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Postville National Advocate Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1885, Page 3

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Postville National Advocate (Newspaper) - January 1, 1885, Postville, Iowa A.31. Clare. & co in . In he. C f butt under e Siuk to Kab or oink of a Liisia Ilion urn two. Beylea Doug lube i it. My tin Brick Drof store in Tiff Brick Block Rod cd a a a lib re. Urn .15vu.ii Muguir. Hirst in i zip it Iii t,-.fki a us of j Vei Lars busiut�8. Tiny have town italic oatcriiribiiigu3 Jio Pulner i la ii in Siuea Hiern for Vars Ana inn of Lititz & a elzo1 located in the Brick Block. Thin firm we cd air i 2hk xab1.y his toe Birbb Udem of with tee Bull whip he 1h a pkg and we in Hooks 31. Thie arcing Litow Iown is located j in the Outt the atari Norunn of Alio Mikee comity and in composed of Boul 1,000 . Bit Natell a a at is on two almost direct Linen of Arius oud to the great Metropolis a Ohio us of she Iyub Texcell Ltd Iaci Litie Lor Obi Pink hts products. The town in stir rounded on every bide inline of the most Beti Raiful and in Rifle per Tibb of the state. Being on the i ride lib Woei tit Turkey and yellow i Vece the plat of the town pre Sente an almost 3ev.�l appearance lolling gently to the North and South just enough Lor Good drainage. The climate is healthful in the a a Treme us statistics a id. The Farmers in on Vicinity Are Uince the Advent of Stock raising and the Cream interest almost without Eso Eption thriving and in easy . Tab goes fur to Limhow that Postville in on the improve. Newby Sinee interest Are Coli Tiara Auy being projected and we predict \ Lor her in the near future a Boom that will a Bur Pribe to liar neighbouring towns. Of the Early Lri Story of the town we will give but a Brit of sketch As we desire to Deal More with present than the past. A user As we can learn the permanent settlement of Post township Wiite x 9ople was begun Early in 1841, Jobi Post wind Wab granted the commanding officer of it. A Crawford Wisconsin the privilege of occupying the  half Way House 7 built the United states troops i half Way Between it. Crawford wis and it. Atkinson Iowa. The document granted him the privilege of occupying said Bouse and stables and enlarging and improving on them Jit is pleasure. Ble was pro Lii Bibbd from keeping any spirituous lion crib in Hie Bouse on any pretence Sefl from trading with the indians except permit fusion of the Indian agent. The House was to kept open free Al charge to the Public and or. Post was to under the orders of the commanding officer of it. Crawford. This shanty or half Way House a it a was called consisted of a log building 16x20 feet and a stable also of logs somewhat larger. In the Winter of 1642, or Post and Richard Only built a More commodious building which afforded very comfortable accommodations for trav elders. The business was continued Here for two years when special permission of the commander of the military department it was removed to the present site of the town and at this time received the name of Postville. A recommendation dated january 19th, 1849, was prepared general a. C. Dodge then senator of Iowa that a Post office established at pal Ottille and that Joel Post appointed postmaster but or. Post never knew of his commission As he died before it was received january 24th, 1849 and Elijah Stevenson was the first postmaster. The Village plat at this time consisted of four blocks of eight lots each and was Laid out at the creasing of the military Road wit i the West line of Section 33, s p Hicks county Surveyor in 1853. The first regular store was opened in 1851 Josiah d. Heed & co. A Blacksmith shop was also opened in 1851 one Draper who was succeeded James Boll in 1855 who erected a Small Frame hotel. In 1856 the store of bed & co., was purchased Samuel j. It assail and the next year the commodious National hotel was erected mrs. . Soon after this the Mcgregor & Western railway was built through the North part of the town and s station erected the first trait Amy mpg aug. 8th, 1864. This gave a fresh impetus to business and one Hundred acres of land was Laid out in lots near the station mrs. Post John ii Bowler Joe Renolds and j. T. Stoneman. As the surrounding country became settled and improved in value the town also improved in a like ratio until in 1871 the assessed value of the total amount of property was $225,026. In 1872 the Burlington Cedar rapids & Northern railway company completed the Milwaukee division of their Road and business for the company Here Wab commenced. Thus in a few years our Little Halfway House on the military Road has developed into a thriving1 town of. Nearly 1,000 inhabitants. Step j Tublin incl in 1bh2, under the Vuini of j Holter. Seb Ultz & to Etzel. Our hol i Ter then being the Honor Purrier. He Coni Nudd in the brain ebb for one j your it that time withdrawing a priv ing the firm name at Prebe it. J this firm although the youngest in , their Hout Jhuty and j Eynard dealing principle built up u Trade that will sound them and one of which they May Well proud i both or. and or. A a Ezel Are j will renown through out tht1 surround j ing country having lion cd h irked in i lie clerks i the differ j ent Hoies Hare before Thema Elvee in Bubines i. They of ploy two a albumen it e h. Tjien i and or. Geo. Camion. They have been very Lite Al advert kerb Irein the j a flt and Fiance the publication of the i Aii Ocate it thie Plant to a have Given it a support not equalled Sny other firm. Been in Busine a Lien for have the eur tit Coli Idenna of Itie people. The y know the Bulut of printers Ink. Und adv erase Guite is j pensively. He and tube Douglass with the Saia sauce of Ohori if Uny Leah attend to the wante of cuff Tomoras. A. Staadt Albi bed his won Gas i Frey. Nurry on their drug store on i i Lawlur i treat opposite Pio Bertt Bocre i and to All Are doing a very Good Bush ideas. He Carriet a quit i a Large line of Standard drug Bibo Btu tonary will in Ter etc., and i As he has Lwon in Buai Nebe Here f or n j number of Ybars he Hub the entire i conf Dimce of the people us unix Perie Nowfel druggist. True will next mention Holer s , a and confectionary attn Atad opposite the Public Guiu We take pleasure in baying that this is without doubt the finest establish-1 ment of the Hind in sort Libra Loru. J or. Miller his business perfectly and also Joss the Hap a Ian lev of making to Grything pleas Sext we come to the Large ont a. Mrs. Miller a. Fits Thim to preside Over the bal he Ament. It will perhaps in place to Hare mention the other Rete Grants. Juhn Thoma keeps a very Fine line of confectionary and fancy groceries in his building one door East of the Bank. Be Ateo to bib a lunch room. S Asci new midst to Day those who have watched her the first and who can recall to memory a time when poet township was a wild land Many parts of which White Man s foot had not trod. Bat we must draw this part of our article to a close und Deal with the business of our Village to Day. We j have shown what she has been and j will now attempt to show what she is. Perhaps the most important line of omness and the we one shall t mention first in dry goods Aud Gener Al merchandise and for the bake of Bonveno mice to ourselves and the Madras we win Ife eci. Commo Diotis store of Skelton Ewen which was established it i my 1s79, Skelton & a ferry. In 1880, or Mcewen purchased s Qatar in the business and i has i Niue been run Tuider he present i Kiriu name. Both of these gentlemen Are old and Erp Erienne business men Well known and respected the entire Community. They carry a Large and Raj a Biilly a elected Stock of goods and buyers at this stare May j Abb us Erl of securing fresh go ids at honest Price. John Holter is i their Ela Sinan. The next he the Sams Side of the i Street is the Well known Esta Blifil i Mant of f. W. Linberts. This Busi Ness was established about 20 a but a egg and under the Bic of Etcil erts Bros. After words Yobei is i 1 Elton. It is now owned and Man j aged the popular business Man j or. F. W. Roberts. He carries t j very larg for of goods and Huv i ing a commodious store building is j enabled to display them to in Adan a Tage. He bus in Lis employ the pop j i ular Salesman Talter Chris also j will lieu and a Judy clerk mias Jeg j i Sie Coyle and from us appearances i j is doing a Large business. J diagonally across Street we come to the Corner store conducted and j managed Luhman Sanders. This firm commenced business Bare inl8bl,. Luhman removing from Bonair Iowa where he conducted a general merchandise store for several years. Previous to this he clerked Here for Roberts Bros. Both members of this firm enjoy a wide reputation for honesty and fairness and although they have been in business Here but a comparatively Short time they have worked up a Trade that proves conclusively that they stand among the front ranks of Post ills s successful business men. They employ one clerk miss Addie Sanders who is Well known and Success Only holds a Large Trade among the ladies. This firm has done considerable advertising with the Adt Catz. At the extreme Southern end of town is situated the Large store of of Ward & Meyer. This live firm commenced business Here about nine years ago and s thoroughly straight Forward course and adhering t shoes. Or. J. B. Schmidt is our Only exclusive Boot and shoe dealer. He started a business Here in 1s73 and has so added to and improved his Stock that he now runs one of the finest stores of the kind in the country. Or. Schmidt understands the Boot and shoe business from a. To z. And any one purchasing goods a from him May assured of getting a nothing but the very Best. He has a Large and commodious shop North f his Saleroom and employs one Workman. Or. Win. Mcquillen and is assisted his son Johnnie a part of the tune. A Stockman also manufactures boots and shoes and does repairing in his shop two doors South of Luhman and Sander s store. Jew Ilet. Our Only jewelry store is situated in the Bank building conducted under the firm name of Gray & co. And in under the management of to Gray. They run a very Fine line of Jewey clocks and Silver wore and during the time Uliey have been in the business Here through the popularity and business ability i or tray Tey have secured a steadily increasing Trade Uliey keep one assistant. Moline and debts Mach no. Mrs. Canfield runs a very Complete and veil selected Stock of millinery in the Roberts building first door South of the skating link. Be keeps in her employ miss Phelps who is known to at the head of Ber profession having Beld positions As trimmer in the Best shops in the enat. Mrs. Canfield with m is Carrie Jones is partner also in the same building conducts a dress milking shop. Mine Victor of Osbeau last bum Mur dirt in s. Line of Piilini find office in the Brick constantly Iii the Iii inc is he j can attend too. Or Powers Iris the i Ofiu oif of tin Best i Zwyers in Northern lows. I f. S. Bulling our of her a Sornev i Al tend to a Good Jireh Tiei and can i Diomid in his office first door West i of Bank stall i soon Nult hours. Phi ticks. Methodist congregational. Tab Olic arid German Luther san. Maeonis l 0. 0. Of. Y. A. I e., of v., a 0. V. To. And g. A. E. Pivot. i our run or in renters Are c i Darling h. B. Taylor it sons i Wilson & son. Jas. Sheehy j. Jacobson. I Ais tees. S de. Putnam and tiles and i Stone Are our principal painters. Physicians. I is. L. Brawn j. Shepherd t s. Green and or. Odenkirk St lend to the sick. I. J. Amadell is our j dentist. I s. S. Powers a s. Welister j f. S. Burling and Whitmore Bros. Arc our fire insurance agents. I Hugh Shepherd insures lives. This can Clondes we believe about All the business being done in Post Tili. We Haxe endeavoured to make a Complete and impartial review and if any one has omitted we assure them that it was unintentional. We is a intended to give a list of the improvements that have been made in the past year but our time and space forbids and we will to ply say in conclusion that Postville is improving not rapidly but surely and there is enough room for All that May come. Many kinds of business could to profitably established Here especially manufacturing. And so we say to you one Aud All if Yon Are looking for a location come live in Postville. Selah. E. And Marian s gift. Or a. A m Uto my  a. Loss. Let i i it. Was Herr Yrva Ned ii Whan you Nuti lunch or Wurr to nor Clown to Hosn Muir writing "1 Don Twan to hear another word of Lynnr interrupts or. . If it had t been for your ridiculous Idna that you we or h a Iunius. You d have lips do Iru Iii Fitio to a Lohn Pfifer Cost s wire , Miv Riar. Pursued the argument no further but her Motif or s grit in on Chi unifying Glinc. In Slin looked up. Mutually testified Thivia she Bud at least on Tonder . Tier Hunt Cynd april violets Lions sorted and died and Lump her chaplets of Bloont on , Glon. And Forest and stil Marian toiled on Nair or and late. Her int bar s words often Opi Normd to at times of Matirne Tofle Spondon. A was Sam. Indeed a Genius if suit were Oil bright., impossible if very in Rod fire of her Nat arc was burning on the altar o f this Hook into which she was into weaving the Tan of Trust Funcion of Sony or brain of if and Marian grow Unior and More absorbed dry Day and her Mother watched her with Wistful silent Nam Mil old Hiram trotted on with tar plaints of old age., and the Nii Nimer ripened into go Ilion fullness in Der Namy Moonlit lit Highes. And Tho glow of Tropic dry. I getting warm groaned old ring. And this Croton in to fit for a dog to Dritt let alone a Christian. Of if 1 could on y have n drink of Witter inn of the. Old Well under the Garden Wall it used in As cold ice when tar Sun was at its hottest 1 dreamed last night of standing beside that Well with the old inn fact brimming f ver and the wild roses hanging Over the curb All in a tangle As they atsed to prow other " said Marian who had just comr in. With unwonted Rosy Aud s. Light sparkling deep Down in her ryes shall we All go. You and Mother and i. For u Nice Long drive in the country this afternoon " tar Oid Man s fare lighted up for an instant it it fell again. We can t afford it.," said testily. We arc poor. Carriage drives Cost bet 1 have earned an Little Money from my began Marian . Book indeed laughed old Hvam. A pretty Book you d write. la go if Yon can afford to squander the Money on Vona old father. Ion re been very close with your Money of Marine s Cheeks glowed at. The undeserved taint. But she did not reply. Father s not she said to herself and he s old and Zirri Able and this hot weather frets him. He will w i better when and there Marian s reverie stopped. The air was fall of the Sweet breath j of new mown Hay when the open Carriage rolled along the Green country roads under the rustling boughs of Beach find Elm and waving Willow. Hiram Lacy eyes Tiri thened the blood seemed to with new impulses through his reins. A " he cried drawing a Dee breath now 1 am beginning to live again Why. This is the old Road with the gnarled Oak hanging Over the Gate i there Are the Fields that used to a ones. Daughter Why did Yon take this Road?"1" "1 thought Yon would like to Sec the old place again it in tenors any longer he de. " a those Clover Fields-1 always i said it was the Best ground in the i country and the tall com. Growing so royally and the House looks just As it used to look. 1 v it s just the same Robin sinking on the Poplar tree the porch his eyes were trimming Over with tears h is voice faltered strangely As he spoke. I Olio lives Here now 1 he asked of a Ter a pause. Yon said Burke had sold i it j nobody in t at pics wit. Shall we go in walk throng the rooms " Hiram Lacy assented with a silent inclination of the head j it was All the j undisturbed in its nooks and Corners the worn familiar carpels the rank j tinting of Wall and Woodwork. Hiram Lacy could almost believe that it was but yesterday he the threshold. He sat Down in the old fashioned chair which had once been his special chair. "1 shall die More contentedly for having seen the old farmhouse once More he said in a broken voice. Father cried Marian unable to restrain herself any longer you shall never leave it. It is Home to you Home repeated old Hiram in a puzzled voice it was Homo once i know but and it is Home now cried Marian throwing her arms around his neck and bursting into tears. Tell him Mother. I cannot Marian is Tho. One who has bought it father said Tho old lady with fond maternal Pride her Book has been published and it was a great Success and she took the Money to buy the old farm Back for her poor old father and Mother to end their Days in. Old Hiram was silent for an instant then to Laid his hands on Marian s bowed head. My daughter he said you have kept the fourth commandment and god will bless you for it in his own Good Lime i never dreamed of this when when i was so Cross and unreasonable with you but who is this As a Shadow crossed the threshold and a tall Noble looking Man entered from another door. One of of now neighbors perhaps there have been a s. Powers Aci Kkt a notch Public. Qia Hilo irk hark up so Hyp Ros . Low . Effly m the Iasi Terv f of vent in let Worl i. Fir Imri Rais woj this in sol the ipht11 White Nanri a Holg of Foyers sell Tkel. Price baking powder a tits of it. Fiir Stasia to Evrine to Rar a Tii Capo Iii. Is. I Onie to. Fits. A pile a  falling sickness i Kkt a virmp.lt0 on a Maui s a Fia f of t r i boy 1 a r a t h i�niif4 i Inrig Pihir 1 it we Der. T. Writ View Sinif Lerchs hit a lost Pfow Istir win or or in ils met a i a Iron Tinnil Iff Inifi a tax. As fir l i Lurn if a Finis it is a r 1 Huttt it is c it v Mit j urls is pal in it sep flu Milf i tul us Tai out uni wac Flurr to inns Friuk Hsc a Pirn a sent cart i l y i lifer of 7s, or wiil up ind Frivol Hor of a Troi i or orly ,. And in Fitin Viii of of to -r.nrii.1 Ivo or or is. Or try for rpt no Tony Jim i. F i a a Niiori or pm a wring f j Pricr. F to a Pross c. D. To. And Fivos a. It .rl-.ys, m to on or. Prool in. \. A consumption positively cured. All Mif Lorf from Litis i it Jitia ions to care l St Ronld Vav. Kos Snow it Tiff to cd. pow i a Tfir a p a. Ger Ai it Only Wilo arc no Ali Sui i Var Oft nn.1 inn i flood a i mrs Mac in of i of Tiki in Ziora Mitsn to you Vino in the they Jiff do . Til for Fml to re tiry in Torf a. P i print f Isoo win Lex. To flon l u Iii your w Enlil in Jav. it Fhy Stils find of i lit in Onchi Ivo Png i. I Yourl Fois Voi Ali Sai i Ift 3� i7ii cd y in iv-1hr those pow Dws fat Tjui it Uliey i nuiv1\ cure you trip for in pro in is or 4 a exc 1" it $10. to any lift riot Iho 17 Nii Cal Statios of can Alft Jiru Toi Rof Oij of Oruro. A Frok a to Fultz i Isidro Oklott x. T. Alla Makee county Farmer ,. Fish insurance co. 2 Oinui Orl april s. Lss2.t-t Lou f. Paytvix.lvosi.ic.li1 . . G. L. I Nero tary. Asst. A i y a plow Volney. . Amp Hill to lion. Solwar Thoft porch Sostoi j Boelow " we Kush. Koss Villo to for in Stranc nah to tie Alvie. Or full Anim Lars inquire of Iho Orel or Varesi dint at Ivis Villo Bank. unil it nov. Stu Ennith a d to trite fruit Layor Tekev stand alone. Price baking powder co Chicago Iii. St. Louis Wio. I4vrnc do is. Price s Cream baking powder jew franc s in Puli Teti St Goto. Urn to inf. Tvs a Al we make birr one cd Auto. , Tow. A. Roberts a s. Bobcats \ Tox social artist i Ann Iii Cir or j i key City of thrill Lawn. By Liz bating Oak it. R. . I in twi Tuths Enlil in on Oij Vikk 1 a nil Rennit Lupi. Rio in in j All Itier Fayette county Tanco Asahal Iii ass sensible of Hal $522 271. B. , in. . C. Park or. A. Vii enlist. I ,. . Ixia entity . Vice off Sidoris trons Tor anal Tor Insi Vinee Hui july bail Stane line Postville & Waukon to paves Postville St s a. A. I priv a in mint Iti 11 30to. Tio Fivos an Viii 2 A. A tiros a it a is Villemi r. M. Elkader route twice r a ppm. ant satyr to avs. To secs Postville at 7 a. K. I for Rivas fit Keksi or fit 11 . I avs Irelta Dir at 2 t. M. And an Ivris at Post Rille at i r. V. A of ii Cove no Ris Ana of enl in rips on bot.1i Rontos to. M. Lush eur a j. Lacrosse business College la co sir wis. $40, life scholarship $40, All Litany his of Liivik Voo Jang Taiti Rhth common school lira Nolies arid pm flt and ornate Mill i la Post place to Board in tie . Thorough course Iri look twp Iii s25 loss Ihm att other col loge orc Lars Ging full information Oskrit Liy addressing j. L. \v\l.t/a0r, to cosm wis let Octant. When Ami Vii. At Loave new a re City of. apr Xvi re a a i i Ulert Ofarri Ftfe a Lvi ii mop 111 if t Nion hotel oppose Llyl r on1 million Trolini Sver. Him Nanrani sept Lueil with Tho poems Lor-rvwii., a of ii Ftp ii �.levle.1 Railroad to .11 fir pots Ramilli. Eft ii live la Elev rot ions ii Val lilo to . Chi nil of i for Dkl a Nurt Lime iwo a. Sues turn Stom Liy i a uni la rare Leal. I one free to the Fli ii Mon who my f r Fetuli Olom Aci Mii a Allied. Vat la . Chesky As i. V1ck co. N , Mich , so 4 Many changes since i lived hero to Fathor said Marian growing As Rosy As the Elm pinks in Tho Garden outside it s or. Arden Ono of the publishers of Tho now i m glad to sea you sir said Hiram Lacy with old Iashio cd Courtesy and i m glad you like my girl s i do sir very much said or. Arden frankly and moreover i like Tho girl so Well that i m hero this afternoon to ask you to give her to to for my what docs Marian say 03kcd Tho old Man after an instant of bewilderment. Sho says of said or. Lacy dryly so this is Tho reason Sho would t Ufarry John Deforest it is one of Tho reasons i believe said or. Arden laughing. Aud thus in striving to work out Tho happiness of her parents Marian Lacy found Tho great gift and Sunshine of Hor own life. A udicious wife any John Buskin a always nipping off from heir husband s moral nature Little Twig that sri growing in wrong directions. 8bo b., c. E. & n. B y. Is the direct Lino across Tho stale of Iowa connecting with the lending lines in the North for Minnesota and Dakota Points. Connections made with important lines leading South West and East. For Chicago and Points eds to St. Louis and Points in Illinois Missouri and Texas. West for Points in Kansas Nebraska Colorado and new Mexico. East Tor Chicago and All Eastern Points land seekers tickets for Sale it All important stations both single and round trip for Texas Missouri Iowa Patota Minnesota and Manitoba land Points. Solid trains with Pullman sleeping cars Are rim Between Chicago Minneapolis & St. Paul leaving Chicago via the Chicago Book Island if Pacific railway and Minneapolis & tit. Louis railway. Also through sleepers Between Cedar palls and Chicago. Solid trains Between St. Louis and Minneapolis via this Lino and Tho Chicago Burlington a Quincy and & railways. The ma.i2st to idiots Exton Ris from Burlington Iowa to Albort Lee Minnesota. Muscatine division from Muscatine to what choir and Montezuma Iowa. Mil thu Useo division from d Dar rapids to Postville Iowa. Pacific division from Codar rapids Iowa to Worthing Minnesota. It will Cott from the Bovo that almost any portion of Iowa can to Rimo hed his Lino. Also any Point in the East South or Southwest. Feuds. Time tables of Fec burnished upon application to a gent a she United aaf8 and Canada " 0. J. Ives Jon bit t. A Dak Baim. Iowa. Atals for sols to All Points itt a f. Mills m
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