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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - August 31, 1882, Postville, Iowa A Jabot and capitals allies not enemies vol. 1. Postville Alla Makee co Iowa thursday August 31,1882. No. 3. The District Post. Published every thursday at i . Alla Makee. County Iowa. M. A Mead pm Rak and provide Tob. Terms a Fanti per year 1.00 for is months co cents for three Mouths strictly in Advance. _ local notices. 10 cents per line first insertion 5 cents for once subsequent insertion of same notice. E3f"All notices kept standing until ordered tit. Collections made monthly advertising hates made known on application. City Dibic Toviy. Kaii Road time table. & of. P. Trains going East. M 2. " 10. " 14. " Kab ". Aoi passenger arrives. I Stock sex. " freight ". p. M. .4 23  " .9 00 " " i 2f a. M.3 4f " " 2 10 p. My 45 " ".7 05 a. M. Trains going West. To. Passenger time for Frog lit depart 9 12 am. .12 05  " .4 25 p. M.  3 55 . A9.55 " " a in " 1 10 p. M " .7 10 " " j. F. Wilson agent. New advertisements. Milwaukee division. Passenger urrives1 25 p. M. Leaves. 2 15 " " accommodation p. M Ife Tives -g-.ooa. M James Perky agent. Pct Enville mails. A Krive daily except sundays from East. It " West Snath. " North Wui Ilton. Mails close at. .9 12 a. M. .5 30 p. M .1 00 "  .6 30 " " going West " East  i South North Waukon " is it Neapolis time .73 45 a. M. 5 00 p. M. .-.1-.30 " " 8 00 a. A Al Ofemi weekly Nihil to Elk Der leaves Tuoi Days and saturdays at t 00 v. M office hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8 00 . Money order of fips a it Johns soot postmaster. City office. Maj. Beeby Mayo we. Haines marshal a p. Taylor recorder. Roberts a treasurer r n. Douglass j. S. Mott i. A Meyer c. Oinah. , B. East ii Noble Lodge no 51. A 0 v w " Zmij its saturday evening in their new pm tuft b6o-Ra in t-h8 Brick blbck., All Mem of tie order in Good standing Are Eor Milly i i text to visit Job. James -.perry, a w. , Babcook see s. S. Powers attorney at Law collecting agent Public. Office up stairs in the Brick Block 1 Stville Iowa. J. K. Philipps to sorial , and proprietor of a a  the key City Barber shop. Postville Iowa. Lou rift Mills Manchester Iowa Franz Schultz pro. Will do c11 s i  0111 Woi k or the Best grades of flour kept constantly on hand and warranted As represented. Q1v� me a trial. Franz Schultz Manchester Alla Makee co., Iowa. 1 Postelle Lodge 2gg. ,3,ii0su a mooting every. Monday evening visiting Brothers cordially invited to be fire exit t.,j a. Meyer of. O. H. S. Luhman Sec. A Brothel love. No. 2t l a. F. & a. M. Aloof. their Halh Corner of Lawler and Green streets Oil tuesday evening on or before the full Moon in each month Mera Bors of Tho Craft m Good standing Are invite to Viwat . S. S. Powers v. M. Enniss Oak Sec. A a Churchi directory. .methodist.-Rov. H. W. Warner pastor. Prea lung every Sabbath at . Sabbath school immediately after morning service a prayer every. Wednesday evening at the Hureh . F Loomis pastor. Services every Sabbath morning. At half past ten every Sabbath evening Atria of past Sev prayer meeting every wednesday oven Drig. Sabbath school after morning service. Fayett county National Greenback convention. There will be a convention of the nation in Greenback party of Fayette county Iown it the court House in West to Ilion 011 tuesday August 39ti 1883, it 1 o clock p. Nr., for tie purpose of nominating a county ticket and for the transaction of such Olliev business m May crime before the convention. It is re rpm ended that the Torii sep i Ini Aries to held on saturday August 20j,h. The basis of representation for the town ships will to one Delegate at Large and one for each ten votes or fraction thereof cast for Hon. D. M. Clark for governor giving apportionment As follows ,. Tyburn 2. Illyria. Banks 2 Jefferson Bethel .4 , enter 7 ple Nannt Tuor Ole Mont 2 Putnam Dover 2 Scott 5 Eden  Smithfield 6 Fairfield ii Westfield 4 Fayette 5 West Union 8 Fremont. 2 Windsor 3 Harlan i by Ord of of Tho county committee. . Of Jsnine chairman 6-re Renback meetings Hon. Robert Schilling of Milwaukee will address tie people of Trio 4th, District upon the issues of the congressional Campaign is follows Postville. Tuesday aug. 22. Lawler Friday August,25, Nashua saturday August 2g. North Washington August 28. Richville August 2. Charles City August 3q. Local comi hitters will arrange for Tho hour of Tho Day at which these meetings will be Field except that the spoilt Iii. At Nashua will be in the evening at Charles clip in the afternoon ii a a. W. A Mead chairman Congress Bhai com to . M. Fogg. Of Maine.  one of the men with a natio Hal reputation will address the people of. Tho 4th congressional District of Iowa upon Tho questions involve cd in the great struggle of labor and its rights against tie grasping exaction of the corporations Railroad and. Banking which Are rolling in wealth and luxury while labor starves. The meetings will be at 2 o clock p. M. Of each Day unless Tho local committee shall see fit to name another hour Cresco. Saturday Sopt 18. St. Ansgar. Monday 18. Charles City tuesday 19. New Hampton wednesday 2. Waucoma. Thursday  2j. Decors Friday 22. Postille saturday 23. Lansing monday a 25. Elkader tuesday " ,26. W r. Mead Cuba Irman Cestr a committee. " Western Rural. As usual in the general Electious tins Western Rifal has Boon appealed to to take an Active part in the canvass. It is represented that in some instances in several districts in Iown for instance tools of monopolies have Boon nominated for Congress and that it is our duty to actively oppose their election. It is not practicable for the Rural to go into a canvass this Way. It is unfortunately trud that Tho majority of those who have Boon placed in nomination for Congress have no sympathy with Tho people and some of them Aro actually corrupt and Rotten. But our paper is not Large enough to attempt to single those men out and keep up such a denunciation of them As would be expected in Ahac Tivo Campaign. It is simply impossible for us to do anything of the kind because to Lack Tho space to do it. Nor is it Noe Rasary. It must be a very obscure Man indeed if he is not known in a general Way at least throughout his District. The mass of people must know whether he is a shy storing lawyer picking up crumbs from the monopoly table whether or not he Lias any real sympathy with producer and whether he is a wire pulling political demagogue. We say to tie Farmer who has any inter est in himself and his posterity that to has no right to vote for any such men no right to believe a candidate who a whole life has Boon averse to his Campaign professions and no right to risk tie work of Reform by Yot Irig for any Man who has not been actively engaged one of the Peoble in their contest with monopoly unequal taxation and the Patent right wrongs. Certainly this covers the whole Case and ought. To be As effectual As if the Rueal should sin Glo out every candidate who does not come up to the Standard Efrid Brand his brow with the sign of treason to the far nor. To would advise every Farmer who believes in remedying existing wrongs to make his vote at Tho com ing election the subject of candid thought arid deep study. We desire him to be impressed with the importance of voting for his own individual interests which happen1 to be the interests of the country. If thus impressed to will closely investigate the antecedents of the men who ask his support at Tho polls and will be satisfied with nothing but a. Record of unquestionable sympathy with Tho principles that he advocates. Under the circumstances he will not cast his vote for Tho lawyer of Railroad or other monopoly for a political trimmer or a Man who has no Conception of the needs of the great Industry of agriculture. He will riot need to be told by the Western Rural Liat his candidate for Congress is a rail Road lawyer a land shark a Money lending shylock a demagogue or p. Kid gloved hypocrite if he is okie. He will know this a without anyone telling him if the attorney for the Chicago Burlington & Quiriy Railroad has received the nomination As we uric Terstand is the Case in one District the Farmer not Only knows the fact but he knows too that a cannot vote for such a Man without stultifying himself. All therefor heeded is to enter upon a close investigation of the candidate and. To Voto for him if lie is All right and to. Vote against him if he is All wrong or oven partly wrong. 0 we must not come to the conclusion there is no question of equal importance with that of securing arid insuring a sacred respect for ouf,1 rights As producers. There Lotical question other than this agita a Ting the people to Day. Those of Uejo who do not expect and want office have no interest whatever in Groat Issue which divides the pol Lotical parties that Issue being the loaves and fishes. There is absolutely no other question than those of monopoly anti monopoly just and in just taxation equal rights and equal responsibilities before the american people to Day and there is no Issue Between the Republican and demo cratic parties except to keep in and get in office. The country is As Calm As a Lake on a summer s Day. The machinery is working noiselessly everywhere whether a Democrat or Republican happens to be at the Crank and it maybe that whenever any Tim is drank at Public expense one party or Tho other1 drinks the most or when monopoly is to to served and the people insulted one party is More Forward than the other but Candor compels us to confess that there is to record to determine the fact. When the honorable gentle men in Congress stole from Trio Public Treasury thirty Sevon millions of dollars through the credit Mobe Lier in less than six year the House of representatives censured two of the culprits Ono from each political i Ircy and thus figuratively boxed the ears of both parties. Aid that evident Conception of theirs of the fitness of things on that occasion is a very Good general idea of the participation of parties in congressional Devi try. If we Are satisfied with the Way things have been Nian Agod in Congress if we think Thero is nothing More to do than to keep Tho North and South in a tranquil condition politically if we Are Content to have our contributions to the government squandered for rum and tobacco toilet soap and tooth brushes candies and cold Ted we heed not trouble ourselves about the politics of the candidates. If there is any Money to to voted away any profligacy of to indulged in any Drunken orgies to be had or shamelessness to be exhibited party lines Are deplorable indistinct. This ii not because the great mass of the parties is not Hon honest and patriotic and circumspect. Ninety Nino hundredths of the Polit ical parties mean right but they lot Tho other Hundredth do As they please elect themselves to office and behave disrespect Abiy without calling them to account. There Are Good men in All the parties and the Farmers can bring them to the Faro and keep them there if they will. But they will Nover do it by Vot Irig for every Man who is nominated by the party. If Tho party does not nominate men that will do As we want them to and As to think the inter ests of the majority of the american people demand the party is n p Good to Lis. When the press in our printing office fails to do its work and to can no longer repair it so that it will be efficient we git rid . Ibs my Havo been one one Best presses and it May have done its work so Well arid so Long that we entertain for it a warm attachment but none of these things would Jupi Ify us in keep no it us. B scorn e useless or negligent we Are under the necessity of supplying their places with efficiency however ardent our Friendship May be for them not Long since a minister in Ono of our City pulpits preached doctrines at variance with those of his Church and Tho Church dismissed i mho was of no further use to that Church. That is the Way we do outside of politics and we should be considered unfit for guardianship if we did not do it. But in political action we stick to the old party through thick and thin. It May have faced round half dozen times but we have faced round that Many times to. It May have utterly failed to Servo us and still., refuse to Terve us but we uphold it and defend it As if it,was4one of Tho utmost present usefulness to is. Really such Blind Devotion a unaccountable. But we Are learning. The hide where it was no longer of use if our editors or workmen pendent vote in becoming no neurons and to is generally recognized As an important Factor in our political campaigns. Platforms no longer Blind everybody. A Large class have beet taught by a bitter experience to see a Man s official record from a knowledge of his character and his past and to this class the Farmers Alliance is contributing members every Day. In Nebraska the tendency is Towar d general Independent political action on the part of the alliance5 the old parties in that state a vhf themselves alone to blame for this and the old parties in other states can learn if they will the inevitable result of the Alliance movement Uii less the Bosses concede the people their rights. The Alliance will yet sweep this country with an Independent political Victory if the Victory is not achieved by a Concession on the part of the politicians arid Tho parties they represent. To Are Joist As Siu o of this As we Are Liat we Are making the prediction and the time is not far Distant when it will be impossible to Check the movements Independent political movement unless our producers Aro Givogri what they demand extracts from a letter by Samuel Sinnet to Tho it is the unjust discrimination in Tho carrying of freights that Falls the heaviest on the Farmers. Take the state of Kansas for instance with its Fine crop 6 f wheat what advantage will it be to Farmers who pro Duee it will they l e enriched by its luxury. Ancet not ring will control the markets fix the prices and transportation companies will gobble up All the remaining profits and wife Are to blame for this state of 3.f the Farmers themselves they Aron the Blind dupes of a Crew of political tricksters who run the state and a Tion it matters Little whether it is in Republican Kansas or democratic. Missouri the political wirework ors run the machine and the Farmers like the poor Heathen in India when the car of juggernaut congas along and the bigoted priests command their Blind prostrate themselves before Tho wheels of Tho ponderous machine they quietly stub Misc to the command arid Are encased out of so the Farmer who by their numbers in All parties  can control the destiny of the Republic Oxton Tion Rob Bery and Deg ratio . Astonish ing in this land of Freedom Seh cok and Demaid that Farmers shall represent Farmers. What a farce our. Present government is founded on the principle that there shall be no taxation Wii or. Representation yet we Are governed by a Crew of lawyers lot us seat there is a lawyer for president acid another acting As vice president every member of the Cabinet is Alaw of yer Over 225 lawyers in the. House of representatives and  60 in the Striate and not Donough of Farmer workingmen or mechanics to form a corporals guard. Is it any wonder the american Farmers Aro Tho. Heaviest taxed class to to found ii any civilized land if they object Why the Yare quietly  informed they must to capt the party nominations be they what they Liiv.  fellow Farmers the time for action r. Has come. There is a Tidoni Tho of fairs of nations that tide it upon up on us Ere is no dodging the Issue you Mast unites to save the nation or to must same Down to d course of the Oid republics. Can it be that american Farmers with All their intelligence the High position that Godha placed Thorn in As the arbiters of the Fate of the nation with a free ballot in their hand will subside into a class of serfs and vassals to a class As far inferior to them in All that Nobles Mon As it is possible for one class to be inferior to another.  a a. The lawyers As a class have forfeited All claim to thu a respect of the people in heaven s name let us have an honest representation once More. Recollect that to who would to free himself must strike the blow. Yours for honest re prs sensation. Samuel so set

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