Postville Post in Postville, Iowa
10 Aug 1882

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Postville Post in Postville, Iowa
10 Aug 1882

Read an issue on 10 Aug 1882 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Post.

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - August 10, 1882, Postville, Iowa The District Post the District Post. M. C. It and editor. Thursday August 10,1882. F Tate ticket of the National Green Bank Lashok Paiit of Iowa. Secretary of state w. J. Gas Tox Keokuk county. Auditor of state a a. Wyant Ringgold county. Treasurer of Stato George Deru Union county. Judge of supreme court m. H. Jones Davis county. Attorney general James a. Rice Mahaska county.  clerk of supreme court e. N. I ask Alla Makee county. Reporter of supreme court j. H. Williamson Buchahan county for representative in Congress from the 4th District l. H. Welles of Chickasaw county. Specimen number airy one receiving this copy of the dust Bitt Post will please consider it an invitation to become a regular subscriber. Do not throw it aside because perchance its political senti ment May not agree with yours but Lay aside your prejudice and give it a careful inspection it can do you no harm it May do you g Ood. If you Carnot endorse he Seii tibents heroin expressed be fair enough to admit that it is nicely printed und subscribe for it if Only to see what fools we crazy i artists make of our selves from your stand Point. It has Bee i the custom almost from time immemorial f of newspaper men when entering into a new1 Field to head their editorial Proge with a Loii article called a Salut Atory in which they Promise it told impossibilities and pledge unswerving Devotion to this that 6i the other As the Case May be. They also use 6onsiderable space to define their position on questions of general Issue and by so doing convey the idea that without this Effort on their Pari their readers would be left in the dark tip to their intentions or beliefs we propose to do nothing of the kind. We Are just out of Salt Statory the appear Ance of this the first number of the dist riot Post is evidence of our intentions. Oui political Faith can be judged by a perusal of its columns in which a sentiment will be so plainly expressed As to leave no doubt in tie minds of our readers As to our sympathies. The excellence of our paper will depend Ucli upon the patronage it receives the better the patronage the More time labor and Means can be used to make it readable we have received much in courage Nieft since we entered upon this work and anticipate a lie arty support which we will Endeavor to Merit if hard work and close attention to business will do it. This is our Promise and our future shall be the proof. The bondholders National Bankers Railroad companies Oil companies and mining companies look after their Sowri interests in matters of legislation or in other words All monopolies Combine to secure Law favourable to their own interests  Why do not All Industrial classes do the same. Shall the Money of-the1 a country be issued by the govern Eilt direct to the people or shall the people pay. Seventeen Hundred million dollars to ship Jort a National banking system the Isis one of the important a to he s Etc Clad by the Seleti tons this fall. If full Legal tender paper Money ill answer every purpose that full Jugal spider Gold or Silver Money a will is if not an immense waste of capital to invest hundreds of milling of dollars in Gold and Silver to rites into Nion Jey at the close of the Lete War j during the exciting Days of reconstruction the Money Power organized for the purpose of perpetuating the National debt and the destruction of the Greenback but Noble men saw the Clanger and gave a warning and from this hour commenced the Bat tie Between living and productive capital and dead and Idio capital. The living capital is represented by the nation its credit is its basis its resources its foundation its Honor its character and its duration of Liberty in government its limits. Wall Street the rothchilds the Germau jews and National Banks ropes ont dead capital. This Battle has infant de the Greenback and labor movement. It is yet in its Cradle but without organization without Money the last election has shown the Power of the Young Hercules it is the child of Equality it is labor s Young hero it is do unto others a a you would others should do unto it is the Titan Power of millions swearing they will not to slaves to capital. Every Mechanic whatever his Trade race or country every producer be it what it a he produces every Fanner let his Fields be in the fruitful South the termly West Hardy North or industrious East should unite around this Cradle and swear by All Man holds dear and sacred As a duty to work together hand in hand shoulder to shoulder till we have won a currency for the people proper wages for labor and Prosperity for All. It is tie first movement in favor of a people s currency Independent of capital and Prosperity for All which 1ms Ever assumed a National character let us stand by it lot us organize and unite in its support. Let us As one Man declare our Independence from Gold tyrants whoever they May be or wherever they May come from Here s Freedom to them that would rend Here s Freedom to them that would write there s none Ever feared that the truth t should he heard but they whom the truth would indict the almighty created the universe and of right regulates and controls it. Tie Law creates corporations and it by right should regulate and control Ilie in they Are the creatures of Law and the creator has a perfect right to regulate and control the creatures Well As to bring its existence to Art end therl Why should the people submit to be Domine ered Over by Bank Railroad Oil companies or any other corporations then Why should the people allow themselves to be cajoled and swindled by the things their own Laws have brought into life and being Why should they pay tribute to them and make obeisance to their Rod As though these beings were their Kings and masters who will give a reason Why Money Imd its history. By t. Del More. The Law of the United states of april 2,1792, made 27 grains of Gold 11-12 Fine equal to 371j grains pure Silver which with the. Alloy was made by the Law a unit of value and the Money of All courts of the United states by an act of Congress passed june 28, ism 25 and 8-10 grains of Gold 6-10 Fine was made one Dollar equal in Legal value to pure or 4121 alloyed Silver. The difference in the commercial value of these two dollars was 1 and 2-10 grains but the Law made them of the same Legal value. Prom 1834 until 1873 in this country 1 Pound of Gold was by Law equal to 1g pounds of Silver but Congress on febuary 12, 1873, de monetized Silver which destroyed this relation Between these two metals. From 1792 until 1853 All dimes quarters and half dollars were of corresponding weight of the Legal tender Silver Dollar but in 1853 they were by Law reduced 7 per cent in weight and made a Legal tender to the amount of five dollars. The Law not Only makes Money but regulates the value of the. Metals. In 1879 these coins were Tapado a Legal tender for Sll sums not exceeding Twenty dollars. Verily the Law makes Money in 1873 the Trade Dollar containing 420 grains of Silver and was made a Legal tender for five dollars. Congress de monetized the Trade Dollar in is7gj and re monetized the 412j and made it by Law one Hundred cents. The first quotations of Jie passage of this Law the 420 Gram or Trade Dollar was Worth Only 90 cents the immediate effect of Law. Does not the Law make and unmake Money 1 even out of the precious metals. The Banks and railroads should no longer be allowed to control the Price of Western produce and labor on the of e hand and the interest rate for Money on the other the people supreme should control their own financial interests Issue their own1 Legal tender and not farm out the government to Money Kings Ahtl monopolies do not condemn a principle until you understand it. Investigate first condemn the bad and commend the Good. The National banking system is a monopoly within a monopoly where the big fish oat up the Little ones. The old parties have done0 All the Good they Ever will do and All the harm they Ever ought to do. What profit to the government is the coinage of either Gold or Silver it is to perpetuate in interest bearing debt As a basis for banking a Bank of Issue is a s useless in this country As a Mirror to a Blind Man. The National debt must be paid and american children born free. No Banks of i sue subscribe for the District Post. Token colitis of the United states no material is so extensively used for Money throughout the civilized world As Copper. The Law of 1792 created one cent and okie half cent Token coins. Each cent contained 260 grains of pure Copper and were a full Legal tender the same As Gold and Silver in 1857, feb. 2i, Congress provided by Law a much lighter Coin contain-8s parts Copper and 12 parts Nickle. These were also a Legal tender but the commercial value of these coins differed widely. In 1864 another new cent piece was by Law created. It contained 48 grains Copper tin and Zinc. One Pound of these coins has a commercial value of 20 cents but the Legal value is $1.60-a Clear Fiat value of $1.4,0, the 5 cent Nickle Coin is composed of 75 parts top per and 25. Parts Nickle. One Pound of this Metal has a commercial value of about 70 cents but a Legal value of five dollars. Take 70 cents from $500 and you have $4.30 Worth of i or Law. All Gold and Silver Coin except in perfidy is alloyed with Copper. Ail Money owes its Money value to the Law that creates it Money without regard to the material out of which it is made and from its history we chaw these conclusions 1. Ait Money of whatever made or composed is Imide find unmade bylaw. 2. That All Money of whatever made is always National never cosmopolitan International Only by agreement Between nations. 3. That the Money of one nation is never the Money of another although composed o f the same material. A 4. That nations do Dot pay debts to Eack other in Money but in commodities if Coin be used in payment of such debts it is never counted As Money but weighed As Metal and received at the time of . Hotshot by Shadduck paddle. A Friend asked us to draw him picture of the. Old parties to put on a Banner. We know of no other device than a spider web full of flies the people either party can be the spider. John Sherman and All who Are interested in a sound Metalic currency will appreciate the following Story for some reason there was a great run on a Bank in South Wales. Small Farmers jostled each other in crowds to draw out their Money things were at Low water when the manager in desperation Bethought him of a resource. By his directions a clerk having heated some sovereigns in a frying pan paid them Ever the counter to an anxious applicant. Why they re quite hot said the Latte As he took them up. Of course was the reply they re Only just out of the Mold we re coining them by hundreds As fast As we can. Coining them thought the simple agriculturists. Then there s no fear of their running Short their Confidence revived the panic abated and the Bank weathered the storm. Confidence is All there is to a specie basis any How. The Gold King s cry Gold As the Only Money Silver Bullion its swear by Silver the people believe paper issued by the government the Best medium of Exchange. Like the trades men each Loyal to his or their own interests.  a town fearing Sie g a held consultation which was the Best method of fortification a grave skilful Mason gave his Opin Congress Charters of the National b tanks Twenty years. There ate Oil Ltd five members of Congress who Are officers or directors of uati6nal Banks but of Coutz 6 that had ri6 influence. coinage of Gold or Silver in any Way assist the government in pairing its Boi ids or other debts Ion that nothing but Stone could the. Dominion a Carpenter said though that were Well spoke yet there better by far to secure it with a Cobbler Wiser Thani both these together said try what you please there is nothing like believe that Sione Wood and leather would have made a Good fortification so will Gold Silver and greenbacks make the Best and safest Money for this nation. The Republican leaders Are continually congratulating the people on our present Good times this reminds us of the Story told of an old miser a very Rich old miser is in the habit of wearing his clothes to the last thread one of his Friend meeting Liim on the Street exclaimed they told me you h d d a new hat and i la be hanged if you Haven Toh yes said the Raiser looking As if he were a trifle ashamed of himself. You see my wife kept telling that to old one was pretty Well worn out. Well yesterday was her birthday and i got myself a new hat for her birthday present.". T the leading republicans Are mostly Bankers and bondholders and every time we have a Boom in business or Prosperity from any cause they must do something for themselves by Way of legislation. A Dollar issued by the government bearing the Legal tender stamp of the government and declared by the government to be Worth its face never was and never will be Worth less than ifs face so Long As the government endures. There Are but two parties the party of monopolies and the party of the people. The first named has Money and Rasca Lity for its support. The latter is sustained by honesty truth and even handed Justice. Nebraska Farmer. This twaddle about Farmers keeping out of politics is altogether too earnestly pressed in some quarters to seem disinterested. It is discreditable in any Man not to perform the duties of citizenship but especially in the agriculturist. Congress through his careless five million votes is crowded with Bank directors lawyers monies men and professional politicians but rarely a Farmer. The banker keeps a Sharp Eye on. The Bank Laws and the lawyer does not purposely neglect his professional interests As Bills come before him what excuse can there be for the great army of land owners and land tillers so sadly misrepresented at present to continue their indifference to Vrablic affairs is it because they do not understand these affairs if so it is time they began to platform of the National Greenback Labosh party of the United states Adof ted at Chicago june 9,1880. 1. That the right to make and Issue Money is a Sovereign Power to be maintained by the people for the common Benefit. Thai delegation of thib right to corporations is a surrender of the Central attribute of sovereignty void of constitutional Sanction conferring upon a subordinate irresponsible Power and absolute Dominion Over Industry and Commerce. All Money whether Metalic. Or paper should be issued and its volume controlled by the government and not by or through banking corporations and when so issued should be a full Legal tender for nil debts Publio and private. 2. That the Bonds of the United states should not be refunded but paid As As practicable according to contract. To enable the government to meet these obligations Legal tender currency should by substituted for the notes of the National Banks the National banking system abolished and the unlimited coinage of Silver is Well As Gold established by Law. 3. That labor should to go protected by National and state authority As to equalize its burdens and insure a just distribution of its results the eight hour Law of Congress should be enforced the sanitary condition of Industrial establishments placed under rigid control the Competition of contract convict labor abolished a Bureau of labor statistics established factories mines Aud workshops inspected the employment of children under 1-1 years of age forbidden and wages paid in Cash. 4. Slavery being simply cheap labor Imd Che labor being simply slavery the importation and presence of chinese serfs necessarily tends to brutalize and degrade american labor therefore immediate a Tajti should be taken to abrogate tie Burlingame treaty r. Railroad land Grants forfeited by reason of non full filament of contract should be immediately reclaimed by the government arid henceforth the Publio Domain reserved exclusively As Homes for actual settlers. G. It is the duty of Congress to regulate inter state Commerce. All lines of communication and transportation should be 1 be Brou Glit under such legislative control As shall secure and moderate f air and uniform rate for passenger and freight traffic. 7. We denounce As destructive to Prosperity and dangerous to Liberty the actions of the old parties in fostering find sustaining Gigantic land Railroad and Money corporations and monopolies invested with and exercising Powers belonging to the government and not responsible to it for the manner of their exercise. That the Constitution giving Congress 8. If one billion of dollars could be saved by using paper Money instead of Gold and Silver How much would the yearly interest be on that billion at three per sent per anum the Greenback is not Money " shylock. Very yell. Then As the Bonds Woro per phased with greenbacks the government Don t owe the Bond holders a Dollar. The time is coming when the Labouring Mon of this country shall be recognized As Power in the land which neither of the old parties will dare to ignore. Will some hard Money Inan Tell us for what purpose Gold and is yer Money Ca n Ujj e used that a full Legal tender Greenback paper Money can no the Power to borrow Money to declare War to raise and support armies to provide and maintain a Navy never intended that the men.,who loaned their Money for an interest consideration preferred to the Soldier arid Sailor who peril de their lives and shed their land and sea in defense of their country and we condemn the. Cruel class legislation of the Republican. Party which while professing great Gratis. Tude to the Soldier has most a justly Nim Udin favor of. The Bondholder. 9. All property should Beai its just pro portion of taxation and we demand it graduated income tax. 10. We denounce a most dangerous Tho efforts everywhere Manifest to restrict the the rights of Buff Rago ,. 11. We Are opposed to an inor Easo of. The. Standing army of peace and the in Sidimus schemes to establish an enormous military Power under the Guise of militia Laws. A a 12. We demand absolute democratic rules for Tho government of Congress placing All representatives of the people on an equal footings and taking away a veto Power greater than that of the Prosi v i a we demand a government of Tho people by the people and for fee people instead of a government of the bondholders by. The bondholders and for the bondholders and to Deroui be every attempt to Niv. Up sectional strife As an Effort to Chriceol non Strous crimes Al aim a Tho r, a i Wiea against the people in the furtherance of the "14, Putno in therance of these ends we ask the of operation of All fair minded people Jve Havo new quarrel with individuals upon classes but Only. Vicious institutions. We Are not Content to Wendum Tarther discipline from our pets but actual rulers who having to minion Over Money oven transportation Over Baa not land and largely Over Tho Piess trod Ruu. Phinezy of government Wield i Nwiwiri Antalo a. Power Over our institutions a id Over our life and property

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