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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 11 1926, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - November 11, 1926, Postville, Iowa Official paper Alla Makee county Ville Herald official paper town of Postville thirty fifth year. A live newspaper in a live town Arm production class feature at poultry show  a red feature at this year s " Biff four poultry show. & writ Timtim cd Russ has been pro id for at Trio comma big four Tiv show should prove of tit to every Fol Mel n this Vicin skiing truss c Man is the is production class in which med farm poultry will been by judged for production Meral Utility Points he a Iii y fees w1" 1 6 the rame is tic exhibition can Sec. Twenty five u per Bint and $1.00 per pen of a females and one male Bird tit is will be awarded on the same fas in the How class based on amount of entry fees in each tie Mio special prizes in Force i exhibition classes will also be Niu tin production class Erc Toofie the average Farmer re Tjo bring in his Birds because he esd he stood a poor Chance of Ning in Competition with exper i show it ii but with this farm a class in Force it is expected the Crit ill take a keen interest in big show and a Good exhibit is j looked Forward or Range has made to properly display and for them. Jut a few weeks intervene before annual big four poultry show a will be held in Postville dealer 7 to 10. Secretary Webster been Busy mailing out Premium and entry Blanks to poultry Lei s throughout northeastern and the indications now Point the fact that the 1926 show will out doubt be the largest and Best he history of the association sin the past Liberal prizes will be m in nil classes and exhibitors find the big four show a very i Worth while place to bring their the Postville commercial club also present a Beautiful Silver Tig cup to the Best Bird of the 8 show. Herbert Gass. Who for several past has been superintendent lie show is continued in that Ity this year which is a guar the by its will be cared for in Best possible manner. Or. Gass Gisolf a poultry Raiser and knows the Birds should be cared for and personally sees to it that they get necessary attention. Association will feed and care ill Birds exhibited free of charge has a Supply of coops in which to Ray show them. All poultry also be log banded by the Asso a link will be judged by the Cornea method by judge Ward one the Foremost poultry specialists of Middle West and All exhibitors know their Birds will be accurately and without fear floor. Ultra breeders will find the big show one of the Best in the state Kean exhibit and they Are urge be use of it for that purpose. If have not a Cei Ved an entry Blank Premium list a card to Secretary Ter will bring you one by return Don t delay Send today a Ircul tikk notes of scu00l when Alfalfa is sown for in time in a locality inoculation first is of cent m regions where pensively or Whei la Ted plants have i is rare exit is grown cd a few closely re been growing. In Limestone Region where no Fula has been grown for a number of years natural spreads and seems to remain in the soil for a number of years. Natural inoculation is sometimes secured through bacteria that adhere to the seed although this is More numerous on rough coated seeds than on Alfalfa. It has been frequently noticed in the raising of Alfalfa that Only a few plants would survive the first year upon examination it has been found that these plants have nodules in the roots due in All probability to bacteria on the seeds. If a Field of this kind of plants is rep Lowed harrowed and renown usually Good results Are obtained. The length of lest we forget Tays in the Oil that Bacton known but Reinochl tinn of at a re roots of the plants Fol r county Farmers Institute Grain exhibit needed Sial emphasis will this year be to the Grain show. The Corn us a whole did not mature and 1 Grain Tine to the excessive is Rains is badly discoloured. Or. Her and Fred a Schultz in a of the Grain ask that this not a Farmei a from bringing in their pick out your Best samples of torn and of your Small Grain Institute wants your display and it badly and yours May be the to win the prize. Bear in mind your exhibit whether it tops the w not will be much appreciated. The farm View Booth is Booth last year was a trifle in Quantity but surprisingly a Quality. In addition to some Fine pictures on display there Mhz filed a Nice bit of originality " makeup of the posters. A a a. A Fine Chance to Tell the a some of the Fine features of Arm Home and you Are justly them too. There is a place Here for you trod yours should be modern and rope san pictures of the farm prefer this year s. A shall. Dif pictures of your own farm my in poster form or suitably m for display. One of the pie to show your farm buildings and t livestock the other three As isl but typical representative about the farm. Not definitely experience indicates that desirable if the legume in question has not been grown for a period of from five to Sevo years. Hen a satisfactory View a legume has been obtained cent Date and the carry a Large number of nodules inoculation will not be necessary. There Are two common was of inoculation of soil one by direct application of soil from a Field that is at ready inoculated and the other by applying bacteria grown in the Laboratory. When inoculating with soil about 3 or 4 Hundred pounds an acre of finely powdered soil is applied from a Field known to be inoculated with the kind of bacteria desired. Another method is to coat the seed to be sown with soil from an inoculated Field. To insure the adherence of Earth to the seed the seed should be moistened with furniture glue that has been dissolved in boiling water. The glue method which is a modification of the soil Transfer method is sometimes used. The soil that is used in this method is dried in the dark to a Fine powder then sifted. Tiie seed is sprinkled with a ten percent solution of glue furniture glue 1 lb., to 1 Gal. Of water or with a solution made Sticky by dissolving sugar in water and stirring until All seeds Are moistened. Dry soil is then sifted Over the seeds in sufficient amounts to absorb All the moisture. The seed must be mixed thoroughly screened and planted within a Day. There Are a few questionable features concerning the glue method which makes it undesirable. The glue that is used May injure the bacteria and drying the soil is. Likely to reduce the vigor of the bacteria. Soon after the discovery that the nitrogen gathering Power of legumes depended upon the1 presence of bacteria in the nodules on the roots experiments were immediately begun with the pure cultural method of inoculation. Pure cultures of the various organisms were secured from the nodules and various liquids and solids were found to support the growth for the organisms. At first the commercial preparations seemed too weak due to the fact that the materials used to grow the bacteria contained nitrogen. To overcome these difficulties nitrogen free materials and on the roots of the particular legumes. This method of growing the bacteria seems to give greater vigor to the plants and from experiments it has been proven that the culture method and the soil method Are so nearly equal that the Choice Between the two should depend upon the Cost of the cultures compared with the ease of " rather than the crop proclaims november 25 As thanksgiving Day the evolution of cabbage Hill half a Century ago the busiest Corner of Postville was the one where stands the remodeler St. Paul s lutheran Church. On one Corner stood j Ward & Meyer s Large Brick store on another Tom Shortreed s Blacksmith shop on another Mcdonald s furniture factory. Nearby were Stevenson s store Stiles drug store Staadt s drug store Schmidt s harness shop Glines jewelry store Thema s j Gasthaus and numerous dwellings. From Harvest to Harvest a never ending Stream of wheat Laden vehicles swept by on the old military Road Enro Ute to Mcgregor at one time the largest primary wheat Market of the world. Then the Railroad struck Postville several blocks North beckoned business to its present location and kept the town from spreading Over a portion of two counties instead of one. During the years that followed the old part of Postville changed. From the proudest Corner of town this portion became known is cabbage Hill. Like second hand clothing and furniture the one time stores and dwellings were used for various purposes passing from hand to band. Not producing enough Revenue to pay for repairs they did not get them. The past decade or two has seen the gradual removal of most of the old buildings. Fine residences now stand on the site of ancient land Marks or these Are occupied by lawns and gardens. A few of the old business houses remain and during the last few years they have become unoccupied and unsightly giving a Shock to the Motorist who enters town on the paved portion of highways 18 and 53, also to the worshippers who each run Day wend their Way to the Beautiful St Paul s Church. We have witnessed during the past few weeks what promises to be the transformation of cabbage Hill into Rose Hill. Tine unsightly Marston ruin i being replaced by the Beautiful Miller & Hein Brick building and what the Postville folks were Milwaukee to take off Dubuque train service interesting items taken from the files of the Iowa Volks Blat of november 8, 1901. Vrh of maj " i Tae. Milwaukee Road is to remove 25 years Asig in All flocked in on Wien without giving them any notice whatever. They All brought baskets loaded to the brim with Good eats. The evening was made merry by games and music. Or. Kerr spoke a number of pieces in his usual pleas Ember i with the following pro ii Tam. Coil Call Good books us Izer prize awards Anna Boucher Book of the Franklin music Bethel donation supper and Bazaar the ladies Aid of the Bethel a b. Church will hold their annual donation supper and Bazaar at the Church on wednesday evening november 17bh. The general Public is cordially invited to looked a bit Cir Ensy on wednesday when a show car from Miller Bros famous 101 ranch pulled into town All painted up Gaudy and grandly. And a in a trailer attached was a living breathing Buffalo. The car was carrying the film Trail dust to be shown it Postville theatre that evening. We leave it to you to decide but at any rate Minnesota gave Iowa a most unmerciful drubbing at their Home coming Day football game at Iowa City last saturday and a capacity crowd was present at the obsequies. The score was 41 to 0 in favor of Minnesota who had Iowa at their mercy at every stage of the game. Postville fans were there in Large numbers and it is evident they enjoyed the ride More than the game for they Are All telling How Good the roads were. Among those present from Here were or. And mrs. O. J. Beucher or. And mrs. A. C. Webster or. And mrs. A. J. Phillips or. And mrs. R. R. Doug Lasis or. And mrs. A. A. Schmidt or. And mrs. We. J. Klingbeil or. And mrs. Joe Hecker John l. Gregg Keith Gregg la Verne Kluss miss Leila Schmidt Dick Williams Geo. J. Meier Earl Abernethy Geo. Schultz cloy Schultz Lloyd Palmer Edward Schuler Lawrence Cook Clifford Conley neiling Thoma Earle Ruckdaschel miss Devries Harry Davis Roger Harris Ira e. Smith Clinton Smith Evelyn Smith Pearl Smith Gilbert Schroeder Esther Deering Irving Deering Dorothy Deering Ora Schroeder Harold Schroeder Alvin Thoreson. United Brethren Church news of the neighbourhood tersely told Taleb of folks and things selected by scissors from our Exchange table. Castalia revival meetings every night this week. Sunday school at 10 00 a. M. Sermon by or. Emerson 11 00 a. M. Sermon by or. Emerson at 7 30 p. M. Bethel. Sunday school at 10 00 a. M. Ladies Bazaar and supper november 17th. Remember the Date the place is Bethel Church we know you will have a Good time. Forest Mills. Sunday school at 2 00 p. M. Preaching service at 8 00 p. M. Junior c. E. At 3 00 a m. Home and enjoy our new Church. Rev. C. W. Harris pastor the Brick work on the Herald office was finished tuesday and now if you Are not too sizeable you can squeeze in through the front door. Otherwise Entrance May be Mads through the rear door pull either wire you choose and Home on in a roller skating rink has been opened in Waukon. Over at Lansing they maintain City Scales and during september they brought in receipt of $83.64. Monona has a woman town clerk the Council having elected miss mar Nie Killen to fill the vacancy caused by the death of town clerk Fonda. The Dinky train service on the Milwaukee discontinued during the automobile season will be restored november 15th, Between Calmar and Austin. One of the big Standard Oil Gas tanks at Waucoma toppled Over one Day last week. The tank contained-16,000 Gallons of Gas about half of which run out. The motor car of a Buena Vista Section Crew run into the motor car of the Guttenberg Section Crew last Friday seriously injuring two men one of whom had his Skull fractured. By the Ossian Bee we learn that Highway no. 53, Between Calmar and the Alla Makee county line will not be Gravelled until next Spring owing to the possibility of the material freezing in the freight cars while in route. The absent voters seemed to take More interest in the recent election than Ever before. County Audito John Palmer received close to 150 applications for ballots for voters not Able to be Here in journal. The supervisors of Clayton county have let the contract for grading and draining the Highway from Volga City to the Fayette county line the work to be finished by october 1927. The estimated Cost of the Job will be close to $25,000. Or. And mrs. We. H. Oelke of Farmersburg celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary october 26th. A special Church service was held in their Honor after which there was a big dinner served at their Home to1 a Host of relatives. The faculty of the Guttenberg schools enjoyed a Duck supper last wednesday evening. The superintendent furnished the ducks the other members of the faculty supplied the trimmings and the Domestic science. Teacher prepared the meal. Eight full grown wolves have been killed of late by Elmer Mcdowell of Mcgregor six of them in this county and the other two in Winneshiek county. Farmers in both vicinities had been losing Many lambs and chickens through nightly raids of wolves to j their barnyard. While Section Foreman Albert Kep be of Lamont was at work raising the. Track on his Section he was struck by a 32 calibre Bullet the Ball entering his Side penetrating a lung Cpd the liver and lodging in the Region of the kidneys. The party that did the shooting is still unkown. Resolutions urging the abolition of free motor tourist Camps and their replacement by pay Camps with a charge of fifty cents per Auto were adopted at a meeting of the outdoor life association of America in Chicago May 13. The objection to free Camps was the Lack of sanitation. The association is composed of 25,000 representatives. J. J. Shores a Farmer living North of Lawler has a tree of Wolf River apples that Are about the largest apples raised in this part of the state. He states that his tree was full of apples and they weighed on an average of one Pound each. He brought a Bushel to Market and each Apple measured 13 inches around and they averaged Over a Pound in weight. Friends of h. B. Miner the Veteran Surveyor were pleased to Greet him thursday which was the first time he had been Down town since August on account of illness. Or. Miner is 87 years of age but is still Active and Alert and was As much interested in the election this year As Ever. It was the 66th time he had voted in Alla Makee county he Democrat. Des Moines was selected for the holding of the 1927 convention of the order of the Eastern Star by delegates attending the forty ninth annual meeting of the order at Waterloo. Officers elected were mrs. E. C. Dahl of Cedar Falls worthy grand Matron of the Iowa grand chapter Theodore w. Hawkinson of Walker worthy grand Patron mrs. Ethel Seidler of Jamaica grand conduct Ress mrs. Adah g. Thompson of Marion re exec Ted grand Secretary and mrs. Mary h. S. Johnson of Humboldt was reelected grand treasurer. A George Laird general managed of the Quaker Oats company of Cedar rapids did an unusual thing that he Hopes will Benefit boys and girls of the Twenty first Century. A local Bank is conducting a Thrift Campaign and or. Laird deposited $25 for 100 years the Money to draw compound interest and 2026 it will be turned Over to the Boand of education for the purpose of aiding education of local youths. Drawing 8 1-2 per cent interest compounded twice yearly it is figured that the $25 will amount to $4,014.76 at the end of a Century. Five men in the state Bureau of investigation received notice monday of dismissal from atty. Gen. Gibson because of insufficient funds to retain them in the employ of the state. All Are considered among the Best criminal investigators in the state s employ. The men Are James Day Des Morfes j. R. Quinn in Jefferson Ray Scott Leon h. M. Stoner Oelwein and h. B. Wacky Harlan. Dismissal came As a Complete Surprise to the five investigators. Gibson said the department funds were depleted Ana the men had to go

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