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Postville Post (Newspaper) - April 25, 1884, Postville, Iowa The do strict Post. , Iowa. Kill. An . M. S. Hitchcock the Goi Moth irs gift. Bid do the v Cradle Hli whole Nii by Ign. To Lay upon his Little lips tin kisses sin of Ong. This is the kits of Hill make him Long to i rank she a of Tiv i Iii Rietl the fount of 11 into with the thirst that Neer a Sotl sties. This is the kiss shall Ope the Eyo and stimulate the b Iii to see others never saw. And Eanne or attain. This is i he kiss shall c run his lips to that his whole life to i2 there hoi icy acc a of Thor it shall live the stinging sweets of song. And Here the kiss of wandering 1 j rent on feet mid breast. That he May Tor Possession have desire Ami unrest. And this shall he the kiss of love Wijs life to const rat to her that shall he 1 St too soon or he found out too lat a. Are to i Kos is live i live my Hahn in his shop the sixth the Sai retest of All a Little while 1 keep. And he shall Nevi a know or known it never shall he toll. Which Sweer is he kiss i give. Or the kiss that i withhold. -0. T. , in a s Maya me. Faint heart Neer won fair a hat of last rear s fashion but her eye.3 were like Gray and her manner dreadfully Quick and Bright and sparkling i should Call my dear Richard you Are really absurd. The girl is a Hospital nurse and what woman with any refinement or delicacy would take up such a profession As that it shows she can t be ladies do such things nowadays less defiantly. Now you know you re Only saying so because she s pretty. Of course ladies do queer things nowadays but that does t excuse an a womanly fueling besides she is Only a solicitor s daughter. I Shan t ask Mamma to but Don t von think common civility no i Don t. She s Only staying at the rectory and we re not forced to Call on every one s friends. Besides capt. Child Wick is expected Home and it would make it awkward. What would one of lord Belmont s people say if we asked them to meet a girl like miss travers All the same she Sas pretty and Ladylike As any one i Ever met in these very Likely but she s not in our set. Now Richard if you say any More i shall begin think you re falling in love with her if the idea is not too but Richard had closed the drawing room door upon his six Sisters languid voices Aud was half Way across the wide Lawn with its Brilliant parterre of summer Flowers. Poor Richard .41-Lerdyce Only son of the richest banker in Che Lowdean people of Good family but with just that uncertainty of soc us position which made them afraid of overstepping any boundaries rather gratified at being on terms with lord Belmont and the Hardwi Okes. He was of divided mind this summer afternoon. He had been greatly taken by that Sweet face Aud slight figure in the rectory Pew last sunday was sensible of a thrill of More than civil interest when he met their owner walking Home with the Good old Rector after service and was introduced to "31i�s travels while the eyes like Gray stars were suddenly raised to his and he had Ever since that time spent a larger portion of his time than was strictly needful in walking past the rectory s Rose covered Garden Gate. But on the other Side his Sisters words had certainly struck Home. Brought up As All the Allerdyce were like Hothouse plants sheltered from every breath of frosty air it was not strange that Richaid at 20, though a big Burly enough Young englishman to look at was but Little of a Man in mind or heart. Knowledge of the world had been carefully kept from him As from his a Sisters lest they should learn evil but their very ignorance had Cost them the loss of Power to choose Between evil Aud Good and had Given them weak prejudices and conceited instead of a mind Able to discern and prefer the right. Richard s handsome face was overcast As he swung out of the Lodge Gates and Down the Road. Miss travers a Hospital nurse 1 certainly it was a Shock. Not Only did it seem to him a womanly for a woman to work at All but infinitely More to to do menial work. And then the awful thought of what his Mother and Sisters would say were they asked to receive a Hospital nurse As his future wife for it had gone As far As that in Richard s susceptible mind even in these three Short Days. All at once his thoughts broke off As miss travers herself Sweet and Bright As Ever in her Black dress came out from the rectory Gate the great rectory mastiff pacing behind her. Now Richard s own Collie was at his master s heels and there was a Border feud of Long standing Between these two faithful followers. Thero was Ono angry growl a heavy Rush a thud and then a Brown body and a Black rolled together in Tho dust in a manner suggestive of a dog s funeral on one Side or the other. Richard who was actually staggered by Tho suddenness of it All could not for a moment regain his senses Aud when he did it was to find miss travers both White hands locked in Tho hair of Rollo s shaggy neck pulling him from his foe with All her strength and calling to or. Aller Dee to take hold of his dog and pull hint she was being whirled round in the Clond of dust by the frantic Waltzes before Richard could quite Settle where to take hold but that task was performed for him by a gentleman in Tweed knickerbockers who started out of the White Hart a few rods away and ran to the Rescue. Between miss travel s and himself the Walters were separated each carrying away a few fragments of Iho other s 2 arson and miss traverse uns hed panting covered with dust but looking lovelier than Richard had Ever Ucen woman look before Sank Back against the rectory Wall and tried to laugh. Tje stranger lifted his hat looking straight at her with a pair of piercing Brown eyes. Execute me miss travers he Taid in rather a off hand manner but that was about As rash a. Thing As any Ono could possibly do. The dogs might both Havo turned on Vou and bitter you thank Yon capt. Hardwicke i had not the least fear was her response Given with a Little haughtiness and the gentleman with n nod to Richard turned and strode away As rapidly As he had come. Miss Trivers Are you Hurt Richard was Able to articulate at last. Von never should have done a thing Liko that. Hardwicke was right it was new in lev rash by the Way you know Hardwicke to i m not Hurt a the wonderful Gray eyes were dancing with fun now. Don t scold inc. Please. I know it was a silly thing to do but i did t Stoj to think. I Rny Don t look so horrified but if you had been bitten a Well i was and her face dimpled with a Friendly smile at his shocked look. But you know Hardwicke to persisted unable to get Over his Surprise in that Quarter. Of her face grew cold instantly capt. Hardwicke was in Hospital with an Accident some months ago my Hospital. I had charge of him there that s and she pulled a Rose so sharply from the hedge that it fell o pieces in her hands. Look there she laughed showering the petals on the ground before her let us cover Over the Battle Field with Flowers and she laughed again. Richard went Home More thoughtful than Ever. Surely this woman was a novel thing in his experience of men and manness. She acted wit i the skill and daring of a Man and yet he would rather not think what his Sisters faces would be like had they but seen it. Was it actually Ladylike ? or should she not rather have lied from the scene of conflict or even have screamed and fainted to be sure she had looked As Beautiful As an avenging Amazon but was it quite Correct conduct for a girl and capt. Hardwicke s manner so abrupt and dictatorial he seemed to show her the difference in social position Between a Nobleman s Nephew Aud a Hospital nurse. It must have been an awkward meeting As his Sisters had said. And then a cold shiver came Over him As he thought of miss travers introduced As mrs. Richard Allerdyce at Belmont Castle Aud capt. Hardwicke s Stony stare of Surprise. And yet and yet she was so Beautiful. Nearly three weeks since the dog episode and Richard s courage still wavered in the balance. He had grown to know miss travers Well in those three weeks and to know her Well was but to love her better. There never was a woman so Sweet so Clever so sympathetic so Beautiful he was certain of that no woman to More ardently longed to have for his own and yet and yet that terrible strength of character that profession that Lack of Pedigree Only last night in the Moonlit rectory Garden he had almost Flung All prudence to the winds she had been so dangerously fatally Sweet she was always especially kind to him but he reeled Back from the Gulf just in time when she mentioned casually without a change of voice or countenance that she had an Uncle who was a chemist in Rochester. A chemist shades of my ancestors protect me Richard recoiled again As he thought of it and fancied Hardwicke s look if he could Havo heard her. For capt. Hardwicke was still at the White Hart and perhaps his presence and the atmosphere of exalted society about him had been one of Richard s restraining though unconscious influences. Now us to slowly worked Way up the steepest Hill in the neighbourhood on his new tricycle he pondering the old question in his mind. Could he take the fatal i Limgo or was it too costly a trim Graceful figure on the Road before him. As at last he gained the Summit drove All else to the four winds and in an instant he had overtaken the object of his cogitations and sprung to the ground beside her. Or. Allerdyce she said turning with her own Bright look to shake hands How like a ghost you stole upon me of i see it was on a tricycle and what a Beauty do let to look at and Richard nothing Loath began to display his new toy a perfect thing in build Aud finish the Allerdyce possessions always were Tho most perfect of their kind he began to explain it to her forgetting All about the chemist Uncle but she interrupted him. Ves i know All about them thanks i see it is a regular bit of perfection. I should so like to try it May i once More Richard was dumb with Surprise. A lady on a tricycle was As yet an unheard of thing in rustic. Che Lowdean and it seemed an outrageous idea to him i really Don t think you could to faltered. My Sisters have never Dono such a your Sisters of perhaps not with a Little smile at Tho idea. But i am quite used to tricycles. I ride Ono whenever i can get a further blow for Richard but Fiere was no knowing How to refuse her and he stood aside. She took her place Liko one who was thoroughly used to tricycles and he could not but admit she adorned her position. What a delicious Hill to run Down she said with a Happy Little laugh As she placed her Dainty feet on Tho treadle. I really must try Pray Pray Don t attempt it was Richard s horrified remonstrance for the Hill stretched Down even More abruptly than on the Side he had ascended and near Tho Bottom there was a sudden Sharp turn with the railway Lino running just below Tho Nastiest bit of Road for Miles around. Perhaps even Agatha travers would have hesitated to Hazard it had it not been for the consternation in Richard s face. " or. Allerdyce you Are fainthearted she Baid gayly As she started on her downward course a Litlo More rapidly than she had at first intended but Richard s now tricycle ran smoothly. His heart was in Lii to Mouth As Tho country Folk say As she began to Glido rapidly off. She turned her head and flashed Back a merry Defiance. My Uncle the chemist at Rochester used to Bay then Tho wicked spa Klo faded suddenly and she called Quick and Clear Canyon Stop to please the Brake is still i can t make it work it s running poor Richard of the faint heart it seemed to die within him. The next second she darted Forward but it was just one second too late. The Check she had been Able to put on Tho heavy Maeline with the treadle Censed to keep it Back Aud faster and faster it Tore Down Tho perilous Road. In All his life to come Richard will never know any minute so Long As that next while the straight slight figure flying through Ponee seemed to swim before his eyes and bin Knees knocked together As he Stool. On on faster faster she Managad somehow to cling to the steering handle and keep the machine in the Middle of the Road bit the mad Pace grew More desperate. She could never turn that fatal Corner by the railway embankment Over it she must go. Audit was just then that Lii inn and slip both together saw Tho pud of Sizow a White smoke from the Hill Side that j told them the evening was out i of the Tunnel and thundering Down i that very bit of line j it All jew by Dover Agatha in one Rush would the fall kill her or would it be Tho train it must be one or the other the next second or two would Settle that and a Swift prayer was on her lips but what she never quite know for even As she breathed it some one or something in Brown Tweed knickerbockers hurled itself Over the Roadside Stile before her a Stout stick darted into the flying wheel and with one Quick swerve the tricycle crashed into Tho ditch and Lay there a confused mass of spinning spokes an 1 mutilated tires while Agatha Lew out from its midst like a Hall and alighted on a Grassy Bank a Yard or two away and the express rushed past with a wild yell on line just below and vanished round a Sharp curve that matched the Road above it. Then and thou alone did Richard s legs regain their Power of motion and he set off As fast As they could carry him of where the Little Black figure Jay. Somehow it took longer to run Down that Hill than the last descent would have led one to think for when Richard panting and breathless reached the scene of the Accident the Little Black figure very much out of its usual trim neatness was on the Grassy tangle that broke her fall busily binding up with her own Small handkerchief a deep Gash in the hand of Tho Knickerbock ered person who Knelt at. Her Side. It was a very Pale face that looked up at Richards with Tho sort of Awe that any human creature must Wear who has just been face to face with death but her great Grey eyes had a wonderful Flushing Light in them. The poor tricycle she said i am so sorry. Is it very badly Hurt and in the Fervour Aud Relief of gladness Richard could find words for nothing but bother the tricycle he was ready enough to say iome thing however presently when he found himself obliged to Stop and see its remains decently cared for while capt. Hardwicke took charge of miss travers return to the rectory. She said she was none the worse for her fall but perhaps she was a Little shaken but capt. Hardwicke kindly offered her his Arm and she took it. Richard hurried after them before Long his whole heart aglow. That awful minute this afternoon had taught him that life without Agatha travers would seem a poor and worthless thing were she a factory girl. He hurried after them therefore and came in sight of the rectory Gate As two hands one very neatly bandaged a clasped Over it and a Small dark head raised itself swiftly from a Brown Tweed shoulder where it seemed to have been resting. Good gracious was All Richard could utter As Agatha vanished Aud capt. Hardwicke looking of piously Radiant sauntered toward him. A Allerdyce old fellow caught us have you then i May As Well Tell you All my tremendous Good Luck at once and take your congratulations. Perhaps you be heard How miss travels nursing saved my life last year and when of course i fell in love with her As who would to she would have it it was Only gratitude and refused to lot to make what she called a Mes Alliance just because there s that brute of a title coming to me some Day. I told her i thought All that rubbish was obsolete and offered to drop the title altogether if she liked but nothing would do and to parted rather out of temper. I Hoard she was Down Here and ran Down to see my Uncle hoping he would talk her Over but i began to think it was no use. And do you know i was frantically jealous of you old follow 1 saw she liked of and i almost believe you could have Cut to out Early in the Day if you d had the Pluck to try she was so set against me. But to Day she made it All right and she thinks i be saved her life this time so we re quits. Well old Man am i not Tho Luckiest Man alive but but stammered the wretched Richard surely her family she s an orphan. Of i see what you mean she told me she had been shocking you with an Uncle who s a chemist or a Butcher or goodness knows what. Bali i should think the incr fact of being a Hospital nurse was a Patent of nobility to any woman. But if my Little girl were a beggar Maiden she would still to a real Princess. 0 of bless her and Richard s groan May have been a is family Maya Eine. Lamp Tun in a tight place a Middle aged Man approached Gen. Hampton and asked his influence in pressing a claim before the military committee of Tho Senate. The stranger then said general i am glad to see you again you do not recognize me but you personally made a prisoner of me during the comparing notes Hamilton found ont that it was a fact and recalled Tho circumstances. He was reconnoitre King Ono night and missed his Way. Around him burned Many More Camp fire than to had left behind him. Entering n House to discovered that to had strayed into Tho enemy s lines. A few soldiers were seated at a table and abruptly addressing Vliem As if a Superior officer of their own army he asked who they were and what Thoy were doing there. One Man spoke up and replied to belong to the eighth new York regiment und Ion. Warren sent us to get Hampton Felt that All of his nerve and address would be required to extricate himself from this dangerous position. To reached for his pistol held it along his thigh and on leaving Tho Houv commanded Filje Man who Hod spoken to him to follow he did so. Hampton mounted his horse and called the a i to him. Bending Down to the Federal Ijo Jiei s ear he whispered i have a pistol aimed at your i head and will shoot you if airy alarm is made the surprised Soldier whiskered Don t shoot i Hampton Bado him Moye on just ahead of his horse and no brought 1 pm into the con o Legato Camp if was this Man who after More than Twenty years met his captor and asked a favor of him As a senator that he was More than willing to Grant. It was a strange and romantic in the returning cycles of Timo a i cd chronicle. It is All nonsense trying to escudo yourself for wrongs done wilfully and with malice aforethought. You say if this had not h ppr used then you would he be been All right. There is an old saying if my aunt had been a Man Sho would have been my presidential. Politicians at work in various commonwealths. The meeting of Republican and democratic state conventions. S. J. Tilt Len on the Federal Constitution sex senator Mcdonald for president. State conventions Illinois Ite publican. James a. Connolly of Coles county presided Over the Illinois Lien Bolcan convention which met at Peoria Daniel suchard of Chicago i Charkins the function of a Ecru try. The business in baud was disc oped of smoothly and rapidly and notwithstanding Lone speeches Weie of sandwiched Anions the proct dines within than eight hours after the convention had been called to order the larger portion of the were in route for Home. Till state ticket. Gen. Richard j. Of Gushy of Logan county who a air Ady served one term As governor and a six term in the Senate of the United of cute was nominated by acclamation As chief magistrate of the s3ate. Gen. J. C. Smith of co Wjk county was placed in nomination for lieutenant governor 611 votes against Imp for John i. Iti Nakor and 43 for John c. Fairbanks for secret try of state Henry c. Dement and v. Wolf were named the first named receiving the nomination by a Laryce najor Jav. Charles v. Swi cart was Suomi Katf a by acclamation for auditor. For state Trasmer Jacob gro"1--, of Cook , was made the nominee on tiie first ballot. Charles Becker David t. , and Frederick Heaman being his competitors. For attorney Geu Raj George Hunt received 4 j3 Vous cud James Mccartney 352, Aud Hunt was declared the nominee. The . The following resolutions were reported and and oped without a dissenting voice v , the if pm Mica n part v has for a Quarter of a Century had the political thought of this nation and wide Izieah this great party has succeeded by being aggressive and fearless in support of right we the ii publicans of Illinois in convention assembled mindful of glories which Cluster around its Pahi history n new our pledges of Fidelity to the doctrines which have repeatedly received the endorsement of the people and the carrying out of which by a Long line of governors from Bissell to Hamilton has shed such renown upon the Commonwealth make this declaration of principles upon vital questions of the hour and with these principles we March to Victory. Lie Solvet that this convention is justly proud of the record made by the Republican party of Illinois in the administration of the state a fairs during the Twenty seven years that the executive department of the state government has been entrusted to it. The state debt with its heavy Burden upon the tax payers has been wiped out. And All details of administrative duty discharged with a faithful intelligent regard to Public interest. Jiroz Olvil that the debt of this state having been paid off it is the sense of this convention that the present Revenue Law of Illinois can be and should be so readjusted As to be adapt1-- to the present financial condition of the state and the several counties and other municipalities within its Borders. A evolved that the criminal Lawson this state should be so Revis a and simplified As to Render punishment of crime More certain and speedy to the end that life and property be More effectually protected. Jit solved. That the labor of the people constitutes the foundation of the wealth of the country and Only when labor receives such remuneration As will give to the industrious and economical a Sui plus beyond the necessaries of life can pros Erity and happiness prevail. It is therefore the j duty of the legislators both state and National to enact Laws in the interest and for the Protection of labor and to that end we demand that in levying taxes and duties such discrimination shall be made As will encourage the development of the resources of our own country and secure on own people a just and reasonable compensation for their toil and in this Bys pm of legislation All interests Are concerned. Jiso Ivcic that All citizens of this nation Are entitled to the full unrestricted exercise of their civil and political rights As guaranteed by the Constitution and Laws and that it is the duty of the general government which it cannot vacate or Tail to enforce or remand to a state to secure these Rii hts by the a nto Cement of Laws now existing and if such Laws be found insufficient to secure to every citizen every political and civil right that it is Tho solemn duty of Congress to speedily enact such As Wilt protect Verv citizen in such rights. , that under tin Constitution and Laws every elector in the nation has the right to the tree Ultra Mmcleod exe icis of the in Chise and we Deu ounce with unmeasured condemnation As one of the heinous and in american of crime the pol tical terrorizing Bull dozing murder and hands resorted to i Fla Means of controlling elections. Teat Olvett that the republicans of Illinois approve All legislation which tends to promote Fidelity and efficiency in the civil service of the country Aud they recognize the fact that a great safeguard against unfaithfulness and inefficiency is the perpetuation in Power of the party which has shown itself Ali rough a Long term of years worthy of the Confidence of the american people. I solved that we endorse the administration of gov. John m. Hamilton As Able and pure and which has placed the party in this state in splendid array for the great Battle of 1884. It Solvedt to at the Wise and statesmanlike course pursued by the Hon. Shelby or. Custom in the United states semite mists our most cordial approval and gives him new claims upon our gratitude and respect which lie Long since earned by distinguished services in behalf of the people of Illinois. Jii to lord that this convention cordially endorses the administration of president Arthur whose Broad statesmanship and Good judgment in the details of duty have won for him the approval of the entire country. , that As in times past the he publican party has been largely composed of work Ingmen it should be continued a the guardian of their interests to do therefore earnestly request the Republican members of our state legislature to protect their interests by Wise legislation and our Republican members in Congress to put Forth All honorable Elb run to secure the passage o. Laws conducive to their Best interests and such As Are Best calculated to dignify american labor and elevate the Conditi n of the work Ingman. Jii solve i that taking a just Pride in the integrity and patriotism purity of character and political sagacity of the Soldier statesman of Illinois Gen. John , whose record both in peace and in War has reflected Honor and dignity upon Tho state promoted the welfare and Prosperity of the nation and illuminated Pur history whose Gloria us services in crushing armed treason and rebellion gains added Luster from his recent ranging denunciation of Moat cowardly and skulking treason in the army of the Union we present his name to the nation 1 Al convention of the Republican party to assemble at Chicago on the to Dav of june next As that of a person to receive the nomination of the Republican party for pres 1 ident and to receive the suffrage Al of the people of the United states in november next and that Weins Truot the delegates appointed by tills convention from the state at Larke and request those from the several districts to give him their individual and Earnest support. Relying upon the consistency Fidelity and patriotism of the Republican party of Illinois and while desiring the advancement of its chosen Leader to the position rendered illustrious by a Lincoln and a Grant we pledge to the republicans of the nation a Hearty Earnest and triumphant support to the nominee at Chicago whoever to May be. Delegates and elector a at labor the following delegates at Largo to the National convention at Chicago were elected senator Shelby m. Cullom of Sangamon county gov. John m. Hamilton of Mclean county Purlin c. Cook of Cook county Clark Foj. Carr of Knox county. Andrew and Isaac Leepom were chosen i presidential electors Lor the state at Large. State Clint Ilal Committer. A. M. Jones of Chicago was re elected chairman of the state Central committee which is composed As follows at Large John a. Buim of Sangamon j. R. Tanner of Clay n. A. Parker of Cook Georgo e. White of Cook e. A. Wilcox of Woodford p. 8, Post of Knox e. Ii. Fletcher of Grundy. First District Jesse Spalding Chicago second Philip Maas Chicago third Bartholomew quirk Chicago fourth John j. Koala Chicago fifth a. A. Patridge Lake sixth a. M. Jones Chicago seventh .1. A Templeton Bureau eighth j. C. Corbus Menelta ninth lid or d. Sherman Kau Akrc tenth Frank Hitchcock Peoria eleventh. Pay ton Roberts Monmouth twelfth Oman person Carrollton thirteenth n. W. I Ranson. Petersburg fourteenth c. P Davis cicello fifteenth 3. 11. Dark mat Toon sixteenth Thomas w. Scott Fairfield seventeenth George 1. , Shelbyville eighteenth Thomas b. Noodles nineteenth general Janus s. Marl in twentieth de Mitchell Marion. Oglesby s acceptance. During the session of the convention Goy. Oglesby appeared on the platform Aud was ire pc Ved with cheers Flie members Rifting and waving Thor Hattje. The nominee made a Spe ooh accepting the ," Pennsylvania Kepu Bucu. The Republican state convention of Lenus Sylvania at hit Nisberg wan presided Over by sex congressman Calus Lia a. Grow who in his remarks strongly advocated a High pc Testivo Tariff a Nio Tjon was made by a Delegate that Ine Foj Ommittee on resolutions be instructed to bring in a Resolution naming g. Blaine for president and Roberft. Lincoln for vice president. An and accepted to make the Resolute on include inst rugs tons to the delegates at Large Lovoto for Blaine the motion and amendment were curried by a votoof20�to 37 nearly All the negative votes cute from the Philadelphia Dek Gatioan. Geu. 0. Of j Sorboe of Luzerne county was nominated for Congo Tsynman at Large. The following delegates at Large Tolbe Chicago convention were chosen James Mcmanes Philadelphia Lewis Emery Mek Cau Hamilton Diston Philadelphia , Alleghany p. L. Kirn Berry Mercer William h. Jessup Susquehanna and j. W. Lee Venango. The committee on resolutions reported the following which were adopted first congratulating republicans upon there establish huh it of Unity und Harmony in Tho party which has restored Pennsylvania to her place in the Republican column. Second of proving the present protective Tariff and de him Adjni its continuance. Third r was Hung on a stand inscribed our Choice Cheater a. Arthur. Second Choice John a. the Banner will be taken to Chicago. The platform affirms the platform of who endorses the educational Bill and protective Tariff denounces the convict system of the state and says the extraordinary condition of the business of the country is mainly due to Arthur s successful administration. Arthur on the first ballot will get Nineteen out of the Twenty Alabama Votca. Indiana Kepu Bunn. Gen. Thoa. M. Browne was made chairman of the Indiana Republican convention at Indianapolis called for the purpose of selecting Dele Gate Al at Large to the Chicago convention. The delegates selected Are sex Sec rotary of the Navy Richard w. Thompson senator Benjamin Harrison sex congressman j. H. Baker and Morris Mcdonald a wealthy merchant of new Albany. The alternates Aro e. F. Horn coloured editor of the vol Rod world John h. Roelker of Evansville Moses Fowler Lafayette and g. B. Ward of Wilto county. It is understood that Thompson will be the chairman of the delegation. Throe of the delegates Are said to Bolor Blaine and Ono for John Sherman. No Effort was made to instruct Tho delegation. Out of the thirty representatives that Indiana will have in the convention a close estimate gives Blaino 10 or 17, Arthur 4, John Sherman 2, w. T. Sherman 3, and Logan probably i. If an Indiana Man is a candidate he of course will receive the solid support. After the adjournment of Tho convention the Republican state control commit co met and discussed Phe Outlook. Tho present organization John Overmeyer As chairman and w. Ii. H. Terrell As Secretary was continued until after the Chicago convention. Delaware Ite Public an when Tho Delaware Republican convention at Dover Richard Harrington who called the meeting to order attempted to make a speech in reference to Tho stale Central committee his course As chairman of that body having been subjected to Cruzic so. The convention would pot listen to the speech and considerable confusion existed for a time. The temporary crgani7ation, with Job h. Jackt son a prominent Blaine Man As chairman was Madu permanent. When the convention reassembled alter recess the committee on resolutions made a report which was adopted i. It to Tho organization and government of the Republican party in the state. Tho fourth and concluding Section declares Blaine pen Laily Delaware s favorite for the presidency but favors sending delegates to Chicago uninstructed except As to How tar the rep unteed opinion of their constituents of glut to guide them. The following delegates to Tho National convention were chosen Washington Hastings John i Shnir George v. Mas by John h. Horecker William j Steward Anel Daniel j. Lay Lam Hastings is an administration Man. A vast Virginia democratic. Sex in lid states senator Hereford was made chairman of the West Virginia democratic convention which assembled at Charleston. Over too delegates Wero present. The convention adopted the following Resolution i evolved that Samuel j. Liken is our first Choice for Tho democratic nomination Lor president. F he following delegates at Largo Scro chosen to the Chicago convention first district1. Lev is Baker second sex state senator Joe Tan metre third b. F. Harp a i eth the p. If. Leonard. District . E. Lively ande4 Mcdonald second he Davis Aud c. A. Wells third Frank Hereford and Wesley Mollohan fourth c. T. Beall and George Thompson. No alternates were chosen and the delegates were instructed to vote for Tilden Oregon demo Riitto. The democratic state convention of Oregon met at Dallas and adopted a platform declaring in favor of the forfeiture of unearned land grunts the regulation e f interstate Commerce Anda Arit for Revenue limited to the necessities of the government. Tho Dee ates to the National convention Are l. L. Mcarthur w. C. Cook p. F. Hogan. V. R. Strode a. K. Wait t. L. Porter. The presidential electors Are l. Is. Icon a. D. Fenton a. C. Jones. Kex gov. W. W. Thayer of Portland was nominated for supreme judge and John Myers or Clackamas county for Congress. Resolute is were adopted favouring Tilden �ik1 in Nodi icly As the Choice of the democrats of Oregon for president and vice president respectively Pimp Rich of Columbia i Jno cratic. At the democratic convention held in Washington City to select delegates to the democratic National convention it Chicago William Dickson and Edward j. Wright wait chosen on the first allot As delegates and Thomas j. Lut Trell and Lawrence Gardner As alternates. Neither of tin delegates express d any preference for candidates and they go uninstructed but Dickson s personal Choice is said to to t4deu. Resolutions were adopted in favor of Revenue Reform and Home Rule it r the District to the extent of l iving the important District Oilles to residents. _ tiie 1howqi& club. Ii to r from Samuel j. Tilden. The Iroquois club of Chicago composed of gentlemen prominent in the democratic party in gently gave its third annual banquet at the Palmer House in that City. The local attendance was very Large in addition to which Thero was a gathering of distinguished democrats irom All Pait i of the country. Among the speakers were sex senator James it. Doolittle of Wisconsin senator George ii. Pendleton of Ohio col. W. C. A Breckinridge of Kentucky Hon. J Sterling Morton or Nebraska and judge David Turpie and Hon. Bayliss a. Haima of Indiana. Letters of regret Wurf read from gov. Tilden senators Bavard Vance and Hampton David a. Wells Sabiani s. Hewitt s. S. Cox gov. Click of Kansas speaker Carlisle Gen. I Clellan sex senator Thurman and Many other democrats of equal prominence. Text of gov. s Lettl in gentlemen i have had the Honor to receive your invitation to the third annual banquet of the Iroquois club to respond to the sentiment the Federal i have also received private letters asking a written response to the sentiment in Case i am prevented from attending. I have been Tor some time and am still exceptionally in Grossee with business which i have no Power to defer or abandon i must therefore communicate w the you in writing und my answer must be Brief. On the formation of the Federal Constitution Gouverneur Morris who had been a conspicuous member of the convention being asked what he thought of the Constitution re filled that depends upon How it is the democratic party originated in a resistance by the More advanced patriots of the revolution to the efforts which were Maele to change the character of our government by false constructions of the Constitution impressing on the new system a monarchical Bias. Or. Jefferson s election in Jsu rescued our free institutions from the perils which surrounded them and secured sixty years of administration mainly in Harmony with their design and True character. When an attempt was made to break up the Union and to dismember the territorial integrity of the country the people were compelled to make a Manly Choice Between these Calami tics and the dangerous influences of civil War upon the character of the government. They patriotically Anel wisely resolved to save the Union first and to re air the damage which our political system might sustain when the More imminent dangers hid been provided against. The first work was successfully accomplished but Twenty years have since elapsed and the work of restoring the government to its original charac or is not yet accomplished. Our Wise ancestors had warned us that if we fell into civil discords our free system was liable to perish in the struggle by an insensible change of its character. Not Only have the Best traditions of the patriots who won Independence and established Freedom lost their authority but our cherished political system is slowly losing its hold upon life under the fungus growth of false constructions and corrupt practices. Government itself has become a menacing Factor in the elections. As Long ago As 18701 expressed the opinion that the opposition must embrace at the beginning of the canvass two thirds of the voters to maintain a majority at the election. In this history repeats itself. In most countries the government maintains itself by Force of fraud. Even in Tho comparatively popular system of England Tho Monarch has until lately controlled a majority of parliament and frequently decided the elections by court favors jobs and Money taken from the Public Treasury. This is a hard saying but recent publications of the papers of her deceased statesmen Icahn no doubt upon the subject. In our own country the government instead of standing As an impartial arbiter amid Tho conflicts of maturing opinion Anel contending interests has itself descended into the Arena equipped with All the weapons of partisanship its myriads of office hollers its alliances with or against vast pecuniary interests its unlimited command of Money levied from its tie Pendents and contractors have sufficed to determine a majority in every ease but one. In that Rase it collected military forces around the Capitol and by this and other menaces intimidated the congressional representatives of a majority of Tho pole to relinquish the fruits of their Victory and to surrender the government to the control of a minority. No Reform of the Aelmini stration is possible As Long As the government is directed by a party which is under the Dominion of false doctrines and animated by enormous pecuniary interests in the perpetuation of existing abuses. The first effectual Steps in the Reform of our government must be a fundamental change in the policy of its administration. The work of Lefor willbe difficult enough with the whole Power of the government exerted in accomplishing it. I have such Faith in the Benignant Providence which has presided Over the destiny of our country in every great trial hitherto that i do not despair of our ultimate deliverance. Though i can no longer aspire to be one of the leaders in this great work. I bid those upon whom this August Mission May fall godspeed. New York april 11, 1884. S. J. Tilden. Mcdonald the Indiana sex senator announced As a candidate. Sex senator Mcdonald has been announced As a candidate for the presidency by the Indiana democratic Assoc Iatrou at Washington. At a recent meeting of the association representative Cobb offered the following Resolution the visas the name of the Hon. Joseph e. Mcdonald of Indiana has been prominently mentioned As a lit Aud available candidate for the presidency therefore lie Sod t i by the Indiana democratic Assoc a Tion at Washington that we recognize in the Hon. Joseph a Mcdonald the Patriot statesman and Democrat who has Ever been faithful to his party and his country. That in the judgment of this association the nomination of Mcdonald for the presidency by the democratic National convention would establish Harmony in the party throughout the country and result in the Success of democratic principles at the approaching presidential election. Senator Voorhees made a speech in support of the Resolution which was unanimously adopted miscellaneous. I Altita prohibitionists. The Dakota prohibition Alliance convention met at Mitchell and adopted a platform of principles urging the election of Only temp Crane men to offices of Honor and , and condemning the manufacture Rale and use of intoxicating liquors As a beverage and urging constitutional prohibition As Tho ult mation. Tho Alliance represents All the Temperance associations and its strength will be seen at Tho coming election. Its members p is divided Between both the Republican and democratic parties and the members of the Alliance will Tako part in the conventions of their respect Iyo parties and see that Tei Speranco men Are nominated and elected and to Boycott any candidate not a Temperance Man that May be nominated. It is confidently believed that in this Way they will not Only control the election of the next legislature but of Tho county and municipal officers also. As Toon is the prohibition Alliance Conven to Len adjourned the territorial convention of the prohibition Home Protection party of South Dakota convened. All the counties South of the forty sixth parallel Lino were represented. It is organized for Tho purpose of pushing the Issue of prohibition and of procuring speedy and ultimate constitutional prohibition for Dakota production fits in Council. The state convention of the Wool growers association of Pennsylvania met at Pittsburgh. The object of the convention is the adoption of m Easu Ros to create an increase of sentiment in favor of the Protection of Wool growers they want Tho Tariff of 1807, 3 per cent. Hoffher than the present rate re established. A Resolution providing for Tho selection of a delegation to the National con a mention at Chicago May 21, was adopted. This delegation will demand the recognition of the Wool Industry irom both political parties Anel the insertion of a pledge for their Protection in the plate Penis at the presidential conventions. Seventy two thousand Wool growers were rear resented in the convention Indianu politics. The Chicago Tribuno says editorially iut Dina Demb carts notwithstanding Tho total disappearance of Tho Mcdonald room outside that state. Remain faithful to Tho a a Sonter. They will Send a solid delegation to Chicago in his favor. The Hon. Isaac p. Gray will be the democratic candidate for governor of the state and it Ray to that sex Secretary Richard w. Thompson will be Tho Republican gubernatorial candidate. It is understood that All the press Wijt democratic congressmen will to renominated without opposition except Lamb of the eighth District who May to opposed by con. Man son and Stock Slager of Tho third who is opposed by t0wa state news. Seei Jino a in Active Progress throughout Northwestern town. A Volt i , of Bun Horn is wrestling for n choose factory for his town. Two non Ineil Spensor Wero killed it lord Liy a holler explosion. J. O. C , Koshler of Tho Newton Hank is reported to Havo us Condo and ills accounts show n shortage of a Lurge amount. Tun Dos Moines Polo club is Uri uni Rinir to meet n similar organization of Kansas City 1 it a contest it a skating rink at Council 111 nil s. The people of Home Henry county Are considerably excited Over Tho ranges of a mud dog that bit several canines in that Vicinity. Several but to and hogs Havo died from the effects of the bite of the brute. Tiik Groves Ilou o burned to a Shell at Des Moines. The boarders Wero All asleep mid were aroused by Roll Emun Johnson. Loss about 52,000 insured for s1.000. Tho lire was caused by an incendiary. Mas. A. W. , who died at Dis Moines a a Tew Days Ftfe of left a benue i. Aggregating from $00,000 to s75.c0 to the american Hoard of commissioners for kor eign missions and the american Home missionary society. The Iowa trotting circuit holds four meetings this your giving s ,000 in purges. Tim Tir. meeting will be hold at Cedar i rapids june 10, 11, 12, und ii then Marshalltown june 17, is 111, und 20 Council a Lutes june 21, 25, 20, and 27 ties Molne july 1, 2, a and 4. Each place gives $0,000 in purses. The Sioux City journal buys the Clear Lake i Ark association have made arrangements for the following meetings on their grounds at Cleur Lake interstate Camp meeting july 8 to 22 Temperance Jubilee july 23 to 28 sunday school Assembly july 2 j to August 11 musical Assembly August 12 to 20." the burglaries in Clinton and Vicinity average two or three a week. The House of William Holmes the Lyons banker was entered and two watches and some Money were stolen. A masked Mun in Lyons the sumo evening stopped u couple and compelled Tho Young Man to Liy at Tho Point of a revolver knocked Down the Young lady and tried to commit an outrage. Her cries brought help and Tho villain tied. A Des Moines family recently engaged boarding in another family and remained several weeks. They had a pet dog but nothing was said in the contract about the dog s Board. At the end of Tho time so was charged for the Board of the dog by the proprietor of the boarding House. Payment was refused and some of the furniture of the family owning the dog was held for payment and the release of it was refused even to the Constable. A Compromise was finally agreed upon. In the Hareas Corpus Case at Des Moines of Mary t. Mills judge Connor has ordered the Rolease of Tho girl from the Reform school. When she was first confined in the school the Law authorized the commitment of girls until their majority which was then 18 Yearb. A Law was subsequently passed for Tho keeping of them until they were 21. The girl in question 1b now Over 18, and on that ground Sho was released. It is said that this decision will result in the release of several girls now confined in Mitchellville. Hev. Thomas a. Cheek Tho Well known coloured minister died at Des Moines of lung fever. He was born at Lexington mo., in 1841, and his parents who had been previously emancipated removed soon Nufler to Peoria 111. Or. Cheek stumped Illinois for Grant and Wilson after which to attended College at Evanston. Being ova Iund a methodist minister to was sent to Dubuque in 1870. In 1879 he went to mount pleasant and next year went to Des Moines. During the last legislative session to was doorkeeper of Tho House. In the United states court at Dubuque judge love presiding the Des nos Valloy land eases came up and were disposed of by defendants pleading guilty. Sentence was suspended. Tho defendants in these cases Wero four settlers accused of resisting attempts of the United state marshal to dispossess them of land which they occupied which Wero claimed by the Des Moines Stiver Valley land company under Grant from Tho state. Tho settlers who Wero resold ones of Webster and Hamilton counties pre of Motel farms on these lauds and received patents from Tho United states government and Tho latter s Surveyor afterwards decided that they Hud no title. The nows has been made Public at Des Moines that a Broad gauge Railroad is to to built from Des Moines to St. Joseph mo., this year. It is to be built by a combination of Tho new York Syndicate of n. G. Wolkon & co. And b. A Harding of Des Moines the latter being president of the comp any. Wilson & co. Were Tho builders and owners of Tho Diagonal Intond built last year from dub Moines to Waterloo. They have Eon. Necton this a no with Tho Harding Dos Moines Osceola and Southern Hoad which will to kept As a narrow gauge and extended to Caln Sivile to. The sumo combination will build the now Road to St. Joe probably to Kansas City. The Iron and All other materials have been bought and the work of construction will be commenced at once. Tho distance is 185 Miles and the route will to by Way of Winterset Afton and mount Ayr Iowa and Anrys Volle mo., or by a route leaving Winterset to the East and crossing Tho Chicago Burlington and Quiney at Murray. Tho Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul has Mado a trackage arrangement with Tho Diagonal Branch of this now system into Des Moines and also an agreement by Shioli it Oan run through curs to St. Joo and Kansas City. The Road is to be completed and in operation by Tho 1st of november a prominent nurseryman and fruit grower of this state says that Tho remarkably cold Winter that to had was decidedly a Nin Sec a favourable fruit season but that now pros poet wore far hotter than fruit growers generally expected it the Coloso of Tho Winter apply troops to said Are vory full of Blossom buds which Aro now swelling quite por Copti Bly and nearly All Tho Host varieties will Bloom freely. As the Trees Wero but slightly injured this Winter although at first it was supposed Thoy Woro seriously damaged Largo crop is possible on what Thrifty trots remain after Tho Dost motion of Tho previous Winter which ruined Many or Ohai is that Woro unfavourably Loo Atod. Pear Trees also show Many Blossom buds and May mature a crop or May shed off us is sometimes Tho Case after severe Winters choir is Promise bettor than anticipated and there May to half a crop of Soverel sorts. Peaches of course we cannot Havo this your Tho Winter was too hard for the troops. With Tho thermometer rostering 30 degrees Bolow to said you can t oxi oct poaches. However Tho Young Trees Are pushing their Leaf buds nicely showing but Little injury. Tho Outlook for graphs is not encouraging Aud it is probable that Ovon with a Fevo Rulo summer Thoy will to vory scarce but berries of All kinds should to pouty. Several varieties of the Raspberry and the Blackberry Are now our most Roll Ablo fruits. Tator Sands of Fino Pickerel Are being taken from the Calhoun county a Altos

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