Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
29 Nov 1918

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
29 Nov 1918

Read an issue on 29 Nov 1918 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Herald.

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - November 29, 1918, Postville, Iowa The Postville Herald Postville Iowa. Carolyn and Prince make the acquaintance of aunty Rose or. Staggs housekeeper father and Mother reported lost at sea when the Dun Raven on which they had sailed for Europe was sunk Carolyn May Cameron Hannah s Carolyn is sent from new York to her Bachelor Uncle Joseph Stagg at the Corners. The reception Given her by her Uncle is not very enthusiastic chapter continued. -2 a voice calling Chuck Chuck 1 Chuck a Chuck i came from behind the old House. A few White feathered fowls that had been in sight scurried wildly away in answer to the summons. Or. Stagg still looking at the Little girl set Down the bag and reached for the dog s Leash. The Loop of the latter he passed around the Gat Post. I Tell you what it is car Lyn May. You d better meet aunty Eose first alone. I be my fears about this of Uncle Joe quivered his Niece. You go ahead and get acquainted with her urged or. Stagg. She Don t like dogs. They Chase her chickens and run Over her Flower Beds. Aunty Eose is Peculiar i might of Uncle Joe 1" repeated the Little girl faintly. You be got to make her like you if you want to live Here the hardware dealer concluded firmly. He gave Carolyn May a Little shove up the path and then stood Back and mopped his brow with his handkerchief. Prince strained at the Leash and whined wishing to follow his Little mistress. Or. Stagg said you d better keep mighty quiet dog. If you want your Home address to be the Corners sing email 1" Carolyn May did not hear this but disappeared after the fowls around the Corner of the wide Vine draped porch. The pleasant Back Yard was full of. Sunshine. On the gravel path beyond the old Well with its Long sweep and bucket half a Hundred chickens some guineas and a flock of turkeys scuffled for Grain which was being thrown to them from an open pan. That pan was held in the plump hand of a very dignified looking woman dressed in drab and with a Sun Bonnet on her head. Aunty Eose s appearance smote the Little girl with a feeling of Awe. There was no frown on her face it was Only Calm unruffled unemotional. It simply seemed As though nothing either material of spiritual could ruffle the placidity of aunty Eose Kennedy. She came of Quaker Stock and the serenity of body and spirit taught by the sect built a Wall Between her and everybody else. Child who Are you asked aunty Rose with some curiosity. The Little girl told her name hut perhaps it was her Black frock and hat that identified her in aunty Eose s mind after All. You Are Hannah Stagg s utile girl she said. Yes a if you please Carolyn May confessed faintly. And How came you Here alone if you please Uncle Joe said i d better prob by come ahead and get acquainted with you first " first what do you mean first " asked aunty Eose sternly. First before you saw Prince responded the perfectly Frank Little girl. Uncle Joe thought maybe you would t care for dogs a no a am. And of course where i live Prince has to live too. So so you brought your dog yes a of course said aunty Eose composedly i expected you to come Here. I co not know what Joseph Stagg expected. But i did not suppose you would have a dog. Where is Joseph Stagg. He he s 1 with the dog. Yes a aunty Eose seemed to take gome time to digest this but she made no further comment in regard to the matter Only saying let us go into the House car Lyn May. You must take off your hat and Bathe your face and Carolyn May Cameron followed the stately figure of aunty Eose Kennedy into the Blue and White Kitchen of the old House with something of the feeling of a culprit on the Way to the Block. Such a big Kitchen As it was 1 the Little girl thought it must be almost As big As their whole apartment in Harlem put of Cha utile girl took off her Plain Black Bat Shook Back her hair and patted it smooth with her hands then plunged her bands and face into the Basin of Cool water aunty Rose bad drawn for her at the sink. The l o by vow Mead Ank company. Joseph Stagg is filled with dismay when he learns Carolyn has been left to his care. father and Mother reported lost it sea when the Dun Raven on we Luh they had sailed for Europe was sunk Carolyn my Cameron Hannah s Carolyn is sent from new York to her Bachelor Uncle Joseph Stagg at the Corners. The reception Given her by her Uncle is not very enthusiastic. Carolyn is also Ehl led by the Stern Demeanour of aunty Hose Uncle Joe s housekeeper. Chapter ii continued. I the window was open and she went to it and looked out. A breath of honeysuckle blew in. Then below on the porch she heard the uneasy movements of Prince. And he whined. Of poor Princey he does t know what s become of me thought Carolyn May. Downstairs in the great Kitchen aunty Eose was stepping Back and Forth from table to sink from sink to Dresser from Dresser to pantry. As the Daylight faded she lit the lamp which swung from the Selling and gave Light to All the room. It would have been impossible for the Wisest person to guess what were the thoughts in aunty Eose s mind. A glad Little yelp from the dog tied to the rail of the porch sounded suddenly. Even aunty Eose could not mistake that cry of Welcome and she knew very Little about dogs to their credit at least. She had heard no other suspicious sound but now she crossed the room with firm tread and opened the porch door. Yes a Little White figure was Down there hugging the whining Mongrel. Carolyn May s tearful face was raised from Prince s rough neck. Of aunty Eose of aunty Eose she sobbed. I just had to say Good a Trot to somebody. Edna s Mother came and heard our prayers and tucked us into my bed after my papa and Mamma went away. So it did t seem so bad. But tonight Why tonight there in t anybody cares whether i go to bed or not but Prince Prince he knows just How How empty i feel you would better come in now and Wash your face and hands again before going to bed. That dog has been lapping them with his Tongue. Sobbing the utile girl obeyed. Then she would have gone Back up the stairs without a word had not aunty. Eose spoken. Come Here Carolyn May she said quite As sternly As before. The Little girl approached her. The old lady sat in one of the straightest of the 6traight-backed chairs her hands in her comfortable Lap. The wet Blue eyes were raised to her composed face timidly. If you wish to say your prayers Here before going upstairs you May Carolyn May she said. Of May i gasped the Little girl. She dropped her hands into aunty Rose s Lap. Somehow they found those larger comforting hands and cuddled into them As the Little girl Sank to her Knees on the braided mat. If the simple now i Lay me was familiar to aunty Rose s ear from Long ago she gave no sign. When the Earnest Little voice added to the formal supplication a desire for the Blessing of Uncle Joe and aunty Rose the latter s countenance retained its composure. She asked a Blessing upon All her friends including the prices and even Prince. But it was after that she put the timid question to aunty Rose that proved to be almost too much for that Good woman s studied Calm. Aunty Eose do you s pose i might ask god to bless my Mamma and papa even if they Are lost at sea ? somehow i Don t think it would seem so lonesome if i could keep that in my prayer chapter Iii. Well Shell be a or. Joseph Stagg going Down to his store past the Home and Carpenter shop of Jedi blah Parlow at which he did not even look finally came to his destination in a very Brown study. So disturbed bad he been by the arrival of his Little Niece that he forgot to question and Cross question Young Chetwood Gormley regarding the possible customers that had been in the store during his absence. And i Tell you what i think Mother Chet said with his Mouth full at supper that evening. I think her coming s going to bring about changes. Yes a am mrs Gormley was a faded utile woman a widow who wont out sewing for better to do people in Sunrise Cove. She naturally thought her boy Chetwood a great Deal smarter than other people thought him. You know Mother he said on this evening of the arrival of Carolyn May i never have seen any great Chance to Rise Worklin for or. Joseph but he pays you Chet his Mother said anxiously. Yep. I know. Don t be afraid til leave him till i see something better he reassured her. But i might be Clerkin for him till the cows come Home and never see More n six or eight dollars a week. But now it s Apt to be How different Chet she asked puzzled. You know or. Stagg s As hard As nails As hard is the goods he soils declared the Gawky boy. Mind you he Don t do Nothen mean. That Ain t his Way. But he Don t seem to have a mite of interest in anything but his shop. Now it seems to me this utile Niece is bound to Wake him up. He Calls her Hannah s car Lyn " Hannah Stagg was his Only sister said mrs. Gormley softly. I remember and she s just died or something and left this Little girl Chet continued. Or. Stagg s bound to think of something now besides business. And tue be hell need me More. And i la get a Chance to show him i m Worth something to him. So by and by hell put me Forward in the business said the boy his homely face glowing. Who knows me be it la be Stagg & Gormley Over the door one of these Days. Stranger things have perhaps even Chetwood s Assurance would have been quenched had he just then known the thoughts in the hard and if somebody had shipped him a Crocodile from the Nile Joseph Sugg would have Felt Little More at n Ion As to Liat disposal to Nike of the creature than he Felt now regarding his Little Niece. Well Shell be a nuisance an a. Ful nuisance was his final comment j with a mountainous sigh. Thus far aunty Rose Kennedy s at. To etude towards the Little stranger had been the single pleasant disappoint ment or. Stagg had experienced. Aunty Rose was an autocrat. Joseph Stagg bad never been so comfortable in his life is since mrs. Kennedy had taken up the management of his Home but he stood in great Awe of her. He put the lawyer s letter in tin Safe. For once he was unable to respond to a written promptly. Although he Woro that band of crepe on his Arm he could not actually realize the fact that his sister Hannah was dead. Any time these fifteen years a might have run Down to new York to see her. First she had worked in the newspaper office us a stenographer. Then she had married John Lewis Cameron and they had gone immediately to housekeeping. Cameron was a Busy Man he held a desk Job on the paper. Vacations and been hard to get. And before Long Hannah had written about her baby Hannah s car after the utile one s arrival there seemed less Chance than before fori the City Camuy to get up to Sunrise a Cove. But at any time he might have gone to them. If Joseph Stagg Hadl shut up his store for a week and gone to new York it would not have brought the world to an end. Nor was it because he was stingy that he had not done this. No he Wasj no miser. But he was fairly burled in his business. And there was no look up in that dim Little office in the Back of the hardware store. On this evening he closed the store1 later than usual and set out for the Corners slowly. To Tell the truth Stagg rather shrank from arriving Home. The strangeness of having Ai child in the House disturbed his Tranquillity. The Kitchen Only was lighted when he approached therefore he was reassured. He knew Hannah s car Lyn must have been put to bed Long since. It was dark under the Trees and Only Long familiarity with the walk enabled him to reach the Back porch noiselessly. Then it was that something scrambled up in the dark and the Roar of a dog s Barking made Joseph Stagg leap Back in fright. Drat that Mongrel 1" he ejaculated remembering Prince. The Kitchen door opened revealing aunty Rose s ample figure. Prince whined sheepishly and dropped his abbreviated Tail going to he Down again at the extreme end of his Leash and blinking his eyes at or. Stagg. The Critter s As Savage As a Bear grumbled the hardware merchant. He is a Good watchdog you must allow that Joseph Stagg aunty Rose said calmly. The hardware dealer gasped again. It would be hard to say which had startled him the most the dog or aunty Rose s manner. If the simple now i Lay me was familiar to aunty Rose s ear she gave no sign. Ware merchant s mind. Or. Stagg sat in his Back office poring Over the letter written by his brother in Law s lawyer Friend a part of which read from the above recital of facts you will plainly Bee being a Man of business yourself that or. Cameron s financial affairs were in a much worse condition when he went away than he himself dreamed of. I immediately looked up the Stone Bridge building and loan association. It is even More moribund than the papers state. The fifteen Hundred dollars or. Cameron put into it from time to time might just As Well have been dropped into the sea. You know to had Only his salary on the morning Beacon. They were rather decent to him when they saw his health breaking Down to offer him the Chance of going to the Mediterranean a correspondent. He Wab to furnish articles on the debris of a world War stories of the peaceful sections of Europe which have to care for the human wrecks from the battlefields. It rather cramped or. Cameron s immediate resources for your sister to go with him and he drow ahead on his expense and salary account. I know that mrs. Cameron feared to allow him to go alone across the Ocean. He was really in a bad Way but Bhe proposed to come Back immediately on the Dun Raven if he improved on the voyage across. Their Means really did not allow of their taking the child the steam help company would not hear of a half fare for her. Bhe is a Nice utile girl and my wife would have been glad to keep her longer but in the end she would have to go to you As i understand there Are no other relatives. Of course the Flat la Here and the furniture. If you do not care to come on to attend to the matter yourself i will do the Best i can to dispose of either or both. Or. Cameron had paid a year s rent in Advance rather an unwise thing i thought and the term has Belll ten months to run. Be did it so that his wife on her return from abroad might have no worry on her mind. Perhaps the Flat might be sublet furnished to advantage. You might state your pleasure regarding marked that i looked so much like mls Shamley retch. In t that awful v Belle yes she s always knocking miss Hoam Loy retch because Ehe g jealous of earliest quids Book. The earliest guide Book printed la big Lush is instructions for forr Alne travel published in 1842 by James Howe famous traveler of thai Day. To

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