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Postville National Advocate Newspaper Archives Nov 13 1884, Page 1

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Postville National Advocate (Newspaper) - November 13, 1884, Postville, Iowa 81.50 a year. Independence and Postville i of thursday november 13, 1884. It is quits a a notion with Farmers How to turn Tho Long Winter months in which nothing grows and the ground is looked in Frost to the Best Neon Rit. Tho husking and threshing All done Somo five months int Orvelle before genial Spring unlocks Tho holds for the Comyne nement of another season d work. The the skillful management and feeding of cattle and hogs in Tho care of Tho Dairy and Young Stock a Thrifty into Logout Farmer will find the any to make every month of Winter a month of profit and thus Coin into Money the profits of his year of toil. Again to Hoar the after election refrain the or Vonbock party is it Lias so often been Sung Republican party that its simulated plaintive nees has become monotonous and excites no attn Tion. This year Tho republicans Aro Likely to to too Busy in attending their own funeral to sing funeral songs Over any other Oor so. Meanwhile the Greo Buck party planted on the immutable principle of the equitable distribution of who pro eods of labor rises elastic and unharmed from Tho contest unfurls it a Banner of equal rights and pushes Oag orly Forward in its heaven ordained Mission knowing that the eternal years of god Are Somo of our Republican contemporaries Aro very eager to place the advocate in opposition to the g. A or. The purpose of such efforts is apparent. Our Noigh Bois Are Welcome to All Tho capital they can make in that direction. Tho advocate is no enemy to the or. A. Ras we said in our first allusion to Tho order its ostensible purposes Are worthy and above criticism. So Are the purposes of a Christian Church but when base or mistaken men attempt to use Tho Church or the g. A. Or. To further political schemes or for partisan purposes to Aro not afraid to Call attention to the fact and we shall Loso no Tonsi Bio Man s patronage for so doing. Religion should Sanctify politics but politics is not a part of religion. Religion Bluins its ends by spiritual Means acting on Tho heart and purifying the motives. Politics obtains its ends through earthly and carnal Means and by compulsion and Foiw. A Ati citizen the Chi i Tian pastor should Vole always and according to his Best judgment. To should nol forget that others with just As pure motives May Siffor wil11 him As to methods Ami differ honestly and conscientiously. Religion is god s method. Politics is Man s method. They Are both proper in their place but it is fatal to mistake Ono for the other. God exists and so Dors mammon but be cannot serve god unit mammon. There is no Deli Ying that the democratic Christian has had no d of immense supplies of i Acu since Tho War. From almost Overy pulpit in Tho North the Democrat has been forced to hear Covert insinuations carefully worded to to stirs no names called but All Tho More pointed and emphatic to Tho effect that democracy was of Tho Dovil that it was disreputable to be a Democrat and that Liko stealing and other outlandish crimes democracy must be renounced preparatory to entering Tho kingdom of heaven. It is really surprising that democratic Chri Staiti have not Long since abandoned Tho Church accounts. Now if Ali Denio Cras have became Tho leading Power expect to see our Church pastors Moro considerate. In counting up Tho results of Tho recent election Tho conic in for a reasonable share of benefits. We Are a Pablo at this writing to Onuki Ortto All that accrues to Uio Greenback by. Congressmen in Michigan Lown Petni-8ylvania,a and Missour Are certain besides local advantages in numerous places. In Many states the Green Buck party holds Tho balance of Power notably in new York prob ably in certainly in Michigan Iova Missouri and doubtless in Othor Scates. The great thing for the Greenback parly now s to Loam to use Tho balance of Power and to Iho bust advantage por this purpose More perfect org quiz Ilion of the party is required. Guju brokers everywhere should organize clubs fill out lists of members in Overy township and locality and prepare for a univ a Intelli gent and effective business political purposes of the Republican party. It Only shows that the Soldier like Tho american citizen in too Sharp As a general thing to walk into so conspicuous a trap. That Tho g. A. R. Has been extensively used by the Republican party for political purposes very member of the order and everybody else known. That it has not been effectual in Over " instance is due to the Good senso or the soldiers not to any Lack of intention on Tho Pari of inc managers. Where during Tho last year has a Democrat or Groo Backer Boon called upon to address a g. A. R. Reunion when has a g. A. It. Reunion failed of being addressed by some prominent Republican politician or candidate who Over heard of a democratic or Greenback document being circulated through the a a. R. That Republican documents have been to a Large extent so circulated to have Tho evidence of the Doc Timonty Thoms Elvos and Tho testimony of responsible members to that Effrof. Confessions. President Garfield was led by some sinister influence it is believed or Blaine s and doubtless Mutoli against his will to make two or three great blunders at the beginning of his administration in the Way of appointments. Ono was Tho removal of Tho now York collector an excellent officer to make room for an influential Man of Tho half Brood party. Another was the removal of a faithful honest and Able pension commissioner to make room for a Mere electioneering politician. removed took a Good care Asho could to prevent Tho frauds continually attempted by pension agents. Tho now Man Dudley wanted a Law to punish people who informed the Bureau of fraudulent attempts to obtain pensions. From first to last this cunning politician has been nursing the soldiers vote and he went to Ohio to reap it. Report says that lie gave it to be known in Somo. Way that pension claimants who voted for Blaine will Liao their claims first attended to. The Brandal caused by this Man s giving in his resignation of Otico two Mouths before the election will not be forgotten. During that two months Helms been drawing the salary of the office without performing its duties but instead acting us chief agent for or. Blaine s election York witness it is Good onco in a while to Honvo a converted sinner confess his past iniquities. Tho now York witness Chilom an ardent Republican religions Papor now Rit. John prohibition refers to two important items one of past and the other of present history. Or. Garfield was elected largely on the plea of civil service Reform. Ono of Tho first acts of or. Gari Ioka was to remove an efficient and honest collector at Tho new York. Custom House to make room for a Henchman. This opened Tho door for the controversy that culminated in Tho ass tis. Sina Tion of Tho president by an Lunatic wrought up via Trio excitement of Tho conflict. It was Tjio history of Saul Over again. Saul wog anointed by god s command to Load his people Saul was commanded to _ go nod destroy. Agag. Saul. Went but. Saved the Best of the cattle and Tho sheep and brought agag Alivo. Thou Samuel denounced Saul and foretold his destruction because a he obeyed not the voice of the lord. Tho death of Saul is familiar to All Bible readers. Tho death of Garfield is a warning to All politicians who pose As reformers to get Votos and then ref so to Reform when elected. Tho politicians nursing Tho soldiers worst class of demagogues Aro those that nurse the soldiers vote. There is not n Soldier in the land who has not Boon urged to vote the Republican ticket on Tho plea of special personal advantage such As is alluded to by the witness in Over own District Tho some thing has been played interests of Henderson. The Soldier s Voto in Othor words has been bought with promises of special personal service in his behalf Over and above what other soldiers not so voting would be entitled to or expect to eighth s Kox Jyh Tho fact stated by the bulletin that ttys out of eight Veteran soldiers worked on election Day for the fusion ticket is no refutation of our statement regarding the evidences that the g. A. R. Is operated for Tho under Stato or municipal or local . words obligation or other Security of Tho United states shall be held to mean All Bonds Corti Vicatos of indebtedness National Bank currency coupons United states notes Treasury Notos fractional notes certificates of Deposit Bills Chook or traits for Money drawn by or upon authorized officers of Tho United states Stamps and other representatives of value of whatever denomination which have been or May be a sued under any act of Congress. Thos. Meredith a wealthy Gre Rui Backer of Cass county this state or Guys one phase of the Money question As follow know a men i thesis piss Snoe that i Thomas. Meredith of Brighton Siiss county Iowa am hold and firmly bound in the sum of , lawful Money of , to to paid Viilo any person who will Deposit in the ban it of Atlantic one Hundred dollars for my use and Benefit in. Consideration of the giving of Tine Bond for the payment of which i bind myself my heirs executors and administrators firmly by those presents. Dated october 11, ism. The condition of the above obligation is such that if Tho said Thomas Meredith will pay All state comity and municipal Tatos for the year 1884 on All Treasury Fotou called Green Bitows and All National Bank currency in lie hands of any or All residents and citizens of ,comity,Iown, then this Bond to to void otherwise in full Force and virtue Thomas Mihk Ditri.  of yid Beira i do. Hot want your one Linin " Dre Tho very Mon whom some Delig a i crucify. It appears that no ifgj#?0tt8 Story that a Devilish spirit iwas d of hatred of Tho right and thrust out but that has besjf.6d in Overy conceivable Way or. Weller in Tho last few woeful this spirit of hatred of the demands of labor feels that Mathas made a Victory in Tho Apparow defeat of or. Wellor. Let us of Tho facts As shown by to record of Tho votes cast. Report hath it that or. Weller ran far ahead of his ticket in Tho District. That Green backers scratched his Namo and substituted that of or. Puller to make a difference of 200 in Tho count that or. Weller carried his own county and eight of Tho twelve townships in his county that with Tho entire Voto of Ono township in each of Tho five counties against him save one Sot aside to has a majority in every county in this District. It is now known and can to shown that Money Boon used in Large sums throughout the District to buy and Hotbo voters Whoso misfortunes and necessities make them an easy prey to such allurements under such distraught. Tho Man ought to be shot Wiio would make an Opportunity of his followers necessity and Force his ballot for a candidate not in his into Cist but who would be a especially opposed thereto if elected. When will the people stand by their own i Jun and their own interests Llo a lug Ohl How Long before we lhd\l4bot log men and women of our i air land will a stand together pull Roget Sci Aud labor along the line for a victory1 Over Tho monopolies that curse report hath it that there Wilt to a contest Over the congressional matter and that a find has been by Ouight to Light that will Maku the seating of or. Weller certain and at the same time expose the infamous to Eaith used to secure votes on Iho Republican Side. G. A. H. Tho Iowa transcript of Cedar rapids mesdames Wilson and Latham editors has the following regarding the presidential situation at last Tho Long in spouse is ended. The result of Tho recent election a determined and Tho people of these United states have at lust secured Tho Long talked of change of administration. Tho men of this great nation a this highly enlightened Ohri tinn nation Havo declared that morality and virtue Are not essential qualities in Tho character of their chief magistrate. They have told Tho Young Mon of this country that a persist out sowing of the wildest species of wild Oats even to the mature ago of 47 years is no Barrier to their Elevation to the highest office in Tho gift of the people. Tho election of Cleveland can to regarded Only As a Groat National calamity by Tho very thoughtful virtuous Man and woman and the patriotic Home Loving citizens of. Both sexes should now clo the themselves in stick cd Fath and ashes and a food uni Wail for the insult offered to that which i3 to them most sacred. The Republican party is Alono to blame for Tho present democratic Victory. They May anathema ize St. John and Butler and Tho adherents of both. St. John May be a political Benedict Arnold and Butler and his followers May. To fanatics and Cranks but Tho truth remains that during of a Century of Power Tho Republican party had the Opportunity to Tuko up Tho important issues which Are represented by the now parties and give them their in Dors Mont. It is to be Rog rotted that policy and partnership prevented it from doing so. Could this grand old party which removed Tho Yoke of bondage from a nation of slaves have lifted the burdens from Tho. Labouring classes guarded and protected the Homes of the people by removing the Sanction of Law from the Saloon and granted the Stuno rights and privileges to All classes of citizens regard loss of sox there would Havo been no nod of a new party and no Misatis faction with the old Ono. Cowardice and Sollis Noss Havo rung the death Knell of the Republican party but a there is a future for some Brave Independent political party which has the moral courage to stand by its principles firm in Tho belief that the truth crushed to Earth shall Rise again. The eternal years of god Aro transcript. What is Money by ii. E. Ward. A Tho natural skin Romedy is Pearl s White Glyco Rieno. You have Only to use Ono bottle to convince you that its curative qualifies upon the skin Aro Wondu fill. For infants and children it is Indis Ponsillo druggists keep it. Chapter i. There a so much misconception or perhaps More properly want of Conception of the full meaning of this term Money so much groping in the Dii Knoss so much bewilderment in seemingly Inge Netrous Hie fogs or floundering in inextricable quagmires that i cannot longer refrain from an Effort at a simple synopsis which indeed seems so very simple that the Only wonder is that any thinking person should Manifest any bewilderment about it. In the thousand and one definitions Given by political economists All Well enough in their Way none seem to be adapted to the common comprehension 110110 seem to go to the Bottom of the subject so As to remove Tho last lingering doubt from the mind of Tho inquiring masses. Aside from the misconceptions of honest political economists stand the horde of party politicians on the one hand and soulless demagogues on the other to mislead the people for purely partisan considerations or wheedle them into believing a falsehood by their Ingen ions Sophis tries and most prominent in this category stands the partisan press. The former class As , Henri Oer Mishi John Stuart Mill and Many others As Well As the supremo court of the United of caters will teach that Money is a Creaturo of Law and therefore May be made of any thing the most convenient or most suitable whether it be costly or the latter will insist that it is nothing but Gold and Silver. Money is not created by Law hut is Ever a product of nature. Ingersoll s lecture. That Gold avid Silver Are Money and that nothing but Gold and Silver is Money and that nothing can be made Money but Gold and Silver constitute the Trinity of eternal Unity in regard to . Doc. Palmer. The Trinity of eternal nonsense Tho greenbacks says president elect Garfield in his inaugural address with his right hand of the gospels and the oath to faithfully adm Mist a the Laws of Tho United states upon his Tongue a re not Money while at the same time the Law of feb. 25, 18g 2, creating them was staring him full in the face. These notes Slud lbs lawful Money and a Legal tender now when Tho chosen leaders of Tho people emphatically contradict the teachings of the Ablest economists and c in question the decisions of the highest courts and even the Validity of Tho acts of Congress and insist that the doctrine that the government has the right to make its notes a Legal tender Money is false and that for it to do so is a tyrannous usurpation of Power what Aro we to do about it can we find Tho key to unlock this that has been erected upon the ruins of human Liberty or can we Sunder the chains hich Havo Ever manacled the willing limbs of a subservient race ? can we find arguments so persuasive is to Nainor and win the a. From their loves or present truths so tangible As to inspire la Weir Confidence and at the same time so manifestly Sef evident As to. Be overwhelming this our financial writers seem to be unable to accomplish. If the people can to made to see Tho underlying principles of this to them abstruse question there May be some Hope of letting in a Little Light upon their bewildered understanding. If can be made to see Why it is the ii Chin ire a Prev me of government to Issue Money they May possibly be Able to reject the Sophis tries of the capitalists. Our currency reformers uniformly rely upon the argue Merit that government has tiie right or constitutional Power to make or create Money while the capitalists persistently retort that though it May have the absolute Power it is not a True Eon Stittig Tionel Power therefore it is usurpation and the people not be Tieying in the doctrine that the King can do no wrong Are bewildered. It is not enough to. Prove that government has the right or Power pc _ create the Money Lor the truth is it has no Power to do other Wise nor never did have and indeed in the very nature of things it never can have As we shall see for the Only object of this paper is if possible to present this matter a a clearer and More common sense Light than has hitherto been done. Not from any standpoint of expediency of a of Benevolence of altruism the Law of Loye or the Law of Christ even not hut that christianity May Manifest itself in this department of human affairs As Well As in any other and run Haye Russ. Further quotations Aro Isnec Cussary. These ought to sink deep into the people s consciousness for they Tench truths too Selt evident to be misunderstood. It is As Plain As noon Day that the Money which Tho government disburses is in no real sense an equivalent for the services rendered. 11 is Only made i he Legal payment Mica note it in a re cd or upon All he fro Nii in Ike Market throughout the nation Winch the p Ople by their civil compact Are pledged to Honor. Classes Isi american society Lyom Tho t us York truth. Some of our contemporaries in discussing Tho Morosini Case make fun of the lather for Bis disgust at having a Coachman son in Law and say it is absurd because hero Are no classes Here. This perhaps was once True it May be True still in the Remote parts of the country hot in the cities and the Groat centers of population ind business we have classes More distinctly marked than any where else in the world. No classes Here Why our classes have More vigorous bold upon the Community than in countries like i England where cast recognized. Willi us wealth is the test of position. Money March Tho Tren Lemau the want of in Tho fellow. Learning culture deportment Worth All go for nothing unless bucked by a Bank account. The Young Man who has his Way to make in Tho world is snubbed in circles be could adorn unless be miters Uio in under false pro tenses lives a lie by assuming the j Possession of Wwall. On the other j band the vulgar fellow who has made his Way who is Rich no matter How be became so is welcomed everywhere. As a consequence the american girl is either put up at auction or forced to live a life in de gradation and shame. Money is making the same monopoly of society that it. Has made of polities and business. Jay Young no ii refuse to marry unless Thoy a marry Rich. What was love in the Days of our fathers is vice now. Half the Young men we meet in the Street have Only two Aims in life to entrap the heiress into marriage to betray the innocence that is unprotected by wealth. The greed for Money is making sad havoc with the matrimonial Market. Tho Young Man i hat condescend to marry must have dollars with a Wile. Beauty he will degrade if to can the gifts thai one adorned womanhood to will trample under his feel pearls before Swine but he will Weil . Physical mental and moral if it is by Money. The result of All ibis is  Iha i or. No longer have what is in a plied by the name of Home. The Hearthstone is Bro leu up. Young men and even Young girls live in the Street. Society so called holds its revels in taverns. Even family ties Aro loosened and All of the safeguards of Vert to broken Down. All this is a sad sign for Tho future the Saddest and worst of which it is possible to Oon Celivo for future society it desolate the Home. It makes Tho Hearth a Moo Kory. It makes of what Calls itself society a Community of Hyp doritos. Our Young men Are becoming gamblers in the haunts of business and adventurers in Tho domains of fashion. The Rich and the seekers of Sci riches disdain Worth Beauty and accomplishment unless thrown in with the Cash Bonds and real estate that go to make up the qualifications of a wife. There Aro two us Tho Rioh and the poor. Is it any wonder then that the poor people of this country Havo become unhappy and dissatisfied is it any wonder that Tho honest toilers who Aro Tho Bono and sinew of the Jle Public should to arraying them solves against monopoly when wealth in monopolizes rank station business polities Matrimony society this question is not simply a social one. It has to do with morals culture integrity. A Community that is devoted solely to the Hunt after Tho Dollar must to degraded by Tho search. It Puis a High Prico upon marriage a Low Price upon virtue. Everything that is dear to thing that ought to to sacred to manhood Down and the result is a race of social hyenas who will Only consent to marry when marriage becomes new Cussary to Tho Transfer of property. New haves aug. 11,1882. Messes. Lewis & co. Gentlemen i Havo been troubled for the past two years with nervous headache arising i suppose from di3popsia, and also have had a Pam m Tho Region of my kidneys. I am pleased to inform you that after two weeks use of your Lewis Peko i am completely relieved of pain and fool Liko a now Man. While making this statement i will say further that my wife has for a Long time been a great sufferer with menstrual prostration some times being confined to Bod a week it a time and her menses while very irregular often every two weeks would flow so profusely As to completely prostrate her. She has used two bottles of your Lewis Peko and taken no other Medicine and is to Day us regular and natural As any woman. It is solely duo to Tho use of Lewis respect Lully yours Cius. . No. 3-1 Prout ht., new Haven Conn. His prayer. Boston. . God sop Yousaf my Little Lovo All through Tho night. Meet close in hib of Ipoh cd Iii arms. Until the Light. That to Wuu Llinda Venso at Ion in Reading it but while sitting there a Hall out him through Tho Back of Tho Rico l deep enough to break Tho his head dropped Forward a Little and Thornl lies fat. I Al Over in . Han rib . My heart you As ?Neol to Pray Good night god Toop you in his. Cara Ahvay thick shadows creep like silent ghosts about my head Hose myself in Tonder dreams i Wail overhead a a. Tho noon Homos stealing through Tho Windom. ,. Bars. A Silver Sicklo gloaming mid the stars. For 1, though i Ani far Awny a a a i a a feel Safe and Strong   to Trust you thus dear love and yet Tho night is Long i,.say with sobbing breath Tho old fond prayer. Good night Sweet Dro Amsl god keep you a every where after the Bamish  Joaquin Miller sing banners and Cannon and Roll of Druml the. Marshalling to Cannon to Cannon and Earth struck Maui of Battle in s Jug is a glorious thing of glorious Day Riding Down to Tho fight of glorious Battle in Story and song of godlike Man to Dio for Tho right. Of manlike god to revenge the wrong Yea Riding to Battle on Battle Day Why a Soldier is something Moro than a King i but actor Tho Battle Tho Riding away a. Tho Ridiner away a another Thurl the Battle fiend Lial k in a name Philadelphia Timos thousands of Yards of Smyrna Ruga Are Mado in Kensington this City thousands Moro in Groat Britain. Tho Namo of a carpet is Giftos Little in these Days con Tho Icid Kunii instep 1 or ingrain carpet is no Ion got made in Kidderminster nor Tho Mecca prayer rus i Mecca. Philadelphia to Day makes mom goods than All England and she Calls Thorn Brussels venetians dutch a ministers. Arhat indeed in i a name Massachusetts produces Tho highest Grade Brust oly Wilton s and ingrain. The Tinio is past when Tho fact that a carpet is of English origin ban any Influent of in a Sale. Twenty two million dolinvs1 Worth of Philadelphia goods Armado and sold Evory year. Competition is Sharp and not Only Are the yarns doctored with foreign subs Juncos hut Tho colors used Are in Many cases reduced when dry and old to a Mere dust which can to literally swept with astir Broom from the floor. A practice which has crept into the retail Trade is this. If a buyer discovers that he has certain goods which Are unsatisfactory he puts u. Premium on them of 5 or 0 cents a Yard and this induces the salesmen to pay special attention to Thorn. They Aro what Are commonly known As stickers in Stock and Tho purchaser is very Likely to have this undesirable rubbish palmed off. Upon him if to is at All influx need by Tho enthusiasm or assurances of the Avo Rago Salesman who 3-Oaps direct Oxtra profit by Tho transaction. A novel in if Rich. Philadelphia. Call miss up Porton i did not meet you at any of Tho summer resorts this season. Miss Bow Orten no 1 remained in the City. Miss up Porton How horrible but then i suppose times Are rather hard now for Somo people. I wont Overy where and had a Lovely time Uny there were very few Young men to to soon. Ily Tho Way you remember or. Nio Ofellow to both so much admired he said this Spring he was Tumble to Leavo Tho oily except for a Day or so but 1 heard while i was away that to had fallen heir to a i of oooo and was that i did not meet him at any of Tho watering places. It cannot to that to remained in the Dull City after getting All that wealth miss Low Orten be he said to did not care to go away this summer its expect to to in Europe All next season. Miss upper ten Yow miss Low Orton yes on our wedding tour you Fisli Iii Village Detroit free press in most of Tho new England of Lubing villages Oyei married woman is spoken of As the Widder so and so. Her husband May a in the Best of health at the Timo but they it a the handle so As to get accustomed to it it s Only a question of Timo. Thera is decided alarm again at now Orleans lest Tho capricious Mississippi May go a Hing to the Gulf through Tho Atchafalaya and leave tiie City stranded As an Inland town. I Lio Stinst pleasant evening Exchange they were alone. Jle was stretched on Tho 60fa looking into the grate wondering Why Coal was not sold for �5 a ton instead of Fusho was Reading Tho morning Unpi r. A conversation a dialogue occurred Hubby dear what is it pet you need t buy to that Jursey that to were Locking at i would t Wear Ono for Tho world. Here is an article that says the Pleura Neu Nionia has broken out among the jerseys and Many Havo to took the tongs and pulled Down the just in a hat is Homo without a Mother " from the Wall and stuck it in Tho fire. It was the last pleasant evening of their lives. As an old Soldier describes it in his diary. Quito different from tic sentimental Cju in of Trio orator looking Over Ilic Field burying a Tho deed. Pittsburg dispatch Tho fourth of july orator loves to talk about the held of carnage. To says Tho ground is red with blood and that dead bodies lie so thickly that one cannot walk without treading upon Thorn. This is the Meriest Bosh imaginable. How Many Mon would it Havo Takon to thickly strew Tho Bat to fold of chaps n Hills or How much blood to paint it red Tho ground fought Over was about nine Miles i length and from one to four Miles in Width. This Doos not include Tho cavalry operations. Oliero were not men enough in both armies to strew it thickly if every one of Thorn had been killed and strewn around. Tho diary from which Tho sketch of Tho Battle was taken contains Tho Notos of a tour of a portion of Tho Field Tho next Day which Are Moro reliable than Tho sentimental gush of Tho orator or Tho lurid sketches of Tho War correspondent Hospital Chaplin Hills ky., oct. 0.-fighting is bad business. Ii is cruel it is Damnable but there is Only rom enough in this country for Ono Flag and Tomt Flag is Tho stars and men May coma and men May go but the old Flag shall stay forever. Bragg skipped Olf last night in the direction of Harrodsburg. Our batteries sent out coolers but got no response and it was not Tang after Daylight until it was Learned they had All gone bag and baggage leaving their dead for us to Bury. They sent in burial squads last night but instead of looking after their killed they went to killing our pickets whereupon Tho Tonico was declared Oft and Toiv squads scat Back. All Day Long ambulances kept coining in with wounded that had been picked up in Odd places or overlooked last night. Tho rebels were kind to our wounded always giving Thorn attention but not until after their own had been cared for. As Thoy had Possession of that portion of Tho Field where our regiment did most of its fighting a number of our wounded fell into their hands. In company with two other slightly wounded men i went Over that portion of Tho told where our division fought. Tho place looked natural enough and save for the number of twigs and Small limbs covering the ground and. Tho scars on Tho Trees Thuro was nothing to show that anything unusual had be ongoing on. I looked in vain for the heaps of dead and the pools of blood so much talked about by stump speakers and poets. Up on Tho Knoll where to recoil of Tho first Volley to found three or four bodies. Then following Tho direction of Tho regiment As it changed front to found several More Down in the hollow where to hammered Tho Twenty second Mississippi hard there were a Good Many Clond robs. I stood up on a log where i could Seo All around for a considerable distance and i could Only count about a dozen bodies. As near As to could estimate our regiment fought Over fifty acres of Grousl. Our loss in killed on Tho hold was about thirty. Supposing the rebels lost Tho same that would Muko sixty or a Little Moro than one Man to the acre. That is not very thick strewing. Sometimes there Are two or three in a Loco but generally they Uro lying around Evory Ono to himself. There were details from each regiment sent out to gather up their dead and by them. Tho four killed in my company Woie buried under an Oak tree on Tho Hillside near where they fell. Stout stakes wore Drivon in Tho ground at Thoj head of ouch grave of which was carved Tho Namo of Tho a occupant. The names Wero also carved on Tho Oak tree together with the number of Tho grave Tho Bast to could do was to wrap the boys in their blankets closely cover them Over with leaves and then Tumble in Tho dirt. It was not much like a funeral it was Moro of a business matter. Tho idea was to keep Tho bodies in As Good shape As possible so Thoy May to recognized if their friends come after them. I suppose our folks at Homo would think us a hard lot if they could see How Inch trently to look on a dead Man. While out in the the Cornfield Noar where Toomis Battery had such u Long hard tussle i saw them carry a lot of dead rebels up to whore a Long Trench had Boon dug. Thoro must have Boon Tifty bodies and when Tho Trench was finished Thoy commenced putting them in. At first Thoy Wero dropped Down carefully but. The Bys got tired As it was n. Very unpleasant Job and began tumbling them in with hand spikes As they would a log. Sometimes ony would Tumble in face Down Ward and the boys would sing out about face close up on Tho left cover your file Leader if you get tired turn Over and Tho like. It sounded a Little rough but these Are rough times and this is rough business besides these Are rough men. They Are from Kentucky and they hate n rebel even after he is dead. While coming Back to Tho Hospital to found Ike Bro ii of c company hanging across Tho Fence Doad. To gave out yesterday while to wore on Tho skirmish Lino and to was not Able to get into a Wagon. After getting rested i suppose to started to Hunt us up and while climbing Over the Fence to was struck with a Bullet and there lie stopped. Tho Ball passed through his stomach and and spine. To was no Coward else to would have faced the other Way Whon he had such a Good Chance. Several dead men have been found in hollow logs or behind logs or rocks As though Thoy had been wounded and crawled in there to protect themselves. Ono poor fellow a at by Side a big to a with a Bible in his hand. He had Boon passed a dozen times and Moro during Tho Day by ambulance Drivers and burial Mauds but they All thought that to was alive. He had been shot in the thigh and lie Hail gone to this tree for Protection talk inc i life a out he to Kueht. No doubt. A Tery was posted the ground was torn fully had we Urcina ined Oliero. With would Havo b Een terribly hammered must Havo been at least a dozen bad around there but somehow Thoro were a put Many men Hurt i guess shells do their my Sec effective work in scaring Trio boys Bhella howl . A to  a Good Many solid shot and Shell lying around and bullets Warp Tbs Elf enough when Ohio got Down and looted closely for Thorn a laying sentiment aside Rind holding your Noso so you could t smell Tho Doad Horesi you would not Havo been Able. To Isoo thing about that old Cornfield different from any . A fact a person. Not of what had been going on Thoro sniff it easily pass from of Ign Hoof Tho Field a to lib other without knowing lie was. On it bitty Field. There Isa Groat Deal written 1 about Battles and Battle Fields that is not Borhy out by the facts. A " a forty Ocean steamers lie Idle a a Tho docks at Sunderland England and most of the ship Yards Aro closed. Subscriptions Aro being Mado by the Public for Tho Ivo Kuien. Working a Barber shop. A seedy a Way of Mak ing a Irvine Cash hot no Skiavo new York Foj Chango a Long individual with a shiny coat and frayed browsers sat in a Down town Barber shop last night and fondled a work s growth of a stubby Board that looked As if it might have Boon knocked off with a tack Hamnio but could be separated from his visage in no other Way. Liko dickens1 ghost of Artho was working that Beard for All it was Worth is solid capital. Tho shop was crowded with Unshon and unshaven men in a hurry to get Home after work. Tho seedy gentleman exposed his Chin and airily looked Over a newspaper until the Harbor said next and then started up from his seat. A choleric old gentleman looked at him for a second with glowering despair and then said say my Good fellow if you will let to take your turn i la stand a treat for your you re my Man was Tho reply. Fork Over the fifteen cents was handed him and to relapsed into his chair and continued his newspaper and his digital wanderings in Tho a Irsuto wilderness on his face. Tho old gentleman got his baldness trimmed up Aud his whiskers dressed Down and loft. The Barber again called next and the seedy individual again Hast Ifo arose. A Busy looking clerk Luzod upon thu with sad pathos and said look hero. Really if you let to come ahead of you i la give you a Quarter and stand you re Tho Oyster i m huntin1 for,1 said Tho seedy Ono. And again was his pocket made Richer by Tho addition of a in cent piece. He leaned Back and watched Tho ton sorial operations on the frontispiece of the clerk with a wealthy chuckle but a third time arose As Tho Barber called next and a third time was to intercept of and propitiated by Somo anxious customer with a piece of Silver. This Little Industry he worked until to had obtained 61.0. At last Tho Harbor said to him look hero. You la read All Tho printing off those papers if you stay there much longer. Como on if you want to get Tho s. I. Saw that Tho Harvest was Over and assuming a Napoleon at St. Helena attitude said scornfully shave do yer s Poso i m Goin Tor let yet rasp Over me Check with that old Corn knife of yours not much. Am i Goin Tor have this Here Beard Cut off when it enhances my personal appearance a veil not frequently. Guess i la Leavo if i m to be insulted. and he walked off to try Tho game somewhere else. Kit Imiyo a Sci sooner vane. Chicago journal the Tower of Tho now Board of Trade a now rapidly soaring completion. Tho mulching touch will to put on Tho spire in a Short time Whon Tho weather vane will be raised to its Perch. It will consist of a Schooner in full sail not Cut out of a shoot of Metal but made in every respect Liko a Model. Tho mechanical work on the Schooner has been finished. It is nine feet Long eight feet High and is built of Sheet Copper throughout. It weighs close to 200 pounds and about 100 pounds of ballast will have to be stored in its Forward hold to balance it As Tho support passes up into Tho Forward Mast. It will receive a double coat of gilding Whon it a finished. The Schooner together with its mounting and Tho putting of it up will coat no of. It will no doubt present a very Fine appearance provided it does not occur to Tho beholder How absurd it is for a Schooner to sail All Iho time against the wind for of course the to sprit is made Tho Pointer. The Public will f Al a great interest in Tho immense clock and loll to go into Tho Tower. Tho contract Lias Boon let to a clock company of Kew England. It is classed among the company s products As its no. 20, Centennial Monument though in Point of fact the company has never made As Largo a clock before. It will be in general like Tho clock the company Mado for Independence Hall in Philadelphia but much larger. In fact it will be the largest and most powerful clock in the United states. It will Oporto not Only Tho four ten and a half foot dials in the Tower but a six foot dial in Tho main Hall and a thirty Inch dial in the delivery room Ull by Nice Danical connections without the Aid of electricity or pneumatic pressure. It. Also supplies Tho Power for striking Tho hour on the Gong in Tho main Hall As Well As on the 4,500-Pound Bell in the Tower italian Lorl a Lac new York cur. Philadelphia times there Aro nearly ,000 italians living in various parts of now York most of whom belong to the lowest classes. Nearly one third of their number live in. What is termed Tho italian Quarter which comprises the lower part of the sixth Ward. Of this 25,-000 nearly five eights Aro children. What these children do is known to new yorker who meet hundreds of them As Boot Blacks Flower vendors newsboys and paddlers of a thousand and Ono Little things which Are Mado in their houses. It will to noticed that a Largo proportion of these children arc girls of not Moro than 12 or years of age. Many even younger who Wear with Manifest Pride u wedding ring of brass or Silver. They Are regarded with a curious resp it by the Little Urchin with whom Thoy coins Joe for Tho Sale of matches newspaper or fruit. Followed to their houses these girls May to seen Tansem Blo on the rink qty Steps of the hives in which they live at Sundown and in the evening especially in summer tini3, when Many have babies in their arms attending them with every manifestation of matronly affection and treated by Tho Fiercy bearded italians who lounge about As their wives. These girls Aro married when they Aro 12 years old Aud live with their husbands As soon As Tho ceremony is performed Asa Rule they Are murrio.1 by Catholic clergymen who require the presence of Tho girl s parents at Thi marriage. In Italy these Early marriages Uro the Rule rather than the exception. Tho girls of this age Aro usually quite pretty but a few years of married life transform them into the hideous hags who patrol the streets investigating Tho contents of Ash barrels and garbage boxes. It requires but about four years of experience for those child matrons to Ocomo aged. There is no Law to prevent these Early a marriages where Tho consent of parents or guardians a Given and society is unable to Cope with the growing evil
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