dionne Tiona Mauti with Lihwa he Dilim soot i j3ah and web i or Ilc i of 8nd Points East Fife Louis Aud Points in la Linin. Amin a Ion it and 1\ a. A a but Foi Pouilh in a Tri to. Neo Rasti to Lomu and set vie Ien. J .i8t for Chicago mid nil Oittis. Land Bio Kora Lickett for Sale it All stations Ooth bungle add round trip. For Texas Missouri Lowit , mihhe8d to aim Hii Nioba land Points. Hviid turns with Pullman seeping car Art run botwen Chicago Minneapolis & St of Effii leaving Chicago via the Ohi Cao Book Island & l Pacific a railway and Mia Apo Lisa St. Louis Lleni Vav. Alsi through aide piers Between Cedar Fallisi and Chi Caffo. Sefc Lloil Tsairis Bethe to. Lonia Ilia . Via this Niue and tunic Ngo Burlington & and Minneapolis i fit. Lodi Tini Vays main line extends Fredni Barli Natori Iowa to Albert Lea Minnesota. Muscatine division fro Rii mus Dintino Iowa to Whit Alieel and Montezuma lows. Mihaill Cej Dir Biou Cedar Banida to i of Tville Iowa. Pac Itic division a front be def a plan Loh. To Morffi ing Mihi Yesota. It will by seen to adm the Ito to that Ali flt Anaf portion of Jowa can be readied i Thlu link1 lao airy Point in Trie Leonty is Bull of youth West. Mapsto Tii Kii tabled &8 furnished of in no plication to agent Bale to All Poi to Iri Iii tintes stud Canad a c. A jvb8. B. P. Mills eff i. Gupta. T.�#. L Cedar Hailds Iowa ii nil ii of Auriti a fetch or 4-Ninilrf of your Luventon a Muhln theil. 1. A Nuil 4 Preli inn Ftp i Clirrie Jap of la to Jiin to to a Nuci it of to of rho Libr us tint i Siciu Cun to obtained. Jovo Ihry ii uni ii a titty a i i ate Tab to a Eitl to to my oven Iocent the of 3l.� Ronti we fax or urine us my Guetl by Oliy . Ten Lipai a a be who ii Annj i a fittin is Inigue. When allow Eil Tbs actor nov a fee Flint Goten Lieut to Nishii Amhi out Nihil lion Tii fint will not Ulii Tiomir Tiv Fritton in ii Felt Iii Vale really 1�. In str a i my beat can leu mine Tience c i tit Iyo ii Wiur a Livlin Lipari Liukuai of fit to. Out Mimi in Iii it in Mill Flea a i it ill Cut la to Iii Tekor of h a cite i at Iii. Cd a a our it Loriney Lii Lite Cut fat in Luk Tbs to Titi of Tim invent Fitin mid Uhn i the Dareol full ii your Ftp Llu Loii. An examination and Tenan George Neil Emo Iti Urner at Cwajna solicitor or America amt Foreia i Tenti. 613 Nuttli , mention tul4 Pui Tyrl

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