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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - September 1, 1921, Postville, Iowa Twenty ninth year a live newspaper in a live town die traffic ordinance. Ordinance no. 182. J ordinance regulating the use of a fiets alleys and highways by it Hiilis of nil kinds including arts drays carriages wagons it mobiles bicycles motor Nicks and All other vehicles and Ito Viding penalties for violation. It ordained by the town Council of the town of Postville Iowa Section 1. In this ordinance Hie m vehicle shall include nil curls Ira carriages wagons Tut inn Fri bicycles motorcycles motor Ulitt Mill All other Vohl clips pro led pm Thor by muscular or me in civil Power except traction cuff Road rollers town nov a person using the Lii hip words town if Post slow Down to in Miles am an Arrow Point lug in top Alrec where Tho a Ppd is to Hii up Lection i. No Vii Pip shall pled Over any Highway Minro Vii ill a gravel or paved surface Ali has prop colons of Nilal or 1 beyond the trend of i raffle Opp of Tho Tiro excepting Volin equipped with eat pillar in provided that i raptors. I a a a a a engines or similar motor Volin May be operated Wii Iii shape. Or. Dan Ronny clouts or red n Hii Piv a Ninnor hint two or p Pip Iii urn in Pon " hip fold . And that we limit ppr Rioh Width of sub my in continuous con incl with or do Roar lamp it hts shall top of in Dilip dlr i ton of Voad surf App Nam nil roil in hip ill Ion of hip Mon mint of Lam Vohl ii Ops not pm Pipii Plicht band red and per Inch Width of 11 up. Ipp Tion i. Ivory motor Vii Pip i p in Riiho on Tho by rept. Alliv Hli Hrayr shall be provided with 1�a i p brakes. To Poloi 7. Rcpt y motor i Hycle 1 i Pill Pond with a suitable Horn or Tobor Liun allium device flair unit on abrupt sound Seffl j la loud to Servo As in Nufi Nunly j Ali if of Dannor Bill no ppr Nons mlle a any motor vehicle a Bill or Iii hip to in in do any in i Isary not so with such will or Ali Rte Vlco or Mio the in pm kept in ii worn Lair of Duin or i of Eai during Hie ppr Lod of from one if utter one i Cir before Fli p. Una fish in i in a re avoid Eccl dents. An and Pinato ill let Hevleo Rhyll in nil lenses s funded. On apr Oil Holni curve i to r of Hillh. Felon s. All motor Vijoli Lar in per Antn. Allover find Hlib was. I l of motorcycles motor Hulcy ail such motor web Clos us arc up Vav Poi lipped with one it limn j Forward Centor of Mili motor be shall Durl Nir the period of Ono Lulf hour nil a Hii Nuet to i if hour before sir Len display or morn Waltn or tinted Ihrol r than roil on Tho Forward part Aid Vohl Loro til cod As to be from the front and of in ital i illuminating Power to to Viri of n of Llva inn Ppd in Tom darn Nylon in which Rtin pm. And to reveal nov in rus. Pih or Obert. Sevon by front Abend of top Linnins. 1 motor Voliton. When in in Dos Plov in the rear a Lupin com placed Fin to show 1 Lar rat of vim Hie rear and throw a a hit Del up Tiv a nip the rear plat inn Murker and Render Tho iritis thereon vast in for it l in of to in Tho ill when from we Tab vehicle is i noted Lnu. Matt Jar or. Notor and motor yep p0 Ili i de with tone Luj but bin Narovl did. Lmh is Plavon the Pfaul a Niort. Ono w air itj"1 it other Linn red and a. Rod to the Ron to \ Iet Eil i a to throw a ��j�5 a Folio he a Tiv Pinon to Wip Traylon Nirk a 1p the Oak a of or motor to did tint in no a Tny Nuny Penton. Whlon \ no Pei in n Vennt Niin. And a Mannari in t a a in vent Otti we of Onn or Nioni of b Light to a a thu taste Reaa Nab Opportunity to put his Ali has in order to he Denind guilty of vol Tillon of this prov Tylnn. Tie prov Slon is to the rear Likht. Shall also apply to vehicles which Are trailed or towed by motor vehicles sect Ion in. U shall. Unlawful to use on a vehicle of any Lunil. Ii Clud Witik motorcycles any hid iting device or Over four Candle Power ii upped with n Relle Clor unless the same shall he so designed or arranged that the directly reflected and Lull dolt Mikeil Bezim of such Likht when measured Fec qty Tulve feet or More ahead of hip Light shall not Rise above forty two inches from hip surface on which hip vehicle stands under All level conditions of Load. If 111 addition in headlights any vehicle is equipped with and Anvil la Jill projecting lights vices other than i such Inix Liary might o he subject to All this Section Reg by Iii. If a spotlight is used on it motor vehicle. It shall he unlawful Tor any person to direct its rays to wards he eyes of the Driver or occupants of any approaching vehicle or to the left or the Center of Hie travelled Way meeting another vehicle. No person shall operate a motor vehicle equipped with an electric Holh or other lighting device of a greater capacity than thirty own Caudle Power no Knaller How the same May lie shaded covered or obscured. It shall by a defense to a Propp Quinn under this a petion in hip party charged with a violation of hip provisions Hereof produces salts factors proof hint said lights were i quipped with head legit lenses properly approved by the Slali Highway commission except that this shall he no defense to i a Barge of using move than thirty two Candle Power capacity lights Silton id. If shall lip unlawful i of any person to Tun of All or any or his motor vehicle s la hts for the Nurine of avoiding arrest or id nil a Callini. Section u. It shall be unlawful for any operator of any motor car. Tavi Calt automobile Violor truck or motorcycle while on any Highway to use any Cut out lilting or other a Paralis or device which will Al Low Hie exhaust Gisses from hip Enine of the motor vehicle to escape into hip atmosphere without Lisl passing through a Silencer expansion chamber or Oiler contrivance suit ahle Ami sufficient for reducing As far As May lie reasonably Par Tara Ide. The which would otherwise he caused by Hie escape of the lid gasses. Or for any person to drive or permit to he driven on the any Violor vehicle Al any line with the Muffler or not in operation. Section 12. The owner Driver operator. Or person in charge of any vehicle upon any Surcel Alley or shall conform to and end ply with the following regulations Al the operator of a vehicle Hall turn to the right when meeting another vehicle and where the Roadway is of sufficient avid la. Shall in All times travel on the right bail de of the renter of the Street. B the operator of a vehicle when overtaking and passing Uin Lyher vehicle shall pass to the left when the surface of the ground will pen ult and shall not drive to the right tint ii Clear of such vehicle. C vehicles moving slowly shall keep is close As possible to Tho curb on the right allowing mor. Swiftly moving vehicles free passage to the left. Id the operator of n vehicle Hall before . Turning or banking the course of such Vehip be. First see hint there is Santl la Piil space to make such movement in and shall give n visible or audible Shunn to the crossing officers. If there he such or to the Drivers or vehicles following of his intention to make such movement by raising and pm lending hip hand and indicating with it hip direction i which he wishes to Lorn. 0 the operator of n vehicle. In turning to the right from one Stipps or Highway into Knoll for shall urn the Corner As near la right hand As practicable. And in turning to the left from one Street or High inv into another shall pass to the right of and beyond the Coaler before turning. F the operator of a vehicle in crossing from one Side of he or Hli Way in hip other Side thereof Hall turn in. I be left so As in head in the direction in which vol Iclyn Are moving. Or it shall to unlawful for hip operator of any vehicle to Over like and pass another vehicle it Sloe a intersect Lens. H where two vehicles Aro approaching on Liny Public so real. Or he Gliwa so that their paths will in apr spot and Hipp is Dong or or collision the a Philo approaching the other from the right shall have the right or Way. 1 it shall to unlawful to top hitch or Olavo standing any animal Duck Here comes the forty eight or live dollars nor More than Twenty five dollars for the first and second offence and on the third offence the facts shall by reported to the state automobile department. Anyone violating the provisions of Section two six seven Keg lit or nine paragraphs .1 or k of Section 12 of this ordinance shall upon conviction be punished by a line of not to exceed one Hundred dollars. Anyone violating any it the provisions of this ordinance other than those previously referred to in this Section shall upon conviction be subject to n flue not exceeding one Hundred dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding thirty Days in Case the Fine imposed in accordance herewith is not paid the person convicted May lie commuted to jail until the line is paid not to sex cd thirty Days. Section 1 a. All ordinances or parts or ordinances in conflict with this ordinance Are hereby repealed. Seel Ion 111. This ordinance shall Lake effect upon us passage by the town Council. Its approval by the mayor and its publication All As provided by Law. Adopted and Nassed by the town Council this Lith Day of August. D. 11"1. Surpi Irenn. Town clerk. Approved by me this 18th Day of . A. N. Go a. W. Fay mayor. I Rainbow division pictures. Vehicle upon any Street within firtion foot of he Corner or within flute on fool of any lire hydrant. Fojtl. All All to unlawful for Tho of Perlor of any motor vehicle or person in charge thereof to leave in not embed upon any Street or High Way n motor a Ohilo with Tho online running. To no person under p years of ago Hhall operate or drive a Violor vehicle on Thoi Hugli Wayfel unless Mieli person in by n i Orson of mature yearn. Section 13, no person while in an intoxicated end Talon Ruji Iii operate a vehicle of any kind upon Tho Hliva Hwan a l l. Anyone. Violating the provisions of son Mon 8 of this or Duminco shall upon conviction to punished by a Fine of not to exceed to Onty Jvn dollars or Lyo Days in jail. Anyone violating in Nylon ton of Ali a of non to note i Hon to a ubi pct to a Ino of Onn Niit in adj of i a or 4 nor Lori of not to exceed thirty Days. A a a a a a i. Anyone 11 of thin Only unite no uni. Or term Cov Fhon be att Jet to a Fine of it loss Titan Postville schools to Start. A Caliopi is be irly out and Orpi and on next monday sept Ember a. The Rossville i Ulilla schools will begin Anol Hir year s work. There is considerable change in the High school teaching Force this year hut the teachers have All been care four selected for their capable Lulles in the branches thee arc to handle and ii is More than probable that our schools will be Colli limed on tin same High Standard of excellence As in the years gone by. Following is the list of teachers superintendent ii. A Miller. Princl Nal so Lviv Christian manual train inv a win. 11. Kadic commercial. Ii Williams Domestic science Minnie Kopf. Music Oona Foley. Mathematics Alta recce. English Mary Pinion. Sixth. Seventh Anil i Giixh Irr Des ill things and Solum Sjo Boen. Fil la Oradine fourth i Rad Nev. Third Crade Scop ii Punde Melv i Rii rough a special Arrari moment Ullh the Arthur f. Dry not Post or Hin american legion Ihu Oil govern mint lilt in tvs of Hie Lusth infantry of t in Leal now division Are to to shown it Poki Viii theater on Rigi Raduy sept st. Timpho Aro the Hon in taken by the v. G. A pm a Nice plug the principal of cd of i he Kosth inf. Is the old the pc from the Hal Lockson. Said dry. So Unkei. Weber. First Trade i ii. Darling. Sup. 11. K. Miller will be at his office in the school building on saturday of this week Sepp Tihoi re whore he can lie consulted in regard to classification by i Hose who will attend school the coming year. The Bankers banquet. The Post Jln in Kern wore hosts to the members of the Alla Makee county hankers association slur any evening last and so far As we have been Able to learn Hoy did it in line style. The event opened with a six thirty Bai Iiguel Al Turner opera House and was followed by a bust official army signal morph. Of the a Luhnow division lows National Onard. Lures show everything training period to the Welcome Hong. There arc scenes from Hie in Tolu front and action. It will lie an exceptional Opportunity to get an insight of what Tho boys went thru while travelling abroad. Tho picture can be truthfully classed ii an All Star Irod Netlon for every actor was a wearer of the Mollyo drub. Tho 1 infantry was Tho regiment of which Arthur f. Brandt of ibis City was a member and it was while n member of this to made the supreme sacrifice. Let Moniker folks thin picture is brought to i out Vullo under Tho of to american legion Post and any profits accruing will go to the Post. A lutheran Church notes. Sunday school a0 a. M. Preaching service____10 30 m. The la Thor league meets it s p. In. Flip ladles Aid society wll meet at non Wornhor Hull on thursday september 8th. Following Aro the upon Iberl of High year s continuation class who will to Given their final examination next sunday Ioimo Rock mayor Arkle Ilo Ekman Arno Blum it Gen la Elmith Solh vietto Lorenz Black Merle Rucket Tophel a Philo Al Mono Floyd Imeln Arthur my Tenis ii Tutor Ovat i Wlllie Elnina Mamie Elslo la Guinha Gen Marin Sebu Etlo Amanita Block -1 Flo Ronen Mono. Oru Dij Nih. Week from sunday a the eel ligation of the lard h which was the completion of tin organization of a protect Ive association for Alla Makee count v. A which was done and members of the vigilance committee for each township were appointed but for obvious Rea Hoiris their names Are not Given out. Or. Knight professor of psychology n t the stale i of Lova was present and addressed the meeting. The or. Wan accompanied by his son. The following nut of town Bankers were present it the meeting to och or. And Julius Neckli or. A . W. Uni Levine Allinson f. If. Klecks. P. 10. Noil. Norr Vullo j. 11. I Almer. Dorc Josler .1. Ii. La ruin. A Okador a. .1. Carpenter Pecuch ,1. F. Maloy a Iirth Rodney . A. O Ufen j. V obituary. Robert Waters was born in Schuylkill county. Pennsylvania june fils Iii and died at his Home Joti Ludlow township. Alla Makee county Iowa on August 1p 1. Aged slyly live years two months and ten Days. Lie moved Willi his parents from Pennsylvania in the year Lifis coming from my Flegor by stage to . Iowa making the remainder of the journey on foot to the Grandfather s Home in Ludlow township. Later the family settled in a Homo of their own nearby where be grew to manhood. Lie was United in marriage to Mary c. Carithers it Tost township. Alla Makee county. Iowa on the Day of april. Iss a. And settled in die Home where he resided continuously i Enlil his death. To this Union was Horn one son. Hay. He leaves to mourn his loss his wife son and wire also three Brothers Gcorge and John of i of Ville. Iowa and Thomas of Ludlow township. Or. Waters was n prosperous tinier Industry to a. Honed and upright in All his dealings always Reail to help promote any for i he welfare of he Community. In Early life he United hip presbyterian Church of . Iowa and always contributed to its support. Who ii Jovial Dlynn Silton he had a ready handshake and n kind word for nil. Tin sorted As trustee of Ludlow township for fifteen years a or a number of years and at the time of his death he was agent and Adios tar for the Iowa Mutual Tor no do insurance asocial inn. Agent nod director of the Winneshiek Farmers Mutual insurance association director of the Farmers savings Dank of Frankville. Iowa and president of the Frankville Cebu Terv asocial inn. And during his life held Many offices of trust., the deceased bad been in falling health and under a physician s Enre for Somo time but. Kept up until about three weeks ago since whip it lip despite the faithful care of the nurse. Mrs. Kelleher and nil that Loving hands could do lie gradually fulled and passed away last thursday morning at six thirty o clock. Ills death has caused a general sadness throughout Jils Large Circle of i if ii int Anci s and friends and a sympathy that. Is tender and True Goei nut. To Whoso who mourn. Tho funeral was held from the Frankville Community Church last sunday afternoon it two thirty conducted by nov. Vim co of a Nikon and was one of the most largely attended gatherings of its kind Ever held in that locality lie it Lle solved by be town Council of the incorporated town of pit Vullo Iowa there is hereby levied for municipal purposes upon nil taxable pro Perty within Hie corporate limits is taxes for the ensuing year and for the purposes herein designated the following number of Mills on the Dollar lowly 10 Mills on the Dollar for the Lenerel fund to defray general expenses of the town. 2 Mills on the Dollar to make up n deficiency in the Lenerel fund for the year 1021. .1 Mills on Hie Dollar for the improvement. Fund of said Tow n. For the purpose of making and repairing of Street improvement at intersections. 10 Mills in the Dollar for sewer Al ont fund in meet the principal and interest it said Bonds when they become due. 7 Mills on Hie Dollar for a lighting fund for the purpose of mooting la expense of strend lighting of said town. 2 Mills on i he Dollar for a trailing fund for the purpose of grading the streets of said Tow i. 1 Mill on the Dollar for a dragging fund for lire ill dragging the streets of said town. F Mills on the Dollar or a storm sewer Pond fund to pay principal and interest on storm sewer Bonds As they become due. H Mills on the Dollar for a waterworks fund for the burp Asp of on eroding and repairing lie waterworks system. I Mills on the Dollar fund. Five Mills on i a Dollar on All tracts of land or Over ten acres in extent used exclusively for Gricel Miraj or Hurt a ii Tara purposes As a Road fund for top purpose of improving and maintain the roads. Lie ii further Pesold that All properly within the corporate Illus is within Hie limits of la ii Ellis and Protection of said lax levies. Be ii further resolved. Hint the clerk is ordered to certify the sums of Money the above lax levies will amount to in Money to the comity auditor on or before the first monday in september to he placed on the lax list. Adopted and Nassed by the town Cornell his u the Day of August a. D. 1ji21. William so -.phv.rd. Town Fieri. Approved by Nie Hlis Lith Dav of nil isl a. In 1i21. Of in. W. Fay. Mayor. Postville 25 years ago. Interesting items taken from the files of the Iowa Volks Blatt of september 4. 1896. Kex fio Vernor Lar Arboe addressed a Republican rally at. A italia on last Friday night. Carpenter s orchestra it Maynard furnish id delightful music for the Turner s dance last saturday. The Cleo. Thu Una family was increased by the arrival of a bouncing baby girl on last wednesday. John learn Nick and John l an Heer arrived Home Friday from Iligir trip to North and South the youngest child of or. And mrs. John 1 Helnn died on wednesday after an illness of whooping cough. Hev. Pollard and family arrived Here wednesday and Are occupying the of the congregational Church. Or. And mrs John c. Schroeder who reside on the Clermont Road Are the parents of a baby girl which arrived last thursday. John w. Mather s farm Bouse. " Miles North of Poolville was destroyed by fire on thursday night. In insurance was carried. Three carloads of poultry were shipped out of Postville to new York last week. Another Carload to to be shipped on saturday. The methodist. Sunday school picnic held on tuesday was a hug i Cess. Over Fla Typanis were required to transport the people to and from he picnic. Janus Mcquillan the 21 year old son of or. And mrs. We. Mcquillan died on monday after n two veer s illness. The Funi Rel was held in Clermont on wednesday. F. In Bayless of Clayton county was nominated As candidate for congressman from this District by democrats at their convention the held it Oss an last thursday. Town Council proceedings. Official publication adjourned meeting of the town Council of the town of , Iowa held August 1s i 21. Conc Lomeii All present ii. Dannen Burluk Al Corgi havoc . Councilman j Iroil ced tax except j a. Pay. Mickie says a. And supper. E. Schmidt pastor. ,. subscribers attention. To have this Welc corrected our Mahik Flat including wednesday August 31st. Look at Tho address tart on your paper right now and Bee if we have Given e to mw5 if a Tweh a i card of thanks. We wish to tender our Grall Lnda and Heartfelt thanks to Tho doctor nurse and Many kind friends and neighbors who so kindly and willingly Neil pm and Sompalli izod with is in lie hour of our deepest sorrow. Also for the Bountiful Floral offerings. Of frs. Kolief Waters or. And mrs Hay Waters George Waters John Waters Thoin is Waters. Community Church notes morning worship at 10 o clock. Sunday school at 11 a. In. A Christian in Donavor at 7 p. In. In evening services. All Olhorn apr Voles As usual. Why not Mako the Start next sunday and go. To Church Tho evening services will to of melted next sunday but will be Rwy nil on sept. 11th. The Pictor having just returned from a Short Auto trip will preach next sunday morning at 10 o clock on the sigh meet i Lowers picked by Tho a a. Saatoff minister. Bethel Church notes. W. Cam Nobel 1 in Levy Treso Lutvi which was duly adopted passed and approved. Councilman fill Bart Sanders in Iro need f i Denance n o 1s1. Cut1 led tin ordinance providing for poll tax which was duly passed and up proved. Councilman .1. W. Can Moll introduced ordinance no. Is entitled an ordinance regal no in the use of streets alleys and Highway by vehicle of Al kinds Carls tvs carriages wagons i Lon Holles. Blk Velez. Violor trucks and All Oiler vehicles and Orivl dons Lineal to a fir vol Gllnn which Van Delv Pas and Ipp raved on motion a Innell idl Myrneil. Willim rpt Hihun. Town clerk George w. Any. Mayor. To Durno s Park news bulletin. Or. And mrs. Cole of West a Nam were sunday picnickers Al the Pari. A number of the it Oval neigh bin a had a pm Iii at the Par last Sun Day. Tuliper Larson and family of in Gln spent is indy ii Leri Iorii Al the Park. Or. And mrs. It. F. Pullman and Mother were callers no the Park last monday.  or. And mrs. Fred Heins and Ehl Iron took in the Emu sempels it the Park sunday. Al. F. Norland an i family and it c. Dorland and fun ill of West tin inn spent at Hie Pivk. Or. And mrs. Arthur Dresser and daughter Evelyn spent sunday at tin Park with or. And mrs. Schmidt. Miss Amanda Litgen and i 1 Strong returned from their wlm a i sin Irin monday evening reporting n Fine Lime. T or. And mrs Henry sub note Niu or. And mrs. Ilene a Lii Elmen of car nov lilo spent sunday at she la pest miss Joyce flirt rude schmidt., b to Ellb Ibn Sebullen s to spend the fore part of the week in Hart iavello. Post twp. Community club. The Post. Township Community club will meet on Hie Arbe la herons Lawn thursday sept. In. Very body is cordially invited to come and enjoy four reels of Good Nio los and some Fine music both vocal and instrumental. Please bring either sandwiches or cake or salad acid Yor own dishes. Coffee Wil be fur a shod. In ease it Rains Tho morning will to postponed until a later Date. How to Park your cars. Sunday pehonl.,.if a. Prpic majr Sov vice. .11 a Yon no Purdi Nelv invited a a a views Ovorn . Ii a Hay of pastor on saturday painted pretty Tho pavement for those who May last John my Cluis White stripes along the Guidi Ince of have occasion to additional locals. The put ire business Section of Postville was thrown open to traffic esterday morning with the exception of hair the Street from Hart Fleming s implement House to the Farmers store Corner. Turn opt next thursday Nite and see Hie ple lures of the world famous Tai Jibowu i i vision the unit of Bleb Arthur f. Porn not of this by was a Pari Lyilla he made Hie apr Pic sacrifice for his country Bieh is your country. The Herald Force enjoyed a Little sit monday afternoon from miss i Liliy Masi a of the Monona Leader Force who was Eprouie Home from several Days visit to her sister at Walker. Her brother Lee Camp up by car and tool her Home. The paving Crew has moved to hip lutheran Church Corner and today will Start on the last stretch of paving that leads to the county line it its intersection with Hie Hardin Road. It the weather continues the work will be of peeled Early next week. Or. And mrs. F. Ii. So breeder of this City leave next tuesday for a Al Overland trip Prairie Schooner and will Lour Wisconsin for couple of weeks. Tills is. Their unit ii it foil in a number of years and hey certainly live one coming nil Here s hoping hey enjoy Evory minute of it. Inn Pleth returned to his Home Arcadia wis., on last saturday Filer several Days visit at the Home if his Slater. Mrs. Jos. A Nicolay and family. John worked Here As u Tinner Ouita to while ago and like oth a old residents holes with pleasure the big improvements pore in the Way of paving Etc. Mrs Ward Allen of Ossian and sirs. Laura Myloc Corlett. Int Man. Friends of Lessie Allen visited her wednesday. Mrs Coryell went As a Bride ten years ago to Hronos Aires South America to make her Home she and her Hus hand and family have now returned to the paired Salon to educate their the. Children. Or. And mrs. J. W. Campbell drove to Decorah monday and on. I he return trip brought along his parents or. And mrs. Ila Mellon Campbell. Hani says Postville s paved streets arc considerably improved Over the Mips to used to Al stuck in while hauling produce to Market Here when he resided on the farm. Tuesday evening As Rov Plo Kluun was hurry Ling Easl on Tell Deal Street luring the rain he turned out to pass n car with his in Nestor just in front of Hie John Mushow Home and in doing so hts ear. Skidded into the Oft dirt of a recently filled ditch and nearly to nip Over ending Hie front Axle and hunk Ling one of he wheels under. He was we Phlp to half Block of Homo when the Accident happened. Marilyn it Lille is the Nonino of the finest Little girl in All the world ind her arrival at the Hosip of or. Mil mrs. Of a pall or grand Meadow township on mond a Austis 23, conferred on them Tho tight to use tip title of a and my and inhere or. And mrs. I. O. Dally of this e to and Rev. And mrs. .1. F. Childress of Charleston 111,. Into grand parental honors for Tho first Timo. To hardly know who to first so we extend congratulations to All at Olieo. A Library notice. Park their curs thereon. Cars Are supposed to nose in on a slant on either aide hum enabling Thorn to Hack out into the Road with very i Little inconvenience when ready to to the pro Cood on their journey. See or Tunanen elsewhere in Huls Issue for Lull plans and . A a a Tho Library Hoard wishes to have nil books now out to be returned to Tho Library on saturday of. Thin week. A notice to the Public. 1 hereby notify my patrons that t will take no Mora work in the yet Erinio v line actor night sunt. 3rd. 0. A. Samtori Imph -

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