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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - November 29, 1918, Postville, Iowa Postville Herald successor to. The velhbiaif4 Twenty seventh Ofcar Postville Iowa Friday november 29, 1918 number 5 from our Soldier boys letter from it. F. Chin. Dear Friend George will write you a line or two with Pencil As i have no Ink and besides j am writing by Candle Light in an old ston.3 House coated with Clay no floor just As old fashioned As you people Here live you might say Iron Antic hogs chickens horses bows people and everything else All Fin one House. Roofs some Ara Straw land some Are tile and now that the a soldiers Are Here thay clean out the Hay mows and we sleep in them. I  Hope you Are still planning on your a trip to sea this country As it sure would be interesting for you and wine almost As free As water but riot As cheap 40c for a pint of Miller s size and All the Way up you can get refill stuff but no Beer or i have not found it. You should have your store Over there they get 36c a franc and fifty i centimes for 10c Grade of handkerchiefs and everything else the same Way 20c for a half dozen of the Little Ginger cookies you could buy at Home for 18 or 20c a Pound. Of i Well they can get it Here so let them while the getting is Good. I i finally got an. Old i organization the 149th infantry it makes a fellow feel better As you can i say you belong to something anyway. I we Drill every Day. I made a average of 42 out of a possible 50, but Tope to raise that before Long. # i am at present near la Manns do i ing squads East and West to keep in practice and out of mischief. Are 1 you still drilling the Home guards a often think about that Tell the Fellows that is exactly what they get t Here in the states and everywhere else and the More they get at Home the better off they will be. They Are after non coms everywhere. The old paper news reads Good but will have to see it before i believe it. Will close and take a drink for you even if it is Only hard cider. Your Friend a Heinie. Dear Friend Loney am in a French Home also my Home for awhile made of Stone and mud somethings i always supposed was Only written about but now know am still in existence. They Are warm and our compartment is clean but can t say for the rest As every creature on Earth has a place in the House in the next room to me Are the cows next to them the horses then the hogs chickens ducks and anything else with life and in the extreme end the Man of the House if there is one and his family. Up Home they were putting the autos in the House but i never dreamed of the livestock. They plow sow and Harvest All at the same time. It has t been cold Here yet and judging by the Farmers it won t be unless it is Winter wheat they Are planting. How is Beans i always wanted to write him but never get to it. And has Rudie h. And Fred m. Crossed yet i suppose Jay and the rest of them have All gone but feel we will All be Back to March with our wooden guns next decoration Day As we did last on the fourth i Don t remember when it was but i d. Like to see that now. You ought to be Here. I think you would have some time i think you could pick up French in a hurry wee yes. The old people remind me a whole lot of the German customers up Home their customs Are so similar. It has bean five weeks today that i have been Over Here but it does t seem near that Long.  As yet i have not run across any of the Fellows i know but am on the watch for them hut there is no telling where they Are scattered to As they split the Fellows up i Only stayed with the Bunch i came with seven Days and that was on the water where they had to almost keep us together but am with a real gang of Fellows so i should worry. I must close. Youl Friend Heinie. Letter from Louis Salzgeber. It is Only about an hour and a half s walk. You sure can get All you want Over there in the american y. M. C. A they serve regular meals. We have no trouble getting All the wine we want that is All you can see Over hire wherever you go  it seems the people Over Here when they be got a piece of bread and wine have All the meal they want. I suppose it is All in getting used to it. I have received a couple of letters from Home one of which was Only on the Way three weeks think that is getting the mail Over fast. They sure Are giving the germans hell. The people Here All an3 Happy that it is soon coming to an end. I think by next year at this time it will be pretty Well settled.  there Are a few German prisoners up where we eat and they even feel Good to know that it will soon to Over. Well Uncle i j would like to write a lot More but we can just write certain things. So i will close for tonight hoping to hear from you soon. Say hello to All the rest. Corp. L. Salzgeber. Peace brings us new Mouths to feed letter from will Daubenberger. Somewhere in France october 29, 1918. Dear folks j Well i Don t know what i am going to write but will try to scribble a few i lines. There in t a thing to write about we Are just carrying on Over Here same Don t think it will last very Long possibly about four months. It is Fine weather Here just at present rather frosty in the morning but real warm during the Day. girls Are All Busy now. When do their schools Start where is Nick now Haven t heard from him for four months Don t suppose half of my letters get there the mail seems to get lost somehow Iri leaving Hare. Well i can t think of anything More to write. Don t worry about me if you Don t hear very often am feeling Fine Haven t bean sick a Day since i came Over. This is pretty Short but guess it will have to do for this time. Bill. Preacher failed to Register. Cedar Rev. John Fei Chart pastor of a German Church at Lowden Iowa faces arrest on a charge of failure to Register in the 18 to 45 class. A Federal warrant has been issued for him and he probably will be taken into custody the last of the week. Weichart is under indictment Here for alleged disloyal remarks against the government when this country first entered tha War. He was to have been tried a year ago but it was said the government was inclined to be lenient with him inasmuch As he professed he had been cured of his love for Germany and would do All to could to make his congregation Loyal to american interests. It is now said by Federal authorities that the old indictment will be pressed. A year s sentence in prison May be Given if he is convicted on the new charge. Weichart was the Man who was largely responsible for the original trouble at Lowden a year ago last summer. He from the pulpit against the draft against the Liberty loan and against the red Cross and he was the first Man the Federal authorities had before Thorn when they made their descent on Lowden at that time. He was in a belligerent Frame of mind until he was indicted but appeared thereafter to have suffered a change of heart. Have you a Soldier s letter in your Home ? if you have bring it to the Herald office. We Are anxious for Long interesting letters from our boys and we will thank you for any contribution along that line. Letters from abroad Are Especial a Good and Don t be afraid to bring your letters in for if thare is anything personal in them we strike it out. Bring them in let the people who Haven t boys Over Tipiere to write to them profit by your letters. Let those who Are interested read what the soldiers say about Camp life about the War and the hundreds of other Boyish Little incidents they write about., bring us your letters we will appreciate them. Somewhere in France november 1, 1918. Dear Uncle Well will drop you a few lines to let you know that i am feeling Fine and Hope you Are the same. We Are still in the Village but expect to leave soon. We sure Are having some great weather Here. Suppose it is pretty cold up there. Where we Are now it does not get cold. Somo of. People Here Are just planting truck in. The Garden and that is a sure High it Down t g it very cold. I Hope lies Don t move us to a cold climate i would just As soon stay Here for the Tinter months. It i just got thru eating supper a it be while ago and it was Somp supper. The had roast beef mashed spuds Ickles a tomatoes bread and butter reminded to of the dinner we used o have at Cody. But we do not look or that kind of meals Over Here All he time. But the Way things Are i be no complaint to make. On Friday night week before last were invitee to the a s. Naval Al Sithey had a big boxing match spinal also borne crowd a the sail lire sure a Bunch of Nice Fellows w Hiet afew red a Jug boys who Sunha y a i can g it a paste As Postville Hospital Neva. Oscar Collins of Luana is taking treatment at this popular health promoting Casort. Donald fett of Luana who has been taking treatment for the cure of diabetes closed his three weeks treatment sunday and returned to his Home in splendid condition. Joseph e. Peterson of Clermont is taking treatment at the Hospital Nellie Brainard and Hertha Gassar a at the Hospital for treatment Irene Peterson of ice Mont Isi making Good recovery from an operating for ruptured appendix submitted to recently. The Postville monday club. Another Soldier sleeps. Postville s first Volunteer private Arthur f. Brandt killed in action october 18. Exactly two weeks after the signing of the armistice that brought to a close the greatest conflict at arms in the world s history and just As All Ware beginning to Hope that we need have no fear concerning the welfare of any of our boys Over there a message came in Over the wire about nine o clock monday evening from the War department conveying to or. And mrs. William Brandt of this City the sad tidings that their son Arthur f. Brandt had Tianen killed in action in France on october 18th, and their sorrow is shared by the entire Community. Private Arthur f. Brandt was the Young Man to offer his services to his country and for that reason we All of one Accord took an Especial interest in him. On March 27, 1917, before this country had decided to become a participant1 in the struggle to went to Charles City and enlisted in co. E of the Iowa National guard which later became a part of the famous Rainbow division which so distinguished itself in the War. Art was a machine gunner and he had Hoth the will and the skill to put up a fearful fight and in his company he was known and distinguished for his Vale and fearlessness in his makeup the Are was no such word As fear and no obstacle that loomed to Large for him to overcome. And like the Good Soldier that he was he has fought the Good fight he has finished his course and his end is peace. A few months ago he was wounded a machine gun Bullet piercing him through the ankle and from this to recovered sufficiently to again take his place on the firing line and in the closing fierce Battles of the awful struggle he made the supreme sacrifice and did his full bit that this old world might be a better place for All Mankind to Dwall in. Arthur f. Brandt was born oct. 17, 1892, in Caledonia o Brien county Iowa and died somewhere in France oct. 18, 1918, aged 2g years and one Day. He came to pos Villa with his parents at the age of seven years and from that time on Postville has been his Homo by occupation he was a Carpenter. He is survived by his parents. Or. And mrs. We. Brandt Theca Brothers Pat and Melvin somewhere in France and Ray at Home two Sisters mrs. Lillie Walters of far Mortberg and Phoeba at Home. T sad was the hour that fatal Day when god called our dear son away i a Loving son so True and kind no Friend on Earth like him Well for All of us he bid his Best find. May god Grant him internal rest. Musing Over the War possibly a More popular subject for musing than anything else we recall having heard a Winneshiek county boy say about the time America entered it and contracts for War equipment and supplies were being issued by the hundreds that it was to be a Rich Man s that statement is to us now one of the most amusing things of the War since we have a Aen almost two years of it and we Are in position to know positively just who is fighting it and just who is profiting by it. We talked not Long ago with a Young Man whose parents Are Well to do and who lived a life of ease up to april 1917. Now he is in the Navy working like a hired hand and Best of All Happy to be Able to serve his countrymen. He told us that on a ship with which he is identified there is a thirty second degree Mason waiting table a $500 a week vaudeville actor teaching Young men How to Cook at a salary of $85 a month an opera Singer Parcelin out flour and meat in the Supply department a Bank president serving As paymaster about d the boat the president of a million Dollar soap concern scrubbing decks and preachers lawyers arid school teachers polishing brass and clipping paint As apprentice seamen. It in t a Rich Man s War and neither is it a poor Man s War. It s everybody s War a War such As the world has never seen in the matter of democracy. Social standing in t Worth a Fig and Money does t count a rap. It s your War and our War and the other fellow s War. For the first time in history it s everybody s War. Ossian Bee. Will meet with mrs. F. W. Tuller at two o clock dec. 2, with the following program Christmas program. Guest meeting Roll Cal Christmas sentiments Maurice Maeterlinck the Man and Hie . Gray Story of the Blue Bird illustrated Reading. Mrs. J. Sanders immediately after the program the Qiu will attend the photoplay Blue Bird at Postville theatre. The de so Liltz Home was saddened this morning by the death of one of their infant twins Ronald who was afflicted with the dread Dis a if i niienmorna.-. This was thirteen months old and we regret to report the other twin Richard is Alto Vorva ill w i Tho same disease. Or and mrs be Hutz. Are just recovering Flora the influenza and the sympathy of the Gutfre Community is to them in their hour of sorrow Waukon Standard. Or. Schultz is n son of Joe Schultz uni wife of near Castalia and Well known Here a everybody s War. Liberty Bonds will Rise in value. There is Evary ind cation that Liberty loan Bonds issued during the War will greatly Rise in value with the establishment of place. In 1888 a $100 United states Bond bearing 4 per cent interest sold in the open Market for j?130. In 1901 it brought More than $139. The most conservative will agree that Liberty Bonds Are sure to go above Par in value now that the Allias have brought the War to a victorious end. The shrewd and unscrupulous the Birds of prey in finance realize the Worth of Liberty Bonds and Are using a cry Effort to secure them from those who Are uninformed in financial a matters. Their favorite method is to offer Stock in Wildcat companies Stock that is absolutely valueless in Exchange for Liberty Bonds. Some of those get Rich Quick schemers offer to lend their prospective victims Money Whei with. To buy the Gold Brick Stock taking Liberty bunds As Security. This of course Ionly a thinly disguised attempt to obtain Liberty Bonds for worthless Stock the United states owns some 5,000,000 Cras of Oil lands the title to which belongs to the Federal government. Since All owners of Libity Bonds Are part Ownct-6 of this nov Orrin it it would be palpably foolish of them to Exchange their Liberty Oil or Coal stocks of doubtful value. Before disposing of his Bonds the Holder the of would do Well to consult a banker. Such consultations will not Prosper the fake Stock con Cornel but will prof or. The i Bond Holder Postville 25 years ago. From Iowa , nov. 30, 1893. H. H. Lien went to Dubuque on business this Vanvelzor s dog tax Case has thus far Cost him ?16.50. John Oehring was awarded Jaid Bah ment for $18lv.37 against William Mott. The fire department is circulating a petition to Purchase a chemical extinguisher. A Little daughter has taken up lodgings with or. And mrs. Henry Poesch this week. We. Shepherd was called to the deathbed of Joachim Garms South of Luana last thursday to write his will. On tuesday occurred the marriage of Fritz miss Anna Dietrich at the homa of the Bride s parents Rev. J. Gass officiating. Tha Postville Creamery for the month of october paid $1.05 per 100 lbs. For milk which was even More than the Union Creamery paid. Herman schierholz sold in hogs this week to c. Abel which averaged 520 lbs. He received $4.65 per Hundred for them or $362.70 for the lot. Neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Farm Bureau notes in the farm Bureau office Oan be found Fra government bulletins common Garden insects potato insects potato diseases and Othar bulletin s and circulars on Garden and fruit work. In addition to these we Hava several very instructive books on our files. Are the Raspberry Bushes taken care of the canes that bore fruit this Yaar should be Cut out and burned. They usually carry the disease and insect enemies that will make trouble next summary they served their time and Are ready to die now. Cultivation Between the rows and the application of fertilizer will prove beneficial. When looking after the Garden is a Good time to a member the Lawn. After the ground Lias Frozen cover the Lawn with fresh stable manure from the horse barn. After tha Spring Rains have passed the remaining Straw and litter should be raked off and the result will a one of the most Beautiful dark Green lawns in the neighbourhood. Next year s Supply of fruit depends largely on what you do now. The Garden should be slowed if it has not already Baan. Done. A covering of Well rotted stable manure will add much to the Fertility of the soil and improve its physical condition. Have the Gardan risked Early in the Spring. It checks evaporation and thus causes the soil to warm up rapidly. Most Farmers would hesitate to Plant Corn on a seed bed no be bar prepared than the average Garden they know the weeds would Gat ahead of the Corn. The Strawberry Patch should be looked after. Cultivation Between the rows and the application of Well rotted fertilizer should be attended to. As soon As the ground has Frozen the bed should be covered with about two inches of litter preferably second growth Slough Hay. This will not contain seed that will be detrimental to tha Patch. It will reduce freezing and thawing and thus prevent Winter killing. In the Spring this Hay can be raked Between the rows and will keep tha fruit clean and make it a much More agreeable place to work. Prune the Apple Trees any time now. Take off All diseased limbs All deformed branches and enough of the Wood so the Sun can Shine through. Burn the Wood Cut out and cultivate the ground. An application of fertilizer Well worked into the soil will add much to the productive Ness of the Orchard. Next Spring the farm Bureau expects to put on some spraying demonstrations in the county. The great fruit growing districts of Michigan and California would be no Batter off than we if they gave their Orchards As Little care. A Farmer does not have time to Spray a few Trees but Why not hire a Man with an Auto truck to Spray a lot of Small Orchards if interested see the county agent. Shell Laid Bare his kidney. Backbone to the influenza quarantine has been raised in Ossian. The 1919 grand Lodge of the i. O. O. F. Will be held at Ames. The Decorah drum corps with 22 members was reorganized last week. At Luther College the students packed tha Large Bell while celebrating the signing of the armistice. Delaware county leads All others in the state in the Victory girls Campaign 443 girls being enrolled who pledged $1,397.75. A 1500-ton vessel was recently launched at hog Island Yards which has been christened the Sac City in Honor of Sac City Iowa. Strawberry Point has added two Gold stars to its service Flag one for Edgar Asmus died of pneumonia the other for Carl Lin Darvell killed in action. John r. Cook for Many years excursion agent of the c. M. & St. In. Ry., with Headquarters at West Union died in Chicago last monday and was buried at West Union on thursday. Last week a Popcorn Man at Jef Ferson paid $506 to a local grower for a a unload of Popcorn. The Load weighed 4,600 pounds and the Price paid is about equivalent to $7.75 per Bushel. The Iowa Falls Community club has started an agitation in behalf of a memorial building in that City to commemorate the service of the Soldier and Sailor boys of Iowa Falls and adjacent territory. In West Union Only three person who could afford to subscribe to the Well. The message came from the tha names of the three Ware published in the papers and they were Worth from $4,052 up to $19,750. One was a woman and two men. W. M. Holtz a wealthy Fanner living near Maquoketa who had a narrow Escapa from a Lynching on the streets of Maquoketa on Victory Day has been taken to Dubuque and action May there be brought against him in Federal court. He made remarks Eulogi zing the Kanaar and de Friday evening last fire destroyed the granary Hay and machine Sheds on the farm of mrs. Theresa Hawen Lafayette township. T Blaze was caused by Oil leaking from an Auto near which a lantern was left. The Auto and garage were also destroyed. A heavy wind was blowing at the Tima. About fifty neighbors quickly gathered and saved the Home by hard work. A. J. Von Der Sitt found a strange Freak of nature which might be considered an Omen. Or. Von Der Sitt was husking Corn on the John Forman farm near St. Lucas and found an ear of Corn on which red kernels were shaped in a red Cross the kernels in the Cross being the Only wholly red kernels on the ear of com. This ear was picked from a Field of White Corn. Calmar courier. Lloyd Sutcliffe narrowly missed losing his right leg when a Shotgun was accidentally discharged in a Clear Lake drug store. The charge entered Sutcliffe s leg Midway Between the ankle and the knee and cleanly Tore a big chunk of flesh out. Had it been a Little deeper it would have shattered the Bone and amputation been necessary. Tha Young Man was in the act of passing behind the soda Fountain and n some manner the Shotgun dropped to the floor and was discharged. Financial sensation the $60,000 Jarsey Bull bred in Waterloo by the Waterloo Jersey farm k now at his new Home at West Chester a. A half interest in the Ai Imil was bought Early in the autumn by the Greystone Jersey farm company of that City. Financial sensation is one Yaar old. The trip to Pennsylvania was made in a lower berth in an express ear and consumed three Days and three nights. The animal travelled like a King. He will make the same journey twice a year during his life. Paul j. Hodges an eleven year old living at Oelwein disappeared april 23. His body was found sunday in a Sand pit near that City by some boys playing in the Vicinity. The body was much decomposed and was identified by the clothing. It is supposed the lad entered a temporary Cave under the Sand which fell upon him pin Cherokee Iowa nov. 4.-lieutenant Royal a Johnson former South Dakota congressman was extraordinarily wounded in action recently., Johnson was in the front line Ning him Down and smothering him. Trenches in no Man s land. A Shell i thare the body remained for seven burst Over his. Head and a fragment j months causing much no icy to his Tore the Llesh and muscle from his relatives and they Huva Hud Many shoulder nud exposed the Bone Down false clues. The finding of the body to the kidney Region making a wound clears up the mystery for them which called for skin grafting and tissue replacement. After being the government Cutter Kankakee wounded Johnson walked for half a launched at the Yards of the mile across a Field under constant a Dubuque boat and boiler works last Chine gun fire from the germans. He r 1tuiay-. He ceremonies were Sim was Noary gassed but finally reached pie. Lieutenant f. A. Hunnewell of a Haven of Refuge behind his own Washington designer of the boat lines. To fainted when he reached a in attendance with Captain r. His own boys and his clothes were to a. Crisp who had charge of the con Ken off for the first time in five Striction of the Hull of the vessel weeks. These facts were contained and lieutenant commander s. M. In a letter received today by. John , in charge of the mechanical son s father Eli Veteran newspaper phase of the Cutter. These naval of Man. A cars were attended by a number of patriotic citizens who have worked unceasingly for the development of s. Pledge this class of business for Dubuque " have you kept your w. S. S

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