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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - October 4, 1918, Postville, Iowa Successor to the "3�tt�a to cd la Matt Twenty sixth year Postville Iowa Friday october 4, 191& number 49 from our Soldier boys letter from c. Hastings. In european Waters sept. 11, 1918. Fear dad and a Well i m Cross and feel than  Ever fever was sick a minute. Lots of allows got pretty seasick. We had lorry weather for about three Days. I raining a Little off and on. Have Lenty to eat and feel finest i Ever id. Only tiling that bothers me now can t write what i d like to. I d be to Tell you about the scenery and Forth but i can t do that. But 11 remember it All and some Day i late there to Tell it to you. I would t Hiss what i m doing1 and seeing for Al the Jack in the world. This is Jure an education alone and the life agrees with me. I weigh 166 lbs. Low and Pat like a horse. Hope Iother is Well and grandma. Saw a j t of Fly Hig fish and porpoise on the Lay Over but the worst of All i did t let to see a we sure would Lut the cover to one of those if we lad seen one. This is sure a Dandy hip one of the Best in the Fleet and hey Are All Aulne Bunch of Fellows. The other Day i got to talking about Owa to a gob i was working with and he happens to be from Calmar. Lis name is Herold Well dad and a that s about All i can think or Jurite of. Send me a card or letter often three or four times a week. With All my love 0. Hastings Are p. M., new York n 7. Letter from Arthur Klingbeil. Camp Boone sept. 27, 1918. Dear brother Bui no doubt you pave been thinking what ails me for hot writing. Well i am perfectly All tight As the influenza has not gripped me yet. I have been very Busy a nursing sick ones and believe me i bras one Busy nurse All this last week Las the influenza turned into acute pneumonia and the boys died like flies. I was detailed a week ago tonight from Camp Perry to Camp Boone and was on duty every Day from six k m. To 9 30 p. And i am just labout All in. Now today the doctor has transferred me to the pneumonia Ward to take charge of the pneumonia patients and these boys Are very very ill and take the utmost of care so you can imagine the Job i have on my hands. But if it is for the betterment of the boys in Camp i am with them heart and soul for i can do no More than serve the Good old u. S. A. With the Best of my ability and As i was chosen to take care of the worst ones May god preserve me and help me keep Well for i breathe the deadliest of germs that one can breathe and am right Over them As they need minute Caire while they Are close to death. But do not worry when i Don t write often As after i am with these cases All Day i take my shots in the nose and Throat and am glad to go to cd. I am very tired tonight so be excuse this Short note. Re Gards to Eltha and you from your brother Arthur h. Klingbeil. Camp Boone Hospital unit no. 14, great lakes 111. Lost voice recovered. Or. And mrs. P. Jepson of Marshall town were in town monday says the Nashua Post on their return Home from rochesterminn., and stopped w a Short visit with or. And mrs. .0. Pville. A few weeks ago Paul lost the use of his vocal chords completely and was obliged to write everything to wanted to say. He tried jewry Relief possible without results my finally turned in his resignation. Ithe proprietor of the store refused accept the resignation until Paul made a trip to Rochester and halted the specialists. Here it is found that he was suffering from what paralysis and after a few Days heroic treatment he began to reaver his speech and was As Well ase a when he left the Hospital. It is a needless to say that he was a mighty Yyoung Man. A yank s plea. By g. Elanette Sollitt it folks Back Home say listen Here a Fellows hold our Young lives dear. Mere Over Here to lick the a you to give us guns e2mi do our knot. In it inks few Jim w give is Guna. -1 a Tow a l8su0d by 00d admin pm Andl after january 1, 1919, no Hall manufacture or sell Unm butter in print form that weigh wan one Pound provided that a shall not prevent a retail cutting a unit weighing one More and Selling a portion editorial paragraphs. Hunting submarines is Good sport but they arc no Good when bagged. They Are All singing it now i did not raise my boy to be a Slacken what the average Householder needs is a Range finder for his Fly swatter. Cucumbers Are still High but there Are other aches within the reach of All americans have became hero worshippers and the boy in Khaki is the hero. Emperor Wilhelm s War alms seem to consist of a throne apiece for his six sons. Eventually the allies will break the germans of the bad habit of trying to get to Paris. This will be a better world after the superfluity is and brainless duplications Are Cut out. Remember that a ton of Coal now and a ton of Coal next Winter will look altogether different in the matter of travelling Over hard roads the transgressor has nothing on the european Neutral. Styles for men this year will be very simple Olive drab old clothes overalls or horizontal stripes. When War hits at baseball and baby carriages Sherman s definition still holds the descriptive record. That Blue Bug that is Boring the Spruce Trees needed for air planes is doubtless a prussian Blue Bug. A slacker s idea of paying until it hurts is to come across with 6 cents for the old time 6-cent smoke. In aviation circles a King of the air is called an Ace perhaps because he plays the Deuce with the enemy. A Loafer with Money is not earning his victuals. Work or fight is the prescription that will fit his Case. It has been Learned too that a Good Lively War Garden saves gasoline and is remarkably easy on automobile tires. The three Groces May be represented respectively by Liberty Bonds Thrift Stamps and red Cross contributions. Those who worry about the outcome of the War have not the proper Faith in the principles of right and Justice. If at any time tempted to get peevish Over hot weather think of last Winter s Coal shortage and subside in perspiration. Suspenders have doubled in Price says an Exchange. Keeping up appearance is getting to be More and Toore expensive. It s rather a Good sign that the Champion Riveter gets almost As much attention in Tho Public prints As the leading batsman. When the elevators Are manned by girls they Are cer Nln to be congested with useless old men who can t make their eyes behave i Amateur gardeners have become so numerous that the City resident is assuming As Many airs of weather Wisdom As a regular Farmer. Experts Are teaching War Plant builders How to Lay More bricks. Now if they would Only teach the Hen How to Lay More than one egg a Day. Austrian rebels wait for Chance Bays a dispatch. And the austrian government is watching that they Don t get nay. More watchful waiting. After you think Over what Yoa intend to give just Stop to consider if you would consider it enough if you were in a Trench Over in France. When the history of the War is dispassionately written it will be set Down that the Kaiser Lutener to very bad advice on the spirit of America. Speaking of the use of substitutes Tho High Price of nails is proving a hardship on Tho fellow who always used one or two in place of Suspender buttons. The leather manufacturers Are designing an especially Stout shoe for army use. Every Soldier who wears one Hopes to make the Kaiser feel the toe of it Italy wants american troops with her own to hearted her men. America is now playing the role of inspiration to the world nations outside teutonic domination. James a. Gordon dead. It is with a sorrow that will be shared by Many Postville friends that the Herald announces the death at mercy Hospital in Clinton Iowa on monday evening of this week of James a. Gordon of Preston Iown death resulting from an operation for appendicitis performed the tuesday previous. Jim As he was familiarly known was for a. Number of years Butternut Ker for the Postville Farmers co operative Creamery and was considered one of tha Best in the state. He was a son of Angus Gordon of Henderson Prairie and at the time of hi3 death was aged about 55" years. He is survived by his wife and two , or. Leo f. Of now Hampton and Hillary a first Elass musician in the United states Marine band at Newport news All of whom were with Thair fat Ier during his iat hours and who have the tenderest sympathy of All in their sad hour of bereavement. The remains were brought to Clermont tuesday evening and this thursday morning at 9 30 the funeral was held from the Catholic Church i that City. School notes. Mildred Owen visited High school last Friday. 1 the upperclassmen gave the boys who left for College last thursday Hearty Send off. I miss Middlebrook entertained friends from Guttenberg the week i end. J eleven members of the Junior classic nicked at Pike s Peak last saturday. They Raport a Good time. School was dismissed at 3 30 monday evening to give the students of i port Unity to hear the great lakes naval training band. It will to a treat to both the Grade and High school students to have thursday and Friday off because of the teachers meeting which will be held at Waukon. Last tuesday the members of the agricultural class wont out into the country to witness silo filling. Fatal Auto Accident. Over the top at Clermont. A stupendous photoplay of the most sensational Soldier s Story Ever written with Sergt Empy himself will be shown Ato Clermont opera House saturday and sunday nights oct1. 5 and 6, at 8 o clock Sharp. The Marvel of motion picture photography brings to life before your eyes the pulsing breathing pages of the most widely read Book of the twentieth a great picture Eto see during the fourth Liberty loan Campaign. Admission 15 and 35c. The first government picture the Allied War review will also be shown on the above nights. Postville bakery to reopen. Postville people will be glad to learn that they Aire to have a Home bakery again. Or. Albert Flechtner of Ossian an experienced Baker Laving bought the bake shop of Fred Riley of this City which he will open for business on next wednesday oct. 9th, with a full line of bread buns cakes cookies etc., All made in strict conformity to the United states food regulations. Or. Flechtner invites the people of Postville and Vicinity to give his goods a trial and if they meet with your approval he solicits a share of your patronage. Iowa has a $10,000 hog. Ten thousand Dollar bulls and Twenty thousand Dollar horses Are fairly familiar terms to Iowa folks but ten thousand Dollar hogs Are less common. A. D. Severe a Poland China breeder living hear Dows held a Sale tuesday during which fifty one animals offered for Sale brought a total of $35,904, an average of $704 for every hog sold. One boar which brought the top Price sold for $10,200. Girl drags Road. An Accident resulting in the death of one person and injury to another occurred on the Cement Highway sunday night. An Auto party of six Young people from Rockford Iowa had spent the Day at Bayside. Returning Home late at night when near the Copley farm Pappas a Mason City taxi Driver passed by them and Clay Simpson who was driving the car at great Speed to go by Pappas when a team from an opposite direction appeared. In attempting to Stop the car suddenly it swerved and plunged Over an embankment Simpson meeting almost instant death with a broken neck. One of the Young ladies had her Collar Bone fractured the others escaping Lake Mirror. Big farm Sale. The Frank Brickley Sale tuesday was one of the most successful Ever held in Buchanan county. Everything brought High prices. Horses sold for As much As $222.50 steers for $119, and Corn averaged $50 per acre. Total receipts of the Sale were $21,762.45 my. Brickley is preparing to enter the service and practically All of his belongings were sold. The District exemption Board gave him 60 Days in which to prepare to enter the army and following this decision Brickley was burned in effigy at Winthrop. A number of prominent men later published a retraction when All of the facts in the Case became known and it is now agreed that a great injustice was done or. Brickley. Red Cross notes. Postville 25 years ago. From Iowa Volks Blatt oct. 5, 1893. Tom White is a candidate for representative from this county. Or. And mrs. Sheehy m. Barrett and or. And mrs. Murphy departed monday for the world s fair. Tony Marshall s jewelry store has been closed and the Stock will be sold to the highest bidder next Friday. Thomas Fleming and Christ Yahnke have rented the 160 acre Koevenig farm in Gran Meadow township for $180 per year. Ernst Ruckdaschel had two porkers stolen last sunday while away from Home. And hogs Selling at $5.75 per Hundred. On monday night someone again paid them a visit while the family was asleep and took $10 in change and eatables from the Kitchen. A Good investment for Farmers. Why Haven t you and every Farmer in Alla Makee and Clayton counties bought Stock in the Corn Belt packing company. There is just one reason you Don t know the facts. The Icorn Belt Stock is an investment not a Gamble. Your farms will rent for about three to four per cent Corn Belt packing Stock will pay ten times As much and possibly More. The Corn Belt packing co. Has about 800 stockholders Over 500 Are Farmers about 75 Are country Bankers about 100 Are country business men and about 125 Are located in Dubuque. Who do you do your business with ? your banker Don t you ? the Farmers and country Bankers own a big majority of the Corn Belt packing company Stock and will elect the directors who will run the business. Every Pound of meat above local demand the Corn. Belt packing company can make for the next 5 to 8 years will be sold before it s made now to the government and after the War to one or More of the biggest european meat companies who Are right now offering to contract for meats after the War ends. Your Money is just As Safe in the Corn Belt Stock As it is in your farm. Because it has when finished a $1,250,000.00 property besides Large Reserve in Cash and bankable paper. Because its meat has a sure top Market for years to come. Be cause this sure Market makes sure Large Large profits for years to come. Because it s one of the Best packing plants in the United states. Come and see it. If your banker or Amy other Man you know has thoroughly honestly and intelligently investigated the Corn Belt packing company he will Tell you if he gives the facts that every word of this is the truth. Why take the opinion of those who have not seen nhe Plant and Are prejudiced get your information from men who know. Invest your Money in your own Home Industry where it is Safe where the profits Are sure where you in common with the Best Farmers in northeastern Iowa elect your own directors to run your own business. See any of our officers at the Plant or our representative for further and Complete . Neighbourhood news. Items of interest from Alla Makee and adjoining counties. A regrettable Auto Accident women All Over the state Are doing Man s work and doing it Well. Mary Richards of Leon aged 17, is fulfilling a contract for dragging a Road which had been taken by he father and has cared for forty acres of Corn and has harvested several acres of Hay and Oats. She is a Junior in the High school. Her father was killed by lightning last May but Tho Mother and daughter did not lose Coulee and Are making a Success of the farm besides doing the Road dragging a Good a a it a. A a bring belgian clothing to the red Cross rooms the Days it is open wednesday thursday and saturday. Save All nut shells and fruit pits and put them in the Box at the ried Cross door. They Are used to make Gas masks. Thanks to col. Geo. Waters auctioneer and the spirited bidding by the patriotic people the red Cross Rug Soile monday totalled $84.75. One splash was resold forty four times and brought $51.- i the great lakes band was Here on monday but a rearranged schedule Cut their Stop Here about thirty min utes Short and there was no speaking per consequence. The red Cross ladies served the boys Coffee Sand Wiches and smokes. There was a birr crowd Here from the country and All surrounding towns who were somewhat disappointed at Tho Brevity of the stay Here but the band boys were in no Way responsible for that. Anyway we got a. Half dozen selections by the band that were mighty Good i a most regrettable Auto Accident occurred on the Minert Hill two Miles Northeast of Postville during the a Early hours of last sunday morning. A quartet of Young people from the Bethel neighbourhood messes. Hollis Enyart and Lloyd Harris and misses Katherine Mandon and Alice Meier were returning by Auto to their Homes after attending the Turner dance in Postville. As they reached Minert Hill the lights of the Auto went out sind they were feeling their Way along cautiously in the dark when of a sudden the car went Over an embankment and turned the car Bottom Side up with the occupants beneath. However they All managed Roget out from under the car and with the exception of miss Mandon a Lansing Young lady who is teaching school in the Evergreen District All escaped injury. Hall Swenson who came along shortly after the Accident brought miss Landon to Postville Hospital where her injuries were cared for. Miss Mandon s right Arm was broken in four places the Bones protruding through the flesh in three different places Between the wrist and Elbow and the Arm was also fractured above the Elbow. Her shoulder Blade was also fractured. She is still at the Hospital where she is getting Long As Well As possible. An a Ray photograph of the fractured Arm was made after which the fractured parts were joined together with a Silver wire. Exposure to Scarlet fever caused the Lansing schools to be closed a few Days. The German savings Bank at Chester changes its name to the Chester savings Bank. Guy Wilford who killed his wife at Maquoketa was Given a life term of imprisonment. The Clermont band put on a red Cross Benefit at Elgin last week which netted the red Cross $125. Or. And mrs. Robert Heffley of Estherville were fined $1 00 and $500 respectively for bootlegging. James elder near Spencer raised a cabbage that stood 37 1-2 inches High and weighed 14 1-2 pounds. The storage Plant at Waukon recently shipped 40,000 pounds of cheese to Southern markets in one Day. Hanold Herbrecht an 18 year old Nashua boy was killed when his Auto ran off an embankment near Marshall town. Coal in the bin at the Northwood High school caught fire but was extinguished before much damage was done. L. Terry a Waukon merchant paid $100 to the red Cross for making statements derogatory to the food commission. Contractor Jones threw up a $10,-000 contract for a Grade school building at Mason City because the War Cut off his help and material. Burglars entered the store of by and & Hill Cambridge Story co., and took $500 Worth of ladies wearing apparel and men s macintoshes. The barn of Ace Canfield Neair Dun Kerton Blackhawk county with 75 tons of Hay and 370 bushels of Barley was destroyed by fire. With difficulty the horses and harness were saved. A. Smith night agent of the Illinois railway at Cedar Falls was held up and the till robbed of about $90 by a Man who waylaid Smith when he went to the baggage room. While milking a cow at the Tony Ferring place near Lansing a few Days ago he was kicked by the animal and trampled under foot and received injuries that made it necessary for him to take a vacation. A bicycle rider at Prairie Duchien in violation of the ordinance that prohibits bicycles on sidewalks knocked Down Little six year old Fern Hoppe and made a bad Cut Over her Eye. A suit for damages is Likely to result Frederick a. Cook who claimed some years ago to have discovered the North pole and whose controversy with Perry another alleged discoverer of the same locality was in new Hampton a few Days ago and recognized by a travelling Man who heard him lecture. Albert Thomas in charge of the Camp quarters of the construction gang which is elevating and straightening lines of the Milwaukee railway company at North Mcgregor was stabbed in the stomach by one of the foreign labourers. The injured Man is at the Hospital at Mcgregor. Rev. Ratz the Ludlow German pastor who was reluctant about being convinced at the meeting held at the court House recently relative to preaching in foreign languages finally decided to comply with tie orders of the governor in that respect and came in and signed the agreement that has a 100 per cent ring of loyalty to it and which no righteous pastor or Loyal citizen ought to have the least hesitancy in subscribing to. It is not expected though that Rev. Ratz will raise the roof with patriotic Democrat. Charles in. Childe residing near Rossville is in a grave condition at the Hospital Here at present from the result of a serious Accident tuesday. He was assisting in filling a silo at the Metille place and in jumping from a platform within the Structure he alighted on the handle of. A Pitchfork which penetrated his body and punctured several intestines inflicting a most dangerous wound. He. Was hurried Here to the Hospital acid subjected to an. Abdominal operation in order to reach Thoj mangled parts. At last accounts he was doing fairly Well and has a Chance of recovery if not retarded by peritonitis or Othor complication us Waukon de mocha to. Drafted Man with wooden leg. We Are thoroughly convinced now As we have been for some time past that the allies were going to Knock the everlasting stuffing out of the beast of Berlin Bunch. But the greatest Omen that we Are going to do j it a Little quicker than expected lies in the fact that Waukon fair was pulled off without a rain. Arbe Behrens and Bride who started last thursday directly after their wedding. Are surely having Ideal autumn weather for their drive which includes Ames and Camp podge they Are expected Home the latter part of the week. Des Moines Alanko Vrtol  wooden leg was sent to Camp Dodg As a draft evader from fort saw ung. When he was called up before the Camp Dodge officers he limped font Euder ably. What s the matter with you a was asked. I be got a wooden leg he replied. It was found that attn to s left leg had been amputated above the knee and he was equipped with an artificial limb. What did you come Down Here for the officer asked. It beats me Alanko replied. I guess they want

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