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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Apr 25 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - April 25, 1884, Postville, Iowa The dist ill i a every i quiday at i , co., Iowa. Iff. S. Hutu Hook editor and in ingot published by to Dimit dict Post bin Iraa company. A. B. Co Oil president. Frank d. Chauk store try. Tkrms-$1.60 n year 75 fonts for six ninth n up this Bill to amendment. In the Ocmond Pluto the Senate believe and the com Mil Loo on appropriations also believe that if a Large amount like 8100,000 was offered As a res Ward it would be perhaps a stimulus to Many priv ions to risk their lives and their vessels in the search and we would probably have to Send Relief for bom body else before the purpose of i he expedition has been accomplished. I think therefore the original Reward contemplated. Us comparative Small hum of 825,000 would to sufficient to stimulate the whalers to make careful Survey and of All the Bays inlets and islands in those regions Aud if sue Essul in their search will arrest Tho Progress of our relict expert Tiki it Tho Entrance of Smith s soum and Send it Back Homo. Or. . I desire to ask tin gentleman a quasi Ion. Or Ellis. I will hear it or. Wolich. b the gentleman regard Tho interests a slake and being ust simply of Trio importance of $25 000? or would lie regard the inter to a Blake As of an importance id 8100,000? or. Al lib sir the lives of those Gallant soldiers tend sailors cannot be estimated in dollars and cents. Or. Weller. Than permit me to inquire Why not offer $100,000 Reward at this time being an amount that would be somewhat Ooin Munch ate with the interests at stake and run the risk of the judgement of the men who undertake Tho Enterprise o navigate those Waters and make that search for Rel ii in the matter of the dangers involved or. Ellis. Because we believe it would unduly stimulate men to run into Pei in. Or. Hammond in other words you think 25,000 enough. Or. Ellis. Yes sir. I yield Throe minutes to the gon oui a from Colorado air. Bedford j or. Belford. When Tho earthly life of my Friend from Iowa shall Nave ended and he shall Havo floated into the Fields of illimitable and immeasurable space 1 give a Auto that i will erect a maim nent to him and the first line on it will be i object and below that i will have engraved on that Monument a preciso and absolute copy of the Damnable rules of this hous laughter i think the rules and thy gentleman from Iowa will an fitly together and float Down the Stream of eternity forever and forever. Renewed laughter Here is a Bill passed by Tho Senate recommended by a democratic committee reported to this House and antagonized by the Luminous and elaborate gentleman from the state of Iowa who must Havo started his craze on the Greenback question and the lord knows whore it will end. Laughter. Or. Weller addressed Tho chair. The speaker. The gentleman from Louisiana or. Ellis has the floor having made the report and in entitled to the floor for one hour. Or. Ellis. I demand the previous question. Or. Weller. I Trust the gentleman will yield to me a minute or l to. Or. Ellis. I withhold the demand for the previous question and yield the gentleman from Iowa or. Weller one minute. Several members called for Tho regular order. Or. Weller. 1 apprehend it is in regular order for me to pay briefly my attention to the distinguished tent Lead from Colorado. Or. Belford. You can got at it whenever you Liko. Or. Wollor. I Havo been an admirer of the Brilliant remarks that the gentleman from Colorado so frequently in order and out of order makes on this floor. But that which i Admire More than the brilliancy of his remarks is tin indescribable brilliancy of his countenance. Laughter i am surprised How Over that Tho gentleman who boasts that he is a Stalwart member of the the District Post our principles. To advocate and will support us is foul Tho rights of the Many against privileges for the few. Corporations the oration of tic state Glia to controlled by thestain labor and capital allies not in i of Nina. Equal eights to All in 25, 1884. No 2.7 Republican party should have a face Brilliant in such shades of colors As to indicate so plainly As his countenance does that to if Republican proclamations on that Point Are reliable belongs to another part and is on Tho wrong Sidn of this hons. Laughter .1 Trust or. Spenker that i May when i enter lilo realms of eternity float on mud forever in that paradiso of my Lori in Hope As a just and proper Reward for during to do right. Hut i guarantee Wlms 1 do i will be found floating in a contrary direction from that which to gentleman from Colorado must Nevi Ihly Lake indies he reforms in very Many Purifie thirs Ami that speedily. Laughter the is Oaker. Tho time of the Keiit Leinati from for. A ill. Vav Elloita. Expired. The of Nero Kevion. Behave reduced our prices on Ivory thing that to keep. This Hart been done Ciuco april 1st, at which time we adopted the system of paying Cash for All produce and Selling All goods a thirty or. A h. Johnson in a journey up e Congo from in not ill of Bonobo. Thus Dentri Oes his courteous i Vitu Ion to leave King Ubaka s Village in the afternoon to Day i wont into one of do neighbouring towns a or two Iii i i Distant where i wished to draw a House for the dwellings Hore dial or considerably in design and construction from those further Down the River and to study the ways of living of its inhabitants. The natives received me very Well and took great interest in my work too much inter est in fact for certain officious Frion is in their anxiety to keep thu course Clear showed an ill judged severity towards the unwitting persons who came Between me mid my object. They boat a woman who boat a boy who throw a Stone at somebody else and soon there was a general Row in the Middle of which i thought in Best to retire in Case the excitement which was surging amongst them should to turned against Thow i a Man who Hud unwittingly brought Iii word into their peaceful Villa with his Gorc Arish practices of scratching images on n piece of Whito cloth with a indeed had 1 doubted As to Tho propriety of reining to fresh Fields and pastures new my hesitation would not Havo lusted Long for a Friendly Young Man who had in a Inoa surr. Constituted himself my guide look my sketch Book with an apologetic m Nuto closed it gently and taking Nio by the hand led me out of the . Fortunately my sketch of the House itself was finished and i wins Only obliged to leave incomplete a group of Palivet in to foreground. 1 tried to make my Retreat seem As Little like one As possible and stopped frequently to play with the children and Admire Tho arms and Spears of the natives who Woro closing up behind to All the same i feh myself be ing politely As possible ejected from the Village and the smiling natives insisted on accompanying me until i was Well oui of the precincts of their place find on Tho Road to Tho station. After All i think they behaved very Well in not. Assaulting me. I was alone unarmed and completely in their Power. It was Tho first Timu that a White Man had Ever visited that spot and then he Srmst needs signalized his visit by doing such uncanny things As making sketches and collecting plants from either of which malpractices any sensitive no Ajro might have been justified in accusing him of witchcraft and excused for wishing to break Tho spell by shedding his some marvels of the first great ice Palace built by Tho Empress Anna Ivun Ovna on Tho Neva in 1879, Are Given in St. Nicholas for april. Tho inside of this Groat plaything was More wonderful than the exterior. A one of Tho apartments was a Royal chamber. In it was a dressing table fully Sot. Out with a looking Glass and All sorts of powder and essence boxes jars bottles watch and a pair of candlesticks and candies All fashioned of ice. In Tho evening these candles wore smeared with naptha and not in a Blaze without melting. A great Ico Mirror was Hung against Tho Wall. On Tho other Side of the room was a Bedstead with bed pillows counterpane and curtains deftly wrought in ice. A Largo Giro place was on the 1 ight with an elegantly carved mantel and within it upon the curious andirons were a Noerl logs of ice which were occasionally smeared with naptha and in United. The other principal room was alternately termed the dining room Aud drawing room. An elaborately constructed ice table extended through the apartment. On each Side were settees or sofas handsomely carved. In three of the Corners were Large statues und in the other was a handsome time piece provided with wheels of ice which Wero visible through the transparent Case. All other parts of the Palace were fitted up in a corresponding manner we can sell foil goods ten per cent. Cheapei1 than you can buy them Olsow Liero Aud it stands to reason that we can do so in Tho first ii Aoe we can Savo 5 per cent on Cash dts couts and 5 Pur cent. Expenses All of which we give our customers the Benefit. Cy----01--- a come everybody and get our Cash prices. We will he glad to show you through ou11 Stock if you do not wish to buy. All we ask is that you give us a trial we Are yours respectfully so Tultz & Welzel m0tt & Mcada m. Dealers in hardware stoves & Tinwai to also carry a full line of heavy and shelf wares which to will very close to wholesale prices. Mott & m0a.dam, Postville Iowa. A full line of confectionary the finest Stook of cigars & to tobacco in postville., 1 meals furl hot de at All hours on Short notice and served in style. Fresh Beer wine and cider always on tap. De. Site Tilly prop. Postville Tow a --de4xek in heavy & shelf hardware. Coal and Wood stoves tinware 4p cutlery., also carry a full line of top Portare Antl Carpenter s hardware of a. Kinds. Mako Job work a specially and warrant satisfaction. It will pay you to Call and examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. Postville drug store Day less Douglass & co i rops and dealers in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes mors brushes miscellaneous and school Book stationary cards albums toys Audi. Musical instruments tobacco and cigars nuts and candies. A Complete Stock of Wall paper Brick Block. Postville Iowa. Fir is 20 million bottles sold in 10 years. A certain cure Lor dyspepsia All diseases of the kidneys liver stomach blood glad Aad bowels. Canp Roduco lion Sandrof Lottero proving Ita curative Owers. An old aka a filed be Medly lao Kaloust 77 Amity Street new Iofik pm for Sale by All druggists. Lib King of Cora killers. The most karate corns by Homb Wash s &o., or a bin a Cund. Price 25 cents. An unfailing rms by for hot swollen wad tender . Price 29 cents. Icorn ease Beouf g co., 2s8, 5th ave. Place k. Y. City-1 for sait by agent Srug gifts and shoe Deai Cri. Send in your Job work to the District Post Job rooms where it will be neatly and promptly exp edited. Call and see us
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