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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - September 29, 1921, Postville, Iowa Jend Post ivs paving Celebration october 1, and take advantage of the Dollar Day bargains offered by our merchants Postville Herald Twenty ninth year a live newspaper in a live town Postville Iowa thursday september 29, 1921 number 47 Tville 25 years ago. St fog items taken prom the a a of the Iowa Volks Blatt of october 2, 1896. Los purchased feed Mill. Till Auk of Van hic steam r j Frd Geber Hab rented cams. M s hoi Iao. What b up Chris e fiftieth anniversary of Iowa s Hood will lie celebrated at div it All of Teilh week. F new Telep Lione Central i bomb h store la doing u flour a kindness. The charge 1h 1i per cull. E Silver club meets every Mon even uni in win. Thouin s Liming Hundred Travo already signed s members. Sunday oct. Lluli the i Adles e Clerina lutheran Church Are to attend n meeting for the one of organizing a ladles Aid ram Hart has sold the 2 n Lybrand farm to Geo. Lull. % in Trade Tia part payment the liar. In which .1. B. Hart con he furniture store. Re Waters Farmer and Hinek was rendered unconscious thrown from a horse on last in morning. Fortunately in were broken and we expect to in out again in a few Daya. To and the beanstalk Abe eaten a City Block. A liar n recent visit to Waterloo e lie had been called to cry n of blooded Stock. Col. w of this City Beard a Story of great growth of Corn in town car that he would not have lie i if he had not seen it with bin naked Eye. It is a Little Marne to lie sure but Lown Soli or o produce almost Unelio cab to. As to remember it. The Boos like this ter the Sale George was talking a Fanner of that locality who of Imit most of the at or it offer r Sale As to Why lie wanted so Stock to feed and the Farmer in be needed them to eat lit Oiw Corn crop which be sad the biggest he bad Ever heard is of the stalks having As nigh veil Well developed ears of coir pm. Now George is a real dirt t r himself and he told the Fel could t hand him any stuff that whereupon the farm i Eil Lgeorge to ret. Into his car lie would drive him out and it to him and this is what the Al saw. The Farmer told his ear old son to climb one of the talks and bring the Bottom ear seventh one Down. The lad i up bidding his father Good tis he began the ascent. Of remembered the Corn was still in and the talk grew so fast of could t reach the ear Nel Rould to crawl Down As Fasi stalk grew up and finally be in just a Moro speck in the sky Farmer finally became worried the boy being Able to get Down eat and Grot an a to chop the Down but the stalk grew so a could t strike twice in the place and hence could t got Down in that manner. Next ing the Farmer wont out. Ami to Call to Bis boy but the kid out of sight and hearing but no Ludo lie must to Stilt alive Ere were a lot of nobs lying on round the boy have a yank is off other Clorey stalks a ended and eaten the Corn appease his hunger. The far then went to the flying Field at Ron and hired n Man to go up Airship and pick the Hoy up s. Verily i Ray unto you truth lied stranger than fiction. To oration is. Individual rights the invisible Power passim Tirloni Horii Iii. Ito Spokane wnali., a distance of Horii love Hundred Miles in thousands of acres of Grain that never reached a growth of ten inches the deserted ranches and the silent steam threshers All toll a us Story in the lives of those who hoped to make a Home on the frontiers of civilization. The Homestead net resulted in about As much disappointment As happiness because the United states did not keep out or private use lands which could not he used privately owing to arid conditions. It was a Wase of brawn and a none and a wicked thing to pen ult the voting manhood and womanhood to go out into the desert to do the impossible a degree of certainty at the plat ii lug. That there will he a Harvest makes lands desirable and keeps Hope and enthusiasm alive in the human bread and without these last named attributes Joti Cieto has weak foundations and a poor Structure. The railways and the Townsle agent Are not wholly blameless in these matters for the word pictures were alluring to the homeless. If a great agricultural implement Ivill Ness is built on net profits then the Dille West has been overtaxed in prices to make Good the failure to pay for the millions of dollars Worth of machinery that decorates the arid Seel ions of North Dakota and Montana. First Cost on the steamers and tractors would be a fund stiff i Clent to open i he a closed Hanks lit North Dakota. While the Auto stage was drawing the mail at a ranch Post office 1 inventoried eleven thousand dollars Worth of farm implements on a half Seel Ion farm North of Rowman. 1 take it the roof and poor of the shed were constructed three Days before Adam and eve went to housekeeping. Having passed Over the rookies we were then in that territory known As the Inland Empire lying bid Ween the mountains. Mineral lumber and apples abound with the Zinmer Clyl City of Spokane numbering Over one Hundred thousand people with a business Hustle. Koh Erl Hanson Intro vices is to the mystery of orc Harding packing Ere. The Mills furnish lie sawed lumber for 13 -. Cents a Hammer artist makes the Box for one cent and .1 deft handed maid wraps and packs bout. I i lbs. Of apples in the Box for four cents in the journey to the on Sumer will be found two thieves the Railroad and the profiteer. And before you can Sample the fruit Vou will in pity a person named in iced history who was crucified Between two grandparents of the parties aforesaid. I like Many others have deluded myself that 1 was living in a wor., of real tangible things. That if i were awake mentally i would know lie Earth beneath and the heavens above. I am old t was baptized into an invisible Church for Many years 1 Rode in the band Wagon of the Republican party an now i Hank it was propelled by invisible forces. Hut to have a present realization the five Hundred Miles ride Over Hie Horky mountains by the Milwaukee Rall was electrically operated. Is the Climax. No smoke no cinders no jerking simply moved by the invisible Force brought from the water Falls of the Yellowstone River. A Iran of ten steel cars creeping up the Mountain a mile High propelled by an unseen Force communicated by an Over head trolley is the Miracle of mechanical science. The Daylight journey trom san knee to Seattle furnishes some Fine scenery Over the Sierra Nevada mountains marred by the sight t r burned Cedars sufficient to build Telephone lines around the world. The Forest fires must have burned out a half million acres at a former time and the automobile camper keep the air plane patrol lire fighters on duty season putting Ond night. The us sadness of the the end of a perfect Day Clayton co. Farm Bureau farm Bureau meeting program. The annual meeting of the Clayton county farm Llu Renu will be one of i be big meetings in Clayton county this year. Orch. Chas. Hum of the Iowa farm Huron 11 federation will give the address of the tiny. Pres. Hunt is one of the big farm Bureau men of the United Stales Mil has a real message for every farm Bureau member and Farmer in Clayton county. The regular monthly business meeting come in the ii onion. This will be followed by a meet in i of All the officers and in operators for setting up the program for tin looms Large in society Page. Postville lyceum course. Rossville loomed up almost As big As the Chicago tire ill the society Section of last sunday s lies Moines Kcal ser and Leader and again proved the fact that the place to lean the news is away from Home. For instance under a half Lone Cut of a Well known i of Stville girl appeared the following miss Amy Itlo Huin. Daughter of or. And mrs. I. C. Isl Otharn or Karl Mauston. Limn in Niubo s of Hast High faculty were in Lely Nice Pleil yesterday at o clock at the borne of the officiating Clergyman the flex k. W. Mcdade pastor of the Postville Public schools ser or Wesley methodist Church lie ice was read in the pre ence of Mil mrs. Howry the Young couple who wore former Rossville Young people will Ontl nue their work at Hast High Bool mrs. Marston in the commercial department and the Bride Rosiu in the Industrial department. The Bride formerly attended the teachers College at Cedar Falls Gnu is Active in Wesley m. 10. Church a dirring the War period or. Served in the aviation do Active Tiv lies. Marston Ision. After Marston will be in Toti 0 Boll Telephone company has 11 of men in this locality put in new poles and Lex Long their up in ship shape. Tho first of Eek they approached w. E 0 regarding cutting Down some of his Timber land North of we and will told them he did ant any of the Hardwood Trees own but that they might trim All that was necessary and in 1 them he would to on band the following morning to go Tho matter with them. As he agreed. Will was out at the r Bright and Early next morn at to and behold the a Lemon oaten him to it had a dozen or of his Fine Hardwood Trees All own As Nice As you please a new up and the War of Strung. U he Nice to to a Biff corporation to you Don t Teel the necessity nesting anybody s rights save 0wn. Some months ago the of Poat Vullo asked this company to remove their poles the streets notice to that of to Vang been served on them to heir Poloa would not mar Tho of our paved streets or obstruct yesterday Islon of Light Stom. Have they complied that Roqu Ost take a look and and Yat by the same Token of a by they indulged in with Miv a what if an enraged Public Over night attempt to chop their polos they have Boon us remove what would happen the Publio would near from Tho any very shortly through Tjio so no the Public would got Benefit of the Law. " "0 wus a rom nth n the j. Why family in inday Lortt. So. " h. A Meier Homo Tho Circle completed litha Homo coming of i my t. Walter or la Neh and or and mrs. A. Flam Harlan get Union s a the 7qcu Jil Tmay of f Ehlin and the he Rob Jay of Hla a inter Dorothy a Meier. And Hie during the dry their lures Day carelessness and human family is running 011 High is compared with the period when Noah was fold to get in out of the of if that Iraln Bow covenant expires and Tho heavenly Hose is again inn Eil 011 0 an erring and wicked generation but few will get ashore to will conclude this letter from the terraced seat i that boasts of her Salmon fisheries lumber fresh water Harbor and 01 o Hanson. The City owns the Street railways charges you a dime for one Rule or three for a tin Arlor. We purpose to make some future letter carry Herald readers our forecast of cities of the Pacific Hie last stand of a caucasian civilization. Upon the farther shorn of that mighty sen is a dominating Dillon race who will not its harbours. Us mar keys or its habits of life to the Anglo Saxon. Their habits of a Thrift Are As fixed As Tho color of their skin their birth Rale would populate n new world their ship s in every sea fur no Hes i hem the key to secure Tho secrets of science and Industry in every Corner of the world. W. C. Mcneill. Seattle wash., sept. Lyl. Miss postmaster Nicolay visited postmaster a Row at Clermont Gates Williams mrs. Frank Gates of fort Dodge Iowa has announced the engagement of Bur daughter Frances to air. Ichor 11, Williams son of or. And mrs. F. Williams of Postville Iowa. The wedding will take place october f at the Home of twin Bride in fort Dodge. Miss dates spent one year at Hie University of Minnesota then attended Iowa state College at Ames whom she graduated with the class of in 2u. Whim there she affix laced with the i n in Phi sorority. Or. Williams la also a graduate of Ames and is a member of the Phi Delta Theta Frater a Ltd. Miss 1st at a Oatville saturday. October see pages h 8 and 8 Tor pal soul Forb october 1 mint Home and mrs. 1421 Wash of the couple first named the Herald can say with All Candor that Lioy Are two of Postville s Besl known and highly respected Young people who Are hold in highest esteem by a wide Circle of friends and with them we join in extending Hearty Well wishes for health happiness and Prosperity. Lutheran Church notes. Next sunday the usual kor Vlyna. Sunday school---------9 30 a. M. Preaching service____1010 a. M. Tho league will meet at. In p. 111. King Lush services at s p m. Conducted by Paul Schmidt. All Are cordially invited to attend. The ladies Aid will hold their annual mooting for the election of officers at Singer Hall october 18th. October oth there will be u missionary meeting at the Home of mrs John Schroedor on the Clermont Road. Tho regular quarterly liar less mooting of the congregation will be bold sunday oct. 2nd, following Tho morning Surv Leo. October 11th the ladles Aid will have a picnic supper in Singer Hall i to which Tho Hub Audi Ami children of a timbers Are la lated. E. Schmidt. Pastor. A commercial club meeting. The annual mooting of the Postville commercial club will be hold at Poat Vullo theatre on next won mesday evening at eight o clock. Leo ton of officers and other important matters will come before the Tuu Otlaug. Come out pay your Polit tax at once All residents of Tho incorporated town it Postville. Iowa subject to poll tax Are requested to stay the same immediately to a t " l. A. Bellows Street in keeping with other frs class communities Postville will thu inter have a five number lecture j coarse die Cost of which bus been guaranteed by a few of our citizens. And the benefits accruing. If any will be turned Over to the pus Vilii Library association with which to buy books. The number1 on ibis Winter s course have been a Refolli elected and each one to to presented will be the highest of its class obtainable. The first Limber of the course will be the Warwick male quartet Oil october Kab. Flood male quartets will always be popular. There is a fascinating something about them which is found in no Oiler vocal organization. The Warwick quartet has this something and by reason thereof they enjoy a widespread popularity in lyceum. They Are Good vocalists who can play they Are instrumentalists who can really sing. The members of the Warwick male quartet Are primarily Good vocalists vocalists of training who have Good voices. They Are artists of experience in Solo As Well As ensemble work. Secondly they possess real instrumental Hlll Talph. The whole is a Well balanced organization appealing to those who love Good music and Clever versatile entertainment. A very minute of their Lively program is jammed brimful of Good things. The other mini hers of the course William k. Lohn lecturer and oru Tor. Nov. 14 Ali. The Tennessee duo music Imper son nylons and costume sketches on dec. 28th. Myra Cater line Smith character portrayals modern plays on Lan. 21. The Fienco Avii Strong Trio musical artists supremo. Feb. 31. Season tickets for the five numbers will be offered for Sale at $1.m� for adults $1.00 for High school students and children. At these Low prices no Ono should fail to Huv. As in the past sent reservation will be undo at. The ilex All store. A a Community Church notes. Morning worship at 10 o clock. Sunday school at 11 a. In. Christ inn Endeavor at 7 p. 111. Re Ming service at 7 30. Mid week Sonvico every wednesday at 710 p. M. October is co to Church month. Evening Sermon a second of to Church and sunday school not sunday and every sunday. Subject sunday morning christianity s blessings to Tho world and to the Sci look Ugi lil on account Lula Hemmings is bad. In school again after ,111 of .1 week Thomson is in after a week s nose Iii of Illus. Or. Williams was absent three Days last week Oil account of Dine lie rc.11111.c1 his work monday. Verona still own has enticed Iii school. She is also lining . Work. Inking physics and cumin Rel in work the girls Basket Hall game b Ween the items and the Wii ites was 1 Fine one. The reds came out head the score being 12 Loc Llola teams fought for their Side to win but the Heads were Uipi Flor. A Large crowd was present at the reception which was Given in Honor of the teachers and school Board 011 Liday evening. The entertainment consisted of the i school the a Lils glee club a Snen Pheif Solo lie Hoys glee club and ii ended with a piece by the orchestra Tho squad is rounding into shape for saturday s Battle with Calmar. The weak Point were shown in saturday s game with Monona and a umber of Chim Ges have been made in the line to overcome these. The Hoys an working hard and there ate fifteen men that Are lighting for a Posl Tor on the Glrst team. The Hoys hav developed of Speed and their formations Are working Good coach Williaims puts Ali i Roii two hours of scrimmage and signal practice every night. The boys were Del eat a by to Nona last saturday by a score of to i. It was 11 Bard fought game All the Way through but we expect to get even with them when they come up Here the 22rnl of october. The lineup is As follow in alld Ilo Ehin it. K. Paul Spunky 15. T. Roland Swenson to g. Howard Leui Center. Harlan Swenson l. To Paul Koevenig l. T. Emmet Sci troeder. L. K. Cyrus Harris v. P. Stay Harris it. 11. Ulmor Seh Tiltz l. 11. Cloy Schltz fullback. study Center at Elkader. Mickie says a Naves sour. k blk Lorit us to bows a qty a study Center will he held Al , Clayton county saturday october Glrst. Following in the program 1 1 00 a. M. Or Nile teachers Didactics the teacher s preparation. I. W. Wallers. Rural vouchers primary work principles underlying the teaching of Reading. K. Clinco Tail. 11 00 n. the actors pro Mary work suggestive project for grades. 13. Crace unit. Till nil vouchers Didactics the teacher s preparation. G. W. Wallers. 1 30 p. teachers-1 1-dncti�--the growth of teaching ability it. W. Walters. Rural teachers primary work Stout rending devices and suggestions for seat work. K. Draco Rait. 2 30 p. teachers primary work suggest Leo projects for Tho grades font e. Druco la tit. To ural growth of leaching ability. Margaret c. Myers county superintendent. Community club meeting. Tow regular monthly meet Nir of the grand Meadow Community club will be lipid Friday evening. Sent 30th, at Tho Home of or. And mrs won Swenson with Tho following program song club recitation Mary Wells american women in mrs. Elmer Wolfe music value of a farm silo Richard Williams Reading---------.,-mra. Earl Handy Community staging. Members Are requested to bring sandwiches or cake. Coming farm Harcau membership drive. Oct. 12th. Dinner will be red lit noon in the basemen of the opera House by the ladies of the Erman Evang. Church. At one clock be annual business meeting in i election of officers of the 101m-fiirm Hureau will take place this will he followed by the Eddress by pros Hunt of the Iowa farm Hureau federation. Fills meeting comes by once a a ear. Let s have every member in the county attend this meeting. Who join the farm Bureau ? there Are Many farm organizations of one kind Alio another. In ilm objects and ambitions the farm Tureau is not particularly different from other farm organizations like the various denominations in Church work which Are All striving for the same end. The farm Ordrain Zatio is Are travelling the same Road. Hie difference being mainly in matters of government procedure Dis Etc. At tile same time it should be recognized that the farm Ruie Nii Haert ill. Advantages Over Many other and older farm for one thing it is new up to the minute in matters of business rules and usage which have undergone marked chances during and since the Greil in \ again and this i Linpert Ait i lie farm to Lyrean has the str Neth Tho Power the popularity Mil the ill irenee that inevitably no with Large membership Anil for thl Assn it is aide to accomplish Many things Esperi Nelv in the was of Lee Isle ton that arc denied to smaller weaker Organt Al ions. In business economics As in Olbur lines new machinery becomes Nee Essary from time to Lime to lit in with changing conditions. Today the farm Stu Reaidi is the one out Tandang Farmers organization that is getting results Ami for that Roa on if for no other is the logical one for the progressive Farmer to join. Membership drive ready to go farm Hureau workers Over the state have completed plans for the membership drive to be 1 and noted wednesday. October 12. The ill tvs will be limited to the one Day Only ind a concerted Effort will lie made to boost the present enrolment to 150.000. A series of District conferences were scheduled for the last week in september and the first week in october by Way of preparation for i i Day. These conferences one in each of the eleven congressional Dis talc is of the state to be in charge of the local member of the executive committee of the federation Wen designed to be a school of inst Rue Hon for special workers for the Day in order that the same plan of Cam Palgon might be adopted Over i state and eve cry co univ go Forward in Harmony with every Oiler county the farm to Mireau membership fee is of a vent. It is divided As Fol lows if a remains with the local county organization no cents go to the state federation Anil and cent to the american farm Hureau fed oration the payment of the a Fei giving membership in the three or . The dues in Iowa an cheaper than in Manv other stale where the annual fee is $10. Room for missionary work. Every member get i member will be the farm Hureau slogan for the one Day. Slate wide drive to be conducted v Odin Sedoy october 12. According to the Bisi Federal census has this i 200,000 Farmers. That meal s m 000 or mine a " not y t themselves with hit farm la 1 movement. Xxx neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Monona is to have a new Post office building. The legion boys at Charles City staged a carnival Anil cleaned up a mite Over 1,000. The total receipts of tile Oelwein baseball club were $1s.1i0.48 Ami the expenses ?18,8811.70. The handle factory established lit Mcgregor a year or so ago has been sold and the Plant moved to s Olga City. De Medary or the Waukon Demici ii leaves ills week to attend the press Congress of the world heeling at Honolulu. A High school hand of is pieces has been organized at d and Lluli Lwills the Well known band master will instruct them. Alla Makee s quota for the salvation army drive is i,2.ri0, which is certainly a Small request from a society that does so great a Good. Two Fresco fishermen found out last week what it costs to catch Anil keep Bass under ten inches in length. They were lined la and costs each. Gus Flint the Waukon wife beater plead guilty to assault and Battery and was lined $100 an costs lie will close nut his electrical business there and move to some other locality. W. P. Mutli who has been i utter maker at the Ludlow Creamery for 21 consecutive years has resigned his position. It is doubtful if Bis record for length of service in that line at one place can lie equalled in Iowa. According to the census there Are 225,017 foreign Horn persons in the state of Iowa. In Alla Makee coun there arc l.f.70, in Clayton 2.10s, in Chickasaw ill in Fayette 2,404, Howard 1,117 and in Winneshiek . While helping fill a silo on the. 11. Mioli ols farm saturday afternoon Mike Hayes got his right hand Iii gel in tile Solace Cutter and lost four lingers two being taken off at the first joint and the other twi Lear up to the hand says the Cresco times. Last their Siam morning lightning truck the big barn on lie Charles West Lake farm live Miles West or Here and destroyed it. Together with ibis year s crop two Good work Les. The renter nearly his year stored therein and horses. Loh n i lion tills farm loses i work by this lire broke foot in fall. Richard Luck null was the victim of a very painful Accident Widnes Day morning just before dinner to was 011 the roof of his building painting when in some Way. Lie tripped or slipped and fell off the roof onto the roof of Tho Garnge below a distance of fully is foot. The men in the Barber shop heard him fall and went to his assistance curving him to ills room at once Anil or. Jewell was culled. It was found that the lame in the left Heel a. Broken and also the Arch of the fool. It will incapacitate him for business for some time. It is a wonder lie More severely injured Lent iter Wise considerably Doc Ortiz Republican. Was not to was bruised. At Poat Vullo saturday octo Hor 1st see pages 2, 3 and 8 for particulars he carried no insurance and paying 11 High Cash rent Greeley Home press. The Clayton county Board of supervisors passed the following Resolution at its recent meeting re Olvil that we designate primary rout no. Is from Monona to Postville. For improvement by constructing to finished grades providing the. Necessary drainage and elimination f danger at Railroad Crossings. That to propose to pay for Tho Bridge and Culvert construction upon such Road from the primary Road fund. According to the report a the Date Highway commission 24 Poi one were killed on the High was of Iowa during the month of april 2fi in May and 2. I in Lime a total of 73. Willi the exception of seven these were All Aulo or motorcycle accidents. During the three months there were a total of s.10 accidents on the highways of the state Ami s70 persons were killed or injured. The majority of accidents were people struck by automobiles the county Treasury would surely miss the funds due for taxes which the c. M. & st. P. Co. Pay in Alla Makee and which amount is Likely to be withhold if the railway com Naillis of the state persist in their purpose to engage in litigation with the stale Over their Taxe to this year. The c. M. & st. P. By. Co paid into he county Treasury the sum of Tai for last year s taxes and this year s will amount to consider iliac Deu Uki tit. Citizens of Oskaloosa have taken does through congressman c. W. Ramseyer to obtain government options on locations for a Hydro electric Plant 011 the Pes Moines River Southwest of the City. A preliminary Survey has been made by sex Wierts and their reports Are favourable to the project which contemplates construction of 11 dam to develop 4.000 horsepower for electric transmission and operation of waterworks the Plant to be municipally owned and operated. Gilbert the Little son of or. And mrs Glen c Orlette was struck on the forehead with a swing Board last thursday morning culling a Gash that required four stitches to close it. Lie was running to get in line with his companions when the nine o clock school Bell rung at which Lime another coins Nixion jumped from the swing with the result 1u4 stated. Gilbert would t take anything when Tho doctor sowed the wound. He just kicked Anil squirmed a Little and All was Hoe. Joseph t. Walsh one of the lifetime residents and out Onslo land owners of far Luw township lost ills life by Ace Dent last weak. He was at work in his Orr Yard Wett to Day and was found unconscious. a Load of Timber. When he became conscious to was completely paralysed from the neck Down and Tho last be could remember was starting to get on the Load. It is thought the horses Start. throwing him off and in luring Bis neck or Spiro. To Only lived a Day and a half after the Accident. Deceased was the years old and was born in far Law journal

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