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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - September 1, 1921, Postville, Iowa The Post Texe Hbl Raith pos Vitile. Iowa. Vomm chapter Xix continued. -15 where whereabouts nil we Al male she asked. Before i Reoutt open my Mouth the Black shadows of the crooked Valley As and ran around to the other Side of the wreck where Jones the Engineer of the special and his fireman were trying to break into the crushed cab of the 410. The old major the Boss and i stood beyond the switch were shot through j to to help Al rpt. And the minute with the White shimmering glow of his head came up through the chopped a headlight beam and a second inter " the special flicked into View on the curve of approach. As we looked there was a Short of Harp whistle yelp the brakes gripped the wheels the train with tire grinding front every Brake shoe. Came to a Jerkin Stop a Short ear length on our Side of the switch and a Man dropped Frow the engine step to go sprinting to the Roar. And it was Plain that neither the Engineer nor the Man who was running Back saw our Outt t waiting on the leg of the old Kirgan was the first one to understand. With a shout of warning he jumped and ran toward the stopped train Yelling at the Engineer for god s Ake to pull out and go on. Back in the Hills beyond the curve of approach another Hearse murmur was jarring upon the air and the special s fireman who was the Man we had seen jump off and go running Back and who. Of course did t know that we had our Man there was apparently trying to reach the switch behind his train to throw it against the following engine to shoot it off on the by this time the Boss was off of our engine and racing across the Angle of they Only a Little Way behind Kir pan. He realised that his plan was smashed by the stopping of the special and that the very catastrophe we had come out to try to prevent was due to happen right there and then. A whatever our Man waiting at the switch might do. There was bound to be a collision. If he left the Points Fet for the line the wild engine would crash into the rear end of the stopped special and if he did the other thing our engine and coach standing on they would get it. Get the people out of that car " i heard the Boss Bellow but even As he said it the pop valve of the stopped engine went off with a Roart tilling the shut in Valley with Cla Morings that nothing could two minutes two Little minutes More and the sleep Sodden Bunch of men in the special s car might have been roused and turned out and saved. But the minutes were not Given us. While the racing fireman was still a few feet Short of the switch the throwing of which would have saved the one car train Only to let the madman s engine in on our engine and coach and our Man already at the switch was too scared to know which Horn of the dilemma to choose the end came. There was the Flash of another headlight on the curve another whistle shriek and i turned to help the major take mrs. Sheila off our car and run Frith her against the horrible Chance that we might get it instead of the spec in. But we did t get it. Ten seconds later the chasing engine had crashed headlong into the standing train burying itself Clear up to the tender in the heart of the old wooden Sleeper rolling the whole business Over on its Side in the ditch and setting the wreckage afire As suddenly As if the old pull Ryan had been a Fagot of pitch Pine and Only waiting for the Mutch. R if i could write Down any real description of the Way tilings stacked up there in that lonesome Valley for the Lytle Bunch of us who stood aghast at Ste awful horror i guess i would t need to be hammering the keys of a typewriter in a Railroad office. But in Over mind no Soldier sees any More fit a Battle than the part he is in. There were seven of us men. Including the Engineer and fireman of the special who were Able to jump in and try to do something and looking Back at it now it seems us if we All did vat we could. That was t much. About half of the people in the sleeping car Sis by actual count As we Learned after Jward were killed outright in the crash or so badly Hurt that they died pretty soon afterwards Aud the Are a was so Quick und so hot that after we bad got the wounded ones out we could t get All of the bodies of the others. As you d imagine the Boss was the head and front of that Tierce Rescue fight. He had stripped off his coat and he kept on diving into the burning wreck after another and yet another of the victims until it seemed us if he could t possibly do it one More time and come out alive. He did t Beem to remember that these very men were the ones who Hud been trying to ruin him that at least once they Hud set u trap Lor him quid tried to kill him. Lie was too big for that. After we had got out All the victims we could reach there was still one More left who was t dead we could Bear him above the hissing of the to Teton and the crackling of the Lames screaming and begging us to break in the Side of the car and kill him before lie fire got to him. Kirgan had found an a in the emergency bos of our 6ajm�nch, and was chopping away Uko a madman. I the minute he got a Hole big enough the big master in Echante dropped cd a and climbed Down into Tho choking hell where the screams were coming from our fireman picked up the. Hole we saw that he needed help. He had pried the screaming Man Loose somehow and was trying to drag hit. Tip out of the smoking Furnace. It was done amongst us. Some Way or other. Kirgan had wrapped the Man up in n Tullman Blanket to keep the fire from getting at him any worse than it no Over its prey. In the red glow to sow a Man Llu plug up uie truck from urn West and Kirgan and i went to meet him. It was Hongu the missing Engineer of the 410. He told us what there was to Tell which was t very different from the Way we d been putting it up. They Hogan and his fireman had t suspected that they were carrying a maniac until after they Hud passed Bauxite Aud Collingwood had told Thorn both that what he wanted to Downs to overtake the special and smash it. Then there Hud been a tight of the engine but Collingwood had a Gnu and to had threatened to kill them both if they did t keep on. I Kep her gota said the irishman than Ken my by Jones d keep out of my Way or thut at the last i d get a cd nest to shut the sixteen off an give her the Brake lie Kep me for m Doln it and Whin i saw the tall lights i pushed Johnnie shovel off an want nether him because there was a auth in else to do. Johnnie s Back Yound Hor it piece old n broken just then Jones the special s Engineer came up. And he pieced out Hogan s Story. The wire to Bauxite had warned we that a crazy Man was chasing him and overrun in Stop signals. He had thought to Side track the Chaser at the old a and that was what he had stopped for. Thereupon the three of us went after the crippled fireman and when we got Back to the a with him it was All Over. Collingwood had died Cote Mac Niia having some pretty bad Burns on the Side of his neck and on the backs of both hands. But he was nil there As usual and to Laid a Good brotherly hand on my shoulder when he saw what i was doing. They Don t make Many of them Uke Yon Al male he said. And then have you any newel i had a Little and i gave it to him. Fred May had come top toeing up into my sentry corridor about ten o clock to toll me that or. Perkins had arranged with the strikers to have n special go East with the major and mrs. Sheila and Collingwood s body to catch the Overland it Sedgwick and i told the Boss this Aud that the train had been gone for an hour or More. Also i gave him a scaled package that a strange boy had brought up just a Little while after May went away. We took the elevator to the Grill room for something to eat Aud it table sir. Norcross opened the peek age. It contained a Bunch of affidavits eleven of them in All and there was no letter or any thing to Tell where they had come from. He handed the papers Over to me after he had seen what they were sort of frowned across the table at me and said do you know what it Means this surrender of those bribe affidavits Al male i said i guessed i did that Hatch being dead and Collingwood too there was t nerve enough left in the itch Tower outfit to keep up the fight that the surrender of the affidavits was a ready had. And As we were taking him j with his head in s Lap and kind of a pea for a Letu 0n6ur out the Blanket slipped aside from his j the Boss tagged out and half dead As part. 1 u face and 1 saw who it was that the j he must have been was up and at master Mechanic had risked his life j work getting the wreck victims into our Day coach which had been backed for. It was Hatch himself and he died in our arms the major s and mine while we were carrying him out j to where mrs. Sheila was tearing one of the Rullmann sheets that i had got i hold of into strips to make bandages 1 for the wounded. With the Chance of saving maybe another one or two. We could t stay to help the Brave Little woman who was trying to be doctor and nurse to half a dozen poor wretches at once. But she took time to ask me one single breathless question have they found him yet you know the one i mean Jinnie no 1 said. They re digging away at that Side now and then i ran Back to jump in again. Though the tire was now Licking at everything in sight Kirgan who had j taken the a from our Demun had manured to Cut some of the car Umbers out of the Way so that we could see Down into the tangle of things where the cab of the 410 ought to have been. There was t much left of the cab. The water gauge was broken along with everything else but in j spite of the reek of smoke and steam i we could see that Logan and his fireman were not there. But Down under the up and taken around to the other leg of they to head for Portal City. When it came time for us to move Collingwood mrs. Sheila pulled her veil Down and walked Beland the body with the Good old major Locking his Arm in hers and that choking Lump came again in my Throat when i remembered what Collingwood had sold to the Boss the night he came to our office Sheila made her wedding journey with me once when she was just eighteen. The next time she rides with me it will be it my 1 guess there s no use stretching the agony out by tolling about that Mournful ride Back to Portal City with the dead and wounded. We left the wreck blazing and roaring in the shut in Valley at the Gulch s Mouth because there was t anything else to do Kirgan and Jones and one of the firemen handled the engine and pulled out while the rest of us Rode in the Day coach and did what we could for the suffering. At in non we made a Stop Long enough to let the Boss Send a wire to Portal City turning out the doctors and the ambulances and the undertakers and though it was after three Coal that had shifted Forward at o clock in the morning when we pulled the Impact of the collision we could make out the other Man the murder maniac lying on his Back Black la the face Aud gasping. Thut was enough for the Boss. It looked like certain death for anybody to crawl Down into that hissing steam Bath but he did it wriggling through the Hole that Kirgan had chopped while two or three of us ran to the Little Creek that trickled Down on the far Side of they and brought Back soaking Pullman blankets to try to delay the encroaching Are and smother the steam jets. I could t see very Well what the Boss was doing the smoke and steam were so blinding. But when i did get a glimpse 1 saw that he was digging with his Bare hands at the shifted Coal and that he had succeeded in freeing the head and shoulders of the buried Man who was still alive enough to choke und gasp in the Furnace like heat. Kirgan stood it As Long As he could until the Licking Llames were about to drive us All away. You la be Burnt alive come up out of that he yelled to the Boss but i knew it would t do any Good. With Collingwood still buried Down there and still with the breath of life in Hutu the Boss was going to stay and keep on try tug to dig aim out even if he himself got burned to a Crisp doing it. Lofling mrs. Sheila the Way he did he could t do any Leas. It was awful those nest two or three minutes. We were Uil running frantically Back and Forth now Between the wreck and the Creek soaking the blankets and doing our level Best to beat the lire Back und keep it from cutting off the Only Way there was for the Boss to climb out but we could Only tight Gaspin Gly on the sur Fuce of things As you might say. Down underneath the tire was working around in front and behind in spite of All we could do. Some of it had got to the Coal and the heavy sulphurous smoke was oozing up to make us All choke and struggle. Honestly you could t have told that the Boss was a White Mun when he crawled up out of that pit of death tugging and lifting the crushed und broken body of the madman and making us take it out before he would come out himself. We got them both away from the Tiro us quickly us we could and around to the other Side of things Kirgan and Jones carrying Collingwood. The poor Little lady we Hud left alone with the rescued ones had done All she could and she was wait Long for us. When we put Collingwood Down she sat Down on the ground and took his Bead in her Lap und cried Over him just like his Mother might have and when the Boss Knelt Down beside her 1 heard what he said that s right Little woman thut s just us it should be. Death wipes out All scores. 1 did my Best you must always believe that i did my she choked again at that and said there is no Hope and he said i m afraid not. He was dying when i got to him i tried to a Willow the big Lump in my Throat and turned away und so did everybody else but the major who went around Aud Knelt Down on the other Side of mrs. Sheila. The a wreck was blazing now like a mighty Bonfire lighting up the Pine Clad Bills All around end snapping and growling Uke some Savage monster gloating in it seemed As if the whole town had got the word Aud was Down at the station to meet us. I could t see mrs. Sheila s face when the major helped her off at the platform her veil was still Down. But i did hear her Low spoken words to the Boss whispered while they were carrying Collingwood and Hatch and two of the others who were past help out to the waiting string of dead wagons. I shall go East with the body tomorrow today i mean if the strikers will let you run a train and Cousin Basil will go with me. We May never meet again Graham and for that reason i must say what i have to say now. Your Opportunity has come. The Man who could do the moot to defeat you is dead and the strike will do the rest. If i were you i should neither eat nor sleep until i had thought of some Way to take the Railroad out of the Hiinds of those who have proved that they Are not worthy to own i did t know just then How much or Little attention or Norcross was paying to this mighty Good Clear it was Hatch himself. Headed bit of business advice. What he said went Back to that saying of hers that they might never meet Ugurlu. We must meet Agulan sometime and somewhere he said. And then "1 did my Best god knows i did my Best Sheila. I would have Given my own life gladly if the giving would have saved Coll logwood s. Don t you believe that i shall always believe that you Are one of god s own gentlemen Graham she said soft und Low and then the major cume to Tuku her u buy. Chapter xxx p. 8. T. Comes heme by nine o clock the next morning As soon As i a swallowed a hurried we of breakfast in the Grill room i swiped a Camp Stool and a Magazine out of the lounge and trotted upstairs to Plant myself before the Boss door determined thut nobody should disturb him until he was Good Aud ready to get up. Be turned out a Little before twelve looking sort of Haggard i drawn of Well begin to show them in just about fifteen minutes Jinnie was the Short comment. Beach Over and get that Telephone and Tell or. Ripley and or. Bill Loughry that i want them to meet me at my office it half past twelve. Any news from the strike nothing i told him while Central was getting my or. Ripley s number. Fred May said it was going on just the same everything quiet and nothing doing except that the wrecking train had gone out to pick up the scraps at Timber Mountain a Kirgan is bossing it and the strikers manned it for nothing More was said until after i had sent the two phone messages and then the Boss broke out in a new spot has anything been heard from or. Van Brett he asked. Not that i know again he gave me that queer Little scowl across the table. Al male have you found out yet Why or. Van Brett insisted on quitting the service i guess i grinned a Little though 1 tried not to. Or. Van Brett is one of the Best friends you be got i said. He thought you needed this strike and he wanted to go out among the pay Roll men and sort of help it Long. He could t do i a thing like that while he was an officer of the company and drawing his pay like the rest of i might have known he is Good is told me was the reply made kind of half to absently and then Short und Quick How s the Stock Market have you seen a paper i had seen both papers at breakfast time but of course they had Noth Long startling in them except u last minute account of the wreck at Timber Mountain a grabbed off just before they went to press. They could t have anything later from new York than the Day before. But Fred May had tipped me off when he came up to Tell me about the major Ken Delck special. The newspaper offices were putting out bulletins by that time. I told or. Norcross about the but la tons and was Brash enough to add we re headed for the receivership All right i guess our Stock has tumbled to Twenty nine and there s a regular dog fight going on Over it at the Railroad Post in the Exchange. Wall Street s afire and burning up so they the chief Hun t eaten enough to keep a cat alive but at that he pushed his chair Back and reached for his hat. Come on Al male he snapped. We be got to get Busy. And there in t going to be any we reached the Railroad Headquarters which were As dead and quiet As a graveyard a Little before or Ripley and Bill Loughry got Down. But or. Editor Cantrell was there waiting to shoot an anxious question at the Boss Well Norcross Are you ready to talk now not just yet tomorrow maybe was the Good natured rejoinder. All right then perhaps you will Tell to this do you yourself believe that four or five thousand Rul Road men have gone on strike out of sneer sympathy for a few Hundred c. A & w. Employees most of whom Are merely common labourers can you look me in the Eye and Tell me that you Haven t fomented this eruption on the quiet to get the better of the red Tower crowd in some Way demanded the editor i can indeed was the smiling answer. Cantrell looked us if he did t More than half believe it. Being a newspaper Man i m naturally suspicious to put in. There Are big doings Down underneath nil this that i can smell but Eun t dig up. Very thug about this strike is too Blu ined Good natured. I be talked with half a dozen of the leaders and with any number of the rank and tile. They Ull Grin and give me the Wink As if it Welte the Best joke that was Ever pulled Agulan or. Norcross smiled bund so moly. If you put a me to it. Cut Rell i May say thut this is exactly their attitude toward me Welt said the editor getting up to go a b doing my thing to you Gootis und proper. Your Rall rond Stock is tumbling downstairs so fast that it can t keep up with i Hope it will Tumble still More said the Boss pleasantly with another sort of enigmatic smile und with that or. Cantrell had to be Content As the editor went out Fred May brought la the Bunch of Forenoon telegrams and Laid them on the desk. Toy were quickly glanced at and tossed Over to too As tout a they were or them were plaintive Little yips from a strike stricken lot of people along the Short line who seemed to think that the world had come to an end but there were three bearing Tho new York Date Lino and segued the earliest had been sent shortly of Teri the opening of the Stock sex cd Tige and it ran thus morning papers announce strike and Complete tie up on i. S. L. Why no report from you of labor troubles threatening Compromise at any Cost and wire emphatic denial of strike. Answer Tho second of the series had been filed for transmission an hour later and it was still More saw toothed. Later reports confirm newspaper Story. Your failure to Compromise instantly with employees will break Stock Market and subject you to investigation for criminal incompetency. the third message and been sent still later. Your continued silence is inexcusable. If no favourable report from you by six o clock you May consider yourself discharged from the company s i shall always believe that you Are one of god s own service Anil criminal proceedings on charge of conspiracy will to instituted at i thought things were beginning to look pretty serious for us if or. Dun ton was going to try to drag us into the courts but or. Norcross was still smiling a lieu lie handed me the last and latest Telegram la the Bunch. It was from or. Chadwick and was Good Nat redly laconic. To g. Norcross g. M., Portal City. Just returned from trip to Seattle. What s doing on the Short line a couple of telegrams. Al male said the chief As he passed this last wire Over und i got my note Book ready. To b. Dunton new York. Strike is sympathetic and not subject to Compromise. Mails moving regularly but Ull other traffic suspended indefinitely. office closes today and my Resig in thou effective it once goes to you of fast mall now one to or. Chadwick and you May Send it in code to directed crisply. Then he dictated see newspapers for account strike. Hatch and eight of his associates were killed last night in Railroad wreck. Dunton has demanded my resignation and i have Given it. Have plan for Complete reorganization along lines discussed in beginning and need your help. At Market opening to Morrow sell p. S. L. Large blocks and repurchase in triblets is Price goes Down. Repeat until i Tell you to Stop. Wire Quick if you Are with just As i was taking Tho last sentence sir. Ripley and Bill Loughry came in and or. Norcross took them both into the third room of the Suito and shut the door. An hour inter when the door opened and they came out the Boss was summing up Tho new orders to Bill Loughry there s a lot to do and you have my authority to hire All the help you need. See the banker yourself personally and get them to interest other local buyers along the line Tho More of them Aud the smaller they Are the better. I la take care of Portal City myself. I be had Van Brett on the wire und he is taking care of the employees yes that goes As it lies and is a part of the original plan every Man who works for p. S. L. Is go lug to own a bit of Stock if we have to carry him for it and let him pay u Dollar a week. More than that they shall have representation on the Board if they want it. Aud while you re knocking about take time to show these c. A & w. Folks How they can climb Back into the Saddle. Red Tower is Down and out now and they can keep it out if they want and or. Norcross called a meeting of stockholders the sumo to to held bless your heart i in Portal City the thriving Metropolis of the Region in which court Long or. Chadwick in As one of us a Good solid voting majority of Tho Stock was now held. The Mountaineer printed the Call and it spoke of the Railroad of our Railroad company i Tho meeting was held in due time and or. Chadwick was there to pro Side. He made n cracking Good chairman and the Way he dilated on the fact that now the country and the employees and n Rel Road of their own and that the whole nation would to looking to Seo How we would do monster note Tho problem we had taken Over actually brought cheers think of it cheers in n Rel Road stockholders meeting following or. Chad Wick s talk Thero was Tho usual routine business reports were rend and it was shown that the Short line notwithstanding nil the stealing and mismanagement was still n Good going proposition it Tho Price it which it and been bought in. A new Board of directors was chosen and is soon is the new Board got together or. Norcross went Back to his office in the Hend quarters not is general manager this time not on your life but is the newly elected president of Pioneer Short line and by the same Token Tho first official circular hat came out a copy of which i sent tied up with a Blue ribbon to Balsle Ann read like this to nil employees this Day or. Jimos f. Dodds is appointed assistant to Tho president with Headquarters in Portal City. A. Norcross that s All All but a Little talk to tween the Boss and or. Upton Van Brett that took place in our Oil ice on the Day after or. Van Brett still kicking about the hard work that the Boss was always piling upon him had been appointed general manager. You be made the Riffle Graham just us i said Yon would said our own und Only millionaire after he and got through abusing the fates that would t let him go Back cant and play with his Coupon shears and his yachts and Polo ponies. You re going to be the biggest Man this Side of Tho mountains some Day and the Day in t so very far off it was just Here that the Boss got out of his chair and walked to the other end of the room. When he came Buck it was to Sny you think i have won out Upton and so does everybody else. I suppose it looks that Way to the Man in the Street. But l Haven to you know. Woman an to avoids operation compound saved her Stoa n. month gave me so much trouble my a Eyou Lelm weeks. 11 treated by two to without Tel of they bin operation. In and was unfit to anything and a Given up All Hope i Eer getting better. Ires tfx a medical no was primitive Baptist paper and decided try it i have used Lydiae Pink Hurt vegetable compound and Lydia r Pinkham a liver pills for about a a months and now i am Able to do s work. I shall never forgot your a Cine and you May publish this if a want to As it is True mrs. A p. Horsey. Star n. C. Here is another woman who adds Bay testimony to the ii have already published proving m l7dia e. Pinkham s vegetable con Pound often restores health to Sufferina women even after they have gone so Iff that an operation is deemed advisable therefore it Witt surely Nav and Wnm. Her sex to give this Good remedy a fair trial surely pay any worm " Peculiar Tal of Teshinia who suffers from ailments pc Juliai to old Fash cart worked hard to get Hill widow s statement shed new la Jet on her claim for damages for husband s Lois. A Man was killed in a railway coff. Siroti and a few Days after the funnel he company lawyer called pm in widow to effect a Settle Etc it. She placed her damages it of . Oil that sum is unreasonable a plied the lawyer. Your he Imus Alloa. Four or live Hundred lie eco �4 i Why sir i courted that Man far tit years ran Niter him l or Tei ,.then had to Chase him with a have lost he one thing for which j ,0 to .,.,., 1 i would gladly give All the business Success i have Ever made or Hope to or. Van Brett s smile was More than half a Grin. Yii la Glne i m going to Settle or i me us of shoe leather and mental we in tear London lit hits i suppose i might rattle this old Type machine of mine indefinitely and toil the Story of the flan Clyl Light that tilled the next few Days of How Tho Boss and or. Bopley and Bill Loughry got the Bankers and practically everybody together All Long the Short line Aud sprung Tho big plan upon them which was not Ling less than the snapping up on n tumbling Stock Market of the Opportunity now presented to them of owning actually owning Lufeo simple their own Railroad Tho buying to be done quietly through or. Chudwick s brokers in Chicago und now York there was some opposition and Jungling and Soe in Wing Back and Forth of course but the newspapers led by the Mountaineer took Hoid and then pretty soon everybody took hold after which the Only trouble wits to keep people our own rank and file among them Rbra buying p. $. L. Common so fast that the new yorkers would catch on and run the Price up. -. They did t catch on not until after t was too late and the minute or. Chadwick wired us from Chicago that we were Safe the strike went off of you might say Between two minutes it in t lost Graham it s Only gone before. Can t you wait a decent lit tie while if i should wait All my life it would t to Long enough Upton was the reply. What you said to me that time when we first spoke of Collingwood was True. You said she loved the other Man and so she did. This time or. Van Lar let s smile was a whole Grin. I said it. And i la say it again. She did t realize it or admit it even to herself you know she s too Good and clean hearted for any thing like that. But i could see it plainly enough and so could everybody else except Tho two people most nearly concerned. 1 you did t mean Howie Collingwood were the other Man Graham at this the Boss whirled Short around and trumped to Tho other end of the room again standing for Nutte a Kule while with one foot on Tho Low window Sill and making out like to was looking Down at Tho tray tic Platte King Long in Nevada Avenue. But i la bet a Quarter he never saw a single wheel of it. When he came Back our Way his eyes were shining and he put his humid on or. Van Brett s shoulder. It ought to have been you Tippy to said dropping Hack to the old College nickname. You re by Long Odds the hotter Man. When when do you think x might venture to take a let to run across to new at that or. Van Brett laughed out loud. Hot to he said. I suppose i ought to say a year. You can Watt one Little year can t you Graham not on your life 1" rasped the Boss. And then ill Tell you what i la do i la Compromise with the proprieties or whatever it is that you re insisting on and Rusako it six months. But that s Tho limit the absolute limit i Aud so it was. The end carry surely ample Security. A housewife hired a Darky to c three tons of Coal from Tho curb. A Little Linler the housewife discovered that she had no Money except a five Dollar Bill. Calling the Darky who was about half through with the Job she asked him if he could change the Bill so that lie could get his pay. No a be replied i earnt. But 1 c n git it changed Over at do Groe by Sto Tho woman hesitated trying to decide whether to take n Chunco. Don Yon worry missus Tho Darky assured her. Ill come Buck old de change. An just to show you it s nil right lil go after it right now and leave this other ton of Coul i Alu t car. Red la yet out la Tho Street As s cur. Precautionary. Why did you insist of Josh s joining Tho s. P. C. for his own Protection replied Farmer Corntassel. If Josh keeps on born unkind to thut mule of ours sooner or Luter to s Goin to get tribute to Good Hoar. A Good heart is Tho Sun and Moon or rather the Sun and not Tho Tor it shines Bright and never chs but keeps its Miil. A i .0ss Speare. Course How a Bussjr Man does t Lovo n a. Latently Ehe erf i i divid who needs Only he Eug noisy m first really National Bank. Plonk of North Amer a was tit name of the first Bank of a National character. It had a Hurter fur to years from 17-11, from the Urfe ton but doubt As to Lis legality w the Bank to seek and main a Chart. From the state of Pennsylvania in 17s5 this latter i Garter wll revoked but in its it was renewed it was located it Philadelphia. By adding pulverized , Concrete can to made closely to Granite. 50flood cigarettes a for 10c from one sack of genuine Bull Durham tobacco for liver ills Ake you if you can t feel Osgood but what will make you feel better.1 Toolate death Only a matter of Short Tea Don t wait until pains and be conf incurable diseases. Paup consequences by told of j cold medal the world s in did �2f�s$i Uver Budder and ask Chr Natty ill remedy of a a a a Odt to Bow Ito a All drugging = a it at a. New get j i

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