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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Apr 18 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - April 18, 1884, Postville, Iowa 1 a pushed every Fui Dav at Postville oo., Iowa. M. S. Hitchoock editor and manager t Ubl shod by Tuo dih Biot Post Puntino company. A. B. Look president. Frank d. Clark Hoo rotary. Terms-$1.60 a year 75 cents for six months 40 Ceuta for three months Sec Ritly adva Noe. Local notices 10 per line first insertion i i or oath Bubo a sent insertion of same notice labor and capital allies not enemies. Vol. 2. Postville Alla Makee county Iowa april 18, 1884. No 26. Ouk pbincj.ple8. To advocate and will support and defend Tho rights of of Chi Many against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of the Stato Shal be controlled by the state labor and capital allies not end Emiola equal rights to All National anti monopoly convention. A of invention of the anti monopolists of the United states is called to meet in Ohi Eugo at Iiona on wednesday May 14,1884, for the purpose of nominating a presidential a ticket Tho quota of representation will be four do Legatos and four alternates from each congressional District four from each Terri i Ory and four from the District of Columbia. B. A. Sni Vilt Jonn f. Honky Sec y. Chairman. Briggs House Chicago 111. National anti monopoly convention. Tho anti monopolists of the fourth congressional District of Iowa will meet in mass convention at Postville Iowa at 12 to Clook m., of May j3,1884 to elect two delegates and two alternates to Tho National anti monopoly convention that Meeth in Chicago. May 14, 1884, to nominate candidates for president and Vito president of the United a states. All anti monopolists invited. O. Lowek chairman anti monopoly Cong. Com. Call for the National Greenback convention. The National convention of the National Fereen Bank Labur party to nominate candidates for president and vice president of the United states to to voted for at the coming ing presidential election will be held in the City of Indianapolis iud., on wednesday the 28th of May 1881. Eracli state is entitled to four delegates and four alternates at Largo Paoli congressional District to two delegates and two alternates each territory to two delegates and two alternates and the District of Columbia to two delegates and two alternates. Therefore All who Are in Accord with the views set Forth in the platform of said party in 1880, Are respectfully requested to meet in convention in their several states territories and districts on or before May 1, 1884, and select delegates and a alternates to said convention. Signed Jess a Baku chairman. District convention. All members of the National to Greenback party of Tho fourth congressional District of Iowa Are hereby invited to meet in mass convention it Postville in said District on tuesday May 13, at 2 o clock d. M. For the purpose of electing two delegates and two alternates to represent said District in Tho Indianapolis National Greenback convention of May 28, 1884, and for the transaction of any other business that May come Bei Ore the convention. This is the people s party the party of Law and of Tho integrity of the Constitution and of the Complete sovereignty of Congress Over All matters pertaining to creating and issuing the Money of the Republic to and for the people and not for the corporations. Those who believe and practice the doctrines of the party an who uphold the recent decision of Tho United Stales court on the constitutionality of the Legal Vendor currency Are cordially invited. By order congressional committee. W. R. Mead  chairman. Through both the old organizations. Tho quarrels of republicans and democrats like that of Cain and Abel is an event of the historic past with which the present generation have nothing to do. Then let the dead past Bury its dead relegate the Gold worshippers usurers and monopolists to relics of a Barbaric ago to the shades of oblivion break Down the shadowy Walls of political Humbug gory and lot the people stand Forth and Forward March Alliance column. Gen. Butler on the Tariff. Fuse of bust the Republican Campaign must by Foucht ont on the progressive Silti Onzil Prin Siples of the Parky. It is becoming More evident each Day that the Republican Eun re Idle in this District int but a Man Stion in identified with Tho principles of the party in the historic past and More historic pros but with such a Candy data republicans can win All statistics to the news. Yes that s what Many people would Tike to find out. What Are the progressive National principles of the Republican party we see no Progress in such principles except Progress backwards. The Republican party has gone steadily backward until the old Bourbon Campaign ground Hao become White with the tents of a republicanism and no Man can Tell the difference. Upon All living issues upon every question of any practical the Active world of labor the Republican and the Bourbon stand shoulder to shoulder. Like the siamese twins the same blood Hows through their veins the same spirit animates their bodies. Like two hearts made in one in the Bonds of Matrimony though they May Dia agree occasionally As to who shall be Boss yet when they get Down to business they think and not in Harmony. The banker the Wall Street Gambler the monopolist the extort Ioner the usurer All have their Home in the Union Republican and Bourbon lamp and from thence their marauding bands go Forth to plunder the people. It is time High time that Tho progressives of All parties break Looss from the bourbons of both old party organizations unite and March Forward to the time of National Progress. There Are really Tut two parties in existence the party i Progress of the future and the Bast of dead issues. Tue dividing line Between the old Tiwi Aew cuts the Republican Coon takes Iri the situation. From the Mcgregor news. All the Mcgregor times talk As to the repugnance of fusion to the Truo democratic breast is nonsense. They and the so jailed leading democrats threw that kind of chaff into Republican eyes successfully two years ago. It will not work again gentlemen. The Republican party will go into Tho Campaign this year prepared to Light the combined Powers of the demo Crata the Greenb Ackers the rum Nower the Devil and All the rest of the opposition kith and Kin put together and in this District it will go in to. Fight hard to fight to the end and to fight for Victory please remember this. You will not have to walk away while Republic arts Are asleep. No Bank ticket Dodge and Sham nomination will save you this year. If we admit for a moment that the times is sincere in its pretended dislike of fusion what Are the facts 1 the Union in All the state and districts was made More Complete last year than Ever before. 2. The new and progressive element and this is largely Greenback and anti monopoly element is in control nearly everywhere while the conservative Randall democracy is in the minority. To a Large extent the Weller and Ben Butler stamp of men Are the superiors of the average Bourbon who never learns anything and never forgets anything. They certainly possess More honesty and useful Ness to the people than the class of statesmen the Mcgregor times espouses. They cannot be suppressed by insincere and dishonest party clan query of the times sort. That or. Weller represents the Active aggressive element in the Democrat party the Democrat papers know As Well As anyone. They May not be honest enough to admit it. Take the anti monopoly out of the democratic party and you have left a Rotten helpless Corpse. Or. Wei Ler is the Best organizer and most skillful campaigner in the Democrat party to Day in this District if we except Hon. Reuben Noble and All talk of such mercenary concerns As the Mcgegor times about setting Down on our present congressman is pure Bosh. You will take your Little dose of fusion or you will take to your heels and Swallow your vain bombast while you run. Or. Wellers b enemies have been trying hard to prejudice Tho mind of the people of the fourth District against him but every Effort has Only left him stronger in the Confidence of the people. He has been Truo to his Trust and is making an honest struggle for the people As against the monopolies and the land and Money syndicates who Are robbing labor on every Square mile of thib Republic. Or. Weller s defamer abuse him simply Boc Ausa they fear his Power with the people. Only this and Noth ing More. Let the galled Jades wince. We predict l. H. Weller will be returned to Congress by an increased majority in spite of All political Jay hawkers and monopoly strikers in the Tri Buno. The a Yukon Standard is in the same quandary that our Frankville neighbors Are. It says a few week s since our new Albin correspondent called attention to the prob ability of a Railroad Bridge a orbs Tho Mississippi at new albin1 and a rail Road up the Iowa Valley. It now looks As though it would soon be done connecting with the b. C. R. & n. At Deborah and a Road also run from Victory wis., opposite new Albin to Viroqua and further North East As Well As connecting with the East Short River line the c. B. & q. Being the company backing the movement. The important question for us is How will it effect Waukon ave think hot seriously. Or. Talmage another eminent divine talks out in meeting. We Are in receipt of the first num Ber of the National free press published at Marion Iowa by Rice & Mead now to pass from one interesting subject to another about which your opinions Are not so Well known As they ought to be., will you Tell me what you think of the chances of the Morrison Bill. The Bill i ingot pass Tho Ben ate under any circumstances and its through the House it indeed it be possible to get it thro even there would seem to be a waste of time a Mere matter of form. What Good can come of such tactics ? it is not Only not a Buttle it is a Retreat before an engagement a dress Parade of reformers of the Tariff who cannot even begin to Reform but Don t you think the discuss Sion of the question will have a Good effect on the party the whole thing will end in smoke. Discussions that me in nothing and debates aimless and valueless cannot produce a. Goo i impression on the Public mind then what effect will the agitation of the question have on the party Buch agitation tends to Divide the party from the number and i varsity of interests which the party represents and do you think that the democratic platform this Campaign will contain a Tariff for Revenue Only Plank As it did in 1880?" i Don t think the democrats pm. Win with a Tariff for Revenue Only Plank. If on that platform the \ nominate an out and out Revenue reformer they will lose the Seppor of the democratic protectionists while on the other hand it on thai platform they nominate a High Tariff Man it Wil be the same As it a in 1880, a conscience on candidate endeavouring to subscribe to Princi pies which he cannot really accept. Anyhow there is to much talk about this Revenue business. The Point is this does Protection As we understand it protect the Labouring Man the Mechanic and tin Artisan if it so benefits them with out in any Way injuring any other Section of the Community it is Good thing in itself and does not need a Revenue basis to support ii. If on the other hand it works in jury to the larger body among us the Revenue system on which it i built should not stand one instant in the Way of its Complete Demoli  you think then there is no Happy medium in this matter if there is Morrison has not struck it. This horizontal reduction is a weak invention of tin enemy. If you have Ever seen a Statuto disproportionate in its part and wanting in symmetry cohesion let it stand in your mind for of Tariff. The inequalities Are great but because one of our lower limb of the statute is a Quarter of an Inch too Long does it follow thai the of length must be taken from the Finger and nos As from that lower limb to make the statute harmonious and proportionate you then think that a Bill dealing with the inequalities As such without my reference to a horizon Tal or general reduction Wouch meet with More favor in the country it is such a Bill that All term Tariff reformers look for. There needs to be Tariff Reform. There Are glaring inequalities in the present system which a horizontal reduction of .20 per cent would Only empathize in Many a horizontal reduction in any would not then meet with your approval Well that is a question that cannot he answered off hand. These horizontal reductions Are too mathematical too academic the Farmers cannot Seo that where ther Are incongruities piled upon inequalities unequal reduction Light ening almost All must be Marie. The present Bill is but a makeshift and seems to me to be an admission of the inability of the Cramers to present a real Revenue Reform Bill do you think the present Bill if passed would decrease the reve nue "1 Don t think it would decrease it at All and it might increase it in this Way there Are Many articles on which an absolute prohibitive duty is now levied. The reduction of the customs dues on these articles would probably Lead to their importation and consequently an increased then you can be classed As a protectionist for Protection Only that heaping of Protection on Protection has a sound 1 Don t like. I Don t believe in Protection in the abstract at All. My Ideal Tariff would be something like this make the free list As Large As possible import All necessaries of life free but tax luxuries As High As they will boar. That great Hickory statesman Andrew Jackson believed in a Tariff a Good Deal like this from Hie Iowa Tribune. In the course of a Sermon on Tho 30th ult., on corruption in office or. Talmage said the evils of corruption started with the greatest Power during the last War. I never so much believed a Republic form of govern eminent As i do to Day for the Simf feel fact that any other style would Frio been swamped Long ago. There have been swindles enacted in this nation within the years enough to swamp three monarchies. The democratic party filled its rip of in Quity before the War. The the Republican party Camo along and its opportunities wore greater through the War contracts and so it filled its cup of iniquity a Little sooner. And there Thoy lie to Day the democratic party and the Republican party Side by Side Kokat loathsome carcasses of iniquity each one Woolse thak the other laughter and applause you know As Well As i do that party organization in this country is utterly corrupt. Now there Are three things for us to do. First stand aloof from political office unless you have your moral principles thoroughly settled. Again e faithful to the ballot Box do not say i will not go where Tho rabble Are push yourself through and vote. Another thing to do is to evangelize the people get the hearts of the people right and they will vote right god save the Commonwealth of now York god save the United states of America Washington letter. Ottumwa Wapello county has a Orad policeman. Washington d. A april 14. Commencing tonight my Long promised pen picture of some of the celebrities whom Aro seen in Washington i will first try to sketch the Man whom Accident has just now made peculiarly prominent. It is hard to conjecture even now that the matter has apparently been amicably adjusted what consequences May Fol Low the adoption of the Lasker Reso Lution of condolence and its treatment by bismark. Thomas p. Ochiltree introduced the Resolution and Tho inquiry that one hears the most often in the House galleries in. Which is Tom Ochiltree the congressional record says to is forty seven years old but his looks would indicate that he was not More than Twenty live. He is Short not More than five feet four or five and very Broad and Fiat. His Fane Large round and red beams wit i a sort of stupid Good nature from the midst of a fiery red Bushy Beard an from beneath a matted mass of fiery red hair. He knows As Little of a member of Congress As Logan does of the Correct use of the English language. He Hoard of the death of Lasker and thought it would be a Fine thing for the House to say it was sorry that the Hon. Lasker was dead so he introduced his Resolution. No Ona noticed it. Tom. Voted for it no one oppose edit and it was declared car ried. Bibi Nark got on his ear and Tom got notoriety. He has Boen somewhat elevated since he first come to co Gross but it has been chiefly by reason of the peculiarities that i have mentioned. Yot he is said to to Gen Ial kindly and warm hearted. While Rod headed members Are in mind to must glance at Belford of Colorado the Clown and mount Bank of Tho nature gave Belford talents of of a High order. During his first term his apparent Good sense and straightforward conduct gained him a very High place in Tho Public esteem. He is rather tall and finely proportioned and hib general Bear ing until one gets near to him indicates strength suppleness and a Manly self restraint character. But an ambition to be regarded As a High humorist got Possession of him and to is very rapidly loosing his stand ing. He try to say something on All Occa sous in season and out and has no regard for propriety or Good taste. Just after your member or. Weller had made the now famous remarks that so effectively obliterated whatever presidential Prosperity Sam Randall had. Belford either having imbibed too freely on account of jealousy at Tho popularity that Wei Ler had gained tried to excite Tho ridicule of the House against the latter by Means of the coarsest and most indecent attack that i Ever heard made. In either House of Congress. Weller said nothing at the time but a Day of two later while the pleuropneumonia Bill was under discussion he took occasion to pay the debt with interest. His remarks we re perfectly dignified and gentlemanly yet so keen and Lorri Blo severe that it will a a Long Day before Belford will invite that kind of a calamity again. The handsome Man of the House is without question Sam Randall. He has a Fine commanding figure Black eyes that look you ten Hugh and through and a clean Bhaven strongly Cut face with every feature perfect. Yet our cannot help but see some thing Iri his looks and manners that leads you at once to distrust him. To is polite enough rarely openly rude smiles sweetly and talks interestingly yet you cannot help feeling if you try that he is of a cold selfish nature. The feeling May do him great injustice. To May be very selfish and Kidd blood Oil but at All of pills i believe him to be in honorable and straightforward Man and Over thing considered he is the Leader in the House to Riny. S. S. Cux Sunset Cox is in Many respects directly Tho opposite of Randall. He is Short and slight of Durk and rather disagreeable coir flexion with coarse close Cut Iron Grey whiskers and moustache an i lend very Bald upon the top. His appearance is not at All repossessing. His merry Grey eyes Are his Only pleasing feature. He has very Little capacity As a Leader. Why no one can explain. To is so genial and whole souled his nature is so Noble and generous that everyone who knows him loves him he is so Bright and witty and entertaining thid everyone is Iaci Atod by his conversation and he is so scholars and withal so eloquent that he alone Over fails to command attention of every member of Tho House when he arises to speak Yot that indefinable Quality that is necessary to govern followers and political Eminence is wanting. Sex speaker Koife Riib a figure very much like Randall but he has a coarse sensual face and a rather pompous bully manner in keeping with it. To a very handsome Iron Grey hair and. Line full Beard of Tho tit Niue Ocolor. To is Dond politically and to say that it in Well that he is is probably As Good a thing As t Oan say of him. Behave reduced our prices on everything that we keep. This hag been done since april 1st, at which time we adopted the system of pay ing Cash for All produce and soiling All goods sthi0ty we can sell you goods ten per cent. Cheaper than you can buy Thorn elsewhere and it stands to reason that to can do so in the first place we can save 5 per cent on Cash Dis out s and 5 per cent. Expenses All of which we give our customers the Benefit. 0 0--- of come Over body and get our Cash prices. We will be glad to Bizow you through Otler Stock if you do not wish to buy. All we we ask is that you give us a trial. We Are yours respectfully Shultz & Welzel Mott & Mcada Dealers in hardware stoves & Tinwai Ujj Bell More of Mon in my next t. O. D. State items. Tho Ida county jail is nearly completed. A Parrot aged seventy Throe years did recently at Dubuque. An Active tramp season is predicted for Ottumwa Wapello county. There Are ninety girls in the Reform Bahlool at Mitchellville Polk county. Dos Moines Lias a Black Man by the Naine of Rod who is a White Washer. Several schools in Tho Interior of the state have Boen closed owing to prevalence of Scarlet fever. Bishop Hennesay of Dubuque is going to erect a Black of Brick buildings with All modern Jinp movements. Tho governor has pardoned Samuel Williamson of Cherokee county sentenced to the Penitentiary for two years for obtaining Money under false pretences. John Harris was at Schick s saw Mill in Ottumwa Wapello county the other Day watching the sawing of lumber when a piece of a Board flew out and struck him under the Chin breaking his Nock. The see Oton of a Man was found by a party of labourers working on the Winona Alma a Northern Railroad opposite Dubuque the other morning. The Skull had o Hole in it As if from a Bullot. The Skeleton had apparently Boen Thorn for a Long time. In the parlor. Did you come Here to see my Bister x yes my Little Well you can t see her to night " ii Morfoot Ohil Blains in. Price 25 cents,1 k Tomease Mann g co., 236, 5th ave. . Y. City a for Gay by agents Brug Sixta and shoe Deales. Send in your Job work to the District Post Job rooms. Where it will be neatly and promptly executed. Call and see us
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