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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - May 27, 1926, Postville, Iowa Official paper Alla Makee county Postville official paper town of Postville thirty fourth year a live newspaper in a live town Postville Iowa thursday May 27, 1926 is week sees the close of school year chars and pupils will hike tomorrow in various directions for vacations. Senior class play tonight. A full House a is the name of the y and to Hope to have a full House be and enjoy Tho entertainment.  everyone likes to laugh. The cast an evening full of fun and action. Iou can t laugh you can Ismile. Mrs. Bring inn put on a Dandy Junior s play lust fall so you know this i be Good. Friday evening is graduation. Lease note that this exercise will a held at the school House at 8 Ock. One of the largest classes and course the Bast will receive or diplomas. " a baccalaureate Var thing United to make the Bac aureate last sunday evening very Avant. The weather was As Lovely May can make it when she is feel right. A Large number met to or the Cluss the building was Dutiful the music Good the ser a to the Point. The class thank v. Finck for delivering the Sermon the congregation for the privilege use of the Church. The Gary school plan he civil class has been studying various types of schools in this try. One of the members of the is made a special report on the by Indiana school plan. Under this Tern the pupils Are kept at school ours a Day instead of 6. Half of s time is spent in their classrooms d the other half on the play funds in the school Garden in the Nual training department in the oratory or taking observation sex Stoiu. Tho pupils have every other r in the classroom thus enabling ets of pupils to use the classrooms. Third Grade. A list has been kept in third Grade All the Library books each child has d for the past few months. Ques is have been answered by each ild As he has finished each Book Chard Weihe rank first for having d forty three books and Bobbie Leher second Ynith Twenty two Ile others have a tread almost As by. The most popular books Are Ose telling of children of other is while those of. Bears rabbits is and other animals close Ond. After studying Joyce Kilmer s Trees the eighth Grade read class composed poems on the me subject. The following was heed in by a member of the class to where i look about see Green ghosts with arms spread out. Est ghosts Are different in size and form me Are staunch and straight some sad and forlorn. Ese great Green ghosts Are u you see he one like some person you or me. E poplars a Soldier Strong and tall e Maple a fat lady round As a Ball e Birch a flapper loves her Beauty to show e Willows a lady bending Over in woe. E Apple tree s a Bride with a Wreath in her hair e Plum tree her bridesmaid with Flowers fair. E other Green ghosts Are All something different than these it us you already know they All really Are Trees. Music notes. The pupils of the fifth Grade Are w two part songs. The Junior High memory contest used thursday of last week. The Pils listen to the Twenty five nuni is they have been studying and be the title composer and an in rest our fact about each number. Burrowing.,. I we were quite surprised. A few Days o when or. Tireman gave each of a Sheet of mimeographed quests asking about the habits of our Nighbor a relative to borrowing. 1. They return article promptly "2. Are they in As Good condition Hen returned As when loaned 3. Give examples of where the Bor wer has made some attempt to re in the article in As Good condition 3 when borrowed. I know what people borrow from e but feeling interested to see if Tryone is pestered As i am i asked a. Tireman for the results of the Hole High school which Are As Fol Thore were 57 girls and 41 boys not Turing the questions. Boys 28b articles reported Bor. 214 articles ret. Promptly 150 articles ret. Good con. 60 articles ret. Poor con. 23 articles restored to original con.72 articles not returned. Comparing briefly these figures eem to indicate that the girls loan Ore than the boys do. Each girl Omang eleven to seven for each boy. P the Giru list were returned promptly to 74 per cent of the boys i atty nine per cent of the articles the girls list were returned per cent of the girls list was not eur died while Only 25 per cent of he boys suffered. After tabulating the articles loaned seemed that the majority of the ices in each list were loaned to embers of the same sex. If that is ranted the final conclusion is that is borrow less return More prompt. A a " a Little poorer condition with is attention to Suelong that the ars n As Good shape As when bored. But Are More Apt to really it than Are Tho girls i 0,ild.aeem" a Snoug h a person feel in on t Mug an Are Cle to return it in i it,8 a Man of the papers show of Ilia he lowing is a martial list inf 8 made t0 fulfil to i-Espon-,0�ity assumed when borrowing the Little eight league 1s26 playing schedule the Good old Days for the base Ball fans Are rapidly arriving and soon we can saunter out to Tho Diamond and see the nil Home Ball teams Battle for the Pennant. As usual Post Yilli will be in the Field with a Good aggregation and Home folks will get right behind them with their patronage and help cheer them on to Victory. Good Home support always helps a Bull team and the people of this Community Niver fail in this duty. The schedule adopted for the 192g season is As follows sunday june 0. St. Olaf at Postville. Volga City at Arlington. West Union at Elgin. Clermont at Hawkeye. Sunday june 13. Postville at Clermont. Arlington at St. Olaf. Elgin of Volga City. Hawkeye at West Union. Sunday june 20. St. Olaf at Elgin. Volga City at Hawkeye. West Union at Postville. Clermont at Arlington. Sunday june 27. Postville at Volga City. Arlington at West Union. Elgin at Clermont Hawkeye at St. Olaf. Sunday july 4. St. Olaf at Arlington. Volga City at Elgin. West Union at Hawkeye. Clermont at Postville. Sunday july 11. Postville at St. Olaf. Arlington at Volga City. Elgin at West Union. Hawkeye at Clermont. Sunday july 18. Arlington at Postville. Volga City at St. Olaf. Hawkeye at Elgin. Clermont at West Union. Sunday july 25. Postville it Hawkeye. St. Olaf at Clermont. Elgin at Arlington. West Union at Volga City. Sunday August 1. St. Olaf at West Union. Elgin at Postville. Hawkeye at Arlington. Clermont at Volga City. Sunday August 8. Elgin. Volga cite Al West Union. Hawkeye. At Postville. Clermont at St. Olaf. Sunday August 15. Postville at Arlington. St. Olaf at Volga City. Elgin it Hawkeye. West Union at Clermont. Sunday August 22. Post vile tit West Union. Arlington at Clermont. Elgin at St. Olaf. Hawkeye at Volga City. Sunday August 29. St. Olaf at Hawkeye. Volga City at Postville. West Union at Arlington. Clermont at Elgin. Sunday september 5. Postville at Elgin. Arlington at Hawkeye. West Union at St. Olaf. Volga City at Clermont. Number 29 Milwaukee fast freight hits Albert Nestby s car Alla Makee s first county convention the Federated clubs of Alla Makee county will hold their first convention next wednesday june second at the Stone House beginning with a picnic dinner at noon. The business session at which the club reports will be Given and a program consisting of music and readings will be presented in the afternoon. The clubs of this county belonging to the federation Are monday club Postville Shakespeare club Postville Browning club Waukon nineteenth Century club Waukon thursday club Waukon woman s literary club Waukon e. W. A. Club Lansing. Each person please bring dishes sandwiches and one article of food. Coffee Cream and sugar will be furnished by committee. Every club woman is urged to come and interested women not club members Are invited. Irl 620 427 270 01 73 202. Louis Hill jr., Hud a birthday monday. Saturday was the Day chosen to observe it with proper ceremony and Louis had a very Happy time with seventeen guests of his own choosing. The party was from three to five o clock and the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed the games and refreshments including the birthday cake. Laugh until your sides ache. See Harold Lloyd in hot water Here next Friday and saturday. Romark3 taken from the papers showing where attempts have Baen made to restore the article to As Good a condition As when it was borrowed. Sharpened Pencil knife scissors. Oiled skates baseball Glove. Washed and ironed handkerchief stocking., Blouse middy apron. Filled pen. Name neatly written in dictionary. Erased Pencil Marks in Book. Cleaned dress shoes pen Point baseball Glove. Washed off Ball tackle Box. Cleaned watch comb ruler bicycle Brake. Cleaned Rifle fishing Rod. Bought new pen Point for one broken. Got More Lead for Pencil. Bought new Pencil for one used. Gave More paper than borrowed. Polished slippers. Adjusted watch. Gave More thread than borrowed. Sewed up Hole in apron sewed up baseball. Wrote the assignment in Book pressed tie dress. Returned smoother paper than borrowed. Mended the torn places in Sheet music. Repaired a broken string in ukulele. A wanted to pay for repaired beads. Put buttons on dress. Y. Put Cork in Ink bottle. That this is a news item instead of an obituary is due solely to the fact that pro Vivenee was with Albert nes Etty with both feet last sunday morning when a Milwaukee fast freight struck his car at the Campbell Crossin Between Here and Cas Tania wrecking his car completely while he escaped with his life and Only suffered minor bruises. Albert Nesteby is a Cream Hauler for Tho Postville Farmers and resides in Casta a. Last Satur any evening to and his wife drove to Postville to do their week end shopping coming Down in a Chevrolet coach they have owned but about a month. While Here mrs. Nesteby decided to spend the night in Postville at the Home of his sister mrs. Harvey Jones and Albert was to come after her the next morning and she by so doing doubtless saved her life. Some time after Midnight Albert started for Home in Castalia and As he approached the Campbell crossing saw a Light coming his Way which he claims to have mistaken for an approaching Auto. As he rolled up onto the crossing however he found a Milwaukee freight about upon him. Stepping on the Gas to get As far across As possible before the inevitable happened he just managed to get the front seat of the car Over when the Austin Marquette fast freight eastbound and under full steam crashed into the rear half of his car hurled it into the ditch and left it practically a Complete wreck. The train was stopped As soon As possible and the trainmen hurried Back to the scene to Render any Ai Din their Power. Among the wreckage of the car they found Albert in a dazed condition and after some shaking roused him up. They offered to bring him to a Postville Hospital but he refused and finding him not seriously injured went on and left him. Albert returned to i stome in Castalia and found that several Bruise about the head and on different portions of his body All of a minor Nar Ture constituted his injuries. He was in Postville monday but a3ide from Lorenec and bit. Of stiffness in the Muscles was Able to get about in pretty Good form. How a Man could escape from such i wreck without losing his life is Little less than a Miracle. For the most of us. When we pet clo.?e enough to St. Peter to shake his hand we sex Nec to to Complete the remainder of the journey to the Bourne from which no traveler Ever returns. R. B. Waters Given birthday Surprise mrs. R. B. Waters of grand Meadow township planned and perpetrated a neat Surprise on her husband last sunday on the occasion of his brith Day anniversary. She invited in a goodly number of guests who most heartily enjoyed the sumptuous dinner and the Fine social season following. Those present to participate in the Happy event and wish Bert Many Happy returns of the Day were or. And mrs. Lawrence Welzel or. My mrs. Cevert Meyer or. And mrs. De. Mcneil or. And mrs. Will Baltz or. And mrs. Fred Renzman or. And mrs. Ben Ericson or. And mrs. Lou Bigler or. And mrs. Henry Bigler or. And mrs. Bernard Waters or. And mrs. Fred Heusman or. And mrs. Will Kneeland and their families or. And mrs. Leonard Waters or. And mrs. Homer Leui mrs. Meyer Glen Meyer miss Eileen thine and Walter Behrens. Both Postville Banks will close Friday owing to the Bankers convention at Nashua both Postville Banks will to closed All Day Friday May 28th. Citizens state Bank. Postville state Bank. Rex Beach s the Barrier is the biggest Northern picture Suzee the Sec it at the tos Tihe theater next monday and tuesday. I. O. O. F. Hall dedicated Friday May 21. What the Postville folks were doing 25 years ago interesting items taken from the Ilea of the Iowa Volks Blatt of May 24, 1901. Alla Makee co. Bankers hold special meeting Seneca Cornell grand master who delivered address at dedication of i. O. O f. Hall. Women s missionary society to meet the women s missionary society of the Community presbyterian Church will meet at the Home of mrs. Elmer Weihe on june 4th, at three o clock. The following program will be Given devotional mrs. Kerr. Roll Call mrs. Webb. Pen pictures of the Phillip Ines Rev. Gilloway. Song picnic supper will be served at six o clock. All Friend of the Church both non and a women Are invited. Bring your eatable g acid dishes an offering will be received committee on serving is miss Leui mrs Gray and mrs. Kiesau. Mrs. Fred Thoma is ill. j. Putnam will now re pension of ,$8 per month As a on both Lusty were born the Home of our Butcher and wife in the Home of butter maker is ill of Scarlet fever and the Home is under quarantine. 50,000 machinists Laid Down their work May 20. The walk out was staged in demand of a nine hour Day. Our Farmers Are now seen in town frequently As the. Most necessary farm work is pretty Well out of the Way a " the widow Kluss is in. Prairie do Omen a her son s Hospital to take i treatment for rheumatism. Sophia is _ with her. A j Ira Riley has been sworn in As a substitute mail Carrier and As soon As his papers come he will carry mail on route 1 for his father. Twin girls were born to or. And mrs. Henry Hahn of Hardin last monday. Both babies died thursday and were buried in Postville cemetery Friday. A Maple sugar factory is being erected in our neighbouring town of Elgin. The excavation has been made and the masons Are Busy laying the foundation. Today there was to have been a Bany raising at the Adolph poels Farni and one at the August Schutte farm hear ,.the rain however caused a postponement. L h. Sci troeder with his family accompanied by David Meyer As guide Mage an Overland trip to Cresco and Mcintire to visit relatives. They left saturday and returned wednesday. The upper Mississippi Turner District will meet in convention at hol Stein from june 8 to 10. There will be a Fine program and the Low Railroad rates should induce All members to attend. Last year the town of new Hampton had $500 Cash on hand against a debt of $2617. This have everything paid and $1300 in the Treasury. The Little town of Spillville also has $1500 on interest. The Postville Creamery received 421,869 pounds of milk in april out of which 16,122% pounds of butter were made. The butter sales netted 7934.78 expenses were $803.5i, leaving $2131.27 for the Farmers. The Bankers of Alla Makee county held a special meeting at Waukon last tuesday evening every Bank in the county being represented. One of the main objects of the meeting was to Complete the organization of the county vigilantes committee which was done by the selection of Dennis Cota of Waukon As chief. The vigilantes in this county have been on the Job for some time and Are already equipped with arms and ammunition. The arms consist of shot guns rifles and pistols and before Long chief Cota will have the boys assemble for target practice and will round them into shape so they can hit the bulls Eye every shot. The vigilant system is considered the most effective Means of warding off Bank robberies and the fact that no at tempts have been made to Rob the Banks of this county is doubtless due to the fact that the vigilantes have been on the Job in Alla Makee for the past several years. The officers of the Alla Makee county Bankers association Are president a. O. Beucher Postville. Vice presidents. W. Ludeking Waukon. Secretary a. H. Larkin Lansing. Treasurer a. A. Kerndt Lansing. Fine crowd hears service. St. Paul s lutheran Church the family Church on the Hill the Rev. E. T. Finck pastor. The baccalaureate service for the class of 1926 was held at St. Paul s Church sunday evening. The class this year numbers Twenty seven Young people and they made a pretty picture As they marched in the processional to the seats that had been reserved for them in front. Miss Sylvia Dorweiler presided at the Organ and also conducted the opening and closing songs by the High school glee clubs. Rev. Galloway offered the invocation and Rev. E. T. Finck delivered the Sermon. He chose his subject from the gospel of St. Matthew 20 26. But it shall not be so among you but whosoever will be great among you let him be your today the world demands service from humanity and rewards Are commensurate to the service Given. This was the thought the speaker tried to impress most firmly in the minds of his hearers and he exhorted them Paul the ephesians to stir up the gifts that Are within you and find new paths to new Fields of service. Our wild for the monday club and published by request As springtime approaches each year to eagerly we tear off the leaves of the Calendar when we come to March we feel that Spring is but a few jumps behind and somewhere not very far to the South the Blue Bird and Robins Are singing. As the Days go by our feathered friends begin to arrive and we Hail each new arrival with Delight but we like to hurry March Days along by keeping Busy and a Lookout for All the Little suggestions of springtime and before we know it april is Here and with april conies our first Spring Flowers. It is now we feel the Call of outdoor things the Birds the Fields and the Woods with inviting gestures fihe Forest crooked an Arm at me and murmured with its leaves come see the wonder and the mystery that haunt the heart of Spring is a Busy time of the year cleaning up As it were the Winter s debris and yet it were better for our souls to respond to the voice of nature we should say with Richard Legallienne "i1 want to do my work today but a Brown Bird Sang in the Apple tree and a Butterfly flitted across the Field and All the leaves were calling me. And the wind went sighing Over the land tossing the grasses to and fro and a Rainbow held out its shining hand so what could i do but laugh and go and so april passes and May comes tripping in with her flowery world. M a not Only brings More Birds than other months of the year but the dainties and most Beautiful Flowers. She adds to april s Hepatica bloodroot and Spring beauties a Host of familiar Flowers buttercups Solomon s Seal violets anemones geraniums Mandrake Columbine tril Liumis Bellport and others. Our More Choice wild Flowers the rarer and finer spirits known by their individual Beauty Are among these Early Flowers. Others As in the later season Delight us More by mass and profusion. The wild sunflowers and Corn Flowers Light up Many a Fence Corner. The wild Rose Clover and asters paint Over Many an untrimmed Bank. The Marsh Marigold brightens our sloughs and marshes. In our walks we Are Apt to notice the most showy and Beautiful Flowers but not always the most interesting. Many a Flower by the Road Side is passed by which on closer acquaintance would be found most interesting. All our Trees and plants Bloom in the Spring with one exception the Witch Hazel this blooms in the fall just As its leaves Are fading and falling its Flowers and it is probably because of this curious trait that its branches Are used As diving rods by certain credulous persons to Point out where Springs of water or precious metals Are found. We have Many curious forms of Flowers the wild Ginger reverses the order of Bloom and hides its Brown face beneath its leaves the closed Gentian in which the Corolla never opens but always remains a Bud. One might go on indefinitely speak sunday m a 30th. 9 30 a. M. Sunday school and Bible school for All grades. Come bring your children. 10 30 a. M. Service and Celebration of the lord s supper in the. German language. 7 45 p. M. English service and Sermon also the administration of the the sacred ordinance of the lord s is the first communion of the members of the confirmation class of 1926. It is hoped that a great Many members will Avail themselves of the blessed privileges of Church membership. Special music will be rendered at. Both services.  come to St. Paul s with the feeling that you Are Welcome. Monday May 31st. 8 00-p. M. Meeting of the Church Council. V. Thursday june 3rd. At 2 00 p. In. The women s missionary society will meet at the Home of mrs. John Weihe. The annual election of officers will be held and other business of Paramount importance is to be transacted. Members Are urged to be present friends most cordially invited. Friday evening. June 4th, another class will be organized for older boys and girls men and women who have not been baptized or confirmed in their earlier years. June 7th, confirmation school will be organized for boys and girls desiring to be confirmed in fall. A daily vacation Bible school will also be organized. This will to for children of All Ages regardless of Church affiliation. All classes will be in charge of competent teachers. Be sure to Send your children school will be open every morning from 8 30 to 12 00 o clock. Notice the grand Meadow Community club will hold their monthly meeting at the Singer Hall May 31st. A Fine program has Bee i arranged and everybody is invited. As this the annual meeting All members Are urged to be present bring your own sandwiches and either salad or cake. The committee laugh until your sides ache. See Harold Lloyd in hot water Here next Friday and saturday. Join a. King of a life Long resident of that City for sheriff. He is a Man Well known is one of the Republican candidate throughout a lat age part of the coun i a and his qualifications for the of 1 fice he seeks Are vouched for by no Mei Ous resident of his Home City. He is endeavouring to the voters i of the county before election Day but May find it impossible to do so. However if nominated and elected to the a office of. Sheriff he will Endeavor to give service that will meet with the approval of the Public. He will appreciate your support at the primary june 7th. Mrs Fred Falb arrived tuesday non from la Crosse Wisconsin for a visit with her sister mrs. Boies capper and husband. Yesterday the ladies both went to Elgin to be present at the fiftieth wedding anniversary of their parents or. And mrs. August Benson which occurs today. All the children will be Home for the Community Church notes. Morning worship at 10 a. M. Sabbath school at 11. A. M. Junior congregation at 6 45 p. M. The Public worship and Sabbath school services will each begin one half hour earlier this summer j the pastor will preach a memorial Sermon Sabbath morning in the subject j to " " George Kelliher had the misfortune to be bitten by a dog saturday Webster. J the incarnation 6v the Junior congregation will meet at the Home of and mrs. A. C. Will remember fallen heroes next sunday everybody invited to join via in paying tribute to our fallen heroes sunday May 30. On sunday afternoon the people of Postville and Vicinity will join in sacred service of remembrance to our Soldier dead and will strew their last resting places with fairest Flowers and earnestly invite the general Public to participate with them in paying a just tribute to the nation s honoured dead. The procession will form at the school grounds at 1 45 p. M. In the following order under direction of col. Darius Orr and chief marshal l. A. Bellows with right facing to the West order of Parade Postville High school band colors g. A. R. Veterans Spanish american veterans world War veterans in command of lieutenant j. A. Para women s auxiliary Flower girls in charge of j. M. Harris Postville Public schools Community chorus president of the Day speaker and chaplains in autos mayor and City Council citizens on foot automobiles line of March one Block West one Block North one Block East one Block North thence East to Turner oper House. Exercises acc. Peute Remise mayor w. J. Hanks presiding vocal music invocation Juji Rev. P. Hogan music by the band remarks for Legi Orifise. R. Douglass vocal music address Rev. H. E. Morrow song America by the audience at the conclusion of the program procession will re form and March to Postville cemetery. Services at cemetery decoration of the grave legion ceremonial firing Salute taps Benediction by Rev. E. T. Finck Flower girls. Doro a. Hinman Esther Deering Vivian Welch Loretta Schlee Marion Hinman Virginia Finck Margot Musser Naomi Harris Ruby Ellis Nina Folsom Jean Horgan Kathryn Beucher Mary Gray Martis Weihe Doris Schultz Neva Kluss Eileen Meyer Carolyn Campbell Clinda Gericke Opal Handy Josie Koevenig Pauline Everman Ruth service Naomi Ellis Anna Larson Aileen Peterson Gertrude Sanders Bessie Brooks Lucille Hammond Loretta Horgan Jeanette sander3 Bernice burling ing of Flowers in a general Way but Eleanor Galloway Irene Meyer that would t be telling you How to know them. John Burroughs said it is very difficult for persons who have had no special training to learn the names of the Flowers some of these Days someone will give us a handbook of wild Flowers in which they shall be arranged according to color White red Blue Pink Etc. This prediction came True when mrs. Dana published her Book How to know the wild you will love the Flowers because you will associate them with pleasant occasions. You meet in a walk touch elbows on a picnic or under a tree. Rou will like your Floral acquaintances to come to you easily and naturally like friends Tho unless you know their names they still Are More or less strangers to you. We Are so. Apt to think that the greatest Beauty of the Plant world Lias been lavished upon the tropics. It True that Many of the gorgeous Green House plants Are of tropical origin cannas geraniums and orchids. But when travellers go into raptures Over tropical vegetation notice it is the vegetation not the Flowers the Luxuriance the huge leaves masses of foliage Jungles of Trees and vines. Think of it no grass South of Virginia and on the California Hills nothing but Bayonet Yucca and cacti. The glory of an Earth covered with an unbroken verdure and adorned with Miles of Brilliant Flowers is Only for the temperate zones and nowhere is greater Floral Beauty displayed than on the Hills and Prairies of Iowa unless it might be in the Short growing season of an Alpine Meadow where Spring summer and autumn Are crowded into a period of six or eight weeks. It has been said by one of our noted botanists that northeastern Iowa is one of the most Fertile regions for Plant growth in the West. So we who live Here have a heritage we would do Well to appreciate and that is the world of wild Flowers that brightens our Woods thickets and Fields everywhere. Iowa has Laws for the Protection of Birds but none for the Protection of her wild Flowers. Now that people have the automobile to carry them All Over the country not one of nature s Beauty spots escapes them. Vandalism is carried to such an extent by tourists and picnickers that Many of our states have already passed Laws protecting their wild Flowers. There s a class of people who seem to think that everything that grows wild whether it is on some one else s land or not belongs to the Public. Massachusetts recently passed Protection Flower Laws new York the same in order to save the trailing Arbutus which is fast disappearing. Illinois has passed Laws forbidding the killing or buying of trillium Gentian lady slippers Columbine bloodroot and Lotus and Florence Everman Alice Cole Ruth Meyer Leona Mohs Janet service Gretchen Gordon Romilda Gass Gertrud Schult. Vella Meyet Helene Meier Ruth Green Ellen g. Miller Lucille Harris Lois Turner Mardella Schultz Marie Everman Marie Muchow Helen Wegner Jeanette Bloxham Lois Harris Anna Hangartner Genevieve Ohloff Ora Schr Reeder g. Hangartner Amy Miller Hilda Pearson Frances Casten Francis Pearson Ruth Turner n. B. Flags will be furnished at the school grounds to All school children taking part in Parade. I. O. O. F. Dedication marred by rain Jupiter Pluvus did his Best last Friday to put a Damper on the dedication of the Odd Fellows Hall. He was successful in keeping away hundreds of visitors from surrounding towns but the Home folks turned out in goodly numbers and the dedication took place As planned. Grand master Seneca Cornell grand marshal f. T. Lynch and Rev. Cox of Ottumwa were present As were Alio grand Secretary l. W. Smith and h. W. Pairs of Des Moines and major general j. A. Cutting of Cresco. Elsewhere we present cuts of the grand master and of the new i. Q. O. F. Hall. Vation association is trying to create a sentiment toward preserving our wild life and has done much in getting Bird Laws. Until there is some legislation it is up to us individually to do what we can to preserve our local wild Flowers. What pleasure is there m going to the Woods and digging up All the Dainty things that grow there and placing them in an altogether foreign setting for their Beauty. Go and see Thorn where the creator meant them to be. Learn to love the Flower and leave it on its however in a trip to the Woods or across the Fields there is Milch that you can take Home with you without picking a single Flower or breaking a single blossoming Shrub. You can take with you what Helen Hoyt says in her Beautiful Little poem she took with her from the country to the town i carry off a piece of you every morning hurrying Down to my work Day in the town carry you for country there. To make the City ways More fair. I take your Trees and your Breeze your greenness your cleanness copies of these a ave been sent to All j some of your shades some of your City florists. California has stringent i sky Laws protecting her few native wild some of your Calm As i go by Flowers and woe unto anyone found All that i can see picking them. The Iowa state Conser i carry off with

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