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Postville Post (Newspaper) - April 4, 1884, Postville, Iowa The Ristari Post published eve Why Friday j Stville Alla Makee co., Iowa m. S. Hitchcock editor mid manager published by Tho diet Quot Post Jphn tonci company. A. B. Cook . Frank d. Chauk Secretary. Terms-$1.50 a your 75 odits for Pix idiom this 40 cents for to Iron months Trio try adv nuo. Loon notices 10 per Lino first insertion 5 or sent insertion of Furne notice i to the District of 3 labor and capital allies not enemies. Postville Alla Makee county Iowa april 3, 18847 no 24. Our principles. We advocate and will support an j. Defend Tho rights of the Many against privileges for Tho Fow. Corporations Tho creation of to hts Santo Shin be controlled by the Stato labor and capital allies not in Einikes. Equal rights to All District convention. All members of tha National Greenback party of the fourth congressional District of Iowa Aro hereby invited in meet in nine convention it Postville in said District on tuesday mud 13, at 2 o clock d. M. For the purpose of Al a Iii two delegates and two alternates to represent said District in the Indianapolis National Greenback convention of May 28. 1881, and Lor Tho transaction of any other business that Nuy come before the convention. This is the people s party the party of jaw. And of the integrity of the Constitution and of the Complete sovereignty of Congress Over nil mat lers pertaining to creating and Isu Inu tilts Money of the Republic to and for the people and not for the Corpora Lions. Those who believe and Pruc lice the doctrines of Ilie parly and who uphold the recent decision of the United states court on the con of the Legal tender our Reney Are c Odi ally invited. By order concessional commit tee w. It. Mead chairman. Alliance column. Several Republican Papern notably Tho Dubu Iuo times have endeavoured to make capital out of a squabble Between Congress men Heude Iton and Weller in the Jiu Usu of representatives applauding the former and ridiculing the latter. It in quite True however that Wollor proved to be Tho equal of Henderson and in that controversy gave Tho gentleman from Tho third District ast Oil is he sent. Weller is no Slouch when it comes to off hand speaking and As a a on torn thing is loaded for All such of the Jen line sensational order As two per cent David. It is six of one and a half dozen of the other so far As ability is concerned if anything Weller May be reckoned on As a Little of the Toast too Strong for Slippery Iowa Timos. A special dispatch from Vest Point Nebraska says that portion of the Omaha Indian reservation in Blackbird county comprising some 50,000 acres of excellent land will be opened to settlement in june of this your by order of the government. Hundreds of Laud seekers from Iowa Illinois Aud Wisconsin Are now Here awaiting Tho proposed Sale which is to be made to actual settlers Only. The lands lie near the St. Paul & Omaha Railroad Are said to be the most productive in the state. Die Omaha reservation including the 50,000 acres to be thrown opon to set moment consists of tract Twenty Miles Long and ten Miles wide and is occupied by about nine Hundred indians Mon women and children who Are fast becoming civilized. Nels. Burdiek remarks with a great Lump i his Throat that the National advocate is to be published at card. If brother hitch comic can out general us und absorb our business it is his Good Man i gement and Good Fortune and we have no i in lit to . Vve Lii tvo often observed that the introduction of rivalry in business awakens activity and promotes Thrift. A town with one printing of face is like a City with one store the addition of another firm attracts business Tho new and the old enjoys increased pros peril y. Further the town that has an encouraging word for every new business that seeks to establish itself in its midst will grow while tie town Whoso citizens allow political or religious prejudice to Warp their vision and Aro thus induced to play the game of freeze out will dwindle and decay. Somo of our Alliance subscribers Aro afraid that we cannot to a Good Alliance advocate and at the same time edit a partisan Greenback Sheet. Now dear friends Lake heed to what we say. Vve were a Farmer and a grander before to Wero a Green Backer. In becoming a Gice Uback eve we did not abandon one principle taught by Tho Grange. We simply joined a party Whoso distinctive principles Wero identical with those o the Grange. All grangers did not so judge. We have no Contro i Versy with them. Any Granger or Alliance member May belong to either party. We do nut question any Man s political Creed from an Alliance stand Point nor have we any scheme of Prosel Yting on fool. Vve say to Farmers organize yourselves As Farmers. Div Cal yourselves As much As possible from political prejudices and study your Nec Ossi Ilea so dial political and busies. It is not desirable that Tho Alliance Rugui Lauon should be. Used As a p lit ii til trap to catch Gudgeon. In Elligen men need not be so caught. But the Alliance May serve As a plat Torin where banners of diff Ere i political creeds can meet Ami i Frol hurly and courteous spirit Conn Bel together Lor their Mutual welfare. Neither is it Wise because a brother May Tran Grotts Tho rules of prop i in to lose your own head or los heart in the institution. By a i Means lot Tho Farmers keep up tin it own distinctive organizations As grangers As alliances or As simply Farmer s clubs. The columns of our paper Are open to All who wish t. Use them in the furtherance of Farmer s interests. To shall put mor. Und More thought and attention it. The subject ourselves Aud we shall Trust to Tho Good sense of our alb auce and Farmer readers to Bear in. Out in what Little to can do Lor tin Lene it of the Oak a. Washing ton letter. The n. Y. Tribune says in Lamity Weller is Ono of the country looking represent Ives in Congress. He has a roughly Cut face Long Black hair and a Short Brown Board that apparently had been trimmed with a Buzz saw. When he Speaks he slashes the air at spasmodic angles and yells out his words with All Tho emphasis his whole body Bun give has it then Koine to be a disgrace for a representative of tile people to to country looking there is no reason Why a Man May not be a Good congressman though he is not finished up in Barber shop style and if All his gestures Are hot As Graceful As the line of news. Yes when you get right Down to it that s what s Tho matter with Weller. He is too country look aug Thero is an odor of soil about him a Sprinkle of hayseed in his hair that shocks the sons abilities of Tho dudes and then his Mattar of last straight to the Mark Way of taking right hold of Fth set the fathers and the Cour itry need is terribly offensive not know How to do it Type of politicians tie Farmers Butke fourth District will not de sort their Gallant Champion because the ftps thetis and dudes of an effete affect to scorn him. A a Tot one of our respected Indhi-1riouc tied prosperous Farmers who he Ever i Een in his titty years Jou Ruex through lil s. Any Lime Lor Fri lit 0 questionable amusements Hando a is Lor publication the following extract from the Chicago times cot Iasi Pondenis report of the proceed Ings of the presidential parly la full during their tour in the yellow Stone Region. Lie wishes at. Thi Lino to let discreet Lii ird working aborting Mon and women see inn presidential candidates Spond thei Reisui e moments when free from a one of the features of Camp Lito is thu Freedom from conventional restraint Anil when the members of Tho party get line around the fire at night cards furnish the chief amusement. A. Description of will answer for All. Not night president Arthur Gen. Sheridan senator Vest Secretary Lincoln and general Stager having finished their sapper Gen. Stager suggested a Gamo of draw. I Don t like to play for High Slakes said Gen. Sheridan. Suppose we make it i0 cents Ante and $10 limit suggested Gen. Bagor. That la suit us chimed in tie others of the party and they sat Down. It wac now about 8 o clock Aud Secretary Lincoln dealt Tho first hand while Gen. Sheridan put Down his first White Chip. For awhile Luck varied but Gen. Stager was crowding it in on the others by raising tha bets to the limit. President a flour Hal the temerity to cull Gen. Stager a half dozen times and his 10 raises and to found him loaded for Bear every time. Once lion Stager Drew four curds hews found to have four aces Aud another time Whon he Drew three Oards to was found to have a big flush. All these discoveries were made at president Arthur s expense. Senator Vest Secretary Lincoln and Gen. Sho Idun Felt considerably put out but no one said anything except Lincoln who said that he thought it queer that men could hold such hands in a Square game. But the Climax Camo in a Jack pot. They had been sweetening All around until there was about �100 in the pot Aud president Arthur who was tie last Man to say opened Tho pot for .$5. Secretary Lincoln who hold threes raised it 10, and Gen. Sheridan and senator Vest came in. After hesitate Ign bit gon. Stager who was dealing came in Aud Drew five cards. President Arthur had a hand and to bet Tho hmil10. Secretary Lincoln had filled his hand and he raised him $10 More. Gen. Sheridan and senator Vest dropped out not having bettered their two. Pairs. But  to Tho consternation of president Arthur and Secretary Lincoln Gen. Stager raised them $10 More. President Arthur thinking that he had the Best hand put up his �20 and raised them 10 More Lincoln saw Tiiu $10 and went 10 better. Gen. Stator saw the raise also and went 10 bettor still. Everybody around tie Board was now excited and president Arthur simply called. Lincoln however raised Tho pile another 810 and Stager followed suit. President Arthur now Laid Down his flush to show what he opened Tho Jack pot on. Secret Are Lincoln called. Gen. Stager had an Ace frill on Kings arid the Secretary Hud three Jinks and a pair of fives. This broke up the game. Though Gen. Stage is the Orrok poker Olayer of tha party he has been forced to lower his Pennant several times to judge Bollins Wiio is stud to be one of the most Export devotees of Tho Gamo in never York City editor District Post. Washington d. A March 29. The most Lively caucus held by Tho democratic members of the House during this session of Congress took place on tuesday March 25th from 7 o clock p. In. To 12 o clock raid night 173 members being present. Tue object of the caucus was to ii a Date for the discussion of Tho Morrison Tariff Bill and to Arrivo at Somo terms of agreement in reference to Tho question whether the Bill shall be advocated As a party measure or whether Ivory member should Voto on the Bill according to his conviction or the interest of his respective District. Red hot speeches were i made on both sides. Randall of pa., heading As usual Tho Protection Wing 1 of the democratic parly. After four hours of debate a vote was taken on Tho pvt Estious shall tha democratic parly meaning the democratic Mem Mei a of Congress favor a reduction of the Tariff understanding that each member May vote As guided by the interest of Bis District and by his fealty to party principles the vote on Tho India rubber Resolution made by Tho friends of Tariff Reform Bill shows mens Power of Sam Randall. The Resolution Only carried by 111 to 57, fared at loss Prico than said Trade dollars Are several other amendments were offered which does not materially of stingo the character of Tho Bill excepting the amendment offered by or. Mills of Texas providing that Tho so redeemed Trade Dollar and All other Silver Bullion hereafter purchased shall be coined into half Dollar pieces the same to be undo a Legal tender for All debts Public and should the Bill to passed without being amended As desired iry or. Weller the speculators and dealers in Money who have been engaged for the last six ,"-ths in buying i nearly every Trade Dollar for from 80 to of outs on the Dollar will Roa an enormous profit Union tin f several million Dollar -. The i i i. Ing classes being the Ivy payer,.he, would to compelled to i a Ofer to the Money Gambler a like amount they have already lost in consequence of the outrageous act of Congress. De monetizing the Trade Dollar passed in 187 i. When the de monetized Trade Dollar was in circulation among Tho Farmers and working men and earning the curses of a million lips Congress tailed to wipe out the swindle but now a speculate to save the Morrison eng f0w after a ceding the people for very clearly the Euor-1 years holding a Corner on nearly vory Trade Dollar in he country demand that the same shall to redo eni value. And that is the caucus mourners. As the matter j Liat the advocates of monopoly on every member votes As he please no it. F 1. Of .-.,., and thereby prevent United fiction Randall controlling just one third of to their face on Tho part of the Tariff reformers. The Bill to extend the time for Tho floor of the -. House of represent lives Call the National Honor Justice and equity whereas it should be called Dishonour injustice wild Roll the payment of the tax on distilled Bory the grinding greed of Tho spirits now in Bond Reo Vivod its i ghouls of gain will Breed their own deathblow yesterday. Or. Blount. ,j00,n. Yours g. A. R. Of Georgia moved to strike out the a enacting clause of Bill which Mo-1 Volga no or Geyser. Lion carried by it vote of 180 yeas to 83 nays. Tho Banks Aud Groat distilleries Wero allies in asking for the passage of this Bill. The Banks having advanced Large sums of Money to the distilleries both parties having formed a ring to prevent a falling in the Price of whiskey an of which is now stored ii. Nuclo Sam s bonded warehouse. The taxes due on whiskey in to nearly z to a Hwy ugh Iii i will now have to by paid within a i Short time enabling the lock teary of tie Trot sury to Call in a Uke amount of in Crost bullring i lords. One of Tho reasons Why the wants favored this Bill it a to prevent tin speedy payment of tie to nod debt Folio Viii in Tho principle that National debt is a National Bas " for those interested in Banks of congressman Oiler voted for the people As against Tho Bank. Or. I move to unlock the Treasury Belford of Colorado who ass Kiln every reformer in Congress vote i promptly for the Banks. The next Bill on the House Calendar after the whiskey Bill was Junge Reagan s Bill to regulate inter state Commerce which was set aside though Railroad influences giving place to the Trade Dollar this Bill provides that Entill january 1, 1886trado dollars shall be received at their face value ill payment of All dues to the government and shall not be paid out again that the Holder May receive in Exchange thereof at the office of the Treasury or any Casais laut Treasury of Tho United states Standard dollars and that the Trade dollars so received shall to transmit find to Tho coinage vaults and coined into Standard dollars and the Trade dollars so received at Tho coinage mints a Jill to regarded As Silver Bullion and their Bullion value shall to deducted from Tho amount of Bullion required to be purchased and coined by the act of february 28, 1878. Two several amendments have been offered for and the the Bill respectively. Redeeming the Trade dollars at their face value and suspending Tho coinage of Trade and Standard dollars. Or. Poland of Vermont offers a substitute providing that the Trade dollars not defaced shall to a Legal tender at their face nominal value fur All debts and duos Public Aud private except where otherwise expressly stipulated in the contract and Tutt there shall be no further coinage Tudor the act of february 12, 1873. Or. Weller of Iowa offers the following Amend Section 4. As follows provided however that the Secretary of Tho Treasury and All officials of the government shall in All Cassa receive other Silver Bullion suitable for coinage purposes in the Stead of Trade dollars to tie extent of All the require intents under existing Laws when of a Columbus s. A dispatch of the 21st inst. Says for some time past i strange roaring sound High been Ard upon the Plantation of Nich his Colvin in Ilal Bellville Chester Utility but it was not until a few bus ago that the place whence the Torii id crime was to Rietl. This is a. Lole in the ground of about ten in lines in diameter l he. Doll ii of Chiei Adinol be ascertained. Smoke ii is from this opening in a dense col inn Aud for a distance of Twenty Yards around he ground is in ii. Used condition. The negroes a he Neighb i Boi d Are in u wild shit a i terror declaring i hat the judg cent Day is at baud. The Whit also arc at a loss to explain to phenomenon. To Day a party of six sturdy Farmers assembled at the scone of the Truat Eirini Volcano Spades picks and shovels and proceeded to dig for the . A depth of  a i tit feet was reached when the smoke Aud heat Ocania so intense i hat it was found impracticable to dig any deeper. Some people think Ilia it is indeed a Volcano while others say it is a. Geyser judging from the Vapours which arise from the Bole and tli6 moistened state of the Earth surrounding it. The roaring noise can now to heard four or five Miles. Tho country is Billy and rolling some of the Hills reaching the proportions of mountains. The phenomenon has caused great excitement throughout thai Section Mil Bundros of people Are flocking f the scone of the subterranean Dis Tui Xvi Nee. Activity when disturbed. These snakes were not killed where they Lay when found because the party wanted to finish Tho work in one Day. They wore shovelled together in convenient heaps and then chopped up with the shovels one chop thus doing the business re for several snakes. Before Sunset Tho party left in the Woidan enormous number of Cut up snakes. The gentleman says die horrible remains of the slaughtered masses were to to seen in All directions and that thousands must have ecu killed. They were principally Laek snakes milk snakes water snakes Aud , also a few cop Perlis is. Many of the reptiles there Liv a Anil in f a t inn trend very Thi. K. King grown to quite an and. Vii him ago the Woods Wei e a o Seldom invaded. T. A. A ida., the n a City Engineer of Bradford l i.,is a native it Japan Anil the Firat Man of his Iii Tio Iii Lity to be chosen to a civil Olliee ill the United slates. Lie i i the son of a won Lily japanese no. A in a i11siii, Ami Fame to this country in 187 1 to be educated not at the exp Elise of his government hut at the expense of his father who planned to have his son return Homo Aud lie appointed to a High position under the japanese government. Upon being graduated he asked con in to remain a few veins longer to practice civil engineering. His father replied that unless he came Home on the licit Steamer his allowance would Cense and he need expect no More help i rain him. The son replied let to would Nav and the father became Aury and wrote in his japanese Friend to have nothing to do with the you Iii a in. Lie stayed and practice his profession acting for some Lime As assistant Engineer of the Amiin Hitten elevated Railroad company in this City and afterwards for three years As chief a Ngi Pieer of i he Union fac Ilic Kiil roil in Wyoming Idaho and Mon Ana. A incr Chin sentry. We now offer our entire Winter Stock of goods at bargains that have never before been offered in . These goods will be As follows men s gloves and mittens Cardegan jackets. Flannel shirts ladies and mens underwear ladies Dolman cloaks and comforters ladies and misses hoods and Wool Hose and neckwear. Also a Job lot of while no possible excuse can be offered in behalf of the Cincinnati mob the causes that led to the original outbreak Are easy to find. For years Hamilton county Justice has i ten a byword and a scandal. Coldblooded murders have been committed in the most open Maimer Ami the Perelr Iberri have been hid Fred to go Scott free or at most with sentence j that were a travesty on the word Pun i i Shin out. Among the More notable cases of this description were thai murder of a mount Auburn a Oor who was shot by rough -. I r during to resent an insult to ladies walking with him in the Street and that of Wellington Ross not Long since. In the Berner Case out of which grow the present unhappy condition of affairs the evidence was Clour the charge of the trial judge left no room for double and yet the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter. If is Little to be wondered that honest Citi Zens Felt indignant and that the dishonest and irresponsible mob wore but too glad to seize on this indignation As an excuse for their tin holy press. A Snake ii int on St at in Island. N. Y. Sun. A gentleman just arrived by steam packet from Stalen Isomo gives the following account of a Snake Hunt which he Hiis took place a few Days ago there is a strip of Woods near pleasant Plains on that Island calf de Snake Woods on account of the Large number of reptiles which it. Even the outskirts of this Grove Are shunned by children and grown persons Seldom enter it far except in Winter when Tho snakes Aro All Frozen up underground. A party of Young men of pleasant Plains selected a warm Day last week when the ground was soft and entered tie Woods armed with shovel i. Picks and crowbars. Rotten slumps and Largo stones were overturned and Mounds with Snake holes in them there Hud open. In Ivory ease Tho gentleman says scores dozens or hundreds of the reptile were found coiled up and matted together they showed no signs of Tho american people will never again submit to the circulation of any form of currency that bus not the Faith of the nation behind it. The Bank Power May become As Clain orious As the built lors of in ver of Babel for some plan Bat will increase the Power of the Banks and Lessen the responsibility but. The people will have none of it. Woo be to the party or parties that Dure to ignore the perfect Security value and Superior excellence As Well As. Cheapness to the nation of the people s sentry. National Anil monopoly convention. A convention of Tho anti Monopo lists of the United states is hereby called to meet in Chicago at noon on wed Zilay. May 14, 1884, for the purpose of nominating a presidential Ciekot. The quota of repro sent Adieu will be four delegates Aud four Ahe Nii its from each Congress Rioual , tour from each territory and four from tha District of . Stu yet Emo. F. I Lenity Ziec y. Chairman. Tonso Chicago in. Sab Atri Laj for tub Rosr. All of the above goods and Many others to numerous to mention will be sold at great bargains. Come Early and make your selections before the Best Are gone. Respectfully Youj 3 l shot Ltd & Welzel. Matt. Beitch be dealer in Hayy a shelf hard Are Coal and Wood stoves tinware cutlery also builder s hardware of All Muko a specially of Job w Aal warrant satisfaction. It will you. To Call at the old reliable hardware store Fis examine our Stock and got prices before purchasing elsewhere Glt Matt Beu Cheju Postville Iowa Postville Drue store. Bayless Douglass & co., prop s. And it Caleb in drugs medicines paints oils varnishes colors. Brushes Aud school books stationary curds albums toys of tied musical instruments tobacco and cigars nuts and candies. Tin finest Stock of Wall paper in the West pre Sordyl Imus Carat Nelly Komi Cundey. Brck look to Arrille Iowa. Manchester pouring a ius Frantz Sli Ultz prop., Manchester Iowa will do a custom. Of Exchange work. The Bast grades of flour kept on hand and warranted As represented. The Boss restaurant de. Sheehy proprietor. A meals furnished at All hours on Short notice and in first class style. A full line of groceries and confectionery Tho finest Stock of tobacco and cigars in Tho Market Don t forget that. Fresh Beer wine and cider. Come in and see me. Jjo in s. Mott. James Mataji. Mott & Mcadam. Dea Leiis in lard Ware Mes Undt Moaref we i my a full Stock of heavy and shelf Aree which we offer at the lowest living rates. Mott & Mcadam pop tribe a. Eg1te us a Call. Motes if 20 Simion not Type sold in 10 years. A certain cure for dyspepsia All diseases of the kidneys liver stomach blood skin and bowels. Can Piot Loo thousand s of letters proving its our Aliva Powers. La��at0�lr 77 Garnr Street new Youk City. For Sale by All druggists. Frit ape Mallit if lbs q0 "tii8 fins of Cora killers. The most desperate cd web ads ut10na Waits a speedily euro. Price 25 Cental i. Aii unfailing remedy for 00 q0 of Swohla awl Tea
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