Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
11 Mar 1926

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
11 Mar 1926

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - March 11, 1926, Postville, Iowa The Postville Herald Postville Iowa. Nameless River disaster synopsis. Kate withrew cattle Kate owner of the sky line ranch on her Way to Mckane store at Cordova seemingly infuriated by the sight of a girl blowing in the Valley below places a Rifie Bullet near the horses feet. The girl takes no notice. Kate goes on to town where her. Presence brings on a it grit Between Mckane the trader and sheriff Selwood. Nance Allison the girl on whom Kate Cath Row had vented her spite. Is with her widowed Mother and crippled brother Bud farming land taken up by her father killed a Short time before in a mysterious Accident. Bud la the victim of a deliberate scheme to Malm or kill him. Kate Cathrew wants the farm for pasture land and is trying to frighten the Allison into leaving. Big Bastard sky line rider desperately in love with k Ite picks a quarrel with a Fullow rider Rod Stone Kate to part them lashes Basford across the face with a Quirt. Nance discovers in a Cave a Fine Collie Dok evidently guarding a child. She goes Home mystified. Next Day Nanee returns to the Cave with food and makes friends with the dog and the Small boy. Sonny. He tells her Brand takes care of him and Dirk the Collie. Selwood is certain Kate Cathrew is the head of a cattle rustling gang with Lawrence Arnold her partner who rarely visits the ranch. Minnie Pine Halfbreed at the sky line ranch is in love with Rod Stone. Ranchers complain of cattle stealing and cult Luclie sheriff Selwood for his seeming inactivity. Nance visiting Sonny and Dirk in the Cave meets Brand fair Sonny s protector and promises to keep their secret. Nance becomes keenly interested in Brand pair. The girl is relying on a Field of Corn to pay off debts she owes Mckane fair sees Sud Provine. One of the sky line riders. In Blue Stone Canyon and tells Nance he and Sonny must move at once. So Nance takes Sonny Home with Hei by Vingie e. Roe copy Echt by the Mccall company service. Chapter i continued -10 do Yon value it does a Duck swim then give me a moment s attention said Kate Cathrew and keep what i say tinder your to like tie Well that old saw tells of the Stone sinks and is never seen again. Confession in the heart of a Friend you thanks. Now when the woman Rode away a half hour later carrying another of those letters from new York which the trader had come to hate Ever since Selwood s suggestion concerning the writer his eyes had a very strange expression. It was a mixture of several expressions rather astonishment of personal gratification and a vague. Incongruous regret. If he had been a better Man that last faint seeming of sorrow might have denoted the loss of an Ideal the death of something Fine. But he looked after cattle Kate with a fire of passion that was slowly growing with every interview. Life at the Homestead on nameless took on a new color with the Advent of Sonny fair. Mrs. Allison an epitome of Universal motherhood looked Over the scant Well mended belongings of the family and Laid out such articles As she judged could be spared. These she began expertly to make Over into Little garments. When did Brand buy you these pants Sonny she inquired but the child Shook his head. I Don t know he answered. A m. Must be pretty poor she opined but Bud scowled in disapproval. Pretty Duni stingy to say he remarked. Hold judgment. Bud counselled Nance when a Man travels for two years be Don t have much time to make Money. We re poor too but that Don t spell Bud held his Tongue but it was Plain be was not convinced. What makes him so contrary 1 wonder said the girl later. He s said mrs. Allison calmly because you Champion to stranger. It s the Field of Corn was Beautiful. Its Blades were Broad and satiny covering the Brown Earth from View and the waving Green floor came Well up along the horses legs As Nance Rode Down the rows on the shackle cultivator. For three Days she had been at it. A labor of love. She had Many dreams As she watched the Light wimpling on the Silky banners Agtie pleasant dreams that had to do with her cancelled debt at the Stor. With the trip to Bement about the carpet and with the new Blue dress she hoped to get a with the surplus. Bud must have some new things too. End her Mammy needed shoes the worst Way. All these things the growing Field promised her whispering under the Little wind and she was Happy deep to her innocent heart. She wondered if she dared ask Brand to let Ber take Sonny on that trip to Bement then instantly decided she should not. There might be someone from nameless in the town and Brand was particularly insistent on his staying out of sight. She never ceased to wonder about that. What could be his reason what could there be in the deep heart country to whom a Little child could make a difference but it was none of her business she sagely concluded and could wait the Light of the future. Maybe Brand would some Day Tell Ber All about it. So she worked and planned for two Days More. At their end she drove the cultivator to the stable and stood stretching Ber tired shoulder Muscles while Bud a harnessed the team. She looked Back at the Felelo with tailing Eye. Can Only get in it about once wore she said it s growing so fast pretty Bud said pretty us. Yon almost. Do you know you re awfully pretty Sis hush she laughed. You la make me vain. Pretty is As pretty does you Well the lord knows you do enough returned the boy bitterly if i was Only half a Man Bud cried Nance quickly you re the most sure enough he Man i know. You be got the patience and the courage of ten common men. If it had t been for your steady backing i d never be on nameless now. I d have quit Long Back like the Dickens you would said Bud but a Grin replaced the Shadow of bitterness on his face. Supper that night was particularly pleasant. There were new potatoes and Green peas from the Garden Down by the River and a plate of the never falling cookies of which Sonny could not get enough. He s hollow to his toes said mrs. Allison i can t never seem to get him the Little Shaver s said Bud. Not starved but he Ain t had regular food not right to grow on. I can see a difference Nance reached Over an investigating hand to feel the Small shoulder. It bore proudly a Brand new shirt made from one of Bud s old ones. To be sure there was a striking Dis Sill tude of colors since part of the fabric had been under a pocket and had not faded but Sonny wore it with the air of Kings and princes. Yes sir she said judicially he is gaining sure As the world it seemed to Nance that night that All was Well with the world very Well there seemed a wider margin of Hope than usual As if Success so Long denied them was hovering like a gig autly Bird above the Homestead As if their Long labor was about to have its Reward. She fell asleep thinking of the whispering Field of the trip to Bement and of Brand fair s quiet dark eyes the look of the Chin strap on his Brown Cheek. She Laid a Loving hand on Sonny s Little head on the Pillow of the improvised crib beyond her own big bed and the world went swiftly from her consciousness. She slept quickly and deeply As do All those who work hard in the Sun and wind the blessed Boon of labor. Mother was at the stove lifting a lid. At sight of her daughter s face she held it in told air. Hold hard girl she said quietly what s up Nance leaned Ngn list the door Jamb every fiber of her body longed to crumple Down to let go to relax in defeat but she would not have it so. Instead she looked at these two so greatly dependent upon tar and faced the Issue squarely it s the Cornfield she sold with difficulty it s what gone gone How gone destroyed wiped off the Earth trampled out by cattle she said dully every Blade every stalk Root Stem and Branch 1" my lord a might Al gasped mrs. Allison and the words were not blasphemy. Cattle Kate cried Bud. Old a her soul to h-1" of Bud Don to Don to said Nance Ber lips beginning to quiver " he who who is guilty of in and damnation shall be in danger danger of h-1 fire " but the boy s Blue eyes were blazing and he did not even hear her. He jerked his sagging shoulder up for a moment in line with its mate and shut his hands into straining fists. Gimme a gun he rasped Pappy s gun no guns. Bud i be seen feud in Missouri. There s Laud an sunlight in it seemed to her that she had hardly lost consciousness when old John announced from his Rafter Perch the coming of another Day and she saw the faint Light of Dawn on the sky outside. She dressed As usual looked lovingly at the Small face of the Little Sleeper in the crib and went out soft footed to Start the Kitchen fire. That done she took the pall and went out to the Well. She rested the bucket on the curb a moment lifted the Well Board and stood looking at the faint Aureole of Light that was beginning to Crown Rainbow Cliff. The Cliff itself was Black Blue Black As deepest indigo its foot lost in the shadows that deepened Down mystery Ridge. She could hear the murmuring of nameless soft and mysterious in the Dawn feel the Little wind that was beginning to stir to Greet the coming Day. Then As was Ber habit she turned her eyes out across the waving Green Field of her precious Corn. It must be earlier than she thought she reflected for there was not the shimmer of Light which usually met her gaze. She looked again at the Eastern sky. Why yes it was Light As usual there. Once More she looked at the Field then she leaned Forward peering hard Ber hands still lying on the bucket s rim. Her brows Drew Down together As she strained her Sharp sight to focus on what she saw or what she thought she saw. For a Long time she stood so. Then As realization struck Home to her consciousness the hands on the bucket gripped Down until the Knuckles shone White under the tanned skin. Her lips fell open loosely. The breath stopped for a moment in her lungs and she Felt As if she were drowning. An Odd dizziness attacked her brain so that the dim world of Shadow and Light wavered grotesquely her Knees seemed buckling beneath her and for the first time in her life she Felt As if she might faint. Her Mammy had fainted once when they brought John Allison Home. But she gathered herself with a supreme Effort closed her lips wet them with her Tongue straightened her shoulders and taking her hands from their grip on the pall walked out toward the Field. At the Gate she stopped and gazed dully at the ruin before her. Where yesterday had been a vigorous Lusty dark Green growth fair to her sight As the edges of Paradise there was now the Bald piteous in sigh Liness of destruction. Of All the great Field there was scarcely a dozen stalks left standing. It was a Sodden mass of trampled pulp Cut and slashed and beaten into the Loose Earth by hundreds of milling hoofs. Far across at the upper end she could dimly see. In the growing Light a huge Gap in the Fence two three posts were entirely gone. It had taken Many head of cattle driven in and harried to work that havoc. It was Complete. For a Long Long time Nance Allison stood and looked at it. Then with a sigh that seemed the embodiment of All weariness she turned away and went slowly Back to the Cabin. At the open door she met Bud and pushed Oiin Back with both hands. Her she made a move to pass but Nance suddenly put out her hand. Other places beside nameless. With life we can the boy Shook his head with a slow Savage motion. Not for us he said i d die Nance straightened by the door. She lifted her head and looked at his grim Young face. Some of its Grimness came subtly into her own. Right she said so would i. We belong to nameless River where our Pappy left us and Here Well stay. Only i Pray god to keep me from from she wet her has again from what is stirring inside he will said Bud. But tin not so particular. We own this land and Well fight for our amen said Nance we will. We be still got the hogs to sell. Mammy let s have breakfast. I m going Down to Cordova it s right Mckinne should an intangible Force pressing upon her. And she had to face Mckane and Tell Hui she could not pay her debt. That seemed the worst of All. She could go without their necessities her Mammy s shoes and Bud s new underwear and As for the luxuries she had planned like the Blue dress and the carpet Why she would cease thinking about them it once though the giving up of the carpet did come hard she frankly owned to that. But to fall in her Promise to pay no that was Gall to her spirit 1 however it could t kill them she reasoned no matter How bitter might be their humiliation. There was always another Day another year for work and Hopon and there were still the hogs. They would bring it least enough for the Winter s food Supply of flour and sugar Salt and Tea. She could not turn them in on the debt the trader must see that Cordova Lay sleeping unde a late Noonday Sun when she Rode into the end of the struggling Street. A few horses were tied to the hitch rack in front of the store and a half dozen men lounged on the porch. Nance went hot and cold at sight of them. She had hoped All the Way Down that Mckane would be alone for no conversation inside the store could fall to be audible on the porch. It would be hard enough to talk to him without a interested audience. She Felt terribly alien As if these people were Allied against her and yet she could not discern among the loungers anyone from sky line. As she Drew near she did see with a grateful thrill that sheriff Price Selwood sat tilted Back against the door Jamb his feet on the rung of his chair. At sight of him a bit of the distress left her a faint Confidence took its place. She remembered his kindly eyes that could Harden and narrow so quickly his Way of understanding things and people she dismounted and tied Buckskin under a tree and went Forward. As she mounted the Steps the sheriff looked up Rose and raised his hat. Nance smiled at him More gratefully than she knew. Then she stepped inside the door and came face to face with Kate Cathrew who was just coming out. Mckane was behind her carrying a Small sack which held her mall and some few purchases. The two women stopped instantly their eyes upon each other. It was the first time they had met thus pointedly. At sight of this woman whose unproved hidden Workings had meant so much to her Nance Allison s face went slowly White. She stood still in the door straight and quiet and looked at her in silence. At the prolonged intensity of her scrutiny cattle Kate Flung up her head and smiled a conscious. Insolent action. If you Don t want All the door Young woman she said she made a move to pass but Nance suddenly put out a hand. There was an abrupt dignity in the motion a sort of last stand authority. I do said the girl want it All. I have something to Tell Mckane and you May As Well Bear the imperious face of Kate Cathrew flushed darkly with the rising tide of her temper. she said distinctly but for once she was not obeyed. Dress modes formal evening i. Capes and boleros popular m ust hum in new models. Tiack Ift frocks lire also shown among a druidic fashions. All signs Point to i omit of alien Ali airy style program for Spring seems a if every now appearing Ninn Ber on the stage of fashion whether it he lint wrap daytime frock or eve thing gown brings with it a thrill of some thing which of course moans that we have in Promise a most interesting time when it comes to choosing our Spring regalia. Two refreshingly new items of sex plot Ntim for Spring Are capes and boleros As to the Cape or Capelet it tin Swers present to every Roll Call of the Mode making itself conspicuously charming of it matters not whether frock Blouse or coat. A very smart looking Capo coat Mode is shown in is o. V. -.r., the picture. It is Navy Blue for Matvy melt us that More than one bus returned in All its former glory atop a must have been in a somewhat temperamental mood when without warning to whisked on the stage of fashion the courtly Rolio lie style with Lis Yards mid Yards around the skirt Hemline. Surely the fickle ways of fashion Are past accounting for. However the scant tube like frock s which for so Long have been the object of our affections still hold their own pretty successfully especially the bended sort. To lie sure they have let in a lure or More through Subtle inset Gores. However they Are finding almost overwhelming Competition in these new mid fascinating picturesque taffeta Robes with their slightly Mold de to the figure bodices Ami quaint lace flounced and Flower festooned skirts. Speaking of the new close fitting bodices r exquisite evening Model. Chapter Xii get out of that door i that was a bitter ride to Nance. The Day was Sweet with the scents and sounds of summer. Birds called from the thickets High up the Pine tops stirred by a Little wind Sang their everlasting Diapason while she could hear far Back the voice of nameless growing fainter As she left it. At another time she would have missed nothing of All this would have gloried in it drunk with the wine of nature. Now a Shadow Hung Over All the fair expanse of slope and Mountain Range an oppression heavy almost As the hand of death sat on her heart. She Rode slowly letting Buckskin take his own time and Way her hands folded listlessly on her Pommel her faded Brown Riding skirt swinging at her Ankles. She had disc urged her disfiguring Bonnet for a wide Felt hat of Bud s and her Bright hair shone under it like Dull Gold. She was scarcely thinking she had Given Way to feeling to feeling the acid of defeat eating at her vitals the band of so Nance turns at last when two such women As Nance and Kate meet almost anything can happen. To be continued Basilicas the name Basilica was Given in ancient Home to buildings used As meeting places for business men and As courts of Justice. A Basilica consisted of a Long Central Hall or Nave with aisles the aisles being separated from the Nave by pillars supporting the roof. At the end of the Nave opposite the Entrance was u raised platform or dais with seats for the judges. To give additional space there was sometimes added at this further end a semicircular Structure called an apse. After the introduction of Chrls Qianty Basilicas were very generally converted into churches and thus it is hut the form of the modern Cathedral is derived from the nuegent roman City Star. Of the newer formal evening styles hint of ushering in i Era of form tit Ting frocks. There is for instance the charming Princess models which Are so statuesque in their slender Grace. To conservative exclusive taste they make even greater Appeal than does the bouffant Robe de style. Materials of Are chosen for the fashioning of the distinctive evening Princess frock pref i Satin or faille Erakly sumptuous brocade. Interest i is divided Between gorgeously whetlow ered in tons As shown in the picture and rare Metal brocades. Among the latter White Satin brocade inter worked with Silver is especially featured. In the instance of this exquisite Model of our illustration the brocade which is of almost superlative elegance shows no Trace of Gold or Silver in its texture preferring to pm the braid trimming is multicoloured thus adding that vivid note which so characterizes All fashion this season. At the present the Cape coat with sleeves is the practical Choice but later certain fashionista declare that the sleeveless wrap with Only the Cape covering the anus will meet with popular favor. Exceedingly handsome Are Cape Coats which Are made up in Black helped by Lydia e. Vegetabe_comp0t Cleveland Fnu no m so quite is Jiw Sable ,51 Pinkham company mainly boost Lydia e. table compound. I fell Iff 1 ready and sleep sounder. Glad the Good now to it has helped Detroit Michigan a i this Mede a m 5j Vij a a jts m and Olettia wit and got Tig published. Then i Starte dmm vegetable compound and got a m results. I used the Lanaute w too i am really Happy it 1 Anil Vise women to take your mem8 mrs. M. B. Murphy 12163 ave Detroit Mich. Lydia Pinkham s Veges by ajl Pound has been in use by worm Al Over fifty years. It is a begets Bhoj made from Root and herbs im4j at All druggists. Jiji distemper a r compound " _6md, glib Spohn i Fords fish emptor. Sold by your Dregis Ells Iwar from no Bra fit it Lotf jul 1ij0, write for Freo ? team Mcm. Co to opt. Co Shusi tomorrow alright my at���u6 i m per let a tone and Vlot d the Dit tin a. Eltman Airt Intel improve the in re to Rell Erti fek he a do Cho and Bov Louta Tii Cornell �onmlpmlon., the Bolero theme vies with that of the Cape both for Street costume or daytime frock. Very attractive is the cloth dress shown Here which emphasizes not Only the Bolero idea but the tailored close buttoned Waistcoat which is a favorite topic in today s fashions. Many of the colourful crepe de Chine Spring presses boast a Bolero Over a Blouse which is sewed to a plaited old banking institutions the oldest Bank in the world is the Bauk o England established in 1694. Banks were established on the continent of Europe particularly in Venice and Amsterdam about two centuries before that but none c them now exist. The largest bunk in the world is Barclay s Bank ltd., London. England with a total capital of a Little Over 24,000,000 pounds equal to about $120,000,000. Chips off toe old by one third Tho regular dose. Midi of same ingredients Tea Cropf coated. For children and tool in i m sold by your dru001 Flowers in desert it was late february in Arizona on the Mountainside bloomed s strange and Beautiful wild one a yellow Lupine the common in pea or Buck bean of the a other the pretty Blue Covena or Dalea also As hog Onton. The greatest i air was a japanese Plant Sti. Mimosa says nature Maga Iii counting the american in turn a ton s expedition. The Calyx Andu of the blossoms were so Small t Flowers appeared to be merely a. Of Many stamens about tin Inch White at the base and Slid Ioc Bright Pink. Some one thus i the Bird of Paradise Flower by More common name is fairy toolmaker to the work the United states exports of Ware arid Allied products m creased in. The first nine Nival 1925 about 10 per cent Over 182 a total Export of $i50.wm us Tir end bunion pain fore. No need to suffer another those agonizing ing pain tort full Pouch Bug i lib body fee kid a Verv of Amber like cop Isiu l a it a a knobs of the sume two round the place of take Metal clasps. The f l. Ored color used win. Lnier f he new Toast Brown , is used ,88 0n 1n a a re ensemble Fote Nung b., an ensemble for the special note people who reduce swollen or Var few should get a bottle of Emend once. Applied night and undirected they will quickly j improvement which will to the veins and Bunches Are Normal. Garfield was your grandmother s Refl for Erer a and Fatt this Gow Lonell Imp remedy w nation and Bouief meats a tem so prevalent these d�3� Router favor As a Taul than in your grandmother

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