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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1882, Page 3

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - August 31, 1882, Postville, Iowa  children s books. Children s books abound nowadays but i question if children Are As Well off As when their libraries were scan tier. The Opportunity for Choice is so Large that Barents Are commonly too bewildered to make selections and end by taking the Book the bookseller recommends or which recommends itself by having the greatest number of pictures. Of illustrated books there Are now a Hundred where the reused be to one. Illus  traction is in itself a Good thing when the work is As Well done As we find it to Day but except for the smallest juveniles it ought not to be made of More importance than the text. It is a Well known fact that Many publishers select pictures and then order a Story written to fit them an author so hampered cannot produce so Good work As though his invention were Given free play and the result of his labor is often of the poorest. Comparatively few fathers and themselves seriously to provide the Best possible mental food for the growing intelligences in their charge. The want of a sense of responsibility in this matter is As astonishing As with regard to matters More important still. A child s mind in just As much dependent for its Best development on the Quality of the food furnished it As its body is upon its physical support. A child often gets More real mental culture from browsing at will in its father s libary than it gets a from All its school lessons. The school teaching is mainly Good for discipline of the mental faculty secondarily for information while the Reading of books May be made a powerful instrument for moral training As Well As for education of the higher qualities of the intellect imagination humor and the like. There is a notion of the necessity for writing Down to the supposed level of the childish intelligence which is quite mistaken. A milk and water diet is inferior to one of milk undiluted figuratively As Well As literally spearing. A co input Sory cramming of the child s mind is one thing and a very bad one to surround it with the Best literature and leave it to its natural reaching out after what it can comprehend and enjoy is quite another thing to be done. The intellect of Many grown persons As Well As children is dwarfed or becomes flabby Nei Veless and inactive for want of wholesome and substantial sustenance. Ohil Dren s Reading it seems to me is at present especially defective in stimulus to the imagination. Fairy tales have not the Vogue they had Twenty years ago. I have seen children whose rending i knew was limited to that of flavor less literature so plentiful now and it was Plain that their prosaic Little minds needed above All things some of this culture of the fancy and imagination they knew nothing of the most fascinating plays of childhood in which my brother and i used to live out of ourselves and of the world of every Day having transferred our personality entirely for Itie time being into that of some favourites of fiction Robin Hood and his men Friar tuck and King Richard or any of the Long list of Waverly novels heroes. A move has been made in the right direction of late by the publication of certain classes of literature in a form suited to children s capacity. Such Are the abridged editions of Froissart s chronicle Mallory s King Arthur and other books which i have noticed on bookseller s counters. Some of these Are unfortunately gotten up with so much elegance that people of moderate Means cannot indulge in in their Purchase. The established favourites in the line of fairy tales ought never to be allowed to get out of print for the newly written ones do not approach the old ones in Merit. Injurious habits. Avoid All Zabita that Tiro injurious to your health. To pro time of going about Tho hous9 Winter mornings with naked feet often in use a bad old that May end in consumption. Rapid eating causes derangement of the dig alive w Gana. A quarrelsome habit May end in murder. The habit of taking severe o it Artio medicines a very unwise. Whon buffering from indigestion etc., it is Best to strengthen those Organ by using or. In Volt s yellow Doc ibid Saraa Parylla. It assists nature in to storing. Health and Kongth to every port of Tho body ask your druggist to get it for you. Fascinated by a Snake. A veritable instance of the Peculiar fascination which the Snake exerts was witnessed within a Short distance of our City. The gentlemen who saw this says he was walking leisurely along the Road when his attention was directed to the movements of a Brown Thrush which was fluttering about near a Small Plum Bush and at intervals giving a Ory As of distress. He walked up to the Bush supposing he would find a Brood of Young Birds. He looked carefully but saw nothing and was. Walking off when he noticed that the Thrush had returned to the Bush from which he had fright ened it. He waited a moment to Wafon Ite movements when he saw it Fly Down on the ground beneath the Plum. There it stood still a Short while then began to Ciro e around the Bush still crying in its Peculiar tones. This circling was kept up for a while and then Tho Thrush Sei med gradually to weaken and at length stood perfectly still immovable with its wings partly open and with its head Bent Forward. He Drew nearer to the Bush when he heard an ominous Hiss and looking Down under the Plum saw a huge Black Snake coiled up and about to Spring upon the Bird. He frightened the Snake away and picked up Tho Bird which made no Effort to escape and seemed powerless in a few minutes , the Bird revived and shortly afterwards flew p to Rah Iru r i x a physician writes in have found that or. Guyoit h follow Dock and is a perfect Aud Complete cure for sexual weaknesses the most to Ruaboro of All debilitating diseases. This foot should be generally known. It will save Many from the clutches of that vile Solasb of Medici in pretenders who Cal themselves specialists but Whoso specially Corisis mostly in prolonging the suffer Iii of their victim and emptying Liis a sunday toy. Texas Sif Lings an Austin Clergyman on his Way Home from Church stopped his Carriage to rebuke a boy who was industriously firing off a toy pistol. Don t you know it is wrong to fire off a toy p is col on it in t wrong to fire off this toy pistol on sunday Why not because i bought it with the Money a gave me to put in the contribution Box. This is a sunday toy this is replied the boy playfully shooting a Hole in the Clergyman stove pipe hat before he could get out of Range. An evil speaker differs from an evildoer Only in want of Opportunity. afo tune May be made by hard Soili but can neither to made nor enjoyed without health. To those leading sedentary Livos or. B. V. Pierce s Golden medical discovery is a real Friend. It stimulates the liver purities the blood and is the Best remedy for consumption which is Sorof Ulous disease of the lungs. Of All druggists. A a Young lady Boug addressed by a much older than herself observed that Tho Only objection she had to a Union with him was the probability of his dying before her and leaving her to the sorrows of widowhood. To Inch he made Tho Cora Ili montary reply blessed is the Man who hath a virtuous wife for the number of his Days shall be or. Pierce s " favorite prescription " always becomes the Favorito remedy of those who try it. It is a specific for All female weaknesses and derangement bringing strength to the la Nib Aud Back and Ocolor to the face. Of All what Are your views of Europe my dear sir patronizing by inquired a note Boole mauler As he poised his ready Pencil. " mostly stereoscopic was the Curt reply of the travel stained senator. Being entirely vegetable no particular care is required while ubing or. Pierce s " pleasant purgative Thoy operate without disturbance to the Constitution diet or occupation. For sick headache constipation impure blood dizziness sour erect actions from the stomach had taste in Mouth bilious attacks pain in Region of kidneys internal lever bloated feeling about stomach Rush of blood to head take or. Pierce s by druggists. Prisoner this is the third time this year that you have appeared before this court. What has brought you Here now he the police sir i on the complexion. Without going into any Ai thetic rapture in regard to personal Beauty it must be admitted by All that a pure and Clear complexion Ofton makes up for Plain features while a rough and Sallow skin or freely face Mars the most perfect grecian profile that was Ever modelled from nature s Art gallery j but when a fresh Clear transparent and Brilliant complexion is combined with a class goal pleasing countenance Lustrous Eye and Graceful form Tho mind becomes enraptured with Tho Beautiful association and " How Lovely is the involuntary exclamation made by All who gaze upon this rare combination of nature s choicest gifts to Tho human family. A Clear complexion is living evidence of pure blood and sound health and although there Are Many who try to improve the complexion by extraneous Means it is of Little or no use unless the seat of life has been reached and the blood purified in fact Art must be abandoned and nature resorted to. All therefore who Are anxious to possess a White soft smooth skin with that peachy Bloom so much admired must not depend upon cosmetics pow Dora or paints their object should be to get Tho blood purified which can be done easily speedily and safely by nature s own restorative Burdock blood hitters which gives a healthy tone to the system and a fair complexion to the countenance. A country Rector called rather Early upon one of his parishioners. One of the children saw him coming and ran into the House to Tell his Mother. Tho Little follow soon returned to the front and resumed his play. The Clergyman inquired is your Mother at Home no sir replied the child she is out at toll her when she returns that i called said the Clergyman. I did Tell her replied the Little old Home. A Large proportion of our girls who read this will some Day love and marry. It is Well it is right but do not Beau a hurry to be grown up and away from Home. Life will never give you anything sweeter better happier than you have now no love purer than your mothers no care More kindly than your father s no companionship like that of your Brothers and Sisters. Even to the Man who loves you you will not be the Little Lily who was a baby once who Learned to walk and prattle and. Who was prettier than any other baby Ever was nor the Little girl who was so wonderful a Genius when she played her first tune on the piano or worked her first Book Mark. He who Falls in love with you May have known Twenty other pretty girls Aud have been perhaps at some time in love with half of them. In some things you will fall Short of some one he has known. Your eyes will not be so Fine As those of miss Lavina and you will never make cake As his Mother does. Here at the old Home you have been perfection even if prudence kept your parents from saying so they cannot believe any one quite so Nice As our then linger a Little Here where some one else shoulders the burdens and Shields you from life s worry where the love is a love that does not change because of a new face where the innocent Days of childhood have been passed your first and Best Home. Never compare thy condition with those above thee but to secure thy Content look upon those thousands with whom thou wouldst not for thy interest change thy Fortune and condition. A first class article. This is and must continue to be Tho exclamation of every Ono who has used Patnam s painless con extractor for it is without exception the Only remedy in the Market that will remove corns without pain. All we ask for the Corn extractor is a fair trial for it will give to you what it has already Given to thousands of others suffering from corns unbounded satisfaction. Putnam s painless Corn extractor is sold everywhere. A Essro of cheap counterfeits. Wholesale lord Stoutenburgh & co., Chicago. The Jersey City journal decides Loomar Garet would t be an appropriate name for a firl because she might not turn out to be suet a and by. " i am now ready to Lay Down my so Baid a Labouring Man who for Long years had toiled to support his family and had become Rod cod in health. He now says that hops and malt bitters has Mado him a new Man. Tee popular science monthly leads off with an article on Plant cells which is no doubt very erudite but the worst Plant sell we know of in when mulleins Are dealt in As pure Havana Telegraph. For dyspepsia indigestion depression of spirits and general debility in their various forms also As a preventive against fever and ague and other intermittent fevers the " Perro phosphor ated elixir of Calisay made by Caswell Hazard & co., new York and bold by All druggists is the Best tonic and for patients recovering from fever or other sickness it has no equal. A paper states unit an Arka visas Rillo Maii exhibited his skill by breaking the Point of a Lead Pencil. Anybody can accomplish that feat and everybody who does if get mad is blazes about it York commercial advertiser. Thousands of infants and children die at this season of the year from cholera inf Antum or Bummer complaint. This fearful disease can be poured by or. Winchell s teething syrup which never fails to give immediate Relief even h the most severe cases. Sold by a druggists. Perry Davis " by Chupailo. Quick Complete cure All annoying kidney bladder and urinary diseases. $1. Druggists. Send for pamphlet to e. 8. Wells Jersey pity n. the Best of evidence " yes this must to Tho ladies Cabin said a Young lady to her Friend is they halted at the door of the Cabin of a Fulton ferry boat and peered inquisitively in. Why do you think so Dou tingly Skod the other. Of because there Are so Many men in it was the answer. Thoroughly Leavenworth kim., april 16, 1880. H. H. Warner & co.-. Sirs your Safe kidney and liver cure has thoroughly poured me of inflammation of the bladder. I John Brandon. The latest plan for Oziri Lizins the indians teaching them Licot scalping at first in order that their departure from Savage practices May be gradual and that they May not Ocomo discouraged at Tho outset. Great improvements have recently been made in Caroline a deodorized extract of Petroleum the great natural hair renewed and now it is absolutely perfect As an exquisite and delightfully perfumed hair drubbing and restorer. Everybody is delighted with it sold by All druggists. A boat was picked up on the Delaware River and the Only living things found on Board were a Snake and a quart of whisky. Probably some Onn Grohsman had Boer to another funeral. Burdette. Eilert s Dayli ont liver pills Are a reliable remedy for bilious Ness headache constipation and liver diseases and Are the Best preventive of fevers known. Sold by druggists. How did you like the lecturer i did t like him at All. He gave us a perfect Niagara of words and Only a Rivulet of ideas.". The following notice by a Virginia Blacksmith indicates be adjuster bedtime it on the part of Mose s partner Notis d e Copartnership heretofore resisting betwixt me and Hose Skinner is hereby resolved. De Whit owe the firm will Settle wid me and dem what the firm owe will it Heads the tast of All other preparations or medicines. In cases of nausea read Allie dizziness or irregularities of the system Burdock blood bitty is have no equal. They never fail in affording immediate Relief. Pos $1.1 0. Are you going to take that ugly pug dog with you again Carrie asked Charles. I really believe you take him simply to make yourself look prettier by the Don t to jealous of poor pug Charlie reputed Carrie. " til take you some tune when i want to look especially All is Well that ends Well. Orin Catlin 49 Pearl Street Buffalo n. Y., Bays i tried various remedies for the piles hut found no Relief until i used Thomas Oil which entirely cured me Altera lev. Bridget told you to Bava my hot water read the first thing in the sure sir replied Bridget did t i bring it up and Lave it at the door last night so As to have it in time. The old need Thoni for strength the Young want them for a Tokio the sick grave them to got Well the Well take them to remain so dyspeptic need them for Relief epicure a like them As an appetizer everybody takes hops and malt bitters. A Safe and sure remedy for rheumatism cramps cholera diarrhoea dysentery. Sprains and bruises Burns and scalds Toothache and _ headache. Fob Sale Biall drug costs. Razer Axle grease Best in the world. Get the genuine. By Ery package Lias our Trendo Ini irk. Nil agents agents agents Gen. Dodges bran now Book Jet published enl glad thirty three years among our wild Mim is Tho grandest Chance Over offered to you. Introduction by Fen. Nil ice ill an. Thin sati Crl l f illustrated first class and Thrift line work out econ All Otlie a 10 to i uni Lis the fastest or tip Hook Over d. A rent average Lav. Eph Wotli thousand inures. It Sells like wild fire. Fit class a tenth \va\tk1. Exclusive 7 crr tront Tod extra terms Given. Semi for special circulars to a. H. 40 a a Book and circulars free address l00iviis & Nyman. Tiffin. Ohio. In abundance.-85" million Spand imported last lower than wanted Don t waste for circular. 10 iss. Fine Black or mixed Tor $2. 10 pfc Choice Block or mixed for $3. For allot Tor Money. Boll t Wells 43 Teacy St.,n.v., 128fc teas make hens Lay. Engl j h vat Rinard burgeon and chemist now ins in this country nays nut most of the How 3attle powders sold Here Are worthless try Meh. He an travel i a and Oal it Sheridan a pure and imme fiely valuable make hens Lay like Sherid n so one teaspoonful to one pint of sol cop Hilt increase of Yostjr capital. Investors of email and median a do a amounts in Grain provision Ana coif by a took As fully protected As sort of Csc extensive our successful fully tried ol4 a a. _ published plan. Try it. Be porn wheat sent weekly dividends paid Mantti. In jul in. Bend at once for explanatory i. Circulars and past re Oord from. Doceti a Aslly months on this fund $66.71 Par store. Address Fije Ming a Bhikam 141 St 143 Lasall stocks ,111., a. Jas we want a local agent 1� every town. Excellent Indus ments. Good pay to a responsible enterprising Man. Write lot terms. M r a a u flt a Twatt do to by. Lots. Mar glib Grain Oia Ulua a of to a Buaful. Uii it 111 a Paulding & co., i Boone Block oui Mgo Uff Tutun i agents Ara making 9io a. Any Belling if in i cd 1 our for Orlou Lliran Tomb. Great English cutlery co., 46 milk Street Boston Maes. A Noluo Stu if Jou want to learn Topography Lna Tunu Meh few Montha and a certain of nation address Valentine bros., Janes Vule. Wis traction total or Tom. Agents wanted in Lory countr. K a Eire Euple of music 1u� Bra table Ohio too the Heithey school of musical Art Hershey music Hall Chicago 111., affords the most thorough instruction n All bran ones of vocal and in Truu Ontai music Bend for or Oulu ii. Ulal Tench Luuy. General director. Music that any watch. Akes a j will win 111r -.-. A r to to watchmakers. By matl. 26 cts. Fol Eulara Ali free. J. S. Bibo to 00. 88 Dot St. not i Wear oot. A 1ibba87 and Poete Aii Salt but it Ohe to Wiz. Public men of to Day is in of he Ley. Being biographies of the president and Joe president Esch member of the Cabinet tile representatives of the Presont Congress the justices Ottrue supremo court and the governors us s?.".f�8r4 a ats with "lor9 ta�n.8�0 portraits. A winjfis�nt.,j? Pur Mitlee . And will completely change the blood in the entire intern in three months. Any person who will take one Pul a Aoh night from 1 to u weeks majr be restored to sound health of Snow a thing be possible. Sold Ner where. Or sent by mail for 6. Letter Stamps. A a i. T. pfc co., Boston mass., Fer Akerly Bangor me. A East the iiboipe1 Fok making b to i 3es s celebrated Bat is dry yeast w the i Sistru colons to families How to use it in now for the tint time offered them and it the Small Oost of 81. Extensively used by b Kere Al Oyer Iho United states enl it Tor sold with instructions to Bakers for less than $5. No family or hotel should be without it. Send m Tioy order or Reg a tired letter us dressed 1. I. It yell rat Appleton City St. Olur co to. Kidney wort the great cure to Tor rheumatism my i u for All disa Uei of Tho k1dneysv liver and bowels. It Olea sea Tea system of the acrid Poison that nausea tha Dror Alful auf Tarine Hiob Only Tho tit la of Rheama Tiam Oon Rosalim. Thousands of cases of Tho wont forma of Thea tar ribs la Kaaa have Boon quickly relieved in a Short tint perfectly cured. Kidney wort i Nabad wonderful Ueless sad to immense Sale in ovary part of the country. In hundreds of area it has poured where All else had failed. It la mild but of Floront certain in its action . strengthens and elves new life to All the important organs of the body. The natural Youon of the kidneys is restored. The later is Olea Sedof All disease and the bowels move cosely and healthfully. In Thea Waythe worst Dos Naea Ara a radiated trom the system. A a a a a As it has been proved by thousands that kidney Worth la the most of Letual remedy for 010008017 the system of All morbid store tons. It Ghoul do used in every household As a Spring always ours constipation a truss and All Penalb diseases. vegetable farm. In tin cans one package of which makes to quarts Medicine. Also in Lila old form very consent rated or the convenience of those who cannot really prepare it Toots with equal Efflow Cyin Ettha form get 1toft00r did Gist. it Ellis Kichak Debs co. Props ,4 Wal . Bruh Ubota. It. Okipney wort War waste Monet tar in. If Foa a int Lulu rent a oui Chi owing vol urn or a blk to i Rewth of h the. Riat Span Lih blab bit never \ it filed. Uni unix Bix of Knob to or. J. 00nza-Ucz, uni had Una a Mala a Laara at All Lula Tlapa. . No. 34 when to to. Please say you saw the advertise meet in Tai paper

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