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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - November 1, 1918, Postville, Iowa The Postville Herald Postville Iowa. Huns beg terms As the people take command German Kaiser is shorn of army Rule by the Reich Stag. Rosetown demand that emperor quit 1-Aerial torpedo weighing 250 pounds used on the a Type dirigible of the american Navy. 2-Graves of some of the american soldiers who fell in the victorious fight in the St. Michlel salient. A general View of Bruges recaptured from the huns and established As the capital of Belgium. News review of the great War president Wilson tells Germany that no peace will be made with the Kaiser. Vhf of his reply vary Gre Akong up of the Austro hungarian Empire seems an assured fact huns continue Retreat from Belgium yanks in fierce fighting Northwest of Verdun. By Edward w. P1ckard. We Are willing to evacuate occupied territories and arrange an armistice based on the actual Standard of Power on both sides in the held. Our land and sea forces have not been been guilty of Mogul nil inhumane actions and we have ordered them not to commit any More such actions. The German government is now free from any arbitrary and irresponsible influence and is supported by the approval of an overwhelming majority of the German s note to president Wilson. Considering the assurances Given by the German government i Ciu Quot decline to suggest to the Allied governments the consideration of an armistice which however must leave the United states j uni its allies in a position to enforce the Urru Geinert made and to make impossible n renewal of hostilities by Germany. It appears o me that the Kaiser and his Crew 61111 arc in unimpaired control of the Empire and if we must Deal. With them now or later we must a demand not peace negotiations hut . Wll a son s reply to Germany. The above summarizes briefly but. Fairly ten diplomatic exchanges of the Between Berlin . Germany s note evasive shul Llang Ami a altogether unsatisfactory was received a Vruth contempt by the press and people of the tinted states and the Allied . The president and his close wll scr it was said were pleased Only with the. Indication that by Elln ii moving Stop by step toward full of the allies terms for an i armistice and peace. The Imperial gov Tom meet s indignant denial that its and sea forces have committed 0�trasfs was looked on generally Assn insult to the intelligence of a world a that knows such outrages have been Jwa wilted and have not yet ceased. I run while protesting against the far res. The note says orders have men issued to discontinue the Jinhu Pic a practices alleged by president i a soil la lies former note and the of who Are being driven from Bel a am Northern France have not i Foitl the ruthless pillaging and Rug of the places they tire forced ? evacuate save in in few instances. Unconditional surrender and that or. Wilson was losing ground by continuing the diplomatic discussion with a government with which he very properly declares the United states can idiot negotiate. There was general approval of the latter part of the note which pronounced against any peace with the Kaiser and the rest of it was praised by those who saw in it a Clever move to alienate the German people front their military lenders. There was no doubt anywhere of the tightness of the president s alms and intentions but Many Public men feared that his very admirable detestation of War and his fondness for writing notes might Lead him into an Estabar Assiut diplomatic Maze. In reassurance. It May be said that no armistice and no Pence will be arranged that Are not entirely to the satisfaction of great Britain France and Italy As Well As the United states and that these four allies have agreed that Germany must he required to surrender. There will be no cessation of hostilities on the part of the allies until Germany not Only evacuates occupied territory but also gives substantial guarantees that will prevent resumption of fighting by her and the entente allies Are determined that any discussions concerning in armistice shall take into full consideration the sea Power in which they Are predominant. orders to observe the rules of in rare have Heen issued i there is in end of the Contention a Hie defenders of the German people a distinguished from the German in Fawi Tilc government namely that the is commit outrages Only under the wets of the ill Loury command. No ipe Rylik person can longer doubt uts a a Kmit win not Only with the Gcr-1 government but with an Inco Sld web i purr of the Gorman people. It i c that the germans will Over. A the Ami All h for up jews but if so. It will be not because monstrous crime they have Cote 1. But because they have failed s their criminal purpose. There is i m in a Carmany one sign of repent. A is Only furious dts up itt Tient in cause the leaders have w Wen nolo to make b a " cannot be Wpm truthfully that a wont Wilson s reply to Berlin Ltd a any Wolfl enthusiasm. Most of senator Ashur St of Art so. Who mild i would have told Jan any to to 16 i by Wunt " the president Felt that the Fwy willed for wuss demand Tor in his delayed reply to die note from Austria Hungary president Wilson informed Vienna that events Hud made some of his famous fourteen Points out of Date numbly that concerning the if the oppressed Peoples in the dual kingdom since the United Stales bad recognized the Independence of the cd Elm slovaks and the National aspirations of the Jugo slavs. Consequently he could not talk peace with those Points As n basis. Then followed an Imperial manifesto announcing the formation of Federal states in Austria Hungary the setting ii of a suite of their own by the germans in Austria the creation of n Sovereign state by the slovenes croatian and serbs without reference to present political frontiers and Progress by the hungarians toward full in dependence with reports that they were about to apply to the entente Sove Biniems for terms for n separate armistice Anil peace. The Empire of Charles was Fust breaking up and there was the greatest depression in Vienna where famine threatens and the authorities Are powerless. Congo Ili gently according to dispatches the austrian government is becoming reconciled to the idea of unconditional capitulation. Java again and yet again the unduly optimistic must lie reminded that from n military Point of View Germany still far from being Defeated. Though she is being forced to relinquish her grip on Belgium and Northern France she is conducting her Retreat in order to Tel much in her own Way and though losing much material and thousands of men is carrying off most of her heavy guns and a great Deal of her supplies destroying the bulk of those left behind. She divisions on the West front 30 of them being in Reserve and with these with the men resumed from Lisp with those coming of military age she probably can hold out for Many months on her shortened front. The huns Are railing Buck to successive lines of defense pivoting on lie positions North of the a Goime and on the mouse Heights and with Many thousands of machine guns in a neg positions or Iii Hinig the. Advance of the allies As i a cult and expensive As possible the present government of Germany seem ugly does t intend to give up the fight without making a desperate finish and toward the end of the week it was said Ludendorff had drafted a to the people exhorting them to carry on the War to the utmost since the Tiu la would not Grant them without humiliation. Peace All week Long the germans con fun cd their withdrawn from Belgium it Nelmes moving rapidly and tit others putting up n stouter resistance in order to Rescue some stores or guns. In being driven from Tho belgian coast some 15,000 buns were forced across Tho Holland Border and were promptly interned by Tho dutch. La neg b Brit lab forces ably seconded by Tho Bel Gians the French arid some american divisions drove Forward relentlessly and before the week closed were chasing the last of the huns out of Valenciennes. To the South of that City in the direction of Muu Beuge and Mons tie British made a smashing Nutuck breaking through the enemy line of defense on u wide front and threatening to outflank the line of the Scheldt which further North had held up the Progress of the allies to some extent. By cutting the Banks of the Scheldt canal and other Waterways the germans flooded the country. The capture of Mons and Mau Beuge would be serious to the germans for those cities which Are United by a Railroad have been the principal German concentration and Supply Points on the ardennes front. East of be Catena where the americans Are fighting beside the British the Allied Progress was Rathe slow. The fall of Ghent in the near future seeming a certainty the germans were Ticu Atung it and the belgian govern Tient decided to establish itself in the eco erod City of Bruges. A the French in the Laon Region moved Forward somewhat but the and Ance there was slowed up considerably during the week. In the Champagne the huns were keeping up the most determined kind of resistance and the americans in the Valley of the were bearing the Brunt of Tho severe fighting. It was the hardest kind of work and it times Tho Yonks had to fail Back but always they returned to the combat and carried their objectives. Powerfully organized machine gun positions were encountered everywhere in that Region of ravines and Hills and forests and to take these without too much loss it was necessary to Man Euver past them and attack from the Hanks and rear. Farther West to the North of grand pre the americans were engaged in equally severe lighting but there too they were slowly overcoming the stubborn resistance of the huns. In this they were materially aided by the big bombing squadrons of the nor forces which not Only continually harassed the enemy in the fighting lines but made repented raids on his bases and Supply trains. A one fourth of Germany s Nail Nola military strength has been placed in the Champagne and Meuse sectors to hold Back the americans and French there and the task these Allied armies tire doing while not showy is of tremendous importance and difficulty. Hie huns Are trying desperately to save the Meziere Luxemburg railway system on which depend All their communications in that Region. It is a satisfaction to know that the americans Are giving a mighty Good account of themselves there and that while their own losses Are not Small those of the enemy Are vastly larger Tain the near East matters progressed favourably the allies driving the austrians northward and reaching the Danube on the Border 1.1ms completing the isolation of Turkey from the Central Powers. A further Advance to Orsovai will open the Way for an invasion of Austria in Montenegro the process of Clearing out the foe went Forward rapidly. At Kru Shevitz in the Center of Serbia Gorman forces were strongly resisting the Advent of the serbs toward Turkey which is More than ready to make Pence hits a Nev scheme. Plans Are being discussed to make constantinople a free port and dismantle the fortifications of the Dardanelles on condition that Tho allies guarantee the continuance of constantinople is Tho capital of Turkey. It is also proposed to Grant Nuton Oiny to Arabia Syria Armenia and the jewish part of Palestine. A that germans seem to Delight in violating the sense of decency of Clyl lined people. Tho latest example of this propensity is Tho naming of Baron von Der inn Olcen As head of a commission of Neutral residents of Brussels which is to investigate charges of unnecessary devastation during the Retreat from Belgium this Baron played a lending role in the murder of Edith Cavell ignoring the representations of Brand Wittock and refusing to Lav Tho nurse from death. Trees along City streets Ludendorff resigns and Hindenburg a resignation is expected momentarily Solf tells Wilson great changes have taken place. Copenhagen qut. 28.-Germany s answer to president Wilson s latest communication says the German government has taken Sogn Iannce of the answer of the president of the United states. The president is aware of the far reaching changes which have been carried out and Are being carried out in the German constitutional Structure mid that peace negotiations Are being conducted by a people s government in whose hands rests both actually mid constitutionally the Power to make the deciding conclusions. The military Powers Are also subject to it. The German government now awaits proposals for an armistice which shall be the first step a just peace As the president has described it in his proclamation. people in control. London. Oct. 28.-the German reach Stag by a great majority has adopted a Bill placing the military command under control of. The civil government according to an Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Copenhagen. This action followed fast upon the announcement in Berlin that Gen Erich Ludendorff first quartermaster general and called the brains of the German army had resigned. The Kaiser accepted his resignation and placed him in the unattached list. May accept allies terms. The resignation of general Ludendorff is popularly interpreted Here As heralding Germany s acceptance of the allies armistice terms. Whether this interpretation is Correct the resignation of the first quartermaster general cannot fall to seriously affect the new Rifle of the German army. The socialist vow nets of Berlin prints the proposed text of the Reform Bill which includes the following provisions first War can Only be declared Villi the Sanction of the reach Stag and the bundesrat. Second the Chancellor can Only remain in Power. While he possesses the Confidence of the reach Stag. Curb for Kaiser. Third the Chancellor will be responsible for the political actions of the Kaiser and the Chancellor and ministry will be responsible for their tenure of of lace to the reach Stag and bundesrat. Fourth the appointment promotion and dismissal of officers of the army and Navy can Only be effective by the signature of the Chancellor. The ministers of War will be held responsible for the same by the Saxon ministry quits a dispatch from Berlin says the reach Stag on Friday passed in nil its stages the Bill amending the Law relating to the government of Alsace Lorraine. According to a dress ii Telegram the Saxon state Gazette announces that in View of the reorganization of the Saxon government the King has accepted the resignation of the Saxon ministry. Other developments tending to con firm the belief in the approaching surrender of germ in Austria Hungary and Turkey Are contained in dispatches. Work done by Philadelphia organization might be copied to advantage in other places. The society of Little gardens from the time of its inauguration recognized Street tree planting us one of the City s most vital needs and its interest in the idea received a tremendous impetus from the Clever plan conceived and carried out by miss Edith Howe in the Early Spring of 10115. Instead of contenting herself with a couple of Trees in front of her own door miss Howe determined to have the whole Block planted in an effective manner. To obtain this end she. Consulted the Folrn Ioimo Park commissioners who have charge of the Trees in the streets of Philadelphia. They were glad to assist her and sent her an expert who Drew up a ground plan of the Block with an estimate of the Cost of planting and armed with this she invited her neighbors to co operate with her. Her Success was remarkable. Enough Money was subscribed not Only to Plant the Trees but to have them cared for for three years. Some of the officers of Little gardens hearing of this Well thought out plan and its results determined to try the same methods of a larger scale and Endeavor to have All Spruce and Locust streets and others transformed into avenues. Accordingly letters were written to n number of Public spirited women inviting each to undertake the planting of her own Block and in reply 11 agreed to make the Experiment. That the Effort has not been invariably successful goes without saying. Nevertheless much has been accomplished. October House Beautiful. Penn made s. A. T. C. Center direction of training for 50,000 students will be from Quaker school Philadelphia oct. 28.-direction of the military and educational training in 55 colleges and universities in Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware and the District of Columbia comprising upward of 00,000 members of the student army training corps has been entered at the University of Pennsylvania by order of the War department. Hend quarters were opened with a Large staff of College professors and army officers in charge of the different departments. Living Cost inquiry. Washington oct. 28.-the department will soon begin an investigation into fhe Cost of living in Man Novotn it was announced. Revolt in Budapest. Zurich oct. 28.-a great insurgent movement Litis broken out at Budapest the capital of Hungary dispatches from that City report the Magyar National Council has proclaimed supremacy Over the existing authorities. Coal bin oct. 2?.-Tho nation s enl bin is adequately stocked for the Winter. Both War industries and Domestic Consumers Are prepared for another Long hard season. This was Tho comforting assurances Given Here. Stairway and fire escape ingenious scheme by which double object was achieved at a comparatively Small Cost. At the rear of a Frame building that serves As a Public meeting House for citizens of a Small Mew York town in outside re enforced Concrete stairway has Heen built is a fire escape. It consists of More than a score of 343 persons die in sea disaster Canadian Steamer wrecked in alaskan Waters All on Board lost. No survivors is report Many prominent citizens of Canada lose their lives million dollars in Gold goes Down with the vessel. Seattle wash., oct. 2 three Hundred and forty three persons most of them outbound alaskans and residents of. The Vukon territory lost their lives when the Canadian Pacific steamship company s passenger Steamer Princess Sophia was battered by a storm dragged across Vanderbilt reef and dropped to the Bottom of Lynn canal an Arm of the inside passage not far South of Skagway Alaska. No survivors read a wireless message from Juneau Alaska telling of the loss. Dawson y. To oct. 29.-some of the Best known residents of the Klondike Gold country were lost when the Princess Sophia sunk. Klondike Gold producers said they understood the Princess Sophia carried u big Gold shipment possibly a Worth $1,000,000 or More. British troops in Aleppo Victory by general Allenby s forces cuts off the turks in Mesopotamia. London oct. 29.-the War office made official announcement that British cavalry and armoured motorcars occupied Aleppo. They met with slight opposition. This is the latest of the great number of victories won by the forces of general Allenby in his Advance eastward and northward through Palestine and Syria. Aleppo is 1s5 Miles North of Damascus and 70 Miles East of the Mediterranean. The turks at the beginning of last week were defending Aleppo with 12,-000 men but these retired to the North. War Revenue Bill held up by constructing the outside stairway of Concrete a dependable fire escape was provided at a nominal Cost. Steps and a Landing of ample size upheld by heavy supporting Walls and supplied with an Iron pipe railing. The Structure was erected it moderate Cost and fills its purpose quite As Well As would conventional steel equipment of less capacity and greater Cost. Popular mechanics Magazine. Measure will not be reported until after election says senator Simmons. Washington oct. 29.-the War Revenue Bill will not be reported to the Senate until after the november elections. Senator Simmons chairman of the Senate finance committee which is revising the House draft of the measure announced that the committee deems it utterly impossible to Complete its revision and return the redrafted measure to the Senate by october 29, when leaders plan for Congress to recess until november 12. Fix november hog prices use Many materials. A larger private ownership of Homes in. This country than known in Many years is predicted by h. O. Jones construction Engineer. New York City in no interview published by the Washington Post. There is material for building houses in almost every Community said or Jones and it is not a question of style of construction but the most available. In one of the big plants in Ohio All sorts of houses have been built from Brick Stone Wood Concrete and even Iron and All Are not Only commodious but comfortable and durable. Modern engineering has enabled builders to construct houses More rapidly and better than they could a decade rates agreed upon at conferences in Washington prices Are withheld. Washington oct. 29.-november hog prices have been agreed upon at conferences Here Between officials of the food administration and Bureau of markets and representatives of producers commission men and packers fun ret centers were notified but announcement of the prices Here was withheld. Bird Bath Worth while. A Bird Bath in the Center of the Lawn tempts feathered visitors Aud cardinals Robins woodpeckers song sparrows Catbird Aud mocking Birds frequent the Garden. Last Winter suet tied to a chinese Elm tree and strewn about the ground brought a Hock of hungry Birds. Including covers of Quail 19 being counted Many times pacing slowly about and making leisurely . Dwarf Trees. Dwarf Trees Are suited to Small Attr Dew they occupy Little space tire easily cured for hear sooner than Standard kinds and they Are easily shaped into Bushes and pyramids or can be used in espalier forms trained on buildings fences or trellises. Big enough now. A fellow threatened to punch me in the \ that would to too thank it would have it tendency to increase the Tran script. British fighting on Piave English troops occupy Island in River take More than 710 prisoners. London oct. troops fighting along the Plave River since Tho night of october 23-24 have occupied the Island of grave do Papadopoli and. Taken More than 710 or Souers according to an Oili Cial statement. Violent austrian counter attacks were repulsed. 0. A s express rate boost Commerce body approves proposed increase unless Revenue can a had from other sources. Washington oct. 2i Tho interstate Commerce commission approved Tho proposed increases in express rates to become effective unless another method of giving the american hallway express company added Revenue is worked out with the railway administration. Grip epidemic hits Mexico. Mexico City oct 28.-Spanish influenza is epidemic in virtually All parts of the Republic except the extreme South and a few of the Pacific coast states. Newspapers estimate the number of cases Here at 00,000. Demando German Republic. The Hague oct. 20.-in the first the reach Stag since his release from prison Herr Duttman socialist demanded to Donn in Republic. It became known hero. Independent socialists echoed the demand

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