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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 15 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - November 15, 1918, Postville, Iowa Herald successor to the "3�u�a t a we Matt Twenty seventh year Postville Iowa Friday november 15, 1918 number 3 a our Soldier boys letter from g. W. Hunt. Somewhere in France _ october 14, 1918. Or. Prior Bur letter of june "27th has just bed me. The delay was due to fact that you had addressed Roe belonging to my old organization. Vas glad to learn of the increase nity and the Constanty growing it of the people at Home in the Ter of winning the War. Go is but stating a fact to say Liat be of you in the states must been in indeed if you wish to measure i the glorious accomplishments of Over Here. I May say these jigs for i myself have been caught the trap of Back area duty and a unable to escape. When i think ithe boys with whom going Over i top is an every Day occurrence these Rimes of terrific drives i nost feel ashamed to Call myself Soldier. Spur righting men have More than a jelled the Hopes of the most optimistic. Many of us had thought that seasoned French and English vat of four years modern warfare i have to show the Way to our Bys. But not so. The adaptability Sid initiative of the american solders have made them the leaders in a very attack in which they Havis participated. They have shown their ability to meet the Hun in his own tame and defeat him to endure deprivation and hardship with a Grin and keep Cool Heads and Brave hearts i. The most dangerous Little space ago my tent was pitched near an advanced dressing station of the red Cross. I spent Many spare hours there helping what i could. I saw score upon scores of wounded men borne thither by ambulance from the battlefields. Many were seriously and painfully wounded some died while and was being administered. I speak the truth when i say that in the week that i stayed there i heard not one groan of pain. Many were even cheerful for they brought Back the news that the Eno my was being relentlessly pushed Back. The stoicism of the american Soldier was a revelation to me. Yesterday i visited a portion of the Battleground in the e Forest of. There i explored dugouts which were marvels of convenience safety and luxury. I discovered machine gun nests in thickets and High in Trees i sow artillery positions skilfully located and connected by elaborate Telephone systems. Two things were to me perfectly apparent first that the germans had considered their position impregnable and second that the assailants who had driven them therefrom had displayed a courage and perseverance hardly less than than super human. As i walked Home tired Pride welled in my hear for i realized that the traditional valor of the Amr Erica Soldier and the undying glory of american arms have not been dimmed that the blood that flowed in 76 for the Freedom of the nation was no redder than the blood that is now being let for the Freedom of the world. You May Well see that on the verge of Victory my enthusiasm is hard to suppress. Youv political news was interesting indeed. I agree with you on the congressional situation. We have a woeful Lack of political information Over Here. This letter is unduly Long i la not extend it More. Tell John Thoma who i a cub devotee that a Paris paper described Johnny Evers As the Man who had mastered the s geography of second base. Not a bad Way to say it either. Sincerely i g. W. Hunt. Letter from corp. William Brandt. Somewhere in France oct. 15, 1018, dear sister Phoebe and Al received your letter and was glad to hear from you. I thought i would drop you a few lines to let you know that i am Fine and Kope you Are the same. How is old pm Sivillo getting along say Phoebe i am sending you a Christmas Coupon if you want me to have a Christmas package All right. How is Lilie and Roy getting along. I have not seen Melvin for some time nor Bill Beyer either. I am going to Send $50 to the Postville state Bank so when i get Home i can have a of a time. Have received no mail from Art at All. I have not seen Melvin for some time. I was talking with a Man out of co. A and he told me that Melvin was sick. How is mrs. Royer does she think Bill is sick i was talking with a Man out of co. A and. To told me Bill is sick and not drilling now. This is sure some country Here they plow with a cow and a horse that is some team t plow with. I am going Over where Mel is and see How he is and see Bill beyer., h an floats and Fords with boilers tied to their Tail All to let the per and Inwood but none from be Mars or Remsen or any of those places. I knew one of the boy s brother at Harper. I will close for this time and Hope to hear from you soon. I am As Ever your Loving son John wers1nger. Letter from William Evans.  somewhere in France dear brother and sister How Are you All i am Fine. I could t be better just in Good fighting trim i expect to clean out the Kaiser soon i know hell and damnation won t Stop us until we do it. I suppose you have been looking for a letter. I have been very Busy. When i had time i did t take time so you will have to excuse me. You know How i Ove to write this letter. This letter will have to answer for them All around Send it to Carl s too. Suppose there in t Many boys left Down there. Hope they Don to turn any married folks yet. Is will finish it so Don t Wory. I am in the artillery now something else besides a revolver to slay hell right out of them. I am going to Sand you a free shipping tag As i Don t want you to go to any expense but Don t forget w. B. I am Down at the y. . And it is getting late so will ring off. Hoping this will find you All Well and i la try and write oftener. I am going to Send you some pictures i look Fine for the shape i am in. With much love to you All. William Evans. First town on Earth Over the top. Postville is the first town in Iowa if not in the United states to go Over the top in the United War work drive. The drive was scheduled for week of nov. 11-18, but Harvey Roberts who Wasi responsible for what happened Here knew the old town could t keep its shirt on for that Long a time and so the drive was pulled off Here last saturday and at ten p. Harvey sent the following Telegram to or. John r. Mott in new York City your old Home town has gone Over the top in the United War work Campaign and is still and on monday evening while the town was putting its finishing touches on bagging the beast of Berlin the following Day letter came in re ply naw York n. Y., nov. 11, 1918. Harvey e. Roberts Postville Iowa. heart is overwhelmed with gratitude by your Telegram reporting that my old Home town has raised its full quota before opening of the Campaign. I am justly proud that Postville has thus broken the record. Our hearts Are All rejoiced with the coming of peace. This makes the work for which w3 Are giving our Money More necessary than Ever and More expensive than Ever because during the Long period. Of demobilization the needs of our men will be Pusater and it will Cost More to serve them All of the time than simply during far ments of their time. John r. Mott. Postville beats Chicago. Sex president Taft was in Chicago monday evening for the purpose of delivering a speech to the Windy City folks but they were so Busy celebrating the defeat of Kaiser Bill they done completely forgot All about Bill Taft and when he went to the Hall when he was supposed to speak it was empty even the janitor jumping his Job to join the Joy makers. On wednesday afternoon however our people were told Taft would pass through Postville on the 3 38 train i Voute to fill a speaking Date at Cal mar and As. Several Hundred of our citizens had assembled there with flags to Greet him he very graciously gave us a five minute talk during which he said we All had a right to rejoice Over the Victory the United states which was always in the right had just won from our enemy which was always in the wrong and suggested a league of nation to enforce peace As the Best remedy to prevent a recurrence of All wars in . therefore although quite generally most probably Taft s Postville audience was about 300 per cent larger than his crowd in Chicago. Flu quarantine raised. The Poolville Board of health met tuesday evening find decided to lift the influenza quarantine which has been in Force in Postville for Ike past Ihrer Keksi hence the schools started up again thursday the picture show will to on tap As soon As manage Tuttle can get the films and those who have been unable to got any salvation Oil for a number of sabbaths will rejoice to know that churches of every denomination will have a full Lay out of services next sunday. World know to were Happy that the War was Over and world had been made Safe for democracy for Freedom far Liberty to every people of every Tongue and every clime. Finally the convocation wended its winding Way Back to the Park where father Clun a and Rev. Hadwin Williams gave some very appropriate remarks in the order named. Father Lune announced it As the most significant Day in the world s history while Rev. Williams proclaimed it the greatest Day the world had seen since god made adjournment was then taken until 7 30 p. M., when the crowd assembled at the Corner of the citizen state Bank to witness the burning of breakfasts were hurriedly eaten and a building usually located on the rear All hiked for Down town to get with " " a ----4-- the gang even the ladies did t Stop to doll up or put on the Kals Omine finish for the War was Over and husbands fathers and Brothers who we re Over there would be coming Home again after awhile and then they would fix up to a finish but now the Only right thing to do was to get out and Whooper up for we had canned the Kaiser. At about 7 30 the band had assembled and with a Flag at their head started out to Parade the town the procession growing in length and enthusiasm As each Home and business place passed contributed to its numbers. Alter two hours tramping they wound up at the Milwaukee depot to meet the 9.31 passenger and As the trainmen were All Good patriots too the Engineer let a flock of shrieks out of the Throat of his old Iron horse that knocked holes As big Tion since Nero roasted Rome As a sink Hole in the atmosphere. A then everybody hiked to the Mil recess was .3n taken until one p. M., Waif Eye depot and while the band when or. Kinsel with his megaphone played everybody waltzed on the wide gave solemn warning to All the in Cement platform and for a couple of habitats to appear at the City Park hours on with the dance reigned with a Flag and have a real Parade supreme. For fear tile town did t have folks but an end must come to All Good enough to up real Brown Calls things and tired humanity at last were sent out on All the Farmers to 1 had to admit that it had gone the come in and help us and they res j limit for a Day and weary wended its of the lot in communities not boasting a sewer and which had Beon placarded Potsdam on each of the four sides of that once useful Structure were banners Reading me und Gott have dissolved partnership i have gone to Holland to hell with the Kaiser is an insult to hell this dam Potts darn Palace to let for an indefinite period and the beast of Berlin s on top of this Beautiful Structure was a Dummy of the beast of Berlin the most vile and vicious brute that breathes. The Structure was then saturated with Oil and fired and during the burning the band played and pandemonium prevailed. Then every i body followed the band up to the commons on the North Side of .3 track where a monstrous pile of rubbish had been assembled during the afternoon to witness the biggest co Flagra bonded As they have in All the activities of War by coming in without the loss of a single soul and. Believe us there was some real mob. After meeting both Rock Island passengers the band returned to the Park and the Parade started out with Uncle Sam at the head in the person of Chas. Hoth who had the uniform you Are familiar with of your grand old Uncle. Well that whooping cheering shouting Happy throng started out for where they did t know but the Fly were on their Way and for Over an hour and a half they chased up and Down the Public and Pri. Vate thoroughfares of the greatest Little City on Earth which or John r. Mott once called Home. There were big and Little old and Young from the. I i. Homeward Way. No Little amusement was created by Ira Riley s float. He borrowed the Woodman s Goat and put a sign under it Reading we got the Kaiser s Goat while Doc Schmidt and his Ford with a boiler for a trailer hit Tho High places occasionally and furnished no Little sport and 9 firing squad of boys armed with shotguns and unlimited foam ignition kept up an almost incessant cannonade. The people everywhere rejoice the great world War is need and As time shall Roll Tho screen we shall All realize that the Day we celebrated with such vigor marked one of the brightest pages of the world s history since the babe of Bethlehem was born. Big free War lecture. Sergeant Campbell late of the 10th Canadian battalion was in Postville thursday arranging for the appearance Here on saturday evening of this week nov. 16th, of sergeant Maitland a wounded Canadian Soldier who will give his great lecture on life in the As he spent fifteen months in the trenches and was wounded and gassed he can give you some first hand information that will thrill Ltd interest you for All know that if any body in this War was to face to face with hell in this great world War it was canadians and a mighty few of the first contingent of that Brave body of men who went across live to Tell this tale. Sergeant Maitland is also a trained vocalist and his lecture will be punctuated with a number of scotch songs that will please you and he is accompanied by mrs. Beverly wire plays his accompaniments. Sergt. Maitland will appear at the Turner opera House Postville saturday evening of this week a 8 15. Admission to this lecture is absolutely free to everybody but a collection will be taken to defray the expenses of the sergeant and his accompanist the rent of the opera House is provided by the business Nien of Post Ville we advise those desiring Good seats to come Early As there will be no reservations first Over the or. John it. Mott s old Home town leads Iowa in going Over the u. W. W c. Top. Give thanks to the boys. By John Moir Postville Iowa what s the use of setting an opening Date for a War drive in Iowa asks the Headquarters Force. Folks at state Campaign Headquarters did not expect their sessions with the Long distance phone and the Telegraph boy to begin till monday morn ing. But saturday night they started arriving the jubilant messages phone Calls and wires and even a Check came in from Webster county for its quota. Over the top with the 50 per cent increase and still going is the Way most of them read. Here they Are in the order in which they came into the office first the town of Postville old Home town of or. John r. Mott ,2n the counties of Pocahontas Clay and Hardin. Gee but it makes everybody mad Des Moines daily Register monday morning nov. 11, 1918. Hewitt Williams Dies of wounds. A message from the War department yesterday to or. And mrs. Fred l. Williams of grand Meadow far the sorry news that their son private Hewitt Williams of co. A 352nd inf., a. E. F., had died of oct 15th, we have Only space to thus briefly mention the Postville 25 years ago. From Iowa Volks Blatt nov. 16, 1893. Chas. Abel has purchased the we. Mott residence for the sum of $1500 Poesch is building a new House on his farm near Henry Slaughter town. J. H. Greenwood purchased -3 Home of mrs. Haz Lton this week. Consideration $800. William Schroeder and wife Are rejoicing Over the arrival of a baby boy born to them last thursday. Fred Schara and wife Are the proud parents of a Bright Young Man who arrived at their Home this week. Or. Flynn of Decorah has moved Here with his family and opened an office Over Meier Bros shoe store. Or. And mrs. A. E. Cornell of the commercial hotel Are the parents of a healthy Young lad born to them this morning. A As everywhere else the republicans of this Vicinity held a Celebration Here last Friday night. After a Parade the people went to Turner Hall where or. Updegraff of Mcgregor and or. Cassady of Monona gave addresses. Obituary. Louis Kama. Louis William John Kamp son of or. And mrs. Fred Kamp was born Jan. 23, 1885, in Bloomfield town hip Winneshiek county Iowa. He was baptized May 24, 1885, and confirmed March 26, 1899, at St. Paul s lutheran Church. In the Jav Ai 1908 he was manned to miss Caroline Schara. To first settled on the con Ley farm from there he moved to the Home farm thence to Postville for a year after which he bought a Fann near Postville Junction. After a Brief illness from influenza which finally affected his brain he died on Friday morning november 8, 1918, at four o clock aged 33 years 9 months and 15 Days. He is survived by his wife two children his parents one brother and three Sisters. Deos ased was a genial Jovial Young Man whom it was always a pleasure to meet and his social and Friendly disposition made friends of All whom he chanced to know All of whom will regret that he. Is no More and will sincerely sympathize with those who mourn a Short funeral Servia was conducted at the Home last saturday afternoon by Rev. E. Schmidt after which burial took place in the Postville cemetery. Beloved it is Well though deep and sore Tho Smai to the hand that wounds knows How to bind and heal the broken heart. There is no death the stars go Down to Rise upon some other Shore and Bright in heaven s jewelled they Shine forevermore. Crown obituary George Poesch. George John Henry Poesch son of or. And mrs. Chris Poesch was born november 15, 1900. He was baptized february 5, 1901. After Ca Tec Hetel instruction he was confirmed March 28, 1915. After an illness of a week s duration from influenza he died sunday evening at 6 30, aged 17 years 11 months and 25 Days. George was the mainstay of his father in working the farm and was very industrious. He was a faithful member of the Luther league of St. Paul s lutheran Church. Akl being of a social nature he numbered his friends almost by his acquaint at ices All of whom will sympathize sincerely with the bereaved family. He is survived by his parents one brother Edwin and one sister mrs. Henry Koenig. The funeral was held tuesday afternoon from the Home Rev. E Schmidt officiating. Interment in Postville cemetery. 1 a cure for the blues. Give thanks to the boys that fought a news that aether Postville boy whether they Are White or Black for Tho boys from the North and the boys from the South All fought on the Fields of Franco. In trenches and mud they fought the Hun Reich Stag and All and the Kaiser too. ,1 he. Yankee boys did fight with All their might for the f ree Dom of the world. They cared not for Cannon bulls nor Gas shells flying o or nor for rain and , for Over the top Thoy want with a Hoot and a yell and with bayonets they toll in the stomachs of the Hin did go. Miss Bertha Eddy planted three fourths of an acre to sugar Cane which yielded lir 111 Gal Louis of sorghum. Has had to make the supreme Sacri fice for his country he being the 7th from this locality to have died. The sympathy of All hearts is with the bereaved family. 1 the Rock Island changes time. Carolyn of the Corners which we have arranged to publish As our serial Story beginning in the next Issue of the Herald is an unusual Story. It is a Homey gentle commonsense Story of everyday life but it is intensely interesting at the same the. The heroine of the Story is a lovable Little girl who not Only preaches but practices the gospel of looking up and always making things a wee bit better. To become acquainted with her is like letting in the Sunshine and looking up it the Blue sky. But Thore Are also episodes in the Story that rival the thrillers of the there is both humor and neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in thib and other counties. Alla Makee county has about 512 boys in the army. $2,600-was paid for a Poland China boar at Algona last Wek. At Charles City 106 cases of the influenza were reported in one week. At the Anamosa Penitentiary 14 prisoners died in one week All victims of the flu. During the month of october Decorah had forty deaths Twenty three being influenza victims. Prairie Duchien had 400 cases of the flu reported in the past four weeks with five deaths. At Cler,.iont last week Iva la and Gilbert Ritchie children of mrs. W. Ritchie died of influenza within Throo days1. The Milwaukee Road has bought 3,900 feet frontage on the Misi Sissin i River at North Mcgregor for additional tracks. Dutch Cross who had been indicted for a murder and confined to the jail at Newton made his Escapa by sawing his Way out. Mrs. L. L. Can of Clermont last monday received a Telegram from her husband or. L. L. Carr saying he was about to set sail for overseas. Sac City has a new ship named for j it. A 7,500 ton vessel was recently launched from hog Island Yards which has been named the Sac Waukon business men have subscribe their names to a paper which guarantees the Cost of bringing the mail from Postville to that City every sunday. Audin the 4-year-old son of Hemy Vassey of Collins was burned to death one Day last week. It is Thot the boy obtained matches and went to the barn to play. The Rev. Winter of West Union does not allow the quarantine to hinder him in his works he delivers speeches to his congregation through the press of that City. The record Price for Iowa Corn was reached at the a Miller Sale near Cedar Falls recent when shocked Corn sold for $112 per acre. Undoubtedly this sets a Mark that will stand for Many Yaai to come. Cement plants at Mason City and the Iron mines at Waukon have closed because they have used their allotments of Coal the state fue administration reports. A number of Brick and tile factories and some florists Over the state arcs also closed. At Mcgregor the red Cross chapter was recently called upon to furnish one ton of nut shells and fruit pits. The whole town went nutty according to the a Orth Iowa times of that City and instead of one ton the chapter was Able to Send Over two tons to Headquarters. Miton Tudor of Iowa City topped the Chicago Market with whats believed to be the highest Price Ever paid for a single steer on the open Market. The steer was one of his famous Angus Herd and weighed 1620 pounds and the Price paid was $19.95, making the Price of the Stern. $324.19. The Helms Brothers natives of Germany owners of 140. Acres in Byron and Madison townships in Buchanan county spent an hour or More in jail after failing to subscribe their allotted quote of $1600 for the fourth Liberty loan Bonds. At length they signed up for the full amount and wore released. She icon is John Barleycorn s Jinx town and will a without doubt be cancelled from his calling list.  during the month of october fully Twenty whiskey runners bootleggers booze hounds and Plain drunks have Felt the lash of the local authorities and have gone on their Way sadder but Wiser also poorer. Henry Meindert 17 years old was. Shot and instantly killed by a charge from a Shotgun on the streets of me Servey a Small town fifteen Miles South West of Mason City. Geory Brown Village Blacksmith is held for the crime. Witnesses testified that a window in the Blacksmith shop was. Opened and the gun fired from there v Thomas Larson a Middle aged far.,. In or of Sibley must pro to prison for looking up l if Terji month and pay a Tine of $000. For attempt to bribe the draft Board of Osceola county to disqualify his Aon for military service. The it was the sentence imposed on him by judge. H. T. Reed in the United states court at Sioux City. Larson it was checked went to the draft Board doctor pathos in it and a real Story that is i la offered to pay $300 to obtain his very effectively told by the author s01l s exemption Ruth Belmore Endicott. I the of burial Rask. Watch for the first instalment of hero mfg Ooghe late effects of f to sjthi8 wonderful Story m our next Issue ets. That a a a a  on or sir Natl x the hu1 i old. A caskets that information i Bud Cross notes. By the new order of things it will be an absolute impossibility for Pyssen Gors from the South to connect with the a abound afternoon passenger on the annual meeting of us lost to Milwaukee. Hero w the new Ville chapter american red Cross Umo North Jound pm is engr a 02 p. Will by held at the school House on m southbound passenger .1.21 p. In wednesday nov.,-., ,.,. Northbound i freight -1 55 p. A South o clock p. M., Tor the election of of bound freight 8 10 a. Of tiers and the transaction i. Attu Chiwu in May a u u.e.v-Fect Tomt practically All of the casket manufacturers in the Northwest Havi their.jjilnsmt off the Road until the factories which have been swamped with orders can catch up 20 beginning at 8 with the demand. So heavy and Sud  of Den has been the Deli Tuul Lor caskets such that the i has Boon a tremendous of other business As May regularly come movement of caskets by cup we Kita h., Exro twin meeting everybody is ordinarily nor ship de t \ ires Giu. Mcgregor deaths from the Marshalltown tunes Republican. Flu Tho past week

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