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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1884, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - April 11, 1884, Postville, Iowa The District Post published Vbry it today. Postville 00., Iowa. M. B. Hitchoock to editor and manager published by to Dib Biot foot Zbik toil of mahi. I. B. Cook president. Frank p. Mark Secretary. Tbbm&-$1.50 a rear 75 Monte for six new nth 10 Sente for Throe month strictly Adranne. Local Notisee 10 per line first insertion 5 for each a bag sent insertion of same notice District Post. Labor and capital allies not enemies vol. 2. P0stw17le Alla Makee county Iowa april 11, 1884. N025. The dist for pm p. Our principle8. We advocate and will support and defend the rights of the Many against privileges for the few. Corporations the creation of to state Shal be controlled by that at labor and capital allies not enemies. Equal rights to All District convention. All members of the National Greenback party of the fourth congressional District of Iowa Are hereby invited to moot in mass convention at Postville in said District on tuesday May 13, at 2 o clock o. M. For the purpose of electing two delegates and two alternates to represent said District in the Indianapolis National Greenback convention of May 28, 1884, and for the transaction of any other business that May Home Belpre the convention. This is the people s party the party of Law and of Tho integrity of the Constitution and of the Complete sovereignty of Congress Over All matters pertaining to creating and saing the Money of the Republic to and Foi the people and not fur Tho corporations. Those who believe and practice the Doceti Lutes of the party am who uphold the recent decision y your own sons and bid off at $500, and still Yon will write Tor their paper instead of denouncing then and their Sheet is they Tribune. Gen. Butler tender Oil the decision. Legal this Legal tender decision settles the fact that the Greenback which came in to sojourn during the War will Betonio a Pennant citizen and that the National Bank note on its present basis of National Bonds which came to stay will in time take its de parture Iowa Homestead. Politicians fear to see the Farmers uniting because of their numbers their vast aggregate wealth and their overwhelming influence. We a finite Farmers and let the work know that you Are living beings who have a very important part to play ii the world s count n. A Farmer _ by request of a subscriber we pub Lish this week some extracts fron the address of Hon. Daniel Buck at an old settlers meeting in Kasota Minnesota. Some of the thoughts presented by or. Buck Are worthy of j consideration but he asks an important question which he does not very clearly answer. He asks Why is it that the sons and daughters of the Farmers Are leaving the old Homestead and seeking employment in our cities and villages " to will answer or. Buck s question definitely Aud specifically. It is because the usurer and monopolist Leitoi t such tributes from the Farmer that every luxury and Roost of the comforts of life Are necessarily banished from the Farmers Home. Of what use is it to preach against trying to develop muscle at the expense of smothering generous emotions Why these mailings about flirty boots spilled ashes and Mil Why hold up hauntingly before the Farmers gaze the Beautiful Home with its ornamented Walls and attractive surroundings and a Rule such bless Inge Are n of for the Farmer he can not afford them. Vel j nerve is strained to pay exorbitant interest. And extortionate and unreasonable profits to pay monopolists who control his markets and carry Hia produce and Fiir Nish him with the necessaries of life and bub nebs. This is Why the boys and girls leave the farm and they will continue to do fid until the Farmers Are Wise enough to unite and protect skein elves through which they have the Power wild Only Lack the Wisdom to control father Clarkson and wire monopoly the giant barb1 wire monopoly first tried to frighten the protective association by threats of prosecution then by the multiplicity of their suits then by bribing their attorneys and agents then by bankrupting them with unnecessary and Karr Assing costs then they tried to freeze them out by the reduction of barbed wire below Coati and lastly they Are resorting to the lowest and dirtiest tricks of a desperate opponent they Are trying to lie them Down and thereby alienate the support of the people of Iowa by Anonymous slanders. In this Manly and Brave fight of the protective association Agil inst consolidated capital what May we not expect next of f. Clarkson. Aud yet father Clarkson your dons paper the Register and your own Page of that paper was ruled by these scoundrels to he them Down in each a manner that its readers he wed you was the Stith Drof those lies and for this use of you name and your boys were paid a a Brooklyn Eagle reporter recently interviewed Gen. B. F. Butler and got some very Clear statements concerning his views regarding Legal tender currency i would like to know if you think there is a constitutional warrant for the late Legal tender decisions of the supreme court of the United states acknowledging the Power of Congress to Issue notes tenders that decision is a far reaching my important one and it is but s civilization of the Best thought of the country on the subject. I have always believed that Congress has Tho Power to determine what in Legal tender. It is absurd to talk about limitations of Congress in connection with thib. _ the limiting of Congress in this regard is entirely foreign to the what makes the Coin valuable general its intrinsic value or the Mere stamp of Tho government both As far As Gold and Silver coins Are concerned and the latter Only in the Case of the but even with the National Bank note the presumption is that its face value or at least a Good portion of in a safely stowed away with which to meet the obligation the relative degrees of safety m this matter Are Many. To illustrate the Bonds of this government arc mainstays the Backbone and Viceri of the National banking system. These Are liable to Many changes and fluctuations while of Tho other hand the issuance of Money by Congress itself does not depend in any Way on these Bonds but on the higher pow or that created the Bonds. Nothing can have a stronger support than that which rests on the nation itself. Mere fiduciary agents the creation of he Sovereigh can never have the stability and consciousness of strength my Power that rests in the Sovereign but Don t you think the Power is liable to be abused not at All. A there declaration that Congress had the Power to Issue an unlimited amount of paper Mcwey might possibly in certain contingencies be a source of danger Bih when with this declaration the government also characterizes the Issue As Legal tender and binds itself to take such paper Money in payment of taxes and dues which May be owing to it Tho declaration is not Only in the line of Public safety but it is an utterance fraught with Public what effect do you think the decision would have on the National Banks it effect on them cannot be for seen. The rapid paying off the Public debt and the withdrawal of the Bonds from circulation must have an injurious effect on the National Banks if Styme other Foster Mother than Tho National Treasury be not provided for these Well fed in a depressed condition of Trade to it not Likely that the unchecked is sue of greenbacks May lower the Standard values utterly impossible. The Legal Lender note is the Standard and no depression or suppression unless i be an entire suppression of the gov eminent can lower it. A foot is twelve inches and no amount of in tiring can make twelve inches Jess than one but Metalic currency would seem to possess greater stability Gold and Silver Coin has two values Otte of merchandise and Tho other As Money. Tho former is its intrinsic value and depends on the Law of Trade stipple Aud Etc the latter is its face value what Ali government considers it Worth Coin. The values May differ and indeed often do. If you own a piece of Gold the weight of a Twenty Dollar Gold piece and Are in need of bread the dunces Are ton to on that the Baker to whom you go with your Gold for a loaf will not suppler you with what you desire. It is Tho stamp of the government that make Money without it there can be to of Roulat ing medium. If Tho Power did not belong to Congress by natural ii 1 should say that the provision of the Constitution which confers of Congress the Power to fix weights and measures would be applicable in the Oase. What after All is Money but a measure of value the grocer who uses a four ounce weight to balance a certain Quantity of Tea receives for his commodity an equivalent in Coin. That ecu violent is As truly a measure of value As the four ounce Woight the difference being that Coin As a measure of value has a fixed and known capacity and its circulation is so i can put you Down As a be Liever in the recent exposition of the Powers of Congress in the premises yes that decision settles a great question Alliance column. Kasota old settlers. Extracts from Hon. Daniel Buck s address. The following is an extract from the address of Hon. Daniel Buck before the Early settlers of Kasota on Tho i2d of february a published in the St. Peter Tribune what of the future of this state of our adoption i believe that to night i address those who to a great extent belong to the agricultural Community and i believe that the perpetuity of this nation depends on a thorough enlightened and practical education of tue great mass of the people an education that will expand the Intel Leet enlarge True manhood and stir the divinity within. Great intellect is not the production of any locality nor the Birthright of any class. Among the Farmers of our Laud there Are germ of intellect if brightened and drawn Forth by a proper education that would Shine As Bright stars in the intellectual firmament. Great cities produce great men sometimes because the opportunities Are great but it 1b the hot bed of Knobb and swells of wickedness Aud crime. We want a education that brightens the intellect and drives away Tho ust of life. New England is proud of her great Mol loot not because they Are the productions of her crowded cities and i loges but because upon her bar in soil and primitive Rooks among her Fields Aud gits in Bhe has raised her towering minds higher and grander than Hor own Mountain peaks. Her schools and Fidelity to her educational interests have Accoti Pii shed this her mental gems were polished and brightened until they hone with Lustre fit to adorn every iphone of human life. The welfare of All is involved in this great Over whelming necessity. We want More attractive and comfortable school houses equally so with the houses where you live or the Church where you worship. If you Cushion the pews and beat in your our chef for ease or ornament Don t forget the Little children in your school rooms with weary bodies sit Ting upon seats without Backett in cushioned and uncomfortable. T me it has seemed one of the Saddest scenes of every Day life As i have witnessed the Little child toiling up the Hill of science Bitting Bent and cramped in body upon seats without backs hard As a Rock laying the foundation for physical deformity in manhood and womanhood in after years. We dress in Silks wild satins in Broadcloth and furs we build costly Reid ones and tread urion elegant carpets and eat from off the richest of Silver we plate with Silver the har Kneibes upon our expensive horses and carriages in which we ride we Wear Diamond rings Golden watches and chains but our Little ones around whom o r heart s tendrils cling As Ivy clings to this mighty Oak Are com pulled to sit for hours in uncomfortable position a and in poor unventilated school rooms. And this leads me to ask Why is it that the Boob and daughters of our Farmers Are leaving thai old Homestead and seeking employment in our crowded cities and villages the Farmer is unable to control Hia Chi Dren or make them satisfied with their condition upon the Home farm year by year the exodus goes on departure follows departure uni scarcely one is left to till the old Homestead. In vain do aged parents plead for loved ones to stay with their and help smooth their pathway to the Tomb. They see great wealth accumulated by a few in the cities bit shut their eyes to the want and perjury that jostled Dii on every Side they Dreanie b f the ease and car Foft of occupy Tadhg differing from their own but they Little pc know that the dream is a delusive and deceptive As the Syren s song evanescent As the morning Mist. They want to be lawyers but Little they know of the toil and study and anxiety for the interest Liberty or life of an endangered client. They want to be physicians but Thoy have but Little idea of the Midnight travel of the sleepless nights and beating storms that must to met in order to save a human form lying pulse less and still. Visions of the merchant s gain tempt them on Little thinking that a bad investment a Rise or fall in Tho Market prices May bring disaster Aud ruin. But i Tell you that thorns Are not for the Farmers alone that trouble and misfortune will often come Sura and Swift outside of your own farming abodes. Where is the trouble in this farm life does not the Farmer try to develop Tho Muscles and sinews of Hia boys far too much making farm life too much of a Drudgery forgetting his boy s mind and heart his holier and better nature in the intellect brightened As it ought to to and the cravings of the Boyish mind satisfied by the proper education and the proper treatment Are not Bia generous emotions Binot hered Hia better aspirations crushed in Tho Bud his thoughts made to run in one Channel in Tho Furrow he plows in the Swath he mows and buried in the ground where to digs that Gold May come without mental ailment without r having lung Over and pneumonia i had a dreadful cough and could not sleep at night. The doctors to d me had consumption and would die have taken Bix bottles of Piso s euro and my cough is entirely gone and i am As Well As Ever. Pm Bane Ford. Ouia Inal it Uwi to James Lewis and Liiri unknown heirs and Thomas of movie Thomas Hamilton Mary Sykes Tharle s Evans Archie Evans Edmea Evana Lillie Evans Addie Evans and Katie Evans defendant you Are hereby notified that ii or before the 15th Day head & shelf a to Warel Coal and Wood stoves tinware tfx cutlery. Also carry a full line of Copper were and Carpanter h hardware of All kinds. Make Job work a specially and warrant satisfaction. It will pay Yon to Call ii rid examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. Rii Akee county Iowa claiming of you lib cancellation of two mortgages on and the quieting in plaintiff of the title to Tho following described Landd the n e i of the n e j of Sec. 20 t i a r a West of the 5th p. M and other Relief. And that unless you appear thereto and def rid before noon of the second Day of the next term of Suid court of the 5th Day of May 1884, default will be entered against Yod and judgment Rei Dorod thereon. Dated this 20th Day of March 1884 Emily a Guy Rok plaintiff. Postville deity so Ore a Joyless Douglass & co., props and dealers est drugs medicines paints oils varnished a Flors brushes miscellaneous and school books stationary cards albums toys and musical instruments Tubac co arid cigars nuts and candies. A Complete Stock of Wall paper Brick Block Postville Iowa. He.al.t1vg Skytt 20 million bottles sold in 10 year. A certain care Lor dyspepsia All diseases of Tho kidneys. Liver stomach blood Bukiu and bowels. Waii pro Arica thousands of ii Ettis proving i to Oara Iive Power. As old am Long or Jed bpm but laj9vtoby 77 afer St bist by a took Oitt. For Sale by All druggists. A Metis a ii pets for Pas Trige to Fred receive Imp n costly Box of goods Wii of to All of a it Lair Iii to Moro Money and Litwok a Knur dlr e Rinn it to or i Rivltt the tis Trifid duty tin. E lha in this world Antt Listl Ana Naiad Eno Ngn to on i of Solo is workers absolutely sure Duret a i Tiltom of Nob. Five or Teri it once Eddrea a Taub & co., Augusta to aide Nam the King of Corn killers. The most desperate finh corns by hiotas Sabto &o., . Price 85 cents an unfailing remedy for set Noi,"swomennniltoijdorfett.,01inbtaihb,&o. Price 25 cent ctr h Cornette to manuf g co., 206, 5th ave. Place n. Y. A for Salt by Agoti e Rug its Toul shut
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