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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 1 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - November 1, 1918, Postville, Iowa Successor to die 3�� Volti Blair r Twenty seventh year Postville Iowa Friday november 1, 1918 number 1 Cole Harry Beucher arid the i irrepressible red Lien Are on the Job this week. Somewhere in France. Sept. 20, 1918. Bear brother and writ Ito Louise since i wrote Home last. 1 have been stationed in several i pm our Symlar Rnic . Stand 011 Endyk a Are a better 9m Lur in Giaier Doys Soldier than i am. I suppose if some aviator advertised he would make a flight Over Postville with machine guns and anti aircraft guns firing at him it would draw quite a crowd would t it he s absolutely got to guarantee that he would get hit and t come Down in flames before i Cross or from Sergt. Harry Beucher. The Street to see him a a Well All be Bloodthirsty when we pet Back. I received the Jack you sent me and was busted at the time so it came in very Handy. Thanks very much. I had a pass to Paris some time ago but it came the Day before pay Day Nave Ucen so had to give it up. I am going next ins billeted in the buildings since time if i have to bust someone on the test wrote you. The town we Are in head. Fellows that have been there a is nothing More than a collection Clam the a Demoiselles Are a farm houses All the barns Are 111 they Are kind of taking advantage inaction. Thek farming is much 0f us Guys in France by drying up the Ferent than ours. Nearly every states. I guess they Don t class us Mer has his own Small Thresher As citizens any More. There Are a i by horse or Man Power and few of us no Don t have w. C. T. U. Ashes his Grain As he needs it All views on that argument. Buildings Are of Stone. France Well speck soupy just blew much As. I have seen of it is much and it is a big offence to fail to fall Tettier than England. Into the mess line so will have to Cut Jeff Ralph Davis is with us he this a Little Short. It is a mad Gal is messages to Headquarters. 0p to get into line first get outside i Torday on the Way Over he met y0ur Shum or Beans and get Back for Al Beyer i did t know that he was i am eating with a Bat Ross. Just now i received a letter Tery now and am a Little handicapped m Verla the first one written on Fri when i am with the detail there la. 20. It made pretty Good time Are Only about fifty of us and we can ing on the Way just a month. It s take our time and still get "sec-1 to express that wonderful feel so Long speck and Don t of getting letters from Home. Wait for an answer to All your letters Lone can get plenty of red wine and As we Are pretty Busy Over Here try Ime Beer Here the latter 20 cents a no to convince Fritz he is wrong i i \ sum Viv win nanners by a Cole. I int i franc saw by the papers Tat u. S. Will be prohibition in june Bio. To Are having a slow Briz be which does t seem to be Buncom Eon so there won t be much doing ought to study French am Able to e a few expressions principally Hank you Good Bye hello Don t there in t a Hing i be been wanting except can in that seems to be hard to get at last right in this locality. Am feel Fig Fine getting lots of sleep eats bid exercise. With love to Al Sergt. Harry s. Beucher letter from Merle Cole. Somewhere in France. Sept. 19 .1918. Here s one from j. Lawrence Lien. Luther army Post october 21, 1918. Dear George Well i am a real honest to goodness hard boiled Soldier now and she is gome life. I like it very much Here the officers arc Young Fellows and Are very Good to us if an officer can be human. They Drill us until i kick All my blankets Oil at night Yelling Hep Hep they Are drilling us by platoons now As we have All the squad movements and formations Learned. This quarantine is sure Heck we Haven t been outside the limits of the Post for v two weeks it is the guard House if dear Harry i guess Fritz has you do and the guard House looks too Tofin ged his mind about american dark for me. I am playing football lighting qualities after the last two on Thi first army team Don t know drives. In one spot it was hard Tell How Long i will last because there Are no whether the huns or yanks were some Good men Here. The second he prisoners As there looked to be As lieutenant is our coach and he knows Nany botches As yanks. Some of the game. Our commanding officer Jiem were old men and some were is a West Pointer. The setting up j Oung kids but they All appeared exercises in the morning Are the worst pretty husky. Jav most of Thorn were As they make you run on All fours at find to be prisoners though but i double Lime four or five times around would t Trust one of them out of the Drill ground. Then we go around sight backwards crawl on our belly run the yank is sure a souvenir and fall Flat and so Forth it sure keeps hound if there Ever was one and the a fellow in misery for the first week Are wearing German clothes on but i am so Tough now i can eat fatigue. Everyone has a pair of cracked Glass and Horseshoe nails. Dutch boots and they Are not paper the grub Here is very Good and gov but Good leather. If you get a Little Harding said that the baracks were scratch Over Here it is sure to become the Best in the state. It s Nice to infected As the air is Poison. I have stand at Salute for an hour or so four infections on my hands that when the exigencies of the Case make started from Little cuts you would it necessary. We fired a Salute when pay no attention to in the states. I Harding came into the grounds and a. A card from Harold Courson had to pass in review some time ago. He is in the Engi say Heck in t inspection a pleas neers Over Here. I wrote to Fluffy ure it s fun to see those hard we slats but guess the Mada Moi boiled Guys around picking up Cigar Selles Are taking up their time As i ome Snipes but you have got to do it Haven t heard from them yet. Be without a whimper. I got a shoe Lieve me there Are some Chick girls the Arm for influenza but it did not Over Here but they can t Parley of is make me sick Tho of course my Arm Yaik. Is sore. There Are two men in the i when you sea a Swatic a Bruiy Hospital who Are very sick with Neu Jaum around Don t be afraid to drop mom a but that is All. We had 6v it Lith of your 10033 Chandra r r it As cases at one time but now All Are Well Fohey Are giving us free cakes and except these two. No one has died Moffee. It is a great treat to get ere act so we Are Lucky. Say a something for nothing in France. Heck it s great sport to jump up h Lam using up a lot of old station when the old Bugle goes off at 6 15 carrying around in an j hike Down in the dark for Revi Leor a Long time. I before Daylight. It gets pretty cold 1.---- Rne Ink today so am Cari Tell you but if it s real dark Spretty Well fixed. One of the Fellows my hands in my overcoat pock Ijas out policing a pair of Hun boots. Cts. Talk about shiver it sure is be went into n House and opened a cold at that time in the morning. I i closet door and a dead Bosche fell out suppose Joe Kluss is still on the old m him talk about Shell Shock it Pace the same As usual say hello to should make anyone jump. I bought him if you see him and to All the see a swell Gillette razor in the Kha boys. Have you heard from Jack ? set for ten francs less than two Paas lately you know it s hard a Well George i must close and k to it a if pc a ten y�ru1 let save us two hours of football Fri fuse. Gil sol a Dak and 1 i11,1, St practice so am ready for bed. We fed Fine it 6 t Ali the f0lkk Decorah soon to a pm Vette on a a but Tov ends. N thanksgiving and then we go up to m. W. Cole Battle the swedes in Minnesota Northfield Faribault Etc. The Bugle a Fini . I has just blown so will have to Stop it scr from m. W. Cole. J Wii Tibig As my Gnu will soon go out your old Friend. Somewhere in France. September 26, 191s-dear speck i have been skinning a by pm of goats on the reel cart and it a some Job. Those two horses Are Fco a Only animals without an ounce of red Lien. In Auto Accident East of Postville T. Klisart and sons. Edward h., be Loyal to your Uncle Sam boys vote for the candidates who you Are sure will stand by me and assist in carrying the War to a victorious finish. When in the voting Booth pick the men whose loyalty cannot be questioned. Keep the traitors out of our Public offices from Iowa Volks Blatt of nov. 2, 1893 Henry Eggert or. Is very ill at his Home. Or. Becker moved yesterday into the Warner House opposite John Mott s. Rev. Gass was unanimously elected to fill the pulpit of the lutheran Church at Cresco. Christ Schroeder and miss Anna Mundt were United in marriage by Rev. Gass this morning. The Stork made his appearance at the Home of or. And mrs. Henry Luhman leaving a Little boy. Gus Mcneil was held up and robbed of his Loose change last week while on his Way to Monona. Two Brothers inlaw had a fight near the. Henry Honn Blacksmith shop saturday but the marshal soon stopped them. Fritz Meyer had $7.00 Worth of groceries stolen from his buggy monday while attending to business matters about town. Der Kaiser s come Back. Charles r. Wallis dead. Mein Lieber Villie i Liaf Chust received your letter Vich you say was written on Der run. You Didt right to come to your Gros Zer and. Hocog Borener papa for advice Villie. You Are a Good boy and i hereby Confer on you Der order of Der yellow Dachshund of Der fourth class. make Dis Der order of Der first class if you did not lost so Many men of your glorious army and so Many guns. Ein Ting i must Varn you against Villie und Dot iss not to speak of. Your military Maneu vers As running. It might come to Der ears of Diese ver Luchte. Amerikaner who As you say know no dings von Var und might tink you Vas licked. Call your action Ein Mei Terlicher strategic Retreat like Der Grosze Hindenburg Didt in 1917. Maybe Dot vill scare Der enemy und make dem Stop shooting. You ask me to Sendt you More plates to put on your men to protect dem from shoots in Der Back. It makes me pain i cannot do so Villie mein Iron mines i fear vill soon fall in Der hands of Der Amerikaner who iss so cruel Dey vill not let me use dem any More und i must Safe All my steel plates. Aber i Haf Ein Groszer und her Licher idea. Command your Brake men to turn around und face Der enemy Vonce already. Denn com i Wiandt Dot. Dey stoop Forward so Dey present a solid Vail of Dick German skulls to Diese fools hers of Amerikaner whose shoots vill Denn do no harm. Denn continue Der rapid re treat. Baclic Bardsly. I belief in Dis Vay you vill finally Back yourself of into a glorious Victory. Also i vill not Denn Haf to make a speech to Der enemy As you suggest und ask him to Stop shooting. Chust consider Villie if i Didt so i might get Ges hooted for. Diese Barb Rische Amerikaner Haf no respect for Der divine right of kinks. Und always remember Villie Dot you iss Der son of Der Aller Lochten under the Kron Prinz von Preus Zon and Dott mein partner Gott Vil help you. Papa Vilhelm. Uncle Sam takes him into custody. Gottlieb Cugel a Well known resident and Well to do Farmer of Ludlow township was arrested tuesday by a Deputy u. S. Marshal and taken to Waterloo to answer for his expressed disdain for the government s Bond subscriptions and far rank treasonable utterances and conduct otherwise. The complaint against him Wasi filed by the committee in charge of the local Federal Bond subscriptions before whom he was called on monday for his failure to subscribe for any Bonds. He not Only defied them but openly expressed fits derision and contempt for any course the government might take with him his whole action expressing disloyalty. The trouble with Kugel is that his head heart and whole Frame Are plump full of allegiance to the Ger Man cause and the More he has been permitted to Harbor his disloyalty the Nashua Iowa oct. 26.-Charles r. Wallis editor of the Nashua. Post died of influenza at his Home in this City thursday night. One week ago he was stricken by the malady mrs. Wallis and daughter also being ill of the disease at the time. On wednesday he developed pneumonia and grew rapidly worse. Mrs. Wallis sister or. Irene Smedley of Sioux Falls s. P., was telegraphed wednesday morning and arrived Here wednesday evening accompanied by her Mother mrs. Smedley. On thursday morning or. Wallis was so critical that or. Keen of Waverly was called in Council with drs. Stuart and Smedley. He died at 11 30 . Thursday. The widow and Young daughter survive. Charles. R. Wallis was born at Mcgregor Iowa about 40 years ago. He came to Nashua with his father several years ago they having purchased the Nashua Post of the late or. A m. Dewey. Shortly afterwards the father died and the son became the sole owner of the Nashua Post. About two years ago mis Wallis built a new office being one of the most up to Date and modern printing offices in this part of the country. A few weeks ago he began the remodelling of his Home and anticipated enjoying a Long and Happy life with his Little family. The deceased was one of the most highly esteemed business men of this City. H j was unselfish and self sacrificing and time and again he had Laid aside his own business affairs to assist in those of the Community or to lend a helping hand to his fellow men. He was a member of the m. E. Church and superintendent of the sunday school and much of the Success of the Church work was accomplished by him for his efforts were unceasing and untiring whenever the interests of the Church were at stake. In his Home he lived Only for the two Dearest to him. And during their recent illness he perhaps overtaxed his strength in trying to care for them and to look after his business interests at the same time. Deceased was a member of the masonic Lodge of this City. Charley was for a number of years a Postville a eident assisting his father in the conduct of the Postville graphic and is remembered As an exemplary Young Man of clean habits and industrious disposition and All who knew him will regret to hear of his passing an will extend sincerest sympathy to those who mourn his loss. All previous records broken. The local Creamery last month broke All previous records in amount of Money received As Well As Price paid for butterfat. They made 69,-942 lbs. Of Cream into 54,056 lbs. Of butter for which they received $31,-044.93, and paid the patrons 67 cents per Pound for butterfat. Thirteen patrons received checks for Over ?�00 and 181 received Over $100. Following Are the thirteen largest patrons Eiholzer & Lydon. Mort Deering Imio Nihil Usi i flu tuve stalled i you e sense. 1 Only took them while a automobile. When 1� other Driver was Iti the Hospital que uhf it t of Postville Warnow going Back to my old Job a by ult Luj Rod two Telephone poles idling Piuggi f never did like Hor they onto Nienus nor Nepal. Feolis a t in 1 i nil oved with wire attached lying in or near w get Tom a Aii a. V11 do Tho Road. Lon lev who was driving few it 0, cd less a we is no country it caught the Windshield. They Wero v As the Navy doing n Mara going at a moderate rate of Speed und Ivo a s .8re pretty Sood at und before the car could be brought to scared w Cut frit where to n Stop the wira wis o to 7 Germano t Evo Ryfun fir poes As such tension that it raised one of the us it is p in. A month or poles which struck or. Klisart in Theka a Nisi a. Causing concussion of the brain. In of Phlp Flun it month or a. Year Punk a. Elf Mvi Lily ave hard to beat head causing concussion of the dram kelp plans he e Kwh wrong with to was immediately taken to Post iffy to there 7 str to Plosa As kids Villo Hospital whore he was Given try now by a i of k dlr in Tow r Rodical attention and had recover i a we Havn re of prison sufficiently by monday so that he i in wish i Craig j table to be brought Home. Or. Al fir whole Gnu ,ds8c,Ribe Tho sound Sart is confined to and while Tito futz it a 2e"s com engr Over he is on the Toad to recovery he is not Don to make your j on Tiroly out of danger Oesdean Bee a 2 Bailey & Christof Firson. More arrogant and defiant hand by &.power8. Others of his class have become but met. His last outburst proved the limit and f 1this Community be phased to in hear of his Heing Given a Good stiff "8" penalty for his Hun guff. This Community is also getting profoundly weary of some More Dis loyalists of German extraction who have carried their Brazen propaganda and Defiance of state and government control entirely too Fari to be longer countenanced and there s liable to to a general cleanup hereabouts of a Job lot of so called ii Erends and other fat Lank and lop sided haters of the american government because it is whaling Halifax out of their adored Kaiser and Hia Potsdam Democrat Kugel was taken before the uis commissioner at Waterloo and placed under $5,000 Bonds for appearance in of Federal court december 3. Uia a $439.65 326,76 286.09 276.85 240.93 238.92. 237.18 226.73 214.60 Louis Meyer c. C. e. B. Waters. 212.19 f. H. Brandt. 207.10 we. Miene m of Fred kuhse.200.80 Postville 25 years ago. Neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Anent Telephone consolidation. That the United states government fully intends to bring about a consolidation and do away with duplication in Many Public utilities is becoming More evident every Day. It is now almost certain that the Rock Island and c. M. St. Railways will be doing business As one Road before a great while. This will give better service far less Money and the change will be welcomed by the pub lie. The control of All Telegraph and Telephone lines has been turned Over to the postmaster general at Washington. That he Means to do business is evidenced by the fact that he has appointed a committee to investigate and report upon All such lines now in operation. A representative of this committee has been in Postville recently. This representative has declared thai he is opposed to any town like Post Ville having two offices. He declares that it Means poor service and wastes Money. Upon his recommendation twill Postville have to depend for its Telephone service in the future. We have every reason to believe that he will recommend to or. Burleson that there be a consolidation of the Telephone lines entering Postville. When asked what form of consolidation he suggested he said that there were several and that there should be no trouble in effecting such a Union and have everybody pleased. He suggested that the people on the various lines get together and talk things Over. He furnished the following suggestions As to How the consolidation might be brought about and satisfy the committee the Standard might buy out. The Bell and the Farmers lines and give them service through a Standard Central. The Bell might buy the Farmers and the Standard and they run the Central. The Farmer might buy both the Bell and Standard and they run the Central station. But his favorite idea seemed to be to have a company of Farmers and Postville business men organize a company to run a Central office and to handle the switching and toll Husi Ness for All the lines. He Felt sur that the people on the farm lines could get firs class service for $5.00 a year and that it would not take Over $3.00 a year to keep up their country lines. This would mean $8.00 a year for firs class Twenty four hour service including sunday. This representative of the government s interests will be glad to meet with the Farmers and business men any time they Are prepared to Call a meeting and talk business. Would it not be better for us to get together and arrange a Union among ourselves than to wait until we May have to take something we Don t like we suggest that the chairmen of the various lines entering Postville Call a meeting and arrange to consolidate. We suggest that they also ask that the agent of the government commit tee be . Christmas parcels for soldiers abroad i w. Eaton family to Cedar rapids. The Herald is sorry to report that or. And mrs. F. W. Eaton and family have left Postville to. Make their Home in Cedar rapids a Hore or. Eaton will work either for the electric company or the Tole phone people Thoy Are going to a Good town but Are leaving n better one however jewish ii hem Well in the City with a in an Effort to meet the eager de sires of the families of men in service abroad the War department has decided that each Man my receive from his family a Christmas package of Standard size and approximately Standard articles. To this end an arrangement has been completed Between the War department Postof fice department and the american red Cross whereby the latter has in Deir Takesi to co operate in the preparation and mailing of these Christmas parcels. The rules governing these parcels Are shipping space available will permit the sending of but one parcel to each Man. A Christmas parcel Label is now bring issued by the u. S. Army to each Soldier abroad. Every Man abroad will mail his Christmas parcel Label to the relative or Friend who will be entitled to Send him a parcel by complying with the conditions. These parcels Aro to be of uniform size and weight and shipped in the special Box furnished by the red Cross. For further particulars ask the Postville chapter american Rod Cross. Elkader so far has had no cases of the Decorah is trying to get one delivery of mail per Day. Cedar rapids Aims to become a station on the Woodrow Wilson air route. W. F. A. Rabe a Farmer near new Hampton raised a radish that weighed 19% pounds. Clermont people bought $107,000 Worth of fourth Liberty Bonds or $24,000 Over their quota. Seven hogs valued at $400, were stolen form Jorgenson a farm air residing near Nashua. Mrs. U. S. Albright of Stewart in Johnson county died after taking horse liniment by mistake. Rev. C. Orth will speak in the German Church in Waukon As soon As Public meetings Are allowed. The Post office at Vinton has been forced to close on account of All the employees being ill with Over at Prairie Duchien cordwood is Selling at $8.00 per Cord. Everything seems to be going up there. The Lansing red Cross chapter the. Past week shipped 3300 lbs. Of clothing gathered for the needy belgians also 1500 lbs. Of nut shells. Fred Bilden of Clermont was seriously wounded in France on August 16. According to word received to will be sent Back to the states. T. E. Martin of English Bench this county lost a horse Worth $200 from lockjaw. Rather a Peculiar disease for a horse says the Mcgregor times. The slackers of Alla Makee county will be called before the loyalty court which will be held in Waukon As soon As the state quarantine is raised. A lad going into town at Mcintire horseback collided with a milk delivery Rig. The buggy Thill penetrated the breast of the boy s horse causing almost instant death. The town Council of Mcintire has abandoned the office of City marshal. The marshal resigned his Job to take other employment and it was decided not to hire another Man. Superintendent Hulverson of the county farm at Elkader for thirty six years has resigned his position to take effect today. John w. Downie has been appointed to fill the vacancy. Walter Eggen a Young Man living near Lyle minn., met with a painful Accident last week. Sliding off a stack of Grain he struck on a Sharp stick which pierced his leg entering at the knee and protruding near the Abdomen. Audin the 4-year-old son of Henry Vassey of Collins was burned to death one Day last week. It is thought the boy obtained matches and went to the barn to play. Soon the barn was in flames. All efforts to save the boy s life were in vain. Fires beyond fuestion of incendiary origin late saturday night destroyed the flour Mill and elevator at Anita Cass county. The elevator contained nearly 6,000 bushels of Grain. The total loss on Mill elevator and Grain will reach $25,000. There Are Champion Snake and fish stories but Here is a verified tale of sorghum that cannot be beaten. Stuart Max tin of Cascade township has a few quarts of molasses remaining from a barrel made Twenty seven years ago by the late Thomas Hamil that has retained its original flavor. Howard county times. Mrs. A d. Brownson returned from her. Visit to Camp Greenleaf sunday morning and reports capt. Brown son vj2ll, and now at Hoboken n. J., on his Way for overseas duties. He has recently been appointed commander in chief of his company which is a Fine compliment to the doctor and proof that he has made Good. It is an Honor he May Well feel proud of. Monona Leader. Five Diamond Back rattlesnakes were presented to the zoological department of the University of Iowa recently. The King of the lot is four feet eight inches Long and has twelve rattles. The snakes Are unusually Fine specimens prof. Homer r. Dill Taxides Musil declares. They were caught in Southern California Robert Crey of Iowa City presented them to the University. Maxwell Mccollough of Webster City who is at Camp Dodge will soon be sent to Fiance to train Carrier pigeons. Or. Mccollough who ran a Squab farm for a time and has written several authoritative articles for magazines on pigeons recently took an examination for the Carrier Pip Eon service and astonished the officers by his knowledge. To is to be Given a sear Eucy. Two Brothers named Millikin both born in Alaska have reported for duty at scamp Dodge. They gave gave their occupation As mail carriers and stated that they were trainers of Carrier dogs. They had been carrying mail in Alaska upon a thousand mile route using dogs As a Means of conveyance Over the. Deep snows. They came dressed in garments adapted to that cold Region

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