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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 22 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - November 22, 1918, Postville, Iowa Postville Herald successor to the a Tim Matt Twenty seventh year Postville Iowa Friday november 22, 1918 number 4 from our Soldier boys letter from Harry Hanks. Camp Hancock a. Nov. 12, 1918. Dear polka. Well our peace talk last week was b Christmas package labels from Mem Bers of our forces to their friends or relative in the United states. The Extension of time is made therefore in order that Thoss receiving delayed labels or coupons May still. Send Lohris Mas parcels up to and including the Date mentioned. In order to further insure that no nearest relative of a member of the american expeditionary forces May be denied the pleasure of sending a Christmas parcel the War department has requested the red Cross to effect an arrangement by which in Case of non receipt by nearest relative of a Coupon from overseas a Coupon May be obtained upon presentation of a certificate As follows the undersigned hereby makes application to Forward to organization american expeditionary forces a Christmas package. The undersigned hereby declares that he or she is the nearest living relative in the United states of the proposed recipient that he or she has not received a Label from abroad and that should such Label be received it would not be used and that to the Best of his or. Her knowledge and belief Only one Christmas parcel will be sent the proposed this a Iri it i a i t is effective lie ginning in no. 21. After this Dale coupons May to obtained under the above conditions from the red Cross which will be furnished a Supply by that Date. The Standard Carton May also be obtained from the red Cross As Long As the Supply lasts. To one who died in France and to All. At a meeting held at Waukon last tuesday afternoon at which representatives of All red Cross chapters in Alla Matae county were present it was decided to form a chapter of the red Cross to be known As the Alla Makee county chapter. This is in accordance with a request which really amounted to an order from the National and Central Headquarters. M. S. Mcmullen of Chicago Field Secretary of the Central division of the american red Cross was present at the meeting and explained the new plan thoroughly to the delegates. Postville chapter was represented at the meeting by a. C. Webster Rev. Clune mrs. S. C. Baily and miss Anna Leui and although they doubted the Wisdom of such a change at the time of going to the meeting they returned firmly convinced that it was the proper thing to do and that it should be done voluntarily by ,3 chapter rather than by Force of higher authority. Under the new arrangement Wau Kon Postville and Lansing hereafter will each be known As a Branch of the Alla Makee county chapter the Postville chapter will have the same territory As b3fore, unless it is decided to enlarge same and All funds raised by our chapter in its territory will be deposited with our local treasurer and will be expended Only by our chapter. Our officers and organization will remain practically As before and we will conduct our own local affairs. Tha county chapter will be governed by a Board of directors and Postville and other branches in the county will have a member or members on this Board and will have a voice in the management of the county chapter. On tuesday evening last or. Mcmullen attended a meeting of our local executive committee and at that time the action of the Waukon meeting was ratified and our charter ordered surrendered in conformity therewith. The other chapters of the county have taken similar action. The officers of the local chapter have known for several or months that it was a question of time Only when this action would to necessary As they have now had two representatives from Chicago and one from Des Moines Call on them and explain the order and request the above action. Our chapter will be represented at a meeting at Waukon next tuesday to the1 organization of the new county chapter. At the meeting of Postville chapter held wednesday evening at the High school room the following officers were elected for the ensuing year chairman a. H. Burling. A . C. Baily. Secretary mrs. A. C. Webster. Treasurer a. O. B3ucher,directors Rev. E. Schmidt mrs. W. O. Thoma mrs Geo. Waters mrs Flora Franklin Henry Wake prof g. W. Hunt Rev. J. J. Clune. Card of thanks. I. Xie sire a to extend my Heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to our friends and neighbors especially do i want to thank Rev. E. Schmidt . Kindness also the1 attending physician for hic sex i during the Al loss death and burial of our beloved husband and father Vouis Kamp. Mrs. Louis Kamp mid children. I makes no difference whether is is your son or your Friend when the news comes of another death in France and when he is you feel the sorrow of death before you think of the glory of dying for one s country. We Are thinking of a Young Man whom we have known from childhood Hewitt l. Williams son of or. And mrs. Fred l. Williams of grand Meadow farm near Postville who died on october 15, in France of wounds received in action. To was not called to the colors until last Winter. He was taken to Franco in August a kiember of the 352nd infantry company a 88th division. They must have been transferred almost immediately to the front and the Young Man from an Iowa farm must have been one of the first to pay the great Price. How he was wounded or How he did even is not known yet it was Only the message of his death that came through. And we speak of Hirn not Only because to knew him so Wiell and admired him so much Fine fellow that he was More than six feet in height Strong clean upright physically and morally but because to was so typical of the Young manhood that we need in Iowa and in the world Mon Iwho can and who Are willing to do the work that must be done. Born on a farm unlike Many others he chose to stay on the farm and to make farming a business. He went to Ames where he Excelle d in Many Waya. Returning to his Home to applied to the old farm of his father and his Grandfather the principles of modern science. He rebuilt barns and rejuvenated herds. He is credited with having established Ono of the finest Dairy herds in northeastern Iowa. And when he had done that he heard the Call of his country and answered it. He might have claimed and he would no doubt have been granted an exemption because of his occupation. But he did not ask it and he did not want it. He was All american and his americanism began in the Bleak shores of new England centuries ago and blossomed in. The Rich soils of the Mississippi Valley. His life was Given for a great and a Fine cause but he had so much to live for if that had been his happier Fate. And it is not of Hewitt Williams alone that we Are writing. We Are writing of. Fifteen Hundred others from Iowa who have Given their lives to this War and we Are thinking of. Their fathers and their mothers and their Frienda. May heaven Grant to them All the visions of the sunlight that touches the Clouds of sorrow with the glory of Hope. And May Therp abide with them the remembrance of lives finely lived and deaths nobly rapids daily Republican no occasion for big head. Postville 25 years ago. From Iowa Volks Blatt nov. 23, 1893. With this Issue Tho Volks Blatt is one year old. Rev. E. N. Heimann will preach in the lutheran Church next sunday. It is rumoured that Bixby & Williams will discontinue their store hers. Mrs. Calvin Dresser died last monday and was buried in po3tville cemetery yesterday. De Swenson of Luana has moved his family and household goods to Postville where they will reside in the future. A third meat Market is to be opened in the j. S. Mott building in the near future. Now occupied by the Herald office on last thursday the fire company was called to the gust Koevenig Home but the Small Blaze was extinguished before they arrived. Or. Becker on sunday last met with a gainful Accident while he was enjoying a ride through the country with his wife and child. The horse became frightened tipping the buggy Over and the doctor sustained a broken Collar Bone. The other occupants escaped without injury. Neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from fee woe piles of our neighbors in this and other counties. Home of Chris Poesch doubly bereft. My Friend Don t become too puffed up. Take a quiet walk thru the Village cemetery any Day. On a neglected lot you swill Likely find a Small Tombstone and on it inscribed the name of a Man who in his Days was the whole works in town. Nobody moved without consulting him. He ran the Lodge the Church and politics of the Hamlet. He was simply it in big brass letters. But time Gath ered him in and before the grass grew Green on his grave he was forgotten by All except his immediate family. The town ran on just the same and there was no breakdown in the machinery. So you want to remember that at Best All of us Are Small potatoes and few in a Hill. Don t get the idea into Youir head that the town can t run without you. Lots bigger men than you have wandered after flourishing for a Day and nothing serious happened. Things will run All right after you Are gone. If you so live that your existence will remain a Green spot for just a Brief spell after you Are Gono you will have done Well. Mighty few do . The hearts of All the people of this locality Are with Chris Poesch living West of town his Home having within the Short space of one week been twice visited by the death Angel. A week ago sunday his son George died and was Laid to rest on the following tuesday and on sunday evening last at a few minutes before eight o clock the grim destroyer again entered his Home and took from it his beloved wife and Hel meet leaving the grief stricken husband and father alone in the Home. It is an affliction that elicits the tenderest sympathies of All. Chris had buildup a Fine Home on his farm and provided it with All modern conveniences and surrounded it with All the comforts and Many of the luxuries that he and his loved Onos might enjoy the blessings that follow Thrift but in almost the twinkling of an Eye those for whom he had loved and Laboured have been taken from him and he is left alone and were it not for the blessed Assurance that by and by they would be United again in that House not made with hands few there Are who could withstand the agony of mind that comes to one so woefully beset with sorrow. Anna Maria Elisa Schroeder was born february 10, 1s74, in Clayton county Iowa and was baptized and confirmed in the lutheran Church. On february 19, 1891, she was married to Chris j. Poesch. This Unior was blessed with two sons and one daughter Edwin living near Postville George deceased and mrs. Henry Koenig near Castalia who with the husband and one brother George j. Schroeder of this City Are left to mourn her loss the immediate cause of her death was pneumonia following influenza. She was aged 44 years 9 months and 7 Days. The Funera was held from the Home on tuesday afternoon of this week conducted by Rev. E. Schmidt. Interment in the Postville cemetery. Card of thanks. We wish to extend our thanks to All who assisted us during the recent illness and death of our beloved wife and Mother also Rev. E. Schmidt for his words of Comfort Rev. H Williams Castalia red Cross and miss Ethel Gray for their assistance during the illness and All for the Beautiful Floral offerings. Chris Poesch and children. School notes. Getting something for nothing. When a person gets something for nothing said something usually contains a joker or has a string attached to it. For instance a certain preacher received from a Patent Medicine company an offer to provide his Church with song books free of any charge. It was explained that there would be a few ads in the front and Back of the books but that these ads would not be offensive to the members of the congregation since the books were being secured for nothing. The preacher gave the order and the books am ived. He found the ads to be mildly worded and decided to use the books. He explained from the pulpit How the books had been a cur de and announced that they would sing no. 274. Imagine the people s Surprise when on reaching the second verse they found themselves singing hark the heavenly Angels t Long Johnson s pills Are just the thing angelic voices Meek and mild two for Man and Ono for Vicksburg news. During the coloration monday Aud while Tho a did was playing marching through Georgia Robert Lowe Thot it was the Star spangled Banner and because Harvey Feu Rhelna i Mays. Prairie Farmer did hot take off his hat Bob soaked him one on the jaw. It Only Cost $7.85, which was paid by friends of the Over patriotic put abnormal musical Robert sing Joti Ristl. Is a " a the Victory girls and boys have raised $115 toward the United War work fund. Both boys and girls Basket Ball practice began monday evening miss Wilson is coaching the girls a Keith Gray the boys Rev. Williams talked to the High school on wednesday afternoon. This is a beginning of a series of entertainments which will be Given to the High school on every wednesday afternoon by some resident of Post Itla. School started thursday the examinations being Given thursday and Friday. On saturday morning examinations were Given to those who were absent and for the Benefit of those who were not Able to take them they will be Given again next saturday. Decorah has shipped Over two tons of nutshells for making Gas masks. The Hart Parr factory at Charles City received a $1,000,000 War contract. Pascial Slattery a Waterville youth was reported killed in a6tion in France last week. The Fred Robinson barn at Edge Wood and All its contents were destroyed by fire last week. At Prairie Duchien 35.00 is being paid for Clover seed which is said to be the highest Price Ever paid there. Elkader roasted an of and served sandwiches and Coffee to the assembled crowd last monday during the Celebration of peace. The Joseph Beck family at Lansing lost their fourth grown child within a few months time when miss Anna fell victim to the flu. After raising the flu quarantine at Volga City last week new cases developed so rapidly that the lid was clamped on tighter than Ever. Edward Walker at Prairie Duchien died As the result of 23,000 volts of electricity passing through his body while repairing a Telephone line. The Lansing journal says the influenza is worse than Ever since raising the ban and there is now about fifty cases in the City alone at present while in the neighbouring country it is equally prevalent. The Rev. John Reichart pastor of German Church at Lowden Iowa is taken in hand by a crowd of peace celebrants from various parts of Cedar rapids and Given forty eight pc a 3 in which to leave town. The minister promised to get out Plymouth county has a Champion i male com picker. She is miss Franks Popma daughter of Frank pop a. Cd Maurice. She easily picks seventy five bushels a Day and at the same wages As Are paid to men 8 neuts a Bushel she can get Good wages every Day. Miss Clara Coehn a teacher of the Lansing schools enjoys the proud distinction of predicting the exact Date of Tho ending of the a cutest War the world has Ever had. In september she told at least 20 people at a red Cross carnival that the War would close november 11. When the news which later proved false reached Charles City last thursday that an armistice had been signed a big Celebration was planned for the evening. The Hart Parr company offered a Cash prize of $25 to the employee producing a device that would make the most noise. Up to november first 702 deaths occurred from the flu at Camp Dodge according to a report made by col. E. W. Rich division surgeon. The total number of cases at the Camp was 10.00s, of which 1923 de Veloid into pneumonia. per cent of those developing pneumonia died. Mrs. Wolfe of Iowa City went Down town leaving her House unlocked. When she returned she discovered that a watch a Sapphire ring a r�3ck-Utce and a purse were missing the value being about 975. The next Day the thieves repented and returned the stolen goods As mysteriously As they disappeared. George Boustead of Woodbine with the american army in France who with three companions captured twelve men with machine guns has the Honor of being decorated for bravery with the additional distinction of general Pershing s pinning on the decorations end complimenting George and his companions in the presence of officers and other soldiers. Lieut. Milo Miller aviation instructor at Kelly Field san Antonio Texas landed at Waterloo at 2 45 p. M. Monday on his last Lap to visit he i rents. He flew by Compass above the Clouds at times at a height of 7,001 to 8,000 feet. At by mos Park where lieutenant Miller landed his father Way waiting to offer greeting. The visit was to to a Surprise and the Mother who is at Monticello started for Waterloo by Auto when she received a wire monday. Securing a total income of $20,916 from an 80-Acrc farm is the feat of _ Joe Sedlazek near St. Ansgar. On 39 acres he raised produce an Fellows onions 11 acres $7,335 potatoes Iti in its $3/ 0i Obs live h cars $1,000 total $10,835. Hogs to the number Rof 1210 were also Sohi trom Meto sold Iowa photographs wanted. Tii will Range in age from seven to ten year

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