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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives May 12 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - May 12, 1921, Postville, Iowa A live newspaper in a live town Twenty ninth year Postville Iowa thursday May 12, 1921 number 27 Stville 25 years ago. Many fictions shown interesting items taken from the j files of the Iowa Volks Blatt of May 15, 1880. Prom school nurse health report that the parents or the school children who have been examined by Mae b. Mathers school nurse Are Boeing to u that Tho physical defects of Thor children Are being Pliny four a works. Teeth 74, eyes 12. Forty Throe i Nies Hoy left monday for Cedar children of the first Tan ids is a Delegate to the work who were r to 30 pounds under Tan Drand Lodge session being weight 37 showed a rain of one to ipod there. Six pounds the remaining six Are no Nurt is a Euest still losing Len weight. Old Carob cd dour us of Dywart guest24s.h 12 few report come you a the 14 with some physical defect. Her highness the Queen of May Fri ooh improved. On tuesday of last week occurred the marriage Monona of Joe Thill ton of John Thill of this City to mss May Monty of Monona. T. D. White and Chas. Krumm a veil the Honor of the democratic mostly Teeth. From 50 to 90 per cent of children in the schools suffer from Der Foet Lve tenth. In. Most of our schools teachers Are attempting to teach Hygiene to pupils to Maiori to of whom possess Mouths constantly unhygienic. Decayed Teeth i party of Post township by going to Are n constant menace to the health the county convention Waulton. They furnish a lurking place for the two Ball teams of the local or is h? Fri Roh bacteria fire department will meet on Therun a poisons which Are a a Ulmond Bohland the Burlington de to a y states of nutrition pot on decoration Day. The pro it0u usually accompany a needs will go into their Treasury. " i ulat Over to Agine that a child s amino rare mayor Hart sent two gentlemen Teeth can be Safold nor looted Bilo Waukon yesterday to Pound Rock cause a second get comes inter \ for 30 Days. They were hoarding child rarely has a Good set of second itt the Postville House and tried to Teeth if the first Are Neele eted get Wuy without paying their is As important to care for the i Hoard Bill. The Rev. Schumann family consisting of the Mator his wife and three children arrived Here tuesday and Are staying the curl sen Holz Home until the parsonage is ready for occupancy. Louise Mezisko the 17-year-old Gestson excessive saliva no know to sister of Fulti Melsky arrived Here a Dement of never having been to a monday from. Germany and is work dentist acknowledgement of not using the Fritz ii. Meier Home. In a Toothbrush recoil Init inline her brother Fritz Molske has been defects in proper chewing. Every Here three years working on Thoa  . First Teeth both personally and he Means of the Aid or a dentist As in to do Tho same for the permanent set. And to Are trying to enforce the dental Hygiene habit among our school children. " bad Teeth Are the Index to an offensive breath Toothache sore and swollen Gums. Incl 49.50 Council of Tho incorporated town of Postville Iowa held May 6, 1921. Councilmen All present mayor Geo. Of. Fay presiding. The following Bills of account were allowed and ordered paid Street fund. C. F. Reincke labor on the streets Man and team a. L. Stockman labor on the streets Man and team d. A. Cready labor on the streets Leonard Law Sori labor on the streets de Pottle labor on Bare Etc general fund. A. R. Coffeen engineering service for month of april 200.00 William Shepherd express 1.27 win. J. Klingbiel printing. 58.h h. A. Hollows salary $100, expenses $2.22--------- 192.22 e. 1. Journo supplies 4.95 Douglass pharmacy supplies 5.05 Opyr Tuluii big shows to locate Hebe. I new books for Library. Gcorge Waters farm. Henry sol Totte accompanied by three of his men left Here monday morning in a pral la Schooner for Grundy Center where they will erect a set of Turin build engr Tor win. Weber who resided in this Vicinity a few years ago. Child Oucht to see a dentist twice a Postville to be Winter Headquarters vent. Particular attention should to Given to the six year molars Miese Are nearly always mistaken for temporary Teeth while As a matter of fact Thev Are the first Perma-1 Keiit tooth end an Piir e no re of p. To 7 and erupt Hack of nil Hahn Teeth. These Are the lamest and most important Teeth of the second of the Retrina amusement and Enterprise co Postville the town known the world Over As the greatest circus town on Earth by reason of its having busted the beating capacity of and Moro Are b a ? and. The great us ogling mothers circus in in Milly Ltd an institution a meeting of the official Board of the Postville Library association held the Homo of mrs. . N. Douglass on tuesday evening miss Edna Stoit librarian was authorized to Purchase $g0 Worth of new books. Tie Library now Lias considerably More than one thousand Well selected books for the Uso of Postville school notes. On last thursday Carl Weber and set and mothers should watch and .,., von to a the in rest in Pearl Over went to Prairie do care for these Teeth More carefully la 1 " j ,.t . Of worthy of the support of the people Schlei where they were United in than and of the others yet i afternoon e receipts in that famous 0. The comm buy if you Haw marriage by the Rev Shore. Most neglected thru the fact of of the " be a As re. A co. Farm Bureau grand Meadow Community club the members of the grand Meadow Community club Mot Friday evening May 6th, in Staadt s Hall. Help us to cultivate the Touth nmn ebtah1,8h.l,e Belr permanent win. 1 Ter Headquarters in Postville was brought to a head monday evening a banquet staged the commercial hotel by the promotion club habit. Good Teeth and a clean Mouth works for better lie Alth health Means happiness. Many children Are working under a Nan a to. Ruth diseased Teeth sapping Al we cd w 18 Meso or Dicapri their vitality nit lessening their Ashur president and manager of Tho great Regina Sharil shows Community Church notes. Town Council proceedings. Neighbourhood news. Official publication regular meeting of tie town Chris of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Free West Union will put on a Chautauqua again this year. The Gross receipts of the legion dance Clermont was $176. House. 42x88 a being erect 2.go 2.50 26.50 a new Brick opera. 33.00 feel and 20 feet High i de Edgewood for not heeding a smallpox quarantine John Frahm of Bremer county was fined $25. An Independence Hank hag put up a ther Trometer barometer 18 inches wide and six feet High. Playground apparatus for the new Park Sumner will be provided by funds from the red Cross. Leslie Oelke of Farmersburg has signed a contract to play baseball with Cresco during the coming sea Matt Parrott & sons co sewer fund. E. H. Smith connection Pri 13.16 son. Out in Wright county the live american legion posts have consolidated and established Headquarters Clarion. While painting the inside of a Cistern w. F. Mcdowell of Waverly narrowly escaped asphyxiation from the fumes of the paint. Elgin Post of the american legion is planning a Fouth of july councilman a. C. Webster Intro Celebration the first to be held induced Resolution widening curb that town for several years. The nine year old daughter of vate sewer. Lots 1 and 7, Block 20, Etc 48.40 water works fund. Neptune meter co., repairing meter 5.35 councilman a. C. Welter introduced ordinance no. 179, which was duly passed and approved. Beef cattle Are More important than ors from rheumatism inflamed Dairy the affirmative was 0ints. Heart trouble Throat Trou represented by b. M. Gass and to e two 1gr suffering to a disease mor lout the non Tyve by miss Vir my t00th. The Mouth is tie Gate Gina Williams and Roll Bally. The Way of Tlle 0 ii supplied with debate wus Lively from Start to Fin Teeth and other organs which Aid ish and the decision close. The neg the stomach by grinding the food Atlee won with the decision of the Ullh 1 8tnrting digestion. Everybody judges 2 to Slons with or. Henry Dittmer of Garnavillo for a tract of several acres of land lust West of Postville on which Tho same would be located and upon which Gurtne the coming summer months would be erected the buildings necessary for Tho proper housing of this immense Lull Liliu a. Una Siu Uilk . A to Jivu i Munmon Nolor Nelsn Allyl which. of Ptter Tlell Ftp Aioli Luo cleanliness an.fe Tinl Wagner township acted As Timo Ulm purity of food but How Many. F. Ͽ�.,., a keeper. Tho judges were attorney lire taught the cleanliness 111" "0. .i"f?la,n\vi6.8 concluded by tw.�?am Hurth. Thus paving., b0 social Good time. One Hundred per oru plug Teeth n bobs were present. There Are 20 Teeth in the Tern. To Thot i _  _. Norcro or first set-10 in each jaw. Lac be queues mat they to a Nuzio on federation speaker Cominer. A bh01ll 1 to cared for Anil ,. More each season Peder Pederson of the Iowa farm to t0 8�pp,y a chewing surface to to nov to Vars 1 e Zoars no Rise co. Otho room Noceto Wev May 16th to Jon set. To wait for a la a i 21st. Holding meetings in the inter Toothache before visiting your Den " est of Tho Furm Bureau. A soiled Tki of Nril him As your Friend and 1 in mar. A sex vol la a we out. And from these past by of Toniuk o pain less me Gold to Mali tet of theal a him and elimination of Lorte dental twi in in ii iii. V ._._____. , two now babies arrived the fair grounds us saturday says the dec Riih Public opinion. They belong to the Porcupine family and Towill be among the animal attractions or. Ashard has been in the showl0f ul0 Rolna amusement & Lonter or animals which.,. ,. Grouls include most famous showmen. Ringling bears leopards wild cats and a a Ere and he knows Tho game1 Cro cow has been decided to begin services one half hour earlier during the summer months. Therefore no of sunday morning the Church services 10 00 and sunday school 11. On saturday and sunday May 14 and 15, the twelfth District convention of Christian Endeavor will meet with us. A number of out of town i tests Are of expected. Meetings will be hold on saturday afternoon and evening and on sunday afternoon and evening. These meetings Are open to All and we would of tend a cordial invitation to All. The Young people Are Busy making the necessary arrangements for the convention. Evening services next sunday the usual to twins born fair ground. Miss Blanche Martin manual training and drawing teacher is ill with grip this week. Miss Bruenning s pupils in the fifth Grade Are preparing a pro Gram to be Given next week prob ably the flt i. will be Given in the fifth Grade room and an invitation is extended to All. The children of the Glrst three grades have had Thor pictures taken in their pageant costumes. In Honor of Mother s Day. The pupils of the fourth Grade Wolfl their teacher miss Saundry sent out invitations to their mothers to attend a party the school House Friday afternoon. Nearly All of them responded and a very enjoyable afternoon was the result. After a nicely rendered program miss Saundry served ice Cream and wafers and booklets which had been prepared he the pupils for the occasion were distributed As souvenirs. The program follows Mother Machree Victrola Reading household Elizabeth Valliant paper Theodore Roosevelt Joseph Steele farce Barer in Hunters paper John Burroughs a Richard Schultz song Lullaby paper Warren g. Harding Everman Reading my Best girl la Verne Kluss music Victrola to line intersection of military Street by the East line of Bruce Street which was duly adopted passed and approved. J on motion Council adjourned. William shop hard town clerk. Geo. W. Fay mayor. To president Harding in his inaugural address or. And mrs. Straw near Fredericksburg was killed recently by the kick of a horse that fractured her Skull. Sylvan Christian son of or. And mrs. A. G. Christian of this City has accepted the position of principal of the Public schools of Postville. Or. Christian graduates from Luther this journal. The town of Manley near Mason Clov loses Twenty five families be made the following statements Callie Tlle Rock Island railway has  we want the Cradle of american dec ii a t0 move the division Bead childhood rocked under conditions nuarter3 from that City to Cedar so wholesome and so hopeful that us i is. No blight May touch in its de Velopme. and we want to provide to the schoo Board have secured p. That no selfish interest no material ?,,r4ctti, v s a ule and details of Tieso will appear i Helper " la itty ii Timon Isi a the Bottom up and from the later. Or. Pederson Cornea highly recommended As an excellent pea Ker Ana Autv a Norw a vow fills health talks and teaching so a entertainment and hence you Iowa s Only woman sheriff a fifth Jln Eleb to the Juwer grm 8� will find when the Rolna Ashard ,. u a ii a. And trying to encourage the cell snows visit Postville Early next the vacancy in the Shoi Iff s the help of the teach month a Lenold lineup of Good s?%l.b? the death of sheriff Ben to d0 Tho Neath of find clean legitimate shows which the Arundale was filled last thursday Many of food h6altn nftblt8. Most fastidious May attend with afternoon by the Board of super s of the parents with the la act Assurance that Thev will not Ore appointing mrs Mart Andule. The tuaoner8 Ami nurse and to help by no act or. Hear a word that can deceased be Riff s widow to fill out e Ucente the child the right was to offend the taste. term. Her name waa Krow Koon wholesome foods Lenin establishing Postville As the presented to the Board and her to of my 0 Mani less fresh air Headquarters of his great shows claims heartily supported by a num am Gimbi Ine. Or Ashard has don0 so of his own Ber  of friends cognizant of her to. The a font of a u b h free will and Accord and has asked Stoufe Htenos fun no enl circumstances was not used neither a Bonus or n Tiar Intoe of due to the Long and costly Llanesa of pol. The want of a Brush the Teeth to and rom our people. However her. Husband and who thought were jo8t or Ioc Yod he would be pleased to have our would be. A and and commendable f or to q d u people if they feel lie is bringing a Tho part of the Board to wa8 Lei a  food thing to Post Lar to but some give her a Ohano Oto work out from Ana for the w a of the Stock in the Rolna Amtrak under her Dir Pouhleb. \ a r,u00. By the Best authority in the uni the Community service store ted states i find there Are Only Hamburg with the rest of the Chain three Fields of activity open to the of these stores went into the hands Young Man of today that Are not of a receiver last week. The Chain being Over supplied first that of Doc of stores seven in number Are to Tor second agriculture and third cited Creston Bedford Tabor chemical engineering and for the Pacific Junction Glenwood Silver Young woman that of doctor and City and Hamburg nurse. Tho one where their ser sunday school Council health habit. Brown beat the Bank. Ment & Enterprise do., which in being offered $10.00 per share and is non asses Bah be Stock May to bought either from or. Ashard himself or from the Postville state Bank or. Ashur s standing As a Mickie says to \ vet Tovics a wove now of pm Stu Twe Nijeek Foft mgr get tu6\ube�mwf in tvs Husref after feb. Them a ure oort xxx were of Ems " All the sunday school superintendents of Alla Makee county Are called to meet in Council the presbyterian Church in Waukon Friday May 27th. First session 10 30 a we will lunch together the Church where the Samo time the ladies will Servo dinner to the Public. Watch for program sent out next week but if you fail to get a copy come anyway. All pastors Are sex of Fllch members of the Council. Sunday school workers of Alt de Ninnin pions Are invited and urged to to present. M. E. Hinkley pres.  Rev. Sun Hoff vice pres. Paul Topel Secretary. A to big tent theatre c0mjng a Lino from Harry v. Winslow Advance representative of the Cass Parker Rachford shows informs us they will exhibit in Postville for a solid week beginning monday june 13. This company played Here last season and were conceded by All the Best Roperto Lre company having Ever played Here and with favourable weather conditions they will surely command Tho patronage their merits deserve. To Stock and barn Burn. A stranger giving his name is j a ,�u.��� m Brown deposited $0,000 in a business Man is amply Youthed for tent Tho office lube Well and pro. Cedar Roma. A few Days by reliable parties in both private Perl a a second Deputy a a Drew out the nuut. Land Public life and is to be flu be appointed to assist in look no u tour no wa8 the win hoped our people will buy cenerou8 atts the outside work of the office. 70w uen tha withdrawal was made y ote Stock. Consider if you Waukon journal. A was the Noonday luncheon the will what the Esta Husung of Winter tits Tipp dlr to la gives mrs. Again entered the Bank and Headquarters of the run gurus and Mart Luile Thev distinction of being a 0ut the same amount the Man Ciot Mars Bamboo. Wis did Tor Uia Only woman sheriff in Iowa duty that time not knowing that Community and then consider of the previous withdrawal. Brown whats Tbs of. Similar or whatever his name is has not headquarter Shere May mean to been located. Tote Bank car Lei. Postville. Burglary insurance and made App a Bethel Church notes. Sunday school./.1� a preaching service. 11 4 you services m. Postville. We urge Youv to meet or Ashard bbrviw.,m. the the and. Talk the matter Over with him Are cordially invited to the overdraft insurance com personally As you will find him a Revorn of Fiat. Pany refuses the claim Charlang the gentleman in every Way and not the a Hel jul la of w met h�nkijjui.t�8i ?_?.��"?�. The Home of mrs. A c. Harris May in the ,. A Mother s Day program will to Given the Bethel u. B. Church on Liott sunday preaching Serj Loe Obj doted by a minister Frnnk Hloi Rev. H. A. Hayes pastor. Has brought suit against the insurance company and much i interest centers in the outcome of the Ute go Mou. No a s. Waihman returned yesterday afternoon from Waukesha wis in conclusion we May add that the Roffina amusement & Enterprise company is incorporated under the state Laws of Iowa. Jos. Freytag. Chevrolet car la driving a new tuesday noon lire was discovered on the Prem sos of Theodore toilet son a Farmer of Madison township the lire wus in u Large barn which was totally destroyed. Besides the loss of the barn or. Tollefson sub battled other severe losses seven head of horses being burned to calves about fifteen tons of Hay farm machinery and harness the entire lose being estimated about $7,000, which Wab partially cover fed by courier rtt lutheran Church notes. Vices Are most needed and that offers the greatest opportunities is that of doctor. The statement is made that if they were properly distributed there Are nearly a sufficient number of doctors in the United states but there Are sections of country in Many states that Are in dire need of to be Able to understand and de Tormino what Tho near future condition will be we Only need to look Farmers in the Vicinity of Earl ing believe they were victimized. A Young Man from Chicago took orders for groceries some running As High As $100. They gave him personal Cherka and have waited Tor the supplies but none have been forthcoming and they now believe they were on last Friday treasurer Wilke issued to m. D. Guyer License number -117.101 for his automobile says Hack into the past a few years and the Elkader Democrat which was the present. Twenty years ago the first of a new series of numbers 5.000 medical doctors graduated for Clayton county and made us. F Jim the medical colleges i of the cars that have been registered in United states in one year in 1910 this county for 1921 and in addition there were 173 medical colleges in to this Are some 200 trucks the United states from which Grad. M.j.,.rated Over 11.000 medical doctors Elias Molln. A Farmer living in today there Are Only 59 medical colleges in the United states during 1v,7.""u May 7-Uisttania sunk in 1915. May 8-Mother s Day. May 20-Columbus died in 1506. May 24-first Telegraph message sent in 1844. May 26-Bank of North America established in 1871. May must he something to take its place to keep step with Tho pro Gross of Tho times that something must to Moro effective More efficient in the treatment of human ailments must he scientific. As yet Nap apathy 1b Tho Only method 30-memorial Day. Which contains in its system of study and treatment the necessary factors and principles to meet those requirements. Are you thinking of going away to school to learn a Trade or profes-1 Slon then apr apathy. Address Chicago College of Napra or thy 1028 w. Jackson blvd., Chicago iii. If you Are in poor health then you i should take Napris Pethic treatments.1 o. A Kinsel Napra Pathic physio Luu Postville Iowa. Sunday school------,-j9 80 a. M. Preaching Sorvlce---10 30 a m. The Luther Laruo meets the 1st and 8rd sunday of each Mouth 8 a m. Not sunday will to Pentecost sunday special services followed by communion. E. Schmidt. Pastor. Auxiliary meeting. To fire Siren not satisfactory. Prairie la Porte Post no. S7s, american legion has closed a contract with the Streckfus Steamboat co. For two excursions from Gutten Berg to Prairie do Chen Tor the coming season. The first one will be on the Steamer Capitol on june 17 and the second on the Steamer Washington on july -30.-Gutten- Berg press the question of whether Decorah is to have a new High school building will be brought to a vote again very soon we understand. The Public building committee of the Doc Orab commercial club has unanimously recommended that the club get behind a concerted to via ment to the ire Siren recently sent to Buim new High school building. This City for trial was tried out on monday noon and again six riot Mcwoomer the Young Man o clock la Tho evening. Says the West who was indicted on a charge of Union Union. After each blow Check raising but was acquitted by the Tayor called up houses the a jury the March term of court Edge of town Aud asked the occur la in trouble again. Monday Sher pants if they heard the new fire sir Iff Ebert arrested to Doonar and his in and most of them replied they Stepfather Frank Wilson who lives had not. The Deblare of the City South of Bonair. The warrant Council is to install a Siren that can charges them with stealing chickens by heard by everyone in town and any time of Day. Whether this one is put too High or is boxed up the auxiliary will meet Hall on tuesday evening.1 so that does not get sufficient air May eight week. A Are is not known but we believe the expected to attend. Important mayor is. Right when be says the bubl Nesa. Albreu does not make noise enough. And some Corn and Oata from Ben often who Uvea North of Bonair. The men were by night to Cresco and Given a bearing before Justice Amos b. Barker both entered pleas of guilty and were sentenced to thirty Days in Tinea

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