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Postville National Advocate Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1884, Page 4

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Postville National Advocate (Newspaper) - October 9, 1884, Postville, Iowa National advocate & . The re Jay oot. 1884. A it chock editor political parades. Somo of Trio notable occur Broncos of Trio Campaign. or Otoi h to Trio i Mich i of rom of Biliter Cut Lei omani Ion e a to of Trio fluid. oct. 4.-mr. Lil Nino s trip from Cincinnati to this Jil Uoo was marked Liy pretty Ucli Trio Filimo semis which Lingo Boon Iko Teil on Ulm. Emu Noy Hor Totoro. Job ably 810 most interesting i Cmunt of Trio trip was Trio Rou option at Lowlon. At that Point from Trio station or. Kiln no a Der Ringo was Osco Ioil by "knights,1 Fridlyn and gon Lemon in Zechini hum Oore Lillo Tho Procos Loii most Al along Feo tween two Linos of uniformed Moil inn Boi Bot Trio local Republican clubs. Or. Bin no pntwo4 up on to Tho stand Bou Vonn two lines of Little girls i arcs o l to Ropi Ostout Bio thirty eight states. Trio a girls Repov Minic Fig Malno and Ohio stood together Liy Tho la in Flint had Boon prorated for Tho Ilistine jul lion gust. Tho former having Lead him Fethon stops and Tho other welcomed him Aitor which to kissed Thorn both. At this Point Trio to was n very Largo Kroml and the i y was gaily decorated. In halting was cd a 1 on from five Points four in Tho stat so Park and Ono at Trio Heil House when Lii Nino himself spoke. Frh Oro was a list of distinguished Neabors n Torboli a procession of Many Wou bands and give . A swamp Ohio -. Var. Gilaino n party Foft Columbus it a. A m., and when Thoy reached hero a top was in Chi Long enough of Trio and Dato to to Oseo. To to Tho court House i hero Hondo a Short Spoonh. Onto. A Lucacio oct. 1,-Tho inter Joan s spot enl from Cincinnati says Oliero Aro facts Fth Tho political situation at Tho present Nio inc pfc in Ohio that indicates clearly How intensely on nost both of Tho great parties Aro. Fino of those facts is Lack of con Donco by % the parties. Avor Keis on both sides Aro wet 111011 in Ohio Call seared just at present. Nobody is bolting. Eight years ago it this Stago of Tho game bets Woro numerous and betting was Lively. Ano Lior indication of Trio general feeling of i uncertainty As Well As of Tho general interest Felt in Tho coming Flection is Tho enormously Largo not Ondarco at Tho political meetings on both sides. Tim f Omo ratio meeting at in Mill a and at 6olumbus, and the gatherings in cd Voland tend Cincinnati to their Ros Poots to or. Bin no Aro examples of Tho class last do Karl Bott. Both parties App oar to be attaching Moro and More importance to Tho result of Tho october election in Ohio. Tills be shown by Trio number of speakers thrown frito Tho Field by both parties at Tho present stage of Trio contest. Kach party has Boon pushing to Tho front until the Stato is morally speckled Over with from prominent speakers from Homo and abroad. Trio Phenomena which Havo at feb nod Trio visits of Blaino Ami Logan to Ohio Triay Liao stimulated the democrats to in orca Eod activity and on Tho other hand what flies leaders have Learned by their visit to Ohio May Havo and Tho Elf oct to Urgo Tho republicans to greater activity. Trio appointments for speakers already made by both parties Oxton in Only a Fow instances Toyono Tho october election but Thoy Aro tory thick immediately pro coding that o vont. 4sxgovcrnor Liondro club it Wheeling w. Stu oct. 4.-Hon. Thomas &. Hendricks arrived in Trio City saturday Horning at 8 30, on a special train on Tho Pittsburg Cincinnati & St. Louis Road and titter taking breakfast at his hotel i in Jol nil reception was tendered him and messes. Randall and Fellows who be company him. Many prominent demo re ats of Tho City and the state called to Ali or respects. At 11 a. Tho Industrial display and Parade of the marching flubs took place. It was Tho in Roost similar demonstration of can in Tho City during this Gnu Nign it moved Over Tho principal Tjho oots. Tho City was gaily decorated. Or. Hendricks was repeatedly cheered along Tho no of March. About f ,00 strangers Aro in to City. Or. Houd Rieks and or. Siam Lull Yaoko in Tho afternoon at Tho stupa fair grounds and in Tho evening a torchlight demonstration took place. A dinner to cd Voland. Btty fax oct. 4.-Friday evening governor Cleveland attended a dinner it. Trio res too mrs. Walter Gary. Justice Field and j other prominent Wero guests and Tjw to was represented by Many of the Bead Fco Plo. Governor clo Voland returned to Tho Senessen House from dinner at Loii iop. M., flirt made preparations for his departure. A tire number of citizens and Clov Laud Tho Gion in a body called upon him and Bacon him godspeed. Tho governor s departure was a Piet in accordance with his Osire and there was no demonstration. At 11 to drove to Tho depot with his Albouy friends and boarded Tho Cincinnati express leaving hence at 11 d i i. In. A Large crowd had congregated at the depot and As the train moved out Hearty cheers wore Given. He arrived at Albany Early saturday morn. Tilg Woll pleased with his trip. Tho Iii Inua if test. , iud., oct. 0.-both the it publican and Donci Cutie state Central Fern Mittacos Aro Well supplied with Campaign Waters and Over 100 political speeches Aro delivered daily. Gen. Logan it is understood will be in Indiana after oct. 20 until to love of election. And will visit Overy Section of Tho Stato not wavered by Blaino making Tiro speeches tally. To and or. Hendricks will probably o of Tutor attractions at Somo places coins to Opp Ono tamil Ian. Stew Yonk oct. 6.-about Twenty t Oll Jont Gont Lomon including Rop Rotonta res of both political parties Friday aught informally at Doli Noneo s to talk Over flans for uniting on a first rate citizens cot to defeat tammany. Tho movement Foj said to to a strictly non partisan Offort toward municipal Reform regardless of party ties. A mass meeting is projected to fast Tho senso of Tho Pii Blie. a Ai Ikno out Foi Butler. It l exc Uil that or. Blini re will visit Ai in on in i Hitler j a l of this month. r n ooh in Addi Vnod n by Jiuu. To if a Man believes for instance a m ii called As a juror to try a Man for murder if to believes the Man Hail a right to commit Tho murder to is licit a competent juror because to. Will to influx on cod by that belief. Or if the Man is charged with robbery if a juror who tries him believes in the right of Tho Man to commit Tho robbery to is not a til Man to try that Man. Noi Lior is to in a Case of bigamy or polygamy for if a Man believes in Tho right to practice polygamy in a polygamy Caso to Oan not to an impartial juror according to All human experience. To can not to an impartial juror on a trial of that kind Boca Uso conviction with him denies the right of practising polygamy. Not withstanding All human Laws to the Confron a if to believes polygamy h a ind or a Law proclaimed by i almighty it makes no did How Many human Laws Are to will still behave that polygon it because to thinks a higher Law i a him. Now Congress intended t this class of men from parties ibo duties of jurors from acting i jurors or Petit jurors. This is  of the principle stated. This is the r t a i. Suppose this Law was passed. Now. As to custom if this Law Wero simply to apply to the Petit jury and not to Trio grand jury it would certainly defeat the purpose of Tho Law and in buy judgment would to contrary to the letter As Well. I no of Tho opinion Flint the letter and spirit of this Law both agree and therefore no of the opinion that these jurors by their answers were properly excluded and could not have been otherwise under this Law without disregarding John w. Young son of Brigham Friday demurred to Trio indictment against him for polygamy. Trio jury charged him with Moro than one Olto disc the marriage of two polygamous wives. Loar to Tho Static. In Ioapo oct. 1.-Fohn Mccurl Lohigh Tho tragedian who was playing an engagement Here it Mevicker s theatre seems to have completely broken Down. All his engage Monis have Boon withdrawn and it is believed among Bis friends that he has made his last appearance on the stage. He a ill go Back to new York and make i etl Ori to recuperate but Tho result can hardly to predicted. Chicago oct. 3.-John Mccullough s condition was worse thursday night. I la wat a put in his room and the a Orsonne espionage to which he is subjected Hove ent Nuel to increase his irritation and nervousness now Yolk oct 12.---Frank Chanfrau was advertised to appear wednesday at the Academy of music Joi soy City in his play of kit Tho Arkansaw traveler but at the inst moment Tho management of Tho Academy posted a notice on Tho door to Tho effect that Tho theater would hell beat it around Tho turn the pacer Lidid like a Shadow All 03 Esbo in on Johnston and Nono on Rio Hall. Idso tin1, Quarnor Polo 100 inf re clip ived and a somonds wan i noun Eod All Over Tho a it find. Dos ii Tho Tho pane pvt Maui costly Iii roasted. High Bill had Bro ten and fallen so far behind that Cui Phell pulled him up. At the half mile Tho watcher clicked a Uin Ami 1-.olij was urn Mark various opinions Wero advanced As to whether Fyhn record would be lowered the general a prom Sioui being against Tho feat being . But still Tho Payenr went on at Tho Samo or Rible clip and is i form was sharply outline against Tho Whito Fence on the lower turn in crowd ii Gan a murmur of Alphur a he a a Hes marking i in i Trio pacers Ivo Biniek Tho three Quarter pole the of on a and third quarters having been Pace 1 in Tho wonderfully fast Timo of seconds each. The oldest hands to bought Fin s Terri Hio of sliced must certainly make Tho horse Stup on the last ii Arlor. Let they did not know Jol Inston nor the Superb manner in which plan had prepared him Tor the trial. In so Elul of faltering in he stride to i Amo Down the Home Stretc i faster than Over and it tint or Sharif Tafida when Splan f Alicd to him he Lii a lion out like a horse scoring for tins word. Asho win it Tudor Tho Wiro tiie watches showed 2 00j.f, Neil Tho record had Lieen beaten Throe and three Quarter Ioc oils. Minnio hand Suimin Mato firebrand next took Tho track and Splan took Ojiem easily around the Tourso for their warming up. Tho Maro was impatient and skittish and in Tho half do in div offs Milc to Start her behaved in a manner which it a St was discouraging to those present Tui had in Rhode 1 High Hopes of her breaking her record. On Trio sixth and last unsuccessful attempt at starting Spina drove Tho team a Host to the Lar to Quarter Polo Anil turning them there Cam Back toward Tho judges stand Wilh both horses under Fina control. Trio Little Mare settled Down to hoc work in a manner that Ovi cod her determination to s Tay Liilo her Mato sprang Forward with Long and powerful strides that threatened to lift Tho Polo horse of ii her foot. But with never a break the Mare Kopyc ahead increasing her Speed until at the second Quarter Polo her Paco became simply tremendous and she covered Tho third Quarter in Tho Phon Nional Timo of seconds. As she Noard the three Quarter Polo spam s encouraging shout was again Hoard at Trio grand stand and Tho crowd arose to its foot and hovered itself hoarse As Tho Gallant Maro Emo i Flor the wire in 2 03. Ilor first i Yartim Vas made in Thor second in is Ohot third in 2 and Hor fourth in is Leonds. No such magnificent exhibitions of Speed Havo Over Buforo taken place in Chicago and it is in every Way fitting that Johnston should Havo made his Groat record upon Tho track Whereon to achieved his t taste of Fame. Tho horses will remain it their quarters in the driving Park Stablo i Zifin Tho coining week and will doubtless receive Many Nils from admiring visitors As u result of their work Friday. I rent Bajro on Tho Voli Riu St. To oct. 2-Ono of the steamers plying on Tho Volga River took ire wednesday it Kostroma and shortly afterwards Broko Loose from Hor Dock. As she Hon ted Down Tho Stream Shn Sot 13 to to other vessels and being loaded with Oil which burned Loro oly As it Llo atol on Tho River Tho Vicinity Wau soon an Immo Liso sea of Flamo consuming everything within its Roach. Tho a Boito input was intense. Tho firemen sailors and others worked heroically. Several ships and t to steamers wore burned and n dozen persons killed or injured before Tho pro was got under control. The loss will reach Forcial million roubles. Outlook or Tho steel trend a. in ii a oct Tho a mull meeting of Tho Pennsylvania Stool company wednesday a prominent oth crr said Tho Outlook of Lio Trade in Pennsylvania for the coming year is brighter. The demand for Stool is and though prices would Bolow there would probably to enough Trade to keep Tho Mills 111 operation and All the men employed. Tin s company is Tho largest manufacturers of steel rails in the Cou 11 Trio Ojito Scott i a a Coia Muiir Ohio sept. 0.-Tho Sopronio court tuesday granted leave to Halo petitions in error in Tho Scott a Junov lax Law Cao a id advanced them on Tho docket fixing Tho time of hearing for oct 23. The two error cases from Columb a Ono of whirl was to enjoin n collection of tax Ami Tho other to recover Tho amount of tax Al ready paid Wero submitted on arguments Guido heretofore and Aro Diablo to to decided any Day. Idle workmen it Lyons Franco. Lyons sept. 30.-Tho Industrial situation in this City is assuming a serious phase. It is of tinted that 110,000 men Are unable to obtain work and Thoro is wipe spread distress Moug Tho poorer classes. Tho authorities Havo reason to apprehend that Broad riots Are imminent. L a a Iez in eff. Cite of Mexico oct. 3.-Tho Public Brooki Montio i of Tho election of Bini on pre Klont was undo thursday. Camion Woro flood Bells rung and troops paraded Tho a troops. Business figures coi to on of the failure record for two year i new York oct. 4.-the failures reported to brads foot s within Tho inst Quarter a when incorporated with those reported for six months ended july of last present a formidable list. Tho gain in numbers of individual commercial deaths As compared with Nino months in pro coding years is Moro than edit aloud by Tho increased indebtedness. Thus the total number of failures from Jan. 1. To sept. U0, 1ss-1, inclusive was 8,302, is compared with 7,858 in a like portion of 1893, n gain of 0-l-t, or nearly 13 per cent., and the record of 18s3 in turn showed a gain of 38 per font Over that of 1ss3. The increased nun ibor of failures in Nino months of 1ss-1 As against t too of a like period in 1882 is 2,� a gain of Over 50 per cent. Tho Gross liabilities for Nino months amounting in round numbers to i l ,000,000, shows in inc roast of $73,000,000 in Tho total liabilities Over those in Nino months of i8$ t or m percent. Thus with a is per cent increase in Cha number of failures this year to have to per cent. Onerea of in Tho Tho no Aal a sols for Nino Mont Lis of Tho current year aim unlink to jul re. A a a a flt a Mem Lanci than total i nine months of Bibu or nearly 75 per conr., Ana almost in rom Timcio a mryc As Oliosi in a like portion of 18s2. Tho failures in i to Eastern states have famished 40 per cent of the aggregate indebtedness against i7 in nine months of 1s8h the to Iidle states .15 per cent., Ngaine to 51 per cent in 18&j, and Tho Pencil in states Viper cent., is compared with 5o per cent. Trio less Faro Rable exhibits have been in the rout Horn states where Tho percentage of a sets to liabilities has Boon 47, is Ngn inst 40 in nine months of 188ft in Tho Western go per cent., Ngol Mac 67 per per conk and in Tho territories i percent per cent. Inst year. In new York City Tho percentage of Al lots to liabilities is 5 1, the sumo As in the United states Ontero. Tho ngg Ragnio number of in Luros in new Tork City in Tho past a few Montig 380 is 4.5 per cent of the total number in Tho United Stato Liilo Tho ngg Vento Jan Ili fies Aro 3s per cent of Tho total for the country and Tho aggregate assets arc tj3 Pov cent of those for nil failures for Nino months. Fall tiros Lor Tho weft. New a orc oct. 3.-Tho failures during the inst seven Days reported to r. Of. Dun & co., from the United states Woro 194, and for Canada 23-a total of 217, As against 213 last week. Trio failures Wero Moro numerous Lumu usual in the Southern states and lighter in now York City. New York oct. 4.-Thero Wero 188 failures in Tho United Tratos reported to Brad streets during Tho past week again it 201 in Tho preceding week and 100, 121, and 80 in Tho corresponding weeks of 1833, 1ss3, and 18s1 respectively. Tho Public debt. War Voton City oct. 2.-Tho reduction of the Public debt during Tho month of sap tember was $12,017,030.4-1. Tho reduction sinc Junu 30, 1884, has Boon $24,533,180.53. Tho debt statement shows Tho following Cash in Treasury $425,031,331 Gold Cortin cites outstanding $120,030, 120 Silvor certificates outstanding $123,200,731 fractional currency outstanding of 77,2g0 currency certificates outstanding $15,8-15,000 Legal tenders outstanding $3-j0,,010. Titio coloured Ihnn Koivis. , oct. 1.-Tho coloured May ionic Centennial culminated wednesday in a Street Parade by Tho knights Tom plan at 10 n. The Lino formed on Broad Street near Jirard no onto and with fully 3,000 knights inline. Throo prizes Woro Given to Tho Best drilled comm Dory the first $200 in Cash tin second a silk Templar Banner and the third in eminent commando sword. At right Tho Monsoni Centennial Commissiong Ivo grand Ball. North Carolina Ralei ii n. O., oct. 3.-"wednesday at noon Trio state opposition was formally opened in Tho to Sene of thousands of Puoplo from nil parts of Tho Stato and beyond it Bonlore. Governor Jarvis Mph Rood Tho address of Welcome. Donator Hawley s address As Ofa Lorol Trio occasion Ipton patrol ctr and olo i la out. The news in Brief. Trio Holny a Al or 30. Trio Niaj in a a i ivc utilized by nil electric Lily if company it jul lilo is Thair w liter i own Willi great in escorts. Andrew j. Cooper and Oiler Havo at Spring yield a Coin Pany Taihi a capital of ,u0l i k to Operto a Gold mine in i. I Iii s i to try inf by Olio Pesilo of iia in wc5tei n Maryland governor Laving lost Over 101. The Oast Lias Lieen spread by the casting of Lead aug main into the River. Flu funeral of tiie Idle John w. Gar Reft look place sunday. Many prominent people a �,.ether Vith Mew Eit Ikens of Baltimore u i re at file cemetery to tiie Musul Rillito of to Trio deceased. Votos it Aro 4fl,�,s� greater than the Evams week but when compared with tin corresponding week a year ago show n fall in off of I per cent. Tunilo i number of swedes Are return in to Trio old country from Tawns mich., Iii fall and will not return is Fliey Aro not pleased with their Succo is Tuo p is Loi on and the Prospect for work the coming Winter Aro not fans Pablo. E. 11. Cluxton serving eighteen years in Chester for robbing the state while Korving Cle Testivo has been in Vandalia 111., several Davs As a witness tie has Lieen converted and monday evening o00 people assembled to act him baptized in Tho Reservoir by inuit i Sion. Thursday october 2. Nearly 150,000 Square Miles of United slates territory Are now owned by foreign syndicates and capitalists. A son of o Donovan Fossa has arrived in Paris claiming to Havo of Tyio. Franek with which to Liny dynamite for use in King Laius a party of fifty Osage children is on Tho Way to the school at Carlisle pa., where Tho tribe will 8,000 for Ono years in True lion for them. The increase in the population of pari.? sii"0 unto has Heen the total popu lation is now .i,tio0/,i is. Ill lbt ii Uio total was ,s0 i. All. Iii Tillit Lifeboat was recently sent Rafe y Hirough tiie Niagara i whirl , but was totally wrecked 1 Al Ore re Clun i Deena town mile s below the Falls. Hugo Jinx Liol a Ilam Lairg clerk has just completed the longest bicycle journey on to Roll. In Feu weeks and live Day he covered -2,85u German Lui including several Long stretches Nereus Range. That education is making rapid strides in the South is shown by Trio fact that in Florida Alono Tho number of Public schools has increased from j75 eight years ago to 1, Ito it Tho present Timo Whilo during Tho same period Tho number of pupils in not Ondarco hns increased Over 80 Poi cent. Fridur october 3. An Alabama Farmer obtained eight Gallons of molasses from 100 water Molomo. The total assessed value of real and a Orsonne Tostato in Tho Stato of How Yort is .$l,0m,5�l,372. It is proposed by Tho italian soldiers to subscribe for a sword of Honor for King Humbert in recognition of his heroism in going among Tho Eho Lora patients at Naples to minister to their wants. Oliero Lins been it remarkable increase in Tho nun ibor of Small forms at Tho South since Tho War. In South Carolina Thero Aro now five Small farms Oliero there was Ono Twenty years ago and the nun ibor is steadily growing. So Dos pirate Lias Boon the hog disease in Maryland that Tho Stato veterinarian Tho governor to quarantine against five coun ties. It is stated that infected animals Havo Beon slaughtered ill Frederick county and shipped to Baltimore. Not Ono of a thousand lightning rods at present upon our buildings is of any use says professor Trowbr logo ill Serenco for Tho simple reason that Tho rods Are not led into moist ground and Thor Eforo offer great resistance to Tho pcs Sago of an electrical discharge. While the Price of wheat is lower than it has been for several yours Tho Farmers about Anoka have made As much if not More Money from Ali or wheat Harvest than they Havo in preceding years. Parnis whose Avengo yield heretofore Havo been from twelve to fifteen bushels to the acre this year Havo produced from Twenty Ilvo to thirty bushels. Saturday october 4. Milwaukee has a lady rag picker who is Worth �-10,000. Trio increase of the mormon Church exceeds 2,000,000 annually. There wore snowstorms at Helena and Cheyenne Friday morning. The Folio Una debt is Only twelve Almest As Large is that of Tho City of now York. Clara Louisa Kellogg is to sing in 100 concerts this season with Brignoli As hoi Tenor. The new Temple of Tho Young men s Christian ii Soi Lerion at to Prillig fled ills., is to Cost w5, l n. The Kui Piro slates that the King of a ass , Aid is Minier i n freight rates Between Chicago Ami Licor York uie Ynid to have been restored to to full Tariff limit. The Viceroy of full kick has sent 15,000 men to reinforce Trio chinese troops now holding to Lun and Tieu Tsin. A Hurricane in tin. Co ail of Iceland Ladt month destroyed Mno Torii trading to Sels and sixty fishing Bonic i. A great Many bios were lot. General Gordon Lias ree natured the City of berber in Tho boil Doln after a vigorous bombardment. Tho rebels escaped with All their treasure. Men. Benjamin p. Butler then Possi Bio always Travelo at night. To says to would rather oaf. Green apples than journey in Tho Day Timo. Experienced Well Bocra Havo leased three thousand acres of land on the Monon Yahola River a Fow Miles above Pittsburg Anil will eni Lovvor to find Petroleum. This territory his Nover been tested. Mon in re october 0. St. Paul is to inc Tho Northern Pacific railway shop. Tho population of the United states is now o7, to too. An Iron company at Bluit Lanosga has clo of a contract Tor ,000 ton of Metal for eni lie Len at .?20,o0 per ton. An English firm has begun Tho Ninny fictum of onks and barrels of Noel. They Sto a Gator Minn Wood and More durable. Tha hottest a Hjort on record for Klinl Becton experienced thursday night at fit. Fnumlna., Echo Thor orator 80 at 12 o clock. Trio nil wan Fri Flag and people Fearo l that a disaster of Soma kind was imminent. It u reported hint Wilbur f. Storey pro rlof.r of Tho Chicago times bids fair to end film Coin locations m his Imri Ness by to covering his faculties. Tho arrivals of wheat at Duluth Are from 100,000 to 150,000 bushels daily. Tha shipments inst week by Lako to Buffalo and Montreal amounted to l,000, 10.7,1jusiiels. Prominent Railroad men of Pennsylvania will hold a meeting at Pittsburgh to arrange for an line Road from now York through Chicago and St. Iai uis to Council Bluffs. Lord Kari Doyle s by each of promo Caso in London a Val settled by the payment of $1 15,0. 0 o miss Fortes eur who has surr cil bored nil rec ?r.-, in her Possession connected with in nil . Doth Tho Gould cables arc broken about 700 Miles from , Nova Scotia. It is thought they were accidentally Sov ored by Tho Steamer Faraday in grappling for Tho Bennett Cable. Senator Morgan of Alabama who has just returned from n trip to California expresses the opinion that steel ships and cruisers can to built on Tho Pacific coast tit to j or cent to s Cost than on Tho a Antio Seaboard on account of the Rich Iron do posit. For lays past cattle Havo been dying rapidly of in unknown malady in Belmont comity Ohio. It was developed that Only Stock fed on sorghum Blades Wero affected Farmers being compelled to use this Nittolo for fodder a drought having killed All Tho grass and Corn not boing ready for use. Phrenology As it 19. Is Toto amount Chicago ssi Orin in Rorn were squeezed for. Chicago oct. 1.-Tho evening mail says that v. B. Weare was Tho head broker of tha september Corn Deal and or a Simmons of president of Trio Northwestern Telegraph company Tho Power behind Tho throne. Tuesday night after the directors of the Board of Trade had fixed the marginal Prico of Corn at 5o conts Simmons Vearo and others of Tho clique held a conference to consider what should to done in Cio Thoy Wero called upon for margins beyond ave Are s Power to put up. Tho result was that Simmons wired Gould for funds and Tho latter responded in an order upon the strongest Bank in Chicago to allow Trio clique to draw us his account ii of 0,000. As it happened however margins Woro not called. It is understood that the Eli quo realized ,500,000 not and that the Deal will be carried into october on which dealers Are already several million bushels Short. A i vol i ushr of the science 2skjiliii�� Tinalu is Anil things. interview yes 1 shall be glad to toll Tho Ujcik Jurer any to Lila that it May wish to know about the science of phrenology Rind the professor when Tho writer had explained inn Lora. Thoro la so much misconception and to Many Takon ideas about to whole subject that i should almost esteem it a Prev Diego to Stato what Tho a clench really in and what it can accomplish. Cranial protuberances or bumps As hey Aro popularly called Aro not it nil tiie bases of Phreno logical measure Motif. You cannot slide that fact Loo strongly. Nin Cly ii no out of 100 Magino that phrenology is bump ology and Faugh it the idea that All Pic separate passion a and qualities of the mind should Manifest themselves in Hills or hollow on Trio Skull. Thoy Are right in laughing at that idea but unhappily for Tho Point of Tho Joko no Phreno Logist holds or Orer held to it. In is Truo that bumps or Sharp Eluta Lions on the Skull usually indicate recent activity of the Subjacent parts of the brain and depressions Aro of ton caused by a great deficiency of curtain faculties but there will never to found Moro than Turco or four peculiarities of this sort upon any Ono head so that in Ordor to estimate Tho forty three faculties or brain centers recognized in phrenology ills certainly obvious that we must depend upon smooth Long Elso. Trio fact is to to Tormino Trio development of Tho centers by Tho Diar Notor of Tho Hoad at curtain Points or by the Houghl of the head reckoning from Tho Cam and not by bumps. Tho activity of Tho brain and Tho general bout of Trio mind to loll from Tho temperament. A head High and Broad on lop indicates moral sent Mont Ono pinched Low and sloping like a Gable roof shows a Lack of conscientiousness. Great breadth of the head at i to sides indicates love of gain sense of Economy commercial Talent Etc., while Tho High narrow Hoed shows unselfishness and generosity. The Broad Square forehead is tha sign of a thinker due who reflects plans looks below the surface and Inlo Iho future and is often too theoretical. Tho full lower forehead Retro Ling above shows practical judgment and skill in Trio use of tools. Then As to to particular Channel in which certain faculties run to May expect combativeness and Tho Square forehead to incline its possessor to argument and word War while with Low Quality or coarse instincts Conion Riveness would to manifested in Lovo for physical encounters prize fights Etc. A mechanical head Willi a mental temperament makes an artist while with a less sensitive organization Trio individual would be Sall Sli cil at Tho Anvil or Shoemaker s another Suteji of ref tit Nin in Niam Olis ind., oct. In the Iila Iii libel suit against the Sentinel the defendant has presented another series of twelve ques Titus for ?.ir. Blaino to answer. The first three require More particular information As to the time and place of and witnesses to Tho Kentucky marriage what form of marriage or contract was Ontero into giving Tho words uttered Etc. Tie fourth and gift ii inquire As to Tho whereabouts of i Arab c. Ria Wood and 8. To. Blaine. Tho questions from Lith to 10th inclusive require Trio age of or. Blaino and his wife june to 18o0, and require particular information an to Tho movements of or. Blaino and his wife just previous to choir rip to Pittsburg and after living Thero who they saw and who accompanied both or either of Thorn during Tho whole journey. Tho last two questions ask if or. Blaino did not go to a Renison Springs ivy., after his Pinr ring of at Pittsburg and if he did not conduct himself Liko an unmarried Man in his attention to ladies while there. Also How soon after leaving the Springs or. B. Joined his wife. Moorish fancy Morfa Cincinnati in Quisor Tho Moon make vory pretty work in the Way of embroidery Tho labor of Leisure doubtless by fair hands that must be incl through Long hours of ennui. Hugs that Are numberless in Quantity and design flannels and Robes scarfs of every Hue and pattern in which threads of Gold predominate brass work and steel in Trio Way of daggers and sheaths with figures in Iii ii Relief fascinating lanterns of open Iron work with coloured glasses Silver work in the Way of personal ornaments Wilh Rich filigree slippers enough to furnish new patterns for a Clergyman s Surprise All kinds of Metal appendages or the dress and shawls Bale upon Halo. It would to easy to spend $1,000 in Ono of their Lillo bazaars and not Mako any perceptible diminution in Tho piles upon Trio shelves. The nil ii will i Outi. Burlington Law Coyo fashion has decreed British Renaissance in America and in spite of ridicule of opposition of contempt Tho Dudo in of Tho winning Side and will prevail. Our stoves. It is estimated Tho stoves in Tho United states Aro Worth $180,000,000. They number about 8,000,000. Tho people of this country use More Sloves than All the rest of the world together. 0 i j three of ii oat i Ilvo the cd Micah a i Aslo or finite. Pay out. 1.-an Olli Cial Ilion tue Lias Beon to Voivod from iriv Ninh to Tho Effort that Turco French Uniat Whilo Cruz in North on to Mac Ninh River discovered a Camp of 4,000 i Vinesa regulars and immediately opened a upon ilium. Trio ii hexi Wero lot idly unprepared to second their pc i tuition against in attack by heavy gwm hav m but Biru works thrown up Lii a j is Civ easily , Loami is them fully of j sued to a Rotl n 4 lire of p no Ami shrapnel j from t to a Nebo in which to we Down Largo numbers and created n panic in their milks causing Thorn to lice in All direction.-. Tho French loss is stated it one killed and thirty Ono wounded while Tho chinese Iolj u \ postmaster Al is Oral i to tens. A cite of 0-a Lillo after 4 o clock saturday afternoon . Lurton Tho president s private no rotary called on Frank Hutton first assistant postmaster general and informed film that to had been designated by Tho president to act As postmaster Gonora for ton Days film Date. Or. Fatton will continue to act As postmaster general until further advised. a it Lutiny in Job Tormasi. London oct. % it in Learned that in quelling a Mutiny of prisoners at Mandolia a few Days Ngo Tho Burroso soldiers set lire to Tho prison and shot 430 of Tho inmates Whilo they were attempting to Iacapo from Tho burning building. Ens stud. Shipping War Jun Jovial London oct it Trio authorities at avoid wich Are displaying much activity in forwarding War mentorial to Hong Kong. Six Kundrod Tonia of shot Euell and Ord Unco Wero shipped Phonco Woden Day. Facts re8a3sifl3 Mill i m it will purify ii to Earlc Ihu Clor % to Kwh a the liver usual kidneys Heht a for health and vigor of you to f i., v. F a i discuss Rit Milr Lnor i pc raid unit Otti t1.% 1 i is Iii ii Ollun i Sli i Uili ., ii a . it Lilii Liili ii Iii Muk Imi i of us Iuteri i i i v i no , -. F i the loud 8mijilii-s lira in l Nvvf. Ladies Osl Iii in a a v Liv j h. Harter b Iron Toi pc. . It to tvs a or i-1m.1 1h- i1m v fti1. My. This . Fimon. H in . s 1 wis i pm i to Nevi to a 1 no pm Iii of -.lvc Nelv Iri a d 1.1 Ruhr. Iyul Ollil Ori Luul. Fynn i in a it it. Jih to Biol cd i he u i i a his /.�/. It Jef win a tits ul.li-r-=s Tot t.,-. A f \ mo., Lor oni x pin Wjk ii Zooi to Thiu por Piuck Erain a opening december 1,1804 closing a 31,t88tl unwed tubal Smuss of Jim United Stales Gid Ern Menf u to a up of sur 9 Jujj 9 by the general governments contributed by the citizens of new Orleans $200,000, appropriated by Maxi Cut. Appropriated by the Sutic of lout Stanif. O p or. Is / _. A Sytje a . Run Malacca am five Amo ague cont sins i of . Puii Nimir Raj str pcs and is pure vegetal to pc Patmiou a Rte s la of. L f a l Var tvo a Ca. Ivy Al pc Sirij i li.tcr�u, cd i flick Lic add the so clip a or tit i oui no of. In pc Ulinor to their in Yoni or a married of r Iii a to Biol l it no y of this invaluable i1nniilv Ticino. Edori Calfy c1-.cinir.lb, Lewis pc. Rrt a Etc. Tv7 tall i Hoke. A 11t it you cannot Crl " Jewth Peko " from Rudd i i Iii to 111 do act ii or or Jar. Inn ill Lar pit. Of Ruhr Iii fur War j la Eiith a c.t_i a ii t h i 3 is suit Trade a Mark is it Pearly a Lilac cml Tori Parroit Nam. I Viv a Nodi Silty for Trio Liln. . Jul a i 10 to lion or tint a l Ait f a beautifies to complo Jov Eradicator a All Secta of Rechlis to ii j i s r.n-1 of Over j Hind either a ill. In or . A i. ii la the skin pure Clear Lical Tueful . J his Buok font runs nil to it Primig pm Duful or i it Nii a tit Wane to know Largo Olti a 10, once my wry Fow Rama. Health us titty Iiron offre five find Vlco who my Maury Wio not Why. in Rico fancy a Roukat bomb to you. A it by or. Whit x Meh. It Louis. T he �-1.f-pot-Iuif-1. Who euros for life dub laity to blur Rikiyo. Coquil Totoa and Irmo. Eradicates malarial Poison prevent chills and Yovor intermittent Ana bilious Yovor cures Agno and fever indigestion dyspepsia Nervo Nonesa Joss of Sloop female complaints Ana All summer Jui Bordors. Recommended Gall prominent physicians and used for Yearsin the St. Louig hospitals. Sold Freo of u. S. A liquor 6-Loense by All reliable druggists and Desiero. He fuse batters comp a office and 24 & 36 Worth main St., St. Loris to lib Liest Iii so clans for Tuo cell cd Aud curo of dyspepsia rheumatism gout dropsy Colic cholera Jfe Yor & Arne general debility gravel strictures and All diseases of urinary organs kidney and Blu Cloi. Price 81.00 per bottle. It is a Chii Clovis tonic of a mild and Dolorato flavor Milf Orisik entirely from any Obj ice in i in Aliona and devoid of Flint harsh acrid Tasto Whdeh renders the in Trielo known As Holland Fin or schnapps so objectionable. Sold from of j. S. Lac Jour License by All reliable Dale Sand druggists Home betters a no inc . Of of. Am a Herr. ,. R i to a i i is t \ to a i sikr3ri-4 to r i fee Tiri ?.\ \ Ihrl it of ? of a High Farr Shi \ j a for Eutest Riili in to America ii am pit 1.-o\- a ii0 it of rna2s in of Iii =. Tiia Iii. Mlfn0 of left. To Trot Anil a. in ii l .n.-. fun re 1 11 n a r. I i 111 r a 1 r 11 1 i i Rev. 11 ii a. To ? 0 Oil t t of Iliirthn-," a i i a Tantlef a a. -w.r? ill Llly Aska a wow is. Munill.hita.-. I Vainik a. Leaver l Ain find ct1 an to a. Cli iral in. Main an tvs a Kitti in want. Clima ii. ?ili"-.-Ruiu-, Vii i ii a rat Lin in f liar ii. Ohltal-r., . 0\tilnnisa, Faribault. I Wafi. L.,li.-ni-vl . . Toil it l i a k1�. Sci a i Grahn Wilc. I i Al. . r. K 1 -.-.r.l. Flor to i i and in .ni 1 ii. Ami Vankol i. Al re a a. Mihovil.-c-. Iii re m a . Riiimkt., so Ihms Ren mr.nts clip met Chi a a hot i liar Alitia. Kurk do. I Ammie in Nili . . My Tali a , a i him 1,1 ref r in Furj off Farr 6 River in. Ourm i. In Iii . -. I li.wa\. i i. He -.As. Of. Land a Iii Ai. . I arc part ant Ftp talk ar.1 . X . R l i Ai i. 6 find it a ii aia a Lin Oft of. Ii. Iii a Row a l if l a Agi. 1 . I i Iii i ,.,-. Ici Ift h pro ii n i i f. When p v Aal i a Funk 50 ii Crnic Ilia 1, i Luicle lift l Lino Bolwan Chicago and a Paul and w nes 0iis. Miltin Fife to i i a to r.iirr�. Switch Titi la Waii Urr Oit la .1 w . Ill i ii mi.,., in Lar u Tae of 1 " a. A ials/i.�, Khall Lown Iwa . I Kin it of of i a to tiny Rons Phil Ripe. , a i a r f u5j1,, .1 a Lut mkt ii no in limit of. my i t 11 suit i in 11 ,10 ii run l y it Lii mail i Iii Ulim. Ink Iri ii a a n Kryt it it a. l 1 cell l Road in till Wokim i. All i Ink i Umili. X 11 inv /-.i1 cd a k -"1, a. Ii is ii Iii flip Wiiri a a Cla a ail i ,1 Iii Likic Ain l t 11 Oil 11,1a ii Ali. -. 1 ,-1. Iho v ii 1101 i 11 j it 11c Llos 111 till 11. A 1. 11. Kwiw ii Iril of n re it Over rim Milc ii of Wrijil Ami Lias a i i 1, Limur a fins Irma a rim girl cd lies Conidia Iii i m Uio Niillo Iii if patrons. A sit Snurll -. 1 .-1m for to a Tecl Rimini Ami t/,1. Ii. J Khoii . All to my in in Iii i i i is ii ii in. Ii no a narc Lii Travi a i i i.-.i-. Pm l Riel ii la Coinon Iii ii ill i k i ii ill. To i by Foft poorly re 11 i a i 1 r i is i 01 Nikii i-., ill a a 11 ii Ivo flip ii Al. I Iii i Tift Ini i Orsot 1 i i ii a or ohm Iii of mat Ion Neil no. Jour Linual la butt Lilic Elitc. To on i. J Akk. A to. F to n a Ifasi Itaf. Ill , 11.1,. A Fob Sale. A a shul of for fun for Sale conf Isif. Fng of 20 i Enki Sil Baiod on to life North c a looking Park l Ici. Filaoro conf a Iii Ftfe Faim i if of a i Foti ? Fato of Eiliott Valion new find substantial farm ii old lifts Fri Loi Witni frill 01 Wilder a Imi win i Mill Itil Nahod Iso by ii Iii lil Isle Fil id snut 11 i Muir. Tl.i-. I in a Iii k Siivo of i Riiber Utji i Pilici. The 1 Iii in j is b Tift Ftfe Luar 11 Vail jul r a Ifni i Lovirt Freij Mill. N re i i Loi it o t ill Pidino .- Kkt. I k Tiea Iloilo in i
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