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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Aug 17 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - August 17, 1882, Postville, Iowa Labor and capital allies not i enemies vol. 1. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa thursday August 17,1882. No. % the District Post. Published every thursday at Postville alliak3e county Iowa. M. 0. Mead ph0i biet0k. Teems -$1,60. Per year $1,00 for six months 60 Oen Tii for three months strictly in Advance. Local notices 10 cents per line first insertion 5 cents for each subsequent insertion of same notice. Gfall notices kept standing until ordered out. Collections made a monthly. Advertising Kates made known in application City directory. Railroad of me table. O. M. & St. . Trains going East. No. 2. Passenger arrives6 30 . " 10. Stock sex. ".4 25 " " " 12 freight ".9 00 " " la " 925a. M. U 113 a  3d5" " v. 2$ " 2-10p.m. Or. .0 45 " 22.  " ,. 7- 06a, m. Trains Gong. West. Of. 1. Eias Senger depart.9 12k m. A 9 t.  ,12 05 " " 11. Freight v ,.4 26s. M. A. 13.  3 55 a. M. " 15. " " .9 55". " " 17. V " 1 45" " v " 1 10 . " 21, a 7 10"j. F. Wilson agent. A c. 1. & n. A r. Milwaukee division passenger arrives.,. .1 25 p. M. " " leaves. 2 15 " " arrives., ,3 55 p. M. " leaves 6 00 a m. James Perry Agen --.11 1 Postville mails. Arrive daily except sundays. From East  at912 a. M. A West ",.5 30 . A South ".,1 00 "  a no the Waukon .,6 30 i " mails close co ingest at8 45 a m.  east6 00 p. M.  South �.1 30 " " a North waukon8 00 a m. Minneapolis time. Sent weekly mail to Elkader leaves tuesdays and saturdays at 7 00 p. M. Office hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8kx a m. Money order off ice a  pm escort a postmaster. Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no 51, . Meets every saturday evening in their new Lodge room in the Brick look. All members of the order in Good standing Are cordially invited to visit us. James Perry m. W. H. E. Babcook Seo. Postville Lodge no. 266. 1.0. . Regular meeting every monday evening. Visiting Brothers cordially invited to be present a Meyer n. G. H. S. Lchman Sec. Brothel love. No. 204. A. F. & a. M. Meet at their Hall Corner of Lawler and Green streets on tuesday evening on or before the full Moon in each month. Members of the Oraf t in Good standing Are Invit-01 visit us. S. A Powers w. M. Ellison Obb Seo. Church directory. . H. E. Warner pastor. Preaching every Sabbath morning at half past ten. Sabbath school immediately after morning service. Prayer meeting every wednesday evening at the Church. Congregational,--0. S. Newhall pastor. Services every Sabbath morning at half past ten every Sabbath evening at half past seven. Prayer meeting every wednesday evenings Sabbath school after morning service. Advertisers awol tile for their inspection at the newspaper. Advertising a Enox of o. A. Look &. Co., a at ? Noi 110 Dearborn St Chicago who Are authorized to receive advertisements or notices and make contracts it our lowest Ratos is Call and see them i the congressional election. Western Rural. It would not be reasonable to expect that in a year and a half the scattered Farmers Coul Jujj be got together in sufficient numbers to make great changes in our corrupt politics and alter the entire co inflection of Congress. Long and decided Steps have been taken in that direction and the time is coming when the thing will be accomplished. The Farmers of this country will As surely give to our National legislature the character that it ought to have As there shall be Congress. But they May not be Able to do it at once. It would be marvelous if they were. The office holding aristocracy have got such a foothold that they cannot be dislodged in a moment but the people j Are tugging at them and the wire pullers and place Hunters Are giving the popular cause greater strength and impetus at almost every political convention. The politicians in the presence of an office Are like a drunkard n the presence of a bottle it makes no difference what appeals May be made to his reason he disregards it All and everything and succumbs to the great temptation. It would be supposed that with the Plain indication of the ruin 0$ political parties if they continue to do As they have been doing their leaders would pause and consider. But the temptation of immediate enjoyment is too great and shutting their eyes to the lightning they deliberately walk into the danger of destruction refusing to listen to the reasonable demands of the great producing classes. Of All our Congress there is not a dozen in it who Are worthy of the support of our Western Farmers and yet they Are All struggling for a return to the scene where for two years they have neglected the interests of the Farmer and insulted him by their neglect of duty. Where such negligence is so nearly Universal it ought not to be difficult to decide upon our duty As electors. Two years trial of a congressman ought to be enough to show us what he is and How much he can be depended on and if we Rise above party prejudice and like sensible men consult our own interests we will vote against nearly the whole pack that is now straining every nerve to secure a re election. If the average Reader wishes to engage in hard exhausting work let him sit Down in the Shade and find something in the record of his congressman during the last two years that was an Earnest Effort to serve the interests of our producers. If his record is All right if he has done nobly in the work of endeavouring to protect the Farmer against Railroad monopoly the iniquities of the Patent Law the extravagance in the expenditure of the Public Money if his vote was against the paying of enormous rum Bills and in favor of such Public improvements As the needs of the Farmer required by All Means vote for his return to whatever political party he May belong. If he has been True to you stick to him and do not Swap horses while crossing the if your congressman has done nothing for you if he has sat by while the railroads and Patent right men have plundered you if he has drank rum at your expense or allowed your Money to be used in paying for what others have drank will you be Good enough to toll As a sensible Man on what ground you justify yourself in giving him your voice is it because he is a shyster lawyer whose glib Tongue has made you believe that he is better fitted to represent you than Yon Are to represent yourself or your neighbor is to represent you if so do not be so unjust to either yourself or our other intelligent Farmers any longer. We do not need lawyers in Congress. It is a matter of some doubt if we need them anywhere but we do not need them in Congress at any rate. What we want there Sye Plain practical men who know the necessities of the people and have a willingness to legislate for the people. We Mako mistake when we Send Mon to Congress simply because they to Are an animated Tornado and can talk by the Yard we make a mistake when we Send men to Congress simply because they Are Rioh and can dress Well but ape As indolent As a water gorged log and often As impracticable As a Crank i in Short we make a mistake when to select for Congress men who Are not of the people and for the people. We have now been talking for nearly two years As to what we shall do at the next congressional election. We have talked bravely but How Are we going to act Reader we do not know what you Are going to do but As for ourselves we will vote for no Man for Congress who is not in Active sympathy with the people in their struggle against wrong and outrage and if no party gives us such a candidate to vote for we will put an Independent Man upon our ticket and thus at least have the satisfaction of voting As we talk. Our Syndicate press. Here is what the new. York graphic a hard Money paper has to say of our new York leading dailies,." you will perhaps after Reading the article better understand Why it Iff the conductors of the metropolitan press worship the Golden calf the new York press does repro went the Syndicate and the Large Money dealers More than any other class of the Community. It is believed and stated without contradiction so far that the new York world i under the control of August Belmont and the Philadelphia member of the Syndicate it is they who Are the Money of the paper and it is understood that it is their interests both in politics and business which Are represented by the course of that journal. Then new York times is supposed to be inspired by sex governer Morgan also a member of the Syndicate then the other influences Back of the times a Are the very Rich men who have direct relations with. Wall Street and the leading Money interests there. The Tribune As is popularly supposed is partially if not wholly owned by Jay ground. His interest is that of a Bear by insisting upon Gold unit of value prices Are depressed and then a millionaires have common interests the world Over being the representatives of the creditor class who naturally wish their rape by to have the largest possible purchasing Power. The Herald is owned by a very Rich Man James Gordon Bennett supposed to be Worth some six millions of dollars and of course his interest is with the creditor Dass. A the journal of Commerce and the bulletin Are peculiarly subject to Wall Street influences especially those of the great creditors. The Sun has recently Given some signs of repenting of its Golden heresy. Of course the creditor interests Are powerful in the evening Post office although we judge the attempt to pay in Gold debts contracted in paper Money in the Purchase real estate has proven a very serious business for the chief proprietors of that paper. Augustus Schell whose relations Syndicate Are Well known is a Large stockholder in the express newspaper which accounts for the milk in that Cocoa nut. It will tails be seen that without any actual bribery the new York press because of its proprietorship is on the Side of the Gold big bugs instead of the it represents a class which has Money out at interest and wishes to get the largest possible return for the investments. We do not say that any editor publisher or proprietor or any of the new you k papers is purchased with Money but naturally these organs represent the people who own Vliem and their interests Are very different from those of the great mass of the american Elkader Register. The session of Congress just closed has been marked As the most recklessly profligate and corrupt that has been held for Many Blind to the interests of the people it has devoted its time to political bickering and a general onslaught on the Treasury for needless appropriations. Now that these alleged statesmen have adjourned a sigh of Relief goes up from All Over the country. Two years ago a democratic Congress appropriated $190,000,000 for All governmental purposes. This year under a Republican Congress they have expanded to the enormous total of $293,555,489, the average Republican will not feel proud of this year s congressional itty Iowa Homestead. The Tariff commission is now listening to the arguments of. The attorneys of the various corporations of the East engaged in manufacturing. They1 a want the tax retained or increased on the particular product they Are making and Selling. The people who buy and use these products Are not will not be represented before this commission. The men who Are enriched by these Tariff duties always have employ the Best lawyers to look after their subsidies. The people who pay the taxes cannot afford to employ High priced lawyers and organize lobby to represent their interest. Ever j Man to his Post attend to the duties of the hour 1 subscribe for the the Suez Cana is one of the most valuable pieces of property in the world. The net profits last year were Over $5,000,000. This was an increase of Over 28 per cent Over the profits of the previous year. Each ship that passes through the canal pays a Little Over 20 cents a ton. A i the borrows of Genius. Homer was a beggar. Spencer died in want. Cervantes died of hunger. Terrance the dramatist was a slave. Dryden lived in poverty and distress sir Walter Raleigh died on the scaffold Butler lived a life of penury and died poor. Bacon lived a life of meanness and distress. Plautus the roman comic poet turned a Mill. Paul Borghese had fourteen trades yet starved with All. Tasso the italian poet was often distressed for five shillings. Chatter ton the child of Genius and misfortune destroyed himself at eighteen. Bentivoglio was refused admittance into a Hospital he. Had himself erected. The death of Collins was through neglect first causing menial derangement. S in prison at Bristol where he confined for the debt of $40. Goldsmith s vicar of Wakefield was sold for a Trine to save him from the grip of the Law. Fielding lies in the burying ground of the English factory at Lisbon without a Stone to Mark the spot. Subscribe for the District Post. District Post. A & a weekly newspaper published at Postville iowa5 devote to the interest of the Greenback party in to Joe 4th congressional District of Iowa in particular an4 to the advocacy of is principles every where in general our principles we advocate and will defend the rights of the Many As against the privileges for the few. All Money whether me Talic or paper should he issued and its volume con tooled by the government and should he a full Legal tender for All debts Public and private. Corporations creations of state controlled by state. Labor and capital allies not enemies we Haye fixed the. Subscription Price of the District Post at $1.5 per year $1.00 for six months 75 cts for three months strictly in Advance again we say i every Greenbacker to his attend to the duty of the hour let every Greenbacker take off Hin coat and go to work. Subscribe for the Post and sub scribe now. Send it to your neighbors -youx1 friends. Put your hand Down deep Jii your pocket and to every Republican and every Democrat whom Yon think will read it. Every copy will convict if not con Vert the cause never was growing faster than now. New recruits Are every Day being admitted into the fold. Then put your shoulder to Tho. Wheel and keep it rolling. As the Chicago Sentinel says. Sow the seed. Spread the Light i

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