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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 9 1926, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - September 9, 1926, Postville, Iowa Dirty 9irth Tea a live newspaper in a live town 111 completed , dec nationally and to a Reddish sediment that accumulated when the City water was permitted a stand in a receptacle or a time i k a Row users were of the opinion that a the water must be Unher Ashful. How achievement Day met r we Are pleased to state this a girls calf club opinion was Enon Ous and submit the and g f 1 a la following letter from or. A e. Boigen be Success. Son who recently made Complete in  Lysis of the atty to Lei and puts his has been arranged for official o. K. On the same in rival achievement Day. Clermont Iowa Vur boys calf september 2, 1920 Jar cd in Postville saturday or. W. J. Hanks a my u Postville Iowa. A new i be have been work my dear sir fit their Stock in shape i have made a careful qualitative i and judging and reports analysis of tour Sample of Postville a Mitti tact we May expect n water Diawn from for dil Feinel Loca a we bilion than last year turns one of which was from the pump a All of which goes la be by wow a ence of the Vaud is Piti Atun to a in Arris Bam where a la nay see tl0ften c01lt6llt of 42y ll0, is pies ont. To the amount of .981. The nitrate i o clock the calves we by present Are inorganic hence of no in a in expert front ame ?.&nd Ortance the Iron Content is rather and Cash pusses awarded the High. The rest of the Mojgani con a who will also be Giyen Aci tibents Are present m Normal Quanti Ilu Ablo information in regard ties for water from this Section. The rearing of livestock. ,. Objection Al odor is due to the presence lie the judging Intermix Filion of Hydrogen Sulphide which is present taken for dinner when Tho in some Waters and is not harmful Public will go to . Paul s in fact the presence of this Gas in Tutu Rich to partake of u nag water is sometimes used As a basis for i ilium or to be prepared and curative arguments. The marked Prem Tiu ladies Aid society in Capitate of Iron when the water is Al Lowed to stand 1 find duo to vol Baliza. O clock the Postville High Tion of gases in solution a will head the grand live the problem therefor is not one of flog tie Vaw business Imp he health As the water is pure and. Wholesome but a problem of engineering. has been found that addition of Small quantities of sodium hypo sulphate .15 per cent will remove objectionable doors and tastes. This i have tried and find such treatment efficacious but just How to overcome this on a Large scale is another problem. In conclusion is my opinion that the water is perfectly wholesome. Truly yours or. G. B. Jorgenson. A when each Blossom m to Quet will be led by the boy i reared Niak session Al pageant most Beau behold. The Parade will come an Odu cd judging exhibit explain detail How to select a Good car Herd sire. No Ono should is. A a to o clock in Turner opera the following program will be and As seats Are free to very i should hear Iby Postville band. R-kev.-,u. F. Galloway and a. F. A by co. Agent Dack of Iek. I duet by Melinda Schie Rhoss i Frei lie. Pm by Floyd Johnson daily a of Waterloo by Viola Weihe. Ass by Paul tuft of the Exten Urline of the Iowa state Mes. 30 p. M. The boys and girls of calf club will be the of the grand Meadow and Post hip farm Community. Clubs banquet. R \ i the same time and place same clubs will sponsor a com picnic supper to which the 1 Public is cordially invited your own Oats and dishes and ther dish and enjoy the Good time h to. The biggest picnic sup reserved in the four Northeast for Showa. Coffee Cream and trill be furnished end the Day in a Blaie of glory jew Villo commercial club will s real old time dance tur opera House with music by car famous orchestra and nos guarantee a Good time to All a tend. Come out and see the oils shake their shoes every Sinai cd. Usual Price. Bring your ind dishes for the big Midnight Coffee Cream and sugar Fui free. Come to Postville on rement Day see the Fine Slock a to Elaml play attend the dinner the program see the Parade go a picnic supper and dance and Day of exceeding Joy i Ort Hank is to bund by gypsies a Connor a bookkeeper Lone when they entered and ask of to change a Largo Bill request wine of $20 denomination. Miss of tightened started to count Postville City water guaranteed Good twi big to its somewhat Offen Postville Iowa thursday september 9, 1926 81vc work is salvation for everybody s boy Here s the sort of thing the father of two decades ago confided to his Sun in Confidence and sincerity before he struck out into the world my son remember you have to work. Whether you handle a pick and shovel a set of books or a wheel Barrow whether you dig ditches edit a newspaper ring door Bells or sell behind a counter you must work. Don be afraid of killing yourself by overworking of the sunny Side of thirty. Men die Young sometimes but is generally because they Stop work c p. M. And Don go Home until 2 a. M. s the intervals that kill my son. The work gives you appetite Foi your meals lends solidity to your slumber gives you perfect appreciation of a Holiday. There Are Young men who do not work but Tho country is not proud of them. does not even know their names Speaks of them As so and so s boys. The great Busy world does know they be arrived. So my son find out what you want to be and do. Take off your coat and make dust in the world. The busier you Are the less harm you arc Apt to get into the sweeter will be your sleep the brighter your holidays and the greater the satisfaction of the world with you ind you with yourself in Short you la be successful my no j my and no poor folks in Garnavillo a Village with no jail no poor everybody employed and two Banks Farmer owned having deposits of More than $2,250,000--these Are the conditions in Garnavillo in Clayton port in a a Iowa which were brought to of Tran in a special Light recently in a report of. The states Wijt of 2-1 Bank examiners cd Iriri mfr ,1 Enro Ute there Are 340 people on the town wis jew Playton county Roll a Brief ,.v-,fir"1-8? h 1ms been so Many years since on the Eai w thursday there arrest in Garnavillo that kit who i a jm0oto-.the Pijie oldest inhabitant does Remmey bad pm a l h. Hot Triem Ber the Date so of course there is no Neizve he Ftp up Mai mint de of a and As everyone has a a �.yr., i is of dollars. Work and is producing there a a Charity problems. A no. Pc More hundreds of dollars. Worn Ami is """.v"0 ,n,.t,m. The a a resulted from the Gypsy in poor and no Charity p pm a go Elkport during the noon Village has Noyer known the a taint Thui slav. Thuv own huh into of hard times. _. _. A Frog t0.visit fuss delegated Garnavillo is six Miles from a rail miss o f Oitim. C.tp0,r state Road and has a stage coach which a   ? bookkeeper plies the Road every Day carrying mail " As did in Pioneer times. The inhabitants have modern Homes and equip a Hight Efinh 4 meat. Tractors telephones and radio i ventics off a 8jr Tel to count Are in common use. Many of the in a i a had to let Are descendants of the orig the i she Divi i ill omit a draw inn settlers and is said that every them s of Call if or help family owns its own Home. "8 left Nix on Tho counter at00cl�se he Teller a Creamery May refuse to m 0le0 a Atron s Cream of came a and win in Ewe Wea a into Des Moines la., sept. 0. Api covered the funds the Federal Trade commission has up dished. 1 so Ven $20. Bills hold the right of a Washington ,1" sheriff Tuii fry., to refuse to buy Cream from a of Fil Knarf Jna whal Patron who uses Ole Margarine. Sec fat livid. The Trenary. Of agriculture m. G. Thorn a Yahk Vover a mrs states. The Ole Margarine inter re i the Vinyl warm eats contend that this was in restraint jr9- he 8t0uy�l.tpj� .8ur, a Vaile. Hut the Trade commis.= o i do Tea cd an a , ?.nl, Theio ded that the Creamery company was a wises of tlvlimai5 to pay within its rights so Long As its a j1? . Then f Tion did not contain any threats to a a substitute Foi number 44 Bye Bye playtime Ere take tit , a would seem a of ,i,� what a _. Of 100 andtwerv01"c�110 p"1 up ordered to of 0j " " be Cream routes \eami"6co-opera-1 atm no just Tomb ism Al can put win Jet to banners one county fell Smi sacral few a n�8-ro-Dusing cows Are More economical producers. Community Church notes. R. Franklin Galloway pastor Hawkeye and Postville played off a contested game Clermont last Friday the scor being 0 to s in favor of morning worship 10 a. M. Sabbath school 11 a. M. The Sermon subject will be the secret of Radiant to 1". A a a " i special masonic communication next tuesday evening for work in the first degree x Hawkeye Beacon editor Dies sunday following a protracted illness from an incurable affliction will n. Rogers editor and. Publisher of the Hawkeye Beacon passed away his Home in that City last sunday and was buried on tuesday afternoon. Or. Rogers was a Man of High character universally respected by All who knew him and in. His death the newspaper fraternity of Northeast Iowa has lost a member held in the highest esteem. The Herald extends to his wife and family its tenderest sympathy. Up to september first 7864 autos had been Register Din Fayette county. Or. And mrs. Louis Koevenig of Postville were Elgin visitors monday. Elgin Echo. The state fish hatchery the Devil s Backbone Park will be dedicated Friday october 1. The West Union Argo says miss May Wherry is better this week after her serious illness. Total receipts of the West Union. Fair were about $20,000 and the society expects to Clear about $5,000. A motorists Mist watch their step in. Elkader now no a turns being permitted the hotel Bayless Corner. The Guttenberg Corn Canning factory started tuesday of last week for the season s run. Sixty people Are employed or. . Parker of Fayette has placed 2,000 volumes from his Library in the Hawkeye school for the use of the pupils and townspeople As Well. Farmers living near Williamsburg have purchased a fire truck to combat a recurrence of numerous barn fires thut have visited that Community recently. So far As is known this is the first Tarm owned fire truck in the. State. A a the Hawkeye co operative Telephone co., will be sold sheriff s Sale september la to satisfy a $5000 damage award to mrs. Thomas Mabb for injuries sustained when a Telephone pole fell on a buggy in which she was Riding. H. A. Strobehn a Farmer of near Reinbeck Iowa., has received a Check for $12,258.61, representing the Sale of 300 hogs to the Rath packing co. Of Waterloo. The porkers had a total weight of. 9a,200 pounds and brought $12.35 per Hundred weight. George Beighley lineman for the Northwestern Bell Telephone co., Cut his left foot badly on monday while cutting the branches from a tree North of Auburn. He was standing on uneven ground when he slipped and the a severed an artery and a Tendon Between the second and third toes of the foot. He is doing Union Argo. The bound passenger monday evening ran into win Kruger a Herd of cattle and killed two cows crippled one so that was necessary to kill and besides injured five More head the cattle were pastured next to the right of Way and some careless person had left or. Krueger s Gate open and allowed the cattle to stray onto the Echo. Mrs. Robert Earle of Chicago _ accompanied by mrs Agnes ulving was driving Down the Larrabee Hill tuesday afternoon when the brakes on. The Caa refused to work and caused them . The. Car into a tree close to the Roadside. The car a Huumo bile touring was damaged beyond re Zijair by the crash and also turned Over injuring mrs. Earle quite severely. Mrs. Ulving escaped Echo. Waukon August 31.-special or. And mrs. Frank Bresenhan and the Latte s brother or. O Brien of Hanover township were the victims of a Peculiar Accident saturday. While Enro Ute Home from emmets Burg a tire blew out with such Force As to throw the ear off the Road and turned Over. The Accident happened near the old Stone House a few Miles from Waukon. Mrs. Bresenhan suffered a broken Collar Bone and or. O Brien bad cuts on both legs. While threshing the John Roth Lisberger farm tuesday Wallace Peters had one of his horses injured severely in a Peculiar manner. The team was standing near the threshing machine when one of the horses switched its Tail against a Ibert and the Belt wound the horse s Tail around the Pulley and Tore the Tail off within a few inches of the horse s body. Or. Crider was called immediately and treated the wound of the suffering minimal which no doubt will pull through All Echo. Three Decorah Young men Walter a Muneke aged 19, Norman Nils son 17 and Paul rumple 17, were arrested by Deputy sheriff Walter Hall the dance the Green Valley Pavilion thursday evening charged with stealing on overcoat from the car of one of the Kerndt boys of East Makee township a spare tire inner tube and Auto. Jack. They were brought before Justice Erickson Friday morn aug and As. They were caught with the goods on them could do nothing else than plead guilty. The offence Cost them $16.25 apiece which they Piid. Waukon journal. The Fayette county poultry protective association is right on the Job and is thought that pay Teague of Oelwein will be the first Fayette county person to the Reward of $500 now being offered by the association for Chicken thieves. Ray secured the arrest of John Smith a resident of Oelwein for pilfering Chick in roosts. Smith was sentenced yesterday to two years in the state re i Patridge of Maynard Secretary of the association and. Frank Whitney a director were in the City yesterday. Chicken thieves Are Worth Money now and will pay to apprehend them Ami As Many As lutheran sunday school teachers and officers gave a Farewell. Samv prise party for miss Florence Hoth Ami Orville Welzel on last tuesday evening the Home former. A both have been Active workers in the sunday school and have left to tend a school the former Cedar. Fah and the latter mtr. Vernon

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