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Postville Post (Newspaper) - December 11, 1882, Postville, Iowa The District Post published every monday Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa. 3vc. O. 3vt33.13, editor and proprietor. Terms l.60ayear j1.00 for six months 5q cents for three months strictly Advance. Laval Niti cos 10 cents Peri Iii first insertion 5 cents for each subs Ciucht insertion of Sarao notice. A Bau notice s kept standing until ordered out. Collect to a made monthly. Advertising hates male known application. B., c. R. & n. R. A Milwaukee division. Passenger arrives. 1.25 pm " leaves. 2 15 " accommodation arrives. 3.55 pm leave. E,.w a m Perry agent. Postville mails. Arrive daily Excel t sunday. From East at. 11 a " West at. Run pin " South at. " it. T to " mails close. Going West at. I 15 a m " East at. Run p m " South at. 1 id " " North Nikon at. 8.00 am Minneapolis time. Semi weekly mail to Elzador leaves tuesdays and saturdays at 7.0 1 p. . Ollick hours from 7.1kj a. M. To 8.00 p. M. Money or Der Ollick. A. R. Prescott postmaster. City officers. M. .1. we. 3v f. . S. Iloh . 11. N. Douglass j. S. Mott r. A. T. Meyer 0. Tomah t. S. Burling t. Ii. Easton. Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51,. A. 0, u. W. Meets every saturday evening i 1 heir new Jocil c Pom the Brick Block. A members of the scr or of Siam Iii Are cordially Vircil to visit us. Jamks Perry m. W. I. K. Luis cock acc. Postville Lodge no. 266 i. 0. Of 0, of regular meeting every monday evening. Visiting Brothers cordially invited to be Presont. J. Meyer. G. H. S. Luhan Sec. Brotherly love no. 204, a. F. & a. M. Meet at their Hall Corner of Lawler and Green streets tuesday evening or before the full Moon each month. Members of the Craft Good standing Are invited to visit us. S. S. Powers a. M. Ellison Ork Sec. Church directory. . H. E. Warner pastor. Preaching every Sabbath morning at Haf Post 10. Sabbath of Hool immediately after morning he Viec. Prayer meeting every wednesday evening at the Church. Congregational a. F. Loomis pastor. 8ei vices every Sabbath morning at half Post 10, every Sabbath evening at half Post 7. Prayer Mcc ing every wednesday evening. Sabbath school after morning service. City directory. The a Stville Bank Postville Iowa. Hall Roberts president. W. S Roberts cashier. S. S. Powers attorney at Law collecting agent and notary Public. Filce up stairs the Brick b Ock a i of Sivilic Iowa. J. K. Phillips to sorial artist and of the key City Barber shop Postville Iowa. Miss Katie Duff. Miss Oka Cross. Misses Duff & Cross fashionable dressmakers Pon Tellic Iowa. Cutting and fitting done neatly and reasonable terms. We keep the latest Stiles and guarantee satisfaction. We solicit your patronage. A Tooma one door North of Ward & Meyer s. Railroad time table. C.,m.& St. P. . Trains going East. No. 2, passenger arrives. 5.30 Peri " 10, Slock exp.,4.25 " " 12, freight "9.00 " "14, " "9.25 a m "16, " "3.45 " "18, " "2.10 p a "20, " "0.45 " " 22, " "7.05am x trains going West. No. 1, passenger departs. 0.12 am " 9, time freight " .12.05 " " 11, freight. 4.25pin " a "  atm " a " ". 9.55 " " 17, 1.45 " " 19. a a "7.10 " 3. F. Wilson agent. The District Poist labor and capital allies not enemies. Volume i. Postville Alla Makee county Iowa monday december 11, 1882. Number 17. News Brief. The River Rhine is. Higher than at any previous time within a Century. After a protracted meeting of the Irish privy Council it was decided to Pla a the City of Dublin under the operation of the curfew clause of the repression a it Era powering the arrest of suspicious persons found the streets Between one hour after Sunset and one hour before Sunrise. The ii Ood the Rhino undermined House it disc Dorr and fourteen persons were drowned. The municipal Bank of Skopin Ruski has failed for Over $10,000,000, ruining the whole town. Daniel o Leary is England searching for material Tor a six Days pedestrian contest Paris. The Iron firm of Biddulph Wood & Jevons of Liverpool has suspended with liabilities of 8250,000. Aruba Pasha pleaded guilty before the court martial at Cairo to rebellion and was sentenced to death the Khedive commuted the Deora of the court to exile for life and it is believed Arabi will hereafter reside British territory. Financial and Industrial. Cornwall Price ,000. Lucius Hart pfc co., dealers metals new York made assignment. Lia Bili lies $1.70,000. Owing Asli reported to a Scarcity of orders Tho North Chicago St eel rail Mills have been shut Down. About 1,800 men.-re thrown out of cup by this act the Joiet Iron and 1 company shut Down a portion of their works at Joli Csc leaving too men Idle. Kreigh & Davies Grain dealers Chicago have food for $301,000. / ,. Washington dispute is Tato tint Public Printer rounds is v a i i the pro Sid it and that Ier l no truth the Rumor tin he was to to remove. John t. Moi Gathus been re Mac Tod senator from a Abner a. P. Kel ofe cited to Congress from the third Louisiana i Tiit ins i ecu refused a certificate by gov. Mcenery the ground that he is not a resident of the state. _ Ekx Kigali. Stephen. D is a ins publish d a Engthi card to tin pubic a f Ming his connect Vith t a a tier rout a contracts 1 offers to pay $1,00 fire void can be shown he Loik from the Treasury. He denounces Severi. Y Mac yeah 1 a i Beas having v of t d a promo v made to Bim half and ingers into keep s Cret a document entrust d to a their be Ping detailing his Dorke s connection with Tho Miil contractors and avers that up cia1 Ivos Iga Tion Orde cd by pros Dent Gar ii id was never inaugurated. Tin Newton no code of new York so far As it relates to the Observance of sunday is. Being enforced new York City. Tho Board of audit having i Haigo of the Classm for professional services rendered to the late president a Ifield has reported a set of allowances for the physicians under this arrangement or. Miss gets of 00 drs. Agnew and Hamilton each $5, 00 drs. Key Burn and ploy non Cash $4,000, and the nurse mis. Or. Edson $3,i0t. The Thoone Henry Folger went ashore Salmon Point reef opposite Salmon Point Lilit Oue la have been lost. the play of is Slocum it the coliseum Cincinnati miss von Behren was killed by Frank t Frayne attempting to shoot Apple from her cud it appears that the Spring Latch holding the Rille barrel place dropped at the instant of firing. Frayne was Ai rested and held to bail a charge of manslaughter. The International compress at Houston Texas containing 8,000 Hales of Cotton was destroyed by Are. Four Reb Donces were also consumed. The loss will reach $500,000. Two Hoys were killed at chomp Souville of by a special train conveying the Langtry Trou e. The steam Barge 8. Peters was burned Lake Michigan not far from Milwaukee and All Board thirteen number were lost eight lives were lost by the wrecking of the Schooner Henry folgore Lake Ontario. Altmiks and . John Mueller of Pittsburgh murdered his Wile and then committed suicide. Or. John d. M. Carr old med Loal practitioner of Chicago is dead. Admiral Strong retired died at Columbia s. 0. David Lee was hanged by a mob for hog stealing at Stort s Landing la the new Orleans grand jury has indicted thirteen persons for election frauds. Israel d. Wager a Farmer living near Cleveland was robbed of Money and jewels of the value of $21, 100. At Chicago a Black desperado named fatally assaulted another negro and killed a White policeman who attempted to arrest him. a Carriage it North Newport. Maine Charles cr.. 11 killed i s Nellie Priley and himself the a a Volver. Ink s Loki it coloured was executed at Edgefield court House s. A for the murder o Moses liabcoc1--, also coloured. a Diuk a tight near Ophir go., Bass Gage s Throat was it Lus p Wlch i Matajy Hurt and mrs. Ibis no badly wound 1. Two mexicans stopped a stage Tho Vicinity of , new Mexico disarmed the and took the mail Pouch. Two a Linuse passengers were ordered outside lobed o their Money and cooly shot dead. Five thousand citizens and 150 policemen joined exciting Hunt Chicago for a Black desperado who had fatally assaulted a fellow african and then killed a policeman who was Cut to arrest him. After lurking about the City several Days the murderer s place of concealment was discovered. He again resisted arrest scooting and Dang thusly wounding another Allicer Ami again Mado Lis Ese apr. He was finally hunted Down and i Ulm hid a Eon -l.ox. Wit nut summoning bin to Suriender the police opened Liro the desp Cra to and riddled his body with i bullets at Durango col., or. Eve Etzkor was publicly horse whipped by two women for slandering them and at night he went to his office mortally shot his partner or. H. A. Clay and then killed himself. It reefs. The egyptian War Cost England $17,500,-0c0. Jay Gould paid $10,000 for acre Woodlawn Ocine Teryy new York. Congressman elect , of Louisiana died suddenly at Baton Rouge. Disastrous floods Are reported Germany. Ben. Daniel Tyler died at new York aged is. Talt archbishop of Canterbury is dead Sunset Cox is a candidate for the speaker ship. At key West i la., editor Pendleton horse whipped Lieut gov. Bethel. Vav Jujic debt. The  a nov pension fund. J4, ski of to principal. Mih 00 will interest. Ltd via,308 miildred debt principal. 9,r,i5,0- interest. 441,401 debt bearing no interest old demand and Legal Tonder Notos. L40,740,s4r, certificates of Deposit. 9,84v 00 Gold and Silver Vertill catch. 1,899 nov. 1, 1882. L,6is,491, decrease of debt during month. ,5 j4,142 decrease of debt since Juno 30,1882. 05,057, we current liabilities interest duo Ami unpaid. 1,6u,012 debt which interest has ceased. 9,515,055 interest thereon. 411.too Gold and Silver certificates. 108, 04,200 United states notes held Tor redemption of Vertill catch of Deposit. 9,w5,Ino cd big Balanco available Deo. 1, 1882. ,887,476 237,867,173 available assets Cash Treasury. 287,8 .7,173 Bonds issued to Pao fio railways principal outstanding. 04.023.512 interest accrued and hot yet paid. 3,015,f 87 interest paid by United states. 66,341,081 interest repaid by companies by transportation service. 16,409,850 by Cash payments 5 per cent net Carol Nus. 055,198 balance of interest paid by United states. 39,360,032 no Ops. Twenty billion wooden hoops Are used the Large packing establishments of the country for barrels alone. Now a hoop maker will make 150 hoops a Day of ten hours twelve or fourteen feet lengths. exceptionally Good hoop maker will produce 300 eight foot a Clay of ten hours and after this has been done these hoops must be again finish-s1 ildved by the Cooper before to can not i them Bevel the ends or drive them. A couple of bostonian have invented a machine the production of which stated within Bounds will to 20,000 eight foot marketable hoops ten hours. A request denied with reasons. James mck., Decatur 111.-"pleaso give me the Gross receipts of the postal department of the United states for the last fiscal we cannot do it James. The Gross receipts of the postal department for the last fiscal year have been squandered by a voluptuous government of the United states paying postmasters and route agents and delivery clerks and the Wear and tear of lock boo therefore we Haven t got it to give you. If you feel like compromising and taking less let us hear from you again.-, Texas 8lflings. The title of Commodore has been introduced into the German Fleet. It will signify the commander of a station. Ranjes portrait. By Celeste m. A. Winslow. After Long years years and years whore will the baby s Pio Turc to who will those Dainty dimples Sec painting so fair cherished with care up some Garret tossed aside. No one to gaze with love and Pride name Novor told co bobbed and Rusty Musty and old there shall it Mold a Ter these tears tears and tears some Litt e child shall find that face full of All tender Beauty and Grace and eagerly saw that far Oil Day say to Sony Mother Young and fair seeking her Darling the Stair of Mamma so who can this dear Litt e baby be so pretty like me nothing but dust dust to dust look what a pretty Ted dress so Fine such funny feet i wee shoes like Miner Tho Mother will sigh and softly reply a my precious to do not know some Lettic one out of the Long ago for years have fled since Mother love wrought Tho dross of red and All Ere Deal still we trusts Trust Trust and dream and Lent tar for a Day As of we had so Long to stay and laugh and weep and treasures keep and hang loved pictures the Wall though Tunc shall surely cover All. But once up Thore Mother and of held grown wondrous fair what Liall we care a chills Mas cent Ali Africa. Christmas is a delightful season Christian lands especially when the Balanco of presents and dinners is one s favor and Tho tin Horn drop among the children has Boon a failure. Very different is Christmas Heathen lauds where the uses of the stocking Aro unknown and Christmas Trees Are Hung with unfortunate travellers and unappreciated missionaries instead of glittering and showy presents. Think of Christmas the Region of the North pie where the night lasts for six months so that even the Ablest of Tho Esqui Maux cannot distinguish Christmas eve from thanksgiving night nor Christmas morning from Washington s birthday or decoration Day even More depressing is Christmas Central Africa As a distinguished English traveler once discovered to his mingled sorrow and danger. The traveler was a Good and Noble Man. He was engaged discovering fresh lakes new kinds of cannibals and original sources of the Nile the heart of Africa and his Only desire was to do Good to the human race and to prove that Tho maps Mado by other travellers wore All wrong. To had been three years the dark continent and having suffered incessantly from fever starvation Tho rude embraces of Lions and elephants the bites of deadly serpents and the cruelties of native Kings was nearly worn out. He arrived Lata Ono afternoon Tho Shore of a mighty Lake which no Othor White Man had Over seen and which was at least 500 Miles Distant from any of the various localities which european map makers had previously placed it. He Lay Down under Tho Shadow of the Trees faint with All Tho various things that predispose a Man to to faint Central Africa but exulting the thought that he would compel the map makers to Placo Lake Jamb we whore he wanted it and not where they sell Ihly imagined it would present Tho most picturesque appearance. Suddenly to remembered that it was the 21th of december and that Christmas eve would naturally arrive the course of the next two hours. Tho thought saddened him. He glanced at his Bare feet for his Supply of stockings had Long Sinco Given out and he thought of Tho Happy Homes England where the children were preparing to hang up their mothers largest stockings while he must spend the blessed Christmas season among Savage Heathen and untrained animals. To Felt at that moment that to would give his new Lake Fer hour his English Home and to covered his face with his hands and sobbed Hini Bulf asleep. Ashen to awoke it was Broad Daylight. Tho Woods wore vocal with parrots who incessantly remarked Polly wants a Cracker and ostriches and other Birds each singing at the top of its voice. Tho bosom of the Lake floated immense native canoes bearing a ties of excursion lists Tho music of who of accordions and banjos came Over the water to the weary traveler. To was hungry and Felt his pockets for his quinine pills but they were All gone. He tried to Rise to his feet but to was too weak and rheumatic to Rise without help so he Sank Back murmuring " tis Ard Ard indeed to die Christmas among the the sound of women s voices roused him. Three Nativo women Clad Only Tho a Soto and Pom to worn by their sex that part of Africa emerged from the Forest their Woy to draw water from Tho Lako. They saw the travel or and Ono of them moved with comps Ion Sang a Low Mournful voice the poor White trash done come to Africa. To. Has t no Mother to Fry Hominy for him nor no wife for to Send to Tho Storo with a enc clod Asho was the traveler know that this was wrong for he had read Mango Park s travels and he could not help remarking you women Onn t sing that song As it ought to to sing it yourself then retorted the Singer a Eold heartless Way and thereupon Tho women passed and left Tho wretched White Man to perish. Tho cruelty of Tho women made the traveler so indignant that to resolved to make Ono tremendous Effort for life. He managed to Rise after painful exertions and Tho use of Many scientific terms and hobbled slowly toward a native Village about a Quarter of a mile away. To had scarcely reached it when he was seized by two Gigantic cannibals and dragged to Tho King s pal too where he hoped that Vithor death or breakfast to did not much Caro which awaited him. Tho Palace consisted of one Largo room with enormous throne extending entirely across Ono end of it. this throne sat twelve Nativo Kings a Row each Ono with a musical instrument his hand. Tho one who sat the Middle looked fiercely at Tho traveler and demanded of h u captors what was Tho Chargo against him. Poor White trash or. John sing briefly replied the largest of Tho two cannibals. Or. Bones i should Bay prisoner began Tho King what do you say for yourself i am a White Man replied Tho traveler but i Aven t and any soap for years so i plead extenuating circumstances. Besides i am Ungry. Avill you not give me some breakfast the King s face grew Bright wit i rage for it could not grow any Darker than it was and to turned to his brother Kings and conversed with Horn rapidly the Jamb we Tongue. They were evidently discussing the hit a of the traveler of presently the Izuo King cleared his Throat and said prisoner you have forfeited your life but we Are disposed to be merciful. You ought properly to to baked alive and afterwards eaten but we shall pronounce a lighter sentence. You will listen Atten ively Whilo to sing Tho opening chorus and Tho favorite Plantation melodies and you will guess every conundrum and laugh at every Joko. Sav i not wisely brother Bones a unanimous Yah Yah from Tho other Kings expressed their warm approval r no no i cried Tho traveler agony of fear. Give to Somo Little show. Burn me if you will but do not torture to this oly Christmas morning with your awful songs and conundrums. I be card them All at and his desperation Tho wretched Man fell his knee Lio Foro the Nativo King who had pronounced the dread us sen Tonco. That Monarch indignant beyond measure raised his guitar and struck the traveler a terrible blow Over Tho head. Tho Wherlo Earth seemed to reel and the doomed White Man became unconscious. When he regained his senses he found j himself sitting Tho Shoro of the Lako 1 where he had sat the night before. A Young Man neatly dressed european clothes stood before remarked a Graceful Way or. Jones i and you Are or. Smith i essay replied Tho traveler. Ave you got anything to eat with you the Young Man had been sent to find the traveler. He had with him All sorts of stores including canned Plum pudding and boned Turkey. As he Drew the traveler s Arm his and assisted him to Tho place where breakfast was awaiting them he said i wish you a merry Christmas it was Tho merriest Christmas Tho travel or had Over known and when he returned to England with More now lakes and two private sources of the Nile to said that All his honors could not give him Back the Delight which he had known during his last Christmas Central Africa after Awakening from his terrible dream of the twelve native l. Alden Harper s Magazine. Old stationery. Sin James Paget to illustrate the Absurdity of the English Law against vivisection says i May pay a rat Catcher to destroy All the rats my House with any Poison he pleases but i May not myself unless wit i a License from the Homo Secretary Poison them with Snake Poison to Obser Vaits it is probable enough says Glis Jav .n,.that, if social science had its Way a t and a Good Many other things Woi it soon be brought to the contemporary italian Standard curious fads act nun to ancient writing materials. From gentleman s Magazine is it not strange these Days of cheap stationery to think of a time when both Parchment and papyrus had become so Raro and so exorbitantly expensive that both greeks and romans Wero the habit of using a palimpsest which was simply some old manuscript with Tho Fornor writing erased Tims countless works of authors now Celo rated and Whoso every word is held priceless this nineteenth Century were ruthlessly destroyed by their contemporaries. Verily those prophets lacked Honor Many wore the expedients resorted to by Tho Early scribes for the Supply of writing materials. Thoro was no scribbling paper whereupon to Jot Down trivial memoranda or accounts but Tho heaps of broken pots and crockery of All sorts which Aro to abundant All Eastern towns prove Tho first suggestion for such China tablets and slates As we now use and bits of smooth Stone or tiles were constantly used for this purpose and remain to this Day. Fragments of ancient tiles thus scribbled such tiles As that Whereon Ezekiel was commanded to portray Tho City of Jerusalem Havo been found Many places. The Island of elephantine the Nile is said to Havo furnished More than 100 specimens of these memoranda which Aro now various museums. Ono of these is a Soldier s leave of absence scribbled a fragment of old Vaso. How Little those scribes and accountants foresaw the interest with which Learned descendants of the barbarians of Tho Isles would one Day treasure their rough notes. Still quainter Woro Tho rating materials of the ancient arabs who before Tho Timo of Mohammed used to carve their annals Tho shoulder Blades of sheep Tho o sheep Bono Chr orioles Wero Strung together and thus preserved. After a while sheep s Bones wore replaced by sheep s skin and the maidu facture of Parchmont was brought to such a perfection As to place h among Tho of Art. We hear of vellum that Wero tinted yellow others Whito others were dyed of a Ricoli purple and the writing thereon was Golden Ink with Golden Borders and Many coloured decorations. These precious manuscripts Woro anointed u Oil of Cedar to pre Sorvo them from Moths. We hear of Ono such which Tho name of Mohammed is adorned with Garlund of tulips and carnations painted vivid colors. Still Mote precious was Silky Papor of Tho persians powdered with Gold and Silver dust who Coupon Wero painted Raro illuminations Whilo Tho Book was perfumed with Attar of roses or essence of sandalwood. Of Tho demand for writing materials Ono May form some faint notion from the vast manuscript libraries of which records Havo been preserved As having been collected by the caliphs both of Tho East and West Tho former Bagdad the latter Andalusia where there Wero eighty great Public i libraries beside that vast Ono at Cor j Down. Avo also Hoar of Privato libraries such As that of a physician who declined invitation from Tho Sultan of Bokhara because the Carriage of his books would have required 100 camels. If All Tho physicians of Bagdad wore equally literary Tho City would scarcely Havo contained their books As to Hoar the medical brotherhood numbered 800 licensed practitioners. A Austin Hoo ranch. Little Johnny fizz top account of his Mouth has become the terror of his parents when company is invited to the House. One of the wealthiest and most fashionable ladies Austin recently took mansion. As Johnny had promised to behave himself like a Christian he was permitted to Grace Tho supper table with big presence. He sat opposite to the lady visitor who could not help remarking what a quiet Well behaved Little boy he was. His parents Wero also much pleased that to had said or done nothing to bring them Ink disgrace but they whistled before they Woro out of the Woods. Tho meal was about to close. Do have something More urged mrs. Fizzle top of the visitor do take another faucet of my peach now Mamma that Ain t fair. Ashen i ask to be helped twice to preserves you always say i am a hog and hero you want this strange woman to take a third plate. That s no Way to run a hog is Tings. Defend a a against privileges corporation is the Cream. Stale shall be controlled by the and capita Auen not -emie.". Equal rights to Alu loud enough for ail to hear him Yos she is you old Duffer you have got her hid behind the Organ and you want to go Home with Hor yourself the Minster blushed and said the services would close by singing Tho doxology. Milwaukee Sun. Went too far. A tramp Printer while passing it drug store Hoard a gentleman remark to the druggist that lie was the Ornet picture of Tho Prini or saw at a glance that the druggist was. Flattered and immediately settled up ii 1 a plan by which be relieved a i of the painful necessity of striking Tho " r  a a. P. Oily soon the Printer returned and slopping into the drug store said to Tho proprietor excuse me sir for addressing you but passing i could not help but notice a striking resemblance Between you and the late and famous Charles Dickens whose manuscript i have Many a Timo set up. The sight of your Faco a moment turned upon a a flood of recollections relation to the great novelist. " a won t you to seated asked the druggist. No i am something of a hurry to get a pint of whisky for my sick i have some very Fine whisky Here yes but As my finances Are Low or rather exhausted i am compelled to get it where i am known. Up Tho Street Here a gentleman credits i can let you Havo it the same terms said Tho druggist smiling recollection of his resemblance to disk ens. I never have any misgivings a a regard to a Man whose face bears As yours does such indications of  the Printer secured the whisky and when he reached the ranch a a squalid room where he lived with another. Printer and a Shoemaker he related his experience when they All agreed that a. Rich mine had been discovered.  for several Days the first Printer secured the whisky and then the second went around and was struck with Tho resemblance. Finally the Shoemaker b turn arrived. Hews drilled carefully by a the printers and cautioned account of his neglected literary training not to Ninke any ventures. Of i of i hold it Down said the Shoemaker. Give to the bottle i la get Tho Best he s he went to the store and Merthyr the proprietor said   " Avill sir it s mighty strange but you arc exactly like Dickson Liko whom sir Dickson Tho Bookbinder Don t you know him " _. A no sir i Don t. It s mighty strange. The toys have been coming around Here for some time Talkin to you about Dickson and a Gettin Tho whisky but when-1 come you Don t know anything about it. Fill i up this bottle anyhow Capen. I Don to want Tho gang to Guy Tho druggist took the bottle and moving around among different jars filled it Whilo a revengeful twinkle danced his eyes. When the Shoer maker returned to the Ranche the printers complimented him his Suo Cess but shortly afterwards when they heaved and groaned sudden and s eckness they cursed the druggist and his resemblance to Tho great master of London Low life description. Arkansaw traveler. Hie Squir Hili As a mouser. Exchange contains this plea for the red Squirrel Don t kill them. Ashen it comes to a mouse Hunt Ono Squirrel is Worth a posse of cats. A gentleman residing the Village says that his House which was infested with rats and mice a year ago has since been completely cleared of them by " quirrels. One Day he saw a Squirrel the rail of a Largo rat fleeing for its life and it is a common thing to see a Squirrel with a mouse his Mouth. So Don t kill these Little animals that Are springing from limb to limb and from treo to tree the Village to Day but Harbor them and you will find a pleasure their company. Usti31ely jealousy. A Young Man Illinois town stepped into a Church door a moment one sunday while the services were going and the smart minister saw him and shouted go out Young Man she is not the Young Man was embarrassed for a moment and thou remembering the soveral scandals that were the Courta he said Mast physician a Are now carrying Yaboni thou drugs instead of writing prescriptions. Tho practice is growing out of the increasing dissatisfaction of the people with Tho prices charged for prescriptions by the druggists. Often the Bill for Medicine is larger than the physician b charges. A a utile 3-year-old girl while her . Mother was trying to get her to sleep Coimo interested i some outside noise. She was told that it Wos ranged by a Cricket when she " Mamma i think to ought Boston traveller those riels we def la break Down the Public schools Are not usually the one who Getu if Tov i morning and make their a own Heads it i i their to nud help a aah dishes. A a
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